The Oscar telecast review: The hosts, the speeches, the mistakes, the ad-libs...

Funny, poised, relaxed, and smart, Anne Hathaway and James Franco made for marvelous Oscar hosts. Read the full post.

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  • Michael V

    What? Were we watching the same show? Anne Hathaway was good, but not used to her potential. James Franco was awful…no expression, no inflection, not sure what to do. The only thing he does well is dress in drag.

    The Kirk Douglas thing was awful, shameful, exploitive and creepy. The perfomances of the songs were awful…Gwyneth looked so nervous tonight. She wasn’t her usual self.

    Overall, I thought it was predictable, slow and not one surprise in the whole show.

  • Zzzzz

    Very dull show. I really like James Franco but he seemed a bit cocky. I assume that was a shout out to the younger crowd the Academy was trolling for. Hathaway was trying too hard, I think. I was hoping SOMEONE would cue the music for Melissa Leo.

  • samzmom

    Followed every major TV critic who live-Tweeted during the show and you’re the only one who liked the show/hosts. Franco’s grandmother was funny…but it was all downhill from there.

  • Jeanne

    Was I the only one completely weirded out that James Franco never looked at Anne Hathaway? Gradually, as the eventing progressed, Hathaway made more and more obvious attempts to catch his eyes, leaning in toward and around him. But Franco either looked (or squinted) straight ahead or shifted his eyes away so that he wouldn’t even see Hathaway in his peripheral vision. Very creepy.

    • fancypants

      thank you! I noticed the exact same thing. As the show progressed she was literally clinging to him and looking at him and he just stared straight ahead, not once even looking in her direction. James was like a statue, at least Anne tried to do something, anything, even if she tried too hard.

  • Heath

    Ken, I’m hopped up on cold medication and it still wasn’t entertaining to watch. I’d like to know what you’re on cause I want some of that.

    • CMF


    • Ramey

      Sorry, but no drug could have helped. James Franco was obviously stoned, and even he wasn’t having a good time.

  • Raunchy

    This Oscars was pretty dull and i thought the two hosts were awkward and boring. The Oscars have always been for the elitists, but another year or two of this and I won’t be watching it.

  • andy

    Which Oscars were you watching? The hosts were horrible.

  • Joshua

    Wow. You thought they were good hosts Ken? Were we watching the same telecast? Hathaway hooted and squealed and acted like she was hosting SNL and Franco acted like he could care less. By far the worst hosts I can remember.

    Billy Crystal might have gotten the standing ovation due to the fact the audience were desperate to have someone up there better than Hathaway and Franco.

    With opinions like this Tucker, it’s hard for me to take anything else you say seriously.

  • Kay

    Yeah…I’m with Andy G. I thought your first paragraph was going to have a punchline. I love Hathaway and Franco, but they fell short of my expectations tonight. She was weirdly over-excited at times and he acted as if he’d rather be anywhere else most of the night. Overall, it was pretty awkward.

  • colby

    Ken…were you even watching? James franco was god awful. I really thought you were joking at first. If someone came out and said he was stoned the ENTIRE show I would not be surprised whatsoever.

  • Dinjab

    Ken, were you watching the same show as the rest of us? Franco and Hathaway were terrible! Hathaway get an E for effort and energy, trying desperately to get the audience to love her. Franco seemed disengaged throughout. Clearly, neither was up to the task. I’m surprised you found them to be so poised and funny.

    The crowd gave Crystal a standing O because they yearned for the steady hand and assured amusement that had come from his eight hosting gigs.

    I thought it was sad that Eli Wallach could not collect his lifetime achievement prize at the real Oscars and only got to wave at the crowd (a sad tradition they began last year).

    It denied audience members free speech to force them to sit on their hands during the In Memoriam. The best-respected industry vets SHOULD get the most recognition. It’s always interested to hear whom Hollywood insiders applaud the loudest for. But none of that last year. If they wanted to be “respectful”, they should’ve had PS-22 sign THEN instead of Celine Dion.

    And what was with the random history lessons, that had no cohesion. Why were we celebrating Gone With the Window TONIGHT of all nights? No good reason.

    It doesn’t seem like rocket science to figure out what doesn’t work at these shows. But year after year, they tinker and make dreadful additions.

    Billy Crystal + full song performances + plus lifetime achievement awards + more comedians presenting awards = traditional, entertaining show. But they’re always trying to mess with it.

  • Mark Andrew

    Maybe we received an entirely different version in Canada. Here, James Franco looked as stiff as a Madame Tussaud’s likeness. Nothing memorable from the hosts at all, except that Hathaway has a great voice.

  • Barack Palin

    I sure missed Ricky Gervais. Anne Hathaway tried but this was a boring telecast devoid of any semblance of wit and excitement. Only Sandra Bullock presenting Best Actor was truly entertaining. Ricky, we needed you and you let us down, bro. Seeing Billy Crystal only served to remind us viewers how awful this show truly was. You know you’re in trouble when Melissa Leo dropping an f-bomb is a comedic highlight. And how classless of Monique to refuse to present the Best Supporting Actor award. At least Christoph Waltz had the excuse that he was out of the country on a filmshoot (which is why he didn’t present Best Supporting Actress.) Better luck next year, Oscar telecast.

    • jmcg

      I’ve only heard of one gossip columnist report that Monique refused to present the award, with no reason given by the columnist. Besides, Monique was one of the nominee announcers in January. I think calling her “classless” is below the belt.

    • doug

      i think it has more to do with oscar and the mpaa being perceived as racially unfair as opposed to her being classless. she is well within her right.

  • David Schuster

    This writer must have been paid off. This year’s Oscar telecast was a train wreck from the word GO.

  • Dave

    I’m glad someone else liked the hosts, Ken. I though James and Anne were good, Anne being a little better. I enjoyed them. Don’t get why so many people, including live blogger Jeff Jensen, disliked them as hosts so much.

    • Clair de Lune

      thank you! I really didn’t mind them- I actually thought they were pretty cute, and while Franco definitely looked uninterested at parts but at some points it really worked for him.

    • SoyBombGuy

      Agreed. I didn’t find them horrible at all. I thought the tone was different tonight, yes, but not in a bad way. For instance, the “congratulations, Nerds” line was very edgy/current/funny, as long as they too were amused by and good-natured about it (which is their own right and prerogative)

      • NorthWest

        “Congratulations, nerds” isn’t edgy or funny. It’s about as cliche as ‘take my wife, please’.

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