'The View': Donald Trump has 'created more jobs' than Obama; Couric talks career change

On Tuesday morning’s The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck tried to change the conversation about Donald Trump’s ongoing birther obsession with President Obama by asserting that Trump would make a good candidate for President because he’s “created more jobs” than Obama.

In the ensuing hubbub (isn’t there always cross-talk hubbub on The View?) Joy Behar could be heard muttering something like, “Where did you get those figures?” Indeed. And not answered. Except, perhaps, by Barbara Walters, who asked with what I think was sarcasm, “You mean because of Celebrity Apprentice?”

I suppose giving Gary Busey weekly employment might result in a surge in the hiring of eccentric people…

Guest Katie Couric also addressed rumors that she was leaving the CBS evening news: “I haven’t made a decision.” Asked about starting a syndicated show, she said, “I’m talking about certain opportunities.” “I understand you wanting to break news on The View,” she added.

“You did a really good job,” Walters said, referring to Couric’s anchor job in the past tense.

“Yes, and I hope you continue to think so when you watch me tonight,” Couric responded tartly.

“I think you’re doing the right thing,” Walters persisted.

“Well, you don’t know what I’m doing, but thank you,” said Couric. Ha!

Barbara also got a round of applause from Whoopi Goldberg for saying that too many young girls these days “dress like little hos.”

“Did you say ‘ho’?” asked Goldberg. When Walters, abashed, nodded, Whoopi clapped and said, “You’re right.”

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  • elizabeth hasselbeck

    i’m an idiot

    • Aunt Sassy


    • George Bush

      That never stopped me. You can acheive your goals. I am living proof. BEEFCAKE!

      • barack obama

        i’m an even bigger idiot than people thought i was and see how they still worship me?? i’m AWESOME!!! ” ‘chelle, have you seen my golf clubs? go get packed, it’s time for another family vacation!’ being president is HARD!!”

      • meatier man

        That’s rich. And not in a Donald Trump kind of way, but in a Donald-Trump-wants-to-run-for-president kind of way.

      • commentor

        George Bush took more vacation days while in office than any President in history.

      • barack obama

        yeah, but i’m catching up to him!! look out, bushy!! i’m the vacation KING!!! who wants to vaca in texas anyway?! me and ‘chelle likes to live it up in exotic hawaii and spain on YOUR dollar!! whoo hoo!! it’s all about YOUR benjamins, baby! oops…looks like there is a crisis looming. better grab my clubs and hit the links so i can skillfully avoid making a decision! later, i will party with celebrities in the west wing!! suck it, losers!

      • Paloma

        George W, Bush took more vacation days than all the presidents in history added together!

        And like Hasselbeck get your facts straight before you speak if you want to sound intelligent. Michelle Obama and her friends paid for their own trip to Spain. The taxpayers only covered the usual costs of security for the first family … which we do for ANY president and his family. So get over it.

      • Oprah Winfrey

        Y’all cannot be serious here, now. What is this? Anyway.

      • barack obama

        hmm…i wouldn’t call going to your own HOUSE a ‘vacation’. as for me, i likes to go on vaca every weekend–that is, when i’m not playing golf. who knew being president was all fun and games? i love not having to make a real decision until weeks after something happens. and…i have the perfect scapegoat if anything goes wrong! i just blame it on bush!!! whoo hoo!

      • will g alvira

        Apparently this wonderful Christian republican believes the the racists will inherit the earth . Way to go sweetypie.! :-)

      • uber


        What’s a “vaca,” other than “cow” in Spanish and Portuguese?

    • TRIM

      Why is she still on TV??

      • Stacy

        this show has gotten so political it makes Donahue from the 80s look like romper room. They should just call it The Party and paint everything blue.

      • Porner

        Because she’s good to look at. That’s it.

      • Conspiracy Theory

        Stacy…I’d like to introduce you to The View. The View, please meet Stacy. Were you in a coma for several years??? You must be thinking of The Talk? Nothing political over on that show…zzz.

      • Madia

        Stacy, that was hysterical, and so true!!! Thank you!

      • Ruby

        They should paint this website blue, judging from all the liberal columns as seen above…

      • Paloma

        Because ABC is pandering to the far right.

    • DTR

      Actually, she’s correct. We’ve lost 2.3 million jobs since Obama took office.

      Say what you will about Trump, but he’s not that bad.

      • will g alvira

        Of course he’s not bad . He’s a Republican. And Republicans never do anything wrong,because they’re all saints!

      • PJ

        We’ve also added between 2 and 3 million jobs. Nice try.

      • Laura

        And we know that problems in our economy that cause job loss do not happen do not happen overnight, which means things were festering for some time. So do you still think Obama is to blame? If yes, you are one of many with an incredibly short memory.

      • @Laura

        While I in no way support Trump with this statement (I think he is disgusting) – At what point is Obama going to start taking responsibility for what is happening in our country? Does he get a 4-year pass? Or can we expect him to be taking credit (or blame) for our economic situation in another 8 years? I am not a Bush supporter, but this excuse is wearing thin.

      • Cy

        @PJ…How many of those jobs that Obama ‘created’ were in the private sector? People don’t seem to understand that an increase in jobs in the public sector means increased taxes for all of us taxpayers. Kind of a ‘net zero’ result.

      • Jeff

        Trump also sent a casino into bankruptcy. That’s an achievement. Don’t point that out to him – he hates facts and threatens to file legal action when reporters go after him. Should make press conferences interesting. Can we also expect his kids to be raised to cabinet positions over people who might actually be qualified for those seats? Other countries look down at us already and I don’t think an orange colored loud mouth with a coon-skin cap for hair is going to fix that.

      • DTR

        PJ, your source for these Obama-created jobs is….?

      • @Cy

        You make a good point. Even private sector jobs must be paid for with money. If those jobs are paid for with government money (e.g. grants, helicopters of money etc.) where does this money come from? Taxes (or borrowing to be paid with future taxes). So if a billion dollars is spent on “job creation” there is a billion less dollars to be spent on other goods and services. Sure it’s easy to see the jobs that are “created” but don’t forget to look for the jobs that are lost (or never created).
        See Henry Hazlitt’s classic 1946 book “Economics in One Lesson”: http://www.fee.org/library/books/economics-in-one-lesson/#0.1_L5 .

      • Oh Really

        @DTR….Can you list your source that says Obama is the one who lost these 2.3 million jobs. Were they all lost because Of Obama, or maybe someone who was in office before him. I would like a chart please that shows all your “facts”. And anything Fox News is not a sourse.

      • DTR

        Oh Really, is the US Department of Labor good enough for you?


        Click on “Employed” under the Seasonally Adjusted column (4th line down), click “Retrieve Data”, and see the facts:

        January 2009: 142.2 million employed

        March 2011: 139.9 million employed

      • Darrell

        @Laura, you are pretty much agreeing w/Trump. And sounds like you are believing that President Bush actually admitted that he ever did anything wrong or take the blame. 9/11 happened on his watch, the slow recovery time by the government to Katrina happened on his watch, the gas prices happened on his watch, the war, Afganistan, Iraq, happened on his watch. The banks collapsing happened on his watch. The bad relationships with other countries also happened on his watch. Can you please tell me what he owned up to? President Obama, has had a rough hand to deal with and he’s trying to handle it, and he’s trying to handle it w/a Congress who want even work with him. America still re-elected Bush after all of the mess that he got America in, at the very least give President Obama a honest chance. And if he needs another 4 years for things to get better, great, afterall, from what he was dealt with, it couldn’t be any worse.

      • TV_Pete

        Government, as a whole does not create jobs. It redistributes wealth (in this case taxing what someone has earned and giving it to someone who has not earned it).

        “For every dollar injected into the economy by government spending, an equivalent dollar had to be taken out of the community in the form of higher taxes or through borrowing.” — Charles Kadlec

        “The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.”
        — Milton Friedman

      • Eve

        Nice of you to cherry-pick the data. If you luck at Jun 2009 thru Mar 2011 jobs have increased. Your big loss was all in the first five months. Kind of early in his term to blame that on Obama.

      • DTR

        Eve, who’s cherry picking? Obama took office in January 2009, and signed his $787 billion stimulus package the next month, saying that ‘shovels were already hitting the ground’. What happened in June 2009 to make you pick it, other than your desire to make Obama look good?

        And even if you start in June 2009, that’s 100,000 jobs created in almost 2 years. That’s not enough to even keep up with population growth; it’s nothing to brag about.

      • will g alvira

        If Republicans would do the necessary research as to why Obama did the stimulus crap , they would see he had no choice. The rest of the entire world understands why he disorders it . Only the republicans say they can’t understand any of it. Freaking unbelievable! What blockhead hypocrites! All this cause Obama is a ” Negro-id” . Racist bastards.

      • DTR

        Will g, would you like to point out where I’ve gotten something wrong, or just fling more insults around? I’d be happy to engage in a discussion with you, but if you’re going to call me racist when all I’ve done is point out facts, I’m not interested.

      • will g alvira

        I didn’t call anyone a racist directly. I implied that there’s a group in general capitalizing on racism for their own twisted agenda. If anyone feels particularly guilty of such an indirect opinion, well that’s self explanatory. I have yet to meet anyone on this blog who supports the G O P capable of any type of logical or rational discussion. I don’t get paid to debate with miscreants who have no desire whatsoever to do the right thing for everyone in the nation of their citizenship.

      • will g alvira

        And by the way. Many ” facts” stated here have been incomplete or just plain erroneous. Generally by those with very ” similar ” thinking.

      • will g alvira

        Apparently, what ” some people” here don’t seem to understand is that I totally believe that people here have every right to their opinion. However , I believe I’m entitled to my opinion also. I can’t control who decides not to engage in a logical , fair , or reasonable conversation.

      • DTR

        Will, cut the crap. You were responding to a post I made, as evidenced by your stimulus comments. You then said it was all because Obama was black, and said “Racist bastards”. Now you’re trying to pretend you weren’t addressing me. Please.

        And if my facts are wrong, please feel free to post some of your own. I haven’t seen too many facts from you though. What I have seen is you calling people you disagree with “racist bastards”, “Trump the Hump”, “the Faux Bozo News Network”, comparing them to Khaddafi, and other name-calling.

      • will g alvira

        I don’t get paid to teach political science . Or sociology for that mater . Anyone on this blog who sincerely wants to learn all the truthful facts about what they care about , can do what I did . Get off their behinds and do the necessary research of the complete truthful facts of what is desired to be learned. It may take some time, but no one in this world was born knowing much about anything. It always takes time and work to do so . Education is every adults sole responsibility.

      • will g alvira

        I’ll be nice enough to give people here a hint. Do the research going back the last 4 thousand years on every subject pertaining to politics and societal success and failures and hopefully you’ll learn something good and useful for once.

      • will g alvira

        I forgot to mention some people here apparently need help with reading comprehension. A lot more than I do that’s for sure.

      • DTR

        And the number of facts you’ve presented remains at a grand total of…zero.

        Instead of facts, we get some blather about how smart you are and how dumb everyone else is.

        Yes, it certainly does take a lot of intellectual firepower to compare your political opponents to Khadaffi and call them “Trump the Hump”. Well done.

      • will g alvira

        Dear D T R. Yes I’m talking to you directly, this time. How smart I am is irrelevant. I’m not as smart as I wish I were. But I pride myself in being sincere in what I believe in , and I’m passionate enough to learn what my heart truly tells me is good to learn about. I’m not interested in forcing my point onto others . I’m not a damn politician. But I like to let my opinion known to others cause I sincerely feel I’m doing the right thing , and I know I have good intentions . For all I care you can be you and do you , as some might say . As long as you don’t mess with what I own or my family , I don’t care what you think or do . . It’s your right .If you can’t understand what I say , thats perfectly fine . I feel the same about you too. I’m done talking to you now. Good luck to you with your way of thinking . Maybe , one day one of us can somehow be proven right or wrong definitively.

      • will g alvira

        To make myself more clear to everyone who might read this, for me to do the best job I can possibly do to prove why president Obama did what he did with the stimulus, and the job situation would take more than a really long thesis to accurately prove my point to my satisfaction. It’s a complicated scenario. I dont engage in simpleton arguments that involve posting a few websites that only tell a very small portion of the story. I get into all the relevant facts. Not just a few ” cherry picked ones ” . That’s how hypocrites and dummies try to argue , cherry picking half truths. Anyone can do that . It’s a waste of time . With me its All or nothing at all. This is a blog not a classroom. I’m not going to sit here and take a week to write a whole encyclopedia on politics and the history of good and evil behavior . Just so that someone who doesn’t really respect what i have to say can just dismiss it because of a personal agenda. I’ve taken the time , the years, to learn what’s right and wrong and why. I’ m not obligated to prove how good a person I am to Anybody!

      • will g alvira

        Maybe if people would get of their lazy , judgemental behinds and learn about something called ” the great depression” they would find these facts as to why President Obama did the stimulus package and has done what he has with jobs and the banks . The whole world minus republicans know who is primarily responsible for outsourcing American jobs and who benefited and didn’t from it and why. These are all facts that can be easily found in detail. I get on this blog to base my opinion on facts that the whole world has already proven . Not to prove to someone who just wants to argue because of a selfish agenda and doesn’t really want to learn anything or agree with proven facts . There’s something called Google and encyclopedias to learn from . Again a blog is not a teaching tool to post a weeks worth of facts on .

      • DTR

        Let’s give will g a big hand, folks! 100% opinions, backed up with what he says are facts the ‘whole world minus Republicans’ knows.

        What, you want to him to share just one of those obvious facts? Not so fast, bucko. Get your butt to a library. He’s not paid to educate you.

        But he does have plenty of time to spout non-fact-based opinions and call his opponents names. You want him to actually prove what he’s saying? Nah, you’ll just have to take his word for it. He’s awesome.

      • will g alvira

        What does ” D T R ” stand for, Dumbass Tool for the Republicans.?

      • will g alvira

        D T R . My friends and I have come to a conclusion. Based on the mostly convoluted and incoherent things we have seen you write on this blog, we agree on 1 of 2 possibilities. You are either , 1 – A child’s mind inside an adult body . Or , 2 – A person who is actually a child , someone under 18 years of age. If you are 2, a child under 18 , I want to apologize for some of the way I spoke to you . If I would have somehow known that , I wouldn’t have gotten into it with you because I don’t debate with children about grown-up topics. And I wish you the best if that’s the case. If you are 1 , a child’s mind in an adult body then I have to say I much rather debate grown-up topics with adults that think like adults . . If you are an adult I’m very thankful to God in heaven I’m not you and I don’t engage in adult topics or debate with mentally incapacitated adults.

      • DTR

        Hey, I thought you were done talking to me. Guess not.

        And let’s see….no facts, more name-calling…yep, that’s about what I expected.

      • will g alvira

        Goodbye ,child minded person . Did it ever occur to you that with all the crap you wrote on here about ” look at how brilliant I am , because I sent you a link about jobs because I’m the only one who knows about that link” . And then you continued to talk about that same itsy bitsy bit of information. About as informative as telling me I Need to go online to find out for a fact that Obama is black. The fact that you never even insinuated that you actually had a point to make . That’s because you don’t even know how to make a point or even what a point is. Obviously now I really know that you are a retarded child minded adult.

      • will g alvira

        Yes, adult child mind, I’m still talking to you . Because you are clearly the biggest idiot I’ve ever encountered on any blog . You see pure intriguing like a chimp at the zoo. I’m calling you names because , they apply to you . I’m sorry you’re a sensitive , and stupid person. I’ve now proven for a fact from your own responses that , 1 – you know nothing about how to make a relevant point .2 – you know nothing about why a stimulus package was signed. 3 – you know nothing as to why the job situation is the way it is today.4 you know nothing about how to find all the facts to make any relevant points. Therefore, the facts I’ve given you point to the fact that you are a jackass and an idiot. I think these are the facts you need to worry about before worrying about other poles facts if you want anyone to respect you.

      • will g alvira

        And,… that’s the facts , jack or should I say D T R. :-)

      • will g alvira

        Oh wait . I’m sorry . You did make one point after all . The point that you are definitely retarded. And now you see. I just presented you with another fact . Being you like facts so much I hope you like it.

      • will g alvira

        And , another fact for you is the fact that you are clearly more of a coward than you are retarded. And I really hate cowards. That’s a fact.

      • will g alvira

        I think I now see what point you are trying to make. You put out facts as how how many jobs Obama created. Then you put out facts about how many jobs Trump created. So your whole point was just about those 2 little facts alone ?. Then therefore , just based on those 2 little facts alone, I’m supposed to totally agree with you that Obama and the Democrats are totally terrible at governing in every way imaginable . Period . And that Trump and the republicans are going to govern not only better than the democrats. But in fact make everything absolutely good and right and fair for absolutely everyone in the entire united states .Period . I’m I right or wrong? I’m sorry I’m so used to people getting into more facts and details than you care to. I’m also used to people getting their point across in a more articulate way than you care to . My bad. You have now convicted me with your minimal , and extremely simple facts to totally agree with you on how perfect and wonderful trump and the republicans are. And how they’re the only ones who are going to fix all the bad things for everyone. Wow. Apparently I haven’t met too many people like you around my way.

      • will g alvira

        In any case D T R , I can now definitely say I’m thoroughly bored with your simple and mostly useless facts. Facts that ultimately don’t lead to all the specific and numerous solutions that all the good hearted, wage earning honestly with real hard work , and sincerely patriotic Americans need immediately.

      • will g alvira

        The fact is that numerous large American corporations, with the help of lobbyist, like Mitt Romney , sent lots of jobs overseas. The fact is that the vast majority of these very same large corporations, support and send huge amounts of money to the republican party. Then Romney and tan faced Boehner come long saying the republicans had nothing to do with that. Then you have Trump who goes bankrupt, and claims tax payers don’t pay into his failures. Then you have people saying Obama lost jobs and pr ove its all entirely his fault by telling me to go to a website to look at a number. Then the republicans think they’re heroic and wonderful when they create low wage jobs that can’t par for rent, mortgages, health care , food ,or gas.Then the republicans start a war over horribly deadly weapons of mass destruction. And after a thorough investigation determines there were no weapons, republicans act like there’s nothing wrong with that.But when Obama goes to war after Europe asks for help to spread democracy.he’s a bad guy.

      • will g alvira

        Then someone here Tells me Obama is the worst president ever because of the stimulus . Because according to that person apparently the great depression never took place. I think most people will agree with me that the truth is just as important as facts. And that ethics and good intentions play a crucial part in a government being good or bad for all of the people.If anyone here can prove to me with facts and or the truth what good things the republicans have done in the last 20 years ill be glad to listen.

      • DTR

        You posted 8 times responding to me? That’s really hilarious.

        Where to begin? Let’s see, I never said I was brilliant, I never said you had to go online to find out Obama’s black, and I never said ‘the Democrats are totally terrible at governing in every way imaginable’. You made all that up.

        I did say we’ve lost jobs under Obama, because we have. And then I backed it up, not with a story from Fox News as some people claimed, but with actual numbers from the official source, the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the US Dept. of Labor.

        You can’t dispute my facts, so you call me retarded, a chimp, an idiot, a coward, blah blah blah, etc. Go ahead and call me whatever name you want, I don’t care. It just shows you can’t handle facts.

        If you think the stimulus package was so wonderful, why didn’t it work? Why do we have fewer jobs than before it was signed 2 years ago? Why is unemployment higher than when it was signed 2 years ago? Obama’s own team said unemployment wouldn’t go above 8% if we did the stimulus. Well they were wrong big-time, since unemployment’s been pushing 9% for 2 years.

        How do you explain that? And simply saying the phrase “The Great Depression” isn’t an answer.

      • will g alvira

        So, your saying that you know for a fact that trump has the answer to creating jobs that will get Americans working like in the 1950′ s and 1960’s ? As well as in turn getting the economy to be prosperous like in those years ? That’s the real question everyone gives a damn about ? How about presenting facts on what’s really important and what might help , being you like so much to put your 2 cent’s in ? Facts that will ultimately help Americans. Instead of concentrating on simple facts everyone already knows. And are no real help. I guess to you its a lot more important to point out a persons unfinished business than to talk about the real solution. Spoken like a true goddamed Republican. Ok I got it . Good for you.

      • will g alvira

        I respect people who have the desire to do what’s right . The record shows republicans definitely don’t want to do what’s right. Their record speaks for itself . Let’s say republicans get their way in 2012. Best case scenario….. ” Mr Smith , you can’t invent a way to make my multi – billion dollar company More billions? Why should I Pay you a fair wage, or give you enough to pay for health care , or pay rent or your mortgage, or pay you enough to save for retirement, or pay for college , or pay for food or energy bills. Ok D R T, you win . You made your point with your awesome facts . It’s your right to support the republicans . Good luck . And have a great life being you.

      • DTR

        So, not one word about how great the stimulus worked? You can’t defend it at all? Why am I not surprised.

      • DTR

        Hey will, welcome back! And at least you’re spelling “DTR” correctly this time, instead of “D R T”, like you did on 4/18 @ 4:52p. Very adult of you.

        Your friends and you? So now you can’t even compose a post on your own, and need your friends’ help? Wish I could say I was shocked.

      • will g alvira

        Apparently you don’t know jack about the details of the stimulus. Because the fact is the stimulus did what it was designed to do . Only the ignorant and hypocritical say it ruined everything. I’m perfectly fine with ignorant people’s opinions . America is democracy and freedom of speech is a must .I wouldn’t have it any other way . Now go pat yourself in the back for being so proud of being so hoplesly ignorant. And God bless you.

      • will g alvira

        Based on everything you have written on this blog so far , I have no reason to rule out the following: that you are a racist; you indulge in ranting like Adolf Hitler ; that you can easily be under 18 years of age; that no matter what anyone says you will stick to your passionate dislike of president Hussain; that you love , and worship Trump no matter what he does or says . All qualities that I personally don’t care for. So, good for you for being you . Go ahead and pat yourself on your back because of it.It’s your right to be that way for the rest of your life . God bless you . All I ask for is that God makes sure we never live within 50 miles of each other.

    • Rita

      Indeed you are. I am for differing political opinions as it makes for interesting conversation but saying that, “Trump would make a good candidate for President because he’s “created more jobs” than Obama.” MY question is what planet is she on..She has to be kidding..

      • Nicole

        Well to be fair, he must have a TON of people harvesting hair to create those things on his head.

    • Stacy

      Welcome to The View.

      You have complete freedom of speech (but only if I agree with it).

      • fish eye no miko

        “Welcome to The View.
        You have complete freedom of speech (but only if I agree with it).”

        So, it’s just like a lot of jobs, then?
        Seriously, freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom to say whatever crosses your mind and keep your job. Plenty of businesses have every right to fire you if they disagree with your politics, or you disagree with theirs.

    • huh?

      Yes, let The Donald become our president. He’ll do what he does best. Declare bankruptcy and walk away from the mess he made.

      • Tajah


      • TV_Pete

        Bankruptcy may be the right option at this point:

        These are numbers that I can understand a little easier:

        Let’s say our household expects to bring in $23,300 a year. Our budget for the upcoming year is $38,300. In other words, we PLAN to borrow $15,000 this coming year! (not exactly a good sign in most households I know)

        One of us suggests that we cut spending by $1,000. The 2nd responds that no more than $300 can be accepted. THe first counters with a suggestion to cut spending by $610. The 2nd claims this to be unacceptable, since this would require the adult children to pay for their own aspirin and Band-Aids.

        Finally, the two agree to cut a whopping $380 out of the planned budget, still leaving a plan to borrow $14,620 in the coming year… knowing that interest on this will cause next year’s budget to be even tougher to manage.

        If you ran your household like this, how do you think that would be working out for you?


        The above numbers are about right for the US Federal Government. Just multiply by 100 million.

    • Mike

      Since Obama has created – 4.3 million jobs since he took office, it is reasonable to assume that Trump has created more jobs than Obama. I assume he at least hired a secretary…thus producing 4,300,001 more jobs than Obama.

      • TV_Pete

        Since the Legislative Branch “holds the purse strings” you may want to compare how the economy and deficit have done while it was under Democrat control (i.e. from 2006-2010).

        The Executive Branch often gets the “credit” for good and bad, but for these the credit, if any, should fall at the Legislative Branch.

  • cbvxxg

    Oh Amazing !!

    Vanessa, has got a mil-lion-aire lover on — Lo v e W e alt hy * C// 0 m– Karen, who is 27 yrs old, married with a we alt hy CEO with the help of this c lu b too. Will you be the// next?

  • Tucker

    I just have to say that Barbara Walters’ “You mean because of Celebrity Apprentice?” is the best OH SNAP comment I’ve heard in a long time.

    • the_girl

      Yeah Barbara Walters is officially #winning

  • Jason

    Elizabeth Hasselcrack makes every conservative look like a moron. Oh, wait. They are morons.

    • Kira

      Hasselcrack, Witch O’Donnell, Bat****crazy Bachmann, and Mama Whiner Palin. Take your pick. Conservatives like their women to be dumb and dumber.

      • will g alvira

        That was funny . Thanks Kira

    • Allison

      I agree – I lean pretty liberal, but if someone presents a good point in an intelligent way, I’d be willing to listen and consider it. Elizabeth does not help her cause at all.

      • Dominic

        Joy Behar, you keep me sane!

      • DTR

        “Isn’t it a little racist to call it Black Friday?”

        – Joy Behar, Nov. 27, 2009.

      • Jill

        On Allison’s point, that is exactly why I stopped watching, “The View.” And everytime something pops up like this, reminds me exactly why I stopped watching. If Hasselbeck actually presented what she has to say intelligently and without the Fox News “talking points,” etc. and general idiocy, then I’d consider listening. But I listened and had to turn it off. There has been moderate Republicans from time to time that I have actually considered to vote for without agreeing with everything, but since there are so few and so many Repubs who are too conservative and just say anything and everything fact or not, I can not take any of them seriously.

      • DTR

        Jill, EH has a point. We’re down millions of jobs under Obama. Those are the facts. Trump may have done many ridiculous things, but he’s a net jobs creater.

    • oz


    • Kat

      Not a conservative, but I really hate generalizations. Grow up and have an adult debate, please.

  • Reena

    Just another clueless Republican…and she wonders why when she says dumb stuff like that people attack her or make fun of her she is setting herself up maybe from now on they should just duck tape her mouth shut each episode now that I would watch lol

  • QJ201

    …created jobs for bankruptcy and real estate lawyers.

    • Kira

      and immigration attorneys. he loves his foreign born beauties and loves to dump them right before they’re entitled to half his estate.

  • Tim

    Da Stew

  • Anno

    I find it odd that Hasselbeck is complaining about Pres. Obama not “creating” as many jobs as Trump. As a republican I don’t believe it’s a President’s responsibility to create jobs but to create an environment that allows the private sector to grow and “create” jobs. Maybe I missed something.

    • shelly

      well, he’s not doing that either!

      • Oh Really

        Really? He is doing nothing? Nothing?

      • @ oh really

        no, you are correct. he and our congress are driving us deeper into debt. i would call that doing something.

  • Conspiracy Theory

    Can we please FINALLY answer where in the world is Obama’s Birth Certificate??? I say we first look under The Donald’s comb-over? Second…Elizabeth’s sewing box?…third, one of Sherri’s wigs?…I could go on & on….maybe Gaga’s egg/module/vessel of life??

    • Kira

      Palin’s vajaba?? That’s got to be as wide as a trailer park

  • TRIM

    Sherri is bald headed!!! Did you see her in “Precious”

    • SDTim

      Was Sherry IN Precious? I thought that was Monique?

  • hc

    Is there beef between Walters and Couric I don’t know about?

  • Ben

    Did Katie Couric and Barbara Walters talk about the 1970’s when Ms. Walters left The Today Show to co-anchor ABC Evening News with Harry Reasoner and the show stayed in 3rd place in the ratings. Exactly the same as when Ms. Couric left The Today Show to anchor The CBS Evening News and the broadcast remained in 3rd place. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • Ap

    I just don’t think Katie Couric fit in with the Evening News format. I love Brian Williams and I even watch Diane Sawyer on my iPad. But I could not get into Couric.

  • will g alvira

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is so wonderful, and wise . Really! Her and D Trump the Hump should run for vice and president together. The Republicans have created so many great jobs . Jobs that are so good , the salaries can’t pay for , rent or mortgages, food, healthcare, or gas . Thank God for all Republicans.! Ha ha. :-)

  • joe luck

    Trump’s also filed for bankruptcy more times than Obama.

    • will g alvira

      Gee, Joe. Don’t you know that it’s ok only if a Republican does it! Wise up already ! G O P rules with an iron fist ! Just like M Gadafi. Dont you forget it.

    • NAM

      Thank you!

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