Kathy Griffin as a Sarah Palin conservative on 'Glee': No laughing matter


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In an otherwise above-average episode of Glee, the much-publicized appearance of Kathy Griffin guest-starring as a Sarah Palin parody fell as flat as Brittany’s speaking voice.

Attired in a flaming-red dress and wire-framed glasses, Griffin’s “Twitterer and former Tea Party candidate” and Regionals judge Tammy Jean Albertson was the evening’s dud moment in the episode written by show co-creator Ryan Murphy. It’s hard to believe that Murphy couldn’t come up with any better lines than “I am not a witch” (a snicker at Christine O’Donnell) and “Obama is a terrorist.”

Don’t worry — a full-length Glee recap is imminent. I tuned in primarily to see what the assiduously “outrageous” Griffin would do to satirize one of her chief pop culture enemies. Palin has called the comedian a “bully,” but after seeing Griffin meekly recite a lame joke about gay rights not being in the Constitution, the former Alaska governor must be feeling pretty cheery this evening.

Griffin and Murphy, who pride themselves on their bite, were curiously toothless in this tiny little subplot.

Agree? Disagree?

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  • LOL

    Palin fears Griffin.

    • bruno

      murphy fears everything

      • Andre

        I fear bears.

      • Monty

        they can smell the menstruation.

      • Andre

        They also ride bicycles. I can’t run faster than a bicycle!

      • Al

        They also seem to have an obsession with toilet paper.

      • Scooter

        are you talking forest bears, or San Francisco bears? some SF bears are scary, but many are smoking HOT!

      • katie


      • bum-in-a drum

        If you are a Rabbit, watch out. A bear will use you as toilet paper cause poo sticks to you.

      • bum-in-a drum

        Just a service announcement to all of the rabbits on-line right now.

      • Glox

        They also seem to like porridge of varying temperatures and beds of varying sizes as well..

      • Sandi

        The Songs were great and it is a shame they created the distraction around Griffin. Has anybody told her that the only thing less funny the than chronic bitterness, is pathetic writing and acting. Shockers but I agree with the Teaparty on the spending and also was very happy to see Curt get his first kiss and relationship. Her apperence on what would have been a perfect episode was a big red wart. Maybe the DVD can have a version with her edited out?

      • Al

        oh yeah let’s not be fearful of psychos.. are you people for real or what?

      • Al

        Who is Kathy? Is she on a TV show?

      • Mrs. Dolly

        Have you seen the video or bears playing hockey. That’s kind of cool.

      • Davis B

        Wow.. Its like a liberal south on here. Gays love Kathy Griffin and Hate Republicans. I guess you think blacks all eat Watermelon and Chicken.. geeze it really hurts to see bigots who use Stereotypes to try to force a group of people to your needs. Sorry but there are lots of us in Teaparty that are not social conservatives and surprise many of the social conservatives I have met are nice people even if I wish they were more open to who I am. There are two places I get what feels like hate. A few on the far right, who are robotic bible thumpers and almost anyone on the left who finds out I am gay and in the teaparty. Frankly the only death treats I have had spoken to me are from the left. The far right just thinks I need to be saved. The hate on the left is almost violent in emotion. I have realized in the last year that they assume the teaparty is hateful because they assume it is just like them. I may be gay, but we have a kid and I am worried that we are driving their chance at a great life into bankruptcy. Now I am sure I will see some hate here for what I have said, this site has some of the nastiest people on it.

      • the Vicster

        That just came out of the blue Davis B, you must not like talk of bears!

      • Jeanine

        @Davis B: I don’t believe a word you said. “I may be gay, but I have a kid…” No gay person would say that because it makes it seem as though there is something werid about gay couples having children when, in fact, there are plenty of children who have gay parents. Nice try.

        Also, seriously. You received death threats from the left because you are gay and a member of the Tea Party. Again, I call bullshit. I don’t believe you are gay, first of all. Also, many of us are threatened because of our sexual orientation, not because of participation in a political movement as main stream as the Tea Party has become. So when your job, health care, and personal happiness is threatened because you are a member of the Tea Party (unlikely) liek mine is because I’m gay, then I’ll reconsider you as a useful contributor to this thread.

      • taylor

        bears. its like a fuzzy tractor.

      • mlondeaux

        @Al – By psychos do you mean Kathy or Sarah? Because bitterness in an older woman is scary and not very attractive. And by older woman I mean Kathy. Who’s neither funny nor very attractive.

      • K. Harker

        I was loving all the bear talk – that was funny! Then the blah blah blah, political “left” this and “right” that. Sigh. Bring back the bear people!

    • Trenton

      I think Kurt’s lovaboy is gonna be the one that dies :(

      • Kimberly

        Uhm. No. It was the bird – Pavarotti – did you even watch the episode?

    • Al

      smart people are fearful of psychos.. it makes sense derphead

      • The Real Al

        Not me.

      • Crony

        I was pretty sure it wasn’t you crony. For the record, Kathy was not so great but it was poorly written.

    • Rush

      It was meh.

    • Bebe

      I thought she was funny. So was Lorretta Devine!

      • suki

        Loretta & Kathy have GREAT chemistry! They should def work on other projects together. So funny together!

  • Jen

    I have to agree with you. I was surprised how lame and unoriginal the jokes were. I love Loretta Devine and I thought her appearance was also wasted. The whole judging scene was a throwaway which was disappointing. Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban were funnier. Besides this, an excellent episode with great music and the surprise, major kissing between Kurt and Blaine. They are really cute together. Ryan Murphy must be loving that their kisses had no pre-episode controversary. Good for him.

    • DLannon

      Uggg the whole Blaine and Kurt thing I hate. Blaine makes me want to take a silkwood scrub down. I am definately team Dave

      • HoneyB

        I kinda agree. As much as Blaine was adorable in his first appearance, he’s grating now. Dave, for all his bully bravado, is much more tolerable and human than the caricature of the Warblers and Blaine.

      • nykolus

        THANK YOU!!!

      • Jeanine

        Couldn’t disagree more. I love the complexity of Blaine and Kurt’s relationship; although it started out as a mentorship of sorts, Blaine has discovered deeper feelings. Blaine’s line last night, “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever” was so real and perfectly reflected the beginning of my own relationship with my fiance. I understand some might find them a bit too twee, but they are gay teenage boys…bound to be twee.

      • Kim

        Am I the only one that thinks that Kurt and Blaine are this season’s Jessie and Rachel? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Blaine backstab Kurt by telling him that he and Dave have been dating all along.

      • Libbie

        Are you kidding me?! Dudes, that kiss was so hot… I’m a straight girl and I’m hear to tell ys, Mama wants in on some of that! That was one of the sexiest kisses I’ve seen in tv/film in a long time– MTV Awards Hottest kiss!

      • Elle

        Kurt with Dave? Are you kidding me? Karofsky can have redemption – I WANT him to have redemption – but it would send a terrible message considering that he threatened Kurt’s life.

        Kurt and Blaine are without a doubt the most endearing, realistic, and charming couple on the show. Blaine’s feelings did not seem like a cheap ploy a la Jessie. Did you even watch the scene?

    • Strepsi

      @ JEN re: ‘loving that their kisses had no pre-episode controversary” — I think he USED Kathy Griffin to draw all the conservative wrath pre-show, and then *WHAM!* the kiss came out of nowhere for them. Sometimes Ryan Murphy is brilliant.

      • Nance

        Hadn’t thought of that, but now that you suggest it, I definitely agree.

      • Amy

        I think you give Ryan Murphy too much credit. Everyone knew that the kiss would unfortunatly come sooner or later. Kathy Griffin was just filler, and not funny at all.

    • Dan

      i thought Loretta Divine’s appearance was wasted as well. She is WAY better than that. I wanted to see her do more. Although Kathy Griffin can be funny, her character was way too dry for Glee. i expected way more.

    • Jack 2211

      Agreed. They weren’t even jokes. She regurgitated Huffington Post headlines (O’Donnell: I’m not a witch, Palin: Obama pals around with terrorists) from months, if not years, ago. It was a teabagger parody as if done by The Scary Movie guys — hey, we’ll just mention stuff and that’ll make it funny. “The Constitution!”

      Now, I’m feeling bad for narrow-minded Tea Party candidates who home school their kids, because, hey, they deserve to be skewered cleverly, like the rest of us.

  • Phoebesnow

    Agreed! KG’s scene was flat and not at all funny. What a waste.

    • SDTim

      It was such a short scene it was hardly worth the PR.

    • What did you expect?

      It’s hard to make an unfunny person funny. Some people just need to go away and KG is one of them.

      • ann

        Thank you!!!

      • handwasher


      • jodi

        I used to think she was funny, now she’s mostly just nasty. And she was reciting some very unfunny lines. It should have been better.

      • Really?

        she is horrible! Her whole schtick is that she hates Sarah Palin. OK, hate away, just SHUT UP about it.

  • Fantasm

    I haven’t watched Glee at all this season (more because of a busier schedule than the quality of the show) but its dissapointing to hear that the show wasn’t able to utilize Kathy better. I do adore her even though I don’t think she’s been as funny in the past couple years as she was right at start of D-List. Hopefully both Glee and Kathy will be able to get out of the ruts that they’re in. Ecspecially Kathy, whose previews for her newest Bravo stand up special don’t exactly seem very fresh.

    • James

      This Episode was a sad example of how hate distracts the left. 8 years the loudest message was HATE BUSH, drowning out all the positive messages. So we have a an episode with great music and even more important Curt gets his relationship that should have been the focus.. but no Glee team let the “Hate Palin” distraction tarnish a great episode and the only reason anyone even pays attention to KG anymore is she is pandering to their hate. This should have been a positive episode.. what a waste.

      • Jenny L.

        You’re right. Kathy’s Tea Party character was not even an accurate portrayal of a Tea Partier. Not all Tea Partiers are socially conservative. I am sick of all the Tea Party and Sarah Palin bashing that Glee has engaged in. Not only is it wrong, but totally unnecessary.

      • Tarc

        Blah blah blah newspeak blah. If conservatives had a brain in their heads, no one would have ever heard of Palin outside Alaska, and O’Donnel would have never had the support to run for office. They are an embarrassment to their species – liveral, moderate, or conservative, and should be lambasted by all sides until we get acceptible, thinking candidates.

      • Strepsi

        @JENNY L. What you’re saying is the big lie of the Tea Party. There are many members who are simply fiscally conservative but the candidates ARE all socially conservative! The only things the Tea Party backed politicians have done are mobilize on anti-gay and anti-abortion measures. They are Christianist Theocrats in disguise, so the portrayla (while not having great jpokes) was accurate.

      • Kerri

        Considering Ryan created a show that has shouted for tolerance and acceptance and open-mindedness since the beginning, it was pretty upsetting to see the writers represent a group of people so hatefully. Tolerance goes both ways, Ryan Murphy!

      • Chet

        I don’t think Ryan Murphy hates nuns

      • truth

        Tolerance goes both way Kerri what crap no it isn’t ok to tolerate bigot or hate filled people do you tolerate nazis? how about rapists? are you an idiot? this is one of those dumb things people say to seem reasonable which is in fact a lie. You can not be tolerant if you tolerate hate and no one has to tolerate those who hate them you are asking the victims of hate to tolerate those who would want them dead(rightwingers) if you can’t see how stupid that is and isn’t tolerance then you are dumb! Go ask the tea party to tolerate gays blacks etc

      • say what now?

        @Truth, who do “Rightwingers” want dead, exactly? While not a Republican myself, it’s not my experience that any of them are murderers…if you could clarify your stance, I’m sure it would be enlightening.

      • Erich

        Do you even watch the show? It’s Kurt, not Curt.

      • MSNY

        @James….Thankfully hate hasn’t infected the right. They LOVE OBAMA, right?

      • Marie

        Tolerance does go both ways and I am so sick of liberals who claim to be open-minded. Heaven forbid anyone have a different viewpoint from a liberal. The Griffin thing was hateful.

      • Heather

        The difference between liberals and conservatives is when liberals disagree with someone, they tend to debate about. When conservatives disagree, they try and ban or outlaw whatever they disagree with. Conservatives want big government out of their pocket books, but they want big government to regulate my body (a woman’s right to choose) and what I do in the privacy of my own bedroom (sexual orientation). So hypocritical!

        The funny thing about this so called fiscal conservatism is that many Tea Baggers receive Medicare, social security and many more government handouts. Put your money where your mouth is and stop taking the hand out you supposedly are against.

      • D

        Shame a liveral doesn’t know how to spell.

      • Jenny L.

        @ Strepsi. It is true some Tea Partiers are social conservatives, but not all . Some don’t emphasize their social conservative credentials as much as their fiscal credentials. The Tea Party started over taxes and too much government spending. It still mostly emphasizes those two things.
        Another thing. A Christian Theocracy in America is totally unrealistic because there are too many branches of Christianity. Who would be in charge? Just look at all the different Protestant churches there are.

      • Jamie

        Random acts of kindness, Paying it Forward, karma all a cilecrs. I think writing sometimes is like that too. In this web age one doesn’t always know where their words are going. And when someone replies with a nod and a smile sometimes that is enough to make every word worth its’ weight in treasured dreams. I thought I’d get remarried in my wedding gown for my twenty-fifth. Better it should be donated to a place that fixes them up and gives them away for free. After seven years I still don’t know if it ever has been used. But it doesn’t matter. All that matters it that the gown is available and not in a box in the attic.

  • Mike

    I never pay attention to spoilers or previews or buzz on upcoming episodes. I thought KG was cute, along with the other judges. Pairing her up with the exotic dancing nun was fun. Light and cheery for the roles played.

    • kahuna

      I agree with this. I also, am not a witch. :)

      • Bkwurm1

        I hadn’t heard the hype about KG so when her character popped up I was amused and yeah, I laughed out loud at “I am not a witch”. If it was supposed to be a play on Sara Palin, yeah, it fell flat, but I took it as more of a pot shot at the kind of nutty, highly underqualified canidates that in some places got support in the last election. From that viewpoint it was funny.

      • Ryan

        I agree – and it seemed much more to be a dig at Christine O’Donnell than Palin. I’m not a Palin fan at all, but her name never crossed my mind during the episode.

      • Caitie F

        I liked it too. What made it funny was that it was KG saying that.

    • Julian

      Same here. Wasn’t expecting the cameos and they did a laudable job. But the tea party slamming was over the line and not funny and I’m a pretty liberal dude.

  • barbie

    I used to love Kathy Griffin – you know, back when she was funny! She should get out of politics and go back to doing what she does best, celebrity-dish comedy. When you choose a political side, you lose half of the country as potential fans. Actors should keep politics to themselves or be ready to take the fall.

    • Estee

      It had nothing to do with picking a political side, she had jokes for each of the Parties.

    • Jamie

      I don’t think Kathy bashing Republicans is losing her many fans…most of which are gay men and women…Her bashing of republicans/Palin only make her fans love her more and her critics hate her more as well.

      • Eddie

        Well there are a a lot of gay teaparty people. It was GOPROUD lawsuit that forced the final blow to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell not cheap political talk. BTW I think Kathy uses the Gay refences to pretend her lack of real talent in recent years is just “special” my gay friends have way to much style to like her pandering

      • deegeezee

        1) there are like 10 people in GOPROUD. 2) Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed legislatively, and the repeal was signed by the Prez. nice try at revisionism, though.

      • AngelaTC

        You’re both wrong. It was the Log Cabin Republicans that brought the 2004 lawsuit that toppled DADT. In September 2010, the 9th circuit court ruled the ban unconstitutional, and in in October the judge issued an injunction banning the military from enforcing the policy. Obama;s DOJ asked for a stay, and they were refused. THey went to SCOTUS, who granted it. The Dem Congress then picked up their pens and wrote the legislation that Obama eventually signed to placate the base he had outraged when Holder requested the stay.

      • Joanne

        Kathy Griffin is unfunny. She needs to move on to hating someone else. Yawn.

        Conservatives are used to being bashed by actors and “comedians” like Kathy. Yawn. Next.

      • RS

        I’m a Republican and I am a fan of Kathy Griffin. Yes, her politics are different than mine but I enjoy her comedy and feel she is one of the best story-tellers around.

        With Kathy, at least I know where she stands. With a show like Glee that preaches tolerence, I have a problem with casting a group of people as villians. Casting Kathy as a bigoted Tea Party member seemed kind of forced and unnecessary. I understand that they wanted to have the Warblers lose without making it seem that the New Directions group was better than them. However, there were better ways to do it than insulting people who are a part of their viewership. When are they going to realize that Repubilicans watch TV too?

    • truth

      No you should grow up. Actors and everybody else are allowed an opinion it is called freedom and if you believe in freedom and actually have any common sense your believes should not be threaten because someone else sees things different. If you need some actor or Hollywood person to think as you do in order to enjoy their talent(and not even talking about KG not a fan)then you are an idiot who does not believe in free of Speech and no better than the taliban. get over yourself

      • muhahaha

        Maybe you should grow up. No one is questioning free speech here. If some idiot actor wants to open their mouth about their opinions on politics or social issues, I certainly have the right to think less of them for it.

      • Nilesh

        Hi Kathy: I happened onto the Point Site, and saw the hoolpa that your book is causing! I followed and read the article in the Gazette. I have to tell you that I do agree with your findings although I did eat better than you ! I find people who lived there or some who still live there are somewhat delusional when it comes to the conditions in which many of us lived. Again, I have to agree with Angelo, I grew up at 421 St. Madeleine, I am sure we played Tomatso together in the street, I would not have traded one minute of my life there. We grew up quickly, we saw things that perhaps other children our age didn’t see, but it has made me a fiercely independent adult with strong convictions of right and wrong. It has made me make better choices in my life and I have no regrets. But to say that live was a bed of roses growing up in Point St. Charles would be a lie. I hope you have much success with your book, I will definitely be reading it. I took have written a memoire of my life in the Point, if you should ever want to read it, I would be happy to pass it along. Perhaps you could guide me in having this published as well. Again, I look forward to reading your book.

    • xphiler06

      The biggest problem that I see with your point here is that Sarah Palin, having utterly failed in every possible legitimate political way, has relied on the “celebrity” that resulted from her misguided nomination as a Vice-Presidential candidate.

      Also, Celebrity =/= Actor. Celebrity = Anyone that is easily recognized in society and generally gets a lot of media attention. And Palin is a media chaser, since it gives her way more power than she ever had in those lame political positions she abused her power in.

      Therefore, Palin is a “celebrity” (of the worst kind: the no-talent, waste-of-space ones that somehow find success chasing the spotlight, made even worse when they use that success to promote hate) and has every right to be targeted by Kathy Griffin, by your reasoning.

      • barbie

        Yawn! Your post was trite and boring. You know nothing about Palin except what the liberal press corp and liberal celebrities have to say about her. It always amuses me when liberals spew hate then call conservatives haters. By the way, I don’t hate you, I think you are precious…you will grow up and calm down soon enough.

  • Uncle Ray

    I must have missed the press going into the episode and totally missed the Griffin-Palin connection. I don’t hate on KG but I thought the character was simply obnoxious.

    • kahuna

      The character was obnoxious because the people she was mocking are obnoxious to many.

      • AngelaTC

        Calling people obnoxious is incredibly obnoxious.

      • Nobay

        Hi Kathy , i just read about your book,& I requested/suggested our local lrbariy purchase With a Closed Fist, after submitting my request,I saw that a couple of orders for the book must have alreadyy been placed,so I have added my name to be one of the first to see it here in Victoria BC. Perception is a unique thing,some will get it, some will not, Good Luck with your book,I look forward to reading it. I also will post on our verdun connections website,about your book ,maybe inspiring more to read it. We all love to recall our growing up days’ with ideal memories,most of them were good ones,but there too were the not so great memories (generally we choose to skip over in our minds) so your read will no doubt be interesting & refreshing .Good Luck & best regards from Canada’s Westcoast ( Les & Teresa,Victoria BC)

    • MSNY

      @AngeleTC: Calling people who call other people obnoxious is incredibly obnoxious.

      • C

        @MSNY: Calling people incredibly obnoxious who call people obnoxious who use the word obnoxious to describe other people is incredibly obnoxious :)

  • Sharon Jordan

    I hate Ksthy Griffin. I wish people would stop giving her a platform! BTW not a huge fan of Sarah Palin either. Just think Kathy Griffin has outlived her 15 minutes of fame.

    • bbkenn

      I don’t like her either. I find her overrated; really don’t like Sarah Palin either; we could do without either of them.

      • Nicole

        I second that!!!!!!

    • Liz

      Kathy Griffiin had 15 minutes of fame?!!? When? I must have totally missed that…

    • Sugar

      Liz, I think Kathy is still trying for 15 minutes of fame. She’s logged in about 206,000 hours of banal crap, But fame? No. not even for a minute.

    • Aunt Sassy

      Oh, SNAP, Sugar! NOT. You people are just so lame. Go back to your Palin fan pages and be trolls there. KG is a best selling author, and multiple Emmy winner – and FAR more famous that you could ever dream to be. Just because she picks on your beloved Mama Bear (who happens to be the biggest “victim” in the world) doesn’t mean you can re-write the facts. At least not on a EW message board – you’ll have better luck with that on a Fox “News” board.

      • Sugar

        Oh snap,yourself, sassy. A best selling author? By who’s standards? An Emmy winner? Wow. the dumbing of America is becoming more aggresive every day. I am not a Palin supporter, not that I need to explain anything to you, it’s obvious I would be wasting space to try. Go find some f*art jokes to amuse yourself.

      • lesliemd

        KG is currently selling out on Broadway, and sells out wherever she plays. I hate to break it to you, but she is not just some 15-minute Real Housewife fame whore. Both she and Palin/O’Donnell have their audiences and fans, and will continue to do so for a long time.

        Love or hate KG, she has something to say – and a lot of people who want to hear her. But last night proves she does SO much better with her own material.

      • Lenny

        Just have to say I am also disturbed to see what Americans are considering entertainment now. It is so base. As for Kathy’ book? I looked it up on Amazon, it does exist, but I don’t think any real authors out their are feeling too threatened. ;) LOL!

      • Nicole

        OK, I’m going to blow the minds of all the who can’t see past stereotypes on both sides here: I passionately hate Sarah Palin, have always disliked Kathy Griffin and thought she was very unfunny last night, I’m not a tea partier persay but I am a right-leaning voter, and I LOVED Kurt & Blaine’s kiss last night… I actually rewound to watch it again. Oh my God, not every one fits in to neat little stereotype boxes!!!

  • SueS

    Thought the entire show was good and a lot of fun. She didn’t bother me; the fun was poked at SP without getting nasty which would have taken the focus away from the main plots – regionals and Kurt/Blaine – loved all the music (even the Jesus one – how the mighty ‘Aural Intensity’ have fallen:)

    • Stash

      Thanks for this comment, I’m going to choose to think of it this way. I didn’t like the judging scene… but the unfunniness of the bit detracted from the show less than controversy would have.

  • Shannon

    I agree. It was unoriginal, unfunny, and pointless. Too bad because the rest of the episode was good…refreshing among a string of less-than-average.

  • MissMel

    That scene was the worst. It felt so forced and all the jokes weren’t even original. I’m not a KG fan anyway,but I don’t get why they bothered to cast a known name just to give her lame lines.

    • MsSuniDaze

      Totally agree. That whole scene was weird and not funny at all. It just like an after thought.

  • AllBlaineAllTheTime

    I think KG was actually spoofing Christine O’Donnell- the Tea Party “witch” from Delaware. I thought she was fine. Would have been more interesting playing herself. Not a fan of original songs. Hoping that is not a harbinger of upcoming episodes.

    • Rerunsforever!

      Yes, I wish people would stop writing original songs…so annoying. Every recording should only be allowed to record “U Can’t Touch This”.

    • Jenny L.

      She was spoofing both Christine O’ Donnell (witch comments) and Sarah Palin (wardrobe).

      • CC

        Just add a lion joke and it would have been perfect :)

  • Estee

    Oh my Goddess, shut up. Everyone that I was with thought Kathy Griffin’s bit was one of the funniest of the show. And that’s her “theme” anyways. She takes subjects that are “taboo” and uses them. The fact that they’re all making a big stink about this, must mean that there’s a little truth to the comedy. Oh, and I AM a witch </;) Blessed Be. )O(

    • Derek

      No, it’s b/c the alleged “comedy” wasn’t funny. Tina Fey as Palin or Kristen Wiig as O’Donell now that’s funny.

      • Sandi

        Bingo!!! Palin even did SNL she was willing to laugh when the parody had talent involved. KG is a hack, about as funny as a drunk at a car wreck. She just has figured out that she can get press from the Palin obsessed media by talking about her, as a substitute for talent.. which really showed tonight and was a blight on the show.

      • Josh

        You can’t blame Kathy for the horrible writing. And I think your drunk at a car wreck line was not only not funny, but as classless as one can get. I hope you feel shame.

      • dean

        um, Josh? I think Sandi’s point was that a drunk at a car wreck is, indeed, NOT funny. did you hear a WHOOSH going over your head when you read her comment?

      • Paula

        Kathy has become the character she played on Seinfeld. Sandi is right – KG has realized that as long as she keeps bashing the Palins she’ll get press.

    • Tarc

      Griffen was hysterical – as usual.

      • James

        If your IQ is 18.

    • AngelaTC

      Palin and O’Donnell are taboo?

      • Anya

        That’s what I was thinking. If anything that witch punchline was unfunny because it was overused. Hardly taboo. And besides, Kathy Griffin didn’t write those lines anyway, she just read them and acted the part.

    • mela

      couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • AD

      Ken got this one wrong. KG was NOT supposed to be Palin; she was more like an amalgam of the tea baggers. And the bit was funny, along with the other judges.

  • Richard

    Kathy is hilarious, but she was barely used in the episode. I would love to hear her spill some dirt in her act about her time on set of glee and who the biggest bitches on the set are. My guess is its Lea Michele, because she plays a diva a little too well…

    • jeffster

      Kathy is currently on Broadway, (selling very well by the way!) and spoke a little about Glee. She claims her character was based more on Michelle Bachmann than Sarah Palin. Palin is Tina Fey’s character and does it brilliantly, according to Kathy. I thought the judging stuff was brief and funny. Kathy also has a great Michelle Bachmann story in her act but doesn’t do too much political material. She sticks to gossip for the most part. Very funny.

  • sue snell

    Wow- Hi Caribou Barbie and the White Precious- shouldn’t you be calling people “f@gg*t” on your Facebook pages? Kathy is honest- something hard for teabaggers to comprehend. Keep drinking that purple kool aid

    • Estee


    • AngelaTC

      Sarcastic, bitter and foul-mouthed doesn’t equate to honest.

      • truth

        So you think Palin’s daughter is bitter and foul mouth for using the word f—– I agree and would no matter her politics. Glad to see you aren’t a typical right wing liar who wants tolerance but never give it. Yes Palin’s kid is all the things you said for what she did on Facebook

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