'Saturday Night Live' finale with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga: Your opinion is desired.

Oh my, is it the end of the season for Saturday Night Live already? Well, what better way to cap it off with one of the show’s best hosts, Justin Timberlake? And, as the music guest, a  demure young woman with a formal title, Lady Gaga?

I kinda hope Timberlake performs some music himself, with or without Gaga.

Let’s see, what would SNL want to make funny this week? Donald Trump’s non-Presidential run? Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bad behavior? The end of days? (Cancel that if End of Days occurred.) (Not that you’ll be reading this if it did.)

Please tell everyone what sketches you’d like to see on SNL this week. And what you’ve thought of the SNL season overall.

Then come back here tomorrow morning for a review of the finale; thanks.

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  • Justin

    I usually don’t tune in to SNL, just always watch the sketches everyone talks about online. But I’m watching tonight!

    • SNL Sucks Now

      Crap. I was hoping that ‘finale’ meant that this was the end of what has become Lorne Michael’s/Leftie Lunatics’ anti-American hate machine/dirty blow-up sex doll.

      • FedUpWithMess

        Gaga is too self-conscious and deluded artist to be fun with. There are too many half baked ideas from Grace Jones, Cher, Madonna, Kylie even Britney and Christina Aguilera thrown together for her to make sense. Is she a real singer, artist, performer or a clown? It’s like her songs are just random hooks frankensteined together with glossy production, well-marketed and given titles that the songs themselves don’t live up to it. Judas..for example. A song that worth only $0.029 per download on iTunes by right. Her new album ‘Born This Way’ isn’t art ; more about commercialism trying desperately to make music addictive, repetitive and it lacks all the warmth, emotion and depth. For lack of a better phrase a garbage- just like her fashion!

      • Yeah

        Okay so you are clearly a gaga hater “FedUpWithMess” but what does her being on SNL have to do with her album? Even if your not a fan of her music she consistently gives great performances and she has shown she is a good sport as evidenced by her appearing in several skits last time she was at SNL (one of which made fun of her fashion and the other made fun of her similarities to Madonna.)

      • wakeforce

        How did that Rapture thing work out for you, Moron?

      • Lady Copycat

        Gaga is not even funny. She could be so funny if she calls herself The Big Xerox machine.

      • SNL Classic

        Justin + GAGA was classic. Threeway video was hilarious!

      • Joe

        What I hate about gaga is her “feel sorry for me” attitude, always crying and complaining about how difficult her life is etc and how no one understands her. It’s beyond annoying and is definitely not a positive influence on the millions of tweens around the world who look up to her. She needs to grow a pair and start being positive about her life, anyone in the world would give anything to have her hundreds of millions :P

      • Kelly G

        Gaga is giving away her new CD FREE..now that’s funny because her new album sucks!

    • Let Do That

      Lady Gaga should make a joke about her weak album and call it ‘Suck This Way’.

      Now that would be SO funny!

      • Next

        Even funnier if could play Gaga’s lame, no substance and mundane songs from her latest album, too. :)

      • Mother’s Care

        This woman is the biggest, loudest, whiniest, most annoying cry for attention in the world right now. Everything she does is for shock value and it’s all stupid to cover up her lack of talent and originality. GaGa & her record company only want your easy money. America wants her so they can sell this puppet to the media around the World.

      • Woot

        Why are there so many haters? Born this Way has been getting generally positive reviews and youtube will provide you with plenty of evidence that she has immense talent.

      • Stevvy

        we are not THAT stupid to believe what her fans have to say on Youtube for reviews. Gaga’s new album-lackluster !!!!

      • LMFAO

        BREAKING NEWS: Even funnier that Nicki Minaj’s new song has passed all Gaga’s singles on iTunes!

        *thee heee*

      • tarc

        Considering that Born This way will very likely be the single and album of te year, I think you might reconsider your blathering. Like it or not, Gaga is the hottest, most successful musical artist of the decade.

    • Justin

      “Threeway” was the best skit. very funny and I actually want to download the song…lol. They should have done two music videos.

      • The Dont Dare

        they should make a parody song call- “Jud-ass” feat. It Stinks (the remix)

    • sharon falconer

      Gaga has more haters on her than the Westboro Church!

      Gaga, you must be doing something RIGHT! Go-GO GAGA !!

      • Justin

        oh no doubt…ew.com is for ugly ass busted trolls to comment on people way better than they are. Trust that. Everyone everywhere else loved it because it was funny as hell.

      • wakeforce

        Thank you for saying that. People who protest at dead soldiers’ funerals get more respect. No wonder there is a cultural divide in this country!

      • Puhleeze

        right to spew garbage by polluting the industry…

      • Sarah

        @Justin, that includes YOU!

    • BLT

      The hilarious “Threeway” video made me realize how much I miss Justin singing. Come on, Justin! Cut a new album! He is a great singer, okay actor.

  • Helo

    I’m excited, but of course I won’t watch it on Saturday night, maybe on a boring monday night though….
    Justin is HILARIOUS.

  • Laur

    Ken, where is your review from last week with Ed Helms??? Hopefully they were saving their better material for tonite!
    They should def do Aunt Linda reviewing movies since Kristen’s Bridesmaids is in theaters!

    • Patrick

      Thank you for suggesting Aunt Linda! I come on to this forum every week to express my hope for a new Aunt Linda segment. She is my favorite character ever!!

    • Ken Tucker

      Laur, Adam Markovitz ably subbed for me last week; here’s his recap: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/05/15/snl-ed-helms/

  • Daniel

    I thought last week’s episode was evidence that they were saving their energy for this week. Season finale + timberlake + gaga –last week was lame. Tonight should be epic. Well — it better be.

  • Clayton Ashcraft

    The fact that Justin is an artist himself and its been 5 years since his last album really disappoints me as a fan. Plus he’s 100 times better then the crap standing next to him…she looks so beat up! Love Justin, Hate Gaga. Seriously, he needs to get back to the music

    • BikerDad

      People like Justin and Gaga are the main reason why I stop watching SNL completely!

      Please stop polluting the industry.

    • Snooky

      Lady Gaga is the epitome of filth. She’s nothing but a role model for women with no self-esteem, lack of originality and she believes everything she does is for “art”.

      Everyone knows she’s a new Madonna copycat. There’s so many trends in this world, and she’ll just be the flavor of the year. That’s why she is milking her fans like there is no tomorrow with this album, videos, singles after singles and performances.

      • tarc


      • Peggy

        Not a fan of Lady Gaga, but this a funny comment coming from someone named Snooky.

  • Leroy Grey

    Now, are we sure that they’re both going to be there tonight? (At this point, a disappearing act is one of the few bits of publicity Gaga hasn’t done yet for her new album…)

  • S.O.

    D**K in a box. Then “Motherlover”. What’s next in the SNL Digital Short. I’m definitely tuning in.

  • maxie

    I’d like to see Justin arrive in Gaga’s egg. I’d also like to see a skit with Justin and Gaga doing the battle round of the Voice with Justin dressed as a girl perhaps as the bald one that just won Christina’s round this week. lol

    • Please Help Us America


  • Jen40

    I know I will get bashed for this but I hope to see another Target Lady skit with Justin as Peg. That was the best one ever.

    • Christine

      I have my fingers crossed for that as well. Classic Peg!

    • Rob

      me too!!!

      • jodijim1

        JT rules, only comment on Gag-a is she was completely unoriginal and offensive, sad because she does have a bit of vocal talent that MIGHT be evident if she didn’t constantly overshadow it with publicity seeking and over the top theatrics…ugh…she puts the women’s movement back decades…

      • Nicole

        Offensive? Oh and u weren’t offended with the whole “teabagging” bit.Her BTW performance…she just donned a baby bump and pretended she was giving birth which is done a million times in movies and noone says anything….. as for me, I’m openminded and don’t get offended but Gaga haters are always “offended” by something but I’m sure u are entertained by other questionable things!

  • ES

    SNL has been wack for so long. i dont even watch it. im only watchin it tonite because lady gaga is performing. and justin is always funny on snl.

  • Jim

    The promos for this show are funnier than the season. Really was a lackluster year. Jon Hamm was amazing (as always) and there were MOMENTS of humor, but the last time the show was truly funny was one year ago when Betty White was on. Since then, it’s been a comedy drought in terms of laughs. But Timberlake always brings his A-game and Gaga is just….Gaga! So I hope this year goes out with a batch of laughs as opposed to a trough of frowns….

    • LOL

      It’s been a lackluster year for sure, but I hope the season goes out with a bang tonight. JT almost always delivers on SNL.

  • Mikie

    “Your opinion is desired”? Is it just me but does that sound like one of those bad web tool translations?

    • Strepsi

      Or as Jack Donaghey would say to Liz Lemon,
      “Why are you speaking like a Persian immigrant?”

  • Leslie

    SNL has been a disappointment in terms of guest artists. I would totally watch if Adam Lambert was on as either host or musical guest – hey, how about BOTH!! Such class, glam, glitter…and he’s funny!

  • C.E.

    Justin and Gaga in a Junice sketch…Bring back Madonna to have Gaga justify Born This Way simalarities…Bring on Britney, Cameron and Jessica and watch Justing Squirm

    • Justin

      Oh Fuc$ you…lol

  • D

    I too want to see some classic Peg

    • Hilarious

      Barry Gibb Talk Show!

      • Brenda

        Agreed! Now that Jimmy Fallon is a big deal, the Barry Gibb talk show will be even better.

        I’m also a fan of What’s Up With That? It would be great if Justin was a guest but refused to put up with the lack of face time. He could take on Keenan.

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