'The Good Wife' recap: Kalinda's bombshell: Who saw THAT coming?

In a season characterized by more twists than a lesser drama goes through in its entire series run, The Good Wife upped the stakes pretty amazingly — and riskily — with this week’s episode, titled “Ham Sandwich.”

The episode was humming along at its usual brisk pace. Drug lord Lemond Bishop asked Lockhart/Gardner to handle his divorce, surprise news leading to some initial eye-rolling within the firm, a kind of preemptive skepticism to prevent us from saying, “Come on — we’re supposed to get emotionally invested in this guy?” But one of the strengths of The Good Wife is that it forces you to, yes, become invested in characters you may have thought were types you’d seen before (in this case, the evil Pusher-Man, to use Curtis Mayfield’s musical phrase), and I did find it interesting, at first, to try and gauge just how much Bishop wanted to save his marriage or his profits in a possible settlement. Of course, by the end of the hour, Bishop went over to the dark side irrevocably (“I think I’ve just been cured of love”)… and in a way that tied in with the night’s bigger development.

“Ever get the feeling something bad is going to happen?” Kalinda asked Alicia as a grand jury was in the process of investigating her. “All the time!” chuckled Alicia, still able to be light-hearted… but not for long.

Blake’s grand jury testimony placed Kalinda in hot water (a possible two years in jail); called to the stand herself, Kalinda took the Fifth, until it suited her purposes not to do so. “I’M NOT THE TARGET,” she scrawled on a piece of paper to Alicia, who served as her counsel. Later, she gambled that she could scare off Blake and the State’s Attorney’s office by dropping a strong hint that it was Blake who was having an affair with (everything ties together in The Good Wife, doesn’t it?) Bishop’s wife, Katrina.

Having backed down, Blake and Kalinda met in the show’s ritualistic place of secrets revealed, an underground parking garage, so that Blake could shatter Kalinda’s grand-jury triumph with his own game-changing switcheroo: He revealed what he’d discovered about Leila, Kalinda’s real name. That it had been changed with the help of Chris Noth’s Peter Florrick, when Kalinda had done work for the State’s Attorney’s office then under Peter’s reign. That Peter helped her cover up her past. And that she’d slept with him.

Pow! Why, it was like being hit upside the head with a baseball bat, wasn’t it?

Tying Kalinda to Peter shakes up the series. The friendship between  Alicia and Kalinda will be, ah, strained. It brings up Peter’s history as a serial cheater again — which makes sense for dramatic realism. As much as some of us may have wanted Alicia and Peter to enter a new phase of marital bliss, it was likely that another sexual adventure would surface. It’s just that we couldn’t have foreseen it would involve Kalinda. In terms of the series, The Good Wife has created enormous good will in its audience for Kalinda (the righteous! the sexy! the ballsy!) and the closeness and comradeship she shares with Alicia.

To be sure, Alicia is a substantially different person — stronger; more open to the complexities and gray areas of human behavior — than the wronged good wife she was at the start of the series. But are Good Wife fans similarly transformed? How can this new plot development not alienate some (many?) viewers from Kalinda? Of course, we don’t yet know the circumstances under which those sexual favors were granted, from either of the people involved…

Good Wife notes:

• Not one, but two three, former cast members of The Wire appeared: JD Williams (Bodie!) re-occurred as a bookkeeper in Bishop’s drug organization, and Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris!) as Pastor Isaiah, while Pablo Schreiber (Nick Sobotka!) was the lawyer representing Bishop’s alienated wife, Katrina. Non-Wire guest star Bill Irwin was terrific as an utterly ineffectual divorce mediator.

• “A Chicago grand jury will indict a ham sandwich,” said Alicia, invoking the old adage that gave the episode its title. To be fair, the saying usually applies to any grand jury, not just a Chicago one.

• How about Eli finessing Pastor Isaiah out of the picture because polling suggests that Peter needs to reach out to “blue collar and suburban voters”? The pastor knew what was up instantly, and left with dignity intact, while Alicia got to make the point dear to people who detest pollsters: “You just make this stuff up” to suit your preconceptions.

• “The Florrick children just really love black people.” Ah, Grace, where would The Good Wife be without your combination of true beliefs and adolescent smugness?

What did you think of this week’s The Good Wife and its startling new developments? How do you think Alicia is going to react when she inevitably discovers the truth about her husband and her close pal?

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  • Orac

    Friends know you in a way that spouses never do. Alicia explicitly asked Kalinda if she slept with Peter earlier in the series, and Kalinda lied. There’s no way Alicia can see this as anything but a massive betrayal. Still, juxtaposed with the Bishop divorce I don’t see that Alicia has many options. She won’t want to hurt Grace and Zach. If anything, Ken, this doesn’t alienate me as a viewer. It adds even more tension and leaves me wanting more.

    • Katherine


      • JB Real

        I third that!

    • mamma mia

      I knew I remembered something from the first season; thanks for reminding me that Kalinda lied to Alicia when she was asked about having slept with Peter. That’s why I was not 100% surprised. Excited to see the fallout. Sad for the friendship. Great episode!

      • Rita

        @Orac..I had forgotten that as well..and I agree this new twist is upping the tension significantly..Kalinda is still one of my favs, this made her more human..

      • LogopolisMike

        I think that was the first scene of the show I had ever seen — it was certainly in the first episode I ever saw. And I thought, for sure, that Kalinda was lying to Alicia and that it was obvious (and that was what they were trying to communicate to the audience). Of course, since then, I just thought that it was me as a show newbie not getting it.

      • Jen

        I was not terribly surprised either, but it’s still a good plot point.

      • Sofie

        I remember thinking she was lying too. I love them as friends though so I hope the writers see them through this.

      • AnMarie

        @LogopolisMike: I believe you’re right, it was in the very first episode. Although, I’m not ready to believe Kalinda slept w/Peter, yet…this was a cliff-hanger to bring us back :-) ! Guess what? It worked! LOL! I would like to know the circumstances, too, under which her name was changed. Maybe she didn’t sleep w/him, but definitely helped him to keep it covered up & from Alicia…maybe? What’s in her past that makes her want to hide from it? Danger, danger, DANGER!!!

    • alfie

      Do you remember which episode? I forget that kalinda had done this to alicia.. i just want to be sure.. heehe

      • Rob

        The episode is Conjugal, I believe, when Kalinda goes to visit Peter in jail to get information and Alicia goes ballistic when she finds out and tells her not to visit Peter again…

    • jmcg

      Are we really believing Blake? I’m skeptical he’s telling the truth or he has the correct info. My thought was that Kalinda and Childs had a thing, not Peter.

      • nancy

        This is not a shocker, but merely a reminder. In the first season episode, Kalinda went to the prison to see Peter and it was mentioned during their conversation that they had slept together. Just a small detail at the time because it appeared that Peter had been sleeping around alot. Now, detail brought back into the storyline at dramatic time and after Alicia and Kalinda have become friends. That’s called good writing

      • SuzyQ

        Well, I don’t believe Blake. Like we should believe anything that comes out of his mouth! However, NO – Kalinda would never sleep with Glenn Childs. She take a bat to her own head before she did that.

    • Alana

      I thought she was a lesbian

      • Deanna

        Kalinda plays on both teams.

      • Chris N

        So maybe Kalinda will sleep with Alicia next, after one of their nights at the bar. An interesting twist on revenge sex.

      • ed schuh

        that is exactly what she wants you to beleive and she was just covering her rear end. i figured she was hiding something and i was right but we will find out later what Alicia does. good show!

      • Dennis

        @Alana, I thought Kalinda slept with the female FBI agent and she was a bulldiker?

        I am sick of the Florrick kids. They are so stupid and useless. They should be written out of the series.

      • Barbara

        As far as I can tell, she’s bisexual.

      • Thomas R

        They dealt with that a couple episodes. One of her past girlfriends asked her why she, Kalinda, liked sleeping with men too. She said something about how you can like two different kinds of food, but was of course a bit cagey in the way she often is. (I get the feeling at times that sex for her is largely about just getting what she needs, non-sexually, so limiting herself to one gender would cut off half of the population to use/work)

      • Lalaine

        Home run! Great slugging with that anwesr!

    • Deanna

      Thanks. I am more surprised that EW reviewer, Ken Tucker, doesn’t remember that Kalinda and Alicia explored Peter’s relationship with Kalinda early in the first season. I thought the writers dropped some big hints then at the possibility. The writers are finally mining it now.

    • fishpaw

      What proof does Blake have that Kalinda ACTUALLY slept with Peter? Yes she did admit that she once worked for Peter and did say that she never slept with him. Where’s the pictures or tape of the 2 of them. Without Kalinda, Alicia would NEVER win any of her cases. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

      • Katie

        Yes! I wonder the exact same thing. Firstly, how did he find out? Who would know besides Peter and Kalinda? Secondly, where would the proof be?

      • Jelana

        I had the same thought. If he has no proof, and Kalinda and Peter lied about it before, there’s nothing to prevent them from lying about it again. Alicia has no reason to believe Blake without evidence.

      • Arry

        That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thkans!

    • moname91

      That was exactly what I was thinking that Alicia had asked her straight up in one of the first few episodes and Kahlinda said no! I think that Alicia could have forgiven her the indiscretion if she had been honest then, but def not now…longing for a Will & Alicia passion moment!

      • toni

        Yes, yes, yes! They just keep teasing us.

      • peachez

        Moname, no I don’t want Will and Alicia to culminate the passion. I prefer the teasing but I want her to stay faithful to Peter. Maybe it’s just me and maybe I believe in fidelity, and that two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • seattleellen

      Well said & I agree. I didn’t find it really all that shocking that Kalinda had slept with Peter, but I’m not alienated as I still want to know about why she changed her name and all those details.
      And how about what the P.I. said to Will – that was very intriquing! What did Will do at his old firm?! Can hardly wait for next week!

    • samuels

      Am I the only one who thinks it may not be true? Kalinda has always been a “maybe I did, maybe I didn’t” kind of girl.

      • peachez

        samuels I think it is true that Kalinda slept with Peter. After Blake told her you can see how she slackened her hold on the bat and she became teary-eyed. I thought she even said “no Blake” like she was pleading with him not to reveal that fact to Alicia or anyone. And she’s not worried about proof. Just the thought of the “thought” of her sleeping with Peter being planted in Alicia’s head is enough to scare her. She cherishes Alicia’s friendship.

      • Maribeth

        BION I’m imeprssed! Cool post!

    • bobbi

      more,more,more of the TGW. The plot thickens.

  • Jobless

    I thought it was a bit convenient that Blake was the one who slept with Bishop’s wife. Other than that it was an amazing episode. That scene in the courthouse when we found out that Bishop’s wife was dead was top notch and seeing Bishop’s reaction while knowing he was responsible was chilling.

    • Sharmishtha

      Kalinda jokingly told Alicia, “It was dark, it could have been Blake”, suggesting that it was a convenient fabrication. It may not have been, and probably was not, actually Blake who was sleeping with Bishop’s wife. I think it was her lawyer; he seemed too emotionally shaken up at her death.

      • Orac

        Was she dead? I thought he said she was back on drugs again. Implying that somehow Bishop got her hooked, and that it was as good as killing her.

      • Jobless

        Yeah the wife died, they said OD’ed.

      • Sharmishtha

        Yeah, she died. It was such a well executed scene..

      • Mark

        I felt the same way as Sharmishtha: my impression was that Kalinda lied to scare Blake into leaving town, and that the emotional lawyer was the one who was really having the affair with her.

      • JenR

        I thought he was emotional because he was the one who told her to play hardball with her husband, which led to her death. If she had taken the settlement, her husband wouldn’t have killed her. Bishop’s smile was chilling, I agree. Love that actor.

      • sanhen

        It makes sense that Bisop’s wifw was sleeping with the lawyer. Remember, she was having a hard time finding one? And yes, he did cause her death. They offered her $21M. She should have accepted that anbd let him see the kid. She got just too greedy. And she should have known her husband enough to know what wold happen if he found out about her affair and/or tried to break him financially

      • sanhen

        We still have a big Kalinda mystery as to why she needed her name changed. I think Peter is a dog but not enough to extort sex. I think the reason Kalinda looked so guilty was because Blake struck a nerve when he showed that he knew about Peter’s influence in changing her name. I think the “why?” of changing her name involved the “husband” Blake said he phoned just before Kalinda beat him up in his apartment a few episodes ago. And why is nobody talking about what Will has to hide? I wouldn’t be surprised if Kalinda’s past is connected to Will’s past. Alicia needs to stay away from Will. He’s a snake. He was ready to stab Diane until he felt “played” by Bond. I do beleive he loves Alicia but self preservation comes first with Will. And if Alicia gets it on with Will, remember her husband will protect his family and once Peter wins the election, he will have his power back and will smash Will. And remember, Eli knows about Will love for Alicia. Expect him to use that little tidbit of info when it suits him. OMG–I love this show! I could go on and on!

      • MusicFan

        My interpretation was the same as Orac’s. Does anyone know for sure???

      • peachez

        Yes musicfan Bishop’s wife did die. The lawyer ran in and said “you murdered her. You made her OD’d” or words to that effect. But they definitely said that she died. Because the lawyer sad that now Bishop has full custody of the child. Wow that Bishop is evil man, but then I blame the wife too. Why couldn’t she have just taken the $21 mil and share joint custody? These baby mamas always want full custody from the men yet want the money too. They’re always holding the child over the father’s head, and that ain’t right. Just saying.

    • Rita

      I also thought she was having the affair with her lawyer..

      • samuels

        I thought it was the lawyer too!

      • silkrose1

        I thought the affair was with her lawyer because he was so distraught, but I wondered if Blake had killed Bishop’s wife because he said he still did work for Bishop. He could have caused her to OD at the motel.

  • Lisa

    OMG! I did not see this one coming and that is why I love this show. I can’t wait to see what happens next, not only with Kalinda and Alicia but what will Cary think? This will probably push Alicia to Will, who I have always thought was a weasel and judging from his conversation with Blake, I was probably right. Next Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

    • JenR

      Poor Alicia is attracted to bad boys. I think she should see if Bill Irwin’s mediator character is single.

      • Mishy

        Oh please, she needs to be with Will. And…I do not think that Kalinda slept with Alicia’s husband, I bet he raped her.

  • Sue

    I am relatively new to the series. Why did Alicia ask Kalinda if she slept with Peter unless she suspected something? I don’t understand the Blake – Kalinda dynamic. Why would he blackmail her? If Kalinda and Cary were “in on it together” then why would Kalinda write on the notepad that she wasn’t the target? Is Will Bad? Blake said he covered up when Will stole. How do I get these answers?

    • Sharmishtha

      You should watch from the beginning, every episode is great and you really start to connect with the characters!

      But some answers to the best of my judgement:

      Alicia asked Kalinda way back in Season 1 when we were slowly finding out the details of Peter’s scandal.. and Kalinda was involved in some way (that we were never fully told about) so naturally Alicia had asked her that question.

      Blake and Kalinda seem to me to just be feuding for purely personal, vengeful reasons. They can both stand to get in a lot of trouble with the law, so this seems silly, but that’s all it is. And Kalinda beat him up pretty bad with that bat.

      Cary likes Kalinda and has often tipped her off about things going on at the DA’s office, and I think the suggestion in this episode was simply that he was looking out for her.. not that they actually sat down and wrote out a script. It was Alicia’s suggestion, not Kalinda’s admission, anyway, so I don’t think it was actually him giving her all the details this time. He would have gotten into a lot of trouble for that.

      Will is… we don’t know much about this “theft” so far.. I personally don’t like him that much. You should watch the whole show to understand the Will drama haha.. it’s mostly to do with Alicia.

      Hope that was helpful!

      • P

        Cary would not have told Kalinda everything about the case, like who the real target is, especially now that there is suspicion that people are leaking info to her. He is always just looking out for her and she probably told him what to ask her before the second set of questioning.
        So curious to know about Will. This show has excellent writers.

    • Here & There

      Alicia asked Kalinda if she slept with Peter because at that time, Peter was caught with a prostitute and Alicia questioned the full extent of Peter’s cheating. Since Kalinda had worked in Peter’s office, Kalinda suspected anyone and everyone possibly involved with Peter. I also recall someone told Alicia that Peter had been involved with someome from his office. Exact details from season 1 are tough to remember. This show moves fast and so much happens. Each week is like a whammy with something new and great. Love this show.

    • Nana

      go to the site on the internet. cbs.com/the_good_wife and watch the videos of past shows.

    • Nana

      To Sue…cbs.com/the_good_wife.com and watch video of the show.

    • karen

      That was back when Alicia (understandably) thought Peter slept with everyone…even the rape victim they represented in episode 2.

  • B

    Are we supposed to take Blake at his word? There was accusation and innuendo and obviously there is a cover up for Kalinda. However, most successful night time soaps like TGW typically only give you portions of the story and the end game is rarely ever as it seems. I’ll wait until I see an admission before I cast judgment. It’s absolutely possible this happened and the dialogue in the bar about Kalinda wishing she knew Alicia “back then” was meant to give subtext, but dramatic twists are the name of the game and I’ll want to see how this actually plays out.

    No mention of Will’s conversation with Blake? That was of interest as well…

    • silentj

      That was, for me, the best part of the episode – how they led into the revelation about Kalinda with the scene of her with Alicia at the bar. It was such clever foreshadowing and it definitely made the betrayal seem even greater – Alicia basically tells Kalinda that she’s her only friend. I take Blake at his word because of how panic-stricken Kalinda’s face became. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out, seeing as it’s in everyone’s, apart from Blake’s, best interest to keep the information hidden as it’d derail Peter’s campaign and wreck havoc with Lockhart & Gardner.

    • Cate

      I am also withholding judgment until I see how this plays out. I believe that Blake believes what he said; however, given how this series likes to reveal things slowly, I feel like there’s a lot more to this story.

    • xav

      Kalinda’s face said that it was true.

  • Tom

    My Mind = Officially Blown

    • LynnB.

      TOM LOL!!!!!

  • ranaa

    Make that 3 former wire actors – how did you miss Chris Partlow as Pastor Isaiah (Gbenga Akinnagbe)

    • OMG

      And, the wife’s lawyer and the mediator (names escape me) are both currently on the lesser known series Lights Out…the boxing drama…I believe on FX.

  • MJ

    I’m not surprised that Kalinda slept with Peter. It seems to me that when it was brought up before, Kalinda gave one of those “looks” that only she can give. Also, when she went to see Peter in jail, I felt that they sort of alluded to it then.

  • enzoiscool

    OMG I was so sad because I truly believe that Kalinda loves Alicia. Don’t forget that she is bi-sexual. I hope there is a way that Alicia doesn’t find out but it looks like she will. I now understand why she told Alicia that she wished that she had known her during the time that Peter was the D.A. and Alicia was the stay-at-home Mom. It was almost like she was confessing and if she had known her, she wouldn’t have slept with him. As for him, I don’t think Alicia will be able to get past this and maybe she can finally be honest with Will. “The Good Wife” is hands down the greatest show on TV (cable included). The writing is flawless and the acting is perfect. Kalinda deserved her award and Alicia is one of the greatest characters ever written. I still watch Chris Noth in “Law and Order” reruns and “Sex in the City” reruns and he is just as sexy as he was 20 years ago. I hope he can talk his way out of this one because I want him to win and stay on the show. Eli is a hoot and also a perfect character but of all of them Diana takes the cake – still sexy in her 50’s and a role model for women everywhere. Love her – I can’t wait until next week.

  • Rebecca

    I think I’m confused about when Lemond Bishop’s wife died of the overdose. I thought the implication that Blake was at the hotel with Bishop’s wife meant that Blake had given her the OD, not that he was having an affair with her. Blake did some work for Bishop in the past. So I’m confused.

    • silentj

      Kalinda was referring to a different night, some point in the past, when she was supposedly try to contact Blake, so I’m pretty sure she just meant to hint that Blake was sleeping with Bishop’s wife. The OD happened after the mediation failed, before their first court date.

      • silentj


    • MB

      I interpreted Kalinda’s “testimony” pointing the finger at Blake about a possible connection between him and Bishop’s dead wife as total misdirection, i.e., no real connection between the two.

    • Beth

      Blake did not sleep with Bishop’s wire. Kalinda made that up so that Blake would back off in the grand jury testimony. And it worked, he left and isn’t going back.

      • Midge

        AFAIC that’s the best awnser so far!

  • peternalicia

    First of all for people who have been watching this series from the beginning, i dont see how this can be such a shocker! At the beginning of the series it was insinuated that Kalinda and Peter did have sort of relationship. BUT i do not think they slep together. Tight from the beginning Peters political life has been full of set ups and this is one of them i think. He may have helped her but i do not think there was anything sexual. I think it will be upto the two of them to prove it as no ones going to believe them! As for Will – let the downfall begin..he is one character in the series who doesnt really evoke much of a reaction.

    • Cari

      I agree. Maybe it’s BECAUSE I stopped watching midway through the first season, but I’d always assumed Kalinda and Peter had been more than business associates.

    • xav

      I definitely think there was something sexual between Kalinda and Peter. Peter slept with anyone and everyone and Kalinda obviously doesn’t think sex is a big deal so it’s no surprise they slept together.

    • tfan08

      I have been watching this show from day one and I was shocked by the revelation last night of Kalinda and Peter! Even more upset by the future ramifications of this news to Kalinda and Alicia’s friendship. I am dreading the episode when Alicia finds out. I just hope its Kalinda who tells her and not her scummy husband Peter. Like Lemond Bishop’s wife said something to the effect that you don’t sleep around when you’re in love. Obviously Peter is NOT – only thinks he is. Whereas Will does have a secretive past but he does love Alicia and I believe she loves him. I think these two characters are the heart and soul of this show. But the way TGW is written, we won’t see them together for quite a while. If Peter does win the SA’s race, it should be interesting to see the dynamics of the Lockhart/Gardner crew (including Cary) going up against him and his cohorts. The next 5 – 7 episodes are going to be very exciting!

    • Abbie K

      Will evokes a reaction from me. I think he and Alicia really love each other but both waffle between losing themselves in their feelings for each other and trying to “do the right thing.” I find it pretty powerful.

      • donna2

        I agree. I love Will and although I love Chris Noth, I have to wonder how all of this will work out. I love every episode and will continue to watch because I never know what will happen next.

  • P

    Whatever happened to Kalinda’s husband trying to contact her?

    • Mark

      I thought the same thing when the affiar with Peter was revealed: “Was Kalinda married at the time? Is this the reason he’s been trying to contact her recently?” Maybe the revelation of this husband will be the season’s finale (hard to believe it’s only March and we’re gettig shockers like this!) – who, I’m convinced, is going to turn out to be someone we already know.

  • Samantha

    Wow…what a great episode. TGW certainly turns you on your head-I never would have thought that out of all the characters it seems like only Alicia and Cary are morally straight arrows. Now even Kalinda has dirt on her hands. I would hate this to be the end of the Alicia/Kalinda friendship, because I feel like that’s always been one of the best parts of the show. Does anyone else think that the series finale will end with Alicia leaving Lockhart/Gardner? The last few episodes have hinted at her uneasiness with the moral integrity of the firm, and this revelation with Kalinda might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    • JenR

      She can go work for Rita Wilson!

      • Mishy

        Now that woman (the character) is truly a piece of work!!!

  • JJ

    I watched the last scene again. And thought back to all the episodes…. It was kinda always insinuated that there was something odd with Kalinda and Peter.
    I though, yes.. they did sleep together…

    After watching the last scene again, Kalinda has a squeeky clean past and Peter helps her change her name and she sleeps with him?
    Kalinda’s reaction MIGHT have been something totally different. I mean really… who WON’T believe that lie? Peter obviously cheats and Kalinda is obviously hiding something. But maybe she doesnt have a squeeky clean life and he helped bury it and bury it, but without sleeping with her. Kalinda might just be reacting to the fact that she know hell is about to come. Her mess just got a whole lot bigger and its going to hurt Alicia.

    And on a side note, I personally don’t want Alicia with Will nor Peter. She is so awesome and deserves someone so much better than them.

    • Samantha

      Until recently I wanted Alicia with Will, but that changed after last week’s episode. He is slimy, just like Peter. I agree with you JJ!

    • JJ

      Okay I’m a moron, I watched it again (its late here) and finally understood. So Leela is sketchy, Peter helped her and supposedly exchanged that for sex.
      NOW I’m thinking that he lots of illegal things to cover all of it up for her. Why? Maybe she had his Ho’s lined up and was blackmailing him. He does this for her and she backs off. No sex between them.

      Ok, now I’m reaching. Can you tell I dont want Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship to go down the toilet?

      • OMG

        I think we’ll see a lot of development with this. I like your theory though.

      • Mishy

        I agree, I want Alicia and Kalinda to stay friends, the characters show that women and their friendships can be strong.

      • pitt

        My guess is no sex, but that Peter did help Kalinda bury her past in exchange possibly for what Kalinda does so well (helping him get dirt on others and fix problems). And she knew all of his dirty business, including the other women. So when they went their separate ways (assuming when he went to jail), they had an agreement to keep each other’s secrets as that benefitted them both. But with this show, who knows! We’ll see…

      • ber14

        WAIT! WAIT! I know the Kalinda twist was FABULOUS, but did I just imagine it, or why is NO ONE mentioning that BLAKE KILLED HIS WIFE!!! (something about helping her overdose when she’d been clean for so long?) Anyone??

    • tfan08

      I also want Alicia with Will. Will is not perfect – I think the writers have been trying to give his character more depth. He has a past but I still don’t think its as bad as Peter’s. I’m a Team Will/Alicia fan!!

      • Rebecca Jill

        Have you been watching this show? No character is perfect, NOT even Alicia. Will has a history with Blake back in D.C., we have no idea what all of that involves, so I’m just going to think that he’s just as bad as Peter. Again, NO ONE on this show is perfect.
        I like Peter better, because Will tries to act like he’s better than he is, though really, in general, any woman, not just Alicia, deserves better than both men.

      • Tad Martin

        Yikes, Rebecca Jill! Tfan08 was simply stating her opinion. No need for hysteria. We get it. No one is perfect…not even you.

  • tvfan

    Actually, there were three actors from THE WIRE on this episode. Don’t forget that Pastor Isaiah was Chris Partlow – Marlo’s muscle – on The Wire.

    • Lala

      OMG!!!!!! I caught the actor who played Brody, as well as the lawyer. I COMPLETELY have NOT recognized Pastor Isaiah as Chris!!!! Shame, shame, SHAME on me! I love The Wire more than any other show. I always spot the cast members, just like those who were in the Shield. I cannot believe i missed that. Well, I guess chalk it up to his acting skills…but really to his lack of hair (that he had in The Wire).

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