'The Simpsons' review: 'Angry Dad' parodied 'Toy Story' and 'Wallace and Gromit': with VIDEO

Sunday night’s edition of The Simpsons was advertised as an awards-show satire, with Homer and Bart nominated for an Oscar, and guest-voices from Halle Berry, Ricky Gervais, and Russell Brand. None of them were very funny, but that was the joke — they were parodying the toadying tone of awards patter. Well, Brand and Berry were; Gervais seemed to have improvised a lot of Gervais-y stream-of-jokiness blather that he may well have intended to be funny. The producers put up a picture of Gervais during the show’s recreation of The Golden Globes with a caption that read, “Do Not Allow This Man To Host.” Ricky Gervais: Good sport or butt of ridicule?

The premise of the episode was that Bart’s web cartoon “Angry Dad” got made into a feature film, Angry Dad: The Movie, which was nominated, and won, numerous awards. Along the way, Simpsonian jabs were taken at Roman Polanski, Martin Scorsese, Randy Newman, while Lisa did the obligatory erudite name-check, this one including Wes Anderson, Frank Tashlin, Tim Burton, and Taylor Hackford.

However, the truly amusing stuff this week wasn’t the awards spoof, but the showing of the clips competing against Angry Dad for best animated film. The parodies of Pixar animation on the Toy Story-like Condiments was a very accomplished replication of Pixar at its most moistly sentimental.

Even better was the Wallace and Gromit pastiche (complete with Nick Park guest voice), here called a “Willis and Crumble” cartoon titled Better Gnomes and Gardens.

It’s not often that the visuals in The Simpsons, always intentionally, artfully crummy, top the verbal humor, usually intentionally wittier than the visuals.

Did you watch “Angry Dad: The Movie”?

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  • Tim

    Anyone else catch the Hardcore reference? George C Scott going “turn it off, TURN IT OFF!”

    • kim in kentucky

      OMG! YES !

      • Dippidy doo

        Lame attempt at Simpsons to remain relevant, it stays on for nostalgia purposes only. Longevity does not equal quality, look at Fawlty Towers, only about 12 episodes and one of the funniest shows ever made

      • @Dippidy doo

        I fail to see how a parody of a 30-year old movie is a lame attempt to remain relevant.

      • JimmieG

        Hey kim….swing by Frankfort baby.

      • ZZ

        Wow, after reading his comment, I think Dippity here is Comic Book Guy.

        Worst. Comment. Ever.

  • kim in kentucky

    One of the better Simpsons in a while – also impressed by the “shorts” – esp Wallace & Gromit reference – plus – they were nominated for SHORT not FEATURE (as explained by Halle Berry as it was less than 40 minutes)

  • nt

    i loved the little banksy reference. i hope he wins this sunday.

  • Sven

    The spoof of the Triplets of Belleville was truly sublime.

  • Sue1

    Almost makes me wish I still watched the show.

    • Flip

      Bing bing bing! The first anti-Simpsons, “It was so much better in the past!” comment. Yawn.

      • Tye-Grr

        It’s true though. The various clips were amusing, but the episode was a total bore. Truly good episodes these days are a very far and few between.

      • Tye-Grr

        ^Or reverse that… Eh, you can figure it out: they aren’t so funny anymore.

      • Flip

        You’re wrong. The show is still consistently funny and still the best animated series on television. Just because it’s changed from the way it was in the 90s doesn’t mean it’s not good.

      • Jake

        Tis sad but true.

        The Simpsons has been well past its prime for years now.

        Last night’s show didn’t make me laugh even once.

        At the risk of incurring the wrath of rabid Simpsons fans everywhere, I say it’s time to finally put this puppy to sleep.

      • Flip

        Jake, why would you wish death on a show that millions of people still love? Are you really so selfish that you thing its fans should be deprived of this show just because YOU don’t like it anymore?

      • Flip


    • Bobby’s Robot

      Anyone who thinks Simpsons isn’t still funny doesn’t watch it every week.

      • Robot’s Mechanic

        That’s true on so many levels. But then, if someone doesn’t think it’s funny, then why *would* they be watching it every week?

    • forrest

      haven’t watched an episode in years – just checking to see if anything has changed – obviously not. This is a program well past its prime. Give it a rest already.

  • Flip

    Funny, funny episode all around. I hadn’t seen any promos for this episode so I was delightfully surprised by the guest voices and fake animated shorts.

  • Josh

    I thought it was a great episode, but the whole Randy Newman thing was done by Family Guy. It’s normal to see Family Guy “borrow” from The Simpsons, but this is the first time I think the opposite has happened.

    • Karry

      So? They didn’t use it randomly. It was actually appropriate for the scene. So it’s not “borrowing” from family guy at all. lol.

      • Jonny

        Yea just because family did it first doesnt mean Simpsons copied them or anything.

  • Dean

    I was hoping you guys would write a post about this topic! I loved the animated parodies. The W&G and Pixar spoofs were fabuluous, as was the Triplets of Belleville reference. Groening and co. really nailed the look and feel of all three. Kudos!

    • Karry

      I agree! They were so alike & so different. It really goes to show their talents can cover a wider range then they let on. I loved the Persepolis & Triplet’s of Belleville spoofs!

  • Lisa Simpson

    The episode was very funny, but the spoofs/homages were brilliant.

  • Annie

    kind of creepy that they had the bit about Anthony Hopkins… it was clearly done before he died.

    • Monty

      …Anthony Hopkins isn’t dead…unless i missed something?

      • Sven

        Sir Anthony Hopkins is indeed still among the living.

      • Scott

        So I guess Annie is correct in that it was done before he died…

    • LogopolisMike

      So was the bit with Russell Brand and Halle Berry. All of these living people who will eventually be dead. So creepy. What is this the Treehouse of Horror episode?

      • avidfan

        Sorry Annie, that made me laugh.

      • Ahmad

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    • Lotta

      BxLVie It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

  • tg

    Those shorts were genius. I was super impressed. People can gripe all they want, but I still think this is one of the smartest shows on tv. Loved the Bansky tag too.

  • tg

    I meant Banksy. :(

  • Mike O

    The show was great and the animated takeoffs were genius. I enjoy this show every week and grow weary of those who complain it’s not the same as it was at some point in the past. To those folks, I say, move on. Watch “Bob’s Burgers.” Now that really is unfunny.

    • TQB

      GOD I hate Bob’s Burgers.

    • Norm

      In awe of that answer! Realyl cool!

    • Jonny

      Bob’s burgers is a waaaaaay different type of humor… Not really comparable. Have you not seen the classic Dr Katz? or Daria? The humor is something to think about & is odd. I like it. It’s fresh than the obvious humor we get these days. Bob’s burgers & Simpsons FTW!

      • Karry

        Oh, You’re right, Jonny! They are alike in a subtle way. I love Daria & Dr. Katz !

  • liz

    I loved the hidden Banksy messages on teh wall.

  • BrandonK

    I was amused, as usual, by Ricky Gervais’s stuff. I didn’t think Russell Brand sounded like himself, though.
    I was also pleasantly pleased by the episode last night…especially loved the Wallace & Grommet parody!

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