Jon Stewart went easy on his pal Anthony Weiner. He was the only one.

Jon Stewart may have been the only television news commentator in America on Monday who did not pounce on Rep. Anthony Weiner and beat him up verbally for admitting he lied about his Twitter gaffe. Stewart was in an awkward position, having acknowledged last week that Weiner is an old friend, but even so, his restraint was striking. Of course, in the context of a TV news day that preceded Weiner’s extraordinary, lengthy apology and interrogation by the (mostly) legit news media and the equally extraordinary hijacking of Weiner’s announcement by blogger Andrew Breitbart, Stewart’s giving a virtual pass to Weiner wasn’t nearly the most striking event of the news cycle.

Still, it was fascinating to see how a satirist in Stewart’s position finessed it. He showed the Twitter photo of Weiner’s bare chest and joked that he was jealous that “a, he’s packing jumbo heat and b, he’s f—in’ ripped.” Which led to a segment called “Jon Stewart Unloads on Anthony Weiner’s Chest,” ostensibly ridicule of Weiner’s torso (he had such deep cleavage, a tiny James Franco was shown trapped in it) but really, in the way the segment was worded, a joke on Stewart himself. In a comic sense, Stewart took a bullet for his pal. That’s loyalty. That’s almost kind of classy… except for what he did next, which was to really unload on John Edwards. For Edwards (to be sure, not someone who merits sympathy), Stewart started throwing around the word “s—” and assert that Edwards “could not sink any lower.” Thus Edwards became a way for Stewart to reassert his fearless-honesty cred while sidling around what he invariably referred to as “Anthony Weiner’s c—.”

The non-comedians on cable news were less willing to let Weiner go. On Fox News, Sean Hannity conducted an interview with a triumphant Breitbart (after all, the unnervingly self-righteous dunderhead had called for, and got, a public apology from Weiner). Bill O’Reilly said Weiner’s scandal “erodes confidence in the federal government,” and brought on numerous guests to echo this sentiment for most of his hour. O’Reilly tried to place the events in perspective, suggesting it was “an example of human frailty” and “no one should be happy about this.” On MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, who has in the past expressed her admiration for Weiner and had him on as a guest, was every bit as tough on Weiner as her conservative counterparts, placing him on the “Post-Bill Clinton Modern American Political Sex Scandal Consequence-O-Meter” that compared Weiner’s sins to other shamed politicians on a scale of creepiness and prosecutability. (He ranked pretty damn “icky,” to use Maddow’s terminology.)

The one thing everyone, from Stewart to O’Reilly to Maddow could agree upon this day? Sarah Palin really doesn’t know what Paul Revere did.

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  • Balance

    I think the reason there were not enough jokes was due to the time of the press conference in relation to filming of daily show. I think, with his writers help, JS will hit this story tomorrow. It is just too good to pass up.

    • Jennifer The TruthTeller

      Notice the low view count and comment count, Tucker?

      NEVER bore us with political crap again.

      Thank you.

      • The Man

        Nobody forced you to click on the link. Idiot.

      • K

        I didn’t think it was boring. I like Ken Tucker’s occasional analysis of cable news coverage. It’s not like he does it all the time.

      • William Safire

        Um, Jennifer, apparently Entertainment Weekly is a bit too INTELLECTUALLY TAXING (!) for you … in the future I suggest limiting yourself to OK!, Hello!, In Style, and Bazooka Comics.

      • Redeyecat

        Tucker is an unnervingly self-righteous dunderhead who slurps up anything Stewart shoots out. It’s funny, in a stupid way, to hear him talk about Palin’s intellect.

      • JenD

        t.v. and politics are totally intertwined. i think it’s interesting to see an analysis, whether i agree with it or not- on cable news shows and their different reactions. don’t be such a hater.

      • Tom

        Pick and choose.. Pick and choose.

      • Amanda

        all media is biased, no matter what side of the aisle you align yourself. that’s what media does in today’s time. i for one appreciate ken’s analysis on how the topic was covered on various television outlets last night. thanks ken!

      • cattyfan

        I think the biggest problem is Ken Tucker is obviously a political lightweight, and a liberal. Case in point?

        “admitting he lied about his Twitter gaffe.”

        Sending naked pictures to multiple women who are not your wife and lying about it (making up a story about a hacker framing you) is not a “gaffe.” And since this man SHOULD be worrying about the state of the country (not taking pictures of his personal parts and sending them out) people have the right to be a bit steamed. Others in simialr situations have resigned…but not sadly named Weiner. And our friend Tucker insults the journalist who broke the story instead of saving his vitriol for the lying politician.

        Given Stewart’s penchant for eviscerating politicians for far less, i think it’s disingenuous he gave his buddy a pass.

      • fan of catty fan

        Wow very well put…Jon Stewart has condemned for others for lots less…and here we got the ultimate…a guy named Weiner sending out pix of his weiner..that’s the atomic bomb of comedy…Stewart the company YOU keep

      • SG

        Jon Stewart created politics as entertainment the first time he covered the GOP National Convention with Bob Dole. I think he even told Dole that if America had known he was that funny he might be President. Of course politics belongs on EW.

      • MasterKat

        Edwards cheated on his dying wife, denied having a baby with his mistress, and is going to prison for embezzlement. Edwards scandal > Weiner scandal. Seriously, Edwards is worse than Newt Gingrich and that is almost as low as standards get.

    • Balance

      I am a huge daily show fan and was surprised by how easy Stewart was on Weiner.Hence my original comment. Did some quick digging online – press conference 4:30. Taping for Daily show starts 6:00. I hope Stewart comes down hard/sticks it to him (too easy) tomorrow

      • Annia

        Look, the guy probably wanted to send the picture of his face, but changed his mind after he came to conclusion that his wee-wee is more attractive than his face. LOL.

      • RLD10

        I’m with you too. There was PLENTY of time to cover it. I know, it’s not a news show per se, but it kind of is. He doesn’t owe anyone anything but it made me look at him very differently. Love the laughs of the show but that was just pitiful and I think it made Jon S. look like a coward… and he lost credibility. I may need to take a little break from the show.

    • john_c

      If Weiner is a Republican, I bet Jon would find many jokes in no time.

      Who can trust the media, especially the liberal?

      • Elizabeth

        Or trust a comedy show…

        Am I right folks?

      • Keith

        Did you not read the story? Did you miss the part when Stewart followed up going light on Weiner with a bit tearing into Edwards (a democrat)?

        Stewart going light on Weiner has nothing to do with the letter beside his name and everything to do with them being college friends.

      • john_c

        That’s why I never watch Jon Stewart Show. But many people I know watch his show. And from what I read, many young people get their news from Jon Stewart. How sad it can be!

      • Odavid

        You dummy John_c..Stewart isn’t the ‘media’. He’s a comedian doing a comedy show. He has no responsibility to report the news. Go back in your dark hole.

      • Dahlia

        I agree, Odavid. Stewart is a comedian, so he doesn’t have to be fair and balanced. And since Weiner is an old friend, he took a tact that would not destroy an old friendship.

        “There is hardly anyone whose sexual life, if it were broadcast, would not fill the world at large with surprise and horror.” –W. Somerset Maugham

      • john_c

        You are just like Jon Stewart who has little principles.

        Last week, JS made a big deal of Trump’s making pizza but nothing when his friend committed a sex scandal.

        Of course it is very “fair” to the audience.

      • john_c


        Why did JS mocked John Edwards then?

        if JS went easy on Weiner, he should be easy on Edwards too!!

      • cattyfan

        Ken Tucker is trying to compare a comedy show to shows which routinely discuss politics in depth. OF COURSE Hannity and O’Reilly and other political commentary shows are going to be more thorough in what they say about a corrupt immoral poitician. they didn’t (as Tucker claims) “pile on.”

        And what’s with the final swipe at Palin? She may have made a stupid comment, but she has NOTHING to do with this story. I guess Kenny couldn’t help himself.

      • Well…

        If the details were exactly the same I think he would have handled it the same way if Weiner was a Republican. The HUGE difference in most Republican sex scandals, and the reason they need to be called out, is usually they are homosexual acts from the wildly, and publicly, anti-gay, or those that run on a strict b.s. “Family Values” platform. I care about public figures sex scandals when it shows their hypocrisy… not a personal, human, misstep.

      • Minutiae

        I just think Stewart laying into Edwards just shows what a hypocrite he is. It’s OK to be morally corrupt as long as he knows you personally. Otherwise, he’ll tear you a new one. And for the poster above me to care more about Republican sex scandals just because Republicans run on family values platforms is ridiculous. Immorality is immorality, and Reeps are just as prone to “personal, human, missteps” as anyone with a D behind their name. Unless you’re saying that you expect Dems to be immoral, which… I agree with that, actually.

      • Well…

        @Minutiae Notice that I said “most” Republican sex scandals. There is a heck a lot of difference to someone making a personal mistake and someone who does and has publicly railed against or voted for the same thing. I HATE HYPOCRISY. And I don’t expect Dems to be any less or more moral than anyone else, but it’s a completely different situation when Ken Melman launches the largest anti-gay campaign in this countries history and then comes out, when New G slags gays as destroying the family on his umpteenth marriage, when Carl Kruger repeatedly votes against gay rights and then gets caught stealing money for a lavish home he shares, WITH HIS LONGTERM BOYFRIEND, when Chris Lee, another family values Congressman gets caught trolling for trannies on Craigslist while his wife isn’t watching, I could go on and on. I didn’t care about Ensign… that’s between him and his wife. Same for Weiner. And PS… it’s going to be pretty hard in the future to find a public figure that hasn’t sent a dirty picture to someone in our new tech world.

    • Daley

      Yes, yes, yes, but Ken!!!! WHAT DID GLENN BECK DO??? I need my daily Ken Tucker Glenn Beck blast! I feel so empty without it! The Brietbart swipe was inspiring and thankfully you snuck a little non-sequitor Palin ribbing there, but without a good quality Glenn Beck smackdown, this article just feels incomplete. Please revise and get back to me; thanks.

      • cattyfan

        That Breitbart swipe was pure jealousy on ken’s part.

    • Kelly

      Yep. The news broke at what, 4:30ish? The Daily Show normally starts tape between 5 and 5:30pm; audience warmup and Q&A with Stewart takes 10-15 minutes, and the show can take upwards of an hour to film, depending on what’s going on (and for extended interviews).

      They don’t have a lot of time to work with late-breaking news, as they have to get everything edited and packaged off to the network by a certain drop time.

    • Debi

      we just watched jon stewart as we taped the show to see exactly how he would respond to his buddy weiner’s downfall (especially after sticking up for him last week) & tucker is right on! i thought he would have been more contrite & shocked instead he punted…’s been proven palin was right all along & it was everyone else who was wrong.

      • XanderLJ

        How many times did your white trash mom drop you on your head when you were a baby?? You’re as braindead as your Caribou Barbie piece of hillbilly garbage!! She was WRONG, as she is 99.9% of the time, and everyone knows she was wrong. Her attempt to explain it was even more PATHETIC, and all these propagandist bloggers making up crap to try to spin her usually idiocy have ZERO credibility and are a waste of a decent liver. Crap like this is why we liberals are PRAYING this dumb skank wins the nomination. Obama will beat her like a redheaded stepchild!! She’ll only win the deep south and the typical moron states like Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc. Consider suicide after Obama’s re-election, it would be the first decent thing your poisonous ilk can do for humanity.

  • Walter

    I thought Weiner’s speech came off as totally flaccid. He should’ve come on strong, in your face, balls-to-the-wall. But at least he didn’t come off looking rigid like Boehner. Sometimes Boehner gets so stiff, the slightest amount of pressure will make him cry. But you’ve really got to rub Weiner the wrong way to bring out the tears. He can take a load, so long as you don’t put him in a compromising position.

    • Mac


    • K


      I’m sorry, I thought we were basically playing the penis game. :)

    • Alex

      Ohhhhhh…I see what you did there. Very funny.

      • Rock Golf

        Just as long as you don’t tweet a picture…

    • Brian

      Haha, nice work!

    • Cronkite

      Ah, I see what you did there.

    • wakeforce

      Whenever I get mad at some of the stupid comments here, I will remember your brilliant post and LMAO!

    • south

      Well played, Walter, well played. Better than some of the other cock and bull comments.

    • Squishmar

      Well, Walter, if you did write that… then *someone* should use it! Excellent. *I could barely contain myself.*

  • kate middleton

    Ed Schultz (MSNBC) also called on Weiner to resign.

    I normally don’t watch The Daily Show but recorded it tonight to see what Stewart had to say about Weiner. I was really surprised it was so short, as Jon lit into him a little bit last week. I can understand it’s awkward…but come on! Maybe there’ll be more tomorrow as Balance suggested above.

    • D

      How are Will and Pippa doing?

      • CandaceTX

        hopefully nothing, since he’s married to Kate.

      • Squishmar

        You certainly aren’t keeping your maiden name, Kate, are you?

  • hilo

    I wonder if there is a way for EW to be more biased. Stewart shills for Weiner and he is noble, Breitbart exposes the truth and is a “dunderhead” (is that a term of professional art?) and even though she had nothing to do with this, there was the obligatory dig at Palin. Truly the liberal trifecta.

    • K

      Breitbart has previously been a real piece of work and a “dunderhead” at best. This is the guy who tried (and succeeded) to get Shirley Sherrod in trouble by maliciously editing a perfectly innocent speech of hers. So I don’t think KT was necessarily calling him a dunderhead for his involvement in the resolution of this Wiener thing, but because he’s been a real d-bag in the past. I do agree that I didn’t love Tucker’s praise for Stewart’s loyalty. I haven’t yet seen the episode, but I was really hoping he would lay into the guy. He said just last week that if Wiener did tweet this picture, then he gets to get the f*ck out. So I’m hoping it was a time crunch situation and Stewart will skewer the guy tomorrow…but if not, I’ll be very disappointed. The dig at Palin was just a cute way of ending the article with a joke, because Palin herself is one. And believe me, I’m not tremendously liberal. I’ve just got basic standards for my political figures.

      • K

        Pardon me, that should have read (about halfway through) that Wiener “NEEDS to get the f*ck out”.

      • D

        Yeah, I thought “dunderhead” was actually being charitable!

      • D

        I didn’t see your Palin comment at the time I posted mine. We are in agreement :)

      • hilo

        Firstly, the Obama team fired Sherrod without investigating. Breitbart made public a video as he got it and the administration drew their own conclusion so if he is a dunderhead what does that make the Obama team? As to Palin what makes her any less of a joke than our dear leader who claimed to have visited all 57 states (that is a direct quote)? (As it turns out she was correct in her recounting of American history (you can look that up as well)

      • Big Walt

        You keep telling yourself that Palin was correct hilo. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      • bah

        well, BIG WALT, since SEVERAL historians have come out (including the freaking PAUL REVERE HOUSE) have come out and said that technically she WAS correct, YOU just keep on swilling that kool aid and not using your brain. one day it will make someone a good paper weight.

      • BP

        Funny. I never learned about bells and warning shots being fired in school. Stupid public schools!

      • cattyfan

        If discussing in depth what the Congressman did is considered “piing on,” what then is the unrelated comment regarding Palin? And why is Ken Tucker more troubled by an error recalling history than he is by a politician sending lewd photos of himself to near strangers? (And is Ken Tucker as concerned about The President thinking there are 57 states?)

      • Big Walt

        @ bah – do some research and figure it out for yourself. Even if you just listen to the couple of historians who have said she was correct, really listen to them. She was wrong and just won’t admit it. Then she tried to blame the person who asked the “gotcha” question of what have you been doing here. This is the “what do you read” debacle all over again.

    • D

      Ok, the comment about Palin was a JOKE! The only way we can deal with such painful stupidity and ignorance is to JOKE about it.

      • EdGe

        This is so typical. Ridicule until shown to be wrong and then say “just kidding”. I think there was an SNL sketch or two on that. While we are at it the difference between Weiner and Edwards is that Edwards is out of public office and no longer useful to push agendas near and dear to JS’ heart.

    • kate middleton

      I know what you mean, hilo. Calling Breitbart a “unnervingly self-righteous dunderhead” is a bit much here. It really proves Breitbart’s arguments exactly. And he’s been completely accurate and professional when it comes to this story.

      • wakeforce

        Even the Enquirer gets it right sometime. Doesn’t make it “quality journalism”.

    • Doru

      Anthony Weiner eventually eiadttmd that he did commit the distaseful crap that he was accused of. There lies the difference. Herman Cain continues to say that these accusations are bogus, and here is quick reminder for you: In this country, you are not guilty until proven innocent. We don’t live in North Korea.And the fact that she hasn’t been quoted about the Cain accusations means nothing. She hasn’t been quoted about the NBA lockout, either. So what? Now chew on that while you and your minions continue to giggle over your infantile little sexual innuendos.

  • chase

    Jon missed the boat, tomorrow’s jokes won’t be timely, just pathetic aftermath. Weiner jokes are easy, any 4th grader could have written them before the show was taped. Rachel M would like to find a way to forgive Weiner, since she defended him and blamed others for this mess last week. Chris Mathews, now there’s a class act, he put partial blame on MRS. Weiner. Geez! Ed Schultz was the best political commentator to report the Weiner story. As to the Fox crew this story was too easy, they had it right last week but too many news networks tried to let it slide under the rug. As to Sarah’s comments on Revere, how many people know their Revolutionary War history beyond the poem of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere? Exactly what liberties do people think the British planned to deny and crush amongst the colonists? Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, The right to bear arms, Right to protection from unwarranted search and seizures, right against self incrimination, right to speedy public trial, etc. Those rights were spoken of and then documented by the Declaration of Independence which was signed on July 4, 1776. That war wasn’t won by the Colonials until 1781. Again, in 1812, the New America (United States) had to defend itself from the British. Luckily they had firearms, a small military, brave pioneers, and fierce desire to keep their independence. The poem of the Midnight Ride doesn’t tell the whole story, or the events leading up to the ride of Revere or the war as it relates to Revere and his family. If the British had won, Revere would have been executed for his rebellion. No firearms, No free speech, no Freedom to choose Religion or not, no freedoms, but taxes without services to fund the British government. Weiner lies and lies and blames and blames, then admits his “wrongs”, yet Sarah Palin is who Jon Stewart wanted to attack, again. Pathetic comedy tonight.

  • Katrina

    O’Reilly didn’t agree about Palin. In the last 10 minutes of his show, he mentioned Paul Revere’s warning to the British. Revere warned them that the Americans would respond. Obviously, several months later Revere was involved in warning the Americans of the British invasion. (I have no idea what Palin knew, but Tucker’s reporting is inaccurate.)

    • The Man

      Palin, OReilly, and you are all wrong. Go read a book.

    • Brandon

      Surprise, Surprise. Ken Tucker is WRONG and Stewart is a clown who obviously is a liberal palace guard (you didn’t need this event to tell you that).

    • D

      So, Paul Revere was a TRAITOR then?

      • MomC

        Umm, yeah. To the British, all the “American” revolutionaries were traitors.

    • Prince william

      If you actually listen to her comment, she rambled incoherently about Revere and warning the british, and shooting guns and ringing bells. It was total stupidity. Of course the next day someone is going to claim that she meant Revere talked to the british when he was captured. That is bull. At the time of her statement she obviously had no idea what she was talking about and merely babbled away. Her problem is she doesn’t know when to shut up.

      • I

        I took her to mean, in context, that Revere’s ride was a message to the British– the colonies are going to rise up. Not a literal message to British soldiers.

        Unless I had ‘Palin Tourettes,’ in which case, I would always interpret her in the worst possible light and start narking about it, as part of my excuse for misogyny directed against GOP women.

  • skulz fontaine

    Jon Stewart, shameless shill? Could be. Oh yes, very well could be. The guy went apoplectic about eating pizza with a fork…
    Stewart is going to provide cover for Weiner???
    Jon Stewart as ‘douche’?

    • Kristen

      The entire pizza skit was absolutely amazing. Going to re-watch…

    • Boo Radley

      Boy, it’s like you can’t take a joke. That pizza thing was pure magic, and so hilarious I was crying with laughter by the end of it.

      • D

        I really enjoyed the pizza thing myself, but then again, I am from Queens. I guess it might not play so well out in the hinterlands!

      • D

        And don’t anyone say Queens is out in the hinterlands, okay?

    • wakeforce

      Did you NOT read that Stewart skewed John Edwards. Oh, I guess yout thought Edwards was a Republican!

  • Kristen

    Are you comparing what Weiner did to what Edwards did? The man who cheated on his wife with terminal cancer, fathered a child and used political funds to cover it up while running for president? Oh yeah, and also got himself indicted? I think one guy deserves to be dumped on a little more….

    • Mac

      for real, edwards is far worse. weiner made an idiotic mistake but edwards’s behavior is truly atrocious.

    • Boo Radley

      I do have to agree with this. John Edwards IS a piece of sh*t. Or at least behaved like one. Wiener is just an arrogant d*ck who’s also just a little bit dumb, apparently. (Though my god, I LOVE watching his interactions with Megyn Kelly.)

    • kate middleton

      I agree, but I think Ken’s point is that the Weiner story is new and really newsworthy today when he actually admited it. The Edwards thing is old news (even with the indictment Friday) – there’s not a lot of new things to say about it. Weiner deserves at least as much time as Edwards. Perhaps tomorrow…

    • Buffy Freak

      And don’t forget the icing on the cake…this guy actually had his kid with him at court! What the hell kind of parent brings their kid to their indictment proceeding? Oh yeah, the kind of parent who cheats on his terminally ill wife, fathers a baby with another woman and uses campaign money to cover it up…

      • kate middleton

        Are you talking about Cate Edwards? If so, she’s 29 and went to law school, so I can understand why she was there. I don’t think I’d do that for my dad….but I guess I can understand why she might. Or did he have any of his younger kids there? I didn’t see them, but you never know with him. Total scumbag.

  • D

    Palin telling her “stories” reminds me of Bobby Jindal’s speech where he was talking about growing up in this country. They really act as if no one has any knowledge beyond a first grade level. It is so insulting to those of us with intelligence to see such stupidity overtaking the airwaves. The “first grade version” of the ride of Paul Revere doesn’t really need to be repeated, and if she was going to offer a different historical perspective, she might have couched her comments in such a way as to provide context and not make her sound like a crazy person. It’s the dog and pony show, folks.

  • Joe

    Weiner has thoroughly embarrassed himself, but this really isn’t that important a story. We have very high unemployment; Congress is playing chicken with the debt ceiling; there are three wars going on. But it’s an easy story to cover, and most journalists (if we can still call them that) are lazy.

  • Californio

    Weiner was/is a preachy jerk. He deserves to get politically pillored just like Spitzer. They both made their mark righteously pointing out when others lied, when others broke the rules (beyond a higher standard of criminal charges, often) – often saying their opponents were “doing wrong..” Well now Mr. Weiner is caught being a lying sack of S**t and suddenly its “uh, what is Sarah Palin doing today?” Remember the reporters are allegedly the fourth estate, there to protect and serve the public – and when asked to answer a question Mr. Weiner starts calling them names? A**holes in government , left or right, hurt our system of government – period. Weiner should go.

    • William Safire

      Please give a specific example of when Weiner castigated a Republican for doing something as trivial as a bit of minor sexting.

      • MomC

        What is an adult in a powerful position sexting considered trivial? NOt sure the guy should resign over this, but secting then lying about it is hardly trivial. Also, having lived in the areas of Weiner’s primary TV coverage since his ascendancy, I can tell you – he really is a preachy jerk. Exhaustingly so. By most accounts an efficient and successful legislator though. What a shame that another politician bites the dust. This is hardly a party issue though, this is just another example of an idiot.

      • Well…

        It’s between him and his wife. He was foolish to have done what he did but this is a non-story.

  • Californio

    Oh, and Leibowitz,.. er I mean “Stewart” is a fraud – just as hacky as Limbaugh or any of the others. More sh*t from the “other side” doesn’t balance things – it only raises the level of sh*t.

  • Babaloo

    And Mark Sanford got to serve his term and David Vitter is still serving. Come on, consistent Conservatives, where’s the equal outrage?

    At least Weiner never ran on a “family values” campaign… *cough*Sanford*cough*

  • DG

    once again its ok for a lib to do anything…but when a republican does anything slight WOW resign they say…an mostly they do…lets see if wiener boy does ROFLOL not

    • Brigid

      Nope, I’m pretty ticked off at him. He was pretty likable and had the backbone that most democrats don’t have. And don’t get me started on how disappointing John Edwards ended up being.
      The reason there’s generally a call for the Republicans to step down, is because they’re elected because they’ll “protect the sacred instition of marriage.” The shouts for them to step down are not because they’re cheaters, but because they’re gigantic hypocrites.

  • Barack Palin

    What can you nsay about Anthony Weiner? He truly rose to the occasion. Standing tall, firm, and erect. Keeping it up at all times. What a sleazebag scumball of a man, but then what else can one expect from a sleazy liberal. Reminds me of a line from “Body Heat”-“Someday your d*i*c*k’s going to get you in trouble”. And Weiner’s weiner is now the most famous member of congress.

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