'Game of Thrones,' 'The Killing': What new shows should get Emmy nominations?

How ’bout that Game of Thrones final scene last night? How ’bout the closing-seconds revelation in The Killing last night?

Both shows are barreling toward their season finales as Emmy voters are getting ready to make their nominations, and I’m betting that these two Sunday-night series, along with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, will be among the few first-season shows that will garner nominations in a few categories.

I can easily imagine Thrones‘ Sean Bean and Boardwalk‘s Steve Buscemi landing on the best-actor list, especially since at least one sure-thing — Breaking Bad — didn’t air any new episodes during the Emmy voting season, and therefore regular presence Bryan Cranston will leave a spot open. (And, really, how many more times can Hugh Laurie get nominated, right?)

It’s also entirely likely that Thrones will be nominated for best drama, although I think The Killing might have a hard time cracking that exalted club. The latter show started out great, but sagged in the middle, and seems to be finishing strong. Is that enough to place it among likely contenders such as Mad Men and The Good Wife? Indeed, purely considering AMC shows only, I’d root for a nomination for my beloved, canceled Rubicon over The Killing. And perhaps you would champion The Walking Dead?

It’s been a slim-pickings year for rookie shows. I doubt, for example, that a single new sitcom will be nominated, and don’t believe that any first-season network comedy deserves to be. Do you disagree with that?

In the days to come, I’ll post my ideal Emmy nomination lists, but for now, what new shows — qualifying between June 2010 to May 2011 — would you nominate for Emmys?

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  • Shawn Ryan


    • Morgan

      LOVED Terriers. Miss that along with Rubicon.

      • Marcia

        I’m looking rfwoard to a couple new shows, starting this month: Two broke girls, and that other one starring Zooey Deschannel ( The New Girl? )And then i wonder why people, sometimes, think i’m gay

      • Felipe

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    • SG

      Ditto but it doesn’t have a chance…

    • Kobolos

      LOL I came to write Terriers too and saw you guys beat me to it. Glad to see love still

    • Rock Golf

      “Shawn Ryan”? The guy who created Terriers? Why not The Chicago Code instead?

    • Wala

      By on March 23, 2011Filed Under: Some posted over at Making Game of Thrones. They are still shots of the comlepted CGI work on King’s Landing, Winterfell and the Wall. These babies will make for some great wallpapers. Click on each to bring up the mega-res photo.Tags: , , , | By on March 23, 2011Filed Under: Winter-Is-Coming.net is proud (more or less) to present our first ever podcast, entitled the Winter-Is-Coming.net First Annual (Maybe? I Don’t Know) Podcast! Me, Hear Me Roar, and Fire And Blood got together about a week or so ago to record this mind-blowingly awesome podcast. Ok, it’s not so mind-blowing, it’s mostly just us three rambling about the books, the show and this site. But hopefully you guys find it interesting.We hope to do one of these a year, prior to the start of each season, provided we get more seasons. Or maybe we’ll do two a year, one at the start of each season and one at the end? I don’t know. We shall see.Anyway, listen in to hear as we talk for over 90 minutes about how we found out about the books and the series, the origins of the site, reminiscing about those early days, and what we are most looking forward to in this upcoming season. Hope you like it!Tags: | By on March 23, 2011Filed Under: , The new Game of Thrones trailer that HBO debuted Sunday night prior to the Big Love finale has now been added to HBO.com. It is entitled “Power” and has quite a few new scenes, including some iconic ones. Check it out!Winter Is Coming: I know we keep saying this, but this is my favorite trailer yet. It gets the point of the show across, without hitting you over the head with too much info. And any time we can get some more Littlefinger is a good thing.Tags: | By on March 22, 2011Filed Under: A couple journalists who have been lucky enough to watch the first episode (and maybe more) of Game of Thrones have tweeted their reactions today.First was Stuart Levine, TV and film journalist for Variety magazine. In response to a question asking whether he had seen the Thrones pilot he , “Yes. Very good.”Second, Kara Warner, of MTV News, tweets her to watching Thrones:For my GoT fanatics: I have seen @ and it is all that I wanted & more. I cried, cringed, shivered, cried again.We can expect more reactions from critics to trickle out in the coming weeks as the premiere gets closer and probably even some full reviews once we get within spitting distance of April 17th.Winter Is Coming: Nice to see some positive early buzz. I know Warner is a fan of the books, so her reaction is probably good news for many of the readers of our site. I’m not sure about Levine, but I don’t think he has read the books, so his positive reaction bodes well for newcomers and helps allay the fears that the complexity of the series may be a barrier to the uninitiated.Tags: , , |

  • Jason

    While I definitely think that Game of Thrones deserves to be nominated, I worry that it might not be able to overcome the fact that it’s a fantasy, which in the eyes of a lot of people is a negative for some reason. Then again, maybe the fact that it is not your traditional fantasy will work in it’s favor.

    I’ll have my fingers crossed.

    • Soz

      I don’t think cable fantasy works the same way network fantasy does. Note how True Blood has noms under its belt, while Buffy does not. Which of those would you consider a superior show?

      • HughJass

        Trueblood , even though I don’t remember it ever winning any awards or being nominated to any for that matter . Muffy the Werewolf Stabber had an ugly crooked nose heroine and a silly premise as well as a silly title . And I say that as a big Firefly fan of Joss Whedon .

      • LD

        True Blood. By all accounts, I SHOULD like Buffy as it’s right in my general genre and I love Whedon but I could never get into it.

      • Dave

        True Blood sucks. It’s just Twilight for grown-ups. The only reason it has gotten nominations is becase it’s on HBO and there are a lot of HBO snobs out there who think everything on HBO is superior to everything else. HBO has some great shows, but True Blood isn’t one of them.

      • James D

        Yeah, I was into True Blood for a while and then got bored. It’s the same thing over and over. Buffy on the other hand still holds up today. It’s because of the writing.

      • Andy

        I am still bitter that the episode of Buffy where Joyce died never garnered them any noms. It was so beautifully done both in acting, writing, direction. It was hauntingly true to life. I still can’t make it through Anya’s fruit punch speech without bawling like a baby.

      • imani

        True Blood is ok but i agree with @Dave that the nominations were mostly because it’s on HBO.
        to be honest VAMPIRE DIARIES is a wayy better written & just all around show & it’s a shame that it’s not going to be nominated because it’s on the cw. there is alot of talent on that show both behind & in front of the camera.

      • dawn

        While I like True Blood, I think Buffy was a better written show. And it did receive one emmy nom for the writing of the episode Hush.

    • HughJass

      You do realize that most tv shows and even some reality shows are scripted made up stories acted out by actors both professional and amateur and are in essence fantasy ?

      • Breeze

        You do realize that fantasy is a genre, like crime/detective shows, comedies,historical dramas, etc.

      • Rich

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    • Bruna

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  • Dustin

    I think that The Killing has the best chance at a nomination, and Game of Thrones is iffier, but still a good guess. I think The Walking Dead deserves it, but I highly doubt it’ll get a nod

    • imani

      i truly want to love THE KILLING but it’s kind of lagged through out the series. also was nobody mad @ that waste of an ep. where they were looking for her son WTF! waste of time!

  • Chris


    • Sam

      Hawaii Five-0

      • Rock Golf

        In an odd coincidence, Five-O is the average IQ of anyone who thinks this show will get Emmy love.

    • always true

      The questions was “what new shows deserve Emmy nominations”…Fringe ain’t new.

  • Michelle

    Terriers deserves something. I think The Walking Dead was one of the poorer shows of the last seasons, I’d hate for it even to be nominated for drama. And I hope something other than Mad Men wins.
    I think the only sure thing at this point is Peter Dinklage winning for best supp acting drama.

  • Alea

    fringe!!! fringe deserves to be nominated. the show, anna torv and john noble.

    • Cm

      I second and third Fringe. It was able to keep a complicated plot from being confusing. And it keep you entertained and enlightened with every episode.

      • Mjane

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    • Imran

      Haha, cool that he got Sophie Turner for a photo with him. I’m almost at the end of book two and it’s ftatasnic. I wonder how the scene with the mob as shown in the video will look in the actual episode. In the book it’s really frightening and gruesome.

  • JJ

    Actors playing those characters deserve anemmy nod

    • vin

      I AGREE 100%!

    • jodipo

      I agree but Sean Bean is the most likely to ge tthe nomination this year. Arya will go through more next season so hopefully they will see her brilliance then

      • Lucy

        Peter Dinklage all the way!

      • jmo

        I agree. Peter Dinklage FTW!

    • J. Davis

      I’d add Robert (Mark Addy) to that list.

    • Hen

      Dinklage FTW!

  • Lia

    The Walking Dead!

  • Woot

    Definitely would love to see The Walking Dead get a nom for best drama. Such an excellent show!

    • asim

      i agree walking dead rules!!!

  • Stacia

    Maisie Williams (Arya on Game of Thrones) is truly an incredible find. There’s a lot of actors in GoT that deserve nominations, but she’s one of them that will get overlooked.

    Maisie made the final scene in last night’s Game of Thrones heartwrenching without saying a single word.

    An Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress is out of the question this year since she’s a completely unknown (GoT is her first professional acting job), but next season she should be one to watch as Arya becomes one of the main characters in the second book.

  • MortalKomat

    Pretty much gauranteed The Walking Dead won’t be nominated. There was only 6 episodes and that isn’t enough to get nominated, shows need to be 10 to 13 episodes to generally be considered. Breaking Bad season 1 with only 7 episodes wasn’t even nominated for Best Drama so why should The Walking Dead get nominated. Also Ken is forgetting the rules of the Emmys, the studios pick 6 episodes for a show to be considered for best drama. Essentially The Killing needs 6 strong episodes as does Game of Thrones to play ball with Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men so to speak. Overall though I would be shocked if Mad Men doesn’t win because last year it was a two horse race between Breaking Bad and Mad Men. You could argue Breaking Bad season 3 was better than Mad Men season 3 and vice versa. If the Emmy voters didn’t want to buck the trend of giving it to the Mad Men then why should Boardwalk Empire beat it this year. I don’t think any critic would take Boardwalk Empire over Breaking Bad and also considering that Boardwalk is still a young show.

    • Lala

      That’s false. A show only needs 6 episodes to compete…

    • Lala

      Bryan Cranston won the Emmy for the first season of Breaking Bad…!

      • MortalKomat

        Yes but I was talking about for getting a best drama nod, every single of The Walking Dead’s 6 episodes has to have been as spectacular as 10, 12 or 13 episode seasons of other shows who have a bigger pool of episodes to choose from. Acting categories also come down to one single episode submitted by the actor so thats why Bryan Cranston won Best Actor. I’m just saying if Breaking Bad season 1 can’t get nominated for best drama series with 7 strong episodes then I’d be pretty surprised if The Walking Dead would get it with 6 episodes. I’m sure most TV critics would agree that Breaking Bad season 1 tops Walking Dead season 1.

      • Lee

        You sure shut Lala up, MortalKomat.

  • Minutiae

    Raising Hope and its cast should get some nominations. It was the funniest thing on TV this season.

    • Carol

      Raising Hope is a true ensemble show. There is no standout in the cast – they’re all equally good.

      • Lamita

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    • Dash

      I think Raising Hope should get some love next year. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore Raising Hope but I think they had some very weak episodes mixed in with truly stellar ones. Heck I don’t care as long as Parks & Rec finally gets some recognition.

      • Odalis

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  • S

    The Walking Dead shouldn’t get nominated. I don’t know how they managed to make a zombie story so boring.

    • Fehat

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      • Alexey

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  • tim

    If there is any justice Michelle Forbes will nab the Emmy for supporting actress. She’s just phenomenal in ‘The Killing’.

    And can ‘Community’ and ‘Parks and Rec’ PLEASE score comedy nominations? And Ed Helms for ‘The Office’ please, if only just for the episode ‘Andy’s Play’.

    • Soz

      I haven’t seen The Killing, but Michelle Forbes pretty much rocks every role I’ve ever seen her play, so I assume you’re right. Seriously. That woman’s awesome.

    • ObiHave

      Gotta second Michelle Forbes…her work has been phenomenal.

      • Woot

        I couldn’t believe she didn’t get a nom for her saucy role in True Blood.

    • josh

      Community is the best show on television. And WOW. What a great year for television. So many great new shows and shows with great seasons.

      • Perturbed Internet Citizen

        Agreed. Community should get a boatload of nominations and wholly deserves an OCS win.

      • Ritesh

        though, there is no doubt that this show ranks #1 of all of them. Yes, there are shows that are a bit older but this one still has charm. There is comedy, sex, and a ltilte politics, easily moving it up to the top. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

  • Yabby

    “Game of Thrones”
    “The Walking Dead”

    Peter Dinklage, “game of thrones”
    Sean Bean, “game of thrones”
    Martha Plimpton, “raising hope”
    Mirelle Enos, “the killing”
    Laura Linney, “the big c”
    Phylis Somervile, “the big c”

    ACTING NEWBIES (new or now eligible from established series):
    Denis O’Hare, “true blood”
    Kiernan Shipka, “mad men”

    • Soz

      Oooh, I really hope Dennis O’Hare and Kiernan Shipka get nominated. They were SO GOOD!

    • Carol

      Don’t get the love for Laura Linney, especially on The Big C. She talks AT people, not with them. SO annoying.

      • Ada

        Yes! That is what it is! I watched the4 first season of The Big C and couldn’t figure out why I found her so unlikeable. Now it all makes sense. Thanks!

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