'The Good Wife' review: How Alicia and Kalinda ripped at, and broke, each other's hearts

The Good Wife is playing out its final three episodes of the season like the three acts of a play — an innovative one, part tragedy, part farce. Last week, Alicia confronted, and banished, her husband. This week, she confronted, and wounded, her closest friend. Next week’s season finale? Who knows what’s in store with an episode bearing the ominous pun title “Closing Arguments?”

Once again, crucial elements played out before this week’s opening credits.  “You slept with my husband,” Alicia said, and Julianna Margulies delivered her lines here with a judicious mixture of anger and anguish. Reacting to Kalinda’s attempt to explain her betrayal, Alicia snapped, “It is selfish to say anything after that.” Then, as though she’d been slugged in the jaw, Kalinda literally staggered out into the hallway and entered an elevator, where, alone, she broke into a wracked sob.

Even the opening-title music couldn’t recover quickly enough from that; it was different this week — more somber, subdued, almost funereal: It signaled the death of a friendship. One of the many things The Good Wife is good at is in portraying friendship — or the lack of it. Alicia had no friend other than Kalinda; her life was filled by her children and her work. Her relationship with Will is friendly but fraught, so tied up in romantic attraction and fantasy (on the part of both of them), that they can never be tight, confiding, chummy pals. 

If Kalinda initially became a friend by convenience — she was there in the office a lot, she was neither Alicia’s boss nor someone Alicia supervised, so their status was equal. And so Kalinda slowly, surely became an ideal friend, in part because of the investigator’s instinctive gifts as a listener, her discreet reticence. This was exactly the sort of person Alicia has needed over the course of the series: Someone who won’t judge or excessively advise Alicia, since what Alicia needs more than anything is someone who’ll just listen. She gets enough analysis of her motives from her children, her mother-in-law, a boss such as Diane, and the media that is perpetually covering Peter’s past.

How inexcusable is Kalinda’s sleeping with Peter? The show was determined to put forward something in the way of Kalinda’s defense. She said she slept with Peter once, which, she noted, is her habit in most, nearly all, of her relationships. (Coming from anyone else, that would seem almost unbelievable; given what we’ve gradually learned of Kalinda, it made sense.) Kalinda had the ability to compartmentalize the woman she was betraying as an abstract — “the Housewife,” Kalinda said; I’ll go further: the Joyless Wife; the Unfulfilling Wife; the Wife This Guy’s Going To Leave Anyway. For someone who gets off on dangerous liaisons of all sorts (the title of the episode was “Getting Off,” although mostly for another reason), bedding Peter was a bagatelle for Kalinda.

So, excusable? No. Forgivable? Ah, there’s the problem. Standing back from the situation, I’d say, with the passage of time, you and I and, yes, Alicia, could arrive at a point at which context and emotion and logic would combine to conclude that Kalinda, at bottom a decent person, might be forgiven. Trust? That’s another question — especially for a person whose job often involves exploiting the trust of others. Work skills seep into one’s interpersonal skills.

In any case, there’s a level on which Alicia and Kalinda broke each other’s hearts. The devastation currently seems irreparable, yet given the fact that she’ll remain at the firm…

Okay, I’ll pull myself away from Alicia-Kalinda to talk about the week’s excellent jury case. Sarah Silverman was superb as Stephanie Engler, the owner of an “adultery website,” and client defended by Lockhart/Gardner.  For the prosecution: Mamie Gummer returning as faux-innocent Nancy Crozier.

The episode title, “Getting Off,” was blatant to fit Engler’s business, helping married men find suitable cheating partners… until one of them ends up dead, with his penis lopped off. To a large extent, the Silverman character was put in front of Alicia to challenge and be challenged about the responsibilities of marriage and commitment — a bit too obviously, you could say, except for the fact that Margulies and Silverman (who dropped all of the winking, little-girl-voice coyness she uses as a comedian) engaged so intently upon their debate. Silverman really sold that character, even right up to the final scene of her passionately making out with her open-marriage/murdering husband, a daring decision by the producers that could have led us to dismiss Engler as a nut, but she was not. “OK, that didn’t go the way I thought,” indeed.

The trial was integrated smoothly into the Alicia-Kalinda plot, since it was Kalinda’s investigation and deductions that broke the case the way it did.

Sorry, but I have to return to Alicia: Her scenes with Jackie were amazingly charged, pointed, and yet never over-the-top mean. “You need to hear things two times to absorb them.” Wow: cold. But so accurate. Hah!

I think the two most brutal lines of the night were also the powerful. Alicia sneering at Kalinda “How was my husband; was he good?” was the verbal equivalent of a knife to the throat. And Kalinda’s final line, “I never have to confide in anyone” summarized everything, past and present, about this character. She was guarded as part of her job and as a philosophy of her private life; but now, she’s completely shutting down. There’s no one for her to confide in any more; her poker-face takes on a new hardness. The heartbreaking thing is, no one in the office except Alicia will even know that there’s been a fundamental change in that mask — everyone will think, oh, that’s just the way Kalinda is. Her life is very nearly as shattered as Alicia’s is.

Good Wife benefits:

• There’s a porn film based on Alicia, and Peter’s scandal — indeed a “trilogy” of them, said Silverman’s Engler.

• The scenes between Alicia and Zach Grenier’s David Lee, discussing how a divorce proceeding might go, were marvelous. You could almost see David consciously allowing himself to reveal his rare sincere side, all while giving Alicia hard-headed, sensibly aggressive counsel. For which he billed her.

• Jackie’s parting line — “I know what happened at your house” — was this a reference to something we don’t know about yet? Was Alicia’s “I have no idea what that means” supposed to be our reaction as well?

• The scenes of Kalinda considering a new job with an old friend (Kelli Giddish from Chase — boy, I wish that series had been better, because it had a lot of promise, and Giddish was really good in it), were fascinating for putting Kalinda in the position of actually needing something from someone.

• Cary’s “I’m staying put,” working in newly-elected Peter’s office, permitted him to resume his devious ways, feeding information to Crozier. This seemed flagrant and something Cary could have been called on by the judge (John Pankow — who’d have guessed, with this and Showtime’s Episodes, he’d have a better post-Mad About You career than Paul Reiser?).

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  • DW-1

    Another great episode. Let’s hope this show is given a multiple year renewal. Margulies and all the cast are simply terrific.

    • peternalicia

      Actually thought was one of the weaker episodes..though Margulies is phenomenal.

      • maryb889

        @peteralicia: in what way?

      • Liz

        Weak episode? I have to disagree. We seldome see Alicia show this degree of emotion in any scene. As far as Kalinda’s relationship with Alicia, since when is a breakup of a fantastic friendship considered a “weak” thing to witness? Rethink please!

      • Caracticus

        I think we’re all suffering from “twist addiction”. Stories are dismissed unless there’s a shocking twist. In this case, the twist was that the car WAS the defendants car, but driven by her “not jealous” husband!

        As far as interpersonal relationships, there doesn’t always have to be twists, but there are choices… that look on Kalinda’s face in the last shot of her could indicate that she’s hardened to Alicia in a way that might be harmful to Alicia… seeing how it plays out, “twist free” will still be satisfying, for me at least.

    • Eric

      I agree. It was terrific. I am floored by this show week after week. The scene between Alicia and her mother in law was worth the price of admission. It was like slaying a dragon.

      • Carole

        I agree! And the promo for next wk. makes me anticipate it even moreso than usual. It’s my favorite show on TV right now, hands down.

      • JKH

        Agree as well. While the Kalinda-Alicia showdown may have been the intended focus of the episode, that scene with Alicia admonishing Jackie was absolutely phenomenal.

      • Emma

        Agreed. This is the one show that I watch live commercials and all. Love it! Fantastic episode. I love how Alicia is turning into a real person, you know one with emotions and facial expressions. No longer the stoic shocked poker face politician’s wife and stay at home mom. She’s a big shot litigator now who can fight her own battles and pull her own weight. Can not wait for next week based on the previews! Am a big will and Alicia fan!

  • Dessa

    Oh, gosh, totally invested in the characters. Broke down crying when both Alicia and Kalinda … broke down & cried. I really like both of these characters. I was happy to see Kalinda open up a little this year and then THIS.

    • seattlejohn

      totally agree…great to start getting to know Kalinda better though hate to see their friendship come apart…and was this the first time Kalinda not only cried but we actually heard her laugh instead of giving a coy smile?

      • KD

        OMG–totally. That ironic laugh when she was told she’d be working at the State’s Attorney’s office was just priceless. I guess it says something for her loyalty to Alicia that she’d rather be working on her side than on Peter’s–where for SURE there’d never be a chance of patching up the friendship in the future.

    • Mark

      When Kalinda first made that noise, it honestly took me a second to realize “Oh – that was a laugh. I don’t ever remember Kalinda laughing before.”
      And the second what-was-that Kalinda moment: when Will referred to her as “Kay” (first reaction: “Who’s Kay? Oh, he means Kalinda…” Good Wife trivia buffs: has Will ever called her “K” before?

      • M

        I can’t say that I recall him ever calling her “K” before, but then again their relationship has taken on a different dynamic since she went to him for her raise/promotion. As someone who’s boss calls her by her first initial – I like it!

      • Belle

        I don’t know if Will has, but other people on the series (assorted cops, and so forth) have called her Kay.

    • bobbi

      I totally broke down crying also. Alicia was so hurt and in pain. I felt Kalinda’s pain. It was a great episode. I want that weasel peter to pay, but he is now the ADA.

  • Jill

    Pretty much everyone on this show is “devious,” especially since almost everyone is a lawyer for Christ’s sake.

    The fact that you only label Cary as “devious” “slimy” “slick”, etc. is very telling. You’re pretty blind to the fact that most of the characters on the show have the same traits as he does; they may exercise them in a different way, but really, it’s all the same. I mean Will’s got some kind of shady past with Blake or whatever, so he’s definitely no saint.

    With that being said, Kalinda mentioning about Alicia’s separation to Will was so NOT Will’s business, and encouraging him on again is so very tacky from her position. And if Alicia won’t salvage anything with Peter, then she most certainly shouldn’t salvage anything with Kalinda; that would be completely hypocritical.

    And things will get very interesting with Alicia with her children, especially more with Grace, if anything is pursued with Will, especially with her complete 180 with no explanation. The kids are teenagers and need more info. than what Alicia is giving them.

    The way this show has been crafted is so good, which is why I keep watching, even though I have no interest whatsoever in seeing Will and Alicia together (I just don’t see the chemistry; can’t see them together), I keep watching for all the other stuff.

    • Jay J

      Kalinda is a manipulator. Of course she is going to try to offset her betrayal towards Alicia. Her planting seeds in Will’s head is her way of making things right. Is it right? No. But it is Kalinda.

      • cregis

        What betrayal? Kalinda didn’t even know Alicia. Kalinda wasn’t married, I see no guilt for Kalinda. She had a reason for sex with Peter. Alicia’s character is too high-horse. Her husband is the bad guy. I’m glad Kalinda came back and hope she just thumbs her nose at Alicia, but I think Kalinda wants Alicia to be happy.

      • Ryan

        Totally disagree! The bottom line is Kalinda is attracted to Alicia but knows it will never go anywhere that is why Kalinda dropped her guard and became friends with Alicia because she knew that Alicia would never want anything from her. What Kalinda failed to realize is that sometimes your friends can hurt you more than the person you are sexually involved with. This is the first time I don’t feel sorry for Alicia and actually dislike her. LOVE KALINDA THOUGH!

      • Amy

        I don’t think Alicia is truly mad at Kalinda for sleeping with Peter. I’m sure she is in some part, but the majority of her anger towards Kalinda is due to the fact that Kalinda was friends with Alicia and not only never told Alicia she slept with Peter, she also lied about it. I think Alicia is entitled to at least some anger in this situation.

      • Ashley

        Alicia from my point of view is upset that Kalinda slept with Peter moreso because she viewed Kalinda as a friend. Its that betrayal of the friendship not the husband. Alicia knows Peter is a womanizer at heart and she is probably not surprised that another woman popped out.

        Yes, Kalinda did not know Alicia. But Alicia asked her point blank and she lied to her. That’s what she is upset about.

      • ChrisB

        Kalinda is so one dimensional. She’s just in it for self preservation.

      • Flyer

        Alicia’s anger also hinges on the fact that she now feels like Kalinda befriended her solely out of guilt. It means the friendship between Alicia and Kalinda didn’t have an honest & authentic foundation.

      • Denise Duellman

        I am amazed at people who don’t find adultery a betrayal. Any person who sleeps with a married person is deeply hurting another, whether she/he knows the offended party or not. There is NEVER any excuse.

      • Jen

        For Alicia, the betrayal wasn’t them sleeping together, it’s the fact that she befriended Kalinda, all the while Kalinda knowing she slept with Alicia’s husband. Total humiliation.

      • Sherry

        I so agree with you! That is exactly what I thought watching the scene play out. Because her reality is so warped, K thinks she is doing good for Alicia.

      • Samantha

        Agree with Jay. It feels like Kalinda has been pushing Will and Alicia together so she won’t have to feel as guilty towards her betrayal with Peter. I think it was so wrong of her to tell Will about Alicia’s problems: when she said that the word “bitch” actually came out of my mouth. And I usually like Kalinda. Don’t know if I like this promo with Will and Alicia…this season Will has been just as slimy as Peter.

    • Orac

      Don’t you think Kalinda might be trying to make Alicia happy? She knows there’s an attraction between Will and Alicia. She’s trying to get them both to move forward.

      • LynnB.

        I agree. She wants Alicia to be happy and she knows that would only be with Will. How bout those coming attractions? That kiss in the elevator..hot!

      • Tfan08

        I agree. Whether its out of guilt or kindness, Kalinda wants Alicia to be happy and she sees the strong pull/chemistry between Will and Alicia. I think Kalinda is hoping they get together and have a great time!

      • Jill

        That doesn’t justify it at all. There’s more people involved than just Will and Alicia. And she’s deflecting everything off of her. What she can share everyone else’s secrets, i.e. telling Will, which again is NOT his business, but never any of her own? Sorry, that just does not fly.

    • Lauren

      thank you! someone else who doesn’t see all the supposed chemistry between will and Alicia- I seriously thought I was the only one haha

      silly me has actually been fighting for her and peter this whole time- until that elavaltor door closed last week… then again, I find it horribly fascinating that she’s still hesitating about a divorce, we’ll see how long that lasts..

      I do think (or hope?) that Alicia/Kalinda can come back from this in some way- I just love them too much- indeed J.M’s delivery in the office & Kalinda’s elevator breakdown- good lord. that’s heartbreak. And as hard as it was to watch, I liked the follow up scene between the two because it seemed to me like Alicia didn’t quite know what to think of K’s brutal honesty- did she appreciate it (especially after dealing with peter all this time) or did it make her all the more disgusted/ and angry? for now it seemed to be the latter, and rightfully so but with time who knows… Brilliant.

      the other thing I liked was the kids being totally tight-lipped with Jackie.. Alicia should really just tell them, I get why she doesn’t want to, but keeping them in the dark @ this point does more harm than good….especially with a grandmother like that- ugh.

      • peternalicia

        Agree – The 3 of us are the ONLY ones who see no chemistry between Will and Alicia! ha …i will seriously stop watching if this becomes a battle of sorts between Peter and Will

      • Lauren

        I hate the idea of Alicia and Will because he’s just a fantasy to her. The real Will is just as cut throat businesswise as Peter is politically. And make that FOUR of us who don’t see the chemistry.

    • KD

      The difference is: Kalinda didn’t owe her any fidelity (didn’t even know her). Peter did. It’s negligible, but still distinctly different. Peter’s betrayal is a hundred times worse than Kalinda’s.

      • Denise Duellman

        So, how’d you like to lose your only friend. Peter wasn’t Alicia’s friend. She barely tolerated him anymore – with good reason. But Kalinda? Women owe each other fidelity. Life is too hard without it.

      • Jill

        So that justifies anyone having an affair with a married person just because they don’t know the wife/husband? No, everyone who’s in the affair is the betrayer. Women and men owe each other the fidelity. NOBODY should get a pass!!

      • chris

        Yes, Alicia was destroyed by Kalinda’s betrayal of not admitting to sleeping with Peter.

        But tell me, would you not have denied it also? Kalinda chose to lie, thinking that Alicia might never find out. This is one of those situations that you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

        And it makes great tv!

      • Bill

        I think this total condemnation of Peter because of his sleeping with Kalinda is getting kind of old. No I’m not crazy and no, I don’t deny Peter’s infidelity – the hooker and Kalinda – was scumbag behavior. But unlike many fans of this show, I thought he was changing and he really was trying to save his marriage. His one-night stand with Kalinda was part of who he was before, not now. So that really just leaves the fact that he didn’t tell Alicia about Kalinda when she asked him if there had been anyone else. Yes, he lied, but given the circumstances, was it really the wrong thing to do? Kalinda was Alicia’s co-worker now and a friend. I don’t think it was just about protecting his own skin (good grief, how much madder could Alicia had been at him). It was about protecting Kalinda and not destroying Alicia’s friendship with her or creating serious complications with the two being able to continue working together.

        And speaking of no one getting a pass, there was much that Alicia has kept from her husband and yet, that seems to be okay because of Peter’s cheating. Of course, what Peter did was much worse, but the kiss with Will, her attempt to take things further that night, the conversation she had with Will before Peter’s speech about coming up with a plan before she would leave her husband for him, her continued romantic feelings for Will, etc. Alicia has actually hidden quite a lot from her husband. So to say she hadn’t been totally honest with Peter either would be an understatement.

        Of course, I know none of that matters to most fans of TGW. Peter never had a chance for redemption, regardless of the Kalinda revelation. He has been doomed since the first episode to be despised by the majority no matter what he did or said. And now next week a great cheer will go up as many viewers say “Finally!” when Alicia and Will “take their relationship to the next level.” Excuse me if I don’t pop the cork on the champagne when they do.

      • mkaffeine

        I’m reminded of that great exchange in “sex lies & videotape” when Laura San Giacamo says: “Yeah, but I didn’t stand up in front of God and everybody and swear to be faithful to Anne.”

    • xav

      Cary is devious and slimy. He’s a young version of Peter; he can justify anything and make himself look like the hero.

      • Peter

        @xav You’re just going to write off how Cary helped L/G and Kalinda in particular?

      • Corinne

        He has only helped L/G to serve he own purpose. He has had a thing for Kalinda, and ever since he found out she slept with Peter, he been acting differently. I wish Cary would grow up.

      • Jill

        Have you even been watching the same show I have? Again practically everyone on this show is devious and slimy in their own way. That’s what makes this show great; they’re all grey; NO ONE is absolutely black or white. Continually only pointing out one or two characters that act like that takes away from the complexity of ALL the characters.

    • Peter

      The characters here, as in real life have degrees of “goodness” and are at times self-serving. There is a thought in screenwriting that the most interesting stories are ones in which the main characters do the opposite of what is expected and the Kings’ do an excellent job using this. Sarah Silverman’s reaction to her husband possibly murdering her “friend” being a perfect example. Lost in the moment was Alicia’s “She loves him”

      To my way of thinking Alicia is deceptive (omission is a form of lying)but we don’t notice it as much because most stories are told from her point of view. She’s upset because of Peter’s deception and I think that one of the reasons she was so upset in the previous episode is that Peter touched a nerve with his accusation about her relationship with Will. That’s an affair that’s everything but physical [yet]. What if her reaction to the Kalinda news is in a way an attempt to free herself (subconsciously)to pursue Will? And how is Peter worse in many minds than Will?

      Kalinda’s self-satisfied smile at the end is telling I think. WHY should she have told Alicia something that meant nothing to her and would only have hurt Alicia? Neither woman has other friends and Kalinda has been of enormous help to Alicia.

      Will Rita Wilson and Michael J. Fox return next season? How will L/G refusal to bring Cary back as a third year Associate impact L/G as a whole and Alicia in particular?

      Kalinda owes Cary and how did the state’s investigator not know about Kalinda? He’d followed Cary and knows that Cary was protecting Kalinda? He asked Cary why he was protecting Kalinda. Are we to believe that he was able to leave that question unanswered?

      If this series resists the temptation to morph into soap opera it’s the finest writing on TV.

      • MB

        I think you’re wrong in just about everything you wrote.

      • Jill

        I think you’re absolutely right in everything you wrote. NO ONE is perfect on this show, not even our beloved Alicia. Everyone is out for themselves at different points in time on this show. The complexities of the characters is what makes this show so compelling.

    • skg

      I have to respond to “the kids need more info”. They don’t. They’re kids. No matter how bad their father was, their mother is still protecting them, rightfully so, by not giving them the details. They don’t need and can’t handle the details until Alicia can handle the details. I know. I’ve been there. Alicia is protecting her kids, her children’s father, and herself. I think it was totally appropriate. You don’t going crying to your kids about what an ass their father is. That father/child relationship will last a lifetime. OK, I’m stopping now…

      • econruth

        ITA. Alicia can’t give them anymore information without revealing what a douche Peter is. The kids don’t need that. They might not understand now, but when they grow up they’ll figure it out and respect their mother more for not putting them in the middle.
        Peter’s mother.. she’s a piece of work! She’s doing exactly the opposite and she should be ashamed of her self.

      • SG

        With you all the way and I was SO MAD at Jackie for trying to manipulate the kids! I’m glad I DVR’d this so I can watch it again.

  • ctkat1

    Jackie is a piece of work- what’s interesting is that if Alicia were to confide in her children about the real reason for the separation, I think they would be fully on her side. Their forgiveness of their father for the hooker was based in large part on Alicia’s example. However, Alicia won’t tell them about the multiple affairs because she doesn’t want to poison their relationship with Peter- it seems that the producers are using Jackie to force Alicia to tell the kids by having Jackie try to manipulate the situation.
    Besides the Becca/Eli confrontations (which were uniformly delicious to watch), I find the Alicia/Jackie confrontations to be really, really interesting. All of Peter’s selfishness and petty refusal to take the blame for his transgressions stems from the way that Jackie raised him- when Alicia is fighting with Jackie, in a way I think she’s fighting with the worst parts of Peter.

    • Zzzzz

      Excellent point about the tension between Alicia and Jackie. I hadn’t thought of Alicia transferring her wrath with Peter on Jackie. Jackie always irritates me anyway. Loved Alicia’s icy cold vivisection of her m-i-l.

    • KD

      Absolutely true. I’m so glad that Alicia is standing up to her now though, because Jackie is SO conniving and manipulative and EVIL in this understated way… It’s beyond time Alicia take back the night.

    • Jen

      Is the “I know what happened at your house” line supposed to be about Zach sleeping with Becca? Or does Alicia know about that already?

      • Futurama

        Didn’t Jackie find Zach’s condoms in Alicia’s nightstand or something?

      • Shar

        No. I think Peter found them.

  • Cat

    Amazing acting by both Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi. The conversation between Alicia and Kalinda in the conference room was harsh but needed to happen as part of this story and as part of the evolution of their relationship. Also, the audience needed to be reminded that Kalinda did lie to Alicia about her involvement with Peter. Alicia has a right to be angry. She has earned it.

  • Tom in STL

    A superb episode. The guest stars, as always, were fantastic. Alicia’s verbal takedown of Jackie was delicious and a long time coming. I know the character is trying to be discreet about the situation, but I just wish Alicia would reveal a touch more to Jackie about the separation. If she would tell her it’s more about the fact that Peter kept LYING to her, more than the cheating, that might soften Jackie’s opinion of the situation. In any case, I can’t believe there’s only one episode left!

    • Dessa

      I think Jackie is Manchurian candidate mother — no matter what Alicia tells her, Jackie will rationalize Peter’s behavior. I’m just in the midst of thinking that Jackie will use her high-powered friends to try to influence a judge in any divorce case … this could get ugly.

      • peternalicia

        i hope it doesnt – who the hell wants to watch a divorce case getting ugly – will be very disappointing if it does.

      • IMJatika

        The scene with Alicia and Jackie? THE BEST!! “You need to hear things two times to absorb them.” I am so-o-o using that line on somebody this year!

      • Jelana

        I do think they’re setting up for a really nasty divorce. The Jackie/Peter camp will publicly throw tons of dirt at Alicia, leaving her in a horrible position because her moral code and instinct to protect her children won’t allow her to do it back at them. This could be a way for Alicia and Kalinda to start repairing their friendship, if Kalinda figures out a way to make the divorce happen fast and quietly.

    • Ashley

      Jackie doesn’t care that Peter cheated with Kalinda or anyone else. She appears to be the type of mother who will always make excuses for their child and defend their behavior. He could kill someone, standing over the body with a knife dripping with blood and Jackie would be like, He didn’t mean it. She is the worst of Peter really she is.

      • KD

        Oh, TOTALLY. It’s all about appearances with Jackie. It just doesn’t LOOK right for the family to be broken apart just as Peter is being reelected. She couldn’t care less about what Peter has done and how it makes Alicia (or the kids) FEEL. They should be good soldiers and maintain appearances. Ugh! I am so loving the new Alicia putting her in her place!

      • Peter

        Isn’t the way Jackie raised Peter part of the reason that he’s a SA now? Great writing and nobody on this show is all good or all bad.

      • Kayelle

        Yes, Jackie is not only “all about appearances” but about power as well.
        Could you imagine how horrible she was to her son when he was coming out?

      • Michael D.

        Owen is not Jackie’s son he is Alicia’s brother. They are not related at all.

  • Chloe

    Kalinda is right, that is what she does. The last scene where Kalinda gives Alicia a look made me realize that Kalinda really did choose Alicia over Peter. Kalinda is so persistent that I think eventually she will wear Alicia down. They’re kind of stuck with each other. Sometimes stronger bonds can be forged from strife. Alicia is on the “why” of their friendship; in time she may see it’s worth salvaging.

    • thinker

      Totally agree!

    • skg

      Honestly, I’ve thought for a long time now that Kalinda is in love with Alicia and that’s why her friendship means so much to Kalinda.

      • Chloe

        @skg — oh me too! And I keep thinking that Alicia is the ONLY person that Kalinda hasn’t … come on to. Could be love, the real thing for Kalinda.

      • Victoria

        @skg I’ve also thought for a long time that Kilinda is in love with Alicia and that’s why she’s so devastated!And after the scene in this episode (the one when K watch Alicia while researching the avatar for the case with all the red lips) I’m even more convinced!It is surely suble, but it’s there!

    • Mandy

      Is that what you got out of the look Kalinda gave Alicia in the last scene? I thought she gave her a defiant look. Almost saying “I am sorry and I apologized and you aren’t going to make me feel guilty or make me back down” sort of look.

  • SueAnn

    Great episode!

  • Danielle

    Why is every chick on this show seems like a potential love interest for Kalinda? Or is it because Archie brings the sex appeal? Either way we all know who she belongs with — Alicia — but I would settle for the Jill Flint’s character, who is a detective or something.

    P.S. Kelli Giddish was looking good. Loved the hair.

    • JenR

      I know I have a girl-crush on Kalinda. Archie was even greater than usual this episode. I felt bad for that poor assistant who tried to come in and talk to her and got screamed at!

      • Pickles

        Oh, I totally have a girl-crush on Kalinda. She is my favourite character on the show, a show with a plethora of great characters. I hope that she and Alicia eventually become friends again.

      • Megan

        I have a girl crush too!

      • ObviousManSays

        oh my gosh! I have a gay male crush on Kalinda!!!

    • Peter

      Who’s not going to want to be a potential love interest of Kalinda?

  • FanofWill

    SEX, SEX, and more SEX. The whole episode was about sex – who’s having it and who’s not. Sarah Silverman was great – her scene with Alicia and sleeping with men other than her husband was fantastic. Julianna Margulies’ acting was impeccable! Her scenes with everyone, especially Archie Panjabi were amazing. And the look on Will’s face when Kalinda tells him about Alicia’s separation and then subsequent “how are you…” scene. Oh boy, fireworks are going to fly. I think Will and Alicia have major chemistry. Its just been hidden and subdued this season. I hope that Alicia is able to gain trust again with Kalinda and create a more substantial friendship with Will. Can’t wait for the next and last (boo-hoo) episode.

  • Jay J

    “The heartbreaking thing is, no one in the office except Alicia will even know that there’s been a fundamental change in that mask — everyone will think, oh, that’s just the way Kalinda is. Her life is very nearly as shattered as Alicia’s is.” – Wow. That was exactly what I was thinking and I just couldnt put it into words.

    Knowing this, it is so heartbreaking. I understand Alicia’s betrayal but I so feel for Kalinda. I do want this relationship patched, but I also want Kalinda asking for forgiveness before Alicia forgives her. I doubt we’ll get that. My guess, is that in S3 , we’ll get these two locked in a room together, confronting their demons.

  • peternalicia

    To be honest im starting to lose interest a little. its a brilliant show but from the promos of the finale its looking like any other show where wife sleeps with not so secret crush whilst adulterer husband gets what he deserves! Well i dont quite buy that format so depending on where this show goes next week and if its renewed i dont think ill be watching! Alicia victimisation is getting as dull as Will.I think writers are losing themselves,the mother in law is a BIATCH and Alicias heading that way…

  • Lily

    Love your review and your insight on Kalinda and the Alicia/Kalinda dilemma. I hope they find a way out of this soon. They both need a friend and I don’t mean Will or Cary.

  • lisa

    Jackie ‘knows what went on in that house’. I think we are going to find out that the good wife isn’t as good as she appears to be.

    • cregis

      From what we have seen, Jackie was probably referring to the boy, Zach, and that mean girl.

      • Peter

        I think she may mean Zach and the Black girl. I mean when it comes down to it which would Jackie think is worse?

      • Flyer

        Jackie also discovered (and trashed) the photos of Peter’s hooker that were delivered anonymously to the apartment. Since Jackie didn’t know the context, she just thought Zach was looking at porno. I can see her thinking that she could testify about the “dirty pictures in Zach’s desk” as a means of proving that Alicia is a bad mother and therefore shouldn’t have custody. Wouldn’t it be a hoot for it to come out in divorce court, then, that those photos were just more proof of Peter’s morality issues.

    • AnaB

      I thought she meant it as a threat; like going public with private information about what happened behind closed doors during the last months?
      Alicia always emphasizes how important it is to her to keep the press/public out of everything…maybe Jackie knows that that’s how she could hurt her the most – which makes it her strongest argument.

    • Jory

      I think Jackie may have found the condom that belonged to Zach but Alicia kept in her drawer. Never shown, but implied?

      • TH

        That’s exactly what I thought. She found condoms in Alicia’s bedside drawer and thinks Alicia’s having sex in that apartment with the kids.

      • Sherry

        I thought the same thing!

      • Shar

        I’m ptetty sure Peter found the condoms; not Jackie.

      • kat

        LOL TH I hope that’s just poor sentence structure there.

    • JenR

      Doesn’t Jackie think Alicia has been sleeping with Will all along?

      • mangotango

        Ohh…maybe she does and then (if) that happens in next week’s episode based on the preview, Jackie can claim it’s been happening the entire time.

  • Ashley

    Last night episode was FANTASTIC. I think Kalinda is definitely trying to push Will and Alicia together…hence her telling Will that Alicia was separated. Her laugh at the end when she found out that she would be going back to work in the State Attorney’s office was a joyful ironic laugh considering all that she has dealt with in the last weeks. I agree, that we will see the Kalinda of the first couple of episodes. Closed off. Jackie is a mess…I don’t think anything happened per se but she is just a bully and is throwing anything off. I have always wondered by she disapproved of Alicia or is it because no one was good enough for her son.

    When Will found out that Alicia was separated…you could feel (or at least I could) the emotion..he was in shock and it was like so hesitant on how to act on such information. I can’t wait for next week….Will and Alicia!

    • karen

      Please let Will and Alicia get together…..

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