'The Good Wife' recap: Alicia learned way more than she wanted to know: UPDATED

It occurred to me watching The Good Wife this week that, if the show wasn’t so carefully plotted and acted with such meticulous control, its legal scenes could spin off into crazy-wacky David E. Kelly, Boston Legal/Ally McBeal-ville. As they say on Spike TV’s Ultimate Fighter, it’s all in the execution.

Take, for instance, this week’s episode, titled “Foreign Affairs.” Lockhart/Gardner represented a small drilling contractor involved in a dispute with an oil conglomerate over a South American project. The plot worked in the return of America Ferrera’s Natalie Flores as a crucial Spanish-language interpreter of both legal documents and the rantings of no one less than Hugo Chavez, seen only from the chest down via video-conference calls. Chavez was played for broad laughs, interspersing cavalier changes in the law with out-of-nowhere pleas for an Oscar for Courtney Love (“Where is her Academy Award — where?”).

Adding to the silliness was Fred Dalton Thompson, playing Frank Thomas, a Fred Dalton Thompson-like lawyer-turned-actor who uses his fame as a TV attorney to curry favor with clients and the recurring judge played by SNL‘s Ana Gasteyer (she’s Judge Lessner, the “In my opinion” judge).

At Peter Florrick election headquarters, Eli Gold could almost taste victory — if only Alicia would agree to a TV interview, he figured he’d pull ahead of that one-point margin his candidate had. So Alicia relented, sitting down with the real Erica Hill, who probably never thought she’d be on TV asking someone how she felt about her husband sleeping with another woman 18 times.

Alicia was being pestered by Andrew Wiley, the bloodhound in a hoodie. He was still after the contents of the two missing pages in Kalinda’s state’s-attorney interview transcript.

I loved the way the show took what could have been a trite shot — Alicia in the voting booth — and made it pay off as a mini-culmination of the season.

The pay-off for this hour — the sight of a devastated, tearful Alicia staggering away from the news of this deep double betrayal — off-sets some of the dramatic illogic, or what I perceive to be so.

What sticks in my craw is this: Wiley gave Alicia the opportunity to decline to hear the rumor about Peter’s indiscretion. Why wouldn’t a woman as quick-thinking as Alicia not say, “You know what, don’t even tell me — there are always rumors, and I don’t need another one taking up room in my head”?

But with that moment, a moment in which as soon as she hears it was Kalinda who dallied with Peter and she knows in her bones, in her heart, that this is truth, not rumor, The Good Wife entered a new phase. From this point on, it’s an Alicia without any illusions about the past, perhaps beset by doubts about her instincts (she must be wondering how she could have befriended Kalinda and not sensed anything from either Kalinda or Peter), and flexing the new muscles she’s developed over the past months for dealing with body-and-soul blows like this.

Does the good wife now become the avenging wife?

What did you think of this week’s Good Wife, its legal plot and the final scenes?

UPDATE: Or maybe a postscript, or a new line of thought: A colleague and some of you commenting below have raised a good question. How did Wiley know that Kalinda is Lela, if he didn’t have access to the two crucial pages? I thought it was because he figured it out from — or it was just spelled out in — the rest of Blake’s testimony. But are these the same interview notes that Blake gave to the ADA, and in turn were related to Carey? They might not be the missing pages from the report.

Is that how you interpreted it? Or is this a devious move on Wiley’s part to have guessed the Kalinda/Lela unity and is trying to get Alicia’s reaction and (for all he knows) a confirmation?

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  • Sarah C

    It’s HUGO Chavez, btw.

    • Sarah

      I was just about to post this. So happy the first person did!

    • Carol

      Honest to Christ, do they have NO EDITORS at this site?????

      • Mole

        The editor obviously works normal daytime hours and thus will fix a 2am post by 8am the next morning. Sorry that your midnight read was ruined by a name mix-up.

      • JJ

        Oh, my God. Enough, already. Talk about the show. I didn’t come here to read about you people flipping out about an error.

      • Jen

        Seriously, why don’t we comment on something more important, like the fact that this was the worst episode yet. The Chavez subplot was stupid and seemed to exist only to get America Ferrera’s story arc finished.

        The ending was good, though.

    • Rock Golf

      Hugo your way, I’ll go mine.

      • Steph

        Haha, clever @ Rock Golf:)

    • KayKay

      Love love love the Good Wife. I can’t wait to see it every week. Feel bad for Kalinda and Alicia.

      • Lily

        x 2

  • Orac

    Hugo Chavez. President of Venezuela…. Cesar Chavez was a labor activist in California.

    • Rock Golf

      Even worse, the writer then made a bowl of Hugo salad.

      • Ace

        Hehe. Awesome. What exactly is in a Hugo salad, do you think?

      • cat

        Lots of nuts….

  • K S

    wow…confusing Hugo with Cesar..do they all look/sound alike Ken?

    • Caboat

      Mistakes can happen.

      • Yo

        Yes, these are pretty quickly written to be timely.

    • kathi

      go pick on the neighbors, the poor guy posted this at 2:06 a.m.! this was the first thing i looked forward to reading today, and it starts with nit pickers! booo.

      • Tina

        Agree! I couldn’t wait for Ken Tucker’s article, because it was a great show last night…that’s what I want to talk about…not editors and mistakes.

      • bobbi

        I agree. On with the comments.

    • DiMi

      usually i’m not with the error police but mixing up hugo and cesar chavez is AWFUL!!!! It’s more than a typo; it’s an insult.

  • Smarts

    I loved it tonight but also questioned why Andrew Wiley would go all the way down to the election night party to tell Alicia something horrible like that (I mean, he DID know Leia is Kalinda, right?)

    • Orac

      Apparently he didn’t. He said he could find no evidence Leila existed. I think Wiley felt he was doing Alicia a favor by clearing everything up for her. If you’ve ever dealt with a crusader-type you’d find this believable.

      • George

        Wiley doesnt know Kalinda and Leelah are the same, i believe Kalinda changed her name before working on the DA Office. and that’s why there are no employment records under her previous name. what i dont get is that if Wiley was so smart to get the Peter/Leelah affair from the early draft notes of the interview.. and he knows the interview was started due to the DA’s case against Kalinda, he could have inferred that Leelah and Kalinda are the same, and research that connection.. or at least assume they are both connected.
        a last thought, as fan of Alicia as I am, i saw it as too cruel of Wiley to keep harrasing her regarding information that it was obvious no matter who Leelah is, it would hurt Alicia. He could have pursue other interviews inside the DA’s with people who work there under Peter, or interview Peter or Kalinda, but it seems that he was drilling Alicia as hard as a detective would drill a suspect of a very criminal act. it came out as insensitive and unnecessary.

      • Karen

        @George: In an earlier episode they said that Peter helped Kalinda change her name and clean up her past history. There is also the scene last week where Peter and Kalinda sat down and talked about it.

      • KD

        I agree. I think Wiley is one of those pure-hearted people who has to follow through to the ultimate conclusion because it’s “right.” He went down to apologize to Alicia and didn’t know that in telling her there was no one named “Lela” at the office that he was dropping the biggest bombshell of all. Of course he could TELL that there was something off as soon as she hesitated at the mention of the name… I don’t think until that moment he thought there was anything to the info at all. Maybe now he’ll continue pushing… who knows?

      • Gwen

        George, Khalinda changed her name AT the DA’s office. That is how she and Peter became involved. I was wondering how Alicia knew but apparently either Peter or Khalinda told her about the name change. I may have to go back and watch earlier eps to see if that was a throw away line that was really important after all. Is it my imagination or is the actor playing Wiley channeling some Michael J Fox mannerisms? I keep getting the feeling of watching MJF before the Parkinsons got so bad.

      • heatherc

        I agree – I don’t think he was baiting Alicia. He didn’t get the Lela/Khalinda connection but Alicia did immediately.

      • Angie

        Blake called Kalinda Leela in front of Alicia awhile back, and Alicia asked Kalinda why.

      • alainna

        well maybe he told her that to make her feel better, like it was a completely made up rumor

      • Telly

        @Gwen, Alicia knew that Leela was Kalinda because Blake mentioned it to her, mentioned Kalinda but used “Leela” instead. Later she asked Kalinda about why Blake referred to her as Leela. She said Blake said it to her as if he was sending some kind of message. I don’t remember the exact episode, I’m pretty sure it’s the one where she smashed up his car with a baseball bat. But that’s how Alicia knew right away that Kalinda was Leela.

      • Olivia Lyons

        Angie, on what episode did blake called Kalinda “leila” in front of Alicia?

      • Stef

        I don’t think he went to apologize at all. This guy is obsessed with getting to the truth and he was still digging.
        I think that he wanted to see if the name “Leela” rang any bells with Alicia, and he got the reaction he was hoping for.

    • hannah

      How would he even get into that party? Wouldn’t it be private?

      • Sina

        I would believe he could get into that party. He is a very good PI. If he could get the info from that interview than I can beleive he can get into that party. I do believe he thought he was doing Alicia a favor by letting her know that Blake was just trying to start a rumor and that Peter didn’t cheat on her. If a woman has been cheated on and the whole world knows, he might have thought let me show her that her husband isn’t all that bad. But it was a great, GREAT reveal. I wouldn’t have guessed that it would have happened at the party.

      • Megan

        Agreed that Wiley is a good PI and could therefore get into the party. On the same token, a good PI would be able to recognize that Leela and Kalinda were one and the same. Surely if he could piece together the “rumor” that Blake cam up with, he would have been able to figure out that Peter helped Kalinda to change her identity. I had been under the impression that Kalinda first worked at the SA’s office as Leela and then, with Peter’s help, changed her name to Kalinda. If this were the case, there would have been payroll evidence or something to show that Leela did work at the SA office at one time. I love the show but found the reveal quite confusing, albeit dramatic.

      • Sally

        Anyone can get into those parties (I’ve been to those parties); it’s for the supporters of the candidate. Hi, I’m a Peter Florrick supporter. Great. Have a glass of champagne.

      • Joe

        It doesn’t matter how he got in. He got in. Move on. He’s a detective; it’s his job to sneak into places.

      • margaret

        I wondered the same thing….I agree with other posters he could get in but looking like that? A disheveled sloppy guy? It would have been more believable if he had cleaned up a bit, maybe threw a decent jacket on. It looked like the party was in a hotel suite where someone would be manning the door not a big open auditorium where anyone could just walk in.

      • kathi

        he is an amalgam of mjf and colombo!

    • Strepsi

      I loved it too — it brought the show full circle to its premise, of “who are these smiling women who stand beside these awful philandering politicians?” It had been getting into a purely legal soap, but his brought the whole thing back to episode 1. Nice. Loved the last shot of Alicia. Plus, Kalinda is a fantastic actress.

      • Mark

        I loved that last scene with Alicia too. It reminded me that even with all the great things we love about this show – the brilliant writing, the superb interweaving plot twists that always keep us on our toes, the finest dramatic ensemble on TV who all get their moments to shine – the bottom line is, without Julianna Marguelise, TGW would not be must-see TV.

      • kathi

        it was full circle indeed. alicia, alone in the hallway…well done.

      • Catherine

        That last scene was a powerful piece of acting. I really wanted to throw up, I felt so bad for her.

      • bobbi

        The last piece of action with Alicia in the hallway crying; I was in tears for her. great acting.

      • scrutinizer

        that last scene of alicia’s should get her an emmy this year. so much was said in her eyes as she staggered down that hallway!

      • DiMi

        Julianna Margulies is my LEAST favorite part of the show, but the hallway scene was excellent. I loved it that she was grieving over losing the friendship of Kalinda as much as over her husband being a floozy again.

      • Ben

        If your point is that the show in general is great, why would it not be must-see even without the fantastic Juliana Margulies?

      • PatIowa

        The last scene, made me think about Juliana’s character on ER….she plays these so well, I thought, man, she can’t ever get a break no matter what show she is in! Oh, I want Eli to be MY campaign manager by the way! He is amazing!

    • TaMara

      The party didn’t bother me half as much as Wiley’s persistence. What is his motivation. I just didn’t buy it. Really made the whole reveal less than it could have been. Regardless – best network show on tv

      • Joe

        What is his motivation? He works for Glen Childs, for God’s sake. We already know Glen Childs would be happy to take Peter down in any way possible.

      • Julie

        @Mark, thank you for your intelligent, well written, insightful post. This is the first time I’ve happened upon a site like this because I was looking on ask.com about the Leila/Kalinda connection (which I now understand!)and I can’t believe the number of senseless posts regarding a misused word in a previous post or how in the hell Wiley got into Peter’s party dressed the way he was. So thanks to you and everyone who commented in your thread, and I think it was a great episode with a climactic ending and I can’t wait to see what happens next. By the way, Wasn’t Carey “acting” like he didn’t want Alicia to find out about Peter and Kalinda because he didn’t want to see her hurt? In truth he will be thrilled, won’t he? Isn’t there still some animosity between he and Alicia?

      • DiMi

        I agree. Why is Wiley such a psycho-stalker? Doesn’t he have a baby to raise? I would have bought it if he were a journalist trying to get a story, but not just a detective for a candidate who had withdrawn.

        They need to explain why he was stalking her like that.

      • Emma

        Think back to WHO brought Wiley in – remember the episode when Carey went to the playcentre and got him “out of retirement”??

        I did puzzle it for a while as Wiley is a kinda likeable character and he could be looking out for Alicia. Upon reflection though I think he was hounding her for info/reaction. And he got it!

        All part of the reasons why this show is sooo fantastic. Trying to get underneath the layers as to who is looking out for/against who. Just needs to watch too many layers don’t build up and it ends up being like bloody Lost!

    • JillAmerican

      I think Wiley is just trying to figure out the truth. Poking around Alicia.

    • Sarah

      Im sure he just wanted to see her reaction!!

      • Dana

        I agree with JillAmerican & Sarah. Wiley was baiting Alicia. He even kept at her as she walked out of the room…”Who is Leila? Do you know who that is?” He’s still digging for Chiles. He didn’t go there just to inform Alicia. He went for information.

      • puritangurl

        Agreed. He wasn’t doing Alicia a “favor,” he was hoping Alicia would have a reaction to the name “Leela.” But I’m at a loss as to why–Childs is out, the election is over and a stunt like this is not going to get him more part-time employment with the new DA. Wiley’s motive is illogical; it would be nice if they gave us a reason for his obsession.

      • loveTGW

        I think that Childs sent Wiley on this quest after Alicia with the Kalinda information. Since the democratic party is already posturing Peter for the Senate, I think Childs is jealous and wants him to be seen by the public as unworthy. What better way to do this than by leading the public to believe that his wife has been cheated on again after she so valiantly stayed with him after his previous transgressions because she will surely divorce Peter this time. This would allow Childs to run for Senate or at least have the satisfaction of knowing he ruined Peter’s chances.

      • Angela

        Alicia backing Peter was for the win of the election Childs was hoping this came out sooner so that it would hurt peters chances…it didnt but will now possibly hurt his next election depending on what Alicia does…I am guessing she will run into someone elses arms….you know who!

      • Madge

        You couldn’t pay me to igrnoe these posts!

    • elena

      I agree, that bothered me too. why would he go all the way down there ON ELECTION NIGHT to confirm a rumor? Very wierd. Couldn’t it have waited until the next day? Bec. at this point using the info to destroy Peter’s campaign is moot. It seemed an uncharacteristically illogical plot point to me.

      • L

        The campaign is over, but Childs can still destroy Peter.

  • Orac

    Now, on to the actual show. There were so many examples of Alicia at the top of her game. She really is good at her job. And her acknowledgement that things can’t go back to the way they were with Peter… in fact, there was less “acting” in that interview than Eli would have believed. That’s what made the final moments so difficult to take. Where does she go now? Nice of Kalinda to set up Will as the one for her to lean on…

    • Carol

      I think Kalinda did that so that Alicia would fall into his arms, relieving her of a little of her guilt.

      • Sina

        Exactly! Kalinda might be Alicia’s friend but she is still a schemer. If Alicia and Will hooks up, than it will make her feel less guilty.

      • Jill

        And all I came away from the episode was thinking, “My God, Kalinda really is a maniuplative bitch.” I don’t have the balls to directly tell my “friend” I slept with her husband, even lied to her in the past point blank about it, but I’ll tell Will to tell Alicia he thinks Alicia is fantastic, so that will clear it all up.
        NO!! NO!! NO!! Kalinda shouldn’t get to clear her conscience that way or at all, especially when the Kings basically said in an interview that Kalinda became Alicia’s friend more out of guilt than anything. Ugh!

    • KwadGuy

      Yeah, the question definitely is: Where does this take the show? Alicia had already come to terms with Peter sleeping with the prostitute many times. A reasonable assumption would be that he probably had other dalliances. The key is not that he did; the key is the betrayal by the person who is probably her closest day-to-day friend. I don’t think she’ll be able to put it behind her. I really don’t want to see her falling into Will’s arms (and we’ve already seen that Will comes with his own–not yet enumerated–dirty baggage). If Felicia leaves her husband for good, that would seem to be a stake in the heart for the Senatorial campaign, which would be bad because I think that would have to be the effective end of the Eli character as part of the core of the show, and Eli is so fantastic. I know the Chavez stuff was played for laughs, but I found it distracting, to be honest. Fred Thompson as Fred Thompson was funny, though, of course, since Law & Order is a NBC show, the whole “is that…” thing was played without ever mentioning names or shows.

      • kathi

        peter is a house of cards, imho. alicia has gained respect and a measure of empathy that could be used to launch a successful campaign. surely, eli gold admires alicia more than he ever expected. alicia will not crumble in will’s arms, but she may wilt a little for all of us who need that romantic fix. also, i believe kalinda is truly remorseful. is there more to that story?

      • maryb889

        @KwadGuy: Didn’t someone mention how much everyone liked Alicia and Eli getting a look like maybe it wasn’t Peter who should run for Senate but her? Intersting … pitting Alicia against Peter for the nomination …

        That’s why I love this show … all sorts of ways it can go!!!

      • ChrisB

        Yeah, I think Alicia was hurt more by the fact that it was Kalinda.

      • JillAmerican

        I wasn’t convinced it was true about Kalinda and Peter, thought it might have been some other secret but I guess not.
        Alicia and Will getting together would be boring as he is just another snake.
        Now, Alicia running for the Senate, yes, that would be interesting! Diane might already have that in the works too – it was she that gave her the afternoon off remember.

      • thefixer

        To Kwadguy:

        Who is Felicia?

  • Jeannie

    Great ep. It was interesting trying to follow the twists of the case … but most of all, I wanted to know if Alicia would find out this episode. I can’t help but think how telling it was that she couldn’t find her husband before the announcement of his victory was made. And how the heck did Wiley find out that tidbit of info?

    Great (and very sad) closing shot … I hope it’s a sign of serious change ahead.

    Kudos to Julianne for a great performance throughout. Still rooting for a Will and Alicia union — it would make for interesting drama.

    The only thing that bothers me now, is having to wait until May 3rd for the next ep. and to see how Alicia reacts and copes with this news.

    • kathi

      how peculiar was not ever seeing peter’s presence during the celebration? alicia, alone…kids together…peter absent. foreshadowing..

      • David D

        Well, Chris Noth is on Broadway in “That Championship Season,” so I suspect his schedule prevented him from making a cameo — I’m sure we’ll see him when it counts.

      • Catherine

        It was weird that he wasn’t on. I thought they might take things in another direction, and have Alicia go look for him and find him in a hotel room with a new prostitute!

      • Ellen

        Maybe Peter will turn up dead or better yet, in a coma, and Alicia will fill his seat… She can’t divorce him if he’s in a coma…they have alluded to how good she would do as a politician… She’ll probably not want to be at the law firm if Kalinda is there – she could take Natalie with her… just sayin’ :)

      • Sue1

        It was very odd not to see Peter at all, I wonder why they didn’t somehow try to accommodate his Broadway appearance. Even a shot of him on a television screen….oh well. The episode was excellent, with Alicia’s emotion betrayal a stand out scene.

      • Ron

        Yeah but the show is shot in NYC so I would think they would have had him appear at some point.

      • JerseyGirl

        It did surprise me that Chris Noth couldn’t get away from Broadway for at least a short scene at his victory party.

      • bw

        The absence of Peter/Chris Noth is very distracting and also odd. Maybe the producers didn’t sign him to a contract… and he’s gone for good. It’s very odd that Noth couldn’t have filmed a small cameo for the episode. Noth’s absence always “breaks the fourth wall” for me.

    • SG

      May 3? NNNOOOO!

  • MIKE

    I’m not a big fan of Fred Thomson politically, but it sure looked he was having fun in the role he played tonight, which made it fun to watch. As for Alicia’s reactions to hearing about Kalinda and Peter, I think she’ll get over it. Hope so, anyway.

    • Dorothy

      I totally agree. It was odd but he was really funny and charming on the show, something I think he lacked of on the campaign trail.

      • Orac

        He had better writers on the show. Never mistake the performance for the real candidate…

    • Yo

      I couldn’t stop looking at his new white teeth; it was like someone who has their lips done, very distracting. I wasn’t that happy with this episode, thinking it veered off into over-the-top-land. I never thought Alicia was fragile enough to burst into tears and she really had been through too much to do that. Once a person gets tough, they get tough.

      • lesliemd

        So, once a person gets tough, they never get to cry again? That’s pretty tough.

        This woman has been through so much, and probably thought she had weathered the worst. Then she is hit with the news that her best friend she met on her own, without being part of a couple, has slept with her husband. If it had just been some other anonymous bimbo, it might have rolled off her shoulders. But this is her friend, HER friend, and that’s a betrayal that is the last straw.

        She earned that big cry.

      • AltDave

        Exactly, Leslie. Alicia had to suspect that the prostitute was not Peter’s only dalliance, but discovering that her best friend bedded him (although Kalinda didn’t know her at the time) would be absolutely devastating. The tears were over Kalinda, not Peter.

      • Sue

        Exactly – she was devestated about the news regarding her friend, a friend that she thought was part of her new life, not her old one. She’s not made of stone.

      • Sue

        Sorry – devastated.

      • Orac

        Don’t forget that Alicia had already asked Kalinda if she slept with Peter (last season) and Kalinda lied to her about it.

      • Ron

        Of course she is fragile enough to burst into tears. Anyone is. Especially when she’s on a high both personally and professionally to then receive that type of news was a new and different type of betrayal.

      • elena

        also I was thinking when Alicia was looking at the new house and seemed to be possibly considering buying it, and then later when she said in the interview that she had forgiven Peter, that it was like she’d convinced herself that the worst was finally over and she’d survived and she and Peter would be ok. so then when the news about kalinda came and it crushed her even more bec. she’d just started to hope again that things were going to be ok and that public life for her would cease to be one long humiliation and possibly contain some triumph. but now it’s back to being umiliation.

    • Rock Golf

      How did EW get Hugo & Cesar Chavez confused but find the name of the character Fred Thompson was playing? I don’t think it was mentioned once in the show and I was listening for it.

      • Orac

        He introduced himself to Will when he first showed up. How did you miss that? (Cut Ken some slack…for a lot of people Cesar Chavez is the more famous of the two and mistakes happen.)

  • Dessa

    I hadn’t realized how invested I was in Alicia; I was crying right along with her. Devastated. What will she do now? IMO: She will wait and watch, not confront either Kalinda or Peter right away; but Kalinda will KNOW that Alicia knows and jump into the fray. “I didn’t know you then.” I think Alicia will leave Peter for a while. Has she really changed, become tougher & stronger? I think she’ll have to figure that out. I can’t wait to find out what really does happen. Holding my breath.

    • towanda

      Dessa I agree w/ you. I will add that I think she will somehow be with Will if just for a moment or very briefly. Alicia will feel guilty, think it over and return to her marriage and family. How about her working for MJF as his partner to get away from Kalinda and Will. Now that would be something to see!!!

    • mood

      Kalinda has never said she slept with Peter, not even to Kerry. I think there’s something else the two of them are hiding.

      • solly

        kalinda did tell carey when they were walking down the street that “it was just one night” when he asked her about it. this was when carey asked kalinda to tell alicia to talk to peter about keeping him at the state’s atty’s office BEFORE she told alicia about her night w/ peter.

      • tasha

        I agree…I believe there is more to it…Khalinda is a girl with lots of secrets and I believe she genuinely loves Alicia…I think the story is bigger.There is a larger story than her and Peter sleeping together once!

    • Dana

      I cried a little, too. The scene of her walking down the hall knocked the breath out of me, even though I knew the reveal was coming. Julianna is phenomenal. Give her an Emmy.

  • Tucker

    I’m kinda getting a crush on the Natalie character. Any chance they’ll bring America Ferrera on next season?

    • maryb889

      I hope so. Add that to @Trenton’s comment about Alicia leaving LG and starting her own firm w/Cary (and Glenn???) and you have a very interesting story moving forward.

    • DiMi

      1. I have a crush on ELI!! My covert heterosexism took a well-deserved beating because I didn’t realize that Alan Cumming, whom I always think of as gay, even when he is playing a straight man – could so convincingly play that kind of a wackadoodle straight guy.

      2. I have a crush on Eli WITH Natalie. I usually hate seeing that much of an age difference – it just grosses me out – but I find them adorable together. So there’s another preconception busted.

      3. When Natalie said she was leaving I was like, “Noooooo,Natalie, don’t goooo! What about Eliiiiiiii? He neeeeeeeeeds you!!” So, yeah, I’m a little too invested in this show

      • Sophie

        i am the same way–just got into the show b/c i saw an eli/natalie scene while flipping channels: loooved them together. loved eli’s lovesick, bewildered, adorably romantic wooing of her. Yea Alan & America!!! Great work; so sweet, so swooney… PLEASE bring her back permanently; she totally fits in the show. Great show, glad I found it. (They better not even THINK of canceling it…

  • Trenton

    I think Alicia is definitely leaving LG, she won’t want to work w/ Kalinda. I could see her joining up with Glenn Childs and Cary to form a firm of their own.

    • Trenton

      O, and Peter just lost the Senate bid now that Alicia has a nice little – o no you didn’t sleep w/ another woman and lie to me about it- card to play

      • JayJ

        You are so right. Unless, being the good wife she is, she just divorces him without it all coming out.

      • Catherine

        And how bad does it suck that you know she did NOT want to do that interview? And then she sucked it up and did it, and then got betrayed AGAIN.

      • Flyer

        I thought it was interesting that Alicia didn’t really do the interview for Peter. She did it for ELI, as penance for unfairly thinking ill of him. Has anyone seen the 1995 BBC miniseries “The Politican’s Wife”? Juliet Stevenson plays a very Alicia-like character who discovers not only that her politician husband cheated on her, but also that party leaders, including her own father, helped cover it up for as long as possible. I won’t spoil the ending (which is really clever and satisfying), but “The Good Wife” might follow along similar lines. The suggestion that Alicia could eventually run for office isn’t so far-fetched. As has been pointed out numerous times on the show, people LIKE her. This kind of plot would give the writers a reason to keep Eli around as well.

    • Rinacres

      Don’t forget the Michael J. Fox character offered her a job at his law firm. Maybe both her and Cary will go join him.

      • LW

        Michael J. Fox and America Ferrera are both well-liked actors. Perhaps they really will try to work them into next season as partners for Alicia.

      • Caren

        I would love to go see a shake up like that….will Alicia forgive Peter or no?

      • Tony.PDX

        Alicia was also offered a job by the Rita Wilson character…

    • Girly36

      A firm with Cary and Glenn!?! I don’t that would happen. Glenn is the one who exposed her family to this crap. And Cary acted like spoiled child when Alicia was chosen over him at LG.

      If she leaves she’s go work for Louis Canning (Mike J. Fox)at his new firm.

      • Girly36

        Edit: I don’t think that wil happen.

      • kathi

        she will forgive. but she will not stay in the marriage. he is not a ‘good husband’….

  • Dorothy

    The last scene was heartbreaking. Julianna deserves an Emmy already, she was so good in this episode. What was so beautifully tragic about her finding out was that, the old Alicia (the naive Alicia) would want to know what the rumor was but the new Alicia wouldn’t have. GAH, I can’t wait until May 3rd to find out what happens…

    • Tiffany

      I agree, that last scene alone should guarantee her the award this season. You never saw her crack or cry with the other woman, but her friend, that one stung. Also, there were times that I was distracted last night because the hair departments total disrespect of Julianna’s wig. The woman has beautiful hair, why is she wearing this wig. The episode was not one of the strongest but at the end I was, ‘Oh My Damn, Oh…My…Dawn”, I did not see her founding out at the victory celebration.

      • Sue

        I don’t think it’s a wig – I think they straighten her hair and because it’s so thick and curly it takes a lot of hairspray etc. to control it. (Maybe straight hair is supposed to look more lawyerly?)

      • SG

        She also was in 3 different suits for her “afternoon off” and that confused me. Bad editing!

      • Phoebesnow

        Many women feel that very curly hair is not professional and so the go to great lengths to straighten their hair. I would love to see one scene of Alicia on vacation with her naturally curly hair.

  • Caboat

    May’s episode hopefully can wrap up these lines. Team Will!

    • Carol

      Team Will? Really? He’s so gross.

      • Mina

        TEAM WILL TOO!!
        You know what’s gross? Team Peter

      • Team Will 3

        I have always been Team Will and will continue to do so. For all I care about Peter, maybe he can just take Tammy off of Will’s hands. (Tammy is one actress who just can’t act – not even in Twilight, and that is saying something!)

    • maryb889

      Team Glenn Childs! Okay, maybe not but anyone is better than Will OR Peter.

      • Mrs. Robinson

        Team Carey! That young boy needs an experienced woman like Alicia to show him what love is all about.

      • Team ELI!

        I think Alicia should team up with Eli and take the Senate seat the Dem party has waiting for Peter!

      • Jeannie

        lol … that’s funny! you had me going there for a split sec.

    • cowboysfan63

      Yes…..Team Will!

      • Nonna

        Team Will… I’ve always wanted her to hook up with Will, not just because Peter is a prick, but I’ve liked Will (Josh) since Dead Poet’s Society! Tammy can hook up with Peter. Alicia should choose her friendship with Kalinda over marriage with Peter! That would be awesome!

    • soz

      I’m jaded and find moral ambiguity appealing. Alicia deserves a little sumpin’ sumpin’, she should get to make mistakes too. These are mere excuses because mostly I just find Josh Charles dreamy. TEAM WILL!

      • Caren

        TEAM Will. Way better looking than NOTH IMO….

    • bobbi


      • salma

        Ok,I’m team Will too.

    • Maggie


    • Icigo

      I’ve been browsing lnoine more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all site owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be much more useful than ever before.

  • Jay J

    May 3rd?! I thought two weeks max! Booo.

  • Jobless

    They pulled it off this time, but like Ken said, they need to careful not to get too zany and outlandish with the cases in the show. This week’s was straddling the edge of believability to me. They can keep using their colorful guest stars, but they should keep the cases relatable. Just my two cents.

    • Orac

      Some of their cases are allegorical and some are ripped from the headlines. This one was a little of both. I think Chevron-Texaco are actually having a similar issue with Venezuela. It made for a good story just the same.

    • Jobless

      It wasn’t necessarily the topic of the case that rubbed me wrong, the whole idea of Hugo Chavez cracking jokes and making pop culture references on a video conference with the firm just felt a bit off and ultimately unnecessary to me.

      The show has such a fantastic cast, I don’t think they should be afraid to use some of the regulars a bit more.

      • Trenton

        Um, he is kinda “out-there.” He was at the UN calling the president ridiculous things. He is kinda known for being that way. Plus it was funny

      • Dana

        If you’ve ever heard Chavez or read any of his statements, he makes remarks like that. He’s celebrity driven. They weren’t off base.

    • fg

      I found myself laughing at “Hugo Chavez’s” comments but did feel like they belonged on another show. Was glad they gave Natalie something fun to do though.

    • elena

      agree. and where did that ridicule Chavez agenda come from? kinda out of the blue. they even made a point to align him with Ghaddafi. what’s up with that?

      • Orac

        That’s actually factual. Chavez and Gaddafi have met on several occasions. I think it’s safe to say that when dealing with real people the writers take extra care to portray them accurately. There have been other instances of this with other public figures on the show.

      • E

        The award he mentioned is real, too, and he did actually receive. Why he’d be proud of it is a whole other question…

  • Carol

    How does Alicia know Kalinda’s real name?

    • JC

      If I remember right (and I’ll say right now that my memory is not so wonderful), I think Blake had called her Leela where Alicia could hear…

      • Margo

        Yeah it was either Blake had asked Alicia about “Leela” or Alicia overheard him say it. Either way, she knew about the name and just shrugged it off as Blake being annoying and trying to take over as the head investigator because this reveal happened right at the beginning when Blake arrived and it seemed as if he was trying to take over Kalinda’s job.

      • Jay

        If my memory serves; Blake called Kalinda ‘Leila’ more than once in Alicia’s hearing – and I think I vaguely recall that at some point Alicia asked Kalinda who that was. Someone who has the DVD of season 1 should be able to clarify my (failing) memory).

    • htk

      Blake once referred to Kalinda as Leela in a conversation to Alicia.

    • htk

      Blake referred to Kalida as Leela in a conversation with Alicia

    • bobbi

      She knows kalinda is her real
      name because Blake has been calling Kalinda, Leela the whole season.In an earlier episode this season Alicia asked Kalinda why does blake keep
      calling you Leela

    • Callie

      Blake performed his “Leela – I mean, Kalinda” routine for Alicia once or twice, and Alicia asked her about it. Also, ahem – Will is not “gross.”

      • Kate

        Are we supposed to think that Kalinda became Kalinda before she worked at the SA’s office? Or that was how she got her job? I found this Leela to Kalinda thing confusing in terms of the timeline. The name change had to be a condition of her working there, or she’d be Leela to the SA’s office and Kalinda at SLG, and that seems a stretch in a legal community even if it is in a big city.

        Yes Callie, Will is def. not gross.

      • Megan

        Kate, I am infinitely confused about the timeline, too. Kalinda has numerous connections in law enforcement and in other arenas, and it would definitely have taken longer than two years for her to build those connections. PLUS, we would have to assume that in TGW-land, Alicia has been working at L/G for ~ one year now. That would have meant that if Kalinda slept with Peter right after changing her name, she only changed her name one year before meeting Alicia. This does not seem plausible based on the many allies that Kalinda has (e.g., the cops who all knew her by name in Season 1). As I mentioned in an earlier post, it seems that there should be payroll records linking “Leela” to the SA’s office as well. If Leela became Kalinda before becoming employed under Peter, then what motive would Peter have had for hiring a woman with a shady past who wanted to change her name? Certainly this is not a scenario that a politician would willingly enter into. I know that we should suspend our disbelief because this is just a TV show, but this show is so well written that gaps like these are surprising.

      • cowboysfan63

        Will is HOT!

      • E

        I think Kalinda must have come to Chicago using the alias Kalinda and Peter just helped make it legal – otherwise everyone at the SA’s office would know her by Leela. It wouldn’t be much of secret identity then! Definitely problematic, for all the reasons Megan has said.

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