Jon Stewart to Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday': 'You're insane'

Jon Stewart, making what was billed as “his first appearance ever on a Sunday talk show,” told Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, he was “insane” if Wallace thinks his comedy has “an ideological, partisan agenda.” His Daily Show satire, Stewart said, “is about absurdity and corruption.”

In one of the best interviews Stewart has given articulating his views — you can watch it in its entirety here — the comedian batted away Wallace’s accusations that The New York Times and “the mainstream media” have a liberal agenda. “Their bias is toward sensationalism and conflict and laziness,” said Stewart. (A sensationalism of which I am guilty in putting “You’re insane” in the headline of this piece, to be sure.) Stewart said that Wallace maintains this belief about liberal agendas because “that is the soup you swim in” as a Fox employee. When Wallace protested that he is not given a Fox News mandate about what beliefs to hold or positions to push, Stewart agreed with him: “You are a tough interviewer. [But] you are here as a counterweight to [Sean] Hannity… or Glenn Beck.”

The “insane” comment occurred when Wallace played the Daily Show clip that compared a Sarah Palin TV ad for her recent bus tour to the editing done in an ad for herpes medication. “You really think that’s a political comment?” Stewart said of the clip. When Wallace said he did indeed, Stewart responded, “You’re insane. Here’s the difference between you and I.  I’m  a comedian first.” Free tip to Fox News: Start using the Firesign Theatre’s old slogan: “Not Insane.”

Said Stewart, “The embarrassment is that I am given credibility in this world because of the disappointment the public has in what the news media does.” Wallace countered, “I think our viewers aren’t disappointed in us; I think out viewers think they’re getting someone who tells the other side of the story.”

And this was when Stewart came as close as I have seen to losing his temper. He said with great force, “And who has the most consistently misinformed media viewers? Fox. Fox viewers. Consistently. Every poll.”

Wallace declined to respond.

It was, as they say, great television.

Oh, and this:  Asked who the last Republican was that he voted for for President, Stewart said quickly, “H.W.” — that is, George Bush, Sr. “I had a respect for him,” said Stewart.

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  • JaySin420

    John Stewart for president!

    • S. Cartee

      President of what? Dumba$$es of America?

      • Stewart blows

        He’s not only the President, but also a member…as in “tool “

      • Skye Hill

        One of FOX News’ sheep. DERP DERP DERP

      • Victor the Crab

        That was George W. Bush, brainiac.

      • BJG

        He’d make a better president than the last 2. (that would be previous and current.)

      • carrie

        No S. Cartee, I think you are the president of the organization already.

      • xenbaba

        Hey Victor,
        HW was the father, not the lazy son. Read some real news instead of Faux news.

      • CW

        @ Victor the crab.. it’s Herbert Walker you misinformed ass.

      • Ben Dover

        No, he will never president for YOUR party, in regards to the dummbb.a** comment! What rock have you lived under,’genius’? Stewart has 100 IQ points over all of you togehter! He doesnt need to say anything, or any comedian, for that matter, you’re doing it yourselves, you nim***s: Palin Bachman, Pawlenty,Trump, Beck, Hannity,etc…Need I say more? The dumb and dumber of American politics! And, you , the oblivious followers!

      • tom

        not everything is the fault of the conservatives.. that’s immature and stupid.. your democratic party lost for this very same reason last nov. get a grip ppl

    • Leithen

      Just to be clear, Jon Stewart is the host of the Daily Show. John Stewart is a Green Lantern.

      I might vote for John Stewart, but given his time off planet, I don’t know that he meets the residency requirement. That, and he recently killed a planet (again).

      Kind of oversnarked that one, didn’t I?

      • lara

        this might be the best thing I have ever read. you win the internet today.

      • @ lara

        Sorry but today’s internet win goes to some dude that left a comment on the Sega hacking article.

      • Jennifer The TruthTeller

        You didn’t oversnark anything. You just babbled like a pathetic moron while desperately trying to be funny.

      • Arizona


      • Hanoverfiste

        I second That!

      • Kat

        Jennifer, I hope you’re not a superhero nerd, otherwise you should be ashamed of your terrible sense of humor. :) (If you’re not a superhero nerd, well then that explains your failure to get the joke.)

      • Fred


        The point is that you don’t get the reference to the fact that there is a Green Lantern character named John Stewart as well. He’s making a joke. That you didn’t get. It happens.

      • Marvel20

        Leithen, your comment made my day, thanks.

      • Leithen

        @Jennifer Funny…you just described every comment I’ve ever seen you make.

      • Skip182

        Laura is right lol.

      • the titan

        Actually Jon Stewart from the daily show was a green lantern according to an issue of the Titans Diana wonder girl as Roy calls her was stuck user some Damn heavy rubble the current green lantern calls Jon Stewart because he was a green lantern and he new about construction so he could dig without fear of crushing Diana or humans Roy green arrows protege said and I quote “oh the host of the daily show I love that show”

    • LOL

      Fox: Where Truth Goes to Die ®

      • Stewart blows

        The Daily Show: where comedy goes to die.

      • Sean

        @StewartBlows the Entertainment Weekly Comments: Where people make lame jokes about good comedians

      • Victor the Crab

        Stewart blows, it who has no sense of humor and a small minded view of the world.

      • FuxNews


        Fox has the most mis-informed viewers in every study. That’s a fact, and I found it hilarious that the interviewer did not give Stewart a rebuttal to his claim. He didn’t because he couldn’t. Though you feel Stewarts show isn’t funny, that’s a personal opinion. But the fact is the truth has a hard time finding its way to fox viewers, proven by study after study. Google it loser.

      • Adam

        The people who bash Fox News, never watch it and in true liberal form, develop an opinion based on others. No one says that Fox does not have opinion shows. But their basic news is very balanced. Always a debate with a democrat and republican. You want to talk bias go to MSNBC. I have turned to it and just listened to the news anchors spout off like liberal college student saying things like “tea baggers” and “sluts”. As for the John Stewart interview, he sounded like a person trying to bash Fox with conspiracy theories. He acted paranoid, like Chris Wallace was trying to trick him. Every answer was Fox does this and Fox does that. They could of asked him what his favorite color was and he would have thought it was a scam about Fox New’s opinions on different colors. Well, at the end of the day, everyone can bash Fox News because they disagree. They forget thats what makes our country great. But either way, they still are number one in the ratings. Let the insults about my comment begin.

      • Athena

        No one has smaller minds than the Christian knee-jerk racist drones on the Right who watch Fox news.

      • SteveStrifeX

        No insults from myself. I lean liberal, but your comment wasn’t condescending nor patronizing, and I’m happy to hear from level-headed individuals on these message boards. As for your comment, I agree with you about MSNBC. I personally like to use CNN for my news, I think that they tend to stay close to the middle. The issue a lot of individuals have with FoxNews is that their opinion shows overshadow the actual news network. Yes, we see a majority of clips from the opinion shows, but over the 24 hour news day, most of what is aired on fox is opinion shows and not actual news programming. But I can respect your argument and can agree partially with what you are saying.

      • Woot

        Yes MSNBC is very biased and I tend to not watch it because it’s almost too much. Of course they bring republicans on sometimes but still very biased. Still, you can’t deny that Fox News isn’t biased either. Even their basic news programs when they have both parties represented often are skewed. There was entire Bill O’Rielly segment on why gay teens were corrupting our children and that their behavior was inappropriate. I think the biggest difference between MSNBC and Fox News is that MSNBC bashes and hates on republicans, while Fox News often hates on minorities and spreads fear.

      • Adam

        Thanks for respectfully responding. Where I disagree is Fox’s opinion shows are Glenn Beck, Bill O’reilly, and Hannity. That is is 3 hours out of the day. 3 hours out of 24 is not mostly opinionated. The news anchors during the day do not opine any more than any other network.

        I found the Bill O’Reilly comment you were speaking of. It was about labeling yourself so young, and how kids feel that they need labels, when everyone goes through phases during youth. It wasnt saying it was corrupt or wrong to be gay. Here is the response of O’Reilly
        “But there’s a problem here. No. 1, I think almost every teenager gets confused about sexual identity at some time. OK? So, you know, rushing out to declare yourself one thing or another, I think, is foolish. And in my book, which is better for kids than a Simon and Schuster book, I say, don’t define yourself that way…Whose business is it if you’re 13, 14, 15?…Am I wrong?”
        There is nothing saying that being gay is wrong, or hate gays…it just says teens label themselves to young.

        Prime example of my first message.

      • Chris

        @ADAM – I think there are more opinion based shows on FOX than just those 3 hours. I don’t have a complete breakdown of the daily programming, but I’ve tuned in for their morning show and their anchors express opinions frequently while they discuss stories. Sadly, these are the programs that get them the biggest ratings. Its probably almost like the Howard Stern affect…half the people watch to get angry and see what ridiculous thing will be said next.

        That said, and Stewart agreed, MSNBC is now guilty of this as well, as they try to replicate the success of FOX News. This is sad to me, and the reason I don’t watch the news. I enjoy the Daily Show because it mocks the absurdity of the news in general. In addition to being sensationalist, as Stewart mentions, it has also become so insanely polarized, its just painful to watch. If you only watched the news, you would think the world is solely made up of extremists.

        My problem with FOX News is that they are the most guilty of making this prevalent…and not just their TV programming. I recently got an email forward that said there is “a liberal movement trying to ban the American Flag from the voting booths,” and it then had a link to a FOX News poll that asked: “should the American Flag be banned in the voting booth?”

        That is just so irresponsible, it’s ridiculous. There was no “liberal movement” to ban the American Flag in voting booths. It’s stuff like that why Fox gets called a propaganda news network.

        I honestly think that Fox News hurts true conservatives/republicans more than it helps them.

      • LOL

        Adam should read the story on Roger Ailes in Rolling Stone. Of course, he never will.

    • FTR

      Entertaining interview. Wallace is a tough interviewer and Stewart gave good answers. Make sure you check the unedited version. They cut out some of the most interesting parts:

    • abadstroller

      Jon is a COMIC. Get him or don’t. Fox calls itself a “fair and balanced ‘news source'”. I disagree with Fox because I have watched it and don’t see the “fair and balanced” at all. I’m off to use my brain, evaluate the different “truths” presented, and make my value judgments–skipping the canned partisan buzzphrases, thank you very much.

    • Keith

      How long until Colbert gets his shot on Fox?

  • Steve

    You are exactly what Mr. Wallace refered to, the biased othered side. You are so blinded by your bias you refuse to see anything good or even neutral with what Mr. Wallace discussed. You are insane!

    • Alex

      That’s because he’s wrong, idiot. 9 times out of 10, the truth has a leftist bias. Suck it.

      • ps


        “the truth has a leftist bias”? i’m assuming that you’re joking being that inherent in the word bias is unfairness toward one side.

        truth is impartial, the exact opposite of biased, but you wouldn’t know that seeing that you posted such a moronic comment.

      • Caracticus

        @ps, I think “the truth has a leftist bias” can be explained like this: when someone on the RIGHT claims “we have to ban gay marriage to protect the family” and the left responds “how does banning gay marriage protect ‘the family’, or even better, how does allowing gay marriage ‘harm the family’?

        The truth is that ‘the family’ is in no way harmed by allowing gay marriage, and to ‘protect’ the family, what needs to happen is the banning of DIVORCE, not the banning of gay people getting married. (I am not advocating for banning divorce!)

        So, it is evident that the position held by the RIGHT is “wrong” or “false” or “a lie”, and the position held by the left is “the truth”.

        Oh, and anyone who feels the need to reply: first, tell me the day you decided to CHOOSE to be straight instead of gay, and also tell me IN WHAT WAY, EXACTLY, ‘the family’ or ‘traditional marriage’ is in any way undermined or harmed by allowing gays to marry?

    • BJG

      Well, I don’t know who you’re talking about. I thought Mr. Wallace did a fine job.

    • Sam J

      CONSERVATIVE: one who conserves, protects an idea or belief. Prevents it from changing, evolving, expanding beyond its narrow defined concept.
      LIBERAL: one who liberates, frees a person(s) or idea/belief, allows ideas and beliefs to “breath”, speak for themselves. Open minded to other beliefs/ideas/concepts. Broad and FREE.

      The Truth is not ever simple. Able to be examined and be rather vague. It needs to be FREE and have NO restrictions, or it is not the Truth.

      • LEN

        When will “ATOMS” Disappear, cause if we could just sit here for a while … Gosh…Geez…

      • Sam J


        ATOMS will breakdown into their subatomic particles near the end of the universe due to Dark Energy spreading and tearing litterally EVERYTHING in the universe apart. Protons and nuetrons will then be separated into quarks as the universe is dominated by Black Holes. If I remeber my physics, this will not happen for 30 billion years. The 1st law of therodynamics states that “information will never be lost”. This means a record of your existense will always exist in some particulate form, even though it is recycled repeatedly throughout existence. Cool huh?

      • Arturo

        the vatican cotrnol the the blasphemies that come from their own mouths.look up words of the beast she is the whore she cotrnols the jesuit banking industry and every government in the worldcome out of her my people be not partakers of her sins.protestant churches, methodist, all the diverse churches are joining the ranks of the catholic church. The flock doesn’t even know it.but you will be swept away if you do not know the one true God, Jesus Christ. Repent now.

  • S. Cartee

    Hard to keep it clean, but I didn’t it possible to see a bigger…”jerk” than Weiner. Now I have – Jon Stewart takes the prize. The only reason he came on Fox New Sunday was so someone would actually see him. What a buffoon.

    • michaelangelo0296

      The only buffoonery I can see happened at 6:44 PM, when you unfortunately chose to hit “submit”. What a tool.

    • Charlotte

      You do know that he has more viewers who watch The Daily Show than any other program has on Fox right?

      • jerry

        No, he doesn’t. The report was that his viewership was higher than the AVERAGE FOX News viewership. O’Reilly Factor (2.8 million) drew more total viewers than The Daily Show (2.3 million). People like you are what’s wrong with the left, you can’t get your facts right.

      • Caracticus

        Oh Jerry: which episode of the O’Reilly Factor (Fox’s most popular show) drew that kind of number? Could it be that the episode where Jon Stewart appears drew a bunch of liberal viewers who never watch Fox otherwise? Because liberals have better things to do than fact-check every word out of the Fox ‘pundits’ mouths to figure out what is actually true vs. “totally made up lies repeated until the trailer trash bigots that watch our network believe what we say so they will vote for tea-bagger republicans who will craft legislation that keeps tax cuts for megacorporations in place”?

      • Meli

        Which is exactly the point Mr. Stewart was trying to make–people watch his show to get ‘the news’ because they can no longer trust what they’re being fed from any supposedly legitimate news outlet. And that’s on EITHER side, people.

    • Liza

      You need to check The Fox Channel’s ratings. Bad, real bad.

      • JW

        It’s all about the Adult 19-49 or 25-54 audience. Just about ALL of the FOX viewers are over the age of 50; just about ALL of The Daily Show’s viewers are UNDER the age of 50. Plus Stewart isn’t hit listed by advertisers, unlike some of the FOX anchors.

      • ps


        I don’t even watch fox_news, but you are so far off with your comment that it warrants correction.

        Far and away, Fox News absolutely destroys its competition, it beats every cable news network in 19-55 nearly two times over (except HLN :p), and its overall viewers, especially during primetime is ridiculous.

        wolf blitzer and chris matthews would each give their left nut for a fraction of the viewers that o’reilly and co. pull in.

        don’t believe me?:

    • Maggie

      Stewart went on “Fox News Sunday” because Chris Wallace has been on “The Daily Show” FIVE times to promote that show and ask Stewart to be on. Stewart was doing Wallace a favor.

      • Meli

        Yeah, I do note that obviously Chris Wallace and Jon Stewart can debate each other and even get heated with each other, but it doesn’t get personal simply because one disagrees with the other. Wish I could say that about the people making comments on this article.

    • SteveStrifeX

      The Daily Show usually posts around a 0.7-0.8 A18-49 rating (I don’t have total viewership, but would most likely be around 1.7-1.9mil). That’s better than most of Fox programs, about the same as Glenn Beck, but significantly less than O’Reilly (who posted approx. 3.2 mil viewers last showing, though to be fair O’Reilly is on at a more convenient time, 8pm vs 11pm). Food for thought

      • Athena

        Haha, everyone knows that higher ratings = more quality and truth! It’s magic!

      • Jimmer Fredette

        Rush Limbaugh is the #1 radio show in America. Need I say more?

      • Caracticus

        @Jimmer Fredette
        and George Bush got reelected. It doesn’t say anything to me other than the majority of people who voted in 2004 and a large number of people who listen to the radio when Limbaugh’s show is on are not very bright and possibly fearful cowards and possibly actually bad people, spiritually and mentally.

      • Adam

        Actually, The most popular radio program isn’t Rush Limbaugh, but Adam Carolla’s Comedy Podcast – in fact, it just entered into the Guiness Book Of World Records as the most downloaded radio program of all time. Helps when that target audience you want can actually use the technology that helps grow your viewership. Considering this is where the medium of radio is going, its worth acknowledging — that, and you can’t represent only one side of the facts – talk about the whole picture!

      • Kelly

        It’s also worth noting that when you factor in the 24 hour ratings (since The Daily Show repeats three or four times in that span), the ratings and viewers climb up to being roughly equal with O’Reilly.

        The big difference, as already pointed out in the thread, is that Stewart draws the desirable audience demo.

    • Kat

      How was Jon Stewart a jerk? I thought they both talked over each other a bit, but Chris Wallace kept trying to move on to a new topic without letting Jon Stewart fully defend himself and explain his perspective (thus the “NO” when Wallace asked if he could go to another question). Neither one came off as completely polite, but I didn’t think either came across as a jerk, and I thought Wallace was more aggressive than Stewart.

      • RealisticOptimist

        Neither was a jerk – they both got heated, but stayed respectful. It’s Wallace’s show, and he has to continue to move on to make sure he gets all his questions in. It’s annoying to watch as a viewer, but that’s just part of a TV interview. It was a great 24 minutes of TV…would have loved for it to have been longer.

  • Patrick

    Great TV indeed. The unedited interview is awesome. Stewart really lays out a great argument for what he does & Wallace seems to miss the larger point. Both maintain respect for one another though.

  • Antoni

    Speaking as a die hard leftie, for Stewart to pretend that he does not have a political agenda is insane. I don’t mind that but I do mind that he then hides behind the “I’m a comedian” routine when called on it. Doesn’t Limbaugh do that with his “I’m an entertainer” bit? Better to play the ironic, hipster then to stand up and take a stand. Typical limousine liberal.

    • Redeyecat

      So true. As Stewart apparently likes to do wrt to Fox (and where are all these studies, every one?), look at his audience – hugely liberal in my experience. (Note what an obsessed fan Tucker is…) Sure he gets some conservatives to watch, including myself at times, but probably none would argue that he plays it down the middle.

    • Maggie

      Stewart makes fun of both the Democrats and Republicans, as anyone who watches “The Daily Show” would know.

    • @Antoni

      You don’t fool anyone with your ‘die-hard leftie’ claim. Please.

    • stickittotheman

      Stewart does skewer the left, the right and the media, on a regular basis. Former Daily Show correspondent, Stephen Colbert, made his living mocking reporters. The real interesting thing is WHO reacts to Stewart. The left laughs, the media ignores hime, and only the right makes accusations of bias. One dare not bash the right, they have long memories and even longer knives….

    • Arizona

      Am I the only person who seems to be aware that The Daily Show airs on COMEDY CENTRAL???!?!?!? Speaking as a more-or-less centrist libertarian, I don’t give a damn about Stewart’s or the show’s political bias as long as it’s FUNNY.

    • Drew

      This is one of the most rational, wellpresented opinions I’ve ever read in a heated area of debate…most are so blinded by thier own personal views that they can’t even think rationally…thanks for the honest assessment!!!

    • Ana

      He doesn’t have a political agenda. He’s a comedian with a liberal bias. Having an political agenda implies that he’s has political goals that he’s trying to make happen. The only goal I’ve seen with the Daily Show, other than making people laugh, is trying to get the news media back to doing their jobs.

      • Kat

        Well said, Ana. The only time I can remember Jon Stewart using his platform with an actual agenda in mind was the time he devoted an entire show to the 9/11 first responders who were getting absolutely shafted in terms of health care despite their various cancers and terminal conditions that resulted from their heroism that day. I think there was some hope that it would motivate people to complain to their representatives, but honestly, I think it was mainly just to let the first responders air their side of a very important story. So there was something of an agenda there, but even that wasn’t a partisan issue so much as it was a decency issue (taking care of those who will die young because they took care of us). Otherwise, you’re right, he’s not trying to enact any sort of change, therefore he has no “agenda.” Bias, yes. Agenda, no.

      • monkey39

        Amen Ana.

  • John

    Stewart is lying.
    He wants to be a political force and would be greatly disappointed if he’s not.
    But when he’s called on it he adopts the “I’m just a comedian” line.
    Clearly he wants it both ways.

    Quick question…Has he ever done any “comedy” that was disrespectful or insulting to Obama?

    • Ian

      I agree. He’s lying and he’s extremely clever. Wallace is right that Stewart attacks liberals to maintain credibility. That said, I agreed with every Stewart said about Fox. Wallace also stops short of admitting how biased his network is.

      • Alex

        No, he’s attacking them because he actually feels that way about liberals. You contards will stoop at any low to discredit pundits with facts on their side.

      • rerun

        Contards? Really?

      • Victor the Crab

        Yep. Really.

      • asher

        @Ian – It doesn’t matter if Stewart attacks liberals to maintain credibility. The point is he does it, because he knows its the right thing to do for his job.

    • MIck

      Did you watch the interview because if you did you would see Wallace points out yes Stewart gives Obama grief too albeit with more reservations. Stewart and Wallace had an exchange of ideas that is what the world needs. But not at any point in that interview did I see Stewart disrespect Wallace. In fact at certain points he pointed out how much he admired Wallace.

    • albert thai

      In fact he has

    • ben

      yes he has

    • Snoski Rocka

      Yes! Watch the show…

    • Maggie

      Barack Obama visits a Chrysler factory to offer a congratulatory handshake to the few remaining Americans who still have jobs.–overdrawn

      West Wing Story

      Barack Obama fulfills a campaign promise to return to Puerto Rico for four hours.

      Victory Lapse – Obama Transparency Award

      The media is not allowed to attend the meeting where President Obama receives an award for transparency.—obama-transparency-award

    • Becca

      Umm….he attacks Obama all the time. Obviously you don’t watch the show….

    • RealisticOptimist

      Everyone else already answered that Stewart does in fact make fun of Obama all the time, so I’ll skip that.

      I love Stewart, but I do think he wants to be a political force more than he admits. That said, he brought up the “im a comedian first” in regards to the valtrex commercial comparison. He was making the point that it was a joke with no political commentary. Yes, it involved Sarah Palin, but the joke was about the format of the commercial, not Palin herself. His point is that because he’s a comedian first, that sometimes his jokes are just jokes. There doesn’t have to be a political undertone to everything. Sometimes you just say stuff to get a laugh…which in his line of work, that’s the #1 priority.

    • Wes

      Are you serious? In this very interview, Stewart said that he was “disappointed” in the Obama administration. Why not try watching the thing you want to comment on?

  • Solsbury

    John, yes, last week re Obama’s visit to Puerto Rico. Stewart skewers the prez all the time. Watch the show.

  • Heather

    Funny that you use Stewart’s quote that the media’s bias is “sensationalism and conflict” while using his “You’re insane” quote misleadingly in the headline.
    Anyway, I don’t know if he’s just arguing semantics (agenda vs. bias), but Stewart’s not quite right about the media. I think most on MSNBC would admit they have a liberal bias, regardless of their tagline. However, no one in the media misleads, exaggerates, and outright lies like many of the stars of Fox News. They know what they’re doing when they misinform, and they know much of their audience will believe them.

    • Marie

      HonestlyI have reason to bhileveteat this is going to bethe greatest show ever.honestly.That was my lame attempt at a custom “honestly” for y’all…yeah….okay. it was short….and yeah…haha. THIS IS SO EXCITING! EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO CRY HAPPY TEARS FOR YOU!!you are basically the luckiest sisters a four leaf clover.bam. and there are four of you. there we have it.okay, ending my ridiculously long, pointless, comment.really.<333-Ruthannnnnnnnnnnnnnnne{I put a million N's out of excitement. yep. truuuuuue story.}

  • albert thai

    “And who has the most consistently misinformed media viewers? Fox. Fox viewers. Consistently. Every poll.”

    How in the hell do you even poll for something like that… What did they do send out tests? That didn’t even deserve a response.

    Stewart is funny as hell, but I think he swims around in the liberal soup more than even he likes, after all that’s where the better part of his fan base lives.

    • Patrick

      University of Maryland, 2010

      That’s how they conduct a study. Widely reported by most networks except Fox a few months ago.

    • Educated

      Are you kidding me??? Countless polls have asked people GENERAL questions like “Was Saddam Hussein involved in 9/11?” and “Did we find the weapons of mass destruction?”

      Those people who answered YES (aka WRONG), nearly 2/3 of them said their number ONE source of news was FOX.

      Dude, you’re just as misinformed as them. Do some research before you show your ignorance.

      • albert thai

        out of all of the stuff I could find this was the only one that wasn’t so far to the left that it wasn’t obvious that they dispised Fox. Sorry man I’m not convinced… but now you can just call me stupid I guess.

    • psyche

      Try this one? Those questions are general knowledge, so I don’t see how you could say there was a bias. People either know or they don’t.

    • RealisticOptimist

      Seriously – it’s amazingly simple to poll for that. Ask them basic questions about current events and issues (that aren’t opinion based) and see if they get it right or wrong. Then ask them what news network they watch the most.

      I find people on either extreme tend to be the most misinformed. They’re so stubborn and engulfed in their own beliefs, that they involuntarily dismiss any information that could possibly contradict them. There just isn’t a left equivalent to FOX News. Maybe the Huffington Post, but they aren’t on TV.

      • Barhom

        Wait. Do you mean that women actually think about sex iesltf, and not just the romance of being swept off their feet in some unlikely situations where they just can’t help themselves from having passionate sex with inappropriate men?

  • John

    Oh how I love watching the conservatives get worked up over a story on EW about an interview on TV.

    • Arizona

      Indeed. It’s funnier than most of what’s actually ON TV.

  • Dana

    Both Jon Stewart and the dumbasses in Fox are filthy rich. They sit in their gilded chairs.. and the real bafoons are us Americans who watch them.. and think that either of them give a tiny rats a$$ about any of us. Everyone has an agenda and we are fools if we think anyone cares about the middle class. They all divide us in all sorts of groups.. make us fight and lord over us.. media and politicians. Its time for a new revolution

    • Tess

      Best comment here.

      • dl

        I concur.

  • jmcg

    Wallace sooo didn’t get the point but he proved it at the same time. He was so caught up in trying to make Stewart look bad by playing the clip of the Pamela Anderson roast, he didn’t get that he just compared a so-called “fair and balanced” hard news network to the freaking comedy channel. Stewart’s right: In this screwed up media culture we have in America, Comedy Central has more creditability.

    • Kat

      I actually had to pause the interview and stare at my husband, open-mouthed, when Wallace tried to undermine Stewart’s credibility and his arguments against Fox by talking about the other stuff Comedy Central airs. None of those other shows have ANYTHING to do with news, with the possible exception of South Park, which really just does topical humor with pretty moderate social commentary. That was such a weirdly defensive move on Wallace’s part (“Oh yeah? Well look what YOUR network airs!”), and it made no sense.

    • Kelly

      It’s kind of a theme for Fox News. It’s just that this time, Stewart couldn’t point out that his lead is a bunch of puppets making crank calls.

      Fox News has been unable to differentiate between a comedy channel and a news channel for a very long time – which explains a lot about their programming.

  • Izzy

    Jon Stewart nails it. He is an intelligent voice in the “Twilight Zone” of mainstream media. He makes fun of EVERYONE and everything if they have it coming, and points out the absurdity all around us. He slams Obama alongside Palin, and even weighs in on his friend, Anthony Weiner. He is our generation’s Mark Twain.

    • Stewart blows

      If he is, then this generation is the dumbest ever born.


        Sad GOP troll is sad.

      • jenjen

        Actually it may be the dumbest. Think about it, we have 24 hour news that tells us essentially nothing. It is sensationalized trivia that 20 years ago wouldn’t have been taken seriously and 30 years ago wouldn’t have been reported on. Jon Stewart gets that, too bad most people don’t.

      • Victor the Crab

        @ Stewart blows

        The GOP and Fox News are the ones responsible for dumbing down America, genius.

      • Arizona

        TV, period, is responsible (at least, more than anything) for the dumbing down of America. I don’t care what specific messages the pretty pictures are conveying, the fact of the matter is that they encourage passivity and discourage independent thought. If you want to be ENTERTAINED, watch TV. If you want to actually LEARN something or gather facts by which to formulate an opinion, try reading for a change.

        I’m pretty sure my IQ is dropping the longer I stay on this thread. I’m going to find something more edifying to do: like, I don’t know, join xkcd’s Tautology Club.

  • Ann

    Jon Stewart is bull. If he is about comedy first, he would have been making fun of Anthony Weiner like all the other comedians. The Weiner scandal has comedy written all over it…the name alone says it all…

    • Patrick

      Do you even watch The Daily Show? He had a brilliant broadcast in early June ( where he actually explains why he didn’t on that first day. He’s been pretty brutal since then. You probably just read one day of coverage via Fox

    • lara

      dude. he did make fun of it. Did you watch the daily show at all that week? they had so many bad puns show up on the screen…
      He also said that he was holding back a bit because Weiner was a personal friend. He admitted that in the first sentence about the whole thing. Its not like he was trying to hide anything.

      • Charlotte

        Obviously, she doesn’t watch the Daily Show but gets her recaps about it from Fox.

      • RealisticOptimist

        yeah – I have a conservative buddy that will mention what’s wrong with Jon Stewart and the Daily Show all the time…yet he never watches it. Seriously…never.

    • Cloudy Knight

      If you watched his show for the last 3 weeks you’d know that Jon has been ALL OVER the Weiner scandal.

    • Liza

      John Stewart did make fun Weiner.
      He gave him hell!

    • Maggie
    • Heehaw

      I know right… Anthony. Just the sound of it cracks me up!

  • MaryJane

    I loved it. Stewart said exactly what most folks in the real world have known for a while now:
    , “And who has the most consistently misinformed media viewers? Fox. Fox viewers. Consistently. Every poll.”

    • LMFAO

      Republican liars fear The Daily Show.

      • Stewart blows

        And Liberals jerk off to it, when they can manage a stiffie.

      • GOPigs

        It’s always a hoot to watch Republicans blow a gasket when their lies are exposed.

      • Victor the Crab

        @ Stewart blows

        Why don’t you ask your hero Limbaugh how he gets his thimble sized junk up. You’d be shocked and horrified to find out.

      • Dan

        Stewart Blows:

        Isn’t Republican Bob Dole the one on record for using and promoting Viagra? Just saying.

    • albert thai

      How in the hell do you even poll for something like that… What did they do send out tests? I’m not liberal or conservative, just confused….

      • jets

        They poll everything. Although I don’t know of anything specific, using deductive reasoning, it’s a safe guess that the 51% of Republicans who thought Obama wasn’t born in America were Fox News watchers.

      • Patrick
      • @albert thai

        Quite simple to poll that really.
        1) Which major network do you get your news from most regularly?
        a. NBC
        b. CBS
        c. FOX
        d. MSNBC
        etc etc
        2) Was (insert recent news event question here…)?
        3) (Repeat process of question 2)
        etc etc

        Tab up the # of correct answers, make the correlation to respondents’ answer of question 1, and TADAAA!
        Simple really.

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