'Extreme Couponing' review: Weird, selfish people, or thrifty smarties?

Extreme Couponing, which premiered on TLC, has elicited some extreme reactions. Some reviewers and viewers have scorned the show as an example of obsessive selfishness. Others admire the ingenuity of the shoppers who are able to reduce $1,000-plus grocery bills to a little over $100.

Me, I think the show is a canny example of two elements floating through the country right now. The first is a fascination with extreme behavior as it’s filtered through reality TV, whether we’re talking about people who sire a lot of children (hello, Duggar family) or who stuff their bodies with a lot of drugs (hello, Intervention and Relapse). The second is the fact that a lot of people don’t have as much money as they used to. It’s the economy, not-stupid!

Sure, Extreme Couponing presented some people stocking up on things they don’t need, such as the guy who admitted he didn’t eat mustard even as his wife bought dozens of bottles of the stuff. But that’s the way TV works these days: People watch The Biggest Loser and, at best, maybe pick up some tips and a bit of inspiration to lose weight. It’s junk programming, yet it imparts a sliver of useful information.

The same goes for Extreme Couponing. If, while gawping at the people who spend their lives scouring trash cans for newspaper coupon supplements, a viewer learns how to reduce his or her grocery bill for the family, what’s the harm? Entertainment and free(ish) food.

I won’t lie: I’m not going to add Extreme Couponing to my DVR schedule. But I’m also not going to discount, if you’ll excuse the expression, the impulses and, in some cases, needs that inspire its popularity.

Agree? Disagree?

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  • AE

    My problem is they didn’t factor the cost of the coupons into the savings. If you’re buying several newspapers, ordering the coupons off the web and/or printing them then that cost should be factored in. I suspect that the savings wouldn’t look like such a bargain after that was disclosed.

    • Cindy

      I don’t buy multiple papers, I don’t buy coupons off the web. There are ways to obtain multiple coupons. Just have to be resourceful. Paper for printing I can get for free. Ink for printing, either on sale or better yet, garage sale or second hand store! I only started couponing 5 months ago and always save over 50% off my bill. I don’t have a stockpile room, but a hallway closet, and a kitchen pantry. I have gone from a $800.00 a month grocery bill, down to about $200 to $300 a month. Sometimes because of my stock, if we are struggling I can get away with maybe only having to spend $50 on getting a few things.

      • Heidi

        Canada does not have coupons the way America does. I do go to flyerland and places like that to print off some coupons but they are nothing like the ones these women can get. At least, not that I’ve found! The Crazy Coupon Lady (the girl pictured above) buys up alot of food that they won’t eat but she delivers it every two weeks to a local food bank. Hey if she can figure it all out and be able to live well and give away as much as she does good for her. The others that just stock up their pantries with boxes of deoderant, toothpaste, toilet paper et all, are just hoarders really. Its an addiction!

      • Robert

        @Cindy – paper for free – meaning you are doing this at work and stealing your office resources to feed your sick little hoarding habit

      • Michelle

        I know I’m probably repeating what everyone else said on here, but where are the FRESH fruits, FRESH vegetables, & MEAT???? Yes, the families are “saving” a lot of money, but exactly how much of the stuff they purchase will they actually use/consume? Plus, the Sunday papers cost money, and if they are buying 10-12 papers at a time, that’s at least $20/week, which COULD be put toward fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.

      • Samantha Duffourc

        I want to learn how to do coupons & save. I recently got laid off & after bills from my husbands check I’m left with $71 for groceries & gas…. So it would be helpful for my family to save some money. I think more mothers with the stress of paying the bills understands why some of these people take this to the extreme. I know to be able to not stress about groceries would be helpful for me it least.

      • josie

        @ robert – “paper for free” as in, taking advantage of a rebate (from staples or office max) to get a free case of paper. i did this at staples about 6 months ago and haven’t purchased computer paper since. although, since she didn’t specify, it’s certainly possible she’s swiping office supplies. but if she’s an avid couponer i bet she got the same sort of deal i did. as for the cost of newspapers and buying coupons online, i ALWAYS end up redeeming much more in coupons than what i paid for a paper. and when i do buy coupons, i pay 10 – 15 cents to save $1 – $2. it’s certainly something to consider, though, as the “savings” can sometimes be inflated when you don’t factor those things in. in my 2+ years of couponing, i’ve always saved exponentially more than what i’ve spent to get coupons.

        @ samantha-if you want to get into couponing, google “coupon blog” and you’ll get a whole bunch of bloggers who do nothing but coupon match ups. they also have great tutorials on their sites for getting started couponing in general and at various stores. my personal fav is hip2save.com… good luck!

      • maria

        Keep the deals coming or suggestive sites for coupons i love”em” and could use a little help in becoming a extreme couponer and as for paper and ink wal-mart paper about $4 to $5 for 500 sheets or simplyink.com you can get paper and compatible ink at a fraction of the cost not to mention a coupon code 10% off maybe free shipping.

      • Beamer

        Cindy, could you let me know how to get multiple coupon inserts from the paper without buying the paper? Im new to this and would really like to stop having to buy so many papers to get the cpns. Thanks

      • celeste

        thanks for being honest,Everyone can save if they want.It will take alittle time to organize it and cut them out but so woryh it.I wish I coud be as good as what they show on extream couponing,but southern florida doesn’t doule coupon.

      • Antonia


      • Janine

        Please help me to save like you do. I struggle to afford groceries. I earnestly clip coupons, study sale fliers, etc. I only manage to save a minimal amount and still spend about 700-800 per month on groceries. Really need any help you can offer. Thank you!

      • Christina

        I buy 3 newspapers every Sunday and print coupons off the internet. Due to all those coupons I can get my ink and paper for cheap also. My children take their lunch to school everyday and I just got Oscar Mayer Lunchables with fruit (no drink) from Target for $0.35 a piece! So much better than buying it at the school for $2 per day!!!

      • Cheyenne

        When you use coupons, it SAVES you money on your groceries. If you save over 50%, then you can spare the additional for fresh items. But I have coupons for meat, produce, and dairy. I subsribe to the paper and the convenient store in town gives me what’s left at the end of the day. I am a member of an online club where I get paper and ink discounted. Since I save nearly 70% each time I shop, the figuring in of printing coupons and buying the paper is worth it.

    • sherry

      @AE most of the shoppers grocery bill were over 500, therefore they still saved.

      • eponymous

        If you wouldn’t have bought it in the first place, you’re not really saving…it’s an impulse buy just because you have a coupon for it. Slippery slope…

      • etm

        EXACTLY, eponymous!!!

      • Amy

        At some point in time, you are going to need toothpaste, toilet paper, or deodorant, so why not get it for free this week rather than paying full price next week. Most people just discount coupons because it’s just a dollar and not worth the time, but dollars do add up when you are on a tight budget. The show is called extreme couponing, so they are going to show the excessive couponers, but there are good tips that people that don’t go to such an extreme can use to save themselves some money. Just because people see Biggest Loser contestants lose 10 lbs in one week does not mean that people watching are going to start going to the excess that those contestants go to in order to lose weight, but that does not discredit the tips and strategies that people can integrate into their own lives.

      • ks

        @eponymous-That always got me.

    • chris

      AE, many couponers get discounted subscriptions and other newspaper readers who don’t use coupons give them inserts. Even if it’s a $2.00 Sunday paper you could only say the $2 goes against your grocery bill if you only bought the full price paper for coupons and not all of the other reading material.

      • caty

        i see all of you talking about how unhealthy these ppl eat but what they don’t tell you in the show (my close family friend is an extreme couponer) That 90% of stuff they buy will usually end up in donations closer to exp. date and they get handed receipts for full retail price and it all comes back in their taxes. That is why the one woman bought all that mustard that they wouldn’t use. Also the one person even said he spent 70 dollars on coupons, places like e-bay and coupon clipping services cant charge you for too much only for labor otherwise it would be illegal. I wouldn’t go blab mouthing these ppl just because most ppl aren’t even smart enough to know how to do it. so they start bashing their eating styles im not an extreme couponer but im sorry i thinks its healthier to eat canned or frozen veggies vs. non at all . I have a 4 person family we live off of about 2k a month and after bills gas and diapers/wipes for 2 babies having stock piles would be very nice especially when all we can afford only about 70 dollars a week on actual food till the next week.

    • Jenny

      Last night the lady got her $600 grocery bill down to $6.00!! Even if she bought newspapers she still saved over $500.
      She had a family of 6 so I’m sure not too much spoils.

      • cindy jones

        If you bought 70 bottles of Ketchup for 10 cents each this week ( with coupons) and next week you can get them for 8 cents, are you going to buy another 50? I think it is an addiction. And how much worry is there that the product is going to expire sitting in their `stockpiles’ before they can use it?

    • Gretchen K

      There are lots of free coupon online and I know that when I get a newspaper on Sundays for the crossword and coupons I still get about $5 in savings for the coupons i’ll use only after the cost of the paper. I do think with that show, some of it boarders on or is hoarding. There is a man who has over a thousand bottles of shampoo and hundreds of other things neatly organized that he will probably never go through. I am all about saving and there are good ways to do it. I am interested to see more of the show to find some good tips and not pick up on any of the crazy ones.

      • maria

        Hey! Alot of times stores in my area like cvs, walgreen’s and riteaid have thereown instore coupons that are pretty good and if your sighned up with there saving card like kroger has you can get pretty good deals like cvs has they give you cvs bucks good toward your next purchase, combine that with your with in hand coupon there special and u can almost get it free.

      • mchristina29

        I agree. I watch the show for tips but I do have some questions. Like when it comes to fruits and veggies. They go bad quick. With all you save I suppose you’de have money to pick those up seperately. Theres no way I’d have room in my house for that. I’d have to invest a little money in storage and a new freezer. I figure I’d be happy to not be surrounded by stacks of grocery products all over my house but still knock off a 100.00 a month on my grocery bill. More if possible but I don’t think I’ll ever go to the extreme. I already feel that I don’t have enough free time to enjoy my life. I really don’t know if I even have the patience to spend this much time coupon searching.I have to admit it is intriquing. Maybe with the money I save I could hire a maid then I’d have more time to coupon clip. I like to donate to charity and help out those in need so if I ever did have an excess I’d send it to those who need it.

      • katie

        The man with all the shampoo also made 1000 care packages for deployed soldiers using his stockpile…just sayin

    • anon

      That one lady in episode one said that the newspaper delivery guy drops off extra inserts in a stack at her house….. Yeah that costs a lot of nothing. Most of the coupon sites online are FREE. So hold on let me do my math…. Free news paper coupons + Free online coupons…. wow that brings their cost for getting coupons to FREEE.

      • Johny

        What about the people who steal coupons? I work a a store and we often get displays with coupons and people will take all the coupons and not buy anything. Those coupons are meant to help us sell that product, not for someone to take and sell to some couponer. Just because it has no monetary value doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. It’s still stealing.

      • Patti Dunn


    • C

      oh and FREE junk that you shouldn’t even be eating. YAY!

    • C

      On the first show there was a couple who pay a couponing service $70 a week for their coupons yet the show didnt factor that cost in or there 40+ hours of planning and their 8+ hours of shopping…I mean how much is your time worth to you?

      • mchristina29

        my thoughts exactly C

      • Erin

        C – that’s a good question. For some people, it’s definitely not worth it to them. But for the lady above, whose husband lost his job, I’m sure it was totally worth it. I am a stay at home mom who has to work really hard at saving so that we can live on my husband’s salary and I can stay home with my kids. I don’t have money to contribute to my family, but I do have the time and ability to coupon, so it’s worth it to me. If someone decides it’s not worth it to them, they don’t have to do it!

      • ranchmommy

        Yes, it does take time, which can’t be ignored but if you look at it as a job, it’s not that crazy. People here are saying that they save $500 a month on groceries, if it takes you 50 hours to do the couponing then you are making $10/hr.

      • janr

        Once you learn how to at least “stack” – meaning, time your coupon use for the time period a store has a sale on that item – it takes much less time to find a few good deals. People on the shows have been doing this for YEARS and they are now completely efficient at it. I did it for one week so far, spent about 4-6 hours, but figured it saved me (or I got paid) about $95 this week and I stockpiled SOME deoderant, toothepaste, cereal, bodywash and chexmix – all things we use, will use and aren’t terribly bad for us.

    • Renee Mohr

      Unfourtunately, most of the food is processed and bad for you. Also my family is on a gluten free diet. I have never seen coupons for fruit, veggies, and gluten free food.

      • love couponing

        Actually Renee if you do some research you would know that you can get healthy food and also gluten free. Why is it that everyone has a comment and most of you dont have a clue what you talking about. If the company didnt want you to us coupons they wouldnt put them out there. I go to my gas station on mondays and they always give me there left over papers….no charge….

      • Sara

        I am on a gluten free diet, and I coupon… I save quite a bit on our grocery bill (fortunately, or we couldn’t afford to eat.) My husband and I eat quite healthily. It’s all about choosing what you will and will not buy.

      • luvsthecity

        You may not get coupons for the gluten free items directly, but you may get coupons that can be used towards gluten free products. Yesterday at KMart, I got two $5 coupons for food to use anyway I want, that ten dollars can go towards fresh produce or meat items.

      • Fitday

        You can use coupons for nonfood products such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and toilet paper.

      • Selig

        You aren’t looking hard enough. I see them all of the time. You have to look at the BRANDS that have g-free items. Here is an example. Wishbone salad dressing. they ALWAYS have coupons out and they have a g-free dressing.

    • Liam buckley

      Excellent point…Plus not all states honor a double the coupon program Michigan had not for many years…They stopped the insanity in the bud!

      • LauraM

        Every grocery store I go to in Michigan doubles coupons.

      • L

        Then you must live on the East side of the state. On the West side of Michigan, I don’t know any store that will do double coupons.

    • Erin

      Even if you only save $100 a week doing this, buying $20 worth of newspapers still saves you $80 a week. It’s not like you buy all the newspapers and then don’t make up the cost. If someone tried to hand me $80 a week, I definitely would not say “No thanks, it’s not worth it”! And these people are saving a lot more than that!

  • Lipstickandearrings

    Honestly, if you pay attention to nothing but the Sunday paper and the store circular, you can knock off 40-50% off your grocery bill. However, this is on an entirely different level. Why dont they donate the goods to a food bank? They have no money in it, they only spent 50 bucks or so. Its bizarre.

    • Rwithers

      Exactly! It makes absolutely NO SENSE for a family of 2 people to have 1100 boxes of cereal. Canned foods, bottled salad dressings, ketchup all have an expiration date! It does not last forever. And what person needs 150 toothbrushes? Even if you use 4 toothbrushes a year you’ll be dead or need dentures by the time you get to toothbrush no. 70. I’m all for couponing. I do my share everyweek using Sunday paper and online coupon printing. I’m happy when I look at my receipt and I’ve saved $37 after store sale, coupon matches, and double/triple coupon offers. But I’m certainly NOT going to clear the whole shelf of mustard just because I can. That’s just selfish. And sick, if you ask me. What this show needs to include is these people attending their weekly office visit with a psychologist.

      • rhonda

        some of you people just need to stop hatn…if they want 2 do it and save money…LET THEM STOP HATN !!!!!

      • Coupon Chick

        The man who got the hundreds of boxes of free cereal donated it all to a local charity, and all of the toothbrushes, deodorants, etc. get donated too. If you watch that particular show again, you will hear him say that it’s all getting donated. He has a website called weusecoupons.com and teaches how to use them legally and correctly. Most of the people who seem to be hoarding are the ones who donate regularly.

      • Ohio

        The Man from Northern Ky, rumor has it his take some of his goods’ to flea markets on Weekend, sells them and uses that money to buy more food. HELLO McFly. It is a sick ness, if your claims are true, that you give the spare can’s of food to the local food bank, then why is it I see the local Cincy News stations going on the air with stories from the local food bank asking for donations?

        I live just a few miles north of this Ky man. His Kroger store sees this guy at least twice a week. He has over $25K worth of food in his house. Enough for 5 years of food. WHERE is the savings? I see none. One woman on the show, she stated she has left family reunons, left movies with her husband, awaken at 1-2-3 Am, to go shop at the local store, since the SALES start at various times. Has not been on a vacation in years, YET will spend hours clipping coupons, walking up and down the street and picking these coupons out of the recycle bins.

        BTW, I am now shredding the coupons I don’t use, last thing I want I want is my recycle bin trashed on the gorund due to some Couponer going thur it. Don’t laugh, I see it with people looking for soft drink cans,They push the recyle stuff on the ground, get the cans and leave the trash. Last thing I want at 5 am heading to work, to stop and pick up more recycle stuff after a coupon person doing it.

        SOMETHING IS Wrong with these people. My Wife and I use coupons and will save $90-100, but we USE each item we buy. We do not store food, then go out and buy more of the item, OH I GOT A COUPON FOR IT. BS!

        We buy fresh fruits and Veggies as needed and buy meats at a Butcher,where we buy a half cow or pig. That goes in the freezer.

        One thing this show DOESN’T point out. Many Of them- Kroger for one- states they will NOT USE computer Printed coupons as so many are fakes! Plus the Kroger this Ky Man uses, has ask him to call when he is coming out. This is in order for them to have the item on stock and extra people on hand to hel[p him push his carts. Where is the savings if he shops for 3 hours hours, then it takes another 3 hours to check out. Each store, be it Kroger or Safeway or Costco or WalMart, will ask thee people to NOT come to the stores during the busy times of the week. Friday and Sat, which is the busy days.

        I wish A&E would put on a Dr to help these people have a life. When you spend 40 or more hours a week couponing, then you don’t have a life. Come ON get a life, -buy what you can use for a month, bank the money you saved in a CD or some type of money market account. Use the savings in a wise manner.

        Get some Help. I don’t see the savings!

      • mchristina29

        Even though I have questions about it I still think its pretty awesome that someone figures out how to save this much money on a grocery bill. I posted some thoughts above about these questions I have but I still like the idea. It can be used for good. How many hungry,less fortunate people could we feed like this, I wonder.

      • Tender

        Rwithers, I agree with you. I love to use coupons within reason. I am not “hating,” but just like to use good old fashion common sense. These people are making it harder for reasonable shoppers to use coupons and save on weekly groceries. One woman had diapers up to the ceiling and did not have one child, now that makes no sense to me. Another one purchased all the mustard on the shelf.

        I recently came across a coupon and it stated a purchase of $10 was required. I had never seen this on a manufactor’s coupon before, but now I know why, extreme couponers. Some of these people are well organized greedy hoarders.

      • janr

        LOL!!! but no one would care about saving $40 on a $100 grocery bill and make a TV show out of it! They are showing this extreme stuff for ratings, but I am glad they did – it got me doing it or just things we use and now I know that paying $3 for cereal is ridiculous and I can always get papertowels for .60 a roll or less!!!

  • LH

    AE….that’s what I’ve been screaming! They don’t tell you how much they spend on coupons to do this mad shopping. It’s just ridiculous if you ask me. I buy the Sunday paper every week for $1.50. I MIGHT go back and buy a 2nd one, if there’s some really good coupons that week. But that’s it. I don’t buy entire inserts, or multiples of exact coupons off the internet. And they’re stocking piling alot of canned and boxed goods. Healthy eating? I think not.

    • Lee Poehler

      I follow the blogs about couponing and some of these ladies are getting an entire week’s paper and 4 extra Sunday editions for that same $3 you are are paying.
      check it out at http://fabulesslyfrugal.com/

      • Andreea

        Thanks for posting this!!! Ok so right now i have about 30 copouns, yes 30 floating around in all areas of my purse all wrinkled and um i desperately need your class!! I have a coupon clutch, they just didnt meet each other in time for the disaster

    • Ruth

      I consider myself an “Extreme Couponer,” not because I am a freak with a warehouse full of stuff I’ll never use (I don’t), but because I save 80-90% on my grocery bill every single week. I write a blog called http://www.livingwellspendingless.com, and every week I post my shopping results to show my readers exactly what I bought and how much I saved. I also am very open about the fact that I buy 6 Sunday papers each week. It costs me $9. That might seem like a lot, but not when you consider that my total grocery bill each week (for my family of 4) is LESS than $50! And that includes all our toiletries, paper products, diapers, and pull-ups.

      The show might make using coupons look ridiculous, but I am a pretty normal gal and I save my family over $1000 a month.

      • Sally

        Ask at the local mini marts – many of them sell Sundays paper on Monday for half price or less. Also the 99 cent stores sell them for 99 cents.

    • JL

      I buy 4 Sunday papers every wk, at $1/paper (Menard’s carries them for $1), I do NOT buy excess things we don’t use, and I save 50-75% each time I shop. I pay less than $3/ream paper for the coupons I print. I have yet had to replace my ink, but I agree, that should factor in. However, I’ll still be ahead. If you are a smart shopper, you can use couponing via catalina’s to purchase fresh fruit, veggies and meats at a discount. I don’t like this show because it makes couponing seem obsessive instead of a smart way to shop.

    • Connie

      They admitted in the show that they cut deals with their neighbors, churches, friends, and the newspaper distribution company to get that many. Further, there’s many ways to get a Sunday paper for less – in IL – Dollar Tree has them for $1, compared with $2 retail, for example. Or you can subscribe for less.

    • Teri

      I find it amusing how people who obviously don’t even use coupons are suddenly so well versed in their use. I am not an “extreme” couponer by far. And that is by my choice. I buy what I will use.

      Spending lots of money on coupons is not the norm for most of us. I don’t buy newspapers. I have access (and yes, it’s legal) to several newspaper recycling dumpsters in my area. So if there are coupons on any given week that I want multiples of, I get them. For free. No, I’m not paying for extra gas either since I do it when I’m already out near the recycling areas.

      And that leaves me with many other coupons which I won’t use. I then trade those on a couponing site (for just over the price of the stamp to send them) to others who don’t have easy access to multiples. One of my recent trades was a value of about $200 for $1. Would you call that person stupid for spending $1 to save $199? Would that be considered an excessive amount spent? Nope, didn’t think so.

      People who don’t know the ins and outs of an activity– ANY activity– need to educate themselves before they open their mouths.

      • Coupon Chick

        Amen Teri!

      • Ohio

        Teri, so you are saying you jump in the recycle dumpster trash bin near you? You are standing in trash to get at these coupons and say this is normal? I don’t mind people buying extra news papers or having friends give them these, but GOING to the recycle dumpster bin and looking in them in order to save.. Not normal. Extreme Couponing we all know, go way off the chart and shows the not normal people going to “Extreme” to save money. Yet how much do these people save in regard to having a family life. When A&E /the show- shows a family of 4 clipping coupons for 6 hours a day, these little girls should have a life outside couponing. It is a sickness, you become hoarders. One of the episodes, showed a Man whose MAN CAVE, was taken over by his wife. He was throwing stuff on the floor of what was his room, the whole time saying This is CRAP, CRAP CRAP Crap. Then “we wont ever use this stuff.” I’m tired of it. OK maybe he should sit down with her and say HONEY, I love how you save us money, BUT We have enough to last years, WE DOn’t need to go out and buy more. You need Help.

        Buy what you can use and need for a month, save that extra money. Take time off to spend – good time- with your family. Do you think most people wont look at you and go HEY THEIR GOES TERI to the Recycle Dumpster, Something not right with her.

        Just buy what you can use for a short period of time, not a year or more. If you or the others who say they give the extra to the food bank, why not teach them how to buy food? Teach them how to use the donation of cashto buy food for pennys?

        Most of the coupons I use are for things I use, not just something I buy cause I had a coupon for it. I don’t buy 40 bottles of any item, I don’t see how I save a dime on it. I can only use one bottle of shampoo or body wash at one time. When that is used up, then I will use a coupon to buy another bottle. On one episode, it showed a woman who was upset when her husband would not put the bottles back in a nice row, when he took a bottle from the space. THAT is Normal? To yell at somone for not makig it looks nice. Oh Honey we have company headed our way, better make certain the thousands of bottles and cans of food we have, looks nice and tidy.
        Yes I use coupons, but only for what we really need for that time frame. We don’t hoard. That is what it is, Hoarding.. Get some Mental help.

      • Sara

        Who says Teri hoards? And maybe you better wait to judge people who sort through trash bins… if feeding your family depended on that, you might find a different perspective.

      • cindy jones

        how long did it take you to log what coupons you had so that person knew they wanted them? How do you collect a dollar, and how do you know youre going to get it? sounds rediculous

  • PJ

    I decided to watch one episode to see if I could pick up any good ideas, as Ken suggested. There might have been a good idea or two in the show but I was overwhelmed by the amount of JUNK FOOD these people bought. Reveling in saving lots of money on chips and instant potatoes seems a celebration of poisoning one’s family. What’s wrong with a bag of raw potatoes with nutrients and fiber?
    My eyes were drawn repeatedly to the plastic bottles of water, various drinks in plastic bottles, and all the plastic bags used to bring all this stuff home. I have bottled water–just enough 3 gallon jugs to last 3 days of an emergency (I live in tornado alley), not hundreds of small bottles and certainly none of it flavored with chemicals.
    Did anyone take those plastic bags back to the store to re-use? Even if those bottles and bags are recycled, this is still such excessive consumerism. Did they ever hear of cloth bags? How about the concept of only buying what you need that will nourish your family, not just fill them with artificial crap?
    I try not to be judgmental but this show is merely a confirmation of the over-consumerism of a lot of Americans. Sad. Try eating fresh food that nourishes the body and doesn’t contaminate the earth and fill it up with trash.

    • Michelle

      I get the fascination with a show like this, but its really not realistic. For people who eat mostly fruits and vegetables, there aren’t really any coupons that would allow you to get produce for free. And, while I would probably watch a show called Extreme Farm Markets, I doubt anyone would line up to see me get a gorgeous eggplant for a buck.

      • Lee Poehler

        not true…you can find coupons on produce. No not as frequenlty but they are out there. There is always good coupons on frozen and canned veggtables.

      • RSYY

        A “gorgeous eggplant for a buck”! That is hilarious! And I agree with you entirely. I haven’t watched the show,but I noticed during the commercial for it that the shoppers’ carts were filled with processed foods. Even if you’re saving money, you’re eating unhealthier and of course, then we get into the larger issue of what the poor can afford to it, why obesity is prevalent in lower-income neighborhoods,etc.

      • Andrew

        “Extreme Couponing” is a rip-off to the average American consumer. Who do you think ends up paying for the “extreme” savings shown? The manufacturers, who are in turn likely to pass along those “costs” (as it’s a cost to the manufacturer) to the consumers of those products, i.e. the average consumer. So essentially, the average consumer is subsidizing the excessive purchases of the extreme coupon individual. Not only that, but by purchasing such extreme and unnecessary quantities of a product, you are likely to increase the overall demand for that product, resulting in a higher future product price ceteris paribus. Lastly, even though the receipt might say “zero”, it’s not actually zero. The opportunity costs of those individuals are likely quite high.

      • shoefly808

        I noticed the same things with the processed/canned food, chips, and candy. Very little fresh produce and variety of proteins. I did note that some had reusable shopping bags. I found the overweight young couple sad. Their entire stock was chips, candy, and overall cheap crap food. No wonder they need 35 bottles of antacid. Instead of spending 5 hours at the store maybe use some of time to hit a gym or go for a walk. If I had a party and served cheap hotdogs and string cheese my friends wouldn’t eat. I’d be embarrased.

      • Nancy Higgs

        I think if we want to allow ourselves to get stuck on the couponing aspect of this show I think we are missing so much more. One thing that makes people successful at couponing is planning. Looking over the ads and using the coupons for what they want on sale and matching it up. Funny, after the show I went right to my local Kroger ad and guess what was on sale organic blueberries 2.88 often 5.99. Oranges, pears, apples, carrots and lettuce all organic all on sale. I have no intention of ever saving this much on coupons nor do I need to, but I can see benefits in planning better, and why not use them if there is a coupon for the foods that I want. One lady even mentioned writing or calling the company of the food you like. I just started dabbling into couponing a bit. I easily save 20% of my food. There are often very healthy things that I buy like sea salt or gluten free and dairy free foods. On the site that I get coupons from (free of charge) this week that have frozen organic fruit that I purchase at my local health food store.

      • Ruth

        What the show doesn’t really do a good job of explaining is that different items go on sale each week, so the variety comes from stocking up on an item while it is on sale and then “shopping” from your own stockpile.

        You definitely have to supplement all the processed food with fresh fruits and vegetables, but there are lots of ways to save on produce too: http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2011/02/23/7-ways-to-save-on-produce/

      • Angie

        I disagree. Couponing is a strategic method where yes you can get fruits and vegetables, organics for free by using the right coupons that pay you for buying their products. If I have 10 – $1 off coupons and the store doubles them and I spend $25 – I just saved $20 and that money can go towards fruits and vegetables. It is about expanding your buying power so you can be even more quantity for much less than retail. I think we are quick to judge when we aren’t even completely knowledgeable in the area. Also I think the people who have all the excuses in the world not to save money just haven’t been broke enough to ever need to.

      • PrincessBride

        I use coupons to buy toiletries. I buy the Sunday paper anyway – we like to read it at breakfast. Then I clip the coupons for toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair color, shampoo, deodorant, and other health care items we use. My local paper has a blogger who every Wednesday details the sales and coupons matchups. So I pay little to nothing for all my personal care items, leaving me lots more money to buy fresh healthy foods at my local coop.

      • Melisa

        I would revel in your $1 eggplant purchase lol!! But I am so with you….like the first and only episode of this show I watched where married couple about 500 pounds combined filled a shopping cart with candy bars. I’d rather spend the money they saved on something that isn’t junk.

      • Renee’

        Yes you can get coupons for fresh fruit and vegetables. I coupon and get fresh fruit and vegetables for my family every week. Women who coupon regularly for their families do buy fresh produce. The show is called Extreme Couponing. So they are showing the potiential to save the most money. It is an idea not an example of a weekly shopping trip. Each person can learn to save money and you have the choice to choose what you buy. So buy eggplant. You can get a coupon for it:) I bet you could get it for FREE too!

      • Rebecca

        Michele, I’m with you. I have never seen so much junk in mt life!

      • chrisyb

        @ shoefly808–LOL! I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the young “heavyset” couple. Her basement looked like a mini 7-Eleven and I wouldn’t attend her hot dog and string cheese party as well.

      • eponymous

        Those hot dogs were nasty…those are the ones that turn the water pink and burst… I know this is pretentious, but I’d rather wait for a coupon for National Hebrew…

      • Deanna

        We often use our local farm market. I am always fascinated at how much I am able to save on my produce & fresh meat by going to our local fresh market.

      • Cat

        Actually, you’re very WRONG! In the last six months, I’ve used coupons for fresh salad mix, avocados, berries, potatoes, among others. There ARE promotions for fresh foods, meat, dairy products.

        What I see here is a lot of uninformed people, talking out their backsides about something they know nothing about. If you SERIOUSLY want to know how it’s done, don’t go to the “Mommmy Blogs”. Google Coupon FORUMS: Couponmom.com, hotcouponworld.com, slickdeals.net. Then prepare to go through the tutorials and READ AND STUDY. You too will learn to save from 50% to 90% on your grocery bill too.

      • McBee

        Grow a garden!

    • Nick

      You’re pretentious

      • max

        Do you even know what the word “pretentious” means? Your comment makes no sense. What kind of moron takes issue with the concept of eating healthy, whole foods instead of disgusting, processed crap?

        Gee, maybe I should gorge myself on a giant bag of Cheetos and wash it all down with a two liter of Coke so Nick won’t find me pretentious.

      • Drew

        What kind of moron takes issue with what someone else eats, and is so emotional about it? The premise of the show is saving money with coupons. It’s not a special about eating healthy. Go to a healthy living board and troll there.

      • @ Drew

        First, this is a blog about the show and that person had a legitimate comment regarding it. There’s no need to go to a “healthy living board” and it’s not trolling to give your opinion on the show especially when it was asked to give it. If anything your comment adds nothing to the discussion and you sound more trollish.

        I save money with coupons and combine them with sales of items I need. I may have a few candy bars in there and maybe a bag of chips but it doesn’t make up the bulk of my purchases. I’m actually quite healthy and buy mostly produce and proteins. I think what that commenter was saying is maybe some of the people on this show are so consumed with getting the most savings that they buy all crap. I agree.

      • eponymous

        I guess I’m pretentious…I like to cook from scratch and sit down to dinner with my family. I grow some vegetables…oh, how pretentious of me. There is nothing with couponing and buying processed food, but turning it into the equivalent of a competitive sport and defining yourself as “talented” because you are obsessed with pursuing this type of achievement is a little off… I use coupons for things I buy regularly…yes, I have some extra toilet paper in the linen closet, but not enough to build a monument to anything… We live on one income, we plan our menus and live within that income; some of these women are shopping with coupons to “maintain the lifestyle” they had before they were forced to be thrifty.

      • nick

        I know what pretentious bro means I take issue with his attitude towards people who have to do this for a living and the foods they have to eat accordingly. Not everybody is blessed with the kind of income to buy organic and make super healthy meals, and the original poster “PJ” was condescending towards this way of getting by. I commend these people on the show who do whatever it takes not look down on it.

      • nick

        no idea why means and bro were flipped…

      • dodo

        I think everyone in this chat is dodo

      • lovescoup0ns

        LOL…Who BOILS hot dogs???? And your going on and on about how people eat??? HA…learn how to cook, then blog about how people eat…lol Those who boil hot dogs should not be allowed to eat them!!!! GROSS!!!!!!

    • jane

      I agree with you 100%…

      • nick 2

        that’s still pretencious

      • nick

        if you want to be use pretentious properly you better first learn how to spell it, nick 2.

    • Annie

      I only watched the first show before the series was advertised. I think these penny-pinchers have either issues with gluttony or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The obsession over planning, buying and storing items is waaay over the top compared to normal couponing. These folks are just like the OCDers on Hoarding. Problem is, the hoarders are not as fussy or meticulous. Shame on TLC for making the viewing public think we should emulate this addiction or compulsion.

      • Drew

        Do you want to hoard like on extreme hoarders? Want to get a tattoo because you’ve watched l.a. ink? I don’t recall tlc claiming that viewers should emulate the show.

      • elevro

        I agree with you. This is just what I was thinking: Extreme Couponing = next season on Hoarders!

      • elevro

        That reply was to Annie, not Drew. Sorry.

      • Tam

        I disagree. One of the women is retired (i.e. on a fixed income) and 3 others started couponing when their income went down because of the recession. Especially when you have kids, you do what you need to do for them. And on the ‘healthy’ issue, I just got multiple coupons for organic foods. And Giant Eagle is giving bonus fuel points on several of their organic products.

      • eponymous

        Tam, the argument is not against saving, it’s against an unhealthy habit of buying for buying’s sake. I have kids…I have had to give up some things in order to balance my budget now that things are rough. I don’t go grocery shopping dressed like a “rich person” and wearing sky-high heels. I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t do “let’s go drink wine with the girls ’cause that’s what I’m accustomed to”… If you’re going to be thrifty, BE THRIFTY….

      • Nancy

        Annie–my first thought was the same as yours, these couponers personalities were very similar to Hoarders–just neater and more organized.

    • CRPhilly

      I completely agree with the comments about WHAT is being purchased. I use coupons religiously, but for frozen vegetables/fruits, whole-grain cereals and breads, toiletries and cleaning supplies. Stocking up on “cheap” unhealthy food is no bargain!

      • Dort

        It just didn’t make sense to me to stock up on items that may go bad before you’re able to use them. Having a room full of supplies when you have no children. It seems more of a waste than a savings.

      • Dr Linus

        Did you look at some of those people? They won’t let any of that food go bad unfortunately.

    • Karen

      I have to agree- I’m not judging them, but I would have liked to see at least one person showing how to coupon to obtain more healthy foods. One thing I didn’t see being bought was produce, meat, orange juice.. Mayby I missed it?

      • Aurora

        Because those items can’t be bought in the extreme. It doesn’t mean they don’t buy them, they just weren’t featured on the show.

      • Julie

        Didn’t you see that lady buying 27 tubes of ground beef? ha ha

      • cindy jones

        there’s nothing in the sunday coupons that i need or would normally buy.

    • Robert

      hoarding junk food – nice example to show the entire planet

      • Rebecca

        At first I was impressed, but the more I watched the show, I realized these people have some issues and really need to eat better and they are not teaching their children anything.

    • Grimly Fiendish


      Great post! I agree 100% with everything you said. It was actually a pretty disgusting show to watch. Even if they do take some of their stuff to charities (which I really hope they do -although only one person in the show I watched said that he does that, the guy who bought all the cereal), it was still a nasty thing to watch these greedy people.

    • Sara

      The thing is, the show is not showing normal coupon users. It’s showing people who take couponing to extremes. It is possible to use coupons and save a tremendous amount on your grocery bill… and eat healthy, too. And you do not have to hoard tons of stuff to do it! My family buys enough to last till the next good sale, and we don’t buy extras like flavored waters. We buy fruits and vegetables when we can. The show is giving couponers a bad name, but that is not normal shopping. It’s a lack of self-control.

      • Sara

        Somehow, that comment got misplaced. :( It was meant as a reply to someone. How’d that happen??

  • Kristen

    I have to admit that I enjoyed the two episodes I watched earlier tonight, but it seems to me that buying items in that much bulk is unnecessary unless the person has a big family, and even then, it’s a stretch. I don’t know. I think I will continue to watch, at least for now.

  • JH

    Granted I agree that some of the items were just junk food but a lot of the items are things that don’t spoil, also there was a guy that got 1,100 boxes of cereal and donated it all. Some of the items are non food items and I think it is amazing that these people have figured out how to save thousands of dollars a year. I would love to learn the tricks and not have to worry about how I’m going to afford groceries if I loose my food stamps and still pay my bills. So those that seem to be looking down their nose at these people may need to actually listen to some of the people that are extreme couponing. Also a lot of the people that stock pile have large families and need items that won’t spoil in a week. Plus these are the people that in this recession if someone looses a job they won’t have to worry about feeding their families for months so I say sign me up would love to learn the systems and get my family out of debt and a little more stress free

    • Snsetblaze

      My sentiments exactly – and its just my husband and I. I do some couponing (mostly from newspaper inserts), occasionally get online coupons, use the ones issued by the store, compare prices, shop at a farm market which is cheaper for fruits and veggies and watch flyers and rebates but not to the extent that I can reduce $800 to $200 or $300. I don’t stock up on stuff we don’t use. I might get $800 to $650 or $700 each month. I’d like to do better. I may have to check this program out for an episode or two.

      • Lea

        No don’t watch this for ideas, you’d learn a lot more from websites like couponmom.com or southernsavers.com where they teach you how to coupon and get great deals on the things you need…not to stock up like a hoarder.

      • Tami

        how do you save anything if the coupon says: Limit 1 coupon per purchase.

      • scott

        Typically if it says 1 coupon per purchase, but you are buying 2 of the item, the store will allow you to use both coupons rather than force you to ring out, and then ring out again…it’s probably more for their sake than yours. All depends on store policy.

      • Chris

        i think smartsource.com does it and i know p&g has their unopocs online that you can download to your store card. where i live, ralphs does it but you have to have a store card first.its nice because sometimes i’ve forgotten that i’ve loaded the coupon on the card and when i check out i receive additional savings.i’m over here because of Man Wife and Dog’s Fab Friday posts.

    • katt

      I deffinetly agree with you. If I’m gonna end up getting a box of cereal for free or a box of pasta at no cost which I otherwise would have spent my hard earned money for, I would deffinetly do it. I have a family of four and believe me toilet paper and paper towels and all the other toiletries go by fast in my household..(which by the way is pretty pricey). So if I could get those thing for just a few cents why not. Saves me hundreds of dollars a month, money that I can use towards gas,clothing, mortgage, my childrens education and be able to support my family comfortably. Life is deffinetly less stressfull!

    • BWoz

      Seriously. These people are hoarders. The last guy (the one that donated 1100 boxes of cereal) had (per the show) 150 YEARS worth of deodorant in his garage. And what did he buy more of on his massive shopping trip? MORE DEODORANT!?!?! What for? This is an OCD behavior. The show made me think about using coupons more often, but what do you do with (now, maybe) 200 years worth of deodorant? O.C.D.

      • Ohio

        That is 5 years worth of food not 150 years. He lives not far from me and has been on all the Cincy TV News stations about his savings. My question, why not have these extreme couponers, show the food banks how to use coupons, that way they can not need to buy 1,000 boxes of an item. OR seeing how many Food Banks, have a TAX FREE status, allow these extreme Couponer, buy for the food banks.

        One guy from the show, was buying stuff for our Troops. Guess he has no one serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, as if he did, he would know THYE DON’T Need Toothpaste or Phone Calling Cards or sun lotion or the like.. WHY cause they have stock rooms full of this crap. I should know, my son spent a tour in Iraq, then one in Afghanistan. He said most of his unit members used their Cell Phone to call home, thus no use for phone cards, he sent home boxes of stuff that was sent to him, so now he doesn’t need to buy it for years. So forget the “LIST’ that is floating around about what Our Troops Need, it is out of date. Should you want to help, send the money to the USO or Wounded Warriors or homesforourtroops.org.

        I agree we don’t need 500 bottles of Deodorant or shampoo. BTW Rumor has it this guy take food to a local flea market and sells it, then uses that money to buy more food. Yeah Great guy.

  • jakalo

    I thought the show was pretty dumb from what I saw. These people are essentially organized hoarders. One woman bought 62 jars of mustard b/c she had a bunch of $1 off coupons so they were $.39 each. In her mind, she saved $62 dollars. In my mind, she spent an unnecessary $24.00. 1,400 rolls of TP. I actually thought it was pretty gross and ridiculous. many of the items in their stores (including mustard, despite the voice over saying it had unlimited shelf life) are perishable. Excuse me, but if you have 800 cans of vegetables, probably 1/2 of them will expire before you eat them assuming these people don’t buy anymore canned vegetables for 2 years.
    Everyone’s house had food/tp/papertowels all over the house.
    I grew up in a family of 9 where my mom had to stretch an unbelievably small grocery allowance. In our fridge, it was usually a pound of bologna, a pound of cheese, a gallon of milk and 1/2 gallon OJ plus some bread. As adults, my siblings and I over compensate with our pantries but not to this level. Yes, I panic if I have only one box of cereal left but I would never have 70 boxes. So disgusting. How about calling a foodbank ladies!
    BTW, you save much more by buying house brands on cleaners, paper towels, some food items.
    This girl bought food for her party using coupons but her shopping list included metamucil and string cheese (for the party????!!!) plus 10 pkgs of hot dogs – oddly, no buns.

    • Annie

      Yes — organized hoarders. I mentioned this in my post above.

    • Melisa

      OMG you read my mind! Who cares if you saved a million dollars on mustard if you didn’t need it in the first place!! These people ALL brag about how much they saved…if you don’t need it and spent ANY money on it, its wasteful..and hoarding.

      • C

        Amen Melisa. How can you even use any of this stuff before it expires? These people are nothing but greedy.

    • Dort

      Preach sista!!! My thoughts exactly.

      • Jackie Hall

        I work in retail and managed the grocery dept for a couple of years. After learning about “rotating stock” I went home and threw out dozens of items in my pantry that were way out of date. I had no idea that so many items have a short shelf life. A hundred boxes of cereal can not be eaten within a year. That is a box every 3.65 days, come one. Mustard is the same, are you checking dates? Because the old ones are in the back, if you are cleaning out whole shelves. Unless you have a family of 10, you are hoarding.

    • IndyRose

      Right on, these folks are hoarders. I have found if there is a coupon for a name brand, you might find the store brand right next to it for LESS than name brand+coupon. I use a coupon on things that I would buy anyway, and not to have a jillion of something to keep and let spoil.

      • Tanya

        That’s what I was thinking, too. Even with coupons, store brands are usually cheaper. Then you can go to a place like Aldi, where the store brand is usually 25% cheaper than regular store brands. Then pay attention to what’s on special that week. Seems, to me, like that would save you more money in the long run.

      • chris

        not really, the couponers use the coupons when the items are at a target low price lower than generic and stock up plus many deals also give cash back (not just rebates) to use on next purchase.

    • jakalo

      we found that we spent significantly less on groceries by not using coupons and buying house brands and changing where we shop. We used to shop @ a grocery chain that is in NE Ohio known for their “card” discounts. We switched to a smaller, “mom and pop” type chain that has a reputation for being more expensive (I suppose it has a snobby image b/c it is clean?). Except for a few items, most thing in that store is less expensive than “Giant discount” store even factoring the card discount. Also, we started buying store/house brand at, believe it or not, walmart. Their cleaning, toiletries and other things are equal quality to name brands. I wouldn’t buy meats from their, but their cereal is totally the same as kellogs.

    • Rwithers

      Agreeing 100%. Best description I’ve heard! From what I saw, only the one lady, in Philadelphia, seemed to have a basket or two of grocery items that represented any common sense. Her bill was around $200 and she got it down to $6 and change, and included a whole chicken. 1 chicken. Not 20. This I can relate to. And she appeared to have several people in her household, not 2. And she didn’t spend 6 hours a day, everyday, organizing for one trip. The rest of them ought to be ashamed of themselves. I realize the one guy donated all that cereal, however, if he and the others have this kind of time and talent, they should spend it working for free for their local food banks, etc. I’m sure they could use and benefit from someone who has the time and energy to help them turn $51 into 1100 boxes of cereal on a weekly basis.

  • Lee Poehler

    I loved it! I follow coupon blogs and occasoinally go “coupon shopping” nothing like what was shown. I wish it would have spent more time giving us tips on how to do it, instead of showing the obessive part of it. To not pay for deordant, toothpaste, or toothbrushes every again, wow! Loved that he donated all that cereal too.

    • Kathy

      I agree, they showed us the obsessive part of it but not many tips on how to do it. Take the good and leave the bad from the show. The woman with financial difficulties really inspired me as we are going through a rough patch ourselves. Yes, I think the lady that bought 35 bottles of antacid for her party?? and mustard is wasting money instead of saving and I really hope most of these people donate some of their stacks to food banks, family and friends. I think everything taken to the extreme is dangerous. Moderation is key!

  • saraspino

    Nice Article. I just now got Coupons of my Favorite Brands at “Printapons” search online and start saving now

    • R

      Printapons seems like a phishing site for LivingSocial deals.

      • Michelle


  • Gordon Green

    When people buy extreme amounts of
    products,some like ceral,most will go stale,and extreme amounts of meat, even with a freezer, it only has a short live. some things like
    drugs have a expiration date.
    The whole program is stupid.

    • chris

      Donations to food banks occur a lot. Cereal has a long shelf life.

      • eponymous

        Yes, but he had to build a structure out of cereal boxes in front of his house to show how good a shopper he is. Boastful charitable giving…nice concept. Do it quietly…the powers that run the universe know whether you build a pyramid out of cereal boxes or not…

      • Rwithers

        Cereal does NOT have a long shelf life. It’s good for about 9 months and that’s if the little no-see’em bugs don’t chew through the bottom of the box and into the plastic inner bag first.

  • Sharon

    Here’s my complaint: I am sure that these women are the ones who take every coupon from the coupon pads, leaving none for the next person. This has been happening a lot lately. How else would they manage to get so much of each item they buy? Selfish. I can see taking a few, but the whole pad? This should NOT be lauded. This is something to be ashamed of.

    • Drew

      You’re making an assumption. Don’t claim it if you can’t prove it.

      • alex

        It happens and when you see one person with dozens of coupons for one item, it’s a logical assumption.

      • m

        i have seen this happen. i have not been witness to any of the people on this show stealing a pad of coupons, obviously, but it does happen.

    • Drew

      I guarantee there is coupon fraud going on in many cases, a lot of expired coupons will still scan and coupons meant for 2 items will work for one item….there is no way the checker has time to validate every coupon…I work in grocery & I rarely see coupons for wholesome foods. I bet some of these people return nearly expired items to get in-store credits, most return policies are pretty laxed.

  • jane

    I did couponing and refunding in the past…I GAINED WEIGHT because I ended up buying too much processed food. I also spent a lot buying coupons and too much time away from my family.
    Now I do it a little but try to only shop the perimiter of the store for fresh food. Most of the good stuff they don’t have coupons for.

    • jane


    • Brian

      exactly, give me a deal on fresh fruits and vegitables not on over processed spaghetti sauce and macaroni and cheese. This is not the say the consumer is not the only to blame but really look at the profit margin of Procter and Gamble, General Foods, etc. These people are making trillions of dollars off our need to save money at the cost of our own health.

      • chris

        You can buy the unprocessed products with deals and use savings to buy whatever you want such as fresh fruits and veggies. You’ll also find local ethnic stores have fresh fruits/veggies at better prices to use your savings from the big name brand store.

      • Drew

        Nicely said, netflix has a lot of well done documentaries on our food system, my favs are king of corn & food inc

  • jane

    If you are seriously wanting to get into this, try one of the refunding newsletters.

  • Brian Johnson

    I am all about couponing and saving money, but this is overbaord the fact that someone can come in a remove all product from a shelf in order to save and stockpile mustard is absurd. This is not the only time products will go on sale. Also think about the store’s profit margin, if those women require 18 different transactions chances are one checker is spending a lot of time on one customer. It’s absurd really!

  • jane

    It reminds me of the hoarding show…

    • rayven stern

      I do use coupons. I use internet coupons and i get 3 sunday papers delivered to me. i generally save around 600 to 800 a month in using coupons. this including my monthly paper costs and internet site program. So an average of 60 to 75% a month. But this show is like a train wreck. you cant help but watch. most stores have a limit on each item. For the stores i shop at its 3 on each. But there has to be some coupon integrity to. dont wipe out shelves and use the coupons properly as stated. this show gives a bad name to couponers. :(

    • Alaa

      list . NEVER go grocery sppihong without a prepared list. It’s just stupid. The night before I go sppihong, I have in front of me at the kitchen table: Store circular, all of my coupons, my list in progress , and, of course, a cold beverage. Plan your meals, snacks, beverages around sale items. It’s so easy. If something is not on sale this week, it, or something similar, will likely be on sale next week, so buy it then. Again .every store has sale patterns. Leftovers from meals automatically become packed lunches for work or school. No waste, and my family loves leftovers (beats the heck out of a cold sandwich).Here are 2 of my more recent sppihong trips and the numbers:Original total: $ 265.88Savings: Sale savings: $ 57.06MFG coupons: $ 10.85Store coupons: $ 29.26Total savings: $ 97.17 (36.5%)New total: $ 168.71Original total: $ 208.99Savings: Sale savings: $ 46.03MFG coupons: $ 5.00Store coupons: $ 24.20Total savings: $ 75.23 (36%)New total: $ 133.76It works if you prepare (do your homework). I’ve been doing this for years and I save thousands annually. It only takes me about an hour of my time to prepare, and, like I said, it’s a game and a challenge. All fun.

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