Paget Brewster left 'Criminal Minds': Too soon? A review

Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss exited Criminal Minds on Wednesday night, in an episode that made me feel sorry for Prentiss but kinda relieved for Brewster’s creative life.

The episode titled “Lauren” followed up on Prentiss’ relationship with Timothy V. Murphy’s Ian Doyle, the IRA member with whom she has had an undercover past. There were flashbacks, scenes of florid violence (when was the last time you saw someone other than a vampire impaled by a wooden stake?), and numerous close-ups of Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia doing what the rest of the cast of Minds is mostly forbidden to do — that is, show emotion. The hour was efficiently directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, a.k.a. Spencer Reid. A.J. Cook, who had left Minds late last year, returned as JJ.

In her time on Minds, Brewster brought a sensible realism — a crisp, straightforward acting style — to the show, a tone that contrasted with much of the rest of this often pompous series. Brewster made sure that Prentiss avoided a lot of Minds‘ most excessive melodrama, and like a number of actors on this show, she was frequently better than the material she was given.

It’s been reported that Brewster has been cast in an NBC pilot, My Life as an Experiment, based on the exploits of Esquire editor and former Entertainment Weekly writer A.J. Jacobs. It’s a comedy, something at which Brewster excels, as she’s proven many times on series including Andy Richter Controls the Universe.

At the end of the episode, the Prentiss we had been led to believe had died was shown only from the rear, at an outdoor cafe in Paris. It looks as though Prentiss has lived to fight another day, although whether that means she’ll someday return to Criminal Minds remains to be seen.

What do you think of Prentiss’ departure?

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  • Carly

    This is how you do an exit episode. AJ Cook’s last was ludicrous, but this was great. “..frequently better than the material she was given” is a perfect way to describe Paget on Criminal Minds

    • Feel the power of attorney

      Miss Brewster will always be the voice of Birdgirl to me =^)

    • Rush

      Haven’t watched the show consistently since Mandy Patinkin left.

      • GN

        I’m done with this show too. The producers actually have the gall to add some filler character – and they said they couldn’t afford JJ & Prentiss yet they add another person. What a joke. Hopefully it gets canceled.

      • Jen

        I stopped watching when AJ Cook left and it became clear they were letting Prentiss go, too. Honestly don’t understand why.

      • Ryan

        JJ replacement is a cheap clone lookalike….

      • Tangerine

        I agree with GN and Jen. They couldn’t afford AJ Cook but they bring in another AJ clone. Why. I don’t know but giving the boot to both of the primary female characters is a mistake. CBS is killing the show! They are pushing viewing to leave. Why can’t they leave well enough alone? The loss of Mandy was not good but the axing of JJ & Prentiss is a BIG mistake. Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior was also a mistake. Whitaker should never been cast. He mumbles and he is just a weak character with no personality.

      • Tammy

        I agree! I miss Mandy and JJ’s replacement is terrible

      • Carolyn Osborne

        You should watch – Joe M. does a really good job – he isn’t as INTENSE as Mandy – just a different type – but very good….

      • suebrigle

        Yeah, Joe M. is much better than Patinkin ever was

      • Barb

        I was so upset about JJ amd Emily Leaving and then they bring in another girl she doesnt fit in I am done watching.

      • Kimby

        Me neither

      • Trish

        Neither have I. I do wish he would stay in one place tho. This is not the first show I have been stuck on that he has walked out on.

      • june greechan

        i agree with you and ryan below.
        i will stop watching,they were great.
        would not be the same.

      • JoJo

        This used to be a good show. I stopped watching after JJ left.

      • Angela

        Your really missing out!

    • Steve

      They have asked Punky Brewster to return from retirement to save this show.

      • Peggy

        please bring J.J. and Emily back they helped make the shoe. Show some passion and give them the money the need,please

      • HUNTER

        I AGREE

      • Regi

        haha, too funny. Made me smile :)

      • superphysics

        watch your language I could say to you stupid freek

      • Robert

        All good things must come to an end! No Emily, no good!

        And I agree with Ryan on JJ’s replacement!

      • Bonnie

        I agree with Tangerine and I think AJ and Brewster were great on the series…not liking the new cast members as series of Criminal Minds does not come close to the orginal..they never do

      • Koffey Brewster

        …isn’t Punky on “Big Bang Theory”?

      • LINDA

        I THOUGHT this was the BEST show on TV, until lately. New JJ “clone” is dry, dry, dry…no personality. Writers have slipped, too.CBS is CHEAP!!! CBS, ever heard of, “IF IT WORKS, DON’T FIX IT? You HAD a REAL WINNER. Since ALL of the CHANGES, show has REALLY SLIPPED! DISAPPOINTING.

    • ashlee

      I agree. Brewster’s work, always great, was the best. I really enjoyed learning about Prentiss’ past. It gave me a much better understanding and appreciation of the character; and Murphy was fantastic. I remember her comedy work and look forward to the new series.

    • Rowan

      Both Brewster and Cook were forced out due to budget cuts. The producers were pissed as hell, but ultimately the studio provides the money so they had to play ball.

      JJ’s exit episode was done in a way that pointedly told WBTV and CBS what they thought of the forced cast changes. Fans were vocal about their unhappiness, but ratings for this show are still great.

      They realized this season that letting Brewster go early was a huge mistake and they just gave her the offer that if her pilot doesn’t go to series, they want to hire her back for the full 2011 -2012 season.

      • LostRiver

        So they let her go-then decide to offer her to job back? She shouldn’t even answer their calls!

      • moughi

        AJ and Emily added spice to the other wise all male cast. It seems CBS thinks female actresses aren’t as valuable as their male counter parts. In my book this is quite the opposite. I think these two woman made the show much more interesting. Without them the show will get stale.

      • Katie

        sources?? where did you hear this? I hope she comes back…

      • Carolyn Osborne

        It’s very simple….CANCEL the new Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior – they will have plenty of money to re-hire the cast of the origianl Criminal Minds and make it as good as it used to be. These changes are crazy and you will not keep the viewers now that Brewster and Cook are gone. There just isn’t enough left for the other characters to work with.

      • Joye

        Hope they get smart and bring them both back..Best show on TV..Won”t watch they other they just don”t have what it takes. I don’t think the other will last!

      • Sherri

        Since the canceling of Two and a Half Men, there should be PLENTY of money to bring back JJ and Prentiss’ characters!! I love this show and the dynamics that ALL of the characters brings to the show, I do like the new girl (slightly) :-) But it will NEVER be the same!!

      • nonymouse

        They let JJ and Pretiss go due to budget cuts, then bring out a spin off, which I refuse to watch because they cut JJ and Prentiss to do it.

      • Vickie

        I agree it was bad when JJ left. But, it was a bigger mistake to take Prentiss off the show. I hate when they start messing with the cast. I love Criminal Minds and have watched every episode, including the re runs with JJ and Prentiss. Bring them both back and get rid of the filler.

      • babygirl

        Im pretty floored that Emily and JJ are gone, They did an excellent job, and that was the reason why I loved watching. they both brought realism to the show. I hope they return, instead of the new blonde, she seems so fake

      • obsessesd

        I too feels the show is suffering since AJ Cook (JJ) exit and then Paget Brewster’s exit also. big mistake, it would be in CBS best interest to bring them back and soon. get rid of this new fake person, she will not fit in, she does not seems like part of the family. and CBS need to resign Morgan and Hotch’s contract

    • Maria

      Carpe Diem Paget!! You are a multi faceted actress and will be sadly missed. You brought continuity to the show and we got to see glimpse of your comedic side. They will never be able to replace you, I love the show but it just won’t be the same….

      • Rosa

        You all should be ashamed!!! You bring Forest in on a lost in the woods repeat but you can’t afford the great talent of JJ and Paget. Just like the Young and the Restless w/the dry, no personality Malcolm character and I love Darius, but this is not for him. Bring those young ladies back and cut the other show…then you’ll have the money because that is not a “Law and Order” for a spin-off! PERIOD!!! What’s wrong with Hochnner’s boss lady? Is she craZy or does she have a fling for him ’cause she’s always on his case…it’s sickening.

    • sptax

      I miss her bring her back….the show is missing her too..

      • Seajay

        Prentiss was the best actress/actor on the show, She will be missed tremendously.

      • sharon

        I agree, the show isa not the same since Prentiss and JJ left. PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. I don’t look forward to watching it aas much.

      • kaitlyn

        My husband and I love the show but I don’t think we will watch any more new episodes….just reruns with A.J and Emily. Sorry but at least we can enjoy everyone

    • Sam

      This totally sucks. I just can’t watch without emily – the balance just doesn’t work; I think no more new episodes for me.

    • Brenda

      It sucks! This was one of the best shows EVER on any TV station and it appears that CBS is slowly killing it off the air. JJ and Prentice were vital parts of the show and I miss them so much. When you spend every episode glued to your seat – that is a drama worth watching and Criminal Minds gave us that. It saddens me that this show will be taken over by the ‘other’ Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – which is NO GOOD. It does not compare to the original CM which we all had grown to love. I watch every re-run on A&E and ION television all during the week – that is how much it means to me. Please do not take this show off the air – bring back both Prentice and JJ!!!! I cannot see Prentice playing comedy – she is a great drama actress!

      • Shujuana

        I agree. Why did you take both strong leading females off. I am not excited about the show anymore Please bring the leading ladies back, and get rid of the new no personality chick

      • tomatodon

        Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior stinks. Whittaker sucks. I tried to watch it but it is terrible.

      • Sunny


      • kathy

        I have watched Criminal Minds from the very start & have loved every minute. I was happy to see Mandy go & Joe come in, but when they started taking the girls (J.J. & Emiley ) off it changed everything. Please get rid of the (new) spin-off cause it will never take the place of the criminal minds I have watched & looked forward to, even on ion. & a&e.I too am sadly dissipointed.

    • Karen

      Why on earth would anyone take an award winning show and really screw it up!!!!!!!! You dont take a #1 recipe thats gold and change the ingredients. IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!! get the girls back on the show.Dont think spinoffs, and replacements will work-they wont stop messing around get the cast back -They have lost a viewer until that happens. Severlely disappointed- Karen :(

      • Kathleen Horton

        I soo agree with all of the viewers. I am going to boycott this show until they bring my two girls back!! It seems strong women characters are a threat to this predominantly patriarchal show. All cast members, prior to getting rid of Prentiss and JJ, were like a beautiful orchestra; they all knew when to shine, when to let the other person shine, and all did such a terrific job performing together!! I am going to start reading again. I am sorry and disgusted with all the changes that have taken place. The new girl SUCKS, and, Criminal Minds, Suspect Behavior, are lacking chemistry. They do not blend as the characters did on Criminal Minds. I am off to the Library!!

      • Sandy

        Agree with you 100% Karen. Will not watch new shows until JJ and Prentis are back. I don’t watch a lot of TV, however, this show is the best and I’ll miss it terribly. I will watch reruns when available on another network.

    • shelton

      C.m suspect behavior is a mistake for sure. wake up CBS..The world loves A J COOK and PAGET BREWSTER and the original cast. Cant afford them,..well why not. Criminal Minds was my favorite show. couldnt wait for the show.and now the shows not worth watching. you think the ratings are good? rating will go down more and more. its like watching E.R with no Dr Lewis and no Dr Green. CBS…this sucks

      • Donna

        Yes agree. How disipointed i was on “silence of the lambs” 2 with no Jodi Foster. the original cast means everything. I love Hotch,Reid,Morgan,Rossi,Garcia and JJ and Prentiss makes this show as it took alot to get used to Mandy leaving. “CBS!!” Maybe the cut the wages of ” excecutives,..Charlie Sheen?”

      • suebrigle

        I agree, suspect behavior is criminal. don’t like ANY of the characters. bring back JJ and Prentiss to the original show!!!

    • Stacy

      I think it stinks…..when JJ left, I was disappointed. Now Prentiss. The new replacement doesn’t come close to either.

      • Susan

        I agree that without JJ and Emily the show has lost a certain spark. Trying to stick someone new in that doesn’t fit is not going to help at all. You got rid of Charlie Sheen, use the money to bring back 2 good actresses!

      • claudia

        I agree with you, I’ve been watching the show for a long time, I want both of them to return
        until then, I think I will not watch it any more:-(

    • andrea

      well, the show is tottaly lossing me and i’m thinking about stopping watching the show. they did a horriable thing letting the leading ladys go… and now the show will for sure spirl down. why did they do this money vs ratings? now they shall see what happens having three main people leave will for sure do some damage. it was such a great show bring back the rest of the cast so it can be great again.

    • mary ann

      i was disappointed again, that jj didn’t stay and emily is gone. the new blond doesn’t cut it. i hate to stop watching the show without jj and emily.

      • Sue

        Sorry to see her go. I do not like her replacement and do not watch every show now. HOPE she comes back and soon.

    • Janice

      The addition of Paget Brewster was the icing on the cake for me. Then the departure of JJ and Emily was like losing family members. JJ’s replacement is boring and dull, not a strong character at all. As much as I love Hotch, Derek, Rossi, Reid and Garcia, the show has gone downhill in my opinion. Bring back Emily and JJ. Let the fans decide for once who they want to see.

      • NYREE


    • Leslie Miller

      When Paget Brewster was written off the show, I decided to quit watching. She was a strong, independent woman and good role model and I object to the exit of her character. Why not write out one of the men?

    • Linda

      I think she gave a great role for portraying a smart thinking women (kind of like Kate in NCIS). I like her role a lot

    • Patricia

      I was devastated by Emily’s departure.First J.J. and now her. Not crazy about the new character either.I don’t feel she brings anything to the show. I wasn’t happy when Gideon left, but I love Rossi.The new character is just not believable.A rookie out of the academy would have to work their way up, look at the grief Prentiss got in the beginning and was an agent over 10 years,bring them back…PLEASE

  • damage


  • Mary

    While I didn’t initially like her character, I really did love the addition of Paget Brewster. She grew on me quickly and I liked her dynamic with the rest of the cast. Besides that I always just thought Emily was pretty cool. I loved the Doyle storyline and this episode was great but I’m glad she’s not really dead. Maybe she’ll come back eventually….Still, it does suck because as much as I love Hotch, Derek, Rossi, and Reid, it was nice when J.J., Emily, and Garcia were all there. I still watch the boys and Garcia, but I don’t like the new girl(forgot her name!) at all…

    • becky

      I totally agree

      • d

        yes! We already missing JJ and now Prentise.Don’t like the new girl.

      • k

        I feel as if the new girl (also don’t know her name) is way for the producers to cut money by putting JJ and Emily into one person. JJ is blond, Emily a profiler. Now there is a blond profiler. :/ distateful.

      • Rachelle

        The new girl is awful! I admit it took me a few episodes to like the character of Emily, but this girl… Idk she just doesn’t fit! I will miss Emily and J.J.

      • mela

        Agree. I’m glad for the actress, if she wants the opportunity to do other things, but Emily was one of my favorite characters on the show, and it won’t be the same. This new girl…meh.

      • Hi

        I think it’s b/c they made the new girl a “student”…almost an intern type position. She has NO confidence and hides in the other actor’s shadows. Maybe once they allow her to start acting w/ confidence on the team she’ll get better. When Emily was new, she still came in w/ a lot of knowledge. I remember one of her first profiling scenes w/ Hotch…she made quite an impression.

      • Bernadette

        It’s very sad to see both Emily and J.J. leave. I’m getting impatient. I love this show and often in my literature classes, refer to its plots, the team’s humanity, and the show’s unique serial killers. –a huge mistake on the part of the show’s executives
        We viewers establish a close relationship with members of the team.

      • mike

        paget brewster was the only reason I watched the show she’s unbelievably gorgeous!

      • Jill

        I feel like the only reason no one likes Seaver is because we all see her as JJ and Emily’s replacement (guilty), which isn’t really fair to her. If she was introduced at any other point, I actually think she’d be a pretty cool character. She’s a cadet, she’s got an interesting perspective stemming from being the daughter of a serial killer (which they’ve barely used so far), and she’s almost maybe possibly a love interest for Reid. Unfortunately, we just see her as the JJ (and now Emily) replacement.
        I’m still holding out hope that something magical will happen to make everyone will come back next season.

      • Clara

        I agree when you say we don’t like Ashley ‘something’ because we see her like a replacement. But, maybe if she wasn’t blonde and just so similar with JJ we wouldn’t seem her this way, at least not so much. Of course we would still think she’s there to replace JJ and Prentiss. But at least the could try to desguise that couldn’t they? Make her different!
        And also I think that there was a lack of emotion in this episode. I mean, JJ comes back and everyone acts like she had never left? What about a “I’m glad you’re here JJ” would that be hard? Or even just a “welcome smile” would be alright.
        An then at the end, again. If they didn’t want to show Emily’s face allright, but J.J, she could at least stare at Emily with a nostalgic look when she’s leaving or something.
        But maybe it’s just me, too emotional (:

    • Erin


      • Annette

        Ditto! Not at all happy that both of them had to go. I guess Reid and Garcia will now be the only two who keep it a show that’s worth watching. Sadly, it’s most likely not going to be my favorite show anymore.

      • Lilly

        I totally agree that new girl is a total replacement of JJ and I am not happy about it =/ Bring them back please!

      • cda

        Get rid of the new girl and bring the others back. why are they ruining the show?

      • Cher

        Totally Agree with the above..notice how none of us remebers the new girls name? We are not making a connection like with did the rest. She needs to go!

      • AB

        Why are “they” ruining the show??the actors obviously don’t want to stay

      • SB

        The actors didn’t have a choice – they were let go by the network. Last summer when it was announced the whole cast was blindsided. Theory was they had to cut the actresses in order to get the money to jack up Charlie Sheen’s salary to keep him. Look how that ended up. Fail.

      • GN

        AB – not true. Do your research!

      • V.R.A.

        Although my favorite character is Reid, my favorite cast was when they had Mandy Patinkin. I liked Elle (Lola Glaudini) and I liked Prentiss (Paget Brewster)- it was great with either of them, Gideon and Hotch as the bosses, Morgan, Reid, J.J., and Garcia. You HAVE to have an ass-kicking brunette on a show like this. I agree that Agent Seaver’s character is just a blonde filler to replace J.J. and Prentiss at the same time. There are just too many generic blondes in showbusiness. J.J. was not as bland because she has a unique sort of intelligince, and she is the only cast member who is a mother (although Prentiss may become one- but even if she does she won’t be a regular cast member). Anyway, too many indistinguishable blondes in showbusiness. At least Garcia is a redhead now.

    • june7

      Agreed. Definitely a good thing that the door was left open for Emily’s return, and I really like what they’ve created for her past.

      And please ditch the new girl; she’s useless. I’d rather look at a plain white wall.

      • Mar

        I agree, bring back AJ and Prentiss and get rid of the new girl!!

      • Suncatcher

        Sick of CBS and creator, Ed Bernero, jerking us around:
        – 06/15/10 – AJ Cook let go; Paget Brewster episodes cut 50% with stipulation her character ended this season; all for financial reasons – CBS must pay Charlie Sheen $1.8 million PER EPISODE and Bernero wants to be an ex-cop turned movie mogul with his dumb spin-off, CM:SB; AJ & Paget’s salaries will cover Forest Whitaker and a terrible supporting (no chemistry)cast;
        – Bernero has brought back AJ Cook twice since cutting her;
        – Paget Brewster took a new NBC pilot after being cut by CBS;
        – CBS & Bernero then asked her to come back full time if the NBC pilot fails; (they had the $$$ now with Sheen gone);
        – no public reply from Paget.

        Do CBS & Bernero realize now they screwed up a (once) great show?


        I have always like Criminal Minds, though I did miss Patinkin at first,then JJ.No matter, the show is great, I will miss Prentiss. I really liked her. I really thought she was definitely gone, but saw how the ending was. Hopefully, she may return again. She died as Lauren, so she can come back again. Fantastic show. Keep up the good work.

      • Jen

        The new girl doesn’t even make sense. She has no experience or skill set to bring to the team.

      • Sandy

        Garcia should be the only blond on the show..She is not a blond joke. I do enjoy the show. Hope Prentiss will make it back on the show..

      • Tonya Mays

        could someone tell me what happened to j.j i didnt have cable for a while and i missed it criminal minds is my fav show i will be soo very mad if this new criminal minds crap takes over for my criminal minds

      • mimi

        I couldnt agree with you more .why does a show with such a perfect blend of people which makes it a super hit do something so unapealing .the new girl is so nothing I can’t even watch .they lucked out when they got Montanga he fit right into the mix,but not now boring bland wise up this is not working and your spinoff sucks

    • doyle

      wow.. I don’t know the new girl’s name either and I watched all the ones she was in.

      I think it’s Amanda?? i’m too lazy to look it up. But it was sad to see Prentiss go.

      • MIchelle Kilpatrick

        It’s really sad that she left! I think they need to try harder to keep their female characters!!

      • veronica

        agent ashley seaverr.

        she’s not briliiant as a character, but rachel nichols as an actress is okaay.

      • karla


    • Joyce

      I am not so sure I will continue to watch the show. I really enjoyed the character of Prentiss, and I agree, I do not like the new female character at all.I find her dull

      • ang

        Like most peeps on this site I am a huge fan of criminal minds (actully watching a old show on Ion) I was heart broken when Mandy left but he wanted to spend time with family. I liked Elle in the beginning but then she got shot and became a trainwreck I was actully happy when she left – Then they brought in Prentiss I loved her immediatly when she told off Hotch in her 1st episode it was great. But they left it wide open for her to return (hate to hope that her new show doesnt make it but I like CM) J.J. was my biggest upset – in one episode Hotch called her the heart of the team and she was it would be nice if she came back next season. Unfortunatly networks make mistakes the spin off is just terrible I give it 1 season I think it will get the axe soon.

      • Nancy

        Agree please bring JJ and Prentiss back not a fan of the new girl if boycotting will bring them back thats what should be done

    • Jody

      I can never remember the new girls name, nor do I particularly care to try. When speaking of her, my friends and I refer to her character as “Not JJ”

    • ‘k

      Funny you should mention forgetting the new girl’s name. I have no idea what her name is – the actress or the character. She just does not interest me in the slightest. Looks like others feel that way too. I think they made a mistake in writing JJ out and her in.

      • Tiffany

        Her name is Rachel Nichols and it seems that they bring her in when the show jumps the shark. Alias and now Minds. I for one thought the episode was great and it gave great redemption for J.J., who knew she could be a bad a**. This also proved it was a bad move to got rid of them both.

      • Carol

        I agree too.

    • Jess79

      Not a fan of the new girl! Will definitely miss Prentiss and JJ. At least we still have Garcia!!!

      • distar

        When they get rid of Garcia, I’m gone.

      • ang

        OH YEA! If Garcia gets cut I am so done (I may peek in for Reed – he is so cute)

      • sandy

        they should bring back jj and prentiss. It’s not the same with out them. I always watch it but they better bring them back because a lot of people will not watch it. Just keep the same actors. Please bring them back because I really don’t think the show will last.

    • Steve


      • lin

        For sure! That will be the last straw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Carol

        Everyone is right…bring back the girls. They made the group whole.

    • another mary

      I used to love this show, but with the departure of the female leads… my dvr will find something else to record.

    • jeff

      Even though its sucks that they left, thats how it is in life. You don’t always have the same co-workers you started with, or maybe you left for another job. Did’nt like when Patinkin left, but Mantegna grew on me. Still best show on tv along with the “Menalist”

      • Jassy

        I agree Jeff… it is what it is.

    • lily

      I wonder what % of the viewing audience is women. Without the women the show becomes boring. These are both great, interesting actresses. Nothing bad about the new actress, actually feel sorry for her, I am not interested in watching a new blond “bimbo”. Why fix what isn’t broker. Why didn’t they drop a guy. You know it isn’t about the money or they wouldn’t have started the spinoff. Let’s see how quickly their ratings are going to drop. Won’t watch again since Brewster was thrown under the bus. I will watch her on her new comedy series. bye, Bye Criminal Minds.

    • Tracy

      Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows. I was glad to see Elle go…Broken hearted when JJ left & now Prentiss….Why? I can’t stand any of the characters on Suspect Behavior, mostly because I can’t understand what they are saying. The Aussie guy speaks better English than the rest of them. They said that they needed to bring in a very experienced Agent (original Criminal Minds) & now I’m just dying to see who that will be. I do agree with most of you about the JJ clone (Seaver) she is just kind of “there” They always seem to have to take a great show & ruin it somehow!

      • Carol

        Yes, Ellie wasn’t my favorite either. Prentiss and JJ are very much a part of this show. Not to mention the others. They are all natural at their parts in the show. I too was upset about Patinkin but Joe has proven, he is great. From the start he fell into place. Having been in the BAU years ago and how it is now. He seemed surprised but able to fit in. Good episode. If the writers and producers are smart they will return the girls in interesting episodes. Look at that, we have at least 2 very interesting episodes right here. It is great to be able to fix something that is broken…right.

      • Kim

        I was happy to see Elle go, but I truly miss JJ and now Prentiss leaving is awful. I am at least glad that the writers left a door open for Prentiss to return. Hopefully soon.

    • kristen firner

      I know the new girl she was on 5th season of alias shes very dull but i gues cheap i want a.j cook back but i dont know what on the show made her leavei know what happened to prentiss she went back as undercover. Miss her too but j.j im completely confused?

  • kel

    I watch the Criminal Minds reruns, when they weren’t trying to get rid of all the female characters…this is sad, sad news for this show. What gives? So sorry to change the topic, but will you do a Fringe recap for last friday Mr. Tucker? :P

  • Gaby

    “..frequently better than the material she was given” great way to describe Paget on the show. I have loved how the last few episodes have highlighted Paget and her amazing character, its hard to say goodbye to a strong female presence on tv. (they are so frequently hard to come by)

    As much as I want to see her in a comedy, its really going to be hard not to have Prentiss on Criminal Minds.

    • Izzie

      I completely agree, it is going to be so hard watching the show without her. She was indeed such a strong female presence and it was nice to have her to balance out some of the other boys on the team (altough i love them). I think it’s going to be hard to just have Seaver as the only female agent besides Garcia. I guess she could begin to grow on me but I’d much rather have J.J. or Prentiss.

    • Emily

      I completely agree. Paget is an amazing actress and CBS are idiots to take he off the show

      • tw

        I agree what are the producers thinking!! jj and prentiss was a big part of that show. Don’t think i will watching anymore.

      • pinkorchid

        I still enjoy the show! And by the way Paget Brewster is NOT Punky Brewster was a fictional character played by Soleil Moon Frye.

  • JC

    Best send off I’ve seen in a while. Sadly JJ’s ep was not as good as this one but the writers made up for it a little bit with her being the one to help Prentiss in the end. I wish Paget nothing but the best in her next endeavor and wish CBS not but disguest for dismantling an amazing cast by dumping Paget and AJ Cook.

    • MG

      I cried b/c I thought she was really dead!! I really loved the JJ final ep, cried then too!! Glad they didn’t kill either of them off, it gives them a chance to come back. I don’t really like the new character either, although the fact that her father was a serial killer could make for interesting storylines. I understand they were going with the new, fresh out of the Academy (or still in it?) vibe, but her not knowing anything is annoying. She doesn’t have the conviction or emotion that A.J. Cook or Paget Brewster have in their faces when they act.

  • Noreen

    What was the ring she had on a chain???/ It did not look like a cladaugh…anybody know?

    • DRM

      Rossi explained it in the episode.

    • Kj

      Want to know what’s sad … I have one. My mom gave me one and told me the meaning, but I have forgotten. The hands come apart too.

    • kiin

      it is a gimmel ring :)

    • Shannon

      Yes-the ring comes from Ireland. I forgot the exact name, but a band of two hand holding a crown. I know she had to get close to him, to be able to take him out, but I had a hard time deciding if she developed feelings for him, or if she was just brillianly playing along! I couldn’t tell.

      • Shannon D

        it’s called a gimmal ring :)

    • squirk

      It’s called a gimmel ring. You can google it.

      • Betti

        BION I’m ipmrsesed! Cool post!

    • Jeanne

      It’s called a gimmel ring. It was often used as a betrothal ring between couples and once married, they would rejoin the rings.

  • Amy Petersen

    I cried for nothning, until I saw the end. I hope she comes back to the show.

    • Carolyn Lizama

      I was afraid I was the only one who cried! I’m glad I watched ’til the end, so I could know she didn’t die. Isn’t that stupid? Love the show. And love Matthew Gubler, and his directorial debut(?). Great episode. And welcome back, JJ; hope it’s soon.

      • sal

        i also cried! reid, morgan and garcia are the only reasons i watch anymore. tho hotch is okay too. new girl sucks.

      • hayley

        no, hes directed at least one previous episode of cm

      • veronica

        yeah, he directed 5.16 mosley lane

      • Ashley

        I totally bawled even though I knew they weren’t killing her. The second JJ looked at Hotch in the hospital I knew for sure they faked her death and I relaxed. I’ll still watch the series but I’ll turn to fanfiction to get through it without Paget. I love seeing her do comedy but like everyone else said, CM won’t be the same without her.

      • AB

        Ashley, that’s kind of pathetic and sad. Just saying.

      • Cari

        Don’t listen to AB, Ashley. It takes the edge off the pain.

      • Cindy

        Great episode…optimistic they kept her alive..leaves it open that she may come back. Hope they learn a lesson this year and bring them both back in a future season..not the same without them. I’ll continue wait and watch.

    • Mel

      I, too, was teary eyed and I’m holding out hope that seeing that they didn’t “kill” her outright, she’ll return. I keep hoping JJ will also return, but despite the changes, i’ll still watch the show. However, if they get rid of any other character, l’ll stop watching. Its the same thing that happened w/ CSI – they got rid of William Petterson, Gary Dourdan, and Jorje Fox – once they were gone, I stopped watching. Hopefully, they won’t touch NCIS- I really wish CBS would stop messing with a cast that really works

  • Michael

    I thought it was cool I wonder if she comes back what the team reactions will be will they trust Hotch again will they leave the team

    • hayley

      what? theyre never going to know the truth, thats the point of her faking her death. why would they leave?

      • MG

        They can kill off Ian Doyle and then she can return! Because he’s still alive, that’s why she’s in hiding. Thats why her death was faked. And the team would understand it was for her protection, and their protection as well. Thats how I think she will return, if she does return, if CBS realizes their stupid mistake and beg Paget to come back.

      • Carol

        Yes they are only keeping her safe.

    • rita

      I knew she wasn’t dead. Remember when Alex on Law and Order SVU “died”?

      • Jessica

        That was my first thought too.

      • jw62

        yes, i remember when L&O killed off Alex. That was great. I am going to miss Prentiss and AJ. They are great, but the whole cast is great together. Has anyone seen Kirsten on the other Criminakl Minds with Forrest Whitaker? It’s a good show, too.

      • Cari

        I hate what they’re doing with Garcia on CM:SB. She’s not half as fun as she is on the original, especially without Morgan to banter with. She just doesn’t have any chemistry with the new team (but since they don’t have any chemistry with each other, it’s kind of par for the course).

  • dave

    done with the show. new girl is so boring, jj n prentis were great. see yah

  • Hope2016

    Paget Brewster makes any role her own and she told us so many things about Emily tonight. Powerful episode and I hope she is heading out to protect Declan and end Ian. For all the rest at the show–quit letting your strong, capable, interesting women characters leave! Love all the guys and Garcia holds her own but the show is a true ensemble. Bring JJ and Emily back full time!

    • Cinda B

      This is the second episode I’ve watched since AJ Cook left, and I don’t plan on watching anymore. It was a powerful episode and it’s still one of the best shows on TV, but like lots of you, I can’t stand that CBS has forced two women who created such strong, capable, interesting women to go all for the sake of cost savings. And to replace them with a “bimbo” character that has to be rescued or otherwise taken care of? No thanks! That’s not Criminal Minds to me. I’ll be happier watching the glory days in syndication instead.

      • Foxer


    • megan

      I’m kind of confused about what happened to Doyle in the warehouse. Did he overcome his injuries and get up and run away? And if so, shouldn’t the FBI have been able to head him off before he was able to actually escape?

      • Robin

        That is my feeling exactly. What happened to him??? I didn’t see Doyle die or get arrested?? Did I blink and miss the whole thing???

      • Phan o cm

        I don’t thunk Doyle died. I think it was meant to be a “cliff hanger”. And I hope Prentiss comes back, and my theory is that once something happens with Doyle she will return but idk. I also want JJ to stay, because they made a reappearance of her so it could mean something.

  • JA

    I am disappointed that another character has left this show this season. I liked Prentiss — does anyone know why she left? Did she want to exit the show? I also don’t understand why they wrote JJ out of the show — they have a new character who kinda looks just like her. What gives?

    • Jen

      To pay for the spinoff and its “A list” stars they let them go. After fan revolt they semi tried to give an ending to JJ’s character (originally her exit was going to be off camera) and offered Paget the option to come back next season, but the damage was done (would you wanna stay at a job that fired you and only back tracked after the bas press) So off to pilot season she went.

      As far as the new girl? New girls are cheaper then 5+ years series vets

      Now we have to wait and see about the other characters as well. Contacts are up and there have been rumblings others may not return as well. Such a same they destroyed a great cast for a crappy spinoff

      • Bill B

        Agreed. Why are they messing with something that worked?

      • Annette

        And crappy it is, for sure!

      • Lauren Hudson

        Yeah, can you believe Jeaninne Garufola as an FBI agent? She is one of the worst actresses in Hollywood. She has said she hates half America personally. How did she get that job?

      • squirk

        Maybe they could hire Charlie Sheen. I hear he’s looking for an entry level job.

      • sifi

        Gotta agree with huge sadness that Prentiss is gone too. She and J. J. were a great and strong counterpoint to the guys.

        The new show isn’t bad, JG is doing great, Love her character, but sadly Forrest Whittaker is NOT the right person to play the leader of this team. Under normal circumstances he’s a wonderfully entertaining actor, but he’s not suited to this material. Every ‘intuitive leap’ his character has made has felt forced and contrived and he can’t seem to find the balance between melodramatic and philosophical Jedi-Master-In-Training. Sadly, he just doesn’t work and while I hate the idea of suggesting anyone lose a job, I’d much rather see JG in the ‘team leader’ position. Her characters acerbic nature and hubris demonstrated in last night’s ep is far more well suited to creating drama and building a fiercely loyal team.

        FW’s character interactions with the others is at arms length and really makes me want to not bother with the series.

        That’s just my humble ‘o’ though.

      • megan

        The spinoff is TERRIBLE! I watched one episode and will never watch another!

      • noname

        The producers really screwed up by getting rid of two loved series regulars, putting a lot of faith in a new show. It also sets a bad example by getting rid of all the strong female character’s on one of the highest rated TV shows because you want to put money into a franchise. Since the bad press has started Criminal Minds ratings have fallen and will probably fall more with the departure of Paget Brewster. I for one am disgusted with the producers for clearing up money by firing two strong female leads.

      • PhillyLadie

        I did not catch Prentiss’s final episode, however, it’s not that big of a deal to me. She was ok, I liked her better than the first chick she replaced, the original dark haired lady, her attitude was horrible. Like I said Prentiss was ok, JJ, Garcia, Morgan, Reid, Hotch and Rossi, now their characters/acting style are remarkable. This spin off with Forrest Whitaker would be good if the original didn’t exist, it’s just ok right now. Although, Forrest Whitaker is a good actor, I can not stand him in this role. He is so hard to look at, and looks more like an unsub, than an FBI agent. I’ll probably get used to it, just like I did with the original CSI when CSI-Miami came out. It took some getting use to, but I like them both, although CSI-NY has nothing on either.

      • Mel

        I agree – hate the spin off – I couldn’t even make it thru the first episode. I’ve never cared for Forrest Whitaker as an actor and can’t see him as an FBI supervisory agent. I like Janeane, but again, unbelievable in such a role. Cancel the spinoff and bring back JJ and Prentiss

    • Toni

      I agree..this girl looks like JJ! Its to bad they left the show! This show will never be the same so I am trying to decide whether I should keep watching??

  • davej

    Tonight’s episode was great, much better than the episodes leading up to tonight. The show’s producers have dragged out the storyline on Ian Doyle and made it boring by not giving us enough backstory.

    We learned more about Emily tonight than we have in all the previous 118 or so episodes she has been on the show. How’s that for not giving her enough good material? And here we thought Emily was some prima donna goodie two shoes who go tthis job because of her Ambassador Mom’s connections.

    Also, I so loved seeing JJ on the show tonight. She fit right in, but with what seemed like 5 years of state department experience under her belt.

    I hate what the producers have done with JJ and Emily, but I love Hotchner and Reid and Garcia, so I will continue to watch and see what happens.

    The Jodie Foster/AJ Cook clone is nothing but a token female and to me, the spinoff brings nothing new to the table.

    My vote even though nobody is counting it – bring back JJ and Emily and fire the writers on CM:Suspect Behavior.

    • Izzie

      God, i hate CM: suspect behavior, Seaver is just a goodie two shoes who doesn’t deserve to be on the show and they should totally bring back J.J. and Prentiss.

    • Carol


  • JD

    I understood that JJ and Prentiss were both writen off the show to allow more money for the new show. I guess that the women are expendable.

    • Michelle

      HATE the new show. Unwatchable – and I tried 3 times.

      • Annette

        That’s two times more than we could manage to watch! It’s awful!

      • Monyocky

        It only took a preview to convince be that CMSB was going to be a bomb.

      • veronica

        didn’t even try to watch.

      • mela

        Can’t stand the new show. Forced myself to sit through one whole episode to give it a chance but that’s it.

      • MG

        Yeah I watched the pilot but didn’t like it. I found the characters annoying and not at all interesting. I like CM for the profiling, which there was none of in the pilot! At least not done in a good way like CM does. Also, we know that the BAU exists in real life- but is there really such thing as a “Red Cell”? It seems dumb. And although I like Forest Whitaker, he’s much better suited to movies and this procedural stuff doesn’t work for him. There is no chemistry with the characters. I originally started watching CM because of Mandy Patinkin, but kept watching because of Thomas Gibson etc and haven’t looked back. I’m very disappointed with JJ and Prentiss leaving and hope that CBS can rectify some of their big missteps for this show.

    • noname

      JD you took the words right out of my mouth! Garcia is a strong female presence, but her character is not a field agent. They basically eliminated all strong female agents.

    • Sad

      What’s sad is, this season of the *original* Criminal Minds has not been stellar. Most weeks I turn off the tv afterwards and say, “That really wasn’t that good.” We’ve had over-the-top excessively gross murders (the Caribbean religion episode). We’ve had True Romance / Natural Born Killers (“The Thirteenth Step” episode). We’ve had the Prentiss story arc, which featured a lot of guest actors with some very poor acting abilities. (The girl who played Tsia… I just laughed every time she spoke.) Overall, I feel like the writers seem like a bunch of amateurs who are trying too hard. Or maybe they’re skilled professionals who decided to just “phone it in.” Whatever the case, the show is very close to being removed from my Tivo Season Passes.

      • Jlmj

        You took the words out of my mouth!

    • Laura

      I DON’T like Jeanine Garafalo on this show. I am not buying her. They need to replace her. I also agree about Forest Whitaker. He is an excellent actor, no doubt, but this character for him isn’t right.

  • Aurelie

    i’m… kind of disapointed….
    i watched every episode of criminal minds over the last month and i was expecting a lot out of this one (and maybe that was the problem)….
    i mean after all that’s Prentiss last episode so we should expect something good.
    but from the beginning nothing clicked like it did in the other episode for me..
    Prentiss’s parts were ok but the team parts lacked a certain sense and spirit, the kind of spirit that they have in all the other episodes…
    almost like if we weren’t in a criminal minds episode.

    Weird things:

    *In the first five minutes of the beginning, they figure evrything out when they never did in the last four episode that the story started…
    *J.J arrives right away!!! not even a minute after they figure it out and boom!!! she’s here!!!
    *Morgan’s reaction kinda blew me away…. he didn’t mind Hotch wanting the Reaper and himself going after the killer of the first episode of this season, but Emily, doing her job when she was undercover and going after Doyle, other rules apply….
    *Rossi and Seaver, when she tries to get the blood of… she barely did anything during the season and Rossi all of the sudden expects her to lead the way and find answers… that didn’t make sense to me.
    *the end. you have no doubt that she’s alive. Reid can’t even see her body to say goodbye… come on!!!
    but we don’t know if Hotch knows or what? or even what he says to JJ.
    why not also show her face at the end. a little bit more dialogue at the end with JJ, explaining things, would have been nice…

    I think the scenario was tossed honestly. I tought that when JJ left, or Elle left, it still fitted the story and was done beautifully.
    This episode was done too fast. there was a story problem, a rythm problem, they didnt give it enough time to develope it. the confrontation should have been better and could have been better.

    they only thing that was written nicely was Garcia. she was still herself. leaving the message and all.

    I read Matthew interviews saying that there was gonna be action and to be honest, i didn’t see that much action…. so overall disapointing… but hoping that they catch Doyle and Emily can come back instead of running away…

    • Debra Smith

      I could tell what Hotch said to JJ. It was what she said to him that I couldn’t understand. Whatever she said, his reply was…”I don’t know”.? I wonder what she said to him.?

      • CLA

        I don’t know, I went back over it and over it, and even tried to see if maybe closed captioning added it in, but no.

      • SYL

        I think she told him about Emily not being dead. So, him and JJ are the only ones that know I bet.

      • Jan Smith

        she said something like emily will be o.k.

      • noname

        Hotch figured out Prentiss was still alive the second that JJ wouldn’t let Reid near her body to say goodbye. JJ told Hotch something along the lines of “Emily will be ok” “this is what she wants” or maybe not in that order.

      • D.J.

        It looked like “She’s already..” or “she’s on her way…” – so I’m thinking she was telling Hotch that Emily was already cleared out of the hospital and on her way to a safe place.

    • jacob

      Totally agree, there was no flow to the episode. Didn’t even feel like CM. Absolutely agree about the first five minutes, I was watching it and still felt like I missed something.

    • Eugene

      Aurelie you are so right about that new chick (whose name I have absolutely no interest in trying to learn). She has been the equivalent of a bobble head doll offering nothing up to that point and all of sudden she is coming up with answers that Rossi semmed to know already. What was that all about?

      Also why was Morgan whining about not knowing about Prentiss’ past? It seems that he was a little jealous that Ian Doyle was plowing a field that he wanted to plow.

      The most credible character is Garcia. Prentiss is in danger and apparently lost her life (which it appears she didn’t) and Garcia showed the real emotion as it pertains to someone you grew attached to while the rest of team (except for Hotch and J.J. who are in on the secret that Prentiss is not dead) continued on with their barely display of emotions for a “fallen” colleague. Does boxtox affect the tear ducts which is why these actors can’t cry?

      As a fan of Criminal Minds I hate to say it but with all of the cost cutting this show is running out of steam and this season or the next will probably be its last.

      • prundog71

        I agree that prentiss should not of left yet,but now she’s gone and Garcia shows the emotion that all the others cant. however,she shows no emotion of the loss in the criminal minds that follow. the writters need to bond the 2 shows or have seperate characters to play the parts

    • megan

      The inaudible conversation between JJ and Hotch is what sealed the deal for me as far as Prentiss being alive. Their body language indicated to me that they were discussing something the rest of the team could not be let in on.

      • jerry

        By forcing AJ & Paget off the show they took a great product diluted it to a horrible immitation !!! The new character, who I have nothing against, is an AJ lookalike which I find in poor taste by the producers!!!

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