The Royal Wedding: The anti-'Game of Thrones'

Words I guarantee were not spoken during the TV coverage of Diana and Charles in 1981: “Twitter was going crazy about the dress.”

Thus spake Tina Brown, guest commentator for Good Morning America and British-born editor of prominent American magazines, but most importantly this day, a bright-eyed veteran of the 1981 Charles-Diana mash-up. Providing historical perspective was most welcome. On Friday morning, it seemed as though every channel on TV was fixed on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Outside, the British sun was out; inside Westminster Abbey, the church was brightly lit as the red carpet offset Kate’s gleaming white dress, and the glowing yellow outfit of the Queen made sure we didn’t miss the generations spread out along the length of the altar and in the pews.

Visually and as a news narrative, this was the opposite of TV’s other current dynastic obsession, Game of Thrones. Whereas the HBO series is dredged through the mud, overrun with dread, fear, and the cunning deceit of a kingdom in turmoil, the royal wedding was light and sky-blue airy. To be sure, the wedding has implications for the future of the throne, and there were probably moments before, during, and after the ceremony that were filled with small moments dread and fear (“Good heavens, who sized this wedding ring?”; “Oh, dash it all, why won’t my white gloves go on more smoothly?”). But even at a time when England finds itself in political, social, and economic turmoil no more intense than in that of Game of Thrones, the wedding was, on its glittering surface, a momentary respite from anxiety and worry, as two people launched themselves into a private union and a new public life.

Yes, presided over by an Archbishop of Canterbury who’s a professed Simpsons fan, the wedding of Prince William and Kate was a fine example of how the Book of Common Prayer can guide even a knock-kneed couple through the ceremony with firm command. (Not that this serenely happy-looking couple needed bolstering — Kate even made it through the vows without error, in contrast to the mangling poor, sweet Diana made of Prince Charles’ name.) The reading was from Romans, Chapter 12, and its stress upon the virtues of self-sacrifice, modesty, and honesty was both timeless and timely.

When Charles wed Diana three decades ago, the young bride was dressed as though her milliners had been watching too much Walt Disney’s Cinderella, arraying her in taffeta and lots of other fancy material I’m too much of a guy to know the name of. One of the refreshing things about the new wedding was that it did not resemble a fairy tale: It was, rather, a lovely, modern ceremony, and thank God no one broke out in one of those horrific boogie-down, YouTube-pandering dances down the aisle.

By contrast, Kate’s dress was a dreamy vanilla swirl, with a far more modest train that the one Diana had, a circular undulation of material picked up and carried by her sister and maid of honor, Pippa. (It was, indeed, Pippa’s curve hugging dress that Tina Brown said “had Twitter going crazy.” Pippa served another, subtextual narrative function: She looked like the potentially wild sibling you’d most want to dance with during the after-party.)

NBC had a graphic in the upper right corner of its screen: “Countdown to the Kiss.” The network didn’t realize it should have made that plural. When the freshly spliced William and Kate went in for a second smooch on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, I think I heard Barbara Walters gasp on ABC. It was the kind of TV event in which such small surprises provided the largest pleasures.

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  • Emma

    I didn’t watch it live but the video looks immensely enjoyable. I wish them a long and happy life together.

    • ALICEOx

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      ~~~~~~I know people are suffering — everywhere, every day. It was nice to take one morning and celebrate LOVE, something that also happens every day everywhere but never gets mentioned in the news.

    • Le HIROSHI

      I’m a Japanese in his prime living in another country in ASIA.

      – –

      While I’ve had a pleasure bearing witness unto the Royal ceremony LIVE on British TV in which, naturally, the patriotic British anchors were seen narrating all mise-en-scenes in so civil and polite a manner, . . .IMO, yesterday the EW live blog’s representatives — to make it brief and strategically vague – were disappointing .

      – –

      In re the Couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both orf them were so well lovely and full orf love.

      – –

      Apparently, most people in UK, etc., were most delighted for them.

      – –

      Oh yes! THE dress! . . .B+

  • Anne

    I’ve got to be honest — while I don’t begrudge the happy couple their moment, and I love talk of wedding dresses as much as the next girl, I am REALLY bothered by fact that this wedding has stomped all over attention that should be paid to the horrible events in our own country. Thousands of people from Texas to the Northeast have been hurt by the storm system that just passed. Hundreds are dead. Alabama alone has just suffered the kind and scale of destruction that usually comes with a major hurricane or earthquake. Thousands of acres of Texas are burnt to a crisp. The Mississippi River is about to crest at a level second only to the 1927 flood that killed thousands. I get that the networks spent a lot of time and money getting ready for this wedding, but it’s alomost offensive how they are salivating over English “jellies” and royal carriages instead of covering what might be one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in American history.
    I am sure someone will call me a downer or something, but I care more about suffering neighbors in my own country than William and Kate.
    I encourage everyone to, instead of spending more time getting information about the wedding, to go to the website of the American Red Cross and donate to tornado relief.

    • Marietta

      I know people are suffering — everywhere, every day. It was nice to take one morning and celebrate LOVE, something that also happens every day everywhere but never gets mentioned in the news.

      • RJ

        Exactly, Marietta!

      • ks


      • kbw


      • renee

        agree. we’ve gone through some horrendous rain and flooding. lot of house and yard damage. i enjoyed this moment of escapism.

      • Joyce

        Agreed! Why not celebrate something good…if even for just one day?

      • Cat

        Well said!

    • Wake Up, Anne

      News Flash, Anne… The whole world isn’t on the edge of their seats, watching and waiting to hear what happens in the United States of Rednecks. There ARE other things going on, in spite of what the American media would like you to believe. Do Americans get all worked up over the floods, famine, and political unrest elsewhere? NO!!!! The majority of the American public would rather hear about What Branjelina and LiLo are up to. We are a stupid, blind, deaf and dumb society (not to mention shallow). Your selfish statements prove that point.

      “What about America??? What about America???” Wake up, Anne. Your conceit is why most of the rest of the world thinks we are clueless and only care about ourselves.


      • Anne

        I don’t expect American media to care exclusively about America — I DO expect them to care more about American deaths (be they because of a domestic natural disaster or a horrific battle in Afghanistan) than they do about a British wedding. If that’s selfish, then I am happy to be selfish.

      • Anne

        And, by the way. I think it’s America’s preoccupation with fame and pretense (Brangelina, Paris Hilton, royal weddings) that hurts us in the eyes of other nations. If we would become a little more earnest, a little more concerned about the lives of our own and others, and a little less sarcastic and ugly, we’d find ourselves in a much better place internationally. Our constant willingness to turn our eyes away from the suffering of others (people anywhere in the world, not just our own countryment) is what condemns us.
        You want to hate on me for my opinion, fine. Don’t let that stop you from contributing: Donate it in William and Kate’s honor, if you like. Or, if you really dislike the idea of helping tornado victims that much, restrict your donation to helping in the event of a disaster that is more to your personal liking. Regardless, do something useful with your day and support the people who were up early this morning digging for bodies instead of watching the wedding.

      • jets

        this coment doesn’t make sense. First off, she wasn’t talking about the rest of the worlds coverage, or that the rest of the world should be paying attention to America, but about American coverage. Then you clain American coverage to be all about America, when it has been obsessed with the British wedding for so long, esp. this morning, that a visitor would think we’re still a British colony, subjects of the queen. Then you claim her statements were selfish, although she suggest people donate to the Red Cross. Also the blind American hatred and generalites are off-putting as well. Cheers.

      • Aly

        You’re right Wake Up…there’s nothing less shallow than obsessing over some perfect stranger’s wedding because they were born into a life of luxury. Forget about people who died here AND in other countries. This is what matters. In fact, I hope nobody had the nerve to distract from the wedding by putting up memorials to people who died this past week. Nobody better have been so rude as to plan their own wedding, or god forbid a funeral for this day either. People should really stop thinking about themselves and start focusing on royalty. Because THAT’S what’s important. How dare the media focus their attention away from this wedding. Oh wait. That’s all the American media has been talking about. Are you smoking crack, Wake Up and likeminded people? Seriously?

      • marc

        cute article about a lovely wedding. funny that we should get so sidetracked discussing whether it’s more important than this or that, as if there’s a limited amount of space on the internet for news or something. i think it’s just as simple as a current global news event being more coverage-worthy than a past US regional event.

      • Aly

        @Marc, not that your point isn’t valid but it might have something to do with people being told it’s THE most important thing that will ever happen in their lifetime. A nice distraction? Sure. A justification for work/school absenteeism? No. Are people stupid for being interested? No. Are they stupid for suggesting people who aren’t interested are shallow? Uh, yeah. It’s not the wedding that’s the problem. It’s the conflation.

        I never would have bothered to comment if not for Wakeups bonehead insinuation that people who think natural disasters are more important than royal weddings are shallow, or care more about themselves than the rest of the world. It was half idiocy, half HUGE inferential leap. I’m pretty sure Anne cares more about what’s happening in Japan than the royal wedding, too. But this week it isn’t earthquakes in Asia, it’s tornadoes in the US.

      • marc

        aly- fair enough. the whole kids staying home from school thing is pretty insane. whose kids (in US timezones) are in school that early anyway?! anyway, to each their own, i suppose. i’ve met plenty of people who patently refuse to stay informed on any “hard” news b/c it’s “depressing.” so i guess at least media purveyors can make a buck off them with stories like this one.

      • RJ

        Marc- I think the parents let them stay home all day to watch the wedding. They aren’t in school at 5am(CT), but that’s just what time the actual broadcasting started. But I agree, I wouldn’t pull my kids (If I had kids, I’m only 18 and about to graduate HS) of school to watch a wedding unless, of course, it was one of my family members.

      • DC

        Whoever “Wake Up, Anne” is is incredibly clueless. After natural disasters, be it Tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, floods in Pakistan, or earthquakes in Japan to name a few, Americans have donated millions of dollars (not including government money)to the Red Cross for aid. There are fundraisers large and small and giving on the individual as well as group levels. We are a lot of things but unsympathetic is not one of them. Sure, there are Americans who only care about America but you can find in any country citizens who don’t care about anything outside their little world. We as a group aren’t shallow or anything else because you can’t define an entire population as one. Moron.

        As for Anne, I had no trouble finding non-wedding news and coverage this morning. I don’t know if you just have extremely limited resources but you are really wrong. When I got in my car to come to work, NPR was talking about Alabama. When the BBC World News came on, they didn’t really spend but maybe 3 minutes on the wedding.

        No one has said that the wedding is more important than anything else. But, really, is the destruction going to go away if I see pictures at 9:30 instead of 6:30? Am I not going to donate to the Red Cross if I hear about the storm in extensive detail a little bit later? No. Get a grip. I’m not a “royal watcher” by any means but I got to say, I enjoyed seeing parts of the wedding while I was getting dressed this morning. But I could have changed the channel.

      • RaRa

        A lot of our kids are out of school today anyway, due to storm damage and loss of power after the tornadoes came through here night before last, so I’m glad they were at least able to enjoy the festivities if they were able. This was a welcome respite from the pain and suffering around me, and I had looked forward to it throughout the engagement. It did not disappoint.

      • Joan C

        I am surprised you Americans even know that the United Kingdom is in fact across the water from your own country. When I lived in the USA (briefly Thank God) I was once asked where in the USA was England and what language did we speak.
        How proud I am that this spectacular wedding full of class, elegance, pomp and pageantry has taken over the world Media – that is because we are a Monarchy, Nobody does it better – and Yes, where were you when England Stood Alone in 1940?
        You were not interested in saving the world from the Nazis – until Hitler declared war on your nation in 1941, then that was different.
        You are jealous that you do not have a Royal Family that is why we are such a fascination to you.

      • jodipo

        Uhoh Joan C, you are on the moron squad for sure. Accusing all Americans of being stupid, claiming we left Britain “alone” when we in fact gave you people and weapons before we officially entered the war, and then getting the reason we entered the war incorrect. Maybe you should think twice beofre insulting an entire nations intelligence when you seem to know nothing of it. I guarantee you I know mroe about your country than you know about mine so shut your pie hole and go back to your cats and royal family memorabilia.

    • Katie

      This is ENTERTAINMENT Weekly… we come here for a break from all the sad news. Jeez.

      • Anne

        The wedding coverage wasn’t a break from sad news, it was THE ONLY news. Tornado coverage seemed to serve only as a pallate cleanser between speculation over whether or not the queen was really upset about a disco ball in the palace. Our media are moden day Neros ….

      • Dgently

        @Anne: Maybe you need to access different media outlets. If you went to the New York Times site early this morning…the top story was clearly the tornados, the wedding story was buried lower on the page. Katie has a point…this is Entertainment Weekly.

      • Mellissa

        Katie’s point is valid. EW doesn’t ever report about the weather, unless a celeb has something to do with it. I don’t come here to read a hard hitting news story, I come for fluff pieces about famous people. And yes, Kate’s dress was gorgeous (no offense intended to the citizens of Texas.)

      • JJ

        The wedding coverage was THE ONLY news????
        1.Where do you live?
        2.What newspaper are you reading?
        3.Is this seriously the only site you go to?
        If that’s the case, then you seem to be the one with the problem.

      • RaRa

        @Anne – Why would you expect tornado damage to be covered on Entertainment Weekly?

      • Anne, Anne, Anne

        1. there was news coverage of the storms all day long Thursday and well into the night! non-stop! (and still plenty on Friday news too)
        2. why of all places do you go to EW as in ENTERTAINMENT Weekly to start ranting about this?
        3. for all you know watchers of the wedding have donated more to the Red Cross than those who didn’t watch
        4. if every last second of focus of every day has to be on tragedy then isn’t life itself a tragedy?

    • RJ

      Anne, this wedding has been planned for a very long time. What happend here in the US just recently happend. I doubt the USA and other countries are going to stop the whole wedding just because of what happend. Yeah, what happend was terrible, but they’re not going to stop one of the biggest weddings of all time for it.
      And if you’re so worried about it, why were you even on this website to begin with..?

      • Anne

        I never said I had anything against the wedding – I DO have a problem with the media spending the entire morning obsessing over it instead of covering this disaster.
        I come to this site because I enjoy entertainment — I came this morning because I was curious about who was voted of AI last night. And then I saw a chance to share what I think. So I did.
        But I won’t be here much longer — not because of anything anyone has said but because I am part of a group that is going to Alabama this weekend to help out.
        Based on what I’ve seen of William and Kate, I bet they’d be the first to support a relief effort in their own country, rather than watch TV coverage about someone in America getting married.

      • RJ

        It’s not “obsessing.” What part of ROYAL WEDDING do you not get? You just don’t understand. If you see the news, it’s COVERED in news about the disaster that happened, so don’t say that we’re not.
        Now it’s great that you’re helping out with AL, but here’s an idea, why don’t you just bring a video camera so you can cover the news yourself, since we’re too busy “obsessing over the wedding.” That’s a great idea(:

        My point: Stop getting so mad because there’s news coverage over a wedding. We’re still covering the news here in the USA, so just chill. K’thanks.

      • Pillow Pants

        Oh well so long as it’s a royal wedding. Who cares?!
        In fact, the last time people cared this much about royalty, it got a member killed by the paparazzi. So glad we’ve learned from past mistakes.

      • RJ

        Pillow Pants- Did I say that? Uhm, no. And that was back in the 80’s. I never said that I don’t think we shouldn’t be covering the things in the USA. So “Pillow Pants” get your facts straight before you go commenting against me, got it?
        I didn’t even watch the wedding, I’m an 18 y/o guy. Yeah, I still care about the wedding, but I’m not going to get up at 5am to watch the wedding. I’ll catch parts of it on the news or read articles.

        So again, I never said “who cares” about anything.

      • Pillow Pants

        No, I said who cares. I thought that was clear. You apparently think we should care about people just because they are “royal.” I don’t. Hence “who cares?”

      • RJ

        No, I think we should care about people whether or not they are royal. I just don’t think Anne should be making a big deal and to stop over reacting about this. I mean, it’s one of the biggest weddings of all time. We’ve been covering (and still are) the disaster here in the US ever since it all happened. It came out of no where. The wedding has been planned for quit awhile. I don’t think we should stop the whole wedding because of it though. The British people even gave their apologizies and commented on what a big disaster this is, and their hearts go out to us. So obviously they care about it, too.
        I’m done talking you, “Pillow Pants” (gay name, btw)
        So byee.

      • ??

        @pillow pants
        You’re an idiot..Here’s a thought, why don’t you go to a REAL news site to get real news. You’re like a redneck going to Disneyland having a fit for not having a real Pub in there.
        ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY!!! I really don’t get how those two words confuse people into thinking that this site is like the daily news..Is it the weekly part???

      • Leave PillowPants Alone!!

        Don’t you know that because there are so many starving homeless people in the world, PP is currently living in a tent and starving himself. That because so many people are unemployed, PP refused to accept nor give presents last Christmas..
        All kidding aside, bad things happen around the world everyday, but you can’t persecute people for also acknowledging that there is some good. Even if it is as shallow as a wedding ceremony. Hope is a powerful thing my friend..

      • DC

        Frankly, I’m just confused about what Anne thinks broadcasting the Royal Wedding instead of news did to hurt disaster relief or coverage. I mean, it’s not like watching the RW kept me from getting in my car and driving to Alabama. If I were someone who was working in disaster relief, I would be doing that regardless of what is on TV. For the rest of us, we’ll get plenty of coverage. I don’t think it’s going to hurt if I make my donation a couple of hours later. You can in fact watch something on TV AND support the relief effort. Good grief, we can’t all converge on Alabama.

      • Gabriella

        If by “planned for a very long time” you mean since February … I’m with Anne … Britain spent upwards of $30M on security alone for the wedding. There’s a point at which, just on the face of it, an event becomes obscene rather than escapist fantasy. I’ve lived thru a tornado and I can tell you, I would have had not the time, the energy nor the electricity to watch a royal wedding … Felicitations to the royal couple, but if I’d pulled my neighbor’s body from the rubble … be a little obscene.

    • Emily

      God forbidd the news focus on something happy for once, right!?

      • Liz

        I have to agree, good news is a welcome distraction on occasion. I also do not look for “hard news” on EW.

    • Ba’al

      So, by your standards-Why didn’t the news cover the 6 million acres of burn’t land in Alaska? nor did they cover the storms that cover the entire state of Alaska w 120 mph winds? no less devestating than what is going on in the SOUTH. I, along with other folks feel for these folks and know they have a long road ahead. People need hope and a break from the constant death and devestation going on in the entire world. Lighten up.

    • Kerry

      Sorry, but we all need a break from the bad news. Doesn’t mean we don’t care, but there is nothing but bad things to hear about right now and it is nice to see something positive.

    • Anonymous

      I am so sick of people saying that. It’s okay for the news to cover tired stories like Charlie Sheen that bear no relevance whatsoever in the world, but it’s outrageous for them to cover the wedding of the future king and queen, an actual historic moment. Get over yourself; making a scolding comment on an entertainment news website doesn’t make you Mother Teresa. Why don’t you go off and practice what you preach instead of wasting time on EW. It’s not like those who want to read other news can’t. No news is even on at this time except mindless local crap. I just went on the New York Times site to read the, gasp, news, where the tornadoes are the top story. Grow up and actually do something instead of being a superior-sounding hypocrite. If people want to watch the wedding and give the more tragic news a break for a few hours, they can, without being chastised by you, Saint Anne.

      • Sunsetsnow81

        Ditto! It’s EW not the NYT.

    • WG

      I think many people tuned into the wedding precisely for those reasons – nice escapist fluff! And who says you can’t enjoy the royal wedding AND care about the horrible things happening around the world? I like to think humans are complex beings and capable of different thoughts and emotions, even if they’re sometimes contradictory to each other. As someone whose work revolves around terminal illness, I enjoy the occasional chance to read about something fun and uplifting. I’m tired of the sour grapes around this young couple. They seem really happy together and after losing his mother at so young an age, I think many people are happy to see Wills in love and smiling. Weddings are a time of hope and optimism – let them have their moment. And don’t worry, the ADD nature of the news will be onto something else quickly enough.

      • Jodie

        This is way more hlepufl than anything else I’ve looked at.

    • Strepsi

      @ ANNE : TWO BILLION PEOPLE WATCHED THIS. TWO. BILLION. I’d say it’s worth at least Oscar-level news coverage.

      • Jean

        I am an American. I enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding very much. That’s it. Not jeolous or out of touch with the bad news going on in our country and the world.

    • aughra

      Most of us can manage two thoughts at a time; admiring the couture and pagentry of the wedding doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the damage in the South. Most of us are not that shallow, nor are we mired in simplistic, either-or thinking.

      • DC

        Exactly aughra.

    • Allison

      I enjoyed watching the wedding, but I think there was too much coverage leading up to the actual event. It was pretty ridiculous, hearing somewhat dependable anchors comment on wedding information that wasn’t remotely confirmed in the same tone they would use to speak about a war.

      I appreciate the bright spot in an otherwise currently dreary world, but the lead-up was ridiculous.

    • JaneWonderfalls

      I have to say I agree with you, I wish them well such as anyone who enters into marriage, but I do feel America has our own problems and things going on than to have British Wedding be constantly talked about.I’m sure Britain is the same way when our news crosses the waters. I refuse to watch or entertain any of this.

    • Lisa

      I don’t know where you live, Anne, but take it up with your local media. Here’s what I’ve learned via mine (Sac, CA) – in addition to the Royal Wedding coverage — approximately 287 had died as a result of the tornados (as of the 10:00p news last night (4/28) – the most since the early to mid-1900s. The average number of deaths since Dopplar Radar came onto the scene in the mid-80s per year is 57. Because of Dopplar, earlier warnings can usually be given so few people lose their lives (homes, possessions is something else). This tornado apparently started in one state and continued through a few others. There was obviously utter devastation and the President has issued the emergency notification so now those affected can apply for federal aid through FEMA. Oh, BTW, the tornados aren’t over yet. I believe there is a warning for the Maryland/Virginia area. And I’m not sure if tornado/ hurricane season has even started yet.

      I’m not sure what else there is to cover. How many pictures of no longer existing communities should we be shown? Frankly, this little respite of happiness was a welcome break from weather-related destruction my local stations have been reporting on — and this is only since January. Can’t wait for the rest of the year’s news — fire season hasn’t hit CA yet, although well under way apparently in TX.

    • Suncatcher

      @ Anne – You assumed that the ONLY thing anyone was watching or could watch was the royal wedding. Wrong. Many folks, like myself, switched back and forth on both stories. CNN and other networks carried both stories all day. I don’t know what the heck you were watching that you saw only a wedding.

      PS – THANK YOU for being a volunteer for the folks in Alabama. They need all the help they can get at this terrible time.

    • Anne, Anne, Anne

      First, there was news coverage of the storms all day long Thursday and well into the night! non-stop! and still plenty on Friday news too. How many people in the US are honestly not well aware of what went on with the storms and well appraised of the situation? Would having extended non-storm coverage through the entire night and morning have accomplished anything?
      Also, are you aware that if people are fed 100% depressing, tragic news without break that they actually become numbed/angry/etc. and become less sympathetic and helpful to causes?

      Second, why, of all places do you go to EW as in ENTERTAINMENT Weekly to start ranting about this?

      Third, for all you know watchers of the wedding have donated more to the Red Cross than those who didn’t watch and that none of them are going to help out as you claim you are?

      Fourth, if every last second of focus of every day has to be on tragedy then isn’t life itself a tragedy?

  • jets

    The wedding was nice and everything. But American’s should be reminded that George Washington could have accepted a kingship and declined. And it is a GOOD thing he did. Monarchies are the opposite of the “all men are created equel” principle America, in part, was founded on; and really, as a modern socioty, “all men are created equel” is more just. American’s can be happy for Will & Kate and the whole pagentry and spectacle, but should be proud there’s not a monarchy here as well. That, unfortunetly, has gotten lost in all the non-stop gushing.

    • Marietta

      Not so proud really. I would have definitely been a loyalist.

      Just think: we could all wear floofy hats and have health care. Yay UK!

      • Aly

        You do realize both our history and that of England would have worked out much differently, and therefore our presents might be different, too, don’t you? It’s not the monarchy that gave the UK free healthcare. It’s the monarchy losing power and being replaced by a democracy that did.

      • Aly

        Or did you think the royal family was actually still in charge? Sad state of our education. Mothers even kept their daughters home from school to watch the wedding, and we wonder why education is going down the tubes…oh yeah, it’s the teachers’ faults. Silly schools not making today a holiday for the royal wedding.

      • Klynn

        Love the hats :)

      • Elizabeth

        Based on your comments, you clearly think the royals are dull. You don’t like them. Fine. Knock yourself out.
        But there is nothing wrong with other people enjoying the coverage! You needn’t be so rude just because some people don’t want to spend their entire day wallowing in despair over the situation in Alabama.
        I’m American, and I quite liked watching the wedding. William and Kate clearly love each other a lot, and it was so sweet to watch them. I wish them many years of happiness together.

      • Hot&Bothered

        And bad teeth!

    • Strepsi

      If only there were a way to have a modern democracy AND a constitution guaranteeing equality, AND a monarchy… oh wait there is, it’s called CANADA!

      I am here (yes Canadians read EW) and I am pleased to see my future King and Queen!

      • talkin’

        ditto here :)

    • Smith

      You do realize it is “equal” don’t you?

      I don’t know why Americans should be reminded. I haven’t hear a whole lot of clamoring for a royal family on this side of the pond. Why can’t people just enjoy something and not turn it into some lame statement about history or what they think is history?

      I don’t think we need a monarchy here but I also don’t think those who do shouldn’t be proud of theirs. I don’t think we can judge that which we do not have.

      • Jayhawk

        That’s more than seinlsbe! That’s a great post!

  • jets

    oh, also, I disagree with Ken; the thing did strike me as extreamley Disney-esque Princess-y.

  • crispy

    The anti-Game of Thrones? How can we be absolutely certain William and Harry aren’t doing it?

    • Lisa London

      Just made me laugh out loud! Probably lost on non GoT watchers though.

    • jodipo

      hahaha! Awesome! Of course its not the same since they are only half brother (yes I refer to the theory that that good looking boy is not the son of Charles) and not twins O.O

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      Was there ever a recap for last week?

  • Ken Tucker’s Non-Existent Fringe Recap

    Oh, and I’d rather watch Game of Thrones than this gaudy, indulgent pageantry of opulence.

    Honestly, a good many Brits don’t give a whit about the royals… Why does anyone else?

    • anna

      Because it’s something different than other countries have!

      • yesyousuck

        Let me know when you get all hot and bothered about the Royal Weddings of the UAE, Luxembourg,Saudi Arabia or Sweden.

    • Rush

      I could care less about the HBO show, but wondered what Ken’s take is for mentioning it in every unrelated blog post.

  • Donna

    I think things are so horrible in this world right now, that people are loving the Royal Wedding because it’s a way to escape from the tragedies in our world. Just like the “Shirley Temple” movies became so popular during World War II because people were so in need of a respite from the horrors of the world. It is the same now. The Royal Wedding offers a bit of hope for the world. Love conquers all.

  • Tee

    the coverage of the wedding in Canada was vastly superior to the US coverage. We got Tracy Ullman!

  • Riley

    I really enjoyed the coverage and loved the whole thing! Though I wouldn’t call the ceremony modern and refreshing, seemed a little long and a bit stuffy for me , but I suppose that is the British Monarchy for you!

    Also I wanted to point out that many news outlets have been covering the destruction in the South appropriately in my opinion and even many of the people interviewed in Britain expressed their sympathies over the loss and destruction. It wasn’t forgotten but I certainly think something so joyous, should be celebrated. You must also remember too how many news networks have tied a lot of their budgets into coverage of the wedding. They can’t just back out. And if you watched news networks such as CNN they did not solely focus on the wedding but covered many topics of the day.

    And as for a note about American should remember and be proud that we don’t have a monarchy, get over it. Clearly no one is suggesting that we still be a British realm! I think the American fascination comes down to the same reason we love Disney, it’s a great story and this one plays out like Cinderella. I know for one that the royals are purely symbolic and many Britons feel that they are outdated too. This may be true but as Americans we don’t have to pay the taxes for their opulence and can sit back and enjoy the show as if they were our own version of royalty, celebrities.

    • Draghiceanu

      I hope that ER liked her VB LIttle Princess purse! They are so cute! I have been cinckheg out your digital scrapbook pages, they look great! I left all my scrapbooking stuff at my parents house because I didnt have room for it in my car when I moved and I cant have them ship it because I dont have room to store it. I might have to switch to digital scrapbooking for a while if I dont want to get too far behind. It looks like it would be fun though. I am not ready to get started, but maybe soon…or maybe when it starts to snow and I get stuck inside! Glad you all had a Happy Easter!

      • Kabeer

        to Pippa, do not hold her dress was too tight because it can get off and he will be naked. It’s not funny if it hanepped at her wedding ceremonyStep 3William wanted to photograph the kiss they entered in the record books. But I censored the kiss scene lolYou can see when they kiss?step 4William said he did not tell anyone where their honeymoon to everyone. Everyone was asking where are they?And then some people say seeing them in Ancol beach, I’m sure you do not know where it is. Lolselfishyayun recently posted..

  • Jill

    Wow, I wanted to comment on how beautiful the wedding was and was quite disturbed by the nasty debate. I am deeply saddened by all that has happened this past week and the lives lost and other horrors that come with the terrible weather. However, I was happy to take a few hours and smile and witness the joy this morning. I hope that this does not make me a terrible person, but I needed the smile today.

    • RJ

      Why would this make you a terrible person? I am too saddened by what has happened to our country, but the wedding was a joyous occasion. We can’t all be sad all the time. I’m glad you smiled, everybody deserves too(:

    • K

      No worries. I took a few hours to watch and read coverage about the wedding as well. It put a smile on my face and reminded me of my own wedding a year and a half ago (not that my wedding was even one millionth that big and fancy, of course), and it reminded me of just how much I love my husband and how wonderful it is to marry someone you know will be there for you for the rest of your life. I thought the whole thing was very sweet and I kind of think it was good for the soul to watch something so joyful.

  • ks

    @Annie-There has been nothing on BUT the tornado damage coverage 27/7 here. I feel for these folks but there are other things going on in the world as well.

    • RJ

      My point exactly

  • Del Taco

    EW will you cover my wedding tonight?

  • Leslie

    If it is inappropriate to be watching and talking about the wedding—why is anyone on this site reading about blather and talking about not talking or watching the Royal Wedding when there are more depressing things to be talking about and watching???? Geez people, lighten up! We don’t have to FOCUS on tragedy 24/7, it is ok to take a break and watch a fantasy come to life.

  • to Aly and Anne

    I hope you are weathering the nastiness, it is not deserved. I personally find it obnoxious – look at us, we’re getting married! People get married every day. All Anne was saying was that it is unfortunate that the focus of the news is not on things that matter to people. Really do William and Kate matter to anyone? They are just two people who dated for –???eight years before getting married– who will live scheduled and boring lives while waiting for his grandmother and then his father to die before he becomes King. It is all so boring. The gown was just okay, it’s just a gown, people? The kiss at 8:25, how spontaneous…… you talk about hatred from Americans to royals, you are defending people a country away against your own….sheer ridiculousness

    • Tom Bergeron


    • Hot&Bothered

      I was there for Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding. I have yet to recover from that fairy tale

      • Erin

        I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not? Considering the marriage they had and how it ended. I don’t begrudge the couple but I’m so sick of the insane OTT coverage considering how redundant the monarchy is. I’d have a gorgeous wedding too if I had millions of taxpayers funding it. And the whole every girls dream? Certainly not mine. I wouldnt want to become a robotic caged specimen for the rest of my life.

    • uuhmmm

      So you’ve seen it, but didn’t like it? Got it!

    • Jennifer

      Then maybe Anne should’ve taken her complaint to an actual news site and not an ENTERTAINMENT site? Many of us who watched the wedding did so because we’ve watched the tornado coverage and the coverage of the economy and the war in Afghanistan and the earthquake/tsumani in Japan, etc. and now wanted a few hours of something happy. So sue us.

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