One great moment each from 'Community,' 'The Office,' 'Parks and Recreation,' and '30 Rock'

Thursday night’s comedy lineup was full of good laughs and honest emotion. I’m picking the single best moment from four of these shows. Tell me if you agree with my choices.

Community: Abed’s description of being an extra on Cougar Town. Wonderful — truly: skilled and subtle acting from Danny Pudi delivering a long, nuanced monologue.

The Office: How about that proposal? The candles! Michael and Holly walking past the procession of office workers! Their reaction when Michael told them of his future!

Parks and Recreation: I’m tempted just to hand it to the “German muffin,” but Tom’s kickin’-it camping tent/entertainment center wins.

30 Rock: The walk-‘n’-talk scene between Liz Lemon and Aaron Sorkin–brilliant.

(Oh, and P.S.: NBC is managing to make me hate The Voice even before it begins by running those horrible, taking-up-the-lower-quarter-of-the-screen ads with the likes of Christina Aguilera.)

Agree? Disagree?

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  • Zach

    I’m sorry, but it’s plainly obvious when a 30 Rock episode hasn’t been scripted by Tina Fey. The irony that tonight’s episode was about writers and it just wasn’t funny. Comedy is like music: when done right, it has a particular rhythm. 30 Rock has been hit and miss for a couple of seasons now, and tonight is no exception. Even the Will Arnett portion felt indulgent. Some of what happens is so ridiculous, over-the-top, and unbelievable that it’s not amusing to watch.

    • Zach

      And I will say the worst part of the episode was no Jenna (Jane Krakowski)! She doesn’t get the recognition she deserves (Emmy), considering she has been the funniest actor on the show this year.

      • G.R.

        Yeah, what was up with that? I kinda missed her…

      • mae

        she was there for a few seconds with her Jenna dolls, that you can probably buy on I bet ther lessened her time on the show cause she’s pregnant

      • Jennifer TruthTeller

        Stop BlTCHlNG Zach.
        Good God. You’re a whiny pansy. You pathetic lonely jackass. Clean up your grammar as well, you simpleton glory hole using hoebag.

      • tomm

        Jane K. is pregnent, so no above the waist shots for the rest of season.

      • Bob

        Emmy? Please, she’s the worst thing on that show, she’s been doing the same “look at me” stick for so long I zone out whenever she’s on screen

      • njgale

        You’ve got to be kidding. Any episode without Jenna is a plus. Her character is the worst on the show.

      • The Masked Grammaro

        Hey, Jennifer TruthTeller, although I disagree with Zach about last night’s episode, he has no need to “clean up” his grammar. His posts read like fine literature compared to what most people write on these boards. He might have missed a word, but chalk that up to a typo, not poor grammar.

      • Zach

        Thank you, Grammaro. I honestly did not intend any extra word in that second sentence, if that’s what you’re referring to (or else my writing was fine). And I truly disagree with the haters about Jenna. She has been the funniest part of the show. Krakowski freshens up the material and is maniacal in her character’s focus. On the other hand, Baldwin’s storylines can be dull and dry, Tracy can be over-the-top, Kenneth (as last night) can just be ridiculously naive when not given good material, and even Tina Fey (usually the funniest character) has been a little preachy at times this season. Jenna always makes ridiculous hilarious. I might not have said so a few years ago, but now she really gets the best lines and delivers them with relish.

      • Jenna Moron

        She is not on as much because she is pregnant. They are trying to hide her

    • Yeah


      • Funback Joe

        YEAH, YEAH!

      • Nick

        way to get her back, funback Joe!

      • Alan

        What the f–k are German muffins?

    • chez

      I thought the direction/lighting was off. The jokes were there but the execution was weird. This falls into their Flu Shot/Argus category of episodes.

      For a comedy in its 5th season, I think its amazing the laughs are still coming.

      • Rosie

        I realized that, the lighting looked really dark.

    • Alan

      Sorry but i found the Twinks part and the Aaron Sorkin part and the people with dead jobs living under the bridge parts all very funny. Maybe some of u just didnt get the twinks humor.

      • Trolly McTrollerson

        Yeah, Twink humor is pretty high brow

    • LOL

      30 Rock blew tonight.

    • Barbarino

      You know, Tina fey doesnt have a hand in the writing of every great 30 rock episode. They have a team of talented writers who have led to the show winning multiple Emmys. Shes busy enough producing and acting in the show as well.

    • stu

      Outsource is the funniest of the lineup.

      • Aira

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    • landonewts

      As much as I love 30 Rock, and Tina Fey, 30 Rock took another bad turn last night – not to mention the episode featuring Susan Sarandon – SUSAN SARANDON – as a sex-offender. Hard to pick when the shark was jumped, but 30 Rock’s hopped it.

  • G.R.

    Loved Abed in ‘Community'; he basically doing an imitation of Andre Gregory in ‘My Dinner With Andre’ (from his clothes to his delivery and hand gestures), but the story he was telling — and the realization he had come to about himself — stayed pretty much true to his specific character.

    The ’30 Rock’ bit was a hoot — a nice little throwback to ‘The West Wing.’ :D

    • G.R.

      * he basically WAS

  • Chancey

    I love how community can an effective mash up of an homage to my dinner with Andre and pulp fiction while name dropping cougar town. This show is so unique IMHO.

    • Kurt

      I agree. Nice twists on an episode that was billed as “The Pulp Fiction Episode.”

    • J

      The show really is unique which is why it’s my favorite comedy on tv. Even when they do an episode on something I’m not familiar with it’s still great. I know nothing about D&D and that was probably my favorite episode this season!

    • Jeff

      Really disappointing, they could have done a LOT more funny stuff with the cast dressed as characters from Pulp Fiction.

      • mel

        I thought Shirley dressed as Samuel L. Jackson was HYSTERICAL!

  • Kurt

    Have to say The Office is amazing at its warm moments. Pam and Jim’s moments have always been my favorite, but tonight’s proposal was really touching with a well-timed joke. And Amy Ryan’s reaction was, like always, perfect.

    • Mr. Holloway

      I liked that, when described to someone else, Jim and Pam’s proposal SOUNDED pretty bad. (When, in reality, we know that it was very sweet.) :)

      • tnsmoke

        It was really romantic. Pouring rain, he down on one knee in the rain. It was filmed at a distance and their voices were in the middle of the rain falling, very nice. I cried.

  • Mr. Holloway

    I’m only a little ashamed to admit that I cried like a fool during Michael’s proposal to Holly, startign with him walking her through the stairway and all through the different spots at “The Office.” When he opened the door and all the co-workers were there holding candles (“Serenity” by Jan?), I couldn’t hold it in anymore. (And the only reason Ms. Holloway didn’t make fun of me is because she was crying too.) The sprinklers going off was a great button on the scene.

    Even though it probably won’t happen, that scene should win Carell his first Emmy.

    • Barbarino

      Yes, Steve so much deserves an Emmy. Jim Parsons deserves one and not Carell? What a joke!

    • Alan

      Thts so funny, i was wondering if they were Jan’s candles too!

    • Color Me Impressed

      I haven’t seen this season of The Office yet (I’m waiting for my girlfriend to get it on DVD), so I have to know was it emotionally moving on a: 1. Jim’s gas-station proposal level, 2. Casino Night kiss level, or 3. Full-on Niagra wedding, I’m balling my eyes out, level?

      • Alan

        U have to judge for yourself! It was almost Niagara-like, if u must know.

      • Barbarino

        I thought this topped any office moment fir emotional impact. Personally, I thought the niagara falls thing was a bit cheesy. This was on a level all it’s own. I did cry for the first time as the result an office episode. I would say casino night would be next on the list for me.
        Well done Office, kudos to you.

      • Canadian Fan

        I was teary so would say it was on a gas-station proposal level, but not a niagara wedding level, during which i bawled. It was compounded by the leaving announcement right on it’s heels.

      • sassyfras

        Um, I think you mean “bawling”. Or not, I don’t know what goes on at your house.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Also, after season 5, Michael and Holly are kindof my 4th favorite television couple after: 3. J.D. and Elliot (Scrubs), 2. Jim and Pam, and of course, the tv-couple to end all tv-couples, #1. DESMOND AND PENNY!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I do like lists.

    • CCam

      We said the same thing about the candles by Jan! HA! Loved loved loved this moment of The Office. You’re totally right, Steve Carrell deserves an Emmy just for that scene. That was one of the sweetest proposals I’ve ever seen!

      Also, P&R- love how they’re slowly building Ben and Leslie’s relationship. It actually feels real. AND DJ ROOMBA LIVES!

    • Ms. Holloway’s Co-Workers

      Oh, Mr. Holloway, believe me: Ms. Holloway is making fun of you.

      • Mr. Holloway

        @ Ms. Holloway’s Co-Workers
        Sadly, I didn’t need to see this comment to know that…she started making fun of me after the ep was over.

        I can practically hear you guys laughing at me right now.

      • Ms. Holloway’s Co-Workers

        Not at all. In fact, we’re telling her how lucky she is to have to have such a sweet, sensitive man.
        Oops. Forgot to use the sarcasm font.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Damn you, co-workers!

  • Barbarino

    Best Office moment ever!!!! One of the most touching moments in tv or movies that I have seen in a while.

  • Matt

    And yet American continues to watch shows like the Big Bang Theory so they can have masturbation joke after masturbation joke spelled out for them

  • Jenny

    I love Community, but I hated this episode–it just wasn’t funny! They could have done some great things with the Pulp Fiction theme but they blew it.

    • MsSuniDaze

      I agree. I thought it was a weak episode, and was bored. I was expecting so much more with Pulp Fiction.

      • tnsmoke

        Plus My Dinner With Andre was an obscure movie even when it was released. One of those “arty, talky” ones.

      • Trolly McTrollerson

        You’re right, books with pictures are way cooler than books with all words

      • Roberto

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    • Verity

      I agree! I love this show but was a little let down by this episode. There definitely was some great acting and great monologues but I found myself underwhelmed by the whole package. It needed more Annie. And more Troy.

    • JLC

      I was disappointed until the My Dinner with Andre twist, which I’m ashamed to say I didn’t recognize until they revealed it. It made the episode meta within meta.
      Agreed that it wasn’t especially funny, but Chevy Chase as the Gimp and Troy and Abed’s dine-and-dash at the end were hilarious. “What market do you shop at?”

      • Randi

        Agree. This show can be so subtle in its genius and it just makes it a gift that keeps on giving. Amazing show.

      • California

        Your comment JLC, has everything I feel.

    • Jeff

      Agreed – I commented the same above – what a missed opportunity for the writers!

    • Wallace

      I definitely do not agree…maybe it is just that My Dinner with Andre is one of my favorites movie…once they got to the restaurant I squealed with delight. Best episode ever…

    • Ames

      I didn’t laugh consistently through the show, but I laughed a lot during Ahbed’s Cougar Town story. I had to pause in order to recover and keep watching.

    • Sabrii

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  • MsSuniDaze

    The Office was perfect. The proposal was so well done, and a fantastic send off for Michael. I will admit…I cried. I would say it was one of the best I’ve seen on TV.

  • elena

    I’m loving Adam Scott more and more and more. Can every Parks and Rec tagline end with him deadpanning to the camera? And Ann is actually funny around Chris, which is why he needs to stay. Trainwreck Ann > all the other kinds of Anns.
    Also, I like that Community actually called out the fact that jeff and Abed haven’t been hanging out a ton. The show keeps getting oddly touching and sweet when I don’t expect it to (Abed’s “I’m not changing” speech and Jeff’s reaction), which is awesome. Plus, Jeff being a beautiful native american princess for halloween explains a LOT about Jeff Winger.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Can’t wait to see what color the random streak in Ann’s hair will be next week. (Assuming she hasn’t left the country.)

      • tnsmoke

        I wish she would leave the country. She stands out like a sore thumb. It makes no sense that a nurse would be hanging out at the Parks dept. all the time.

    • MsSuniDaze

      Love Adam Scott on P&R. He’s great on the show!

    • Alan

      I totally agree about ben and about Ann. Ben is adorable and Ann is FINALLY getting a personality!

    • tomm

      Love Adam Scott and his facial expressions. Can be sweet too, when he was smiling listening the Leslie’s ideas, as in ‘that’s my girl’.

  • big carl

    mchale & pudi: tonight:: hamm & moss: the suitcase

    • mkt

      two favorite shows…all rolled into one. its like you have espn or something big carl…

  • BuffyXO

    The proposal was amazing and I cried as well. It was The Office of Season 2 again.

  • Eli

    All the shows – save 30 Rock which was disappointing and the two that shall not be named – were good tonight.

    I didn’t think it was possible for The Office to still deliver a moment that moved me, so kudos guys. That was great. Why weren’t you this good last season?

    • aJ

      i just find the Outsourced guy so cute, thats why I watch Outsourced. i mean, what are you guys, lesbians? He’s so cute with the dimples, etc.

      • Tami

        i agree! and for some reason, I find myself singing along with the opening credits!?! I know it is not on the same planet as the other Thursday shows, but it has a quirkiness about it that I find pretty humorous.

      • Vicki

        I agree – I like Outsourced too. I think it has a quirkiness and a sweetness to it.

    • tnsmoke

      Because most of the writers are now writing for Parks and Recreation, which was creaeted by one of The Office writers/producers.

  • mae

    bird internet! devon banks! the sly american auto worker jab – 30 rock has been great this season. community was really touching (i’m also a cougar town fan!) and the office made me bawl starting with holly’s phone call home. hooray thursday night tv (parks and rec was awesome this week too)

  • tg

    The Office proposal was soooo sweet. Loved it. Loved the garage sale too. 30 Rock…besides the Aaron Sorkin cameo I agree it was a bit off. And I’m glad everyone is singing Jane’s praises. She totally deserves an Emmy for her role.

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