'The Voice' premiere review: Shaddup, already!

From its amusement-park-ride chairs to its cluttered concept, The Voice was a garish bore over two hours on Tuesday night — it was less about the strenuous voices of the singers than the yammering voices of its celebrity “coaches.”

By this time, you’ve got to know the concept, right? This was the show that NBC has been ceaselessly defacing the lower third of our TV screens with its promotions during shows ranging from Parenthood to 30 Rock. Singers warble to the backs of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. When one of these pros, pumped with positivity — “We’re not judges; we’re coaches”; “It’s not about the judgment; it’s the journey” — liked what he or she heard, the coach slammed a big button, the chair did a 180, and the celeb made a pitch to the rookie.

The problems with The Voice begin with the fact that it exists. By which I mean, TV has just about reached the bursting point of “discovering new talent”; there’s nothing in this show that you couldn’t have gotten from American Idol, America’s Got Talent, or The Sing-Off. The quickie biographies edited to pull at your heartstrings (it takes a show as superficial as The Voice to leave me unmoved by a woman who said she was homeless), the cover versions of songs you’ve heard 1,000 times from contestants on other shows — did people who enjoy time-period competition Glee or Dancing With the Stars feel the need to switch over and watch this hodgepodge for anything more than a few minutes?

Of the judges, Shelton and Green were the most entertaining — frequently funny and occasionally insightful. Levine was doing his best to register as a personality, and there was some trumped-up arguing and competitiveness between him and Aguilera. And Aguilera radiated her usual smug, unwarranted queenliness. Or as host Carson Daly called them collectively, “four of the biggest artists on the planet Earth.”

Which is the other thing that makes The Voice tedious: You’re not just rooting for the singers, you’re also supposed to root for the judges — they need to win over contestants so they can “fill out their teams” of eight vocalists.

The only surprise of the night was the entry of disqualified Idol contestant Frenchie Davis, making a kind of comeback here as a singer who joined Aguilera’s team. Like a bald, more soulful Pee-wee Herman, Davis is apparently being allowed to re-enter the pop culture now that arbitrarily sufficient time has passed since her original, ridiculously condemned sex-related sin against propriety.

The one aspect of The Voice that’s supposedly distinctive — the “blind audition” process — lasts for only the few minutes of every contestant’s initial performance. Once the “coach” gets a load of who he or she might be coaching, the singer’s whole package (look, age, attitude) comes into play as much as it does on Idol. So unless America is transfixed by spinning chairs — and by next week’s new visual gimmick, a glowing boxing ring in which contestants will bellow it out — I can’t imagine (or hope) The Voice will gather much momentum.

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  • Kat

    I watched the show with my Mom and we really enjoyed it, thought it was a bit quirky and didn’t take itself to seriously.

    • sfday

      I don’t watch Idol precisely because it takes itself so seriously but is just a popularity contest. I like this one – I usually love Ken, but is he getting jaded?

      • M

        I enjoyed this episode and appreciated the playful chemistry/competition between the judges. What will keep me coming back to this show will be to see how the coaches go about developing the members of their teams, particularly getting them to show their personalities and honing their perfomance chops (particularly the true newbies), becuase as we’ve seen from AI, a great voice isn’t necessarily going to get votes.. Also, I wonder if they are going to have any rules on voting to keep the “teen girls voting for a cute guy” effect in check.

      • Balloon Boy

        Really, Ken? You’re mad because the network ran a bunch of promos? Who can blame NBC for trying so hard… they don’t have any hits. I think they’re smart to sink all their money into ads for this show because I thought it was pretty damn good.

      • mia

        I agree. I haven’t watched idol since Ruben won. I really did enjoy The Voice. The judges have good chemistry and I actually liked all of them.

      • shar

        Ken Tucker is one angry elf.

      • Kay

        I agree about Ken – wow, jaded much? I don’t like the “bloated and garish” AI, but liked the concept of mentoring and coaching contestants. I also liked the voice being the focal point rather than what people looked like. The packaging can be tweeked but if the talent isn’t there, its not there. I thought The Voice was an enjoyable couple hours of TV.

      • Finally a competition

        Agree completely. Love that the auditions went straight to the point instead of useless awful singing during auditions. Love the different levels this singing competition will go through. Love positive feedback versus berating. This show is everything AI should have been but is not. Also love the judges, yes Christina is smug, but she has earned the right with a real singing voice.

      • julie

        Ken Tucker is one angry elf.

      • Brett

        Jaded? No, not jaded. Try “out of touch curmudgeon.”

      • Music

        Ken Tucker, you don’t even like singing competitions. In the summer you wrote a blog about how you wish they would get rid of the show American Idol. Why are you writing these blogs?

      • CC

        Maybe we gets paid by how many comments he gets, so we wrote a negative review on purpose just to get people outraged and write their complaints

      • LOL

        What a joke. Ken Tucker is pretty much the Andy Rooney of EW. They let him post his cynical ramblings every once in a while just cuz they’re entertaining in the pathetic, car crash sense of the word. He’s a loser. And he totally knows it.

      • sammy

        I watch Idol every week and have since the beginning. I actually enjoyed the Voice more then Idol since I’m getting bored with it. I loved the concept and I loved the interaction between the judges. It made for a fun night.

      • Angela

        I thought it took itself way too seriously. All that talk about how it’s all about the voice and how the judges aren’t judges at all, but coaches? It all felt so self-indulgent to me. Still enjoy Idol more.

      • DiMi

        Ken Tucker should not be writing about singing shows. He hates all of them, regardless of the content so it is impossible to get a reasonable review of the show from him. Every review is basically calling us the readers/viewers stupid for bothering to watch the show. I don’t read reviews to be insulted. I read reviews to get an analysis of a program or film. I read this review and learned absolutely nothing about the quality of the show so now I have to go to another site to get a real review. I am annoyed that I wasted my time.

    • sfday

      Plus the idea of a show that deliberately tries to avoid superficiality being called superficial seems a bit odd.. It’s still just reality tv but c’mon..

      • Mo

        I think that whole premise, though, was negated by the fact that the contestants all seemed to be preselected to look at least moderately attractive.

      • Big Walt

        Yeah, like that Beverly woman toward the end.

      • Music

        Ken Tucker, you don’t even like singing competitions. In the summer you wrote a blog about how you wish they would get rid of the show American Idol. Why are you writing these blogs??

      • @Me

        I say the premise was negated by the judges telling many of the contestants how attractive they were. If the show is all about “the Voice”, why tell someone (repeatedly) how good they look? Just sayin…..

      • forrest

        First impression: I thought it was a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t have all the baggage of years of repitition that Idol has. NO RANDY JACKSON. Need I say anymore to prove this is a better program already than A.I.?

    • Aiden

      Exactly. I loved it particularly for that reason. It was just so FUN.

      • Tia

        I really enjoyed watching as well. I am not a fan of AI, AGT or any of the other talent searches. I like that the host is behind the scenes with the family and that they are judged based on talent and not looks. AI is too vain and for teeny bopers.

    • Elizabeth

      That’s a great take on the show, Kat. I don’t see where Ken thinks that the coaches on The Voice are any more overbearing than the celebrity judges on other shows. Id rather see these 4 than listen to Randy Jackson!

      • Nancy

        Exactly, I can’t stand to hear anymore “Yo, dog”!

      • PinBox

        Yes, exactly! No Randy! And, with Carson Daly, chances are, we may actually get to hear some consistently good song choices, instead of musak no one wants to hear.

      • Ally

        I agree- It has the same aspects from Idol I used to like- the singing competition part- without the annoying or pointless “judges” they have. American Idol is a stale version of bad bar karoake, and I’d rather watch Adam, Cee-Lo & Blake any day!! Christina is kind of b!tchy but at least is provides good banter. Ken, I think you are off on this one…and a little harsh?

    • john_c

      I was surprised that I really enjoyed the show. The opening with 4 mentors singing crazy was great. The singers’ talents were fantastic. Even the singers whom were not picked were good singers, they just did not stand out among the group.

      I like the chemistry between the mentors/judges; Christina is not my favorite mentor but I don’t find her annoying either. I do like Blake and Ce Lo’s comments; both of them are heart felt with a sense of humor. Adam’s used carsalesman pitch is also fun to watch.

      • Tina

        I felt the same why, I like the coaches interaction I think it’s funny and adds another layer to the show. I also like that they’re not just sitting there being judgmental but that if more than one judge wants a singer, they have to sell themselves. I’m liking this show more than Idol. They actually give the singers, chosen or not, critique that is useful.

      • C Men

        Who not whom you dolt. The only people who are more annoying than people who use who instead of whom are people who use whom instead of who.

    • Kammie

      While I agree with this review in that there are a LOT of these shows on TV already, I check it out anyway because I was intrigued by the idea of successful singers acting as the judges… and I was surprised by how much I loved the episode. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll be back next week for sure.

      • Whoop-De-Doo

        yeah, i also tuned in because of the judges (oops, “coaches”) but i’m staying because the show just had better singers. idol SUCKS this year.

      • Doriane

        I really liked it too! I’m a fan and will tune in to see how it unfolds.

    • jrs

      It sounds totally crap-tacular from your description, not that I had ANY intention of watching it anyway. Hurrry up and go buh-bye, please!

      • Ryan

        if you judge a show by one review…you good sir are a fool

      • sublimelytragic

        Actually I think Idol is the better this year than its been in a long time I’m glad to see Simon and Kara gone and Ellen was just a joke. I love JLo and Steven Tyler. Randy not so much. They could have gotten rid of him too. That being said I love The Voice. I think the coaches are all quite sincere and I thought it was funny to watch Adam Levine pitch himself. BTW I think he’s got the best team so far. I will definitely watch next week.

    • jado

      I admit I watched the show last night. It wasn’t bad, but there are spots that need work. First I actually liked the banter between the judges. I hate to admit I didn’t know who Shelton was till last night, but he was engaging. (least favourite Adam Levine) I also like the idea that these folks get mentoring. The video packages left me a bit cold (so I agree with Ken on that one.) But the biggest problem with this series is the talent level. Many of the people on stage would not have made it through Hollywood Week on Idol. A lot of bar band vocalists on stage with little distinct offerings. So I haven’t had the moment where I go “Ahhh, I want to see what happens to this person” yet. And that’s a bad sign.

      • Finally a competition

        True but show just started. Also maybe that is what the show is about. The judges mentoring them so there would be that wow. Ai just criticizes them without really helping them.

      • katie

        I agree with you, Jado. I watched it and I like the blind concept, but I wonder (like Ken) how interesting it will be after that part is over in the coming weeks. I also didn’t like how edited it felt, but maybe it will get more of a live feel (not sure if it will be live or not) later on. I agree that very few of the singers really blew me away.

    • Jason

      I loved this show. Great concept, great judges, just an overall good idea. I’d give Idol the boot for this show. Idol has become too Blah. Same songs being done, same “personalities” being shown, judges aren’t being honest, etc. Idol has run it’s course. Time to make room for the Voice!

      • Daisydeb

        Agree completely!

    • Sarah

      My husband and I really enjoyed it. I agree, it was fun.

      • Doriane

        Same here! I loved the judges and laughed alot.

    • jw

      I thought the focus was on singing in this blind audition set. I enjoyed this much more than Idol’s audition round, where the contestants get a few bars out then get the up or down, or Hollywood Week where we see precious little singing. We saw singers do their best work, this is worth watching.

      • Camara

        I enjoyed The Voice. I am really over American Idol.

    • Tyuio

      Paaalease! How many of these comments are from people associated with the show?? America no longer believes in the concept of ” the next BIG thing”. Stupid show!

    • Dwight

      Hey Ken, just saw the voice pulled a 5.1. Suck it you negative A-Hole.

      • Angela

        Look who’s talking. Good rating doesn’t mean a show is successful when it comes to quality.

    • Jerome

      The voice was awful. Snooki Aguilera is so full of herself, what a trainwreck!

      • Mac

        At least she is on First class, and you, have no class. Keep your opinions to yourself, dumbass!

      • Dorimifah Solatido

        It’s called “Comments”, a$$wipe – it’s where you’re supposed to post opinions. Don’t like the opinion? Too damn bad! Stop reading them, then. Don’t tell others not to express them in a place specifically soliciting them! Moron…..

      • and

        Jerome and Dorimifah are a$$-hats.

        You’re right, this is fun.

    • Beauty

      So I thought everyone here was picking on the reviewer so watched for myself and you guys are totally right the show was GREAT! MUCH MUCH better than AI! I almost cried everytime a chair spun around for them. I was so proud to see someone’s dreams come true. You could totally hear the confidence come into their voice once a chair turned to them! I loved it! And the singers were MUCH BETTER than AI contestants!

    • Elysia

      I agree. I find it a big improvement over Idol’s gimmicky auditions.

      • Elysia

        To add to that…I live in Holland, where many of these reality shows (Big Brother, etc.) are created. When The Voice of Holland was on the air, it was a huge hit here, but I scoffed at the concept. Never watched an episode. Now I’m regretting that and definitely will watch the American version all the way through!

      • Amy

        ‘Cause this was SO not gimmicky.

    • Pillow Pants

      “Davis is apparently being allowed to re-enter the pop culture now that arbitrarily sufficient time has passed since her original, ridiculously condemned sex-related sin against propriety.”

      Yeah, NBC should have rolled out this show for Frenchie to make her re-entrance years ago. Why did that wait until now?

      Seriously, Ken…you’ve said some bone-headed things, but that was just idiotic. The show isn’t even on the same network as the one that shunned her, and what’s so arbitrary about the timing?

      Also, the judges, or in this case, coaches usually care less about the contestants appearance than producers do (Simon cared as well, but I doubt the Paulas and Jennifers and CeeLos of the business do.) And it’s a credit to the producers of this show that they gave a shot to people you know the Idol producers would never allow, and not just because of the age cap.

    • Ocol

      can’t wait until you are able to come back. love to see what you are up to. hope you can get your computer seeiaghttnrd out. take care!

  • SallyinChicago

    Thanks Ken for what I was thinking. This premise is going to wear off quickly.

    There are just too many singing shows on TV, and all the contestants are retreads from other singing shows (AI).

    • TonyT

      Well, one was from AI…

    • Zakry

      There was just one.

    • Finally a competition

      Not one talent show has these Amazing really talented judges. So I disagree.

  • S

    I dug it.

    • Piotr

      best part of billy’s set this year at download, rnniung out onto the uncovered walkway in a torrential downpour, breaking every mic donington had have been lucky enough to see his download performance in 05 and this year too, that guy just doesnt age, his energy puts a lot of performers to shame

    • Mari

      this is our last season .weve ddiceed as much as we love the show, we are tired of Nigel. Its a shame he decides who wins and loses. He put Sasha,his choice, in the better styles and raved about her performances. While others were put into disco and panned by Nigel. As producer he influences style,partner and performance position. Next year our weekly group of friends will look for more even handed entertainment.

  • Radzinsky

    Really bad. Surprised so many people like it though. That’s how easy America is to please… yikes.

    • Smash Tit-house

      be careful, if you fall off that pedestal you might break your sense of self-importance.

      • tarc

        Ot it just might point out your flaws…

      • Floridajeff

        Couldn’t agree more… you seem so self-important and above it all, and yet you are on the message boards commenting. Wow, you might want to reassess what you do with all of your free time.

    • Dorimifah Solatido

      I think three quarters of these brainiacs are either sitting at desks at 30 Rockerfeller Center, or are paid shills. Talent shows – ALL OF THEM – are the bottom-of-the-barrel in TV programming. “Hey, kids, lets put on a show!” Yecch.

      • Pillow Pants

        Really? Lower than the skanky orange people swearing at each other reality show fare? Or infotainment that people mistake as actual news genres? At least talent shows are relatively harmless.

  • Adolfo

    The only taste Ken has is the taste in his mouth. The show was awesome. I’m happy to see an original show that is truely about the voice. It’s not a beauty contest it’s all about the art. Great job NBC!

    • Ted

      I couldn’t agree more. Ken had clearly decided to trash the show before he even saw it. I am completely over Idol and LOVED The Voice. The opening version of “Crazy” with all four judges was great (they need to release it on iTunes). And Javier alone was more talented than anyone on Idol. The judges were funny and the pacing was sharp. I hope the show lasts…

      • Mitch

        Yup. This moron started with an agenda, then wrote his terrible review to support that agenda, and NOT the content of the show. This just shows that this dude is a terrrrrrible writer, and shouldn’t be paid any mind.

        Funny that this is literally the only negative review throughout the entire media right now. Just a pressed old man with an agenda.

        Get a life.

      • Anna

        “This moron started with an agenda, then wrote his terrible review to support that agenda,”
        I think that’s exactly what he did for the Oscar too. He was also the only critic from a major outlet to praise the show. He probably writes a template beforehand and fills in the gaps as he watches the show.

      • mandyreeves

        I like this show already!!! very fun….first I had reservations, but now that I see how it works, it’s awesome!!!

      • Kate

        I decided to give this show a shot mostly because I love CeeLo (who doesn’t love CeeLo?) and it was good. I wasn’t blown away but I watched the whole thing and will definitely tune in next week. 2 hours was a bit much but overall, I’m giving it a chance.

      • Chris

        Maybe Paul Reiser is Ken’s ghost writer?

      • CC

        Agree with all of you

      • Dorimifah Solatido

        Hope of all of you die with festering boils.

      • Pillow Pants

        Did someone forget to take their anti-crazy meds today?

        I’m not even that angry that my step-kid is being kept home from school by the stupid side to watch that royal wedding because it’s “sooo important.” Get a grip Dori, and buy some tums in the mean time before those angst-induced stomach ulcers eat you from the inside out.

      • Michelle

        I agree; Ken Tucker decided to hate the show without really watching it. He doesn’t seem t understand that the fact that they have to choose based on voices and not looks means that people who never would have made it through the first Idol audition – especially women – are making it to the next round of this show. That’s a step in the right direction.

  • Christine

    I’m not sure what there is not to like about this show. The singers are most talented than the singers have been on American Idol over the last few seasons, and I actually enjoyed the judges. These are people with actual musical talent, so I think there is a level of respect there that’s also been missing from Idol in the past few years. I’ll definitely be checking it out again!

    • SallyinChicago

      You realize the singers on AI are not “professionals” like they are on the Voice. Frenchie, for one has been on Broadway. I’m surprised she’s still kicking around. And she hasn’t lost the weight (like JenHud and Mandisa).

      • Jae

        There are tons of “pros” who audition for idol. The only requirement is that they can’t currently have a contract.

      • Grits

        Since when has Mandisa lost weight?!!!! Lol

      • Nikki

        @Grits: She has lost over 75 pounds

      • DiMi

        Sally. You are too ignorant to understand that the point of the show is to focus on the singers’ VOICES, not their looks or their weight. Frenchie has a great voice. No wonder you hated the show; you are too shallow and superficial to understand the importance of talent.

    • jrs

      What’s not to like? I’ll give you two words…”Carson” and “Daly”

      • meg

        Did you even watch the show?! Carson Daly had about 15 minutes of screen time out of the whole 2. Hour premiere. And he’s certainly not as obnoxious and useless as other hosts of similar shows.

      • Valley Girl

        I am not an AI fan and was actually pleasantly surprised with “The Voice,” contestants Xenia and Javier Colon my faves so far. The coaches’ chemistry was nice – I actually cracked up a few times. Re: Daly, he has credibility when it comes to music, having been a DJ before MTV/TRL. Love the music picks on his show…

    • Amy

      What’s not to like? What about the fact that the show clearly cares more about the judges – the celebrities – than the contestants? Is there actually a contestant that you actually remember (and Frenchie Davis doesn’t count)? My main issue with The Voice, aside from the fact that it just felt corny and boring, is that the concept of the voice being the only thing that matters for a singer is false. If that’s all that matters, then it would be a lot easier to be successful. Factors like stage presence, personality, creativity and just plain old passion are just as important as being able to hit the notes, no matter how much they try to pretend otherwise.

  • kj

    I actually really enjoyed it and I usually can’t stand American Idol type shows. The talent was really great and it got straight down to business rather than drawing it out with terrible singers for comedic purposes. The coaches were all really great too and had some really funny chemistry together. I’ll definitely be watching every week.

  • JillZ

    …umm, so, Ken, tell us how you really feel…

    I came in a half hour late, but I liked it. I liked the celebs. Not sure how far any of the contestants will go, but I’m willing to catch the next episode to see what happens.

    You are right, though, about the “gimmick” of the chairs. While I liked it as a concept of just hearing the voice, now what?

  • Geya

    Why are you so serious??? Enjoy life a bit! Duh!!! TheVoice#1 :P

  • Molly

    Looked bad to me since I first saw a commercial. Everything about this show screams corny rip-off of every freaking reality competition of television nowadays. NBC is just trying to make money off of an already crowded market of singing competitions.

    • CMO

      Molly, did you watch the show? This show was nothing like AI. I really like the interactive portion where they don’t allow the viewer to see the contestant.

    • Zakry

      No she didn’t. She saw a *commercial* and formed an opinion from that!

    • anonymous

      You do realize that NONE of the talent shows on right now are original right?? They are all reworkings of shows that have been on in other countries. And yes it is NOTHING like AI, no cannon fodder, no stupid bad auditions, no manipulative backstories….just singing.

      • @anonymous

        Uh, no manipulative backstories? Okay…right.

    • Jillcool

      I would have to say that if I only saw the commercials, I would think the show was terrible too but I watched the show and was pleasantly surprised. I still watch Idol but I think this may have won me over, especially if the show continues to have the light feel to it that I saw last night.

      • Kadir

        I’ll be honest…when Disney necounand this attraction, I already felt the franchise was coming down from it’s peak. Then I thought Maybe they’ll just do a quick and cheap theatre experience, something to open up that old Superstar TV space. But they sank all sorts of money into the stage, and infrastructure, and I just felt the park was lassoing itself to a dying franchise to try and gin up tween interest.Just gut the AI and Sounds Dangerous theatres and put SOMETHING WORTHWHILE there, already. Disney backed the wrong horse, but it’s salvageable. They’ve got some prime park real estate there, just use it. Warbling park-goers doesn’t do it for many people…get something GOOD.

      • Bruna

        let the judges ,judge the atntesocnt its easy to say a word than to prove it , just enjoy the show while watching; they say when the show is in high ratings someones want it to down the show “thats you call crab mentality” hi jenny they don’t know you so means they don’t have the right to judge you why she looking at the atntesocnt of course you can’t judge while your eyes is close hmmm something wrong with those detractor of jenny, i love the show go jenny you doing great hope you come here in philippines sing for us!!!!

    • Shumway

      Posted on Very interesting topic , rdrgaes for putting up. There are several good protections against temptations, but the surest is cowardice. by Mark Twain.

  • john t.

    did you really just use “shaddup?”

  • Chris

    I switched over from “Glee” and watched the whole two hours. I thought some of the talent (the contestants) were fantastic, a couple of them were light years ahead of anyone who’s been on “American Idol” the past several years, especially Javier Colon. I found the coaches to be personable and a much more effective use of star power than Steven Tyler and (especially) Jennifer Lopez, although Christina did her best Paula/Kara/J-Lo impression a few times.

    This kind of show obviously isn’t Ken’s joint, but I found it a nice alternative to not just “American Idol,” but “Glee” as well, which is slowly sinking in quality.

    And I’m not sure how Frenchie Davis’ appearance could be called a “surprise” when it’s been all over entertainment news sites (such as this one) for weeks now.

    • CSS

      I had the same thought about Christina. I enjoyed it, although partially for the sociological experiment of watching the reaction to the looks. (“Crap, we should have picked the hot Indian chick.” “You’re a funky black guy – you’re obviously going to pick Cee-Lo.”) They seemed to be playing into the stereotypes they were trying to dispel at points.

      • Scarlett

        I liked the show but the “we don’t care about looks” schtick was dispelled the moment the chairs swiveled around and they got a look at what they’d either missed (Indian chick) or picked (Frenchie). It was written all over their faces.

      • Islandguy

        It seemed to me that the show hinted that they may bring back a small few of those who weren’t picked. I wouldn’t be surprised if the East Indian girl came back.

    • Rachel

      Me TOO! i was disappointed in Glee so I didn’t watch the last half hour and I dont regret it. My TV on Tuesdays nights will now be on NBC!

      • Yaren

        just end the show. Without a Simon like presence Tim Curry, Piers Morgan or oomesne like that it has no anchor. Lopez’s career has sagged because she is just not likeable. Either keep it going with poor judges and watch the ratings sag or just put an end to it 10 seasons is enough isnt it?

  • TaMara

    Maybe I’m not jaded because I watch a few episodes of DWTS and not much else reality tv, but I really liked it. Loved Levine. Liked all the judges and their comments. But for me it was virgin territory, so I had limited expectations.

  • Frank

    I disagree with the review. I enjoyed seeing the celeb’s faces when they say the singers and also watching them try to decide if they will hit the button or not. It would have also been funny to see how the celebs would have reacted to some truly terrible auditions if there had been any.

  • lc

    I thought it was fun. Not groundbreaking tv, but entertaining enough.

    • Big Walt

      I love how Ken whines about NBC’s promos yet every time I click a link on ew.com it takes everything but the banner ad at the top of the page 30 seconds to load.

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