Letterman thinks Donald Trump's Obama remarks 'smack of racism'

David Letterman is joking around with Dr. Phil tonight, and in the preview clip here, he asks the would-be wise doctor about Donald Trump. Dr. Phil fumfers around a bit, but Dave is really setting up to advance his own theory about Trump: that he’s carried his campaign against President Obama into ugly territory.

Letterman dismisses the birther idiocy out of hand, but what bothers the host is Trump’s questions about how Obama got into Harvard, how he wrote his memoirs. “It smacks of racism,” says Letterman.

“Nobody should be amused by that tactic,” says Letterman. Dr. Phil hastens to say he doesn’t think Trump “has a racist bone in his body … he just doesn’t think things through.”

Letterman suggests that if he comes back to Late Show — “and I’m not sure that we want him back” — Trump “ought to be prepared to apologize.”

Once again, it’s moments like these, when Letterman abandons the comfy little format of cozying up to the guests and engages with a strong opinion, that he proves all over again why he’s the late-night MVP.

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  • sbwm

    What? Racism? Bush, Kerry, Gore, etc released their academic records. Why not – the Clinton’s first asked for this – release Obama’s academic records. What’s the harm if it is standard procedure. What’s to hide?

    • The Man

      Complete lies.

      • Sam J

        If I were racist in this day and age, I would probally find another way to attack a person in power then to belittle his race. I might chanel my hate towards anything that would discredit him to “mainstream world”. This might require a little patience and self control, not to point out the color of his skin. A “undercover racist” if you will. Then like minded racists can help it spread to the point of Fear. Or I’m just dumb and I don’t think he was born in the USA and now the end of the world is near.

      • Jeff

        This is why I don’t watch Letterman anymore. He’s become such a bore and has replaced comedy with politics. Somebody needs to tell Letterman that nobody tunes into his show to hear his political views. They tune into laugh. He should spend more time working on the laughs which are very few and far between on his show. Seriously he should stop trying to be Jon Stewart has he doesn’t have half the wit or intelligence of Jon.

      • chillydogs

        Looks like there’s a couple hundred people on this site who disagree with you.

      • tom

        there are more people on this site that believe Calcutta is a spice to put on salads and that’s why I like to read my political news here

      • Kevin

        when did race become a political issue?

      • TruthHurts

        Race became a political issue the second this land became founded as “America.”

      • Doug Collins

        Well the election is over so there is not much point to this but a few days ago I would have responded by offering a deal. Obama releases his transcipts and Romney releases his tax returns. For every year Obama was an undergrad or in law school, Ronbey releases a recent year of tax returns.

    • sbwm

      What lies? Name them.

      • The Man

        Exactly everything in your post that you copied and pasted from your racist Teabagger email newsletters.

      • sbwm

        Prove any Tea Bagger members are raciest. There has been an 1 million dollar offer to prove it from Brent B and so far nothing. So please qualify your argument instead of name calling.

      • The Man

        Typical birther Teabagger. The stupid goes all the way down.

      • sbwm

        Prove it with facts. Not being rude, just asking.

      • Pillow Pants

        How can someone keep misspelling racist even when it’s written correctly on the same page several times? Racist = judging people by the color of their skin. Raciest = that sexy video was the raciest video of all time.

      • jodipo

        funny how you claim you have to PROVE a teabagger is racist, yet a liberal you can call all sorts of names I bet, and the only proof you need is your ignorance and hate.

      • Heather

        Who’s the raciest teabagger? Probably old Norma from down the street. I hear she posed for Playboy!

      • Denise

        In my opinion, the raciest teabagger is Sarah Palin. Those pictures of her wearing fishing waders were pretty racy.

      • Mad Man

        “Prove any Tea Bagger members are raciest. There has been an 1 million dollar offer to prove it from Brent B and so far nothing. So please qualify your argument instead of name calling.” Hahahaha. Best thing I read all day. Spelling isn’t your strong suit, is it?

      • Jerry

        Using Brent B.’s willingness to pay $1mil is a rather arbitrary standard to establish racism. Especially when those accused of racism can plead ignorance or that their meaning was taken out of context.

        I think the Tea Party and its fiscal-related platform has a problem with racism and they try to keep it out. But it can be difficult when the racists are their most active (or energetic) members.

        It can be activists in 2009 (http://washingtonindependent.com/73036/n-word-sign-dogs-would-be-tea-party-leader), founders in 2010 (http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,2005371,00.html), or party officials in 2011 (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20054984-503544.html).

      • Luddite

        sbwm, why don’t YOU prove that there AREN’T any racist Tea Party members?

      • andy

        clinically paranoid drivel from a poster to mentally weak to admit his own motives

      • charlie

        name one thing the democratic party has done for you guys lately?

      • Kevin

        you can’t prove a state of mind. When birthers were called out for behaving in a racist way, they all claimed it wasn’t racist. So it will never matter, until the self righteous can do some self reflection.

      • Well…

        Well let’s see, of the past Presidents, here’s what their opponents had against them:

        Bill Clinton – A philandering sleaze who fooled around with a White House intern, so he must be impeached. (thanks GOP)

        George W. Bush – Stole the election, got us into a war via lying to America, mishandled just about every disaster that hit the States during his time (Katrina, 9/11) and was basically not very smart. (thank you Democrats)

        Barrack Obama – Demand for a birth certificate despite no other president being asked for as he is thought to be really “A Kenyan,” repeated insertion of his middle name “Huessein” in order to paint the man, a public Christian, as really a Muslim, or tying him to terrorists. (Thank you Tea Party)

        What ISN’T racist about these claims against Obama?

        Face it all… we have a Black Man as President. And it was about time!

      • BastionR

        I can prove that a Tea Party Member is racist….because my dad is a racist bigot and he is in the Tea Party…there ya go…

      • jury’s out

        @Charlie- Name one thing the Republican/ Tea Party has done for Black people lately.

      • jrsygrl

        I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who posted sane, intelligent comments. I never in a million years expected to see a political discussion in the T.V. guide, and I have to admit the normal outlets, ie – CNN, ABC,CBS,MSNBC & others have seen to become outlets for repeating crazy things that crazy people say. Do you know it is now exceed by “journalists” to call the Presidents health care reform “OBAMA CARE” are you kidding me? I expect this from the teabaggers & politicians like Cantor ,Palin

      • jrsygrl

        I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who posted sane, intelligent comments. I never in a million years expected to see a political discussion in the T.V. guide, and I have to admit the normal outlets, ie – CNN, ABC,CBS,MSNBC & others have seen to become outlets for repeating crazy things that crazy people say. Do you know it is now accepted by “journalists” to call the Presidents health care reform “OBAMA CARE” are you kidding me? I expect this from the teabaggers & politicians like Cantor, Palin and their ilk, but not so-called journalists. Plus aren’t they all supposed to be liberals except for the “brain-trust” (lol) that is FOX? But I digress.
        That is exactly what happens I get so angry I lose my train of thought. When I started hearing people I once respected saying Trump made sense I gave up. I assumed racism was so rampant people didn’t even realize they were and I believed we had gotten so dumb we deserved what we got.
        So thank you for letting me know there are people out there thinking and not following blindly or reacting to some advertising slogan that the republicans came up with that is easy to say, remember and repeat.
        You reminded me I can’t tune out and give up or move to Canada – which is where I was going if Trump ran and won.

    • Mike

      When the tea party activists went after Obama’s birth certificate, they claimed it was only to prove if he was eligible for President. Ok, fair enough. Now that he released it, they want to see his academic records, which proves that it really wasn’t about Presidential eligibility at all. They are pissed off that an African American male actually graduated from Harvard and went on to become President of the United States. They are spreading the long-held racist belief that African Americans are intellectually inferior to Whites.

      If you did some actual research, you will find a 2008 L.A. Times article in which several of Obama’s political science professors at Occidental College say that he was an excellent student. And I also believe he was an apprentice for a Law Professor at Harvard. You cannot get into Harvard Law School, let alone be an Apprentice if you do not have good grades AND a professional work ethic.

      I’m a registered Independent voter, and I vote based on the issues, NOT the political party. I understand smearing is part of politics, but you have to call racism when you see it.

      • kel

        thank you for breaking it down, Tike. I completely agree. It’s disgusting, no matter where on the political spectrum you fall.

      • kel

        *Mike, sorry.

      • K,RN

        Well said Mike, well said!!

      • maggie

        Obama was the the editor of the Harvard Law Review. You can’t become editor of the Harvard Law Review without being an excellent student, hard worker, and good writer.

      • Jessica

        Though I see your point, I’d like to say that the academic records issue has been alive about as long as the birther issue has; it wasn’t a matter of the birther issue being resolved, then the issue of academic records being raised. Though I never was bothered by either issue, I think it should raise concerns for anyone when a president elected on a platform of transparency refuses repeatedly to release documents that are regularly provided by other presidents in similar circumstances.

      • tommytomted

        Mike, that is the best comment on this subject. Very nicely done.

      • Pixie

        Forget about his academic record. I just want to see a certificate that proves he has a brain.

      • Pixie

        Did obama use a teleprompter in school? I would believe that without proof.

      • Alma

        Thank you for saying what I think is so obvious. You are 110% correct. I truly believe this is what bothers Republicans and Tea Party members the most and why they are determined to undermine this administration and divide this country. It’s totally disgusting.

      • Mocha

        Thank you–you’re exactly right. The thing that rankles with me is that Obama shouldn’t have to respond to these ridiculous queries at all–not during his campaign and certainly not at this point in his presidency. And if the people who support Trump care about grades and qualifications this much, they should never have elected Bush.

      • Jack Bauer

        Finally, a level headed comment. Thank you for this.

      • Mike

        This evening an elderly woman, who happened to be white walked up to my counter and said, “I wish I had a picture of Obama. I stomp on his head.” Where in the hell does that kind of hatred of a person get generated? The first thing I think of is….nope not race….but, jealousy…jealous of what…..Yes…now race….a black man was able to succeed at becoming something I would never had expected him to become…President of the United States….Yes, I realize that to be pure conjecture….BUT, what else would her hatred generate from….If you say his policies….that would be disagreement….not hatred.

      • Maya

        My God, finally someone said it the way it should be said! Mike that is the most intelligent statement I have read thus far. I am also an independent and I vote for the person or people that I feel will stand for the causes and policies that are important to me, and good for the country. I am also a realist, so I can understand why some people wanted to see Obama’s birth certificate. I would love to live in a country or better yet a world where melanin or the lack of melanin was not a factor, but it is. Because of that fact there are a few factors that I can take into consideration.

        For instance, some Americans, believe It or not still view Hawaii as foreign and they don’t associate Hawaii with the US, and the President is an African American man and believe it or not I think some people look at African Americans like visitors in a way. Obviously people who think that way don’t know any better, and I am not insinuating that people who are not familiar with African Americans or anyone different from themselves are racist because some people are just ignorant, and the meaning of ignorant is what? Uninformed, ill- informed, unaware, etc…. so I don’t mean ignorant in a belittling way some people just simply don’t know any better.
        I can also take his name into consideration, which is not a “typical” good old American name like George, John or Bill; basically what a lot of Americans consider comfortable and normal. I can certainly understand having a name that people consider foreign-ish or exotic; at least that’s what people tell me. So although I cannot recall a time in my lifespan where our Commander and Chief has been asked to publicly prove to America and the world that he is in fact an American and born in America by submitting his birth certificate for the world to view, then having people say it was not the appropriate kind of birth certificate, then releasing a second kind of birth certificate for reassurance or more proof, and having the very people who demanded to see another source of evidence say that they don’t accept the evidence provided to be legitimate; I choose to take all the things into consideration, take a deep breath and say to myself all right, this is different territory for Americans, he is our first African American President and although none of those things matter to me I can give those who are not as conscious or knowledgeable a break.

        Having said all of that, there comes a point when the questioning of our Presidents’ eligibility should cease. And when more doubts are called into question regarding his education, his worthiness of that education, and his religion and the facts are not accepted we who are of sound mind and opposed to insanity should call all those things by its proper name which is racism in one of its many ugly forms. And as painful, sad, and embarrassing as that is to admit, it is the truth and it must be accepted and those who display it should be called out.

      • DGH

        Actually they are mad because a liberal is President and they are Conservatives. Sometimes I wonder if you need to have a medical condition to be liberal? Just like when Bush was president liberals questioned everything he did from his daddy getting him into Yale to bringing the towers down himself. How quickly some people forget things baffles me.

      • Margo

        Liberals didn’t question if Bush brought the towers down. 9/11 conspirators are a small group made up of people from every political party.
        George W did get into Yale as a legacy. No one questioned that.

        Stop pretending that what they are doing to Obama is done to other presidents.

      • mouse

        Absolutely agree – well said.

      • Tammy

        Maybe SBWM’s remarks “were never intended to be a factual statement.”

      • lmm

        Very well put, has nothing to do with politics. Just plain racism.

      • Lori


    • maggie

      The Clintons never asked Obama to release his academic records, nor did they ask for his birth certificate as birthers claim.
      Bush, Gore and Kerry all had their grades leaked to the press. The Washington Post obtained Bush & Gore’s grades as well as SAT scores. The Boston Globe obtained Kerry’s grades.
      It is NOT standard procedure to release the grades of the president, or any candidate for president.

      • sbwm

        That is simply incorrect. Hillary Clinton is on YouTube with that question and Bill Clinton is on ABC as well. And the press “leaks” were not leaks – you must obtain permission which they did. The Washington Post did leak the SAT info early, thank you for doing some research.

      • sbwm

        Oops – That came out rude. Sorry. I really meant to say thank you for doing research and not just name calling. This is what gets us all involved when we have info. So I sincerely meant “thank you”.

      • maggie

        I searched youtube and can’t find Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton asking for Obama’s birth certificate or college transcripts. I know that they don’t allow links here, so could you please give something specific to search with? Do you have the actual name of a video?
        The information I found was that any information that Bush, Kerry and Gore may have willingly released was done after they were leaked to the press. If you have any other information that you can direct me to, I would appreciate it. I know it’s hard to do without linking, but anything you can offer would be appreciated.

      • Badlands

        sbwm – Why do you keep repeating that Hillary asked for the birth certificate?? It’s simply not true. There’s no Youtube link, because it never happened.

      • Lois

        don’t hold your breath for sbwm to give you any info about the Clintons demanding Obama’s birth certificate or college records, because they didn’t ask for them.
        BTW you are correct that Bush, Kerry & Gore had their college records leaked. Anything they released on their own was done after their records were leaked.

      • elizabeth

        Also, Obama DID release his birth certificate during the campaign, and then that wasn’t good enough, birthers wanted to see the “long form” certificate, at which point it became clear that giving them what they asked for just fed the fire, rather than putting it out. The long form certificate wasn’t easy to release bc it required a waiver from the Hawaiian government because they don’t release them.

      • honey d.

        McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, Mitt Romney in Mexico. Has anyone asked them for birth certificates? As for the issue of education, it’s ridiculous on its face. His educational history is easy to find on google. For pete’s sake, what does any of this have to do with making policy? I see it clearly as bigotry and racism. If Obama were white, I seriously doubt any of these distractions would pop up.

        And why did Trump wait until after the release of the birth certificate to start in on the education issue? If he had such great “concern,” shouldn’t the issues go hand-in-hand?

        In the future, perhaps part of applying to create a presidental exploratory commission, candidates must provide kindergarten hand molds to verify their fingerprints.

      • Jack

        @honey d. – MITT Romney was born in Detroit. His father (and grandfather) was born in Mexico. Let’s not start another Birth Certificate issue, now!

    • BJohnson

      I didn’t need to see it. Isn’t the place of birth one of the things that has to be verified before any candidate can throw their hat into the Presidential race? Is seeing it going to bring some magical powers or something? It is all silliness.

      • Prince William

        Do you really think the FBI, or VP Cheney, or Hillary Clinton, or any of the other people looking into Obama’s background in 2008 would have just let it go if he was not born in the USA? Could there really be a conspiracy that big? Every candidate has to go through an extensive FBI background and national security clearance check. If there was something to be found, they would have found it. That’s why this is so outrageous. And it’s embarassing for our country that some fools would not be satisfied with the first birth certificate.

    • Pat

      Idiot…None of those “ever” released their academic records. Moron, racist.

      • tommytomted

        Hey Pat,

        Your comments don’t always appear below the statement you disagree with.

        So…who are you calling an idiot, a moron, and a racist?

        And oh, this kind of talk is sooo helpful to the discussion. Thanks for showing your poop chute.

    • pam

      what does it matter?? don’t you think the powers that be have looked at all of his info?? this would not be an issue if he were white and this is a white female saying this. trump is a piece of crap. his show sucks and he is trying to stay in the public eye, just like the creeps from jersy shore or real housewives. they can’t stand it if someone is not paying attention to them. trump’s wife must not be keeping up her end of the marriage.

      • Pixie

        I love Trump’s hair. He has my vote.

      • Enna

        @ Pixie, thank you for showing us the depth of your thought process in selecting our country’s leader.

      • mouse

        Pixie has no “thought process,” I’m afraid. She is just what The Donald is looking for – a voter who cares not one whit about substance or issues, and would vote based on nonsensical BS. I would hope she isn’t alone in her feelings, but I’m afraid there are more who are just as addled.

    • D

      I think Trumph should show his wives birthcerticates, publish is grades
      or did he go to school? And
      admit his lies about voting in all
      elections. How much did he earn and how much income tax did he pay?
      President Obama furnished all the
      above info and Trumph not one thing. I think Trumph is having a
      Charlie S. moment.

      • Priyanka

        Das war nur geil – der Auftritt und die ganze Feier!Von wem sind die Bilder und gibts noch mehr? Dann würde ich mal mit mneiem EDV Gerät vorbeikommen.

    • alex batt

      What record do show is that he graduated magna cum laude at Harvard Law. How can anybody question his intelligence? HARVARD LAW

      • Yury

        Thanks John! Very eetcixd to hear that you are sharing these in your class. I am doing a songwriting workshop with some classes at my school, too bad we couldn’t do the same for you! Maybe we can sort out some funding so we can play #jan25 and Protest song at Tahrir…

    • LOL

      Teabaggers = racists.

      • SOS

        All races= racists

    • Rick

      I am Asian American and voted Libertarian and preferred Clinton over Obama. However, I can’t help but that Obama is being attacked because he is black and not because of any particular policy. People form the Republican party better handle this carefully as they will lose voters like me who rather vote Libertarian or in this case Obama because of these idiotic theories.

      • Pixie

        They didn’t lose any votes last November. Did you forget the outcome??

      • Jlee

        Watch out, china bashing will be front and center in 2012. Too bad, the reality is china bashing will yield more votes than lose the Asian American voting population. Trumps next target will be taxes and china.

    • Lou

      we know a bait when we see one

    • delusional?

      How about how Obama HAD ALREADY released his birth certificate during the ’08 campaign? It is COMPLETELY based in racism that Obama’s citizenship is still being questioned. What a complete waste of time and embarrassment to the country.

      • Lois

        True. In 2008 Obama released a document that anyone applying for a copy of their birth certificate in Hawaii would get. It’s valid for any legal purpose, like getting a passport. The fact that the birthers didn’t want to accept that and demanded a version of a birth certificate that Hawaii no longer uses, shows that it was never about his birth certificate. It was about putting the idea in people’s heads that Obama isn’t a “real” American.
        All the talk of “taking back America” is the same thing. They’re implying that someone took the country away from the “real” Americans, meaning white people.

    • Mike in Va.

      This is such total garbage. Running for President is not the same as applying for college. Academic records are totally irrelevant. Do you really think GWB was elected because of his academic achievements? And do you really think any presidential candidate ever had been under any requirement whatsoever to display his effin’ report card for your edification. That’s what campaigns are for- the voter gets to judge for himself whether the candidate is qualified or not.

      • Captain Kirk

        Once the birth certificate thing was finally done, Trump didn’t waste 10 seconds before he questioned the President’s school transcripts. Now I want to know: where in the Constitution does it say 1) you have to go to college to be President, and 2) you have to show your grades to be President. That’s such BS. Trump is a joke.

    • marya

      bottom line Obama is still b l ack and he’s still your president. Deal with it.

      • mace

        marya, EXACTLY. After Mike’s comment and now yours, there’s no reason to keep reading.

      • Azemina

        greatest cause of high gas precis is the quantitative easing policy of this government. Why do you have to express their views, as if it was done? Most analysts say oil precis depends on demand. In addition, the Fed does not take orders from Obama. And even with the money supply expanded, which is $, where he was 2 years ago (though lower than last year). Crude oil precis is far from his record time. I feel like I am against a series of political talking points will be discussed.

    • nothing to say?

      scream racism! Letterman is so old and grumpy. same bits he did in the 80s.

      • tommytomted

        Hey nothing to say…you sound so old and grumpy, just like you did in the 80’s. Why are you writing the same bits?

    • princesspr


      Just because “you” asked DOES NOT mean you have to!

    • MJ

      Two years into his presidency seems a little late to start digging through his college transcripts, don’t ya think?

      • Iman

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    • Badlands

      Except you are wrong in every case. The Clintons didn’t ask for the birth certificate and the other candidates didn’t release their grades (although some were leaked).

    • Ridgerunner

      Release Mr. Trumps Tax Records, Draft Registration and Reason for Deferment. What’s the harm in that?

    • Javadude54

      If Obama hasn’t released his records then how is it that people like Trump talk, very specifically, about how bad his grades were in some schools, then how good they were in others? Where are they getting this data from? Could it be they are simply making up facts to suit their philosophy? Sort of like “death panels” and “Obama was born in Kenya and is a Muslim”?

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Donald Trump the orange haired fat loud annoying CLOWN. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeff

      Maybe you should focus your efforts on having Trump release his tax returns like he promised.

    • Valerie

      Obama’s academic records have been released. What you can’t find them? He was President of the Harvard Law Review for heaven’s sake, top of his class.

    • RobNJ

      Agree. We learned both Bush and Kerry were ‘C’ students at Yale. With the rampant grade inflation at Harvard I am sure Obama had at least a 3.0.

    • chris

      False. Bush, Kerry, Gore did not release college transcripst. Bush’s grades were leaked to the public against his wishes.

    • truthbetold

      Actually, while transcripts themselves haven’t been released it’s a confirmed fact that Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School – an honor solely based on GPA/class rank. Guess who else graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School just a few years before Obama? The current (Republican appointed) Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. And, somehow, I don’t think the University of Chicago Law School hires its professors without checking out their transcripts first. You may disagree with his policies, but the man is intellectually gifted.

      • Teuku

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    • crs52

      They did NOT release their records. The transcripts were stolen and released (probably sold) to the press.

    • mssainsburys

      False. No president released academic records. GWBush had some of his leaked, did not grant permission. The double standard insisted on by some regarding what this president must do to prove he is eligible to be president is racist.

    • Obama2016

      Gee, someone demanding to see the President’s academic records when his guy just blew us off completely regarding his tax records. Slighlty ironic, don’t you think? Give up.

    • HSans

      Reply to SPWM: Please lead me to the links where I can find the college marks of Pres Bush (in particular). Pres Obama obviously has the intellect and nature to be president. Why are his academic achievements so derided? Racism? Oh, no! Surely not.

  • LeeHung

    Late night MVP? Really? I had to read that twice….The only thing that making a comment like does…Is make him look like Joy Behar. I mean CMON! When they don’t know what else to say, they throw out the race card. So predictable from Dave….

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      How does Glenn Beck taste in your mouth?

      • Louie

        I don’t consume of Glenn B.as you seem to, therefore you’ll have to answer your question…did you actually have oral sex with him?

      • tommytomted

        Hey Amanda…give us a clue. Tell us how he tasted in your mouth.

        Don’t be shy. We know you love Glenn. It’s Ok honey. We understand. Glenn is so hot!

    • sbwm

      Reply with facts, not obscenities. Please, facts would be welcome.

      • No More Mr Nice Gaius

        Racist birthers like you have no facts, only paranoid bigotry-fueled delusions You’re the laughing stock of the world.

      • sbwm

        Still asking for facts. No need for name calling.

      • Bea

        It seems Mike up there responded with some facts that you have, surprisingly, no comment on…

      • Growler

        Love the fact that at this stage in his career, Dave’s attitude is: the hell with it: I’ll say what I think is right (and in this case, he is) and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about me saying it. U watching, Jay?

      • sbwm

        Just did – why so rude? Do you not have any facts?

      • Sam J

        Fact 1: Racism exists. Fact 2: Racism against blacks exist. Fact 3: Pres of U.S. is black. Fact 4: A call for his birth certificate. Fact 5: Given(twice) Fact 6: Not good enough. Fact 7: He is still black.

      • rich

        I can’t believe someone would considered Mr Chump. You need just to have common sends

      • Pete

        sbmw, people use obscenities or resort to name calling when they are frustrated with a situation. Every time you asked for the facts you ignored the facts that were presented and continued posting your foolish comments. Your behavior was incredibly annoying and you got what you deserved for your repeated ignorance.

    • tommytomted

      Try reading things 3 times. Maybe you will get it.

      David Letterman had the guts to call it like he sees it. Think you know more than Dave? Then why don’t you host a late night TV program?

    • princesspr

      “They” would are “they”….NO, “we” do not pull out the race card.

      Why should PRESIDENT Obama show his “papers” this is NOT the 1900; in which a Black man had to prove his worth.

      • Maya

        I agree with you Princesspr. Anytime African Americans or anyone for that matter calls a racist out on being a racist, the racist and bigots always pretend like race is not a factor and then they try to discredit the person who sees and speaks the truth. Racism is embarrassing and low-class and even the racist know that, which is why they always say “those people are playing the race card”. It is very typical and one of the racist most famous tactics. They think it gives them more credibility, and racist like to hide in plain sight.

    • Lois

      Dave didn’t say he thought Trump was racist because he didn’t “know what else to say.” Dave said Trump he thought was racist because Trump has said racist things. Things like Trump’s comments about “the blacks” and how someone like Obama couldn’t get into Harvard on merit, but only through affirmative action.
      Dave told the truth about Trump.

  • cait41

    Standing by his beliefs. I love Letterman. I also agree with him.

    • SaraS

      I agree. He says what’s true when it matters.

  • Lola

    The wnat strikes again…

  • Bob

    I don’t know the man, but I doubt he is a racist. Just an immoral fool who thinks he can get more viewers by angering the many more viewers he already has. As for the birthers, I do believe there is clearly racism there, but how about they just don’t like him because he’s a Democrat and to them, Democrats are un-American, communist, socialist, Godless people ruining the country? They will use race and accept being labeled as racists, even though some might not be, to get him out of power anyway they can. Remember Clinton comspiracies like he killed Vince Foster? I don’t know the ratio of actual racism to Democrat hate, but I doubt all of the birthers are racists.

    • Pillow Pants

      Is pretending to be racist any better than being racist? Seems like it’s even worse since the latter can at least be blamed on ignorance.

      • Bob

        Nope. I wasn’t saying it was or condoning the disgusting behavior. As Rachel Maddow showed last night, birtherism is also a money making scheme, with books, shirts, stickers, etc all on sale. Donald Trump is truly an a-hole. So are the politicans using this for political gain. And just all of them, really.

      • Bob

        I meant all the politicians, the haters, the racists who indulge in this harmful and seditious nonsense.

      • Habelea

        Grant, Johnny McCrazy is only stumping for Mitty to sink Mitty. He uorppsely forgets his name and then gives credit to Obama for fixing the economy and getting America on track. It’s so freaking hysterical to watch! And did you notice? McCrazy isn’t stumping for Mitty now. Mitty finally noticed what was happening. In the meantime, I was giving McCrazy a huge thumbs up for his performance!

    • K,RN

      Bob, “Democrats are un-American, communist, socialist, Godless people ruining the country”? Do people really feel this way? The problem is that this country is filled with so much hate. It’s sad…

      • Pixie

        Yes, I feel that way. Your description of dim-ocrats is right on!!

      • Bob

        I can’t prove it quantitatively, but I would say no. Most people are moderates. The problem is that with the rise of Fox News, talk radio, and internet blogs, the fringe element in this country has become democratized and mainstream. Before the fringe, terrible birthers, there were the fringe, terrible Republicans who thought Democrats were terrrorist appeasing people (I would get a source if I had more time, but I remember the last vice president saying this). The media, in a spirit of more people view a train wreck, focus in on these people and thus pave the way for yesterday’s action by the President. It’s really dangerous for our country and out general intelligence as human beings. But, I think most Americans know better. I pray they do.

    • Maya

      Bob I understand where you are coming from and I seriously doubt that all Tea Partiers are racist. However, there are without a doubt, racist aspects to that particular group and to Donald Trump and if Donald Trump is not a racist he wants everyone to think that he is which is really sad. And considering racist people really don’t want to be called out on being racist makes it more disturbing because that would mean Donald Trump is more narcissistic then we know, which is very scary. Also I think it is very important for people who are opposed to racism to speak out and speak up and stop pretending that it’s not really racism.
      Just like people speak out against homophobia or anti-Semitism and no one ever says oh those people are just playing the homosexual card or the anti-Semitism card. Most people are immediately offended and they let it be known that it is unacceptable and an apology is demanded and more often than not given; it hasn’t always been that way but it’s just not tolerated any longer. People should start being more vocal about racism against African Americans and stop pretending that the race card is being played every time an African American speaks up. When people say African Americans are playing the race card, they are really saying to them that they don’t matter and they don’t deserve respect and they don’t even deserve to be heard It is blatant disregard. Sometimes things are what they appear to be even if it’s uncomfortable to admit. Most people, me included really try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and the last thing I consider is racism because it’s actually easier and more pleasant to believe that people are not racist and racism is no longer a big deal anymore, but that is just being consciously delusional. After a while it becomes exhausting trying to hope away racism. Most of us cringe just a little bit or a lot when we see racism being displayed because it is truly uncomfortable, embarrassing and trashy and I still believe most of us just want the contempt to disappear.

  • Miffy

    I don’t see what race has to do with Trump’s questions. This is what an “MVP” asks?

    • Pillow Pants

      So what was his reasoning behind asking how Obama could write a memoir? Why wouldn’t he be able to write a memoir? Even Paris Hilton wrote a memoir.

    • maggie

      So assuming that Obama was too stupid to get into Harvard and Columbia without affirmative action, isn’t racist? Saying that he had “friends” (meaning rich, white people) who couldn’t get their kids into those schools, so how could someone like Obama get in them, isn’t racist? Claiming that Obama, who was editor of the Harvard Law Review, wasn’t capable of writing a book about his own life, isn’t racist?

      • Dr Kt

        My little brother was editor @ Yale Law Journal (equiv to Harvard Law Review). He was 2nd in his class, but he got dual JD’s in America & France, so we forgive him for not being 1st :)
        You don’t get to where Obama got by being stupid.
        You can get to where Trump got by being mediocre and being born rich.
        His daddy could have bought his way into Wharton.

      • anotherOpinion

        This is the insidiousness of racism, it is not often blatant and in your face. Affirmative Action can be a honest debate. Beyond business I think Trump is totally ignorant and is probably clueless to REAL life, he thinks ‘the blacks’ are athletes or gangsters as that is what he has seen on TV. I doubt he could give a clear answer on AA or it’s history, he’s just repeating what somebody told him.

      • Maya

        Exactly right Maggie. :) Come on Miffy, you have to know better than that. Please tell me you do?

    • tommytomted

      Well Miffy…keep thinking. Maybe it will come to you. Dave had the guts to say what he thinks, and he knows Trump. Do you know Trump? Didn’t think so.

      • Miffy

        What I think is that every time someone has the audacity to question Obama or his credentials, his blind followers play the race card because they don’t have the intellectual capacity to defend him.

      • batman

        What I think is that every time someone says people play the race card, it’s because they don’t have the intelligence or guts to recognize and admit covert racism when they see it.

      • Enna

        @ Miffy: questioning whether the decisions being made are taking the country in the right direction can be an honest debate. Continuing to questioning someone’s citizenship after independent government sources have verified it or questioning someone’s college records when all of the evidence out there points to its truth (his professor’s statements, his position as the editor of the Harvard Law Review, etc.) is just nonsensical.

    • Captain Kirk

      Miffy, he is talking in “code.” For people who think this is not racist, they are naive or just don’t understand how the “code” works. Racism isn’t blatant anymore like it used to be. People hardly ever come out and say the nasty words. They sneak around and do it in other ways, like asking how did that guy get into Harvard? They have a sense of entitlement because they are white, and are automatically suspicious of non-whites. So you might think, well, that’s not a racist comment. But you have to look behind the questions at the intent.

      • Mother Nature

        Kirk, you are exactly right. I was raised in this kind of environment, and covert racism is alive and well. From the “their kind always sticks together” to “they’ll hire one of them every time”. I think white people who haven’t achieved a lot in their lives hate to see someone who hasn’t had any real advantage get ahead; it makes them feel badly about themselves.
        If you’ve ever been exposed to it, and I assume most white people have, you should know covert racism when you see it.

    • Margo

      Trump’s questions have nothing to do with Obama’s policies, which are fair game to question.
      Trump’s question are all about whether or not Obama has the “right” to be president. Trump’s questions are code for “Obama seems foreign”, “Someone like Obama couldn’t be smart enough to get into Harvard” and “someone like Obama couldn’t write a book by himself.” Trump is trying to put into the minds of Americans that Obama isn’t one of us.

  • JT

    OK line up who’s liberal who’s conservative? Let have an argument lol.

    • Pixie

      All the liberals are in the welfare line. You couldn’t drag them away.

      • Snape

        WTF Pixie? Liberals I know are highly educated, hard working people. Get out of your trailer once in a while.

      • Enna

        What happened to you to make you act like such a bitter jerk?

      • Cathy

        Pixie, I find you to be a very sad person. Everyone can be one step away from financial disaster, and politics don’t dictate that, circumstances do. I hope you never end up there, or you will be more bitter than you already are, if that is possible.

      • Dgently

        @Pixie: I don’t mean to brag, but I am lucky enough and blessed enough to be in the top 3 percent of all American earners. And I am as liberal as they come.

      • Kim

        But, but I thought we were the “elite” of this country? And living as an elite don’t come cheap, you know. So I guess most of us must have pretty darn good paying jobs or we couldn’t be so darn elite!

      • lydia

        It’s true. Your comment is ill-informed. Liberals tend to be educated, and well off. I too am in the top 3%. Not trying to brag either, but the welfare comment is way off base…

  • Getn2

    Dave lost the MVP spot a long time ago, even way before his scandal broke. I just wish they would keep the politics out of what he use to be best t and entertain. Throwing out the race card is juvenile. I’m sure Obama himself is intelligent enough to know that Trumps statements are not raciest

    • Pillow Pants

      Another person that can’t spell racist? Really?! Racist = judging people by the color of their skin. Raciest = that sexy video was the raciest video of all time.

    • snrfblatt

      I get it.
      NO teabagger knows how to spell it, therefore they can’t be racist.

      • judy

        Snrfblatt..good one!

    • tommytomted

      Trumps statements aren’t just racist.
      They are pandering to the lowest elements of society.

      This will hurt “The Donald” where it hurts the most. His ratings for his
      blowhard “Celebrity Apprentice”!

  • The Hollywood Sun

    The debate now is whether Obama’s father should have been listed as “Negro” instead of “African” on the certificate. Hawaii at the time of statehood was well ahead of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and South Africa’s apartheid regime had the same problem. For detailed discussion and the Dupas Case in New Orleans of 1957 for race listing on birth certificates, see:

    Segregation and Birth Certificate: 1960


    • Margo

      Obama’s father was from Africa, so listing him as African seems OK. If he were an American, then he probably would have been listed as “Negro” in 1961 America.

  • MaryJane

    If you don’t see what racism has to do with Trump’s question,then you are just as bad as he is.
    When a black man gets into several colleges and is at the top of his class, graduating with the highest of honors, something has got to be wrong there, doesn’t it? After all, we all know that African Americans have absolutely no intelligence and could never get into college, and God forbid, they could Never become the President of the United States because they simply don’t have the intelligence to do so. After all, that is just reserved for white people, there is no way any African American could be that smart. All of “the Blacks” are like that.
    You see how absolutely STUPID that entire statement sounds? THAT is why what Trump and his followers said is racist.

    • apex

      WOW…This is interesting. How overly sensitive are you? He is racist because he wants to see his school records?

      Baffling really…

      • Arturo

        the racists want to hide the records.

      • morena

        idiot you are fortunately

      • snrfblatt

        He’s not racist because he wants to see the records. He is racist because of the way he asks, what he implies: “How did that uppity boy get into such a fancy school?”
        –and then he complains that the press won’t ask him about real issues…

      • tommytomted

        So Apex…it’s baffling is it? Trump wants Obama to prove US birth. He proves it. Now Trump wants to see his school records because “he heard” that Obama was not a good student. He won’t name any sources of course, just like he wouldn’t tell us what “interesting information” his “people” had found out about the President’s birth.

        Did you know that Trump was expelled from school for being a bully and sent to a military academy? I think America should see the Donald’s school records.

        What about it Donald? We want to hear all about your bully days.

      • apex

        You think Trump is a bully. Fair enough. Racism does not equal Bully.

      • MaryJane

        Let me see you walk a mile in the shoes of a black man who has gone through all of the things that it requires to get those grades, and to have to go that extra mile just because your skin was the wrong color, or to be called “boy” when you are a grown man which was really a way to talk down to you because those around you don’t want to respect you, or to be looked down upon when you do make some major accomplishment which ordinarily would have made you someone to look up to, or to be called all kinds of names while you’re trying to do your work, but which you have to ignore because you know that no matter what you say, you’ll be accused of trying to stir up trouble. You can pretend that it’s not true because you don’t want to believe it, you’d rather just look away and laugh about it, thinking how funny it is that a man who is our President has been treated like he isn’t even a man simply because you don’t agree with him, but I’ll bet you that you wouldn’t like to be treated like that, no one deserves to be and I am so deeply ashamed of the people who are doing that or who are standing by and listening to the garbage being spewed by those who do it with out repudiating them. People talk about how they “want their Country back”, well, so do I, I want this madness to stop and for the hypocrites out there who stand by and let this happen to be called out for their actions, too.

      • princesspr

        WOW! How insensitive you are. Why does PRESIDENT Obama have to show his college transcripts just because Don Trump demanded them. FOR WHAT! who is DTrump. NO ONE…Absolutely NO ONE!

      • Lois

        Trump is racist because of the REASON why he wants to see Obama’s transcripts. He believes, without any evidence, that Obama was a bad student. Trump thinks that Obama’s transcipts will somehow prove that he was too stupid to get into Harvard and had to use affirmative action. Trump couldn’t get into Harvard, despite being rich and white. He therefore can’t accept that a black man with no money or connections could get in there on his own merit.

    • Miffy

      What’s funny is that the liberals questioned George W. Bush’s intellect for years, yet now that the shoe’s on the other foot, all they can do is cry “racist”, because they don’t have the intellectual capacity to intelligently defend Obama.

      • batman

        What’s funny is that the republicans questioned Obama’s citizenship for years, yet now that the shoe’s on the other foot, all they can do is demand to see his college transcripts because they don’t have the intellectual capacity to acknowledge sneaky racism when they see it.

      • Hot&Bothered

        GW never had the intellectual capacity to defend GW.

      • Kim

        Did anyone demand to see the papers to prove it? We didn’t need transcripts to prove he wasn’t that bright, he took care of that all by himself. The point is, the man went to Harvard on his own merits. There is definitely a racist undertone to the whole idea that he couldn’t have possibly done so well on his own. It’s just ridiculous.

    • mike ock

      Letterman is a jackass, one of the biggest hypocrates on a network full of them. he is clearly willing to defend liberals against anyone and will take whatever shots he can @ the right. btw how racially diverse is his inner circle? i happen to know many that work @ high levels in his org. not many blacks in high positions…

    • Ap

      Thank you MaryJane…

      As one of the few African-American’s in my company that doesn’t work in the mailroom, or cleaning toilets, or in the cafeteria it’s highly insulting to see that those thoughts are still out there from the ignorant that are still around.

  • kar

    Well done Dave! Hopefully more people on tv are willing to step up & call the birther & academic record questions what they actually are, codes for racism.

    • Arturo

      There’s nothing racist about wanting to see the records.. We saw Bush’s, didn’t we? Was that also racism?
      (bottom line: Obsama supporters are racists)

      • Moose

        Yes, we saw George Jr’s grades but by then we already knew he was stupid and that he only got into Yale by the grace of Daddy. Everyday in Washington he showed he could be even stupider than the day before.

      • Georg

        “Everyday in Washington he showed he could be even stupider than the day before.”

        Why don’t you just sit the next play out, Champ?

      • Jo

        Just the fact that there are so many people defending Trump says a lot about our country. And those are the people he is pandering to, just for ratings for his tacky show.

      • Lois

        We only saw Bush’s academic records because some were leaked to the press, so he was forced to released them.

    • MaryJane

      And what’s even worse is the fact that NBC lets that @hole stay on their network. He goes on his & shows and talks endlessly about the fact that he’s going to announce about running for President as soon as his show is over. If NBC wasn’t so lacking in any decent shows, they would have dumped that piece of crap like the garbage he is. Yet, see how quickly they acted a few months ago when one of their employees contributed money to a politician, shows you that NBC is no better that those over at Murdock’s Fake News Network.

      • Cathy

        Thank you MaryJane; I had forgotten what they had done to Keith, and I totally agree with everything you’ve said.

  • deedeedragons

    All 3 are annoying idiots but Trump is the king.

    • tommytomted

      The only thing Trump is king of is the boneheads. He is not a serious candidate. He is just playing the country like a piano to promote the Trump name. Can’t anybody see that?
      Do you really think “The Donald” is qualified to be President?

  • Joe Acerbic

    There’s no “smacking of” anything: whining that a successful black guy succeeded only because of affirmative action is as basic racism as screaming the n-word. The Combover Con Man also has a well documented history of racist actions:


    • Dora

      God, I feel like I slhoud be takin notes! Great work

  • TC

    I’m not sure asking to see his college records is racist, but I DO think asking to see his birth certificate is racist.

  • Sandy

    The whole “show us your birth certificate” argument is out of line. It should of been the end of it when officials from Hawaii verfied that the short form is what they provide for EVERYBODY. Then Trump wants to question Obama’s academic record. Trump is obviously trying too boost ratings for his tired show. He won’t run for president because ALL of the skeletons in his past will be exposed.

    • C Men

      How about the horribleness of the writing here. Tucker claims that Letterman says, “It smacks of racism”. However, “Until it starts to smack of racism” is what he really says. At least in the clip they show.

      • Wheels

        Baby Ava, you are in my thoughts and paeryrs every day for a speedy recovery. The Lord and all of the angels are watching over you day and night. I pray also for your Mommy, Daddy and the rest of your family .that they may find comfort in knowing that there is a lot of love, powerful prayer and support being sent your way.

    • Loly

      Im so glad i found you guys. Its so great you started a chess club here in Greenpoint.Count me in!Please put me on the ainlimg list.I am there.See you tues. Looking frward .BestMike

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