Pia Toscano: Why (one of) the right one(s) was voted off

Last night’s elimination of Pia Toscano was, in the widely used phrase, a “shocker” only if you weren’t following what is making American Idol such an improved show this season.

Toscano was a perfect example of what has long made Idol so prone to vapid tedium: With her emphasis on hitting the “perfect” note, her excessive emotionalism, and her clueless phrasing, Toscano was an ideal robo-Idol contestant, custom-designed to fit the aesthetic of this show — as it existed a few years ago.

Sure, there are other current contestants who also deserve the boot, and it’s time more men said bye-bye — Stefano for sure; the increasingly exaggerated Casey; the he’ll-have-a-fine-career-as-a-Randy-Travis-impersonator Scotty.

But Toscano, right up to the end — with her stentorian version of the Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You,” sung in a manner Chrissie Hynde might reserve only for the death of a head of state she doesn’t respect — continued the long tradition of Idol‘s misguided mission: the valuation of technique over expressiveness.

The best thing about this season is that  it has allowed less perfect-pitchy performers like Paul McDonald, and some wonderfully over-the-top ones like Jacob (my favorite Idol singer since Adam Lambert), to remain as finalists.

Oh, and Iggy Pop? It wasn’t even a very good performance by Iggy, but it was nevertheless absolutely delightful. I haven’t seen Jennifer Lopez more turned off by a man since she costarred with Michael Vartan in Monster-in-Law. And just think: If Iggy had ever tried out for American Idol, he’d never have made it past the first round — too old, too weird. God bless him.

Agree? Disagree?

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  • Shawn

    Oh wow, another Pia Toscano article.

    • LOL

      Iggy performing on this crapfest just proves that there is no God.

      • GoddessLu

        LOL I saw JLo recoil when Iggy was up in her face singing. Long Live Iggy Pop!

      • RCB

        JLO praised both performances by Pia and Stefano, so I don;t see why she was outraged by Pia’s ouster.

      • SeaGlassLover

        Iggy Pop pooped!! Who let him out of the senior center? Put your shirt on Iggy.. my eyes!!! Ouch!!!

      • Lyrics

        Pia’s performances were sleepy. Boring performances! There was not enough lyrics in the songs she chose. That was the big problem: not enough words, lame lyrics.

      • Micaela

        Ken Tucker is a Jacob fan? I have lost all my respect for him.. Jacob sucks!

      • LM

        Iggy Pop is a legend. It’s sad for you if you don’t realize that. It also puts your comments in the correct place (see: trash bin to ignore)

      • The Truth

        Imagine if every contestant was like Pia. The show would be boring as he!!

      • gg

        Overrated singer. Her performance from this week was great but her other weeks were pathetic.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Any chance to take a dig at Idol, right? U don’t even like the show – why are u even commenting on it? U R nothing but a sad, bitter old man counting his days. Pathetic, little prune.

      • nunya

        Jacob, best contestant since Adam Lambert? Now that’s funny since half of who’s left all screech like Lambert. So according to the article, if left up to the writer, the only guys that would remain would be Jacob and Paul. He needs to be a Judge :D

      • Lance

        Ken, go masturbate to your Bob Dylan vinyls, you dried-up excuse for a “critic”. LOL.

      • JBL

        Pia Toscano got kicked off for being too close to Pinky Tuscadero.

      • Obvious

        Pia didn’t get enough votes. Think about it-Jacob said a really rude remark and Stefano was lame with that overplayed song choice…if Pia got less votes than those two…that shows you she did not have “it” right now. Viewers were not into her.

      • Hiro Kitty

        Ken you talentless idiot.

      • Real

        At least Ken is keeping it real. Everyone is yelling at us voters LOL. People keep saying vote for your favorites-I did-that is why I never voted for Pia. People have their own tastes in life. Why do you have to yell at us for not being a Pia fan?

      • Singers

        Go listen to the singer Adele. Adele is something very special. I never voted for Pia-nothing special.

      • Heidi

        HOW did Iggy get on the show??? He was scary

    • Umm-Hmm

      No surprise here. The sparkle cows always vote off the hot chicks.

      • Loch Ness

        I’m laughing and I don’t know why. What is a sparkle cow?

      • pattycupcake

        um, that’s, um, large-boned middle-aged ladies who put glitter art on their sweatshirts. i think.

      • rusty

        Sparkle cows = Adam fans wearing much glitter to match their idol.

      • Kat

        Hate to tell you but most Adam fans stopped voting after he left. Most now just watch sometimes for fun. Idiot!

      • Suncatcher

        Adam Lambert on Twitter today:
        “Sad to see Pia go. One of the best voices on this season. Makes me think Voters aren’t focusing enough on vocal/musical ability.”

      • Adwina Lambert

        Brotha-Sistah Brown Shugah Fairy Jacob-ah is such a Diva-h!! tee-hee

      • ALIVEalways

        dude, get over her.
        Next episode, Ryan will say it again “I blame you for it, you are ones who did it”

      • Monster Kill

        Stefano ROCKS thats why he was saved from eliminations.

      • 007

        Agree! I bet she didn’t too many votes from girls and only girls vote for this show.

      • Flygirl

        Nearly all of the women I know loved Pia. You assertion that women didn’t vote for her because their are jealous is ridiculous. Pia has an amazing voice and she’s a beautiful young woman who will go places very quickly, but she doesn’t have the onstage dynamic that some of the others do. That is what the judges kept pushing her to figure out, but she didn’t. Someone had to get kicked off and at this point, every elimination is going to hurt. I would have booted Stefano ahead of Pia though – for the very same reasons. Boring.

      • Monster Kill

        Yes i agree with the writer. Pia didnt have my votes cuz they are all for James and stefano.

      • Eragon

        Gwyneth Paltrow will sing songs by Adele this week at GLEE. Pia is not a good copycat of Adele. She lack showmanship.

    • Joe Strummer

      It was PERFECT when Iggy was on there because he proved that stage presence is every bit as important as singing ability in pop/rock music. I’m sure Iggy would never EVER win a “singing” competition but he is one of the forefathers of what rock is today.

      • SeaGlassLover


      • Babs

        Freak show=Icky Pop

      • halo

        So true. The shoe gazing days are over, people want entertainment + talent.
        I’m not a huge fan of the show and don’t watch it regularly, but I don’t think Pia should have been voted off. You can learn stage presence. And isn’t it supposed to also be about who improves/learns the most from the AI experience?
        My problem with AI is that it is obvious to anyone who is not a superfan that the voting is manipulated that it’s not anywhere close to fair.
        Proof: Jennifer Hudson (7) Adam Lambert.
        And yes some of those who have won, Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry have are very popular, ummm I can only think of..wait Fantasia. Ok I can think of 3 off the top of my head. Carrie Underwood, ok up to 4
        A 2-4 split among winners and losers, that’s not good for the winners, is it?
        AI needs to correct the obvious holes that allow people to vote again and again and again.
        Then maybe the most talented, most improved would win.

      • nunya

        Sorry Halo-Chris Daughtry came in 4th I believe. But I get your point. He should of won :)

      • Eragon

        That’s what Pia lack. stage presence. she is really a boring singer.

    • gataroo

      I was wondering who actually likes Jacob, it figures. Ken, you need to retire. Your reviews are, more often then not, boring. Your taste in music is bad. The only thing I agree with you on is your feelings about Kate Gosslin.

      • Alex

        haha this is just what I was thinking, what is this reporter actually on about!? he has no clue

      • Eve

        Seriously! Jacob is his favorite since Adam Lambert. That is the most insane thing I have ever read. He is one of my least favorite….EVER!

      • jack

        He really is totally, totally clueless about, like, everything.

      • !

        Agreed. “…and some wonderfully over-the-top ones like Jacob (my favorite Idol singer since Adam Lambert).” Um, seriously!? I still can’t get over Jacob’s delusional arrogance. Blech!

      • Brian

        Really, Ken? It’s backwards week, right? Truthfully, if you like Jacob that much, you might want to have your meds re-evaluated.

      • romy

        Jacob is THE idolbot. Can’t stand his overly emotive act.

      • Jacob Lusk

        Get a clue, Ken. I AM Jacob Lusk and even I know I’m terrible.

      • Califa

        ITA! Brian “meds re-evaluated” LOL!

      • Anno

        I like Jacob but I also like Pia. Lauren has been a big disappointment so I was hoping she would be the one to go.

      • alice

        this is the same guy that defended Charlie Sheen and says maybe we should sympathize with the woman beating addict. Can’t say I agree with his take on people or talent.

      • CC

        this is also the guy who said James Franco and Anne Hathaway did a good job at the oscars. Forget his meds, what is he smoking you must wonder about!

      • Zach

        This article is a waste, and it’s shameful he’s paid to write it when there are so many more thoughtful comments here by people who genuinely care about music.

      • opinionated nerd

        Lay off Ken Tucker! So what if he hasn’t fallen in line with prevailing opinion? He’s one of EW’s best and most intelligent observers of pop culture. . . anyway, I like Jacob better than Pia, too. She’s got huge pipes, but she went overboard with all that bland belting at the top of her range.

      • exactly

        I’ll stick my neck out there and say I agree with both parties. Jacob is the best male vocalist on AI since Adam. However, unlike Adam, Jacob hasn’t a clue what to sing and how to perform on the AI stage. Plus the judges (esp Simon & Kara) told Adam he was too theatrical early on, and he was mature & intelligent enough to tone it down & redirect it. Jacob isn’t there yet. It will be his undoing. He’s just not ready for this jelly.

        Many Adam fans will tell you that Jacob’s the only one they like.

      • sukhumvit

        Totally with Ken on this one. Jacob is easily my favorite contestant since Adam. Re. Pia, surprised yes. Upset, hell no.

      • Zach

        Jacob isn’t that great, and his histrionics aren’t translating either. But I bet Ken Tucker would have called Jennifer Hudson annoying! Since when should stage presence count for more than 50%?

      • luckyduck4u

        Agreed! Jacob sucks and Ken is out of touch. Pia has more talent than all the remaining Idol kiddies combined.

      • SDTim

        Wow, Ken, I’m usually a fan and defender of you… but “Jacob is your favorite?!” OMG – why? Because you can get a good belly laugh during his over-the-top performances? Because you identify with his egomania? Seriously, Jacob is what is the worst about this show — when female contestants sing like him they get accused of “melisma,” and he gets praised?! Sigh.. Jacob sux.

      • Zach

        Anyone who thinks Pia doesn’t have stage presence or star quality needs to rewatch her group performances (especially Grenade and this week’s top 9 medley) and then, in the words of Jacob, take a look at themselves in the mirror.

    • Poo

      Your full of poop, Pia has a wonderful voice and her presentation is great. Her getting voted off is typical of America right now , a bunch of people without ethic or morals tattooed pinned up no talents who have no clue as to what talent and skill is all about.

      • Shawn

        Your grammar/spelling/punctuation/intelligence is typical of America right now.

      • Mike

        Yeah, the America that elected Barack Hussein Obama…..idiots are everywhere.

      • Ali

        If as many people that voted for this STUPID (compared to the “big issues” in our country)show voted on the presidential elections, something that mattered, maybe our country would take a small turn for the better instead of the downward spiral we’re in now. Just saying…

      • Shawn

        @Ali – We’ve been in a downward spiral for about 5 years now. It’s not the consumers, it’s the products we’re forced to by.

      • Qraig

        @Ali – I don’t think 10 year old girls can vote in the presidential election, unless something changed without me knowing.

      • Why?

        WTF does Obama have to do with this??? You kids better go back to school! I loved Pia – she was absolutely incredible!!

      • @Mike

        Mike, you are proof that “idiots are everywhere.”

      • nunya

        Okay, so ya’ll go from American Idol to talking about Obama. Who’s the idiots? just sayin’ :D

      • Monster Kill

        Enough of Pia, she has a boyfriend and dating happily.

      • Monster Kill

        ENUFF OF PIA…. Get a life people. GOOOOOOOOOOO stefanoooooooooooooooo and James.

      • Eragon

        Stefano and James are my IDOL bets. Pia was not in my LIST. I am glad she is GONE!!!

    • pam

      I agree with you 100% Pia has a great voice but is not an entainer.

      • dom

        pam, are you kidding me, Pia has the BEST voice that has ever been on AI,it is a singing contest, they are singing for a recording contract,I think everyone forgets that you dont see the performer when thay are played on the radio, or listining to there cd. that is what we are voting for. If they cant perform then I won’t go to see them in concert.bit I will still buy there cd.that being said, Pia has a great stage present. SHE WILL OUT SELL EVERYONE THAT IS LEFT !!!!

      • Shindo

        Dom, I disagree with you. She has a very good voice technically (I wouldn’t say the BEST EVER though), but her musicality was sorely lacking. It’s not about whether she is dancing around on the stage (couldn’t care less about that), but her singing itself. Perhaps more musicality will come with time, since she certainly has the technical tools vocally. But I DON’T think she is a great interpreter of music at this point. And I’m talking about her SINGING. I would not buy her record at this point. Just because you can hit notes with power doesn’t mean it’s good singing.

      • Donna

        I think you mean entertainer. Look, it’s the Haters plain & simple. Pia was too pretty, perfect teeth, hair, talent etc, most people do not have that. They simply did not want to help her “WIN” also. Haters plain and simple.

      • Guragon

        I think you’re off base, Donna. I don’t think it’s haters at all, (especially since you don’t vote someone off, you vote them in). I think it’s the fact that most people aren’t interested in always hearing that kind of music, plus the fact that her song this week was NOT done well. I think song choice killed her. I also think that you have a lot of teenage girls voting hundreds of times that skews the vote towards the guys. So with a less-than-great rendition of her song this week, (and some improved performances by some of her competitors) it was goodbye Pia.

      • pia fan

        a beautiful, talented woman singing in tune every time with soaring vocals is not entertaining? since when? a consistently awesome interpretive singer with incredible range is not entertaining? since when? have our standards for musical entertainment deteriorated to auto-tuned sound bites with a good beat that we’ve forgotten what a true diva should sound like?

      • Snsetblaze

        While I liked Pia’s voice itself, I found her expressiveness boring and my standards for musical entertainment don’t include the treacly, cliched songs she chose for the most part which all had similar themes. That said, my musical standard also does not include “auto-tuned sound bites”. I personally don’t care what a true diva should sound like. I like music with a bit of grit.

      • Flygirl

        I agree with Shindo. Too much can happen in the recording studio to make music sound better than it is. Pia is very talented but she has to learn to get behind the words more. Too cookie-cutter. Artists don’t make their money on selling cds and downloads. The make it on touring which costs a lot just to make happen. She has to be marketable IN PERSON. She has a way to go, but hopefully she’ll accomplish that

        With all the insults thrown around here I think it’s important to remember that music is art and art is subjective. This isn’t politics – other people’s opinions about the music they like or don’t like shouldn’t be bashed. The only AI contestant whose music I might like down the road is Paul – maybe. But I can still appreciate the talent I see and wish them all well in their respective musical endeavors.

      • LadyBug979

        @Shindo I agree 100% with everything you said.

    • Lisa

      It’s kinda like your first job…you have some skills at first and then as you practice more you develop other skills. I think Pia has a great voice and with practice and coaching would have developed those traits that make great enterntainers. I mean if you look at Celine Dion in the beginnning..she has a great voice but just stood in front of the microphone…I dont agree that you have to move, dance or do anything to be a good entertainer…I am hopingsomeone at their takes her talent and gives it an outlet beyond Idol. If you look back on past winners….does it really matter whether you win or not…the best performers have been the ones that didn’t win. I wish her all the best in her career…..Pia show them what you are made of – genuine talent.

      • Josh

        Surely, someone will pick her up. She’s probably getting a bunch of calls right now. Remember the early-exit candidates, Jennifer Hudson and Daughtry. She’ll be like them, watch. I give credit to AI as they did a really good job in this year’s selection, everyone’s pretty good. But I feel sorry for the winner as he/she will be stuck in a contract while the rest would be off doing recordings and tours by the time he/she gets out there.

      • Liz

        You don’t have to win it to make it big!! Look how far Daughtry, JHud and Adam Lambert have gone!! They didn’t win and yet they are far more famous than many of the actual winners! All 3 have also been nominated for a GRAMMY whereas some of the Idol winners haven’t!

      • Preston

        I’m sure there were some record label execs in the audience that might have seen Pia perform and will take a chance at her. I’m sure there will be a huge bidding war between labels to sign her because she is a very good singer. I think not winning will give her a good advantage at a solid music career.

    • liz

      I completely agree with Tucker. Pia sang well and was boring. She probably deserved better than 9th place, but certainly no better than 5th or 6th. And it’s nice to see a commentator taking shots at Scotty-tailor-made-for=Hee-Haw-McCreery. I cannot for the life of me get his appeal. Ugh.

      • exactly

        Exactly! I can see Scotty having a long-running career as a repeating guest on Garrison Keilor’s A Prairie Home Companion on NPR.

      • Preston

        I think that Scotty is good, but he needs to have his own kind of voice and NOT impersonate Randy Travis. I hear even shades of Garth Brooks, Trace Adkins, Josh Turner and EVEN Elvis Presley in his low singing voice. But he needs to end the impersonation stuff and show more originality. I think he’ll do well in country, but that’s tough competition he’ll face with Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Trace, and other singers on the charts.

    • Ten Kucker

      You said that Pia “was an ideal robo-Idol contestant, custom-designed to fit the aesthetic of this show — as it existed a few years ago.” Oh. You mean the aesthetic of the show when the winner actually sometimes went on to become a major recording star, instead of going straight to oblivion, as the “expressive” tween crush winners of recent seasons do. Get a grip. Anybody can be expressive. Hell, I could be expressive, and like Jacob, Paul, et al I’d still stink. Not everyone can sing, though. Remember that Carrie Underwood was often criticised for being robotic during her time on the show. How’s she doing these days?

    • cara

      WOW – hope Pia’s family isn’t reading all of this shit. What a rude article. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. She got voted off for 3 reasons: 1. Someone has to go every week. Get over it. She was 9 out of tens of thousands – pretty damn good. 2. The votes mean nothing really. Adam Lambert’s loss case in point. Depends on phone lines, apathy, gender, etc… 3. Judges are doing no one favors, but hurting the truly talented ones with their incessant “stage mother” behavior.

    • Mike

      Ken Tucker, a Jacob fan? Well your article consisted of two different things that lost you all your credibility, the fact that you listed Casey as someone who needs to “head home”, and that JACOB is your favorite. I really hope you’re kidding about him.

      • Preston

        I think that Ken doesn’t like Casey’s kinds of performance with the growling and such. Some singers just don’t grab him. Jacob is very good and I think that Ken just prefers him a little bit more than the other singers.

    • cheryl

      Now this article confirms what I always knew to be true…Ken Tucker is such a hack. He is totally clueless and out of touch. One of the worst contributors to EW…EVER. Michael Slezak, PLEASE come back!!

      • Robin

        My 1st post on this site this season, was a regular here when Slezak was here. Ken Tucker is crazy-Jacob! The best since Adam Lambert-OMG NO! Go to tvline.com. Idoloonies is to die! The only thing it is missing is Kristen Baldwin with glasses.




      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…oh, wait he is serious.

      You really don’t have a clue…do you Ken…not one clue.

      • pissed off

        Ken Tucker is an moron and EW is a rag sheet!

    • Laurel

      I totally agree with you Ken well said.

    • Adwina Lambert

      Brotha-Sistah Brown Shugah Fairy Jacob-ah is such a Diva-h!! tee-hee!

    • Monster Kill

      This author perhaps is a fan of Pia. Get rid of this CRAP. she is gone now.

    • Monster Kill

      Chris Jericho is responsible for Pia meetin Mark Ballas of DWTS, now they are dating so enough of this article. Go stefano!

    • kate

      Ken, THANK YOU for saying this finally. It wasn’t because chicks don’t like here or that 12 year olds do all the voting or all the other conspiracy theories. While hitting every note on cue she was also forgettable. She’s at best, a Vegas lounge or wedding singer. Background noise with no real connection to music or the audience. People who will buy her album also ride the elevator to hear great music.

  • Susan

    I completely agree with your assessment of Pia. She hits every note, she has an amazing voice, but I was always bored with her performance. No artistry at all.

    I completely disagree with your assessment of Jacob. He is my least favorite contestant. I don’t know what it is, but the tone of his voice is like nails on the chalkboard to me. To each his own, I guess.

    • jess

      i’m so glad someone finally had the guts to write this article. Yes Pia sings beautifully but she has the personality of pre-cut cardboard – all pageanty waves, mechanical smiles and pre-rehearsed sound bites. Don’t get me wrong, i think she’s perfect as a star precisely for those reasons but i deliberately did not vote for her simply because i’m sick of seeing her on tv. She’ll have a great career no matter what folks so really at the end of the day this isn’t a big deal.

      • Suzequ

        I think you can say the same thing about Scotty (who I loved at the start and am increasingly annoyed by). He sings beautifully, has slightly more personality than Pia, but is SO mannered in his stage presence that I cringe. I knw he’s not going anywhere due to the tween power voting, but I can hope.

      • jess

        yeah i actually can say the same about Scotty. he was adorable and charming at first but during his Elvis song … ugh. It sounded fine if i closed my eyes but once i opened them and saw his weird hunched over dips and over-dramatic facial contortions, i literally cringed and couldn’t watch him.

      • Piet

        Do people really care about what they look like when they perform, or if they have “personality”??? Who gives a sh*t?!?! How often do you see your favorite singers “perform”? Maybe a few times in your life? I want to hear songs by people who can *sing*, and Pia was the best singer on the show, bar none.

      • Sarah

        Paul- I’ve seen my favorite band perform 45 times. If they weren’t such great entertainers, it’d be a far smaller number (and, to preempt the nasty replies, yes, I have a job/grad school education/social life).

      • Sarah

        Piet, not Paul, excuse me. Obviously I’ve got a one track mind. Was going to follow up by saying Paul’s my favorite because, while he may not be perfect, he’s not manufactured either.

      • Donna

        EXACTLy what I said. Haters. You did not vote for her because she has all the things it takes to be a star and you dont. That is why you did not vote for her.

      • @ Donna

        well thanks for assuming that you can read all of out minds and that you know EXACTLY why people didn’t vote for her. But if i am allowed to speak for myself, i can tell you that i didn’t vote for her cuz i think she’s as boring as a wall. If being a star means having nothing to interest people into voting for her (and accordingly paying for her music) then yes i’m sure she will be a great star. And just for your information, you’re probably right i don’t have what it takes to be a star but that doesn’t make me a hater. On the contrary, I’m a doctor and pretty happy with my life and who i am , thank you very much.

      • Terri

        Donna – i don’t want to be a star. I have 2 beautiful children, a loving husband and a job I enjoy. I didn’t vote for Pia simply because I like Haley better. Please do not assume that everyone who did not vote for Pia is a hater.

    • lia

      I also can’t stand Jacob – I think he is a terrible singer. I don’t understand all the praise he gets and was glad to see him in the bottom 3.

      • MaryJane

        Totally agree – I do not understand the fawning over Jacob, he’s horrible and so arrogant, such a turn off. I’m glad he was in the bottom 3 at least, for that snotty comment about ‘america can’t look itself in the mirror” wow bite me

      • Jeff

        Wow you guys definitely get it. Jacob “Screech owl America needs to look in the mirror” Lusk must go. glad to see him dropping in the votes. Pia however was thrilling, but of course I’m a guy and like her looks and voice

    • Wendy

      Totally agree about Jacob.I have my figer on the FF button when he comes on. If he starts one of those never ending runs I can’t hit it fast enough. just not my kind of music (and I like some of everything!)

      • Mike

        …and he gets more woman-like every week. Maybe that’s why he’s in the bottom 3…a female apparently has no chance anymore.

    • Becky

      Agreed! I was beginning to think I was the only one that felt that way.

    • redcelt32

      I agree, Jacob and Paul both have voices like nails on a chalkboard. Entertainers yes, singers no. I do agree that Pia, Stefano, and Lauren have zero stage presence.

      • Josh

        I agree though stage presence can be learned. The singing talent, which cannot be learned, is already there. Just a bit more development in the case of Stefano.

    • jones

      Pia was not my favorite, but she can sing really well. Jacob’s voice is not pleasant, it is pitchy and shrieky. Plus he seems like a diva. I wanted him to go last night and was more disappointed he did not go than that Pia left.

  • bree

    casey abrams slaughters them all! pia lft me emotinally bankrupt!

    • gusthecat

      i agree-pia was dull-but she will definitly have a great career as a super talented back-up singer who refused to pull her head out of her you-know-what

    • Anna

      Casey slaughters my sensibilities. He’s a vile POS.

  • jfms777

    I disagree with you. But it all comes down to the number of votes,
    and the size of your fan base. Look how far Bristol Palin went on DWTS–because of the votes. Same thing can happen here. Marginally talented singers with large fan bases.

  • DDB

    Jacob is definitely over-the-top, but “wonderfully” is not the adjective I’d use to describe it.

    • jones


      • Luisantonioasperamoreira

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    • Shannon

      It’s an adverb, (sorry, compulsive grammar police) but I agree as well.

    • Zakry

      That’s just you. Just because you think someone sucks doesn’t mean everyone does. Maybe he’s not your taste. Leave it at that.

  • Leila

    What’s wrong with hitting the perfect notes? Why is that considered robotic? I think it’s artistic and esthetically perfect.

    • sam

      it’s robotic because the act itself of hitting perfect notes (without the added aspect of emotional depth) can literally be done by a robot. You can plug in the chords and notes into a machine and it will spit the melody back out at u with absolute precision .. but who wants to listen to a machine? same theory applies to Pia – she may very well be technically perfect but listening to her is like listening to a computer. Perfect but dull and lacking in the ability to evoke any feeling or response. That’s not art … it’s called being a machine.

      • J

        I’d rather have “robotic” than whatever it is Jacob does. Besides, I think Pia had potential to open up some more.

      • sam

        don’t get me wrong – i’m not a fan of Jacob’s runs and hollering. It was great the first time he sang God Bless the Child but now it’s getting tiresome and let’s be honest, he’s not exactly on pitch most of the time.

      • RCB

        Casey, James, Haley, Paul and Scotty – my top 5.

      • madeleine

        agree entirely. I couldn’t stand the robot. A pageant robot! well, maybe that is redundant.

      • tma6469

        who wants to listen to a machine you ask???? apparently most of america. Look at the music charts. how many of these hitmakers would have hits without the use of machines?

      • Yeah

        RCB, I so see that being the Top 5. Those 5 have been the most confident people there.

      • david

        Shocked to see Pia go, but she’ll be fine in her music career. Her strengths are her voice and stage presence. Her downfall was in listening to Jackson and J-Lo for advising her to change her style. Although see is young, Pia T’s target audience is not likely to be
        in the under 30 years of age demographic. btw, wasn’t Iggy a disaster? A 65 y/o still acting like teenager? Ladies gotta love that bod…what a joke.

      • dom

        Are you kidding, Sam?!! How can you compare the perfection of a human voice to a robot?? Sob a robot can do anything…big deal. In fact you can make it sound pitchy and off key too. A human who can train and perfect her/his voice has a great talent that not everyone can do…we can all sound awful if we want. The definition of art is that which is true and beautiful… pia mastered her talent- that which so many Americans are too lazy to do and just get by with that great line: “well its different so It must be good.” Her immaculate voice is true art. So thankful that there is still some true talent out there.

      • maggie

        The fact that autotune is so often used to make mediocre singers sound like they can sing, is the reason that it’s wonderful to hear someone who can actually sing. Pia can sing.

      • Jessie

        You’re right in asking “who wants to sound like a robot?” Robots want to sound like Pia. Yeah Sam I’m sorry but your analogy has all the integrity and ass-backwards logic of a prolapsed anus (no offense, Casey Abrams): robots are meant to mimic human capacities, not vice-versa. Only reason it’s impressive when they “do” things – humans programmed them to do what only humans CAN do. Most humans CANNOT do what Pia can, and no machine can without someone telling it how to. Ask any musician if they wish they had perfect pitch and you know what they’ll say. If they say no, they’re jealous. That’s why we program them to “hit” those notes when we plug them in. It actually takes effort to produce them with the human instrument, which is why, yeah, Pia is an artist.

      • Josh

        But unlike machines, Pia has feelings. She just needs to learn on how to show it and let her listeners feel it when she sings.

      • Dan

        I guess you don’t listen to current music much.

      • Donna

        Sam, you seriously need your ears checked. If anybody could do it why dont you go try out for Idol and lets see how far you get. My guess is you would hear” Sorry Dog, It just was not all that.

      • Shamrock

        I agree 100% with you, Sam. Yes, she is on pitch and can sing with power, but there is more to good singing than that. There is actual MUSICALITY, that is, making the music meaningful (rather than a platform for showing what your voice can do). Some may call it “heart”. But a lot of people don’t understand that, and think that pitch/power is everything. Or, they might sense that “something” is missing but can’t put their finger on it. Others equate it to “boring”, although that could be for other reasons as well (some reacted that way because she doesn’t move around much).

        With that said, Pia certainly has the raw materials. I would hope her musicality would improve with time. While I HATED her rendition of her song this week, I don’t think she should have been the one to go this week. I think the voting system needs to be reformed to limit the number of votes per line. But I don’t think she would have made it to the end anyway.

      • @ Donna

        I reread Sam’s post and he never said anybody could do it. Perhaps you should read things more carefully.

    • Ma

      What’s wrong with it is that it’s boring; she can’t evoke the passion among Idol voters to vote for her. There is no connection to her and that is the key. James – not perfect, but I would choose to watch him a million times more than Pia; in fact, when she sang is when I took my snack breaks.

    • jones

      Carrie Underwood was pretty much a robot the season she won.

    • gusthecat

      nope, its live elevator music. dont worry, everyone will forget pia before the finale.

  • Pitchy Dawg

    Why all the complaining? She was the worst of the bunch, even more than the annoying country goober who smirks at the camera and holds the mike like a girl and acts like his ____ don’t stink. It doesn’t matter in the slightest who wins this thing each year. Big deal, she got voted out, life goes on, suck it up and move on. All this whining and griping and finger-pointing, OMG, try putting some of that misdirected energy into something that really matters, like electing Sarah Palin in 2012 or making sure more books are censored from our schools and that schoolchildren are taught the importance of abstinence and not drinking the spiked punch that the high school quarterback gives them, no matter how hot he is or how dope his sweet ride is. Personally, I think Ryan Seacrest is the puppetmaster behind the whole thing and we are but pawns in his expanding empire of world domination.

    • Jesse

      An amazing post. The sarcasm made my day in this cubicle of mine.

    • pattycupcake


    • Donna

      Another Miscreant of society. Pitchy Dawg. Elect Palin, Ryan Seacrest is the Puppet Master. It’s amazing the actual lack of intellect, dont drink the spiked punch. Honey people are not even drinking spiked punch now day’s. You wish that was the extent of whats wrong with kids. Abstinence. Try shootings in the schools. Kids committing suicide because we have a generation of wimpy kids. Why because they sit in the house and the only thing getting used is their fingers to text, play video games, surf the net and talk crap on other people. Pia was good she got voted out because she was good. It’s all good though because Pia will go far in Life. lets check her 1 year from now & you will still be in your Cubicle. LMAO.

      • Bobbie

        OH,Doooonnnnna…**shaking head**

      • Fred

        Step away from the computer, Donna, and make sure to take your meds.

  • Sean

    Scotty is going to sell more records that all of the others combined. Call him a Randy Travis impersonator all you want. But the kid has fans and will sell records. Where is Kris Allen at? Or lee Dewyze? or taylor hicks? However Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler see to be doing just fine in the country world.

    • redcelt32

      Too true, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber can sell records, so it just proves you don’t have to have any talent to sell records.

      • Henry

        I disagree. Kris Allen is incredibly talented but his album flopped big time. What has talent have to do with album sales?

  • jcs

    agreed…Pia…great singing ability, but who wants to watch celine dion light every week. I was bored of the long notes and the cheesy ballads a few weeks ago.

    • rick

      Come to Vegas, where Celine has sold out every single show she’s had and is now back to sell out more shows…hmmmm

    • maggie

      Celine Dion has sold millions of records, and has had years of sold-out concerts. She’s a superstar.
      Pia has the potential to be one as well.

      • Rina

        Obviously the millions of people who have gone to the celion dion concerts and shows are not voting on American Idol.
        American Idol is a singing competition but it is also a TV show. The majority of those who tune in every week to watch it apparently did not like listening to her sing the SAME long notes EVERY WEEK. No ones hating. She has a great voice. But for the sake of watching the TV show, it was inevitable that she go home!

      • Jeff J


    • Rudy

      Pia has the best vocals out of all the Idol contestants and will be a force in the music industry and you can take that to the bank. Pia was refreshing every time she sang and was not the least boring. I’ll tell you who was boring and had a voice worst then mine – and I’m 68 years old. How about Paul prancing around like a spastic robot. Half the time his mouth moved and nothing came out. It’s too bad that the 13 year old pinhead girls voted for cuteness and not talent. I could go on and on however I’ll say one more thing. The next in line in my judgement is Laura. The rest were okay but forgettable. Wait and see. I’m finished with Idol for this year because the best was just voted off.

      • Krista

        I may be in the minority here but I would rather listen to someone who is a little boring on stage that can SING their face off than someone who has a personality and is a mediocre singer. Look at Rihanna, Kesha, etc they’re mediocre singers but good performers. Besides autotune nothing will ever help them be great singers. Pia just needs to work on confidence and she’ll excel. She does NOT have the voice of a backup singer. If people want a winner with a personality and a good voice how in the world do you explain Kris and Lee winning their seasons?? that makes that argument invalid. I would rather listen to Pia than Casey, Haley, Paul, or Jacob anyday. i guess america likes mediocre singers now because Pia was amazing and should have AT LEAST made the Top 4-5 if not won. The only people left that I can MAYBE see selling records are Scotty and Lauren. everyone else will go the way of Taylor and Lee and be forgotten a year from now if they win. if people are voting on personalities/looks this might as well be called “American Personality”.

  • Jacob

    “Her clueless phrasing”??? One might be lead to wonder how much knowledge about vocal technique a critic for Entertainment Weekly might possess? Well, as I have that knowledge, I can tell you she is one of the best singers I’ve ever seen on Idol. It is, after all, a SINGING competition. Best SINGER. Could she mature into a more emotionally available performer? Maybe. But, in terms of her instrument and her technique… it’s flawless. It’s rare. Maybe, at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s “clueless” here?

    • lrs

      i don’t like how you danced on the show, jacob. even randy jackson was embarassed

    • craig40

      Here, Here!

    • lisa

      sure it’s a singing competition but as the judges and seacreast keep telling us week after week – American votes for it’s favorites. FAVORITES … not ‘america please vote for the best singer.’ Good for you for having knowledge about vocal technique but in all probability the average American doesn’t have the immense knowledge that you profess to possess, so it’s understandable that they will vote for someone they enjoy watching on TV for entertainment value as well as enjoy hearing for the pure vocal aspect.

      • Aaron

        But at the same time I don’t expect the vast majority of America to be tone deaf–which, unfortunately, all sings point to they are, with Paul and Jacob still in the top 8.

    • John Ford

      I agree with you JACOB, Pia is AWESOME and I would like to add that I think Ken Tucker might be a woman hater.

      • Anna

        After Tucker’s Oscar review, it has been impossible for me to take anything he write seriously. I don’t think it has anything with hatng women; he just has poor taste.

      • gusthecat

        pia was not awesome, my whole family would leave the room when her,stefano or jacob were performing. bottom 3 was dead on for a change,pia should have got another chance over those guys though.

      • @gusthecat

        Your whole family would leave the room when Pia, Stefano or Jacob would sing? Really? I guess your family doesn’t know how to use a remote control.
        gusthecat: “Oh no, Jacob is singing! Quick, get into the kitchen and hide!”

      • jessy xiques

        As. A woman who use to go to a lot of all male gay bars with gay friends, let me say I think you are right on about ken being a woman hater. I can spot one a mile away. This is typical of gay men that see a beautiful woman they are jealous of and want to empower other gay men to elevate their own gay status. I don’t think he should be writing this article. I believe whatever his cridentials are, they are not enough to make him a good impatial writer. I along with many other people knew that pia was the best and should not have been eliminated. I would love the oportunity to take over for Ken and write a much better column than he ever could.

    • Austin

      While I think Pia has a great voice I was not sad to see her go. I agree 100% that her phrasing was a bit clueless. I do not think she completely understood or connected with her songs and that was very apparent on the butchered rendition of “River Deep, Mountain High”. What made the Tina version so great was the slow build, her emotional connection to the song and the right emphasis in the right places. From the first note Pia completely hit you with the big vocals and steamrolled over a song that was not meant to be steamrolled over.

      • Yuma

        I’m with you, Austin. I could not stand her “River Deep Mountain High” rendition. And it seems like in most of her songs Pia did the steamroller thing. A song would be at level 5 for awhile and then suddenly it would be up at level 10. The other levels never appeared, and the levels used weren’t necessarily appropriate for where they were used. (I’m trying to find a way to explain dynamics and connection.) But when most people hear a voice belting away at level 10, they assume that the person is a great singer. I think Pia definitely has the vocal tools but needs to work on her musical expression.

    • cjinsd

      It’s not a Best Singer contest. It’s a contest for the next IDOL “any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion”. How many iconic entertainers are the best singers? Do you only listen to big belting divas? Who’s on you iPod? Are they the best singers or are they artists who move you, have interesting voices, musicians with great skills? Pia had a good voice, but was not emotionally involve or artistic. She was boring both in song choice and presentation. What will she bring to today’s music scene? She showed us nothing new. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Jacob or Stephano leave before her, but I also can’t see myself ever buying her CD.

      • Piet

        People still buy CDs?? I’d definitely buy her MP3s over anybody else in the competition. I am not a big country fan, but I think Scotty will probably outsell them all once he gets his contract.

      • s,

        Well put – I’m looking for the best artist, not the best singer.

      • Alev

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    • Pia Lover

      Pia was definitely one of the best, she had true star quality, and was hot too. Granted her movements were a little robotic on stage, but a choreographer could fix that easily. She had everything else and will definitely still be a big star, regardless of being prematurely voted off. Too bad the judges wasted their vote on someone who won’t even make it to the final 5. my thoughts of who is best this year:
      Pia then James then Scotty then Lauren then Jacob then Paul. Forget everyone else, they just don’t have it. James will be the most famous, whether he wins or not.

    • K

      actually this year they claimed to be looking for the best “artist” which is more than just singing. Pia could sing, but do you want to listen to a Celine Dion sound a like on the radio? DO you even hear Celine on the radio anymore?

      ….. exactly.

      • rick

        no, she’s actually selling out shows in Las vegas, more than any other singer…

      • ummm yeah

        Celine’s not making radio hits anymore because that was a CONSCIOUS choice when her first kid was born, that making albums and esp doing promotional gigs and concert tours worldwide was not conducive to being a hands-on parent. So she consciously chose to create the vegas act, where she just performs nightly and doesn’t really have to travel anywhere. Smart move, I’d say. But my guess is had she stayed on the radio, she’d probably have had another 5-10 yrs of hits (see: Carey, Mariah) before the natural fadeout to the next generation.

    • Piet

      Amen, Jacob!

    • gusthecat

      I couldnt have been happier with the bottom 3 but was truly surprised it was pia to leave. my hope was that being in the bottom 3 would actually scare some sense into her and maybe she could match her talent with a tiny bit of charisma. she was my favorite for the first 2 weeks-but she did get pretty boring really fast. i would have been happier had either jacob or stefano gone instead-that was too bad. james’ singing usually irks me but last performance was pretty good. nobody says anything about haley and i actually think shes one of the best and most consistent. i like casey alot too.

    • Jessie

      Thank you Jacob. The second I read that clueless phrase about clueless phrasing I knew this guy was trying to get outraged responses. Which makes me a total tool. But seriously, I if you want to criticize Pia for one thing, it ain’t gonna be her ‘phrasing.’ F*cking impeccable

      • Alifi

        Whyte Ave in the day time lots of quirky shops, funky bars, great earteies excellent used book store. great people watching too.Same with West Ed it’s a monstrosity but if it’s just you too and you’re not constantly doing the parent thing neat place. Buy Jamie her shoes she wants to go splurge on.River Valley in the spring is tres cool. Terwiliger Park is you need a vicarious dog fix

    • Rudy

      Put very well Jacob. I agree 100% with you. There are a lot of clueless people out there. If anything, Idol exposed her to the world and opened up a lot of doors. Perhaps being voted off was the best thing that could have happened. She will not be tied down with Idol and can pursue her dreams outside of Idol contracts. It broke my heart to see her voted off and I actually had knots in my stomach the entire night. Sounds silly but that’s the way I am. She was definitely screwed.

    • Manuela

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  • Andrew

    Disagree with you 1000%. Pia is a very talented singer and conducts herself with class.

  • Claire C.

    Scotty is annoying. He should go.

    • Marie

      shut up i love scotty!

      • natalie

        just because someone doesn’t like the same person you like doesn’t mean they are a hater. It just means they aren’t a carbon copy of you.

    • Ljj

      Forgot about Scotty. Scotty is a natural entertainer. He just brings a smile to my face. Can’t wait to hear him next. So, I would have to rank him 3rd with James and Lauren. He may end up winning. Paul, Haley and Casey need to go home. After Brand made the “crack” joke and Iggy Pop, I’m thinking Idol isn’t a good influence for our youngsters. Glad to see that Iggy didn’t poop on stage, like he’s done on the past. That man’s crazy and the people behind having him on Idol are crazier. Good luck to all. We won’t ever be watching it again! However, I will be buying all of Jacob Lusk’s songs! Looking forward to seeing Pia’s career take off. Will be looking for her in movies!!!

  • Jaded

    Right on as usual Ken Tucker! Pia was SO boring. I could never remember what song she sang after the show was over. I do love Casey the past 2 weeks, though. Now that he’s not all growly and weird. But Paul’s been my favorite since the 20 seconds we saw of him during the audition.

    • Preston

      I think that Pia was STARTING to become boring with the same kind of approach of singing a different power ballad every week just to hit those big notes, so typical of their coronation songs on the season finale shows. She was really planning to do it so perfectly if she made the top 2. She switched to an uptempo song about 3 to 4 weeks too late after doing ballad after ballad. She was trying to recapture what Kelly Clarkson did in the first year of Idol and it didn’t work.

    • Ljj

      OMG! You’re taste in music is most definitely not mine! Pia was the very best female vocalist hands down! Jacob is the very best male vocalist, hands down. From there I would put James 3rd, Lauren tied for 3rd, Stefano 4thand the rest can go home!!!

  • mh2365

    Jacob needs to go esp. after playing the race and homophobic card Wednesday night … plus he isn’t very good … I keep getting tired of hearing how great the talent level is every season when in actuality none of these contestants will be able to sell downloads on their own … who knows if any can even write a song … I like James and I liked Naimi for their performance ability … the rest are pretty freaking boring

    • redcelt32

      In all fairness Paul is fairly entertaining to watch, he just cant sing songs that aren’t written for Rod Stewart.

      • JAO

        You need to check out his Grand Magnolia & High Tide Blues albumns… they are great. I purchased all his songs.

      • JAO

        You need to check out his band’s albums – Grand Magnolias & HighTide Blues. The tunes are great. Paul is good. I enjoy his artistry.

    • Brian H

      What did I miss? What homophobic card?

      • Shawnuel

        Right Brian….was wondering the same thing. I guess I didn’t take Jacob’s very ill-informed spiel to be about race OR sexuality. More of a moral or spiritual statement.

      • gina __

        Brian–i had the same question? Jacob also never said anything about race.

      • Timster

        Think at this early juncture Pia should not have been eliminated, though I agree that notwithstanding her powerful voice she was a tad boring. What I don’t get is how Paul is not getting the boot. Yes, he is not boring but his versions of songs — Rocket Man and Folsom Prison — were God-awful — are given a pass because they are “crazy,” or “different.” I think that Johnny Cash is rolling over in his grave. Paul has got to go.

      • paula levine

        Worst season ever on Idol. With Simon around, maybe Scotty and Pia would have been chosen in the top 24. Judges lavish false praise on talentless kids because they can’t admit they chose so poorly. Really, is there a singer you actually look forward to seeing each week…like and Adam Lambert or Kat McPhee. This show died forever last week, and Simon’s new show will destroy this trash.

  • donna

    let’s add one more reason, the song was boring! sure she might have sang it great, but it wasn’t a song that I could get excited about. I have no love for Scotty at all, thought he needed to leave long ago, but seeing him sing Elvis Wednesday (the right song) had me voting for him, go figure. I don’t care for him at all, but great song choice!

    • exactly

      ITA! I’m not a Scotty fan at all, sick & tired of his SNL-worthy country-singer-impersonation-schtick. But his rockabilly Elvis was altogether awesome! He didn’t rely on that lower register, he just sang in his mid range, and sang with so much joy that he didn’t need compensate with schtick & antics. The man was made for rockabilly and should continue in that vein.

      • gina __

        I agree w both of you. Didn’t get the appeal of scotty until this week
        . I’ve even YouTubed his performance bc it makes me smile.

      • Eurydice

        Count me in, too. I didn’t pay too much attention to him until this last performance. It was the first time that he looked like he had a personality and was having fun. I think that low voice makes people forget he’s just a kid.

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