Charlie Sheen, live on CNN with Piers Morgan, says, 'I'm super-bitchin',' has received support from Mel Gibson and Sean Penn

Charlie Sheen made a sudden live appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, carrying test results that declared him drug-free and proclaimed, “I’m super-bitchin’ [and] I don’t believe myself to be an addict.” Morgan called Sheen “the Che Guevara of television” and “one of life’s great characters.”

Sheen said that CBS president Les Moonves came to his house and told him, “‘Try to pull it back a little bit,’ and I said, ‘No problem, boss.'” The actor said he was thereafter surprised when production was shut down with what he said were eight more shows to complete the season.

“I would urge Les or Chuck [Lorre] to call in,” said Sheen during the live broadcast. Alas, they did not.

When Morgan asked him whether he felt any responsibility as a role model when he’s the star of Two and a Half Men, “the number one family comedy,” Sheen snickered that the content of any given episode of Men is “juvenile or gross,” containing a quantity of lewd jokes that “eclipses stuff I do on my most epic nights.”

Sheen said if the rumors are true that CBS is courting John Stamos to replace him on Men, “you guys [at CBS] deserve everything that happens later,” implying low ratings, and adding he didn’t forgive Stamos for ridiculing him on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Sheen said Mel Gibson had called with comforting words — “He’s a stone cold dude,” Sheen said of Gibson. “Sean Penn was over [at my house] the other night and we had a few laughs,” he added.

The irony of appearing on CNN, to be followed by an Anderson Cooper 360 show devoted to Libya and the latest statements by Muammar Gaddafi, was not lost on Sheen. “For me to be the biggest headline while this is going on,” he said, “that’s crazy.”

It was, it must be admitted, an impressive performance — on the wacko terms that Sheen has redefined for himself as decent public behavior. He was quick and frequently funny. Sheen continued to heap scorn on those who would armchair diagnose his condition and urge him into rehab or an organization such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Sheen said he found the rhetoric of addiction is “vintage balderdash” and that to join AA, “you gotta sit in a room and be all lame. I’m a winner and they look like losers.”

Morgan told Sheen that he believed Sheen was “entitled to behave however you want” provided it wasn’t illegal.

“I don’t think you sound that crazy at all,” said Morgan. And indeed, Sheen came across as an intelligent, complicated man — jumpy and a yammerer, to be sure, compulsively rephrasing nearly every sentence he uttered, but by no means out of control or incoherent.

What do you think of Sheen’s appearance on Morgan’s show?

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  • Celeste

    1. Who administered his drug test? Michael Jackson’s former Dr?

    2. Where is your career when Sean Penn is hanging out with you?

    • John C.

      Right. Sean Penn is such a bad guy who does nothing but completely immerses himself in humanitarian causes. He doesn’t just talk about a problem he goes to the places and pulls out the bodies. I find it hard to believe that if Penn really was his friend he wouldn’t have tried to talk some sense into him. The last thing Sheen needs in his life are more enablers.

      • Really?

        Sean Penn is an attention whore.

      • Mary

        Sean Penn is not this great humanitarian! He is an attention seeker. He only does things with camera around. Who can forget Hurrican Katrina? He was on a boat trying to save people, with a cameraman. He was in the way of the real people who trying to do the job.

      • Jon

        Sean Penn is a punk. He does nothing for nobody that little weasel. He probably went over to Sheens house to score some crack.

      • Tall Amy

        both are lovers of women and can satisfy any one at any age and love them with all their hearts and TallPeopleMeet was amazing

    • Alan

      YOU should have half the talent Sean Penn has in his left little finger. Typical arm chair critic.

      • Lynda

        Well it looks like the lifestyle caught up with you. Take some responsiblilty for your actions and stay close to the AA rooms you are going to need these friends.

      • Thamas

        The only good thing Sean Penn did for humanity was when he beat Madonna.

      • Ralph Salde

        You are right! All his talent is in his left little finger… or is it in his index finger

      • Elliott


        You’re 100% wrong about Sean Penn. He’s been in Haiti living in a tent for over a year, long after the cameras and America stopped caring.

        I don’t like Penn, but you’ve got to appreciate that level of commitment to helping.

        I’d suggest you do some research before you make claims like that.

      • RockBanger

        @ Ralph.
        You wrong there Ralph. It’s in his middle finger that he would be pointed in your direction. And all the other Internet crusaders who love to criticize people yet have no talent themselves. Just because he doesn’t make movies now does mean the man does not have talent. Sheen and penn have been friends fir a long while and he probably went to try to talk to Charlie because he has a heart and saw the guy needed a talking to. Everyone is human and make mistakes stop being so f’n critical. I’m sure there are people out there who could tear you a new one with your short comings. No one is perfect.

    • bugsby

      Wait a couple of years and don’t forget that Sean Penn is “friends” with Chavez. See everybody forget the link after all the atrocities happening in Venezuela come out.

    • Dennis

      Charlie Sheen will be dead soon. The man has a death wish and he’s bi-polar.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds about right. People don’t realize you don’t have to be on drugs or alcohol to act like you have a mental disorder.

      • Carla

        You are right Dennis. Sadly, the ‘death clock’ for Charlie is ticking, and I’ll be amazed if he survives the month of March.

      • Really?

        I think he is at least tri-polar!

    • Chris

      Yeah, for real, man, when you’re hanging with a two-time best actor Oscar winner, you know your life has gone to crap.

    • LOL

      Off the rails on a crazy train.

    • jason.

      Wait. You’re focusing on Sean Penn? Charlie Sheen is getting support from Mel Gibson.

      Because when you’re in the midst of a P.R. sh*tstorm, the person you want in your corner is Mel Gibson.

      Actually, if you want to look good, that’s not a bad idea. “I might be coming off as batsh*t crazy, but at least I’m not Mel Gibson Crazy”…

      But you go ahead and act like Sean Penn is the damaging entry in the speed-dial on his cellphone.

      • Lauren

        People forget Mel Gibson paid Robert Downey Jr.’s insurance to get film roles when he got out of prison. He is very supportive to his friends.

  • Wild Thing


    • elizabeth

      truely I pray for him and his family,an addiction is a demon that needs lots of prayers,I am sure his family wants him to live, and my heart goes out to them, what a terrible fear they must have knowing the truth, I saw the pictures on Martin Sheens site and this is a real family, pictures of the children and his long time wife of many years, hurts my heart how they must be hurting inside, God be with this family,let us forget about the money for a while and think about the life that needs to be saved, such a talent in a very disturbed body and mind, pray for them all, it will take strong prayer

      • Alex Brazeau

        Wow…Someone ate a bowl full of crazy.. Where is your “All powerful God” now? you people just throw your hands in the air and don’t do ANYTHING to really help people in need. You make me sick. What this moron needs is a blow to the head and a life in the Betty Ford.

      • Shannon S

        as someone who’s unfortunately had a lot of experience with AA and NA, this is the kind of talk that probably drove Charlie Sheen crazy. I’m not bashing religion, and you’re free to believe that there’s a “demon” inside of him…but that’s nothing but an excuse. I heard that same crap in meetings: “You can’t help it…you have a disease!” Or “drinking and drugs is the devil’s work! Only God’s grace and prayer can save you!” Let me tell you from EXPERIENCE lady, the only person that helped me was MYSELF. I believe in God, and consider myself to be a religious person, but I won’t use God and the devil as crutches or excuses for my behavior. Everybody’s responsible for their own actions…and Charlie Sheen, as crazy as he sounds, has proven he’s not on drugs right now. Does he need psychological help? Absolutely. Did the prior drug use fry his brain and cause this behavior? Very possible. But I agree completely with his criticism of AA and people who give these “armchair” diagnoses.

      • jen

        Thank you for your email. I too feel that when we bash Charlie Sheen we are hurting his family. They have to endure the mocking of their son/brother. Instead of bashing Charlie can we pray for Charlie and his entire family right now. You would be hurting too if your child was being brought down. I know. When your son is treated that way it hurts so much. If for the family alone, can we have compassion and heart ache for them all.

      • cherie

        You could not have said it better. God help those who are sick. I have a son that is very sick and it”s very hard to watch. I will pray for charlie as I do my son d daily.

    • Mary San Diego

      LOL! If I hear him say that ONE MORE TIME!…..

    • Mary San Diego

      LOL! If I hear him say that ONE MORE TIME!…..

  • Mike Tyson

    I’ld like to punch him just once and then he’ld be cool by me.

    • Ruby Stack o’Lee

      ha! I think he’d be cool by me too

    • elizabeth

      this time punching may not help, but he probably could use friends,and not the so called friends he has now, with friends like that who needs enemys

      • pat huff

        If he wants friends, he has the money to buy some – like his “goddesses”. Trouble is, one of these days the money will run out and then where will he be?

    • pressy

      yeah he should just bite off chuck lorres ear off.

  • Prince

    I’m like gonna write a hit new song like “1999” called;
    “I want to party like Charlie Sheen if you know what I mean.”

    Wish me luck,
    Peace and Love !

    • elizabeth

      this will probably be a hit, hope it is not like the song dedicated to Princess Di, how sad

    • robert euzarraga

      Tyson just cracked me up with his comment and Prince might just have a nother hit….I’ll be waiting for that cd…(:P

      • disco


      • Jawir

        cartercool90 on July 13, 2009 if mama bird push baby bird out of nest, and then baby crack head on rgnuod and get eaten by cat then he do better next time! lol Christmas Eve is so random

  • am

    I knew he would look bad but I was shocked at his appearance. This man is killing himself.

  • PickledGherkin

    He is right to slate aa and twelve step ‘treatment’. Read the orange papers.

  • Bill C—-n

    Charlie can I come over and hang with you when Hillary is out of country?

  • John C.

    As far as Sheen’s constant attacking of AA and 12 step programs, that is the thing that is making him the most unlikable through this entire thing. It’s become very offensive. He’s right though, the success rate is very low. Unfortunately for the people that need to lean on it, it is their only option. Some people need a support system, and want to learn how to live life without drugs and alcohol. Just getting sober for a few weeks isn’t doing anything. Sheen refuses to look for the root of his problem, and eventually he’s going to hit rock bottom. He might even need something really bad to happen to wake him up. Just a Hollywood jerk off. That’s all he is.

    • TONY

      Some people hit rock bottom and keep digging. Sheen still hasn’t put the shovel down.

    • Doink

      “Success rate” is a totally misleading concept for something like AA. It’s not a cure. It’s not an operation or a pill. You have to voluntarily participate in it in some form, some way pretty much every day. Most people don’t want to do that– especially if they find it easier or more pleasurable in the short run to get high.

      It’s like they say– AA is for those who WANT it, not NEED it. If only there were a simple cure for everyone who needed it.

      • Tiger Blood

        there is a simple cure… STOP.

      • April Varela

        Very well said.

    • elizabeth

      Most of the comments I’ve read so far have hit the nail on the head. Sheen is so typical of an addict, which he says he’s not, and Morgan just sucked up to him.


      I am 16 yrs. sober and feel I know what I am talking about when it comes to AA. For Charlie to spout off ridiculous comments such as “you have to sit in a room and be all lame” is more than I can stomach. A lot of people find themselves and god in those rooms. Shame on you Sheen! If being real is being lame so be it. I have no desire to alter or enhance who I am. I am pretty damn bitchen just the way I am. Charlie do we look like fools? Anyone can walk on a set and display proof of a clean drug test. Who’s pee was it? Not yours.

    • pressy

      AA stands for a**holes assorted

  • Momar Kadhafi

    My people love me. And Charlie Sheen is not high as a kite right now … two peas in a pod. Charlie Sheen should play Mamor Kadhafi when they make the tv movie.

  • Lahey

    not out of control or incoherent, your kidding, you can say that but everyone knows cnn just aired an interview with person in mental crises. I have seen other sheen interviews in the past, and this persona was totally different.

    • t.moon

      Mental??? Looord….It’s dope people..come on !!!!!

  • Nadine

    The show is very lewd and by no means a family show. Mr. Sheen is not a role model by any stretch of the imagination, nor does he play one on the show. Which I watch and enjoy, I admit, but the values portrayed on the show are terrible.

    • MsSuniDaze

      Agreed… totally not a family show at all.

  • Sgt. Rock

    Charlie’s a public figure so we get to watch another ad hoc lifestyle of the rich and famous. Charlie is thumping his chest, working up for the big fight with the Studio Chieftains.

    • Auth

      Posted on I have to say Andy (Andrew) Cole as Ive never seen the Toon blub so much over losing a pelayr, how quick we forget that he and Pedro had the highest goals to game ratio as strike partners, followed by Pedro and Sir Les.

  • Butters

    I’ve said it before, this guy is a soulles twerp. I’m talking of course about Peirs Morgan. Could care less about Sheen.

  • Patricia J. Anderson

    He is truely CRAZY

  • Values

    I believe the real problem here is narcissism and it has becoming an out of control issue in American society these days!

    • Alan

      And yet you started your sentence with ‘I’….

      • JonnyT

        How should Values have begun his statement? But if it’ll make you feel better, ahem: Some people in this world didn’t realize that correct grammar equaled narcissism, including I.

      • mike

        and you ended your sentence with “I” as a narcissist would so as to get in the last word or last vowel in this case

      • Pal

        Naw–a narcissist would’ve left that ‘I believe’ part out and just stated their opinion as fact.

    • Christine

      charlie Sheen, you MAKE ME want to get sober! OMG Do you hear what you are actually saying? Well, thanks for giving me a wake up call… Im going back to AA jackass!!


        good for you Christine. Sober is the way we are naturally. It is not a penalty or punishment. It is Really who you are.

      • Jan

        I’m glad for you, Christine.

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