Donald Trump's birther rant: 'I want Obama to show his birth certificate!' Whoopi Goldberg calls 'B.S.' on Trump

If Donald Trump runs for president, it’s safe to say Whoopi Goldberg won’t be voting for him.

Swaggering onto The View Wednesday morning to promote The Celebrity Apprentice, Trump started off with some presidential talk — “If I got the nomination […] I definitely think I could beat Obama” — but got into hot water when he asked of President Obama, “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate? […] I want him to show his birth certificate!”

“There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like,” said Trump. He pointed to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and said, “Look, she’s smiling!”

Goldberg took off like a rocket. “Donald, I think that’s the biggest pile of dog mess I’ve heard in ages! It’s not because he’s black, is it?”

“It has nothing to do with him being black,” said Trump.

“Because I’ve never heard a white president being asked to show his birth certificate. That’s B.S.,” said Goldberg vehemently.

Oh, and by the way, Trump says that as The Celebrity Apprentice proceeds this season, Star Jones and NeNe Leakes are “going to make Omarosa [seem] like a very kind, sweet woman.”

As usual, it was left to Barbara Walters to try to smooth things over. At the end of the segment, as everyone talked over everyone else, Walters could be heard bleating about Trump, “He’s always wonderful to watch.”

Do you think so?

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  • Reena

    Seriously when are people going to get over this?? And I really doubt Trump would win this is the presidency we are talking about NOT a reality competition

    • FromChicago

      will Donald Trump show his birth certificate? And how about his driver’s license? and his mortgage note?

      • Me

        Yes – I’m sure he would. He may have awful hair but he doesn’t have anything to hide.

      • bgee

        Trump would probably show all this & more because the liberals would demand it – and he wouldn’t have anything to hide.

      • Tex

        I’d like to see what The Donald is hiding under that wacky hairpiece. There must be something there he doesn’t want us to see.

      • Gwen

        And his real hair? Or lack thereof?

      • LOL

        No one takes Trump seriously.

      • NAM

        Donald Trump went bancrupt so do we want THAT running the country? I think not.

      • Judi

        How about showing his bankruptcy legal papers, his alimony and pre-nups. Mostly he shows his stupidity. If his cabinet looked anything like his contestants on Celebrity Apprentice, it would be a Nutcracker Suite.

      • fred

        How about his marriage and divorce certificates,you got to be kidding,after bush,we go with Donald,get a life!!!!!!!!

      • Dell

        How about Obama ever wonder how they went from public assistance to
        owning the properties in Chicago?

      • Dell

        He disrespects the older woman who
        raised him, well why didn’t his father, or his fathers family raise him. I don’t hear any disrespect yet they did didn’t take him in and provide for him.

      • Ian

        Hey Dell, it’s called graduating from law school, and getting a job, lol.

      • Alyssa

        I would like to see your Divorce records. So many Republicans claim to be such GOOD Christians. HA Bull****

      • Bob Schumacher

        The ignorance of the American public is appalling. The US Constitution requires the President to be born in the US. If he can’t produce a birth certificate he isn’t qualified. Period. What don’t you understand about that?

      • Karen

        Don’t you think the GOP, the CIA, the FBI, and the Clinton campaign have already had this checked out? Get a clue!

        Trump is a racist who wants to make it seem like Obama has no legal right to be President. He is trying to make uneducated America think that Obama is a foreigner who has usurped the presidency. What a load of BS. Trump is a sexist, racist narcissist who has gone bankrupt several times.

        I hate Trump and I will no longer watch any TV show he is associated with.

      • shelly

        I hate liberals. Let those women live like me and watch ILLEGALS using foodstamps the rest cant get! HE NOT AN AMERICAN!!! He won’t salute the flag!!!!

      • Dennis

        Hey, Bob Schumacher——You talk about the ignorance of the American public. Well, it sounds to me as if you should be the Grand Marshal leading the parade of ignorant Americans. Obama’s birth certificate has been posted online since before the 2008 election, but how many of you ignorant people know that John McCain was born in Panama ( which is not one of the 50 states just to clarify for you, Bob, and all your ignorant friends). The simple fact is that GOP wannabes have to pander to the Republican base for votes since an unbelievable 25-30% of GOP voters (racists?)think Obama was not born in this country.

      • saw this

        What it reminded me of was our trip to Africa, two years ago, and the level of excitement that we felt in that country – the hope that people saw just in the sheer presence of somebody like Barack Obama – a Kenyan, a black man, a man of great statesmanship who they believe could change the fate of the world.”

        The video apparently was from a Tampa, Fla., fundraiser in December 2007.

        Read more: See Michelle call Barack a ‘Kenyan’

      • Stormy

        The military base in Panama is considered American soil.

      • ObserveTHIS

        Karen: “He is trying to make uneducated America think that Obama is a foreigner who has usurped the presidency. What a load of BS”
        You just have to read some of the replies defending Trump on here to see just HOW MUCH of America is uneducated at that. :D

      • @Stormy

        McCain wasn’t born on a military base. He was born in a Panamanian hospital off base.
        Barak Obama is a Kenyan-American just like Al Pacino is an Italian-American. But people refer to Pacino as Italian. Dennis Leary is Irish-American but is referred to as Irish. Calling Obama a Kenyan is the same thing.

    • Tanya

      It’s just a ruse to get all the birther wackos riled up so that when the real Republican candidates campaign they don’t have to bring it up and look like idiots. He’s just doing the dirty work because it doesn’t matter if he looks stupid. He still has his unflappable ego.

      • Liz

        All together now, does anyone really think that in this day and age of technology that if President Obama wasn’t born in the USA it wouldn’t have been proven by now? Why do people believe such idiotic things? I wonder if they heard the news that the earth isn’t flat?

      • Alyssa

        I asked my mother the same question

        IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE. they hear and believe what they want. You think if they saw it, they wouldnt come up with another piece of crap story.

      • Katherine

        Liz I absolutely agree with you. It’s called an exploratory committee people! Members of Congress look at a potential candidate and see if he has all the Constitutional qualifications to run for President. If he wasn’t born in the US he wouldn’t have made it past the committee in the first place.

        As a member of the State of Montana, I must say I’m ashamed of my legislature trying to pass it’s own “birther bill.” It’s disgusting and as unAmerican as a person can get.

      • keith

        Does any one think in this age of tech we live in that If President Obama actually did have a birth certificate from any state in the US that they wouldn’t be able to find it? If he hasn’t shown it by now then it doesn’t exist and never has. The certificate of live birth that has been shown is not the official document and can be produced without a birth certificate. A forigner is running the country!

      • GetReal

        The only things that are disgusting and un-American are Obama, his shemale wife, and you stupid sheep that should be stripped of your right to vote.

      • Katherine

        Wow, stripping someone’s right to vote…that sounds REALLY American. Wouldn’t it be fun for you to go to Libya and be part of a country where that mindset is welcomed in a portion of the population. Obviously you’re just sad and depressed because you know Obama’s re-election is inevitable otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to suppress another’s right to vote…which is what AMERICA is all about. Now, when you watch Glenn Beck later, call in and tell him exactly what I’ve told you.

      • lucinda

        Where do these people come from with all this crap. But what’s really sad, I think they actually believe it. Come on people wake up from dreamland. President Obama is only one person and he’s working as hard as he can to get this country on track. Guys, there was a deficit when he took office. Come on be for real.

      • Mocha

        I read somewhere that 51% of Republicans believe Obama was born outside of America, which I don’t want to believe because that means a large chunk of our population is made up of complete morons. Didn’t a part of Obama’s website even have his scanned birth certificate on it during his campaign? If people are going to criticize him, it should be for something that’s actually relevant, within his control, and rational.

      • GetReal Is Right!

        I agree with GetReal, and non-payment of taxes and/or receiving welfare handouts should be part of the inability to vote. If you’re not contributing (popping out future felons does not count,) to the treasury, then you shouldn’t have a vote. Voting for Barack Hussein Obama -aka- Barry Sotero, and believing, and continuing to profess, that some quickly-constructed web-doc/scam sheet is not only valid, but ‘proof,’ is clearly demonstrative of your collective and complete lack of viable intelligence. Viable, because even monkeys can be taught to type – as evidenced by all of the BO- and BS-lovers (puns intended) above – and below. At the time of his birth, his designation would have been ‘Negro,’ not ‘African.’ Since his mother had already renounced her American citizenship, then, no, he would not be an American citizen, as the pitifully-moronic sh!theads above and below keep posting.

        That’s one of the many problems with liberals/’dumocraps’ – they are so weak (from their polluted gene pools, no doubt) and feeble-minded, that instead of paying attention in school, they latch onto whatever they’re fed by the next idiot that seems feasible to them, and they spread it around like (and probably with) the clap to the other stupid people/sheep/monkeys in their families and their ‘communities.’ Welfare-sucking baby mamas and their baby daddies who don’t even remember them because they’re fried on crack (and NEVER pay a penny toward their spawn,) felons who consider prison their job, child molesters, illiterate ‘teachers,’ whose only concern is money – not education, the union thugs that extort them under the guise of protection, and every other slot-filling underachiever imagineable. Skanks, johns, cons, idiots, bullies, and all-around losers. Yes, that’s the very definition of a democrat/liberal. Why would anyone with any self-respect or intelligence choose to be part of the worst of the worst? So, who better to lead this motley crew than someone with an alias? Who needs an alias? Someone pretending to be something they aren’t. Actors, criminals, frauds – Barry Sotero/Barack Hussein Obama. He’s not good enough to be an American. Neither are his rabid followers.

      • GetReal Is Right!

        union thugs who extort them under the guise of protection while they gouge the taxpayers and destroy our commerce and our country, and every other half-witted, slot-filling underachiever out there. Skanks, johns, cons, pedophiles, money-grubbing idiots, bullies, and all-around losers. Yes … that’s the very definition of a democrat/liberal. Who better to lead this motley crew than someone who has an alias? Who needs an alias? Someone pretending to be something that they are not. Actors, criminals, liars, cheaters, frauds, Barack Hussein Obama. He’s not good enough to be an American, and neither are his rabid followers.

      • LOL

        You birthers are funny!!!!!
        Obama did produce a birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii. It was looked at in person by members of the press, and was verified by the Governor & Secretary of State of Hawaii. Obama’s mother never renounced her American citizenship. Obama’s father was listed as “African” because he was from Africa; “Negro” was used for black Americans.
        Your hatred for Obama goes way beyond politics. Anyone with a brain can tell what your problem with him really is, and it’s not about politics or where he was born.

    • Beth

      Let’s see Trump’s bankruptcy papers. He’s bankrupted himself at least twice now. He’s an idiot, and could never, NEVEN win the presidency.

      • Karen

        Never say never… this country is in such sad shape, I wouldn’t be surprised what will happen next.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        One of his many companies filed bankruptcy. He never filed personally.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        And it was a reorganization, not a liquidation, which means the debt was restructured, not extinguished. And claiming he’s an idiot when he’s had more business success than you’ll ever see in your waste of a life is just laughable.

      • Big Walt

        I also thought someone named Barack Hussein Obama could never get elected. I guess the redneck vote isn’t as strong as I thought.

      • peggym

        Tell my friends who lost their business after not being paid under Trump’s “reorganization” that it’s not a big deal.

      • time for a change

        learn to spell!

      • notimeforbs

        hey beth, an idiot? really? the guy is filthy rich and you are not. who’s the idiot? just show the damn birth certificate. that will shut everyone up, including you.

      • topoopon

        Must be nice when you start out rich.

      • Karen

        If Trump ran for president I would be the first in line to vote for Obama and I am a Republican! Trump is a narcissistic, sexist pig who is unqualified to be president. He would be a joke just like Arnold was a joke as CA Governor.

      • jill Jacobson

        You are right…Trump is only distracting the ignorant masses that want to believe a white rich guy…Even though that white rich guy ridicules and disrespects all the contestants on his show by taking his time and station breaks to FIRE THEM…Let the truth be known about his divorces and pre-nups…Let’s see how forthcoming he will be

      • Fred Jordan

        Beth, what does NEVEN mean?

      • Lois

        Trump’s father started the real estate company and became wealthy. Donald Trump was raised as a rich kid who’s dad gave him a big title in his company, like Donald is doing for his kids. Donald has caused more money problems for the company than he’s had successes. He’s a fraud.

      • @Doremifah Solatido

        Trump’s companies have filed for bankruptcy more than once. Part of the reorganization of the casinos, after the 3rd time filing bankruptcy, was that Donald could never have a say in running them again.

      • Sri

        Shawn: My understanding is that had Obama’s meothr reached the age of 19, her citizenship followed hers as a US citizen. She was 18 when giving birth and if in Kenya, the citizenship followed his father’s who is allegedly a Kenyan citizen. If she did give birth in Hawaii, he would have been born an American citizen. However, she moved to Indonesia, married an Indonesian citizen who adopted Obama, therefore, making him an Indonesian citizen. Dual citizenship was not recognized between the US and Indonesia at that time, and at present, should be hold dual citizenship, this would have been in conflict with the US Constitution with regard to his eligibility to run for POTS. I would attribute what is alleged to possibly a conspiracy theory if his own campaign had not claimed he was born in Kenya and the fact that he traveled to Pakistan at a time when Americans could not travel to Pakistan. What passport did he use/was he entitled to use if not an American and remain solely an American citizen?With regard to 50% of the citizenship chooses Obama, the fact remains that the average IQ in this country is only 100; the college elite are made up of students or adults with perhaps only a minimal amount of college attendance (do they have a B.A., M.A., an A.A. or a few credits?), many of who can’t seem to spell, and without the life experience in which thy have the chance to apply what they have learned in college.Note: I have six years of college and have been employed as a legal professional for 22 yearsShould Obama be found not to be a US citizen if (or after) elected as POTS, this would not only cause more embarrassment to this nation globally, but be a slap in the face to the Constitution that has afforded us the rights we enjoy as citizens such as the ability to post these arguments in a public place.How arrogant is our so-called college elite to believe their interpretation of the Consitution is more correct that the previous college elite such as Jefferson who drafted the Constitution?

    • Dart

      So the Reps will be choosing between a high school dropout stewardess who can’t find Italy on a map and a weave-wearing millionaire who keeps declaring bankruptcy dozens and likes to fight with random celebrities. Why do the Reps value stupidity so highly? And when did brain dead meth heads get the vote? Who’s the head of the RNC; Charlie Sheen? Lincoln must be spinning in his grave.

      • Katie

        Please don’t associate Lincoln with today’s Republican Party. They stood for totally different things back then. Actually, if the civil war were today, what party do you think the Confederacy would largely be made of?

      • Ash

        @Katie, yea a lot of people don’t realize that the two parties have pretty much reversed their positions since the days of our first Republican president. Vote third party baby! Repubs were a third party once too.

      • Moose

        Aberham Lincoln was a Republican…

      • theBigE

        I’m confused – who is the high school dropout stewardess of which you speak? If you’re referring to Sarah Palin, is that as big of a smear/lie as others asking for the birth certificate of a president who was born with a non-US citizen father?

      • Karolenna

        Because all the birthers and Obama haters watch “Faux” and they believe everything the theatrical “news commentary” (what a hoot) network has to say!!!! Oh, and BTW, I agree with Katie; all you people who talk about Repugs (Ah, I mean Republicans…so used to using that word [bad me!!!]) don’t seem to know your history; the real Republican party of Lincoln’s day was a liberal party. Otherwise, there would be no emancipation and, thus, the famous history of the Lincoln presidency!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • theBigE

        Read this week’s Newsweek before you slam Republicans – conservative Republicans score better on citizenship tests than do liberal democrats. Evangelical Protestants do better than any other demographic in the US. But all conservative Republicans and Christians are “stupid Fox News watchers”, right???

      • Alyssa

        yeah…when I talk most people think I hate all Republicans. I actually have to explain that NO. Two of my favorite Presidents in History were Republican- Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. I dont think they would be by todays standards though. Pretty sad situation you have there on the right. Newsweek? Magazines can lean a certain way to bro- I prefer TIME and Rolling Stone. -think now before you respond.

        OH and latest poll out says the Rep. are down the toilet as far as legitimacy and finding someone to run in 2012.

      • william garcia

        If by some chance D Trump becomes President, I strongly advise every single non-Republican to save every last penny. Immediately take all your money out the banks and stocks ,and consider leaving the country.

      • william garcia

        I have to admit that there is one good thing to come out of D Trump being president if it happened. His hair would scare the filthy no good terrorists out of the U S A.

      • Fred Jordan

        Hey Dart! Who’s gonna vote for Obama in 2012, besides the crack-heads and welfare queens?

      • william garcia

        Hey, Fred J. If the Republicans win in 2012 then everyone,including you deserve to get what’s coming. I guess you think in 2007 the majority of America thought that president was doing and did great. If you really do feel that way then I suggest that you learn how to read so you can for once do research before you put your good for nothing two cents in . : )

    • Color Me Impressed

      This whole “birther” controversy is so ridiculous. Do these people really think that the government would have let Obama become President had he not procured a legitimate birth certificate? And on the other side, why doesn’t he just show them the d*mn thing already so we can be done with this stupid nonsense? Also, why is it always liberals who bring up the race card?

      • maria

        if obama did show his birth certificate then all the “birthers” would claim it was falsefied. oh, by the way, i am a rep and don’t think he should show his birth certificate. the only way people should have to show their birth certificate is if was required to run for president.

      • jenkay

        LOL…yes I’m sure our very reliable non crooked govt would never allow something to happen that shouldn’t……
        And a birth certificate is required to run for president…

      • Amber

        Obama did show his certificate of live birth and it has been verified. Some states issue certificates of live birth and not birth certificates. My brother was born in IL and he has a certificate of live birth and not birth certificate.

      • LMNOP

        CMI, you’re right. It is ridiculous. Obama was vetted, along with every single candidate, long before the primaries. This is just another example in this country of stupid people with nothing better to do than listen to other people who make millions of dollars by intentionally saying things that stir up the stupid people. You know, Hitler did pretty good with his tremendous public speaking skills by saying things that stirred up the stupid people back in the 1930’s. Interesting.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        @LMNOP – Hitler’s party, the NSDAP, won a democratic election with over 95% of the popular vote. It wasn’t the “stupid people” that put him in power – it was the German people, nearly all of them, and Germans are far from stupid.

      • Bill Wyatt

        It’s because he doesn’t have a birth certificate! What is it you don’t understand???

      • Martin

        Doremifah Solatido,

        When did Hitler win “95%” in a democratic election? You really should take a history class before you make stupid statements, as you end up looking like a fool.

      • linda

        @color me impressed… Thanks.. It’s about time someone said what’s true… WHY liberals always play the race card… How about thinking what the libs were saying when Bush was in office and spending too much money, I don’t hear them now… WHY NOT! Obama has tripled the defecit.. alot of it to take care of people that aren’t supposed to be here in the first place.. AMERICA needs to stop being the camptain save a .. to every freaking country that needs it and feed the hungry in our country first… ( Besides who ever thought our country would have a president who talked bad about it to other countries) pathetic………

      • Dgently

        Martin, I don’t know by what percentage he won, but Hitler was elected democratically – i.e., by a majority of Germans.

      • SoSad60

        Every single Birther is a moron. That’s not an opinion that is a fact. To think that someone with above top secret clearance wouldn’t be checked out and had an extensive background check during a republican presidency is retarded. Don’t know about you but most FBI background checks are very thorough. If there was one shred of evidence that Obama was somehow illegitimate he’d never made it on the ticket.

        Every single person that even entertains the idea of the presidents birth somehow being covered up is a moron, idiot, dumbass, bafoon….etc…

        They also lack serious critical thinking skills.

      • Martin


        Hitler never won the vote of a “majority of Germans” in a democratic election. The most he got in a ‘democratic’ election (so I do not count the elections of ’33 and after) was about 38% of the vote. That was a plurality not a majority. Even in March ’33 Hitler never managed a majority. Really a class in history would be good.
        But Doremifah Solatido claimed 95%, and you must agree this was a very silly comment!

      • Big Walt

        It’s public record now. Google it you can see his birth certificate (or whatever it’s called) too.

      • ldy

        Yes haven’t you figured out the government does what ever they want to. I want to see that birth record.Barack Hussein Obama is not an American Name! Firrst thing I thought when I heard it was’Obama Hussein’ and he’s still at large.Mmmmm-Make me wonder this country is comming to. If he had nothing to hide why is he hiding the birth record.

      • Josh M

        He never showed his original birth certificate, just something printed more recently. Of course, that doesn’t mean he was born outside the US. My subscribed-to conspiracy theory: he WAS born in Hawaii, but doesn’t want to show his original certificate because it says “caucasian.” (Remember, mom was white so this is very possible.)

      • Ap


        Your theory takes the cake.

      • KO

        Idy, you are a moron. You probably get all your information from Fox. If you wanted to elect someone with an “American” name, why not look for someone NATIVE American, like Chief Walks on Water. America is made up of immigrants. People who are afraid of the name “Hussein” are the same types who wouldn’t elect someone with a Jewish name either, or O’Malley 100 years ago for that matter for fear they were Catholic. Find something else to panic about, like the environment and the declining middle class.

      • topoopon

        see: Obama’s birth papers from HAWAII, USA. @

      • MaryJane

        Ummm, yeah, Obama has shown his birth certificate, and it’s posted on several websites across the ‘net. But the birdbrains of the world who refuse to believe that the Earth is flat, also aren’t satisfied with the certificate because they claim it is faked or not “the long form” and that he has something to hide. Of course, too, the President’s mother came forward in a time machine and saw that her son would one day be President, so she faked a birth announcement in the newspapers, too. Wait, that’s not enough to prove anything to the the bird brained Birthers? How about the fact that Sarah Palin is actually an alien from the Planet Looney and she’s part of a plot to show just how stupid some people can be by getting them to be a follower?

      • Ian

        I wonder how Idy gets through the day without suffocating themselves in a dry-cleaning bag. Not an American name??? What exactly does an American name sound like, moron? McCain? That’s a variation of a Scottish name. Palin? That’s actually a Welsh name. Bush? That would be the Americanized version of a German name. Kennedy? That would be Irish and Scottish. O’Reilly? Obviously an Irish Gaelic name. Beck? Beck originates from England, Germany, and is also a variation of a Jewish name. How about Dances With Wolves? That’s more American than any of the names I just mentioned.

        My surname originates from England, but all of my ancestors are Native American, Irish, and German. A person’s name is not the telltale sign it once was. I actually know a guy named John Chang, and he’s not the slightest bit Asian.

        I think instead of worrying about the President’s name not sounding American enough to you, you might want to just get a vasectomy and never leave your mom’s basement again. OK?

      • Alyssa

        HEY IDY- My first name is Greek/Irish and my last name is German/Swedish(Anderson). You Dip****. Go back and watch ” BECK” before he blows himself off the air with his 3-grade chalk board you moron. You need to see my birth certificate now too? I live/was born in North Dakota -with alot of Native American tibes, maybe I should change my name to ” Pocahontas-Thunderstorm “( I was being sarcastic- no dig at Indians)

      • Color Me Impressed

        I love how I have dems and reps agreeing with me on different issues. It certainly pays off to be middle of the road, doesn’t it? Stop with partisanship! Democrats, you’re just as misinformed, close-minded and selfish as Republicans. Republicans, there is more to the world than you’re narrowminded view. I think we need to stop aligning ourselves left and right and just be AMERICAN d*mmit!

      • Carm

        Wow Idy, you just went the extra mile to prove just how stupid you are. It still amazes me that as much as Obama was vetted, crazy birthers think they are right. All they actually do is prove that they are some of the least intelligent people in the world.

      • Dennis

        Hey, Idy————-You say Barack Hussein Obama is not an American name. Well, the only REALLY, TRULY American names would be those from the Sioux, Cherokee, Seminole, Choctaw, Navajo, Apache, Iroquois, Comanche,….(should I continue?) nations. Let’s learn some American history first before spouting off this wingnut gibberish.

    • Cygnus

      What does it matter at this point. The guy has already been president more than 2 years. By the time any type of action could be done regarding his birth certificate, he will be done with his presidency. This is the problem with America nowadays. The celebrities and talking heads that the average American dimwit is listening to is a complete nut job. There’s hardly a famous, level-headed, middle of the road, informed opinion to listen to anymore.

      • melba walters

        lmnop, couldn’t have said it better.Barbara walters may love to watch trump but melba walters thinks he’s full of it.

    • Katie

      GET OVER WHAT EXACTLY???? Why doesn’t Obama show the birth certificate? APPARENTLY, people….if you haven’t gotten it by now….THERE’S SOMETHING HE DOESN’T WANT FOUND OUT. Get a damn clue and stop playing the RACISCM CRAP, every time you want to defend the worst president we’ve ever had.

      • Kiki

        Katie, don’t let on he’s from Alpha Centauri! You swore not to reveal that after the Cylons brainwashed you. Look out…the Borg are coming for you now.

      • Mrs Thurston Howell III

        He has shown it. It’s online. There’s even a microfilm copy of the birth announcement from the newspaper in Hawaii. Jeez, what else do you people need??

      • Karen

        Has any other president ever been asked to provide the public with a copy of his birth certificate? Obama is the President. Get over it.

      • ea

        @Kiki– lol. Exactly.

      • MaryJane

        Katie, so, when do you get back from your tour of the local insane asylums? Must be fun having a bunch of other kooks out there like you, huh? Ever read a book, or for that matter, ever read your own birth certificate? Huh, what’s that, you say?

      • Ian

        Hey Katie, if he was born somewhere else, does it make him a different person because of what border he’s born within? McCain wasn’t born in the US either. The only difference between the 2 would be that McCain’s parents were both citizens and only one of Obama’s was. I’m just curious what the birther’s argument actually is. There’s more than enough evidence that he is an American citizen, and it’s been widely read (by sane and literate people), and it was plenty to satisfy the people it NEEDS to satisfy. If morons like yourself and Donald Trump aren’t satisfied, then too bad. Nobody cares if it’s enough to satisfy you, lol. And please enlighten us as to how anyone with a brain would consider Obama a worse president over Bush?

      • Alyssa

        Give it up Ian, she is probably from Crawford, Texas. They probably drink the same tainted water with lead poisoning that Dubya did-I think the pipline has traveled to Wasilla now though(it has a magic power, allows you to make up words). What an idiot. 12% approval-HA that was way to high for him.

      • sadstateofaffairs

        You have got to be kidding me. What else do you want? There is NO chance that anyone could EVER become President if they didn’t know every single thing about them, especially their birthplace. His being the “worst” President on Earth? Again, a terribly immature statement, and I’m guessing you got your opinion from your parents, not from your own views or research. Tell me what he has done wrong? This economy is the result of the 8 years of Chaney and the talking head “bush”, NOT Obama. Obama is trying to fix an enormous mess and has done amazing things one of which was to keep the jobs of most of the people who slam him. Do your research before making blanket statements that just make you look ridiculous. He may not be perfect, as no one is, but he’s one hell of a good man and took on something you couldn’t have paid most anyone to try and fix, full well knowing that the less intelligent (seeming majority) would blame him for our current state.

      • william garcia

        Extra , extra !! Breaking news. I have proof that our ” non white president is in fact……. a Martian from the planet Vulcan. Here to invade all the perfect never done anything wrong in all human history white people. Please help me inform the charming and righteous KKK.

      • LL

        Even if Obama showed everyone his birth certificate, birthers are going to say that the document is a fake. It’s just an excuse to discount that he’s the president of the best country in the world.

    • Helen

      I have to agree with Donad Trump. And I used to like watching the View,but betweenWhoopp[i and Joy they need to fire them.

      • Kiki

        How interesting that of the comments here praising Trump, 99% are deficient in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. I think those who dislike Obama are resentful that he got good grades at a good college, because it makes them feel inferior…

      • Aaron

        Yeah, It’s because we’re all jealous. I’m not completely against Obama, but I don’t get why all you people can do on these comment pages is hurl insults. It comes across as uneducated and should be more embarrassing to you than it should be offensive to the people you are trying to insult. Really, why can’t it simply stay political instead of shifting straight to petty after the first comment?

      • done with this

        Have you seen the way Trump treats people on Apprentice? He is especially bad with women. Every time he fires someone, he has some crazy irrelevant excuse. One week it’s because you’re the project manager. Next week he doesn’t fire the losing project manager, but someone else who makes a random comment that he doesn’t like. Trump is unstable and arrogant. No way the majority of Americans would vote for him. It’s a publicity stunt.

    • Ray

      I would love to see Obama’s birth certificate, there was a hearing in the house before the last election because John McCane was born in the Panama Canel zone witch at the the time was a US terratory. Obama has something to hide, thats obvious. I agree with Trump, the truth needs to come out

      • Kiki

        The Panama Canel Zone Witch isn’t nearly as powerful as the Wicked Witch of the West — I don’t know why you folks keep harping on her. I mean, which witch has done more to end the deficit? Huh?

      • MaryJane

        Hey Ray, sure can tell you weren’t born in the U.S.A. You can’t tell the difference between “witch” and “which”. So, where’s your birth certificate?

      • aleksa

        Also, who’s “John McCane”?

      • @Ray

        Panama became an independent nation in 1903 after breaking away from Columbia’s rule.
        America had control of the canal, not the nation of Panama. McCain was born in the nation of Panama.

    • jc

      I hope Trump does run for President. I will vote for him for sure! He is a proven business man and family man. So what if he has been divorced? Are any of you perfect? Regarding the birth certificate – the issue would be put to rest if someone would produce the copy. Period, end of story. However, the question still looms. I guess the -“Non-birthers” just don’t care and will defend Obama to the very end.

      We need to get this country back on track and someone like Trump is just the one to do it. He surrounds himself with the best of the best and he is fair, straight up, and LOVES America and the American dream. For all of you who complain about his hair, what about your hair? What does it look like? Do you have any?

      • Karen

        Trump represents Wall St., and they just want to continue to loot America. They think our tax dollars belong in their pockets. They want to defund public schools, pensions, etc They want to dismantle the middle class. Trump does not care about the average person and he only wants to fatten his pockets. For some of these people having billions is still not enough.

    • kellybelly

      Hawaii was putting a bill thru for a vote that would allow anyone who wanted to “see” in person Obama’s birth certificate – to pay $100 or $500 or something for it. They have made it available on the states website. This is so ridiculous. McCain was born in the Panama Canal. Ambiguous at best.
      Trump is absolutely nuts.

  • Tim

    This birther nonsense is just thinly veiled racism

    • Chris

      Thinly veiled? It is racism.

      • GR

        I see you’re playing the race card already….if a white person is asked for his driver’s license or birth certificate for a job, it isn’t racist but if a black is, it is racist?!

      • Tex

        Have you asked to see the birth certificate of any white president, GR, after the state has assured you it’s on file?

      • Sam

        You are an idiot if you think he didn’t have to present this information to the US government to become a senator or president. I mean you are extremely stupid just really really dumb.

      • Eshia

        Thank You, Tex!

      • AhwatukeeT

        Just keep believing that it’s racism. It is the only rationale you have left.

      • Mary

        It isn’t racism. There has been speculation that President Obama was born in Kenya. His father is from Kenya. Why doesn’t he just put the birth certificate online and stop the speculation. The fact that he isn’t up front about this only fuels speculation.

      • mark

        If Robin Roberts were black, the interview with Chris Brown would have been rascist, lets face it.

      • Karen

        It is not! If there isn’t anything to hide, why not show the birth certificate? Obama, Trump, Palin or anyone else running needs to prove they are legally running the country. There is just too much at stake for all of us.

      • max

        “If Robin Roberts were black, the interview with Chris Brown would have been rascist, lets face it.”

        Oh this is so so true. Racism goes both ways folks.

      • Tex

        Robin Roberts is black, so was the interview racist? duhhhh

      • kellybelly

        Mary — the birth certificate IS on line at the state of Hawaii website. Go check it out. Some people aren’t happy with that even.

    • opinion

      Donal Trump is a serious embarrassment not only to himself but to the entrie human race. This man should be ashamed of himself and his complete lack of morals

    • DGH

      If this is racism then I guess all blacks are racist against whites cause they never gave Bush any breaks.

      • jacki

        Yeah but they never demanded to see his birth certificate.

      • Brandon

        So? It would’ve been kinda stupid considering his family was quite famous and his father was previously President. I think it may have come up at some point that he wasn’t American.

      • DGH

        But they sure did cry over his military records after the government said there was nothing to cry over. Point is people hate Obama cause he’s a liberal if people want to make it a race issue I don’t care it just makes them look as dumb as the ones they are calling the racist!

      • Jeff

        Since you asked, Bush hid his service records.

      • Tex

        People hate Obama because he’s a liberal? Gosh, I wonder how he got elected by We The People in 2008 if that’s the case.

      • @DGH

        Criticizing Bush’s policies isn’t the same as believing that Obama is somehow a Muslim Kenyan whose parents somehow were involved in a lifelong conspiracy to get him elected president.

    • Mitch Logan

      Just change the law to allow foreigners to be president. Problem solved. Back to work.

      • lesliemd

        Bush not only tried to hide – and alter – his military records, he also tried to hide his DUI. Where were the birthers then, if they are so insistent about proper records?

        It’s just because it’s Obama, and his father was African, I doubt we would have this ridiculous issue if his father had been born in England.

      • Pamela Pierce

        That is just idiotic to say to let just anyone run for president. There is a reason the forefathers stated that presidents needed to be natural born citizens to run for president, it was to make sure they did not have any loyalty anywhere else that would conflict with the presidency of the US. It has not come up, because we have not had a president that has had any question as to their place of birth like this before. It has nothing to do with race, as a matter of fact, that drum beat is really starting to make me mad. If you disagree with anything this man does, you are a racist. Does anyone remember that this man is half white? Stick to the facts and keep the name calling to the playground.

    • Bill Wyatt

      What his race got to do with it???

    • MaryJane

      Thinly veiled? How about outright racism? The ones who yell the loudest for Obama’s birth certificate are those who are too afraid to admit that racism even to themselves.

  • Tim

    I say “thinly veiled” because people like Orly Tates (sp?) they say it’s not about racism, but we all know it is

    • Brandon

      Oh I seen you have nothing of substance to put out then…typical of somebody who has nothing but a race card to play. If Clinton or Bush had the same life history as Obama then it would’ve been brought up as well back then and they’re not black genius. The fact is not many recent Presidents have only 1 American parent who proceeded to raise their child in Indonesia for a few years…Since when did asking questions become a stupid or wrong thing to do? This is still the United States right?

      • Ap

        You do know Bill Clinton’s childhood wasn’t all roses right?

      • Tex

        It’s not stupid to ask, Brandon. It is stupid to ignore the answer from Hawaii because you didn’t like the election results.

      • lipton

        Brandon I see you point. Yes, people have every right to ask. But honestly even if one day he presents it to everyone people will still find a reason to deny it, it won’t end there. They would accuse it of being fake or something. Any way I agree with Tex’s comment.

      • Michael

        He lived in indonesia for 3 years in elementary school idiot, when have you ever heard of a white president being asked this. John Kennedy lived in england as a child for a while, maybe we should dig him up and ask for his birth certificate!

      • BlackIrish4094

        Look, this is racism to me and I’m as white as they come (despite my posting name). At the minimum it’s purposeful ignorance. Anyone can request it from Hawaii if you want to see it so bad. You have to pay a couple of bucks I believe and it’s been viewed by tons of people but you would probably say it’s still a forgery or something. Birthers are ridiculously stupid. He’s not a great President but he’s not bad, certainly not as bad as you and the other wing nuts would have people believe. We’ve survived both liberal and conservative presidents, if you don’t like this one vote him out next time but this kind of crap is just ignorant.

      • Nelda

        The birth certificate is on line! It has been for years. The Republican (then) governor of Hawaii has said it is real. They just call them Certificates of Live Birth in Hawaii, for whatever reason. I mean, this has been part of the public record for years. Hawaii says it’s real. Let it go!

      • watergirl

        So Brandon you must have had a problem with John McCain being born in Panama and living there.
        If McCain had won and became president I would have never questioned his birth in another country and his right to become president.
        People are not using the so called race card. They are stating fact. The fact is no one question McCain right to be president but a few uneducated people are questioning Obama right to be president. These people want to show Obama not one of us..not American. That is because his father was from Kenya and black.
        State of Hawaii has certified that Obama was born there. Every one in Hawaii is given a COLB, the exact same one Obama has. So if Obama is not legal that would mean everyone in Hawaii is not legal. I learned one thing with birthers is that you could glue Obama’s original BC on their forehead and they would still not believe it and say it is forged. If you believe his BC is forged than you have to believe that his marriage licence, his SS card, Driver license, his College degrees, HS diploma, his mortgage,loans…..all of it are all forged.
        Not only Hillary Clinton would have loved to prove Obama not an American citizen but McCain/Palin would have love to had that opportunity also.
        Come on people, think for yourself…this birth certificate stuff is lame. It goes to show you how dumb Trump is when he falls for this same lame stuff. I know Trump has a huge ego but you would think he would of had more common sense than to believe in this garbage.

    • Aunt Sassy

      No Brandon, asking questions isn’t stupid or the wrong thing to do. But this “question” has been answered – over and over and over and over and over and over and over again so to keep asking it is STUPID, LAME, AND RETARDED. Let’s face it – there isn’t a DEMOCRAT alive that wanted to be President more than Hillary Clinton and that is a FACT – and if there were any truth to this birth certificate nonsense she would have dug it up and ran with it faster than you can even begin to think of a respinse to this. So please, do us all a favor and just stop with the racism – because at this point that is ALL IT IS plain and simple.

      • Aunt Sassy

        And that should read RESPONSE, not respinse.

      • Brandon

        Playing the race card…automatic Loser. How could Hilary find a birth certificate if there isn’t a long form one? You can’t prove a negative. Anyways I’m more concerned with why his college transcripts,etc haven’t been released yet like most other past Presidents or contenders.

      • sc

        It isn’t nice to use words like Retarded. It is offensive to a lot of folks.

      • Zakry

        Brandon, let me help you. The point is, if there was anything askew with Obama’s birth certificate, including the lack of a long form one (which means what? he wasn’t born?), don’t you think Hillary would have brought that up? Has there never been a need for an elected official to show their birth certificate before he actually becomes president?

        Just a little thought would save you some headache.

      • mark

        I agree, this is totally racism, however, using the word ‘retarded’ is as offensive as racist terms.

      • Tex

        The Founders, in their wisdom, did not include an educational requirement in the presidential qualifications, therefore, there is no reason to disclose transcripts other than vanity. Palin is breathing a sigh of relief.

      • kellybelly

        the birth certificate IS on line at the state of Hawaii website. Go check it out. Some people aren’t happy with that even.

    • Rock Golf

      Simply put, there is NO level of documentation that will satisfy Birthers. They are simply blind to the truth that Obama was born in Hawaii. The previous (Republican) Governor of Hawaii confirms it. Birth notices in the Honolulu papers confirm it. The actual birth certificate confirms it. The current Governor of Hawaii saw Obama as a newborn!
      Still, this is insufficient proof.
      Well let’s raise the stakes: There’s infinitely more proof that Obama was born in Hawaii than that Jesus even existed.

      • Tex

        Ouch! You sunk their one-gun boat with that one.

      • Jessica

        Heeeeee. Very nice.

      • BamaPhil

        I think I love you.

  • Mary

    If Bush can be president without even winning the election then who cares if Obama wasn’t born here? All the rules are out the window at this point.

    • Sooz

      Ding, Mary

      • Brandon

        So you guys apparently believe a disproved and already settled conspiracy about a past election?…I wouldn’t make fun of “birthers” seeing as how your definition of them would fit you as well.

      • Zakry

        All I know is I know wide spectrum of people who I call friends, and I casually asked DOZENS of people and can’t find 1 who voted for Bush over Gore. Not one. Something is up with that. History may have to prove it out.

      • Kw

        Zakry…I didn’t care for Bush, but that’s an idiotic way of analyzing what happened. You’re dealing with anecdotal evidence, also known as NOT EVIDENCE.

      • tmb

        @Zakry – I don’t know where you are from but I’m from southern Illinois and don’t know a single person that voted for Al Gore. What does that say? Gore carried Illinois because of the state of liberal Chicago.

      • selina

        @KW – Winning! That’s one of the few comments on these boards that has ever made me laugh out loud.

      • watergirl

        Zakry that is a silly way to look at the election. I live in Texas and sadly know a lot of people who voted for Bush.

    • Me


    • bgee

      Excuse, please, Mary. Bush did win the election! That actually was proven – a long time ago! Geez!

      • SS

        When was it proven? Those first ballots were not counted correctly, and it came down to one state, in fact, ONE VOTING LOCATION. There were ballots thrown out. Shit, keep up with the news or shut up.

      • jodipo

        um, no… in the first election he “won” the supreme court appointed him to the position amidst massive accusations of voter fraud in several states. Crack a book some time

      • Janey

        No, he did not win an election by the people, he won the Presidency by the bench of his judicial appointees. Google it.

      • watergirl

        We could argue back and forth on Bush’s first election where the Supreme Court decided the election. Even though Gore won the popular vote. You can’t argue Bush winning his second term as president. I know there are conspiracy theories out there on his 2nd election but there is no real proof. When we make comments on this, like Mary and others have done we do sound as silly as the birthers. We should focus on the facts. Fact is Obama was born in Hawaii which is a legal state which makes Obama an American.
        Last I heard releasing college transcripts are not required to become president. Fact is Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude at Harvard, which is the top 10% of the class. McCain didn’t release his transcripts and I see no need for him to do so.

    • Jerry

      Bush did win the election. The problem is you rubes were asleep in History class when it was taught the president is elected by the electoral college, not popular vote. I still laugh at idiots who line up to cast their vote at each election as if it matters.

      • mikeyb

        Bush ‘won’ in 2000 when the Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount. Even admitting that Florida handled it illegally.

      • Doug

        The Florida recount was completed and showed Bush to be the winner. You can find this in any newspaper’s archives. The media did not make a big deal about this since it did not fit their left-wing agenda.

      • sls

        The libs just can’t get over 2000 can they? So sad. But I agree with you. I’m not a birther, I do hate Obama though, and I want to know, why won’t he show his birth certificate?! What’s the big deal? If any other president had been asked to show theirs, I’m sure they would have, so why won’t this little Kenyan idiot show his???

      • Josue

        Sis and Jerry you don’t know what you are talking about at all!! Bush never won the election fairly. The Supreme Court stopped the recount , and they had no business doing so, It was a Florida issue. So we don’t know what would have happened. Plus fact Jeb BUsh denied over 20k black legal voters from voting! It was stolen and he never won it fair and square. You conservatives just ignore facts and commit crimes to get your way.Plus it is illegal in the state of Hawaii to show his birth certificate, but they said he is legal and it has been answered over and over again, you people are just really dumb or racist or both.

    • DGH

      Wow Mary way to lump yourself into the crazy camp right along side the birthers. Liberals and Conservatives are always good for a laugh with their comments.

      • Gloria

        I didn’t know the Donald when he was in grammar school. I am 75 years old, his says every one knew him. I wonder how many people in Hawaii knew him. He wonders where Obama came from, well, he came from the womb of a caucasion Woman just as Trump did.

      • Ronald Hagler

        Obama is “not legally a U.S. natural-born citizen under to the law on the books at the time of his birth…”. According to the poster, if only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of birth, the citizen-parent “must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.” Obama’s father, of course, was not an American citizen, having been born in Kenya. That leaves his mother, who was a natural-born citizen, but who was only 18 when Obama was born, on August 4, 1961. In the poster’s opinion, Obama fails the constitutional test because his citizen-mother had not resided in the U.S. for five years after the age of 16–not old enough, at the time of Obama’s birth, “to qualify her son for automatic U.S. citizenship.”….

        To the Question about John McCane:
        Nevertheless, senators from both parties (Patrick Leahy and Tom Coburn) and constitutional scholars of the left and right (Lawrence Tribe and Theodore Olsen) examined the law and the facts and announced that McCain, who was born to American parents in a U.S. naval hospital in the U.S.-administered Panama Canal Zone, met the Second Amendment’s requirement that a president must be a “natural-born citizen.”

        And all of you, who call anyone that challenges the president a racist, are all IDIOTS and do not understand the Constitution or any principal on which this country was founded.

      • @Ronald Hagler

        The comments that you wrote about a parent having to live in the US for 10 years after 16, prior to the child being born are incorrect.
        At the time of Obama’s birth, if a child was born OUTSIDE the US & only one parent was American, then the American parent had to live in the US for 10 years in the past, with 5 years being after the 14th birthday. Since Obama was born in Hawaii, this doesn’t apply to him. (This rule ended in 1986)

    • Nanny

      Bush won two elections that way thanks to his Bro in Florida. Wonderful legacy that we are all paying dearly for. We should have just invaded Switzerland and looked for WMD, would have made more sense.

      Give Obama a break, who would want to clean up this mess. This country needs to stick together. If you could do a better job, I’ll send you a political donation today. He is a smart man and at least does not laugh during his speeches.

      Let Trump go play with his hair and ego. Joker!

    • jesse james

      Are you kidding..he did win the electoral….what is it with you Libs?

    • sadstateofaffairs

      Bam! And there you have it! The thing that people believe that 9/11 was what “they” say it was, that the war wasn’t at all “created”, that the twin towers and bldg 7 just came down that way as a “fluke”… it’s all so in your face it isn’t even funny but the entire world just seems to find it easier to believe the “BS” than the obvious facts that are staring every single person in the world in the face. This is the only country I’ve ever been to that still believes in anything Bush and the entire administration ever said including his presidency, apparently we just like to look stupid, and questioning Obama’s birth is right up there with some of the saddest things I’ve ever heard from the “sheep” of this country.

  • Tiff in the OK

    hey Trump, and all the trolls that will surely show up on this thread. You want to see the birth certificate? Go to this link here

    Now shut it!

    • Nelda

      Thanks for the link, Tiff!

    • Ronald Hagler

      you do not understand the issue. Yes he has a birth certificate…but that certificate is not a legal birth certificate due to the laws on the books at the time of his birth due to his mothers age and his fathers non-U.S. citizenship.

      • @Ronald Hagler

        That is a legal birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii. Please stop pretending that you know what you are talking about regarding his citizenship because you don’t.

  • jd

    name the last presidential candidate to show his or her birth certificate….

    • Me

      They were all BORN HERE so they was no need to prove anything.

      • @Me

        So was Obama, you MORON. That’s the point!

      • Larry

        If he was born here, why doesn’t he just show his birth certificate and get it over with? What is he hiding?

      • anikitty

        I posted this somewhere else too. Sorry for the duplication. Even if for some reason Obama was born out of the country, that does not mean he’s not an American citizen. His mother is American, therefore he is American. Are there any complaints about babies born while thier parents are living on American military bases oversees?

      • Sam

        Show it to who idiot. US government officals have confirmed its authenticity so who else are you demanding he show it to.

      • QA

        “Government officials” also told us Iraq had WMD.

      • Dart

        Whoopi is right; the Birthers are really just the goosestepping Klan–they keep their white snuggies under their pillows.

      • SC

        He has shown his birth certificate. It says he was born in Hawaii, and this was verified to be authentic by the Hawaiian government, which was then under the control of a Republican governor.

      • DGH

        You are correct you can be an American citizien and still be born out of the country but the constitution states you must be born in the United States to be President. Also military families are different they are stationed where the US tells them so yes they are exempt.

        btw the whole birth certificate debate is bull!!!

      • MissMel

        In order to be President you have to be a natural born citizen. There is no consensus for how that is defined. Some people believe it is by the blood,if you’re parents are citizens, you are automatically a citizen. Others believe it is by soil,meaning you had to be born on U.S. soil to be considered natural born. Either way,it IS ridiculous. John McCain wasn’t born in the U.S. either. He was born on Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone. The Senate had to pass a resolution saying that he was an American citizen, however, I don’t see people freaking out about that.

      • MissMel


      • anikitty

        Thanks DGH.

      • greg

        So was Obama. Unless you think Hawaii isn’t really a part of the USA?

      • @DGH

        obviously you really don’t know anything about the constitution or immigration law. you probably need to reread it yourself. as someone who knows what it says and the immigration code with relevant case law, i can tell you that Obama would still be eligible to be president if it was to American parent(s) if at least one of his parents lived in the US as a US citizen for at least 5 years before that parent(s) 14 birthday. therefore, according to the constitution, any child born by that person would be a US citizen and eligible to be president, born anywhere in the world, since the child would be a natural-born citizen of the US, even if born overseas.
        The word “natural-born” applies two ways, through LOCATION or throught PARENTAL CITIZENSHIP. Don’t speak on this topic if you haven’t read the case law and clearly don’t know what you are talking about.
        Under your misguided theory, pregnant US citizens would be barred from bringing their children back into the country if they are out of the country when they give birth. that would make no sense. the child of an American citizen is a “NATURAL-BORN” US citizen.

        Education helps society!!! I suggest reading the Constitution before misapplying it online.

      • @DGH!!!

        The Constitution does NOT state that you must be born in the US to be president. You have to be a natural born American as opposed to a naturalized American.
        Natural born is considered to mean an American at birth due to being born in the US or having at least on parent who is an American citizen no matter where you are born.
        Naturalized citizen means being a citizen of another country prior to becoming an American citizen.

    • Brandon

      How about you start with naming one before Obama that didn’t have to show one? Then tell me why Obama’s college transcripts,etc. haven’t been released. I mean Bush and Kerry’s were released in 2004.

      • Tex

        I’m still waiting to see Bush’s military records from that period when he was mysteriously AWOL.

      • TM

        @Tex – No kidding!

      • plz

        Hehehe good one, Tex.

      • Brandon

        Bush’s military records? Are you Dan Rather? The fact that liberals were fired by other liberals tells you all you need to know about the authenticity of those bogus claims that Rather tried to dump on the public right before the 2004 election.

      • SoSad69

        Brandon, you’re an idiot. transcripts? This attack on the president to somehow make him “not one of us” is one of the most horrific examples of hyperbole ever. He didn’t join the boyscouts or play baseball are the claims. However, he played peewee basketball. There are well documented accounts and pictures of him growing up in Hawaii. But like I said, anyone that has above top secret clearance and is the president of the free world has been exhaustively checked. To think otherwise is an exercise in stupidity. Anyone that wants the president to show his birth certificate should be fitted for a helmet and walked to the short bus stop.

    • mikeyb

      Obama. Seen it…it’s been posted online.

    • Ronald Hagler

      all presidents are required by law to show their birth certificate.

      • @Ronald Hagler

        No they are not.

  • Brandon

    This recap is pathetic and one sided, but not as pathetic as Whoopi claiming anybody she disagrees with is racist. When somebody busts that out you know that they’ve lost the substance of the arguement. Obama’s college transcripts also haven’t been released which has usually always been the case for Presidents or even contenders…as shown by Kerry and Bush in 2004. Why do these important parts of Obama’s past always seen as controversial when brought up? He’s a public servant, not a king…and trying to ridicule people for raising questions to try and answer them is pathetic imo.

    • Nancy

      I completely agree! Once someone throws out the race card, it takes the whole conversation to a low that you can’t recover.

      • Wanda

        So,what you’re saying is that no one EVER has the right to claim that they are being attacked because of racism. That would include all the people lynched in the South in the last century,the Scottsboro boys,Emmett Till,Rosa Parks,and countless others that suffered in many and varied ways because of the color of their skin. Either you are really,truly ignorant or just in total denial about the things that have gone on in this country. Either way,I pity you.

    • mikeyb

      Obamas birth certificate verified and shown on

    • PIp

      What do you expect from Whoopi? She defended convicted pedophile Polanski.

    • Tex

      Where did people get the idea that race is a “card?” Faux news?

      • Brandon

        You don’t understand the expression? It’s not that difficult to understand. I’d recommend taking a break from and reading a few books.

      • TM

        I understand the expression, and it’s a lousy excuse to avoid discussing the very real problem of racism in our country. Does it mean that every time someone calls an action racist that it is? No. But yelling “race card” has become shorthand for dismissing all claims of racism without discussion or investigation.

      • ger

        TM, you nailed it. Every time I hear “race card” I see people attempting to excuse racism.

      • Tim


  • garen

    Trump’s an idiot!

  • AnnMarie Bergwall

    No doubt do I believe that Obama was born here & is a citizen, why won’t he just show it and put an end to it. It will come up again in the next election regardless. I would be proud to show my birth certificate when ever asked.

    • Tiff in the OK

      He released it in June of 2008, you can see it here

      • Jack

        Trump with nothing to hide? No secrets in the closets of a family who ran the slums of NY? Doubt it.

      • MARY G

        I feel that Whoopie shows so much prejudice, every thing is for the black people. She is furious at Donald Trump because he wants to see the presidents bith certificate, well why not see it. He is saying that something doesn’t feel right about the fact that he does not want to show it, period ! Whoopie would be the 1st & very loud may I say to want to see a ” White Persons ” certificate ! Donald wants to see the presidents certificate, wether white or black !! I am so sick of Whoopie that I really think I am done watching that show, I hate to quit because I think Barbara Walters is very intelligent. As I type this , Whoopie is on her high horse because we are picking on Chris Brown, oh poor Chris, it is because he is black that all this negativity is out, give me a break !!!I think I will switch to Dr Oz, more informative show anyhow !

    • teresa

      Because he doesn’t have to! It’s already been verified. People should just shut up about it.

    • Ap

      If I’m correct when he was running for president his campaign released a copy it.

      But at this point in time nothing is going to sway those birthers. He could hold it up on National TV, show all the information including the raised seal, and these people still won’t believe him.

      • Sam

        Because they are slobbering racist xenophobic morons.

      • Brandon

        When people say they want to see it, I think they’re referring to a long form birth certificate, not a copy of a shorter version. I could be wrong on that, but that’s how I’ve understood it.

      • Ap


        And if he produces that, that won’t be enough. You’ve got problems my friend…good luck!

      • chillydogs

        So then when my state gave me a “short form” birth certificate, which they call a “certificate of live birth” does that mean I’m not a citizen??

        You people are crazy.

      • Tex

        chilly, if all you have is the short form birth certificate that means you must be “born again” to get the long one. Get it right this time, man!

    • mikeyb
    • TM

      This was verified years ago! Let’s move on already.

    • Teresa

      The birth certificate is available on line and has been for over 3 years.

    • Amber

      Obama has shown his certificate of live birth (the official document release by Hawaii) and it was posted online and verified by independent and government officials. Those saying he hasn’t released it are ignorant or conspiracy theorists.

    • Mitch Logan

      Hi AnnMarie,
      I know you’re busy running three wars, but could you just take a few minutes to show your birth certificate to my dimwitted cousin.

      Oh, and queue of idiots behind him.

  • Luke

    Trump looked like a fool today. He spews this to get publicity, but not all publicity is good publicity. He just lost another vote. Obama keeps looking better and better to me all the time.

    • bgee

      Luke – take off your blinders, man. Our country is going down the tube and you think Obama is looking better than ever? Where is teh economy recovery & growth when unemployment is at an all-time high, exports are minimal, we import inferior products and produce limiting our choices and prices continue to skyrocket?

      • bailiwick

        @bgee, next time you blather about unemployment being at “an all-time high” you might first want to look into something called “The Great Depression”. Crack a history book–I promise it won’t kill you to learn something!
        It makes you pretty hard to take seriously when you spout nonsense like that.

      • Kevin

        9% is no where close to an all-time high for unemployment.

    • Buddy

      He doesn’t look good to me. How do I know? I have a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a masters degree and I used to have a very successful career in publicity. However, I have not had a job for two years. My story is not unique. I am tired of defending this president and I am tired of my new reality. I’m not voting for Trump, but I’m not voting for Obama either.

      • Chris

        When are people going to stop relying on the government to change things? If you aren’t a multimillionaire the government stopped caring about you years ago.

  • Laura

    Donald Trump is an a**! Who would vote for someone so full of themselves?? Oh, wait, I forgot this is America where we elected George W. Bush TWICE! Ugh. Donald get over yourself.

    • Rock Golf

      Trump ran a casino. It went bankrupt. A CASINO!

      Case closed.

  • Joe

    Tim, you are right on the money. Whoopie made a great point.

  • Paul

    During the Rosie O’Donnell feud, Donald Trump repeatedly called her fat and disgusting. Regardless of what you think about Rosie (I happen to love her), this is a very good showing of how this man really handles himself. He has no class and treats women like scum.

    • donald

      Get a clue woopi . she makes me sick ! Good for Mr. Trump

    • don

      its so clear reading above comments that partys sound out
      i am liberal and i can’t see how anybody could put down obama after 8 years of bush,bush did’nt know left from right,remember.and he did still the election,and went on to destroy this country.reading this insults my entelligence.

      • Judy

        Don, before you post a comment in regards to your “entelligence”, you might want to get some and spell it correctly! Also, I am so tired of liberals blaming everything on Bush. Let’s see, Obama has been in office now for 2 years and gas prices are higher than when Bush was in office and was accused by Liberals of letting it happen on purpose! Liberals can only blame Bush for so long. Obama is a terrible President and never should have been elected. He didn’t have the experience necessary to hold the office. The fact that he did get elected shows that racism wasn’t an issue.

      • chillydogs

        No actually gas went to $4 a gallon in 2008 while Bush was still president. We’re not quite there yet.

      • Tex

        According to the Constitution, Judy, what experience is necessary to hold the office of President?

      • Carm

        Right Judy, because gas never, ever went up before Obama became President. Get a clue. Gas goes up all the time. People complain, then they get used to it until gas goes up again. Very bad example.

    • Dee

      I love Trump, if you have nothing to hide, why wouldn’t you make it it public?!

  • Sickofit

    I am SO sick of Whoopi Goldberg! Every time she is losing an argument she pulls the “race card.” Quit hiding behind that! If Obama had nothing to hide he’d shut up all the critics by publizing his birth certificate. No, he shouldn’t HAVE to but since this is an issue just stop it in its tracks. The fact that he doesn’t do this just shows Donald Trump just MIGHT he right about this. And Whoopi…it has NOTHING to do with Obama being black. It has to do with his citizenship and YOU know it!

    • mikeyb

      It has been publicized but people for some reason (racism? or just plain stubborn?) choose not to believe it. See it for yourself.

      • joe

        This really makes me laugh!!!!
        If the GOP supports this guy aren’t they going against most of their platform. Cheating on your wife, Bankrupcys so as not to pay your debts. etc… The big hair seems to fit with most of the rest of them.

    • Jenny

      I thought Whoopi was only hiding behind ugly oversized thrift store dresses

      • Brandon

        Haha, good one!

      • Elizabeth

        I would like to inform the people that caucasians are the minority. That card can’t be played anymore!!! I would vote for Trump in a second! I do not understand how anyone that is the president of the USA does not have to show their birth certificate. I am with Donald on this one!!!!! Ignore things long enough and it will go away! That is what is happening to our country. We will wake up one day and it will be to late!!!!!!

      • Karen

        Caucasians are NOT the minority. Please don’t be ridiculous.

      • RMB

        Whites were the numerical minority in South Africa during apartheid, Elizabeth, but that had absolutely zero to do with status, power, money, etc. Even if, in California and a few other states, whites are or become a numerical minority, there’s little reasonable doubt that they’ll retain majority influence, power, and disproportionate wealth into the foreseeable future.

  • bgee

    It is NOT racism, it’s a president with questionable location of birth and the legality of the parents. If there’s nothing to hide, all he has to do is produce his birth certificate! How hard is that????

    • Tiff in the OK

      He’s already released it. People choose to ignore that fact. See the birth certificate here

    • Chris

      The point is that if he was White, this would be a nonissue – therefore, it’s racist.

      • QA

        Wait…I’m white and had produce my birth certificate for my job. How come that isn’t racist? How come Obama can’t produce it for his job?

      • Brandon

        How would this be a non issue if he was white? What an idiotic thing to say. I personally would dislike the guys policies and leadership (or lack thereof) just as much as if he were white. I swear the people who bring this race crap up are secretly showing the racial ways they think because race has nothing to do with it for 99% of people.

      • Chris

        But he did produce his birth certificate when he ran for president. The birthers, and may I assume you are one, just choose not to believe it.

      • Kw

        The point is, he HAS had his birth certificate verified by the government…yet that’s not good enough for every armchair president in this country. I have found Obama to be somewhat disappointing and I’ve always known that some of his promises were a bit naive (like closing Guantanamo), but the birth certificate “controversy” really p*sses me off. I’m not willing to declare it racism (it seems to me more like desperate grasping at straws by political opponents) but it theoretically could be racism since one can make the argument that no past white president has had his place of birth doubted like this, and some people like to claim that Obama was born in Africa, because of his (black) African father. (Sorry for the run-on there.) For a few individuals, it probably is an issue of racism, so it’s important to acknowledge that. However, I personally don’t think it’s a case of racism so much as a case of sore losers.

    • ns

      What’s this about the legality of his parents? His mother was an American citizen (NO ONE doubts this). And people have to ask themselves why anyone back in 1961 would have lied about where Obama was born. It’s not like his parents had to be thinking “Hey, we’d better say he was born in Hawaii, because otherwise, our black son might not be able to become president!”

      You people have no idea how idiotic you all sound.

      • Brandon

        I think some people question whether or not his mother may have relinquished her American citizenship. Also I think some people believe his Mother’s husband in Indonesia adopted Barry Obama and he also was a Indonesian citized which would make him ineligible for President due to Dual Citizenship.

      • Tex

        ROFL “some people,” but not you, huh?

      • Ap

        “I think some people question whether or not his mother may have relinquished her American citizenship.”

        @Brandon…dude you’re such a birther. Thanks for laughs while I’m at work!

      • harry

        good point ns.

      • Brandon

        I wouldn’t consider myself a birther or non birther. Haven’t looked into it thoroughly enough to be sure on my opinion. I was simply giving that poster info on what other people actually think because she seemed unsure.

      • @Brandon

        Obama’s mother never relinquished her American citizenship. She travelled on an American passport, including to Indonesia.

        Even IF Obama’s step-father adopted him, which he didn’t, Obama would have had to relinquish his American citizenship at age 18 and claim Indonesian citizenship to become an Indonesian citizen according to Indonesian law. Obama didn’t claim Indonesian citizenship at 18 and therefore wouldn’t be considered an Indonesian citizen according to their laws. So the country of Indonesia has never considered him a citizen.

    • mikeyb
      • R Schroeder

        Why are we NOT requiring our candidates to show all applicable identification when they file papers to run for office? Doctors cannot practice medicine and receive privileges in a hospital until every stone has been unturned from the time they leave medical school. In uncertain times, it seems like proof should be required of all candidates but especially the President. Just show the dammed paper!

    • Tex

      Hawaii is a “questionable location?”

      • Ronald Hagler

        read the fact before you just through out your opinion..

        Obama is “not legally a U.S. natural-born citizen under to the law on the books at the time of his birth…”. According to the poster, if only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of birth, the citizen-parent “must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.” Obama’s father, of course, was not an American citizen, having been born in Kenya. That leaves his mother, who was a natural-born citizen, but who was only 18 when Obama was born, on August 4, 1961. In the poster’s opinion, Obama fails the constitutional test because his citizen-mother had not resided in the U.S. for five years after the age of 16–not old enough, at the time of Obama’s birth, “to qualify her son for automatic U.S. citizenship.”….
        To the Question about John McCane:
        Nevertheless, senators from both parties (Patrick Leahy and Tom Coburn) and constitutional scholars of the left and right (Lawrence Tribe and Theodore Olsen) examined the law and the facts and announced that McCain, who was born to American parents in a U.S. naval hospital in the U.S.-administered Panama Canal Zone, met the Second Amendment’s requirement that a president must be a “natural-born citizen.”
        And all of you, who call anyone that challenges the president a racist, are all IDIOTS and do not understand the Constitution or any principal on which this country was founded.

      • Tex

        According to U.S. Code, a natural-born citizen includes: “Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time).”
        Nothing about living in the U.S. five years after the age of 16. So much for the poster’s opinion.

    • Luke

      Actually, bgee, it is racism. The birth certificate has been produced and can be readibly seen and available to anybody. No other president has been asked to produce theirs, however, and that is the point that you and other conservative birthers seem to quite easily forget. Sad and shameful.

      • Brandon

        @Luke You make absolutely ZERO sense. Why do you jump to racism? Assuming what you say is true, why couldn’t it just be that people hate his policies? You know things of actual substance…but no, you just go the intellectually lazy route and cry racism. Pretty pathetic.

      • SoSad69

        it’s not racism, it’s stupidity on the part of the birthers. Anyone that even questions his legitimacy is a moron plain and simple. With the 24hour news cycle now, if there was a single shred of proof he was somehow not eligible he’d never had made it on the ballot. To think otherwise is retarded.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Coo-coo, coo-coo…

      • sarajames2

        You are now saying that the issue of the birth certificate is not racism but maybe because people do not like Obama’s policies???

        Okay if that is true than just say that and stop talking about the birth certificates especially when over 20 different people have told you (as well as others on this site who do not want to know the truth) that the certificate HAS BEEN SHOWN AND GAVE INFORMATION TO PROVE IT.

        If people from other countries are reading these messages from American citizens who are so blessed to live in this country, I am sure they will think of us as very uninformed people who do not think for ourselves, as well as racist and selfish.

    • Ronald Hagler

      He has a birth certificate, this is not the issue. The issue is if the birth certificate or not, and according to constitutional law, it is not legal.

      • @Ronald Hagler

        How is Obama’s birth certificate “not legal” according to the constitution? Please explain to the best of your ability, as I need a good laugh.

    • Carm

      It is not hard at all. That is why it has already been done. But you just go ahead and stay stupid. Nothing will change your mind anyway.

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