'Saturday Night Live' season finale recap: Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, a formidable team

Saturday Night Live wrapped up its season by opting for familiar characters and sketches that ranged from quite to very funny. Host Justin Timberlake acted, danced, and, yes, sang up a storm, but so did music guest Lady Gaga, who proved to be a delightfully game addition to a number of sketches.

Timberlake has become as reliable an SNL host as any the show has had, with his own set of recurring characters. Early on, he scored with a reprise of his dressed-like-a-bottle pop-locker; he indeed brought it down to Liquortown, joined mid-way through by Gaga dressed as a wine bottle, complete with cork headpiece. Together, they pretty much erased Kristen Wiig from the stage — and Wiig, as a dithering seller of tea, was good. (Later on, she did my favorite of her characters, the ostentatiously bad, Kitty Carlisle-ish actress Mindy Grayson on SNL‘s 1960s Password parody.)

The Digital Short began as a reprise of the Andy Samberg/Timberlake team-up with Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson, but it quickly turned into a happily lewd Gaga sandwich, as the boys crooned “The Golden Rule”: “It’s okay when it’s in a three-way.” The old-school rap details were impeccable as always, and I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say the lyric was a satire of the  fear of being thought gay.

Another oldie that was less goodie was the “Barry Gibb Talk Show,” which brought back Jimmy Fallon as Barry and Timberlake as Robin. I’m afraid Fallon went over-the-top early on in this sketch and  stayed there for too long. Oh, that Jimmy — he’s so excitable!

Seth Meyers closed out the season with a strong “Weekend Update” that went after Arnold Schwarzenegger with the proper amount of appalled disgust, set aside time for Samberg as Nic Cage, interviewing  a Bradley Cooper who was present as mere human product-placement for The Hangover Part II, and made room for a too-brief cameo by Bill Hader’s Stefon.

Speaking of Hader, his ancient newsman Herb Welch was back, slamming Timberlake and Fred Armisen with his microphone and feigning death once again. Loved the  quick photo of an oblivious Herb being present at the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby.

Timberlake’s best moment of the night involved him making fun of himself in a “What’s That Name?” game-show, competing against Gaga. Where Gaga was shown to be thoughtful and solicitous to her fans — excuse me, her benign monsters — Timberlake was made to  look the fool for not even being able to remember the name of a woman (played by Abby Elliott) with whom he’d recently slept. Even better, he couldn’t remember the name of his ‘N SYNC colleague Chris Kirkpatrick (Tarran Killam).

Lady Gaga crammed at least three songs into her two music segments, and took the song title “Born This Way” rather literally by appearing in  a black latex pregnancy outfit, ready to pop.

It was impressive to see the way she managed to transfer her outlandish music costumery into her sketch performances without seeming ludicrous. Instead, she came off as the most approachable of arty music stars.

So, happy summer, Saturday Night Live cast! I hope the woefully under-used Paul Brittain makes the cast cut next season (that is, if he wants to come back). I hope you have a restful time off, and return next season not quite so eager to find the next new characters that you can run into the ground. Ah, but then you wouldn’t be the venerable SNL we can never resist watching, complaining about, and laughing at and with, would you? It’s a grand tradition…

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  • shane

    I was thinking yesterday while I was running errands “I hope Fallon shows up for the Barry Gibb talk show” and I disagree Ken, I thought it was funny.
    Justin did not disappoint and The Ga’s ability to laugh, plus her just general awesomeness, made them a perfect note to close the season on. I love the fact that Justin has a relationship with the SNL viewers and honors it by giving the fans what they hope to see- its cool. As is he.

    • Athena

      Completely weak SNL. What was Ken Tucker smoking when he watched this?

      • Molly

        What were you watching??? What more could you want? It was the best ep since Betty White last year!

      • Puhleeze

        This woman is the biggest, loudest, whiniest, most annoying cry for attention in the world right now. Everything she does is for shock value and it’s all stupid to cover up her lack of talent and originality. GaGa & her record company only want your easy money. America wants her so they can sell this puppet to the media around the World.

      • barnhillism

        I agree completely. Was I only one annoyed that there were no original sketches?! Every one of them had been done before and I could predict exactly what was going to happen (Ex. Herb hits people with his mic; makes inappropriate comments; pretends to die). Even the digital short was basically the same thing with the same characters, just with a different song. Yes, I did laugh during the Liquor-Ville sketch but that was the only one. SNL, please give us more original sketches instead of the same old crap.

      • Danny

        I agree, Molly!

      • Simply

        @Puhleeze – Actually what you witnessed was the world’s most exciting new pop star coming into her own in front of your eyes. She’s not crying for attention… she’s commanding it. I guess I’m just very confused by your statement because she is mind-blowingly talented. Easy money? Given gladly to something so exciting. Maybe you’re just not a pop/dance music fan but what she’s doing is some of the most exciting to be seen in some time.

      • Rusty Shackelford

        @puhleeze, you mean like Bowie, Kiss, Elton John, Madonna just to name a few

      • SNL Classic

        This was a classic SNL show. Gaga, Justin, and Andy FTW! I was on the floor laughing….”it’s not gay, when it’s in a 3 way”..LOL.

      • JJ

        I’ve always liked JT on SNL and last night was no different. He was very funny, but I still felt like this was his weakest appearance on SNL, but that’s not his fault. The writing is just not what it use to

      • suechip

        Puhleeze, based on your comment I’d say YOU are the “biggest, loudest, whiniest, most annoying cry for attention in the world.” Do you even listen to yourself?

      • AM

        What!? This was the best SNL episode in recent memory. I LOLed at pretty much every sketch and I usually only LOL at Weekend Update.

      • I believe so


      • Lizabeth

        I agree with JJ. I always look forward to Justin Timberlake hosting, but I was a little disappointed last night. It was a funny show, but I wanted to see more original sketches. JT seems like he’s up for anything and I think they should be more original and take advantage of a host like that. I thought WU was great, though.

      • Ginna

        I cant stand lady gaga!!!

      • Olivya

        I thought the show was fantastic. JT and Gaga were great, as was everyone else on the show!

      • Silv

        Athena go back & check your cable you must have been watching a rerun show. AM is right, it’s the best SNL episode in a really long time. Gaga was great in her skits and JT rocked the host gig. Would have loved to have seen someone pull the ring on Gaga’s last pregnant costume to see what she would give “birth” to.

      • Allobidallo

        I think Athena was going to say that no matter how good the show was. No mention of my favorite skit of the night, the animatronic robots in an amusement park ride that took the guy’s girlfriend. I was laughing my butt off.

      • Lola

        Mozart and the Robots/Love Boat skits were both funny and original. I’m bringing sexy Bach. And I thought his monologue was pretty funny too. JT can host any time!

      • haleysname

        @puhleeze: You mentioned money but i do want to point out her album is selling for $0.99. It’s getting increasingly difficult to even buy one song on itunes for that little. I think she’s doing this because she likes doing it

    • GunnerGA

      Jimmy Fallon is NOT FUNNY. Apparently, friendship trumps talent on SNL. The Barry Gibbs sketch has never been funny. So few people who watch SNL even know who Barry Gibbs or would know the music.

      • GunnerGA

        …but GREAT episode with the exception of the Gibbs sketch.

      • talkin’

        that would be Gibb

      • suechip

        “Funny” is 100% subjective.

      • JaySin420

        I disagree, Fallon’s late night show is extremely funny.

      • WVL

        Gunner, apparently YOU are the one who doesn’t know who he is. His name is Barry Gibb, not Barry Gibbs. lmfao

      • josh

        I thought Jimmy Fallon was vastly overrated on SNL. Then, on one of his last shows, he did The Barry Gibb Talk Show. Everything about it was so unexpected, and while Timberlake broke, Fallon kept a straight face. Barry Gibb is the best character Fallon ever did.

      • Kalie

        I like Fallon, but I agree that the Barry Gibb Talk Show has never been funny. I’ve always found it annoying and I don’t understand why they keep bringing it back.

      • Toots

        That’s probably because you are 12 years old Kalie.

    • Move On USA

      I promise you, no one will remember the melody of GaGa (what’s that) or the lyrics to one of these “songs” in 6 months. The “I was an outcast in high school (big deal. Also unoriginal. Who wasn’t?), her costumes, her whatever is a total waste of time. But someone needs to call a spade a spade; she is unoriginal (not a crime but true) and boring and oh yeah, her music blows. Wearing a hat made of tampons doesn’t make you interesting. Attention GaGa is a boring lame 2 yo news.

      • Mark Bellini

        Back in the eighties, I remember a young platinum-haired singer who took the world by storm with her over-the-top fashion sense,in-your-face sexuality,provocative videos, and an outlandishly theatrical persona that also managed to bring forth many political points that made a lot of people uncomfortable. She became an uber-popular star quickly, thanks to her infectious dance-pop hits, but critics hated her, and her music was deemed shallow, empty, and utterly disposable. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on her, and usually, that opinion was negative. The most insistent comment made about her was that she would fade fast and be confined to the store-bin afterlife of one-hit-wonderdom.
        That woman was Madonna.

        Funny how that turned out, eh?

        Lady Gaga isn’t going anywhere, guys. Especially when, for all of Madonna’s accomplishments and legendary status, Lady Gaga still outsings her.
        Keep saying all you want about how LG is a passing fad, but just like Madonna did once, LG will prove all the skeptic wrong.

      • Matt

        Plus, you need to consider the fact that Gaga is already well into her THIRD year of being on top of the world of pop culture. According to you, she should already be gone. So what happened this week? Her newest single debuts at #3 on the charts. Yup, she’s fading away as we speak. Whatever.

      • Sparky

        I find this comment to be funny… because Poker Face was released in 2008. It’s been WELL over 6 months and people are still referring to it/singing it/still being played on the radio. I get it stuck in my head almost every month.

      • tom

        that’s right there is no antidote, and you are going to keeping getting it stuck in your head for the rest of your existance.

      • tamby

        You’re right, Gaga is a retread, a bit of postmodern pastiche without an ounce of originality. But as these fans rightfuly point out, she has tons of fans and sells boatloads of CDs. I think the obvious point is that the generation buying her music and lauding her consists primarily of morons who couldn’t tell original music or talent from cheap, transparent filler if you paid them. In a world of clueless zombies, Gaga is queen.

      • Well…

        @Tamby – Wow… how superior of you to figure this all out! I’m not sure which generation you refer to as “moron’s” since Gaga has fans younger then ten and way past fifty. This “moron” is blown away buy her songwriting, presentation, and ability to push things forward. Retread, unoriginal, and transparent are cheap and empty criticisms for someone not really paying attention. I’d say she’s the pop music equivalent of Tarantino, taking great bits of things that have happened before and making something new that pushes people forward. I don’t care if you don’t like her… but don’t try to make yourself feel better or mighty by claiming superiority because a negative opinion popped into your head. Go back to your room.

      • Joker’s Lady

        Lady G is just the flavor of the moment, a copy cat of madonna while singing “express yourself” oh wait sorry “born this way”, and will never be madonna.As soon as Lady G becomes bored of wearing those outrageous outfits, she will be done because that was her schtick and does not have the ability to be a chameleon like Bowie or Madonna. Stating the facts.

      • Lisa

        With the exception of an excerpt from The Edge of Glory, Gaga’s musical performances were comprised of partial live vocals against pre-recorded music tracks and backing vocals. Very disappointing.

      • Matt

        I really want to like Lady GaGa and some of her music is really good… but she creeps me out. It has nothing to do with the fact that she looks different and wears outlandish costumes. It’s that she calls her fans “little monsters” and she’s “mother monster.” It’s a little cultish and reminds me of people I know who would cut themselves because Marilyn Manson did. Celebrity worship…

      • Ivee

        I beg to differ. Lady Gaga’s songs are so catchy, once I hear one, it’s in my head for days, and I’m not even a young person either.

        I think she’s tremendously talented, and she actually does something with her fame by using it to promote LGBT rights, give voice to anti-bullying, and encourages her millions of fans to live the way that they choose.

        She rocks! And I think she was terrific in the SNL sketches, too. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

      • Sebby

        I thought GaGa was just a gimmick…..but then I saw her doing an accoustic version of Pokerface and I was BLOWN AWAY!

      • John R.

        As long as the music is there, she will be there. Once it turns into all show and no groove – it will be forgettable (Can anyone remember what “Erotica” sounded like?)

    • kate middleton

      I am no fan of Justin Timberlake, but he is a great SNL host. He really does seem to have a great sense of humor, and he’s one of the best hosts all season.

      I can’t understand how Ken likes that “Secret Word” skit. That one drives me insane and is never funny, IMO. I’ll admit I’m no Wiig fan though, so I know that contributes.

      • Mocha

        I think Wiig can be funny in small doses, but in “Secret Word” she’s just annoying. That sketch is so unfunny that if I’m not watching live I always fast forward through it.

      • kate middleton

        I totally agree. Secret Word is the most annoying out of her characters, in my opinion. It’s the same everytime. Yuck.

      • Lola

        What redeemed this skit was JT playing a terrible magician. I know what to expect from Kristin Wiig, but he added a new element that made it more tolerable. But that and the Barry Gibb talk show don’t ever really offer anything new.

      • azjeff

        Wiig gets way too much air time with her lame characters that do THE EXACT SAME THING in each skit.

      • haleysname

        I almost always can’t stand Kristi Wiig on SNL, but it’s the Writers dong it, not her. She’s very funny in Bridesmaids nad when they throw her in something new, and don’t just give her one line over and over again, then she can be really good. she needs to ditch this show

    • Dana

      Suck This Way is such a bad album they’re having to cheat to sell the album:

      Los Angeles industry analyst Paul Mueller not only confirms to this column that anybody who buys a cell phone with a two-year contract from Best Buy this week will be “sold” a free copy of Lady Gaga’s poorly reviewed CD Born This Way , but that the unwanted “sale” of the CD contributes to the Soundscan sales numbers for the album.

      “Lady Gaga’s record company is hoping to sneak in first-week sales numbers to make the album look like it sold more than it actually did,” says Mr. Mueller, who is furious about Best Buy’s promotion. “I, as well as many other people, find Lady Gaga to an incredibly offensive person,” he continues. “I would probably use the CD as a frisbee for my dog, but would not want to support this woman in any way possible.”

      Customers who purchase certain smartphones will add two indirect votes to Lady Gaga’s first week chart numbers as they will also be “given” a digital copy of the album in addition to the physical copy. All this could add at least 200,000 fake sales for the Born This Way album.

      Lady Gaga has recently caused a lot of backlash from Christians who believe she is insulting Jesus with her Judas video. Several gay groups have also denounced Lady Gaga for using homosexual men as marketing ploys. Even Latinos have joined the Lady Gaga bashing trend.

      Whether the anger towards Lady Gaga is justified or not, people should not be forced to indirectly buy her album and have it count as sales towards her chart tally. Best Buy has not responded yet with a comment, but I will update this story when they do.

      • B

        Keep fighting the good fight, Dana. Stand up for those people who refuse to “buy” Lady Gaga’s “poorly reviewed” cd. Meanwhile, the rest of us will have a life.

      • Woot

        Haha I can’t believe you took the time to write that entire thing! You know when I stopped taking you seriously, when you called her album “Suck this Way.” If you want to make a point, don’t use silly name calling. Also most of the reviews for her album have been positive. Rolling stone: 4/5, About.com: 5/5, Slant magazine: 4/5. Yup, her album is getting universally panned. And if people really don’t want her album at best buy they can say, “I understand it is free, but I would not like this album. Thank you.” I guarantee if a costumer says that, they will not be walking out with a copy of her album.

      • Lady KaKa

        I fell asleep watching SNL last night and woke during Gaga’s second song. I seriously thought she was doing a Madonna cover until I heard the “born this way” lyrics. What an unoriginal rip off artist, even down to trying so hard to suck up to the gay community.

      • Toots

        @ LADY KaKa…”sucking up to the gay community” Totally agree, I just said the exact same thing the other day. “Born This Way” sounds exactly like a Madonna song. I think the song is “Express Yourself” ????

      • Liwa

        I went to see Lady Gaga in april and let me tell you it was absolutely the most aminazg thing in my life. loved it. I went with my friend and we wanted to get dressed up so we wore dresses and heels. (we were sitting). I was surprised at how many people actually dressed up like lady gaga with the coke cans in the hair and the crime scene tape. I wouldn’t wear heels to a concert again unless they were very comfortable and i would think twice about wearing a dress. i’d say a nice pair of jeans, comfortable shoes with a colorful top topped off with lady gaga inspired make-up. If you dress too plain trust me you will stand out, everybody goes all out and gets dressed up. You are very lucky i’d do anything to see Lady GaGa again xx

    • Logan

      I was a little disappointed by last night’s episode as well. Don’t get me wrong, it was better than most of the season’s episodes…it’s just that when JT hosts, you expect a legendary episode. Liquortown would have been funnier if they picked a product that doesn’t already have a ton rap songs glorifying it. The Golden Rule was on the level of Spiderman 3 in the trilogy — it was alright but not on the level of the previous 2. Please retire that gameshow…its a one-note skit that isnt funny.

  • idviceroy

    I’m not a big SNL fan. I usually only watch for the host and the musical guests. But I watched every minute last night. JT is a delight to watch – singing, dancing, knocking his comedy out the park. He truly reminds that there are truly talented artists out there that deserve our admiration. I’m a huge Gaga fan as well, and she too knocked it out of the park. Her acting is a bit forced and comes of quirky, but hey, ‘quirky’ is Gaga’s middle name. Her performances were excellent, although I almost wanted her to just finish ‘Edge of Glory’ with some swell in the music near the end instead of clunkily transitioning into ‘Judas’. But the end of ‘Born This Way’ was killer. Way to adapt the performance to such a small stage and still provide that shock that we’ve come to expect from her. All in all, last nights SNL was the best way to end ‘The Rapture’.

    • Ap

      I usually skip through SNL too but that episode was pretty good – even Timberlake.

      I’m still trying to understand the necessity of pregnant Gaga but I’d watch her concert.

    • Damian

      Kai kala eseis pou spoudazete Athina! Exete ola ta wliiiopvleva sta podia sas! Emeis oi eparxiwtes pou lamvanoume kapoia suggrammata mesw Courier kai perimenoume me agwnia na xtuphsei to kinhto mas kai na einai mhnuma apo ton Eudoxo gia ton sxetiko kwdiko ti na poume! Eimaste telos eksamhnou kai den exoume vivlia gia mathimata alusidas! Sumfwnw me to arthro sou! H DIANOMH NA GINETE STO XWRO THS SXOLHS!Kale mou Eudoxe steile ta vivlia kai sthn eparxia mpas kai kanoume kati! Euxaristw!

  • theBigE

    Enough already of Kristen Wiig’s Mindy Grayson on the password game show! That has to be the worst recurring joke on the show, just ahead of her excitable prize giving show host that appears at doorways of unexcited winners.

    • Jayme

      agreed! Out of habit, I actually picked up my remote to FF, but then realized it was live and was stuck with watching it!

    • jillyb

      Agreed. The only skit that I had to ff through. I watched through one round, but I couldn’t take it any longer.

      • Kel

        I disagree. Her prize giving show host IS annoying, but Mindy Grayson always has something different enough to garner a laugh. Plus, Timberlake was good in that skit.

    • barnhillism

      I agree. Enough with the password game. And What’s Up With That. Every time those sketches come on I immediately ff.

      • Ailtonpereirae

        D like to see a ADELE and LADY GAGA collaboration take palce soemwhere down the road ,like a CD together.LADY GAGA and ADEL are two of the most dynamic female in music today,one word for GAGA hater’s you all will die one day and the world wont care,BUT LADY GAGA is vacant down in history and will be talked about 200 years from now, THE PASSION THIS WOMAN HAS IN HER WILL LIVE FOR EVER

    • maggie

      The Mindy Grayson character is one-note. It may have been funny the first time, but not anymore.

      • Toots

        It was NOT funny the first time.

      • Darvin

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  • Lauren

    You know you’re a great guest host when you have your own set of recurring characters. Best episode in a long time.

    • Frank Anderson

      Yeah, and Ken’s last paragraph was spot on!

      • Romonda

        The enertal solipsism of the spotless liberal mind! Pointing at the mote in the eye of the Hierarchy and ignoring their own entrenched authoritarian mindset viz: “my way or the highway”. Ever try to “dialogue” with with one of them? The opening gambit is usually an ill-concealed sneer followed by a ton of patronisation. Well all right, maybe not all of them, but that’s not remotely as close to a sweeping generalisation as what is employed in the NCR drivel above. But as Fr. Z points out, if this is the best they can do then they *are* in trouble as an intellectual force. Busted flush might be an appropriate expression, although in truth they never amounted to more than a pair of 2s in the first place

  • Jayme

    Seemed like a co-hosting gig for them. Loved that she added to the show by being in a number of sketches. It was a good season ending…who is not coming back Armison? Myers? Weig? I always love when old castmembers come back, and loved the Barry Gibb Talk Show…the whole point that Barry goes over the top…and this time to the point of his heart stopping. Also loved JT and Jimmy had a throwback moment to their viral ‘History of Rap’ bit they did on Late Night with JF.
    The news coverage of the people waiting outside was a bit misleading, considering only about 10 of those people got in to see either the rehearsal or live show….the standby line gets in after the host/music guests people, any past cast member/NBC employee and their friends, some regular people that have been coming for years, other pass holders (big money hotel guests), and people who entered the lottery online last August….then those people that wait in line get in. The standby line is a sham, I have done it twice and never gotten in (and I was #12 and #15 on non-popular guests)

    • Frank

      People who camp all night for free tickets need to get a life. There is nothing worth wasting that much of your life for… except perhaps a kidney.

      • I believe so

        Lady Gaga is for fans who have no self-esteems and lack of substance. Just noise and hype.

      • True Blue

        @ I believe so:

        Hating is for bitter and curmudgeonly people.

      • Jayme

        @Frank…as an FYI..i never truly ‘camped out’ i was there in the wee hours (once showed up at 4am and the other 2am) … they hand out the tickets at 7 am so for me it was a few hours wasted. As far as the ‘monsters’ self esteem should never be doubted, but I believe that they are following a false prophet and are obsessed with a sham of a person who will lead them nowhere.

    • Evan

      I was thinkomg tbe same thing! I’m glad someone else noticed they referenced the history of rap they did.

    • FLGrl

      Actually, I was in NYC this weekend and wanted to wait in line for standby tickets. The security guard said not to bother, no one’s getting in on the finale because a bunch of famous people will pre-empt the folks camping on the sidewalk (some who had been there since Tuesday. However, I took the NBC studio tour on Sunday, and they said they let in around 30 standby people for the rehearsal and about 50 for the live show. The reasoning the tour guide said was “The people who wait outside in line tend to be crazy, fanatical, and loud, and they like having that energy for the finale.”

  • Gwen

    Back in the 90’s, Justin was just one of the guys in NSYNC–a band my daughter loved. Now, JT is a QUADRUPLE threat! I look forward to seeing him on SNL because he makes me laugh every time. All the skits with him are so clever! But I prefer Robin Gibb as a blond.

  • John C

    Nobody else noticed that she screwed up her lip synching? The show was pretty good, not great, but good. Hader is probably my favorite cast member, but that old newsman sketch he does is a dud.

    • Plus 1

      When did she “Screw Up her lip singing”? She sang to a back up track for Judas…But to say she was lip singing would be a stretch. I guessed you missed the 1st part of the song….

      • Plus 1

        But Haters are gonna hate anyway, No Matter what she does.

      • maggie

        She sang along with a track of her song. Lots of people do that on the show. That’s why the whole Ashlee Simpson “scandal” was a joke. She wasn’t doing anything different than many other guests.

      • B

        Get it straight. Watch it again. She did not lip sync.

    • Anya

      I’m a fan but she did lip sync, during that one part of Judas and the way she did it was pretty noticeable and awkward. Obviously she’s not used to doing that. ;) And I like the Herb sketch! Hader is so funny there.

    • Pipan

      Hader has become my favorite cast member, too. But I have to disagree with you about his Herb the Reporter character. It just cracks me up every time. Sometimes the simplest, stupidest things are the funniest.

    • Ivee

      It was clear, particularly when she was having issues with her mic during the first number, that Lady Gaga was not lip syncing. She sings to a backup track of her own voice because she does a lot of her own backup vocals on her records.

      • Dorimifah Solatido

        Wrong – she mixed live singing with lip syncing, particularly during the dance routines. You can’t sing effectively while dancing anything beyond simple stepping because your breathing interferes.

  • LOL

    I loved it. From start to end. I also Liked Gaga. She surprised me. I like her new song. I went right to iTunes and had to buy it.

  • Anasiscimo

    I mostly enjoyed the show.. but I thought they went too funny too early into the show.. his singing monologue was very entertaining… but then to go to the funniest skit of the night(LiquorTown) I think was a mistake.. I didn’t really find anything to be laugh out loud funny after that.
    It was still a good show.. better than last week

    • Erika

      That is the formula of SNL…tney put the funniest/best sketches first because a lot of people go to bed/quit watching after Weekend Update. The worst sketches are always at the end.

      • Squishmar

        Not necessarily the worst sketches… a lot of times they would put the more “experimental” and offbeat sketches near the end of the show. The “5 to 1″ time period. But, yes, sometimes they do end up being the weakest.

  • David

    When SNL rides actually good performer’s coat tails it does well.Last night showed that clearly.when it relies on itself it slips.JT,Gaga and the cameos made the show.Gaga showed she can do more than sing which will be interesting to watch as the years go by.No Madonna suckass movies there.But the Herb sketch?Come on,a one punch line over done sketch,another Whats Up With That,old and tired.And Seth going after Arnold?Tame and uninspired.Let’s see what changes are made over the summer.Maybe they’ll get real writers.

    • Anya

      Gaga did only ok acting wise, she should stick to what she’s great at, singing. Still enjoyed watching her in these sketches though.

      • Scarlett

        Waddaya mean? She was great! When you’ve got seasoned “pros” like Keenan Thompson who so obviously reads from the prompter even when he has only a couple of simple lines… well, GaGa did a pretty darn good job. More please!

  • Sina

    I’m sorry but that Born This Way sounds too much like Madonna’s song. I tried but I’m a late 80/90’s child so it will always be Madonna for me. Didn’t watch the whole show since the game was on, I only turned to watch GaGa’s performances hoping to see Tamra singing “Do-Wop” in the background.

    • LuCii

      Each of her dresses or cmetuoss has a message as I’ve read, for example the meat suit was to support military case about the policy don’t ask, don’t tell whose some were discharged from service for their sexual orientation. Kinda like step up, don’t let them eat your flesh alive To each their own []

  • Tiffany

    Lady Gaga reminds me of Victor/Victoria. She was a good singer but couldn’t get booked then the gays got her and turned her into a star, just like that movie. That’s why I like her. I love that movie.

  • Molly

    When is JIMMY Fallon going to host?????

    • Jayme

      YES! he needs to host! Although…he does great stuff on his show….his Sheen impersonation is spot on and he still does plenty of ‘live’ sketches…like ‘Real People, Fake Arms’ and the ‘Remember when we were in a failed 80’s Band…’ Even though he has a wonderful late night show…I would like him reunited with SNL also.

      • Molly

        Seriously!!! He left so long ago…even Tina has hosted multiple times and she left after him! Someone start a FB petition stat!!

  • Molly

    And best show they’ve had in forever!!!! Loved everything except that AWFUL secret word sketch…PLEASE retire!!!!! Oh and the cold-open kinda sucked and the rape comment went too far IMO…they could’ve easily said “kick your a**” or something to that effect.
    All in all AMAZING show and hope Gaga hosts on her own next year! Altho she & Justin played off each other wonderfully esp in the what’s my name sketch that I usually don’t think is funny but their chemistry made it awesome!

    • 227

      I totally agree about the rape comment.

      • Tamara

        Regardless of whether you like her style of music or not, you have to admit she has a nice voice and she’s good at piano.Myself, kind of diipaposnted she’s going with Coty but maybe her goal is to make it affordable.

    • Jayme

      I think the ‘rape’ comment came from the fact that he raped an innocent housekeeper at his hotel….which is what he was in jail for….rape for a rapist

    • maggie

      The real guy they were portraying, International Monetary Fund leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is in jail on a rape charge. That’s why the rape comment. It was a “give him a taste of his own medicine” situation.

      • Abdulah

        Washbrain, you ecxeed yourself. I bow humbly. Especially that Larkin poem, the way he finishes us off with “at his age having no more to show than…”By the way, a little douche addendum – apparently “Cupcake” is perfectly behaved around his wife. His D-rating drops dramatically on account of how his missus is made of money. You couldn’t make it up. Or rather, you could.

    • pastafarian

      Rumor has it that some people get raped in prison.

    • True Blue

      I normally don’t find prison rape jokes funny, because it really is a serious problem, but in this instance I don’t feel too sorry for the person who happens to be the butt of it, since it’s more likely than not that he’s a rapist himself. IMO, the one group of people who do deserve to be raped are the people who inflict that very pain on others.

    • Gustavo

      Her fashion is crazy!! otguhh her fashion resembles the crisis and problmes which are found aroud us. some of them are pretty insane and bit disgusting such as the meat dress she wore!!and i’d never wear any of them lol[]

  • Raunchy

    Very good episode and gave me some hope for next season, but they definitely need to make some changes unless Timberlake is going to host every episode.

    I’ve totally had enough of Wiig and to a lesser extent Seth Myers’s Weekend Update. He needs a wingman or woman.

    • LOL

      Home run for SNL last night. JT, Gaga and Jimmy were fun. Hader was on his game. Good job.

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