The Oscar telecast review: The hosts, the speeches, the mistakes, the ad-libs...

James-Franco-Hathaway-hostsImage Credit: A.M.P.A.S.Funny, poised, relaxed, and smart, Anne Hathaway and James Franco made for marvelous Oscar hosts. Their combination of respect and informality struck the right tone for the night, a happily surprising production that had its share of fine moments both planned and ad-libbed.

Certainly the comic opening, in which Hathaway and Franco were inserted into movies such as Inception through a purported porthole in Alec Baldwin’s brain was exceedingly funny. From Kirk Douglas’ cleverly goatish leers to Randy Newman’s gleefully grumpy acceptance speech, it was a solid night for old pros who know how to ham it up entertainingly. (Newman’s rearrangement of his winning song “We Belong Together” as a jumping rock tune was really well executed.)

The best acceptance remarks came from unexpected sources. I’d have thought Aaron Sorkin might have said something inflammatory, but instead he was eloquently concise. By contrast, director Tom Hooper told the best story of the night, about how his mother was the one who discovered the source material that would become the movie The King’s Speech. And Speech screenwriter David Seidler was disarming with his proclamation as a “late bloomer” and his solidarity with other viewers who stutter.

The other stand-out speech came from Luke Matheny, the brunet Carrot Top, whose NYU thesis project, God of Love, won the best live-action short Oscar. Shaggy in both appearance and in his way with a story, Matheny was a charmer. (His mom provided crafts services for the film? Between his mother and Hooper’s, it was a great night for motherhood.)

I loved the way presenter Steven Spielberg made a point of naming some of the great movies that have lost best-picture Oscars (including Citizen Kane and Raging Bull) among his list of those that succeeded.

There was some debate in my house as to whether Melissa Leo was feigning surprise and a slipped obscenity; I chose to think she was spontaneous. If grabbing Kirk Douglas’ cane as they left the stage was a bit much — well, hey, who wouldn’t be a little goofy-giddy after winning an Oscar?

Among the odder moments:

• Why was the montage of best picture nominees “scored” to Colin Firth’s King’s Speech speech? It made the film’s win seem weirdly pre-ordained.

• A standing ovation for Billy Crystal? I agree he’s been a terrific host in the past, but was the audience missing him in that role that much this evening?

• Why was director Lamont Johnson left off the In Memoriam list, the director who helped make Jeff Bridges a star in 1973’s The Last American Hero?

• Gwyneth Paltrow being introduced by Jennifer Hudson as “country music’s newest star”? I like Paltrow, but neither the box office nor the record sales for Country Strong merited that hype.

• Jude Law got away with a Robert-Downey-on-drugs joke no less racy than the ones Ricky Gervais told at the Golden Globes, but I’ll bet Law doesn’t receive any heat for it. (As is only right — my point is that Gervais was needlessly criticized.)

Toward the end, as Franco became more mellow, Hathaway’s remonstrations grew rather over-the-top. Introducing Sandra Bullock by saying it was “a big moment for me” seemed a tad short-sighted, and I feared her high-fives to those sweet kids from P.S. 22 in Staten Island, N.Y., were going to propel a few of the tykes right off the stage.

But all in all, it was a fun, briskly paced night. Agree? Disagree?

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  • Andy G

    Are you kidding me?!? I seriously thought your first paragraph was a joke – I only kept reading the rest to look for the punchline. Franco and Hathaway were TERRIBLE hosts!!

    • sara

      Agreed. I do give Hathaway points for effort. Franco simply wasn’t there.

      • A Terrible Oscars

        You want to know why the ovation was given to Billy Crystal, because the current hosts were awful – not funny, Franco seemed bored/uninterested, Anne was too giddy and oversold her enthusiasm. In the few minutes Billy was on stage, he was funny, told a interesting story, and proved he should have been the host. This oscars were flat, the hosts did a poor job. As for Melissa Leo, wow, she came off as a phony, I don’t care about the cursing, but her “amazement” seemed fake and like she was milking it for effect. Chris Nolan should have been nominated at least.

      • Lame

        The hosts were bad, they need someone with experience performing on stage, like a comedian. And Paltrow was terrible, she is by no means a country star, she can’t even sing

      • SaraJ

        I feel the opposite; at least James Franco had comedic timing. It was PAINFUL to watch Anne Hatheway. She’s not funny, and why all the wasted time? Yeah let’s introduce my mom to the WORLD — ugh, no one cares!

      • Chichi

        Franco came across as bored and a bit pretentious. I favored Hathaway, she had awful material to work with and was trying her dangest to forge through.

      • Kay

        I agree. Not an Anne Hatheway fan, but at least she was trying. James Franco looked like he rather be anywhere.

      • Heidi

        I hate to say this but I saw an interview right before the Oscars where James Franco was stoned or something. He was slurring sometimes, other times looking off into space and not answering questions, and when he did talk he was mostly not making sense. He seemed absent and I think I know why!
        Anne Hathaway reminds me of the ‘broads’ of the 40s – she sings, she dances, she’ll do anything for a laugh, and she can laugh at herself…overacts a bit but charming all the while.

      • Zach

        But regardless of her weak material, Anne Hathaway was so cloying, affected, and over-the-top that I don’t know who to say was worse. And YES, Ken Tucker, Billy Crystal is a master host. He is sorely missed each and every year, so no wonder they gave him a well-deserved standing ovation. How you could say anything about Kirk Douglas tonight was “clever” suggests you have bad taste and shouldn’t be writing a recap on

      • aldchitown

        OK, I understand where everyone is coming from. But I thought the interaction between Anne and James was fascinating. James Franco is a perfectionist and apparently sensitive. He wasnt bored or pretentious — he was disappointed in himself and lost his confidence. Anne, bless her (sometimes over-bearing) heart, tried to raise his spirits and boost his confidence. But never quite succeeded. Fascinating stuff, don’t hate on Franco – I fear he was suffering more than we were. Plus his face is still adorable even while he pouts.

      • deegeezee

        @sara — agreed. Hathaway was clearly trying to wake her cohost up from his stupor, so if she was a bit manic, it’s easily forgiven.

        all in all, i found her charming. he looked baked.

      • KC

        Are all of you high? Anne Hathaway did it for me. I was just glad to be home alone watching whenever she was on.

      • TorontoTom

        EW, get yourself a new TV critic. Ken Tucker is completely out of touch. This show was HORRIBLE – how Tucker could write the review above is astounding. Read through the pages and pages of posts below and it’s quite obvious that your reviewer needs to move on.

      • Donald

        This was a train wreck of an Oscars, painful to watch.

      • Brady

        It’s true. Hathaway at least tried to do something. But Franco just stood there looking stoned.

      • Mr. Burns

        Ken Tucker is from another planet. The hosts were terrible; painfully so. Like others I will give Anne credit for trying to inject some life into it. But James Franco was an anchor. Yeah; the standing ovation for Billy Crystal was an audience-wide signal.

      • Silv

        I’ll throw in my 2 cents’ worth – and agree with what everyone else is saying. I’ve sat through so many awards shows and excused the hosts since it’s a hard room of tense, fragile egos to play to, but last night’s show started sinking from the first minute mark. Hathaway tried– really hard — but Franco was not fully there. And when he was he graced us with a smirk. What was so bad about Baldwin and Martin? Or Martin alone?

        And yes, Paltrow is far from being the next big country thing. She’s a famous person trying a new hobby but it’s an insult to all other serious country singers to call her “country’s newest singing star.” Oh, and Billy Crystal, you’re 63 years old. Quit dyeing what’s left of your hair jet black. Age gracefully!

      • Gwen

        I love Anne Hathaway, but I think both hosts were hampered by the writers. No one in Hollywood could have made some of that “patter” fun.

      • JJ

        For those who think Anne Hathaway was trying to overcompensate for Franco’s lack of performance, watch her on a talk show–she’s equally as irritating. She has the poise of a two-year old child.

      • Susan

        Sara, Absolutely spot on. Anne Hathaway was trying her hardest, but from the pre-show interview James Franco looked and acted like he had checked out already.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Ken, I respect your right to have an opinion but I think you are just wrong here. Terribly, terribly wrong.

        In all my years of watching this was the WORST Oscar show I have seen.

      • Ariettty

        I thought Anne Hathaway was utterly charming. She looked thrilled to be there and invested in making it an entertaining show. James Franco’s stoned appearance was disappointing.

      • Oscar watcher

        Def think Franco was high the whole time. Maybe to help calm his nerves?! Hahaha

      • Mo

        I agree with Gwen. The hosts might have been all right if they had been given funnier material to work with. The “jokes” were pretty painful, and the opening short has been done to death (and much, much better) before.

      • melissa

        Franco was totally lit. And he seemed annoyed by Anne. She was killing his buzz.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Oh please – no matter who hosted the show people would complain – it’s the nature of Americans. Let’s face it people – it’s an awards show – not Masterpiece Theater. Anne and James were fines hosts – they introduced people like they were supposed to and were gracious and charming. James didn’t appear “stoned” or “out of it” – he just seemed slightly ammused to be there to me. As for the show – if I have any complaints it’s that it was soooooo predictable in terms of the winners. Oh, and I walked away thinking Melissa Leo is kind of class-less, ungracious, and a bit annoying.

      • Brian

        I thought Hathaway was charming, energetic, and seemed like she was excited to be there. Franco looked tired/bored/annoyed that he was doing this.

      • miki

        worst Oscar night thah I can remember. Thank god I tivo’d it so I could fastforward through most of it. I think it took me 25 minutes altogether to watch this fiasco.

    • TaMara

      I couldn’t agree more, I quit watching 1/2 hour in. I tuned back a couple more times to see if it got any better, but Franco seemed more and more robotic. Ugh.

      • Will

        Agree, they were both so irritating.

        Not sure what Ken Tucker was watching. The writing and jokes were just horrible.

      • freckles

        Ken…. did you watch the oscars?!?!?! bad writing, terrible deliveries… ugh, it was the worst

      • Compassion

        Remember: this is the same guy who says week after week that SNL is funny.

        These hosts were both terrible. They were on different sides of the spectrum with awfulness.

      • Darby

        Ken, what were you smoking when you wrote this review????? Did you score from Franco, or what?

      • George

        Was EW watching a different show. There has never been a worst host than James Franco (I agree, he looked stoned). Poor Anne Hathaway tried to save the evening, but the Oscars were too big an event for her to handle alone…

      • Lauren

        Anne Hathaway was great, James Franco was horrible.

    • Bluto

      I thought they were okay as hosts—but AH had much more energy than JF did, and could have used some more balance. As far as Melissa Leo, her speech and fauxgratitude were insufferable to watch. We were all like: Get. Off. The. Stage. NOW. J-Hud looked beautiful but has zero presence. Kirk Douglas was AWESOME. The sort of randomness of award distribution was off-putting, and the doing away with the group presentation by previously winning actresses and actors was a BAD IDEA. Bring it back.

      • WOO!!!

        WOOOO!!! Anne Hathaway came off as a nut, yelling out WOOOO!! all the time and singing unnecessary praise for everyone was meaningless, its like that Seinfeld episode where a doctor calls Elaine breathtaking and then says the same thing to the ugly baby – choose your praise

      • Heidi

        could not stand Melissa Leo feigning shock and awe…I don’t know if she swore on purpose but her speech was rambling and she just paused so many times with her hand over her mouth. You can just tell she’s something of an outsider in Hollywood. And, fake!!

      • fede

        Anne tried way too hard to be funny

      • erly

        @Bluto: the previous year’s winner gives the next year’s winner the award…..that’s the way it’s been for YEARS in the best actor/actress category at least.

      • Popeye

        Bluto, you’re a punk! Stay away from my goyle!

      • Kate

        Good grief, yes…the “woos” from Hathaway were out of control. She was trying way too hard to give some energy to the show, but if that’s the best you’ve got…then you should’ve known better than to accept a hosting gig.

      • JB

        Honestly I think it comes down to this: James was stoned, that part was for sure. If you don’t believe me check twitter, every celeb out there was tweeting that it was blatantly obvious he was out of his gourd. And with that, I think a lot of it fell on Anne’s shoulders and my guess is with him such a mess some skits were scrapped and she was nervous and had to overcompensate for him. This is why he wasn’t on the stage that much and when he was she seemed super nervous.

        There was some preshow talk with them that took place a couple hrs prior and he just seemed out of it and super pissy. Totally going off on Ricky Gervais, enough so that Anne and the interviewer seemed uncomfortable. Franco is a moron for that.

      • Daniel Yun

        Yes, bring it back!

      • Jay

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    • LOL

      Ken missed the boat. The show was pretty flat and Franco was way out of place. Hathaway was great, though. I hope they ask her back.

      • Lee Harvey

        Kirk Douglas was a train wreck. Who’s idea was it to let a legend embarrass himself like that? He never should have been out there.

      • A Terrible Oscars

        Agree, I know the man had a stroke, but he just looked like a fool out there. Have some class and dignity.

      • D’s Advocate

        I suspect it was Mr. Douglas’s idea.

      • Soapstef

        Next year it should be Anne & Sandra Bullock!

      • Elle

        Anne Hathaway was great? Please…I wanted to slap her to snap her out of her hysteria.

      • Zazazing

        I vote for Sandra Bullock to host next year. She had the funniest bit and seems so natural and at ease.

      • Amandah

        Kirk Douglas was awesome! By far the best part of the show.

      • D

        +1 vote for Sandra Bullock. I was actually relieved to see her after that night of awfulness.

    • matt

      Did anyone else think Franco was baked

      • LOL

        No. He was scared and overwhelmed.

      • Chris

        Him and The Dude obviously met up before the show.

        He was high as a kite.

      • donner

        yep, he looked baked to me, especially at the beginning of the show…toward the end, he just seemed bored, like he’d rather be doing anything else…

      • Liz

        He was definitely baked. He came back after the first half hour, and his eyes were slits.

      • Nick T

        He looked drunk in the end.

      • KC

        I guess he really did get that text from Charlie.

      • Karl

        Maybe not baked, but he did seem pretty disinterested in what was happening. Not the best Oscar show…

      • Diane

        Yes-he looked like he took something to calm himself down and it took him way too far down.

      • Erin

        Yes. He was clearly stoned

      • Rob

        A little…but then Matthew McConnaghey presented an award and made Franco look pretty darn sober in comparison!!

      • Elle

        Yes, he couldn’t even remember the name of the best movie two seconds after they announced it.

      • bruno

        he WASN’T. that’s just the way he comes accross. even danny boyle had said when he met him the first time for 127 hours he was offended because he thought Franco was stoned, and was then told that’s just the way the guy is. I think the pairing of the two, one dry and unassuming, the other overzealous, was just not right is all…

      • Niix Starkyller

        Whether it was the weed or the fear, he was a wet noodle.

      • Myke25

        Yes. I thought he looked stoned all night. Miss Hathaway made an effort and was the better of the two. Bring back Billy Crystal or Jon Stewart. Comics do MUCH better as hosts than actors do.

      • reshamX

        he was clearly stoned….stoned maybe with overwhelm n fear

      • Dan

        If you go back to his work on ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Franco’s demeanor is always like he is stoned. Why do you think he was chosen to act in ‘Pineapple Express’?

      • D

        I saw Franco on the Daily Show and thought he was charming on that. He did not seemed stoned in the least on the DS, so I don’t think it is usual demeanor.

    • Bob Hopes

      Agree! Smart? James Franco in drag? Are you kidding?

      • yolk

        I know! When he came out it was like a bad SNL skit or something. So bad!

    • Nenie

      I tend to agree with your reviews of most shows and ceremonies, but I can’t believe how kind you were to James Franco. Where Hathaway was effervescent and enthusiastic, Franco was stoney (or, disrespectfully, stoned!) and stagnant. The opening desperately needed a song, and the writing for awards presentations was dull or awkward. The Academy should give Hathaway a chance to host solo; that girl has a smile and personality bright enough to light the auditorium!

      • Law

        i feel exactly the same. i usually agree what Ken says so im really surprised he liked this!
        Anne and James are awful, it hurts me to say so as im a big fan of Anne’s

      • Tammy

        You’ve captured it exactly! Look, it’s a ceremony, which implies a certain artificiality. Miss Hathaway captured the spirit of the event with grace, style and humor. As for Mr. Franco, thank you for the previous posters who posit drugs as the precipitating element. How else does one explain his “performance”? If he finds meaningful after this I might have to question the producer’s thought process. Worse even than my beloved Jon Stewart’s tone-deaf turn as host. Bring back Hathaway as a solo host next year.

      • fede

        when i saw the opening i thought i was watching the MTV Movie Awards

      • LemuelG

        I could not agree more. I loved Ms Hathaway even in the moments she had to work with weak material, because she at least tried to kick it out of the ballroom. Let her come back on her own and with different producers in the background, because the many things that were wrong with this show are mainly their fault. Concerning Mr Franco, best to say just as much as he contributed to the overall experience: —

      • Alwaysluv10s

        Loved Ms Hathaway too, bright, sincere, funny and beautiful. Mr Franco at least did not offend anyone nor speak trash, a lot of the resent host use foul language in place of manners. I really enjoyed the evening.

    • J

      Same, this review lost all credibility as soon as I read the first paragraph.

      • Diane

        Yup-this was not a good telecast and Mr. Franco was a big part of the problem.

    • WTF

      AMEN! This writer is on drugs. Franco & Hathaway SUCKED! IT WAS THE WORST OSCAR SHOW IN YEARS!

      • fede

        what about Justin Timbarlake? Worst presenter ever! and annoying too

      • freckles

        agree with “fede” – Justin Timberlake had his cell phone out when he was up there. omg. what is this, the mtv awards?

      • Daphalina

        Justin had his cellphone out because there was a “bit” about using an app to create animation in the telecast background (which they did). It was part of the script folks. I thought he was funny, Milas Kunis just had the comic timing of a turtle (could she not read the prompter?) and it killed any potential to make that bit funny.

      • Janell

        I am so sick of Justin Timberlake trying to be an “actor”. He should stick to singing.

    • Rashy

      Total snoozefest!!

    • sunsetsnow81

      I was bored senseless. This was awful! Franco looked bored and Hathaway was over the top. The material wasn’t funny or even entertaining. Hathaway’s solo was bad, even Jackman didn’t know what to do when the cameras panned his way. It was one of the worst Oscars in years. I couldn’t wait for it to end.

    • Jeffreymixed

      I thought he was kidding too. Worst Oscars ever.

      • Jeffreymixed

        And love the above comment about AH saying WOOO!!! all the time. I kept yelling, “Stop! This isn’t SNL!!”

    • holly

      i totally agree. James Franco was HORRIBLE… i felt sorry for Anne

      • meliot

        I felt sorry for me! That was dull as dishwater.

    • ellesooz

      Me too! I kept waiting for the 90’s-esque “NOT”!

      It was barely watchable.

      At least Anne tried, but her completely lack of comedic sense and persistent “woo”ing negated any good she able to do.

    • Floopa Bampbers

      Worst, most boring Oscars EVER.

      • AJ

        A name like yours, you have room to talk??

    • Sheena

      omg – you must have watched another show because the one I saw was terrible.
      hell, if i was at the oscars I would have given billy crystal a standing ovation too!

    • David

      They both were terrible. Franco was listless and boring. Hathaway was fake and annoying. I give them the award for the worst Oscar hosts ever.

    • Diogo

      Franco was terrible, and yes, a standing ovation for Billy Crystal means we want him back very desperately!
      One more thing, Paltrow was also terrible, as usual…

      • Tad Martin

        You’re right. In all of my stunned horror at how bad Anne Hathaway and James Franco were, it slipped my mind that Gwyneth Paltrow’s caterwauling was equally as annoying & bad as Anne Hathaway’s incessant wooing.

    • al

      I’ve watched about 25 of these things and it’s hard to rank this one because as a whole it was awful–but did have some magnificent moments. I may be in a minority but all things considered I think Melissa Leo was smart to make that mistake, and even smarter if it wasn’t a mistake. She and Kirk Douglas stole the show. Portman was a massive disappointment. Hathaway was making fun of herself and the show with her over-the-top suggestions of the “younger” demographic appeal. She was o.k. all in all while James Franco may have done some damage to his career. The King’s Speech ensemble seemed so unified and family-like it was inspiring. Same goes for the Fighter and Inception. Perhaps its no accident these movies were the winners of the night.

      • D

        Don’t know about the King’s Speech. I felt the director snubbed Helena Bonahm Carter.

    • KLH

      I love Franco but he was awful. He looked pasty, sick and uncomfortable. I kept waiting for him to run off stage. She tried but still came up short. Kirk Douglas was a star. And the Disney lady was the best dressed in asymetrical brown.

    • yaya

      The worst hosts ever! As someone else said, Billy Crystal was great in the 2 minutes he was on. Put him back. And the cheering at the end-um Anne this isnt the end of SNL. Woah bad!

      • Janell

        LMAO – Anne giving the kids high-fives and woohooing at the end was not classy at all.

    • LMNOP

      They were terrible, and the audience thought so, too. Just listen to the crickets at the beginning of the show after the video “dream” sequence. Terrible.

      As an attempt to bring “youth” to the Oscars, this was a huge fail.

      But, I’m still a Hathaway fan–love her acting!!!

      • Gabriel

        I have been hivnag a similar problem with my assignment for next week…We can either do 25 min piece or start the feature. I’m doing a historical murder mystery as well (ooh, how exciting) but using my research project for that. I was going to do a sitcom pilot this term, but hadn’t done any work and just wasn’t feeling the love for it… yesterday I sat and wrote a synopsis for a completely new idea in about an hour, it was great. Needs some work, but it’s a start.I think taking both ideas in will be good, get a feel for what everyone else thinks.

    • mickey


      You should be fired. Could James Franco be any more lifeless on that stage? He looked like he was half awake.

      Secondly, it’s a shame the writers didn’t give better opportunities for Anne Hathaway. Just when I thought that she was going to break out into song with amusing rendition of “On My Own,” with Hugh Jackman, the prodution pulls a hugh “PSYCH” and resort to James Franco in Marilyn Monroe dress. HUH?!?!?!? That was absolutely lame.

      They might have been co-hosts but Anne Hathaway did all the work…with what little tools she was given.

      Ken, you are an idiot if you called that entertainment. Whatever EW is paying you, they are getting ripped off.

      • Fridge

        I have to agree. I felt kind of bad for Anne Hathaway. You could tell she was super excited and full of energy, and I think she was trying to boost up Franco and ended up going over the top. Bring her back but ditch Franco. The first thing my fiancee commented on was that Franco looked like he was stoned.

      • Mellissa

        I agree. I think Anne was super excited to be there, and overcompensated for Franco’s lack of everything. Bring her back with somebody else.

      • Kiki

        Agreed. Anne was happy to be there and was doing all the work. I think she did overcompensate, but if you’ve been on stage or done a presentation with a partner who freezes, you know the instinct is to keep trying harder and harder.

    • heej

      When Oprah came out, I was expecting her to announce that everyone was getting a Cadillac. Or going to Australia.

      • Diane

        An even better gift would have been if she’d just read a list of winners and we could have turned the broadcast off. Waste of time.

      • Jenny

        That would have been nice. At least it would have been a surprise! The awards show was a complete snoozer.

      • dr

        I too was waiting for it. “Everyone look under your chairs, you’re all Oscar winners!”

      • JT

        Wow, did Oprah look awful or what?

      • Zazazing

        I wanted her to wave the audience and say “Hey, Uma!”

      • Zazazing

        Errch! Wave TO the audience…

        No coffee yet this morning!

    • atlanta

      I thought it was a joke, too. They were the absolute worst hosts ever. Hathaway was over the top, and not in a good way. Franco was stiff. I fault the producers for hiring the two of them in the first place; they may be great actors, but they are not hosts. And who decided to let Kirk Douglas hijack the show and make the supporting actresses wait, while he shone the spotlight on himself? The whole evening was dreadful.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I’m all for (metaphorically) hanging the producers. They were first-timers for the Oscars and they stumbled out of the gate. Awful production.

      • Mo

        I think the writing was very lacking too. The video intro wasn’t good (except for Alec Baldwin), the monologue was pretty lame, and it went downhill from there… The random homage to Gone With The Wind was just pointless and bizarre, hanging there on its own. Weren’t they going to spotlight more classic movies? They must have scrapped that because of the running time, because there was nothing else like that in the rest of the show.

      • SueN

        Too bad he didn’t make them wait longer. Melissa Leo was awful to watch.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Well, there was the Shrek bit, too, but it was equally pointless.

      • Amandah

        Yeah, the nominees waited a whole extra fifteen seconds or so while an entertainment LEGEND enlivened the show a bit. Thank God he did, too. It was otherwise deadly dull. I don’t think Melissa Leo minded getting her award from KIRK DOUGLAS. She actually looked thrilled it came from him.

      • ryan

        If the internet existed like it did now, when Billy Crystal, or for that matter Bob Hope, hosted they would have been lambasted just like Anne and James. I liked it. Sorry, everything’s subjective

    • alice

      The most boring Academy Awards ever. Ken must have been at a great party to be impaired enough to think the hosts were the LEAST bit entertaining. The only positives – Hathaway was lovely and the school choir at at the end was sweet. Other than that a COMPLETE FAIL.

      • Mo

        I also enjoyed seeing all the different beautiful dresses she wore, but that’s the only thing I enjoyed.

    • Chris

      Yeah, were you partying with Charlie Sheen last night, Ken?

    • js

      Horrible, the worst oscars ever. Between her hooting for every introduced presenter and his “I’m so uncomfortable, I really don’t want to be here” stiffness all night, peeeeeeyou they stank!

    • Kate

      Been watching the Oscars for 30 years and I’m pretty sure that was the worst one. Ever. It felt like a high school assembly.And good god ABC has it for the next 3 years or something don’t they? This does not bode well.

      • tom

        I think they said through 2020. 9 years. Agree with everyone–James couldn’t have cared less and Anne tried her hardest to carry the load. I thought she did fine and would like to see her try again (maybe with someone who wants to host rather than someone who is asked to host)

    • Carol

      Franco and Hathaway were TERRIBLE hosts!! +5164189498464344646


      Or, Robert D. Junior, LOL

      • Zazazing

        Oh! Robert Downey Jr. would be such fun!

    • BFD

      YES! Billy Crystal WAS that missed last night. I look forward to Anne and James further work in film, but hosts… Oh please they were AWFUL.

    • teekay

      Agreed. This was one of the worst, possiblY THE worst, Oscar broadcasts I have seen. Franco was either high or just checked out halfway through, Hathaway got more and more desperate as the night went on and when Billy Crystal showed up my immediate reaction was: Thank God! He’s here! I absolutely would have given him a standing ovation too.

    • Dinana

      James was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL. I agree that Anne at least tried. They need to bring back Billy Crystal or Alex Baldwin. I don’t even think James is much of an actor…very disappointing.

    • lady in red

      Is he drinking the same koolaid as Charlie Sheen? James Franco was awful. Bring back Billy!

    • TJ

      In all honestly, I knew that Ken Tucker would put up a review like this. Hilarious! Seriously, though, I don’t know who was worse, James Franco’s inertness or Anne Hathaway’s cheerleader routine. In both instances I actually do think they were trying their hardest and reverted to their “personas” when things got rough, which means that Franco came off with less enery on camera.

    • CG

      Were we watching the same show? I thought the entire thing was painful and the only reason I kept watching was because I was CERTAIN it had to get better…I didn’t know I would have to wait until the amazing Colin Firth got up on stage.
      Start the Facebook campaigns now; either Billy Crystal or Randy Newman in 2012

    • jenn

      I couldn’t agree more! AWFUL!

    • Joel

      I also thought the first paragraph was a joke, and was waiting for a punchline. Ken, what were you watching, or were your threatened by Franco’s grandma?

    • carole

      Completely agree, they were terrible, and in looking to attract a younger demographic, the Oscar folks lost me. Hope it worked for you.

    • Cygnus

      They were terrible. Anne is cute, but not what I’d say a strong, credible host. Franco looked like he regressed back to his Freeks and Geeks days. Uhhhhh huh huh huh, uhhhh .

    • Portia

      I thought Anne Hathaway was terrific!!! And NO, I’m not joking. You guys are a bunch of curmudgeony cynics.

      • Gerardo

        This type of sensitivity will utilmalety be what destroys America. He did an impression of a pop culture legend a man who happened to be black. Stop crying and worry about real issues. Chris Rock does not speak truth at all. I can’t believe that was even suggested. He is a propagandist who uses his race as a money making tool.

    • bruno

      What show were you watching Tucker? These were possibly the worst, most boring, unaffective oscars in years. While I don;t blame Franco and Hathaway (mkore the writers for lack of ANYTHING funny, and the producers for a list of horrid and unexciting presenters, not to mention a dated overall visual feel and tone for the show. And while the Inception intro was cool, it was way more MTV movie awards than Oscars. The production numbers made no sense and were attached to nothing, they were just “there”. The Franco as Marilyn bit would have been great if they’d tied it into best costume. And the tribute to Lena Horne was lovely, albeit it would have been more appreciated if Dennis Hopper got the same due. So, surprised at Billy Crystal’s standing O?…I’d jump up and down if I saw someone capable of saving the trainwreck of a show too.

      • Jessica

        Thanks a ton for being the ittorucsnr on this subject matter. I actually enjoyed your current article greatly and most of all favored the way you handled the issues I regarded as controversial. You’re always quite kind towards readers really like me and help me in my everyday living. Thank you.

    • Angela

      I am with you Andy. They were TERRIBLE. The MOST boring Oscars I have seen in a long long time!!!

    • bruno

      the only thing I agree with in your recap tucker is that YES, melissa leo…? bit much, doll. A lot of a bit much…

      • Glenda

        No, chairwoman, we won’t have a flaling-out. But really, Randy can’t sing very well.annoyinglittletwerp, I don’t know, I liked them. Possibly because I was catching up on my soap operas during commercials and then rewinding or fast-forwarding the DVR. Maybe I skipped the boring stuff. Franco has a very laid-back style that I have gotten used to since he started acting on General Hospital, so maybe he’s an acquired taste.

    • ps

      I thought that Franco was more wooden than Woody ever would have been. He was TERRIBLE. Ann is beautiful and that’s all her performance called for, so she served that admirably. Can’t believe that you actually thought they were good. Were we watching the same telecast?!

    • Donald Cots

      the worst oscars I have ever seen. from the lame jokes to the profanity, to the kids singing group dressed in T SHIRTS (out of place for the oscars) couldn’t someone afford robes, or disney like costumes. DC.

      • D

        I agree-the big finale number and T-shirts???? I was disgusted with that. Even plain white button down shirts would have looked a million times better.

    • RK

      What does EW love more — Glee or James Franco? Would EW implode if James Franco were on Glee?

      • Calamity Jane

        This = funny! Nice…

      • KaTiia

        , “so, how sfessrtul is your life right now?” or some equally silly question I never know how to answer. I mean, what exactly is a “normal” amount of stress?!

    • Pete

      I am shocked by this article. Everyone I know and have read elsewhere were talking about how TERRIBLE the hosts were. Between Franco being smugly uninterested and Hathaway’s cloying enthusiasm, it was a disaster.

    • CC

      Ken Tucker definitely missed the mark this time. The show was terrible. Painful to watch. The writing was just horrible. I dont think any actor could have done anything to make it seem funnier. A train wreck overall.

    • zeezee

      You are kidding right? This was not the best version of the Oscars, nor were they the best hosts. She was good, seeming to have to fill in the gaps left by James who seemed to care less about being there or doing his job. His laid back demeanor did not translate over well and he came across as bored and aloof and apathetic. Anne was good and I felt sorry for her in the first half. The producers/directors seemed to be learning their craft as they went along…it was that bad. Why focus on Penelope Cruz for 5 mins while everyone was laughing at something on the stage-why didn’t we get to see that? I was not impressed this year…sadly – and I am Oscar’s biggest fan! Maybe next year…(btw, I agree with all the winners however)

      • lesliemd

        I love watching the Oscars, but this was painful and awful (and I had connections to the Rob Lowe/Snow White production…). James Franco was deadly dreadful – does he have a problem looking at people? Seriously, he never looked at Anne, and he appeared the same in his stuporific pre-show interview.

        But even more offending was the direction of the show. Amateurish shots and angles, more camera-operators in shots than I’ve ever seen, and awful bits that caused Oscar WINNERS to have little time to speak.

        Yet watch – this show will end up nominated for an Emmy. God forbid.

      • Hasan

        Hej Emi, I have been with you since the LFMJ time. Found the blog ‘accidently’ while looking for MJ info.. since then I have been one of your loyal raeedrs. Most often reading retroactivelly, however. I am your age (I think), living in Sweden and working in Denmark. I love your sense of humour and wisedom… your intelligence and your reflections – which often very much match my view on life. I actually think we could have been really good friends you, and me.

    • James Franco

      I thought I did a nice job. Sorry you guys didn’t like it.

      • D


      • Ann A

        You did a fine job :)

      • Mark

        James, buddy – you’re a fine actor but as an Oscar host, not so much. You looked like you pulled an all-niter at school. I remember seeing you on the Today Show and your initial reaction was that you couldn’t host. You should have stuck to your instincts and passed. Dude, you’ve should have known better. Oh well, just chalk it up to a bad performance and leave it at that. We all have bad days.

    • mary

      Ken Tucker what show were you watching? This may be the worst Oscars ever. Anne H was OK, but James Franco was dull, many people even think he was stoned.
      Last year was better with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, I liked Hugh Jackman,too. Even Ellen was better than these 2. Sooo painful to watch.

      • D

        Hugh Jackman was awesome. He has the stage experience.

    • Redhead

      Totally disagree. I really enjoyed Anne’s enthusiasm and James’ quirkiness and I loved the opening sequence.

      • Nacho

        There are two films that I thought had great story: District 9 and Up. Avatar had no story, but this is one of those rare cases where the viulsas make it totally worth it.

    • Sharon

      Completely agree with previous posters. The worst Oscar’s I ever saw and I’ve seen a few at my age. I thought the opening montage was LAME! How often have we seen it? And, the audience was nearly silent during it. When I compare these to other award show hosts; Billy Crystal, Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris? Kevin Spacey, even. Thank gawd for DVR and fast forward…

    • pamb456

      I agree with you! I think Ken didn’t see the same show I did. Franco did absolutely nothing, and Anne overcomensated by becoming a ‘Woo’ girl.

      Seriously, how many times did she say ‘Woo’ after introducing someone? A little unseemly.

      And yes, people were thrilled to see Billy Crystal as they were remembering what it was like when a professional comedian and entertainer kept the show going.
      Other than the opening film montage, Hathaway and Franco did nothing to elevate the night.

    • Victoria

      I was so excited for James Franco to be the host, but from the moment he first walked on stage and talked, I wondered if he was on drugs. He was so blank, and spacey. Poor Anne Hathaway had no hope, she was good at first but the more James stayed ‘out of it’ the more over-the-top she went.
      I seriously think James was on drugs.

      • D

        I know. I saw Franco on the Daily Show and thought he was engaging! Oh well.

    • texangal

      I agree, they WERE terrible. The audience knew that, that’s why Billy Crystal got a standing O. They were obviously trying too hard, they did not seem at ease, especially Anne. Bring back Billy!

    • Melly

      KT, were you bombed last night while watching the exact definition of what a train wreck award show is?

    • Elisha

      Agreed. I cheered for Billy Crystal loudly last night because I hoped he was going to step in and host the rest of the ceremony. The opening was cute enough, but the rest of the evening was tepid at best. Bring back Billy Crystal, or Jon Stewart at the least.

    • emwex

      It was embarrassing to watch. Hathaway tried too hard and Franco didn’t try at all. So sad that with all the talent in Hollywood, this show was the best they could come up with.

    • mojackcity

      I thought the exact same thing!

    • ginger

      I don’t know about the rest of you, but I found it extremely annoying that every time Anne Hathaway introduced someone, there was that shrieking “wooo” and clapping into the microphone. My dogs got up and left the room she was so pitchy.

    • kitkate

      Thank you! I thought the same thing. I even looked around for a disclaimer about whether this was a sponsored post or something.

      • Aya

        uhhh hate to break it to u girls, but those glasses awr cnmoig back from the mid 80s. so if u dont own a pair of these yet, ur so NAWT in sync. good luck, girlies

    • barnhillism

      Agree. They were awkward. Hathaway seemed fake most of the time. And when Franco was on stage he looked stoned.

    • Barney

      I thought it was a great broadcast…billy crystal is old and hasn’t made a film in years. At least Franco is a working actor. And Hathaway was beautiful and poised. I dug ‘em.

    • StLouisBlahs

      I thought this was a joke review, too. The show was horrible, starting with the opening taped bit, which can be the best part of the show.

    • Jen

      Agreed. I LOVE James Franco but he was totally out of it. Anne Hathaway was doing all the work.

    • cici217

      why is Ken tucker sucking up to James and Anne. They stunk up the theatre. Beyond horrible. There is no way any ‘real’ critic could give them even an average rating nevermind the babbling lovefest Tucker is doling out. EW, you need to audit your employees

    • Preston

      I thought both the hosts were good. Anne was all into it and James didn’t really get into a groove until the second half of the show. James looked lost the first half, especially being on live TV in front of millions. He looked petrified for the first 30 minutes, but he got his energy back up to be even with Anne on the show’s second half. Trust me, it’s got to be tough having to host a long 3 plus hour show!

      • D

        Oh please.

      • Faton

        I would like to take the canhce of thanking you for that professional direction I have often enjoyed checking out your site. I will be looking forward to the particular commencement of my college research and the whole groundwork would never have been complete without surfing your web site. If I may be of any assistance to others, I’d be ready to help by what I have learned from here.

    • dgal

      Seriously, Ken? That was three hours of torture. I don’t know which telecast you were watching,but the one I saw was just awful.

    • stephenkc

      Thank you! I, too, re-read Tucker’s first few paragraphs waiting for the punchline. I can’t believe Tucker found ANYTHING of value or entertainment is what most of the country is describing as the worst, most boring Oscars telecast in modern history. All I can figure is that Tucker must have been smoking the same good stuff as the lifeless co-host.

    • Coco

      The hosts were just plain awful, between James’ smug detachment and Anne’s giggling perkiness, it was embarrassing just watching them. I was ecstatic when Billy Crystal came out because I thought the producers finally came to their senses and decided to sub out those clowns.

    • ryan

      If the internet existed like it did now, when Billy Crystal, or for that matter Bob Hope, or any other host had hosted they would have been lambasted just like Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I liked it. Sorry, everything’s subjective

    • Gregory

      Yes, there were some highlights, but most cannot be linked to the hosts. Franco will never be invited to host again, not that he would want to. Anne could pair up with Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Robert Downey or Billy Crystal. That ovation for Billy was a clear expression that the audience misses him. I love that he reminded us how many years Bob Hope hosted. In the current times, there is an obsession with trying to find something new and fresh to appeal to Beiberites. We saw last night how much of a mistake that approach is.

      • D

        Like someone mentioned above, I vote Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway as cohosts. Why not two females?

    • Lara

      Well I loved James and Anne. To each their own I guess. People just like to complain.

    • Jared

      @Andy…it’s weird right? Ken Tucker doesn’t usually miss the boat like this. I love the oscars…loved almost every year and have been very forgiving of John Stewart, Whoopie and Chris Rock. Faves include Hugh J, Billy and Letterman (Oprah…uma…uma…oprah…hilarious). This wasn’t the young oscars they were hoping for…it was the octogenarian’s yearly night out. Anne and James looked more like The Love Boat’s cruise directors. WTF are you thinking Ken? It was universally bad. Bad bad. Not even fun or interesting. Just bad. Franco needs to just focus on school cuz he’s burnt out. Anne was cute but she tried so hard that her seams seemed to burst in chaotic hysteria. Bring back Billy and be done with it.

    • meliot

      Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the love for Anne Hathaway? I just don’t get it, and I didn’t get it last night either. The biggest laugh I got was when they ran the old Bob Hope footage – now there was a comedian! The night was excruciatingly slow and anticlimactic.

    • MRM

      A disgusting display of everything a pothead hates….privlege (sp?), elitism, and this may be why Franco was absent..bit off more crap than he could chew and was making a statement. What did the hosts earn for this gig?

    • jeremy

      I thought Hathaway tried too hard but she was sweet. Franco was stiff but what do you expect with the terrible dialogue they always get. Even last year with ultra talented pros like Martin and Baldwin some off the jokes fell flat. Unless they wanted Franco to pull his brilliant stoner act from pineapple express the show was doomed to fall flat. Anyway whats with all the criticism? I’ve watched the Oscars every year since 91 and still all i care about is seeing who wins. The red-carpet nonsense both pre and post ceremony is mind-numbing. It features often extremely talented people being judged by people with no talent of any kind, unless pointing out that that handbag doesn’t go with that color of dress is a talent. Quite frankly its pathetic, akin to these celebrity dr’s or tmz commentators who make a living talking about and insulting people they don’t even know, and whats worse they actually think they’re so cool while they’re doing it. SO WORD TO THE WISE I DONT WATCH TO HEAR STUPID ASS COMMENTS FROM Z LIST CELEBRITY HANGER-ON-ERS I WATCH TO SEE THE ACTORS I ADMIRE WIN FOR THE PERFORMANCES AND FILMS I RESPECT AND I WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO REGARDLESS OF THE HOST. BUT GET STEWART OR COLBERT NEXT TIME PLEASE

    • Dawney

      I totally disagree with the props for Anne Hathaway and James Franco…Simply put, actors should never host the Oscars!! Ever! This is a job best suited for those who have ‘stand-up comedy’ chops! Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Bob Hope…Quick wit, supreme improv, comfort and ease without a script…These are the prerequisits to a successful host and Oscar evening…Anne tried to hard and it was awkward (really, with the shimmy in your stupid dress with tassles? That is only interesting when a topless stripper does it)…James looked bored, disinterested and irritated (especially when he had on the blonde wig and pink dress….Not cute, not charming, not funny) Again, only interesting when a stripper does it….

  • clc

    Anne Hathaway was fantasic! James Franco did not pull his weight.
    The lack of a big musical number was also a disappointment. Yes, Anne did that funny bit where she referenced her singing with Huge Ackman 2 years ago. But that number paled in comaprison to Huge Ackamn’s huge production number.

    • cj

      Huge Ackman?….

      • @ cj

        Read it as spelled. Huge Ackmen.

    • @@cj

      Um that is not how it is spelled “Ackamns”

    • Melokesm

      You are talking about Hugh Jackman but I don’t get the joke…Huge Ackman..Huge act man?

  • Debbie

    Quick question- will Colin Firth’s speech be online on the Oscar website or YouTube? The storms in the Midwest made my cable cut out.

    • Jordan

      Of course it will

  • Shane

    I hope this is a dream, because if you’re not you must be the only critic who actually LIKED the show.

  • Joe in Philly

    This was one of the worst Oscar shows ever. I love Franco and Hathaway but they were given horrible material. The idea was to have them be young and hip but the whole night skewed old and established. It was brutal.

    • The Major

      Yes,you’re right exactly. Bruce Velanch on board? Or maybe they should just hire Billy to write the whole thing. “Young” it wasn’t. Except for the very first joke, joking about skewing “young”. Ironic, that.

      • Mbol

        I’m a daily reader thgruoh Google. Middle-aged mom living in the Southern part of America. I can’t even remember how I found your blog, but I’ve been subscribed for maybe a year or so. I enjoy the randomness of your posts and the fact that so often your insights are so entertaining and so tender at the same time.I like the photos, the commentaries, the topics, and the combination of silly and serious often in the same post.Screw the stats! Don’t change a thing!Shawn K.

  • andy

    Funny, poised, relaxed, and smart, Anne Hathaway and James Franco made for marvelous Oscar hosts.

    I honestly thought this review was a joke after reading the first line.

    • Franco and Anne sucked

      What show did Ken watch? It was not funny, Franco seemed stoned or uninterested, Anne was on a caffeine rush – she was enthusiastic but had no personality, was fairly generic

      • Diane

        I thought Anne was charming but over the top, Franco was a disaster and Ken skipped the Oscars completely and recycled the SAG commentary or something like that.

      • llevinso

        I agree. I love them both but they BOTH were bad last night. It was literally the worst Oscar telecast I have ever seen.

  • Susan lucy

    When they bring back Bob Hope from the dead to present you know your “younger”, “hipper” Oscars are in trouble. Wow.

    • Liva

      And Hope’s “passover” joke got the biggest laugh in our house.

    • CC

      Bob Hope was the best host of the night. And I agree – very boring show.

  • mae

    franco was awesomely uninterested in everything and i love him for it! it makes me appreciate his acting even more. i enjoyed the awards – predictable, yet as always enjoyable. plus, we get to see colin firth all next awards season presenting the best actress awards. hooray for handsome men.

    • F

      Ooooo, good point. I forgot about that. Can’t wait for next year’s awards just so I can drool over Colin!

  • Dan

    Worst Oscar telecast in memory, and I thought Hathaway and Franco were both way out of their league. Even Letterman was better. One bright light, though: someone finally had the good sense to mute the audience popularity-contest applause during the “In Memoriam” segment.

    • Greenie

      I agree. I thought the best addition was not hearing applause during the In Memorium segment. Much more respectful to those we lost.

      • LBoogie

        That was nice. Would’ve been nicer had Corey Haim been included.

      • Jen

        Corey Haim was in last year’s montage

      • Just Someone

        It would have been impossible for Corey Haim to have been in last years montage as he died AFTER the Oscars aired!

      • Meier

        Confession: I applauded for Leslie Nielsen.

      • Souhila

        Im Caroline, 23 year old from Stockholm.I check in maybe 4 times a week or so. I’ve been following you since I was 17 or 18 I think, when you wrote LTMJ.I like your posts about your frenids,family and running. Love the way you write.Maybe I’ve already told you this (or I’ve been thinking about doing it a hundred times). In high school when we had the “nationella proven” in Swedish I wrote my essay about LTMJ (the theme was blogging). It was a success and my teacher now uses it as an example essay to show students. I just want to thank you for being so inspirational to me. All through my last year of high school I was so inspired to write, just by reading your lovely and funny blog. Keep up the good work!

  • Violet

    I must have been watching something else. I thought it was a horrible Oscar show.

  • Tom Brazelton

    Melissa Leo’s speech was COMPLETELY contrived. Every blustery reaction she gave made me wonder why she was being awarded for acting at all. I found her acceptance speech to be completely fake.

    I was also not a fan of Franco or Hathaway. Franco was practically sleepwalking – when he bothered to show up on stage. Hathaway literally yelled “WOOOO!” for every presenter she introduced like some kind of brain dead cheerleader.

    • Bluto

      She was dreadful. Sorry, that would be DREADFUL. I hope she’s never nominated again.

      • Marilyn S.

        Yes, Melissa Leo’s speech was very annoying. I wonder how many voters after hearing her phoniness and especially after she dropped the f-bomb were thinking, “I should have voted for Amy Adams or even the girl from True Grit.”

    • Art

      She even paused early on for a laugh that never came. She was pretty insufferable.

    • lisa

      I hated how Anne wooed for every presenter. One of the worst parts of the evening.

    • kj

      Totally agree. Leo’s speech was awful and contrived. Plus, that whole F-bomb thing was stupid. And why or why did she steal Kirk Douglas’s cane? What the hell was that about???

      • KrisO

        Taking Kirk Douglas’s cane out of his own hands was the epitome of bad taste and insensitivity. I was, and remain, appalled. Talented lady, but woah, nuts.

    • jk

      she was HORRIBLE! the yelling for the presenters….the singing….the cheerleader line was dead on! she could have been warm and funny and likable and she came off phony and irritating…franco was being himself….i agree when someone suggested bullock to host next year

      • sarah

        This comment is dead on. Melissa Leo’s speech was very contrived and fake. It was all about her ego.

  • Burt

    Hated it.

  • Brian K

    Franco looked stoned the whole time.

    • KC

      I think he got a peak at the winners list beforehand and decided to highjack the gig with such a sh!tty performance out of spite.

  • CMF

    Sorry, Ken. I usually agree with you. But it appears we were not watching the same show. One of the worst ever. Poor choices of host (not their own faults, but where’s Bruce Villanche when you need him – or any other writers??) People gave Billy Crystal and standing O because they were mistaken into believing he had been sent out as a last minute ringer to save the show – and that, yes, the producers of the show heard their muffled pleas to be rescued from the evening’s sadly boring hosts. Melissa Leo? Class personified. Not. From the feigning surprise (after paying for her own “For Your Consideration” ad directed at Academy voters), to her protracted f-bomb speech, I couldn’t wait for Kirk Douglas to start bogarting the stage again! Just dragged. Agree with your hilights (short film, David Seidler, etc) that were a reprieve from the monotony.

    • Jen

      Also agree with Ken about Jude Law’s Robert Downey joke … it was no different from what Ricky Gervais said. Of course, Jude Law isn’t funny so who cares.

    • Marilyn

      Believe it or not, Bruce Vilanch’s names was in the credits as a writer.

      • CMF

        yes, but what you didn’t know is that Bruce Villanche was actually backstage working on one of James Franco’s term papers instead of writing jokes for the show… shame.

    • Sara

      Why does everyone insist that Melissa’s surprise was feigned? And perhaps more to the point, why does everyone assume they have PROOF of this? Maybe she was surprised and flustered, maybe she was faking it. But please, people, let’s get in the habit of stating facts as facts and opinions as OPINIONS. It comes across as more accurate, less jaded, and a lot less arrogant.

    • Sadi

      No offense to oanyne at all but I do not understand the whole bigger-than-your-face nerd glasses thing . it makes me sad people are covering their pretty faces . But I do <3 the confidence of statement makers like Anne.

  • Priscila

    Did you see the same Oscars I saw? I thought you were being sarcastic in your first paragrpah. Anne Hathaway was charming, but James Franco was horrible! A piece of wood!

    • becks

      agreed this was one of the worst in recent memory. no idea what EW is thinking say it was good but i think it just proves there is a definate bias over there.

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