'Amanda Knox' TV-movie review: The Lifetime channel's verdict? Guilty!

With her bratty attitude and self-absorbed worldview, the Amanda Knox that Hayden Panettiere gave us in Monday night’s Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy sure looked like she was more than capable of murder. The way the Heroes-star-turned-villain portrayed her, this TV version of Knox would have knocked off anyone who was bummer enough to so much as criticize her housekeeping habits.

This Lifetime production was an effective piece of pulp exploitation film, chronicling the well-known case of Knox, an American college student accused of murdering her British roommate in 2007 while studying abroad, in Italy. Meredith Kercher (Amanda Fernando Stevens) was found dead, with her throat slashed and signs of possible sexual assault. Knox, her Italian boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito (Paolo Romio), and their acquaintance Rudy Guede (Djirbi Kebe) were accused of the crime.

The way this TV-movie had it, Knox was exercising her freedom as a study-abroad wild-child, having sex and drugs with her handsome new boyfriend. The only drag? Roomie Kercher, who had the nerve to tell Knox she was a slob and asked her — in a snooty British accent, no less! — to clean up the apartment they shared. It was the contention of the Italian prosecution that, whereas most college kids just fantasize about doing away with a pill of a roommate, Knox actually did it, with a big knife. Afterward, Knox was shown saying that being the focus of a murder investigation is “just so random, y’know?”

Fer sure — not. In recreating the possible scenario of the crime, Murder On Trial made it look pretty plausible that Knox and a couple of accomplices could have, may have, done the horrific deed. The boyfriend, we were told, “collected knives since he was 14.” And you, as a graduate student of American TV-movies, just knew that when, shortly before being interrogated, Knox was shown doing somersaults to blow off steam — well, it was obvious that that behavior would later be used in court by the prosecution as further evidence that Knox was, in their words, “a narcissistic, aggressive, and manipulative young woman.”

With her hair pulled back and her eyes narrowed, Panettiere had the blank moon face of either (A) a remorseless killer or (B) a dazed innocent. The filmmakers used Panettiere’s inexpressiveness to great effect. The visuals were nothing special; director Robert Dornheim chose or was ordered to shoot everything without any flourishes, to just put across the facts and the script’s interpretation of them clearly, simply. (I read that in Britain, the killing scene was graphic, but on Monday night those moments were blurry — it made me wonder whether Lifetime decided to soften the treatment to placate the Knox defense or to avoid perturbing viewers.) The screenplay by Wendy Battles made gestures toward even-handedness, hammering home the points, for example, that the crime scene was contaminated by numerous people, and so little of Knox’s DNA was found on the murder weapon, it probably wouldn’t have held up as valid evidence had the trial been conducted in America.

It’s no wonder Knox’s defense team wanted to prevent Murder On Trial In Italy from airing. The Knox presented here either lied during interrogation or was bullied into fingering the wrong man early on, depending on who you believe. But the overall impression I got after watching was that Knox was so petty, so selfish, that she might, under the spell of romance, fury, and some combination of mind-altering substances, been capable of committing a crime. Knox’s parents, particularly Marcia Gay Harden as Amanda’s mother, are well-drawn, and Harden is very good at implying that, while she loves her little girl, she also fears she may have raised a little monster.

The real-life Knox is in jail in Italy — she was found guilty and sentenced to 26 years; she maintains her innocence and the verdict is being appealed.

Did you watch Amanda Knox? How do you find this TV-movie: Guilty or not-guilty… of holding your interest?

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  • Nan

    So, Hayden…..uh, what happened? Lifetime? REally? REALLY?!

    • Kris

      Well, too be fair, it is a controversial movie and I’m sure she loved the idea of playing a killer. She is going to be in one of the most anticipated movies of the year (Scream 4) so her career isn’t hurting too bad.

      • Joe

        Scream 4? Most anticipated movie of the year? I don’t think so.

      • JP

        Oh come on Joe. . . Scream 3 was like SOOO brilliant!!! Why wouldn’t EVERYBODY be anticipating it ; )

      • Cygnus

        heh Scream 4 ought to make her career now.

      • Sir Vix

        Yeah Joe, were you to be a faithful reader to this site, you’d know that Scream 4 placed at #3 on the most anticipated movie list behind the second part of the final Harry Potter film, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn pt 1.

      • MattyB

        Joe: come out from under your rock. Scream 4 is hugely anticipated because all the main creatives are back (not the Team that forced out Scream 3). It’s going to be a huge movie.

    • Mike

      I wonder if people on here would think she was innocent if she wasn’t American?

      • D

        Well sure if she was Italian or even worse some sort of dirty Muslim… no wait that’s just what you think all American’s are like right? I prefer innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

      • hip hip

        I totallly agree with you Mike. The way typical “ugly Americans” are behaving about this is atrocious! If she were not American we wouldnt even care. But of course the rage over a foreign government dealing with a precious spoiled American is appalling!

      • John

        If she wasn’t American, not one single person in this country would ever have heard about the crime or the trial.

      • MattyB

        Silly Mike. If she weren’t an American, no one would care that she even exists.

      • mcshame

        I wonder if anyone would doubt that she is innocent if they had actually READ THE FACTS about the trial?

      • Kate

        No one in America would care if she wasn’t American just like no one in Britain would care if the victim wasn’t British. It isn’t really a criticism of either country. People don’t care to things they can’t relate to. Americans can imagine their American daughter on her year abroad and under trial by a foreign court. Brits can imagine the horror of their British daughter going on a year abroad and having something horrible happen to her. But obviously if the victim and the accused had been Italian then obviously neither country would care. There is no need to rag on America for being interested in the case.

      • @D

        “I prefer innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.”
        Knox was found guilty at trial.

      • @mcshame

        “I wonder if anyone would doubt that she is innocent if they had actually READ THE FACTS about the trial?”
        I HAVE read all the facts of the trial, both in the American press & the Italian press. I believe that she is guilty

      • marie elena

        I don’t care if she was from timbuktu, amanda and raffaele were railroaded. I am embarassed to be of italian decent for what they did to them. There was no evidence that either of them were in the murder room, NONE! The real killer is serving a 16 year sentence while these 2 innocent kids are in jail. That proscuter made shit up as he went along. He was convicted of proscutorial missconduct in another case. What makes you think he was legit on this one?

      • Alex

        Kate, you are absolutely right. Why people take this oppurtunity to criticizing Americans for caring is absurd to me…

        If I can relate to it, I will care. If I can’t, oh well. Do you think an Italian would care about a case between just Americans and Brits in the U.S.? No, they wouldn’t. But they would care if it was an Italian being convicted here in America.

      • michael

        * “weren’t”

      • Max

        Being American didn’t have anything to do with it – being guilty of murder …. did

      • Carol

        Whether she was American, Italian, British or whatever… she AND her Italian b’friend were railroaded. It’s sooooo obvious that Rudy Guede is the one and only murderer in this case. If you viewed and read most everything on this case and came to a different conclusion, you are either a totally unfair person or just not too smart.

      • sean

        Or a different ethnicity…

    • Sublime00

      Its a job, and got a lot of ratings. People are talking about her. Shes no big time movie star anyway. Don’t be a hater!

      • briony

        Innocent until proven guilty in the U.S. that is. Not the CORRUPT Italian Court System! Anyone with a brain who has actually read the facts in the case knows she’s INNOCENT!

    • MattyB

      @Nan. She’s a TV star, and she’s done a high profile TV movie. It’s not like Natalie Portman suddenly just went and did a sit-com. Anything would be a step up from Heroes anyway.

    • erica boatwright

      really can’t say if she was guilt or not cause she seems like she could or that she might have had it done.

  • oksmileu

    NOT GUILTY…there is not enough evidence…bloody clothes…they would have bloody clothes…were are the bloody clothes…?…if they were caught by postal police…there would have to have more evidence than what they have…I am starting to read more about this trial and as I read…all I can say is…what a joke…free Amanda…☺

    • Mel

      Yes, and OJ Simpson wasn’t guilty either – of course a superior American court system got him off.

      • Daniel

        Evidence is all that matters. Their is not a murder weapon, there isn’t DNA, there isn’t anything that places Amanda or her boy friend at the scene. If you knew anything about Law you would know this.

      • Mark

        Totally agree. She’s guilty. In the US she could have got off because of the lack of DNA. Although her own statements in the letter, changing her whole story completely, does make her guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

      • Lydia Ostrander

        Just curious, have you ever been involved with the justice system before? You seem very oblivious to what does happen a lot…..

      • Sophia

        Daniel – you’re clueless. You say there is nothing to place her at the scene…well apart from her own statement that she was there when Meredith was murdered and she could hear her screams. It seems pretty blonde American cannot = murderer in some people’s deluded eyes.

      • briony

        Oh Mel, there was so much DNA evidence you can’t even compare the too. OJ got off becuase he was famous. There was NO physical evidence and Amanda was crucitified because she was an American. Why don’t you actual read the facts about this case.

      • Max

        If Amanda had been tried in the USA she would be sitting on death row right now instead of completing her studies. I find the “free amanda” stuff really interesting because they go on and on about the unjustness of it all, the unfairness…and then call for Amanda’s freedom…and forget about poor old Raphael…American mentality?

    • Chris

      The arrogance of some of the Knox supporters here is appalling. I’ll admit, there is no concrete evidence, but if Knox and her cronies didn’t do it, who did? ALL of the available evidence points to them. So if the evidence is too flimsy to implicate them, how could it implicate anyone else? You’re telling me a stranger staged a break-in just to kill a random British girl, and then felt so bad returned to the scene later to move the body and cover it with a duvet? Really? And what kind of fantasy world do you people live in? And yes, people handle grief differently…but innocent girls don’t make out and play grab-ass with their boyfriend immediately after finding their roommate murdered. And only a moron does cartwheels in the police station, guilty or innocent that’s just stupid. Whether it’s as an accessory or the actual murderer, Knox is clearly guilty here and if she wasn’t an American I bet most of Knox apologists here would be singing a different tune. Imagine if Meredith had been an American and Knox was British, it would be a completely different attitude here.

      • summer

        Completely agree.

      • sara

        wow, talk about arrogance. There’s no evidence, but she must be guilty?? seriously?

      • Elizabeth

        What kind of world do you live in where the justice system doesn’t screw with innocent people cause I wanna go there or take what your taken….

      • Tay

        Thank you for this comment….it’s nice that I am not the only one who thinks this. People are so quick to assume the worst of the justice system when it’s really hard to actually be found guilty when you are innocent! In my opinion, if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about because there won’t be anything to hold against you. Knox clearly had something to hide. Regardless of the DNA evidence, there is enough suspicious activity surrounding her and the boyfriend that they were at the very least involved.

      • D

        Ehh we donna have enougha proof, butta wesa pretttttty sure she did it. 26 years ya spoiled brat!

      • Foxy Loxy

        Word, word, word, Chris.

      • hip hip

        absofreakinglutely agree Chris!!!

      • On target

        Thanks Chris for this great wrapup. I have been to Perugia and read everything I could get my hands on since this story broke. I absolutely think that Knox could have done it and that the perceptions might have differed greatly given the nationality of the participants.

      • RandomR

        Not that I have an opinion on whether she’s guilty or not, but the “if she didn’t, who did?” argument is virtually worthless in the criminal justice system. Are you honestly willing to convict someone because you personally can’t figure out who else did it?

      • jill

        Actually all available evidence points to Rudy Guede, a drifter/petty criminal who was convicted as well.

      • fireflystare221

        I am American, and I do believe Amanda is innocent. However, when this all first came out, I thought she was guilty. Having done some research on the evidence, I learned that a lot of what everyone has heard about the evidence was lies. There is no concrete evidence of a staged break in. It appears to be a real break in. All the evidence I have seen, and his former criminal background points to Rudy Guede. I can’t believe all of the lies everyone have been told about the evidence and the massive failure of the Italian police to preserve the crime scene. They really screwed this up badly. I think the right man is in prison, and that man would be Rudy.

      • Enna

        Chris, if you read the actual evidence they convicted Knox on, you may change your mind. 1) The scene of a brutal murder and the only DNA or blood evidence was confirmed to match Rudy G. – so Amanda took part in this awful crime and left not so much as a fingerprint or strand of hair?; 2) The ‘murder weapon’ they took from the boyfriend’s apartment definitively doesn’t match 2/3 of the wounds (3rd is inconclusive) or a bloody knifeprint from the sheets; 3) Knox’s DNA was on the handle of the knife they collect, but it’s inconclusive that Meredith’s blood is on the tip because the sample size is so small. What they have is similar to saying that you and I are the same person because we both have type 0+ blood; 4) Knox and her bfriend knew Rudy G. in passing, but suddenly, they’re close enough to not only engage in a 4-way sex game with him, but to participate in a murder with him? 5) She wasn’t doing cartwheels in the police station, she was doing yoga – many people do that to calm themselves down; 6) her ‘confession’ to dreaming that she was in the room at the time of the murder came after 8 hrs of uninteruppted interrogation with no water, no food, no bathroom breaks, no lawyer, no parents, in a foreign language – have you ever read into coerced confessions? Kind of scary what people have been talked into confessing. Look, I don’t think people calling Knox innocent is a matter of belittling the death of that poor young lady. But making a person who in all likelihood is innocent if you really examine the evidence, spend her life in jail just adds to the injustice.

      • Jonee

        Actually, all the evidence pointed to the other guy, Guede. None of it showed that Knox was guilty. The prosecutor was under investigation for misconduct in another case, but was still allowed to try this one. It’s so obvious that Knox was railroaded, it’s not even funny.

      • sandra

        when being interogated for over twelve hours and being abused both physical and verbal, some would say anything to get out of that situation! as far as being all lovey-dovey with boyfriend, who else did she have to turn to? not her roomates and not any family or friends and sometimes gymnastics is a form of stretching especially in yoga!

      • rhl

        You ask: “but if Knox and her cronies didn’t do it, who did?”
        But we already know: Rudy Guede, and he is in jail.
        Your problem is admitting there is no evidence and focusing on irrelevant circumstantial facts–the cartwheels–and then concluding she’s guilty. Pathetic logic.

      • briony

        No, you’re showing your ignorance. I firmly believe Rudy Guede was the murderer and acted alone. How else do you explain that only his finger prints were found around the crime scene and on Merdith’s body? What did Amanda wipe away her fingerprints and her boyfriend’s? Of course that would be impossible, Rudy’s would be gone too. Rudy also was a drifter, and drug user, and didn’t even know Amanda and her boyfriend and had been accused of breaking into other buildings using a brick through the window like he did at Amanda and Merdith’s apartment. The Italian police created this crazy sex game story, it just doesn’t make since.
        The knife they found in Amanda’s boyfriends apartment that had traces of her DNA wasn’t even the actualy murder weapon, it didn’t fit the wound.
        There are so many holes in the case but anyone who knows the Italian judicial system knows that once you are indicted you’re pretty much going to be convicted.
        I’ve heard top FBI agents and former agents say this was sloppy work and would have never held up in the U.S. courts. Why don’t you actually read the facts before YOU call people ignorant.

      • Lois

        Chris, don’t forget that Knox accused an innocent man of murdering Meredith.

      • ggraef

        Odd behavior does not make a person guilty. What about the Lindy Chamberlain case in which she was found guilty of murdering her baby when she claimed all along that it was dragged off by a dingo? She was later exonerated, but the public has expectations of what a person’s behavior should be and let that totally determine if a person is guilty or not.

      • Kay

        Not. Guilty. The one who committed the crime is in jail. He killed Ms. Kercher and fingered Amanda. While Amanda might not be the ideal girl by anyone’s standards, being a snot, or a brat does not make you automatically guilty of rape and murder. An innocent girl is dead; another sits in an Italian prison.

      • JC

        Chris, you obviously know nothing about the case. Rudy Guede’s dna, handprints and footprints were all over the crime scene.

        Someone else mentioned Amanda pointing the finger at an innocent man. The Italian police brought up Lumumba, Amanda’s boss, pushing her to make a false confession. They obviously had evidence early on that a black man was at the crime scene and the only person they could come up with that knew Amanda was Lumumba. Just goes to show how corrupt the system is.

      • briony

        Chris, Do you actually know anything about this case? The real killer is Rudy Guede. He is the ONLY killer. And he only got 16 years NOT 25. He was a drifter, known drug dealer and didn’t even know Amanda. His finger prints were found all over Merdith and the crime scene around her. THey were the only prints found. Amanda’s and her boyfriends were NOT. Unless you foolishly believe she removed her prints, which, as we know, would be impossible to do and still leave Rudy’s prints behind. A corrupt prosecutor created this twisted sex game angle. There is absolutely no evidence to support the motive. Rudy, I believe tried to rob the house, which he had been accused of doing before, and Merdith caught him so he killed and raped her. The other story makes NO sense at all.

      • Jay

        For the record…Amanda’s boyfriend finger prints were found on the clasp of Merdith’s bar…

      • PPM

        As an American I am sick of hearing how Knox is “innocent” via some of our press because most people in the U.S. I know feel that Knox is guilty as charged and received a “more than fair” trial. Please remember just because our news media seems to be having a “field day” from time to time regarding Knox doesn’t mean all or most of us agree. After studying her case, there are a lot of reasons why I strongly feel that she is guilty. Do we want her back to America or be able to go free anywhere else-No! Please Italian court, keep her in jail where she belongs. I believe that the only reason she would be released is due to the huge PR firm/publicity that Knox’s family has hired. I feel very sorry for Kercher’s family. It would be terrible enough to lose a child and even more tragic to have one of your loved ones murdered. But to have the arrogance of Knox and her family when they know what the truth is must be terrible to bear. Hopefully justice will prevail.

    • Amy

      She’s NOT GUILTY!!!! I’ve been hearing about this story sense it began in 2007 (I’m from Seattle) and everything I’ve hear is showing how she’s not guilty!!! FREE AMANDA!!!! She deserves a chance to live her life and see her family again!!! This case has been going on for too long! Poor Amanda!! :( shes innocent!!

      • Kelly

        Meredith Kercher deserved a chance to live her life and see her family again too.

      • Cygnus

        The case has been going on for too long? She’s been in prison more than a year already. The case has been adjudicated. Its just hung up in typical appeals now. I wouldnt say this story is drawn out. It’s going a typical murder route.

      • color me

        Well, if you are from Seattle then you must know the truth! ;o) Yes, all things SEattle or otherwise I will turn to you for answers. lol. You sound like a nut!

      • Mari

        Innocent! She is innocent! I have been following this case since 2007 as well and have read all types of newspapers, British, Italian and American with various views. There is simply not enough evidence! Amanda’s DNA would be all over that room and it was not. I think the prosecutor is a bit crazy. He made up this whole “sex game” thing and has done so in previous cases as well. You know he is serving time for “abuse of office”? Doesn’t that raise any red flags???

        I completely agree with Kelly Meridith deserved a chance in life and what happened to her is so terrible and tragic! I feel for her family, but putting someone who is innocent in jail is not going to give Meridith justice!

        I would like to see justice for Amanda by having her set free of a crime she did not commit. I would also like justice for Meridith which I think is being served by Rudy Guede – the real killer. 16 years is NOT enough for the horrific things he did!

      • Sophia

        Mari – dont lie. If you have read all types of newspapers, then you’ll know that Amanda’s DNA was not in the room, because her dna was virtually absent from the entire house. Doesnt that puzzle you? How could someone live in a house and leave no fingerprints or DNA virtually anywhere?

      • ron

        Mari, if there is not enough evidence how can you declare her innocent? you might be abel to say inconclusive or not enough evidence to prove guilt but you can’t declare her innocent if there is not enough proof or her guilt…

      • Brenda Kepley

        I agree with Amy..I think she’s innocent and should be released. She was definitely mistreated by the police. They had no right to hit her or touch her in any way. What about the shoe and foot prints in the room ? Did they check anybody’s shoes or shoe size?
        Not enough evidence to charge her with murder. Let her go !!!!

      • Krista

        Well of course, you are from Seattle! All the media there is obviously gonna report that she is innocent and give the facts of the case. Matter of fact, the US media never reported all of the facts and evidence that appeared through the course of the trial because as Europe did, because they wanted americans to think her innocent.

      • Mari

        Sophia, Amanda’s DNA was found in her bedroom, one of the flatmate’s bedroom and the bathroom. If her DNA was no where in that house that would be really strange, she lived there! They even found blood DNA of hers in the bathroom, but that is not strange it’s a bathroom she’s a woman it happens. This does not mean she committed murder. I am just stating my opinion after reading from many views. It just does not seem possible. Her DNA and would be everywhere in that room. Just as Guede’s was. They cannot selectively clean DNA.

      • ren

        Guilty as charged – you can’t accuse an innocent man, change your story over and over and also be innocent. The only thing you can be is guilty.

      • Vern

        What’s interesting about criminal investigation is that people will often admit to crimes, or how the think the crime was committed, that are later proven to be untrue. They will do the strangest things during interrogation just to get out of the situation they find themselves in. Innocent people end up in jail all the time because of the laziness of investigators to actually do their jobs and follow up on the guilt or innocence of the suspect. It’s not the defense lawyer’s job to prove how the crime was committed; it’s the investigators to do the work for both sides of the case. The Amanda Knox case has several problems that need to be sorted out by the Italian Appeals Court and most of that concerns how the DNA evidence was processed and collected. Instead of arguing over guilt or innocence, let’s just let the courts do their job.

      • Max

        I love it when the friends of amanda conveniently “FORGET” the forenzic evidence…the bloody footprints, Amanda’s blood mixed with Merediths..in 2 locations, the kds cleaned up but they couldn’t clean the p traps (that’s the pipe that your sink drains into); and interestingly enough, speaking of no fingerprints of Knox in the murder room – “so she could not have done it!” There was also not one fingerprint of Knox in the whole flat…my god…she must not have lived there! They did a good clean up job…but the cover up break in was weak…glass on top of the items that were thrown about instead of under them. They had to do this because the murderer used a key to get in. D’uh….go figure

    • darren

      Strange thing is if she wasn’t cute this wouldnt be a story.

      • Muffy

        @Sara. A lot people don’t leave evidence! I don’t know if she did it or not, but when there’s little evidence, I’m neutral. You must be living in fastasy land if you think people cannot commit perfect crimes.

      • Jenn

        Sad, but true.

      • Enna

        @Muffy – but interestingly enough, there was evidence left by the Rudy guy. So what you’re really saying is that they very carefully cleaned up all of their evidence – yes, every tiny speck – AROUND the evidence that Rudy left without disturbing his evidence or leaving any sign at all that they did so. Pretty farfetched, have you looked into all the questions with the evidence against Knox? I used to think, ‘her DNA is on the handle, Meredith’s is on the blade, what else do you need to know?’, but after reading more about the actual facts of the case, I’m conviced that Knox was railroaded. Look into it, it’s very eye-opening.

      • Mike

        Darren, I don’t agree.

    • MattyB

      I’ve been following this story since the start, and I don’t believe she’s guilty either. They have no hard evidence. Everything is speculative and speculatively circumstantial. She was tried in the tabloids, & it carried into the courtroom.

      • Max

        Scott Petersen was convicted of killing his wife in the USA on strictly circumstantial evidence – should we set him free? She was tried in a court of law and found guilty, the tabloids didn’t sentence her, the JUDGES did. AND those same judges try cases everyday that are sensatiionalized in the papers because of their system, and not everyone is found guilty so grab a brain and face the facts.

    • The Truth

      Are people on this blog actually stupid enough to think American legal rules apply in an Italian court? Rules of evidence, requirements to judge guilty and just about everyting else is different in every country. How about actually reading up and understand the Italian legal system before you comment about they didn’t have this or did that. You only make yourself look what you actually are, ignorant.

      • marie elena

        the italian government and legal system is one of the most corrupt governments out there. they literally have 200,000 laws on the books but they pick and choose which ones they will enforce on a case by case basis.

      • jill

        Those of you who believe Amanda is guilty must read “the Monster of Venice”, then decide. Don’t judge until you know all the facts. I do!!

    • REASON

      I understand the guilty/not guilty debate in the comments, but the fact is that this girl was convicted, why are this movie(and this article) still debating this? Because of an impending appeal?

    • Kori

      Also if she was fighting back don’t you think she would type of wound on her? It was a villant death and not a quick one. So she would have fought back

    • Krista

      Give me a frkn break!! READ the MASSEI REPORT people!!! Written by the judge after the conviction. The whole trial is there in black and white, from beginning to end, I read all 400+ pages. All the evidence is there and had the same evidence been in a trial conducted in the US, any US jury wudv convicted her too!!! She is guilty as all get out and the evidence proves it! Get over the fact that a rich girl who went to private catholic school and protected by mommy and daddy her whole life and american to boot, could commit such a horrific crime. But even those that appear perfect and innocent can also be sociopaths!

    • marie elena

      I just read a great book by Dr. Mark Waterbury, he is a forensic engineer it’s called the Monster of Perugia: the framing of Amanda Knox. It will shed alot of light on the case.

      • Lois

        Waterbury is just trying to sell a book. His resume is vague: “Hi, some credentials, so you’ll know that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve got 4 science and engineering degrees, including a Ph.D. in materials science and 20 years of experience.”
        Honestly, this guy has nothing specific listed that shows that he’s any kind of expert in forensics.

      • Max

        I wonder how much money Dr. Waterbury is making for the PR work on Amanda’s case? That’s what it really boils down to.

    • Max

      well read on mcduff – there is a lot of incriminating evidence. If Raphael can come up with a LOGICAL reason as to why he said Amanda wasn’t with him the night of the murder, and then..oooops she was. And Amanda can come up with a reason why she lied so many times on so many issues…then perhaps I may be swayed, but given the forensic evidence, the circumstantial evidence and all of the lying from both AK and RS – guilty was and is the only verdict that could have been given

    • nathalie leonard

      Yeah good one free a murderer let her fry in prison.

  • Dale

    The movie was a work of fiction! The following story, “Beyond Headlines…” was informative and in my opinion unbiased. Those two wild children are guilty only of being wild children! Shame on the legal system for this travesty of justice.

    • slb

      The Beyond Headlines story was completely biased.

    • Krtek

      I didn’t see the follow up, but most tv stories in the US media are biased in favor of Knox. You get to hear the spin of the Knox family and their advocates, and there is no one to effectively counter that spin. Also, since most of the evidence and testimony is in Italian, it’s not very easy to challange their claims.

      • Lois

        You’re right. The US media is covering the story based on the view of Knox’s family & advocates.

      • Max

        it is easy actually – all the findings have been converted to english for anyone to read – i’ve read them and I’d say…guilty! as charged

  • Jessica

    I just finished watching this movie, and the movie truly portrayed Knox being guilty. The image they created was that she was a jealous, selfish, “slutty” roommate. But if the producers had any discrepancies against Knox, then they are going to let the viewers eye believe what they believe. However I believe Knox is innocent, the court system and whole judicial system is completely different than what it is in America. I think the evidence was gathered poorly, and sloppily. This movie surely showed a bias, which movie producers do ALOT, this is a trial by media, which was accurately said in the movie.

    • Lois

      The movie portrayed Knox as guilty because she was found guilty in a court of law.

    • sandra

      did you watch the same movie I did? because you obviously didnt get the same plot I did!

    • stuart Ratcliff

      I just saw the movie last night and even after watching you can not really tell either way if she was the killer Amanda Knox. the movie how ever did shoe Hayden portraying the fact of motive to kill Merideth since she was not a clean person and always getting into fights and seemed to be jealouse. their was no cleaning supplies brought though with the real trial and also I noticed in the movie never once did they pick up a book to read or study which is odd since Amanda is supposed to be their for school. looked to me like she got herself into the wrong crowd of sex,drugs which went out of control and somthing happened in that apartment so she must of been their that night

  • Maggie

    I fully believe she she was involved. I don’t care which person made the death blow. In her statements it’s as this was something that happened to her NOT Merideth. Not only is she a killer, she is also a sociopath.

    • Elizabeth

      Do you even know the definition of a sociopath is???Better look it up….

      • Anne

        No, Elizabeth. You look it up and any other multi-syllable words you have problems with. 8 percent of the general population are psychopathic, but very few are criminal psychopaths. Sociopath is the preferred term for psychopath. In Amanda’s case, just think of it as a ‘remorseless killer by any other name!’

      • ren

        I did and it said Amanda Knox.

    • Foxy Loxy

      Maggie, you’re right–that’s EXACTLY what she is. It’s completely obvious from her reactions and especially from the diary she’s been keeping in prison–no conscience, no empathy–scary.

      • Max

        And the diary actually reads like an alibi after the fact doesn’t it? Very self serving. Sociopath is a good word to describe her…

    • Mike

      Maggie, just because some crooked Italians convict her, you think she’s guilty? Neither you nor her was convicted in an honest court. So if You’re saying she’s a killer and a sociopath, either You’re claiming to have special psychic powers or You’re revealing a bad secreat about yourself. Maggie, maybe _You’re a killer and a sociopath.

  • marla sinert


    • Lynn Brown

      Didnt watch the movie but its the FBI who put many inncoent individuals behind bars and several years later,these same individuals who have been locked up for years,are forund not guilty!!! Then what???? People will lie to keep themselves out of trouble,and we also have those who will lie knowing people are innocent.Dont trust the Criminal justice system and never will.But she is in another country,and Im for sure they are doing a job well done!!!! Why sign papers,if you had nothing to do with it?? She’s of age to understand exactly what was being said and done.Noone knows exactly what happened,but if she did this and is going to the extreme to prove her innocence,then she is really a cold hearted individual.

      • ALM

        Paranoid much? Yes, there are cases of innocent people who are falsely incarcerated, but more often law enforcement officials know who did it, but can’t find the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If you don’t trust the criminal justice system, then would you prefer chaos and anarchy?

  • Theresa

    Thought the movie was trite, and unfair to Knox’s appeal. There was much more involved in the timing & emotions of the true parties involved in the case. 48 hours and Dateline did a much better job of communicating the facts in the same time period.

    • Elizabeth

      Agreed… its pathetic we live in a world today that this is considered fodder for entertainment. But, this is on the heels of the “Craigslist Killer” too. Congratulations Lifetime, you’re doing a great job – quality work there!

      • tracymmo

        Hardly new though! A whole TV series came out of the Sam Shephard trial in the 60s.

    • Lizl

      I highly doubt a Lifetime movie will have an impact on Knox’s appeal.

      It was a movie made for dramatic effect so it really can’t be held up against news shows.

  • Basra

    She is guilty. Dumb, cocky, selfish,sociapath American,going to a foreign land with her bigot American prejudice attitude. At first chance, she accuses a black man, i mean who can blame her. How many white women in america, killed their babies and accused a black man of killing only to discover later they are guilty. The moment Amanda accused an innocent man, she became guilty in my eyes. I am not going to support her just because she is a fellow american. Justice has prevail, may she rot in hell.

    • Kevin

      One white American woman did that – Susan Smith and she is a deeply disturbed person. Not all Americans, no all white American women, are the same. Shame on you.

    • fireflystare221

      You are a moron. Not all Americans are bigoted and prejudiced. I for one am not. I don’t know Amanda Knox personally. However, after reading up on the available evidence and the poor police work done in Italy, it seems to me that almost all of the evidence concretely ponts to Rudy Guede. I had read through all the evidence and thought Rudy was responsible before finding out he was black. I didn’t know what he looked like until I saw a picture of him last night. I would say that he is the correct culprit. His DNA is in and on Meredith, his hand print in blood is on her sheets, his bloody footprint are in the apartment, and his DNA was left in the toilet of the bathrrom as well. Why would Amanda and her boyfriend clean up after themselves so well but let Rudy leave every shred of evidence he could behnd. If they were really all involved, they would have left nothing (not even Rudy’s DNA) behind to tie the crime to them. I had also read that Amanda didn’t accuse her boss, he was suggested to her by the polce during her interrogation based on their text message conversations. She was then asked to imagine if she had been there when he had done it.

      I know the Italian justice system is different then ours, but it doesn’t seem fair that she was convicted based on the evidence collected. Just my opinion. It has nothing to do with the fact that she is American. I couldn’t care less if an American is convicted of a crime in another country as long as they are guilty.

      • AB

        I think Basra is referring to the actual innocent black man Knox accused, her employer. I was appalled by that action too. And I’m not black.

      • GettingPastSmokeScreens

        Firefly: Please stop spreading the lies…There is PLENTY of evidence against Knox. Her DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood was found in FIVE different places near the crime scene- HELLO? Her footprint was found under luminol right outside Meredith’s door. Her DNA was also found in Filomena’s room (where staged break-in occured), which incidently, NOWHERE in that room was Rudy Guede’s DNA found. In fact, his footprints went from Meredith’s room directly out the front door. Yet Raffaele Sollecito’s dna- an abundance of that- was found in Meredith’s bra clasp, and his bare footprint was found on the bathroom mat. Now you’re telling me, someone who is innocent, as AK and RS claim to be, would leave all this evidence around? What’s even more telling is the fact that Amanda’s DNA was not found in any other place in the house- Not even in her own bedroom! How is this possible for someone who lived there? Then, what about her DNA found on the handle of a knife and Meredith’s on the tip of that same knife? Indeed, there was a murder weapon, in fact, it was argued that there were TWO knives involved and prosecutor’s expert witnesses AS WELL AS DEFENSE WITNESSES (RS’s) testified that this knife was compatible with the fatal blow (of all wounds). And don’t let me even get started with the cell phone evidence…
        GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. As an American, I am appalled at how AK and her PR people have slandered and offended Italians. She reinforces the stereotype that exists today of Americans- spoiled little brats- and it’s a darn shame.

      • Max

        Rudy admitted to being there. No contest. He also said Amanda and Raphael were there.What good would this serve him? Also injuries on Merediths body and evidence prves there was more than one person in that room. How did Rudy get in without a key? Why would he come back and move the body? Why did Amanda lie so many times? Think about it people

    • Fran-

      Basra-totally agree. Oh, and I’m a white woman!

  • k

    Hayden played a great part in the movie that makes her a good actress. But, thats just it she’s an actress but, the interrogation room scene with the grilling of the questions was ridiculous. Number 1 she was grilled for hours without a lawyer or food or drink. So being hungry or possibly faint or delusional you just might say anything. The dream was the biggest words for me. If I was threatened and told I would never see my family again and be in jail for 30 years I would panic too. Also say what the police want to hear. Guilty or innocent I honestly don’t know based on the movie I saw.

    • @k

      The story about Knox’s endless interrogation without food or water was invented by her parents. They accused the Italian police of abusing Knox, and now they are facing criminal charges for telling these lies to the media. Slander against the police is a crime in Italy.

      • Mike

        Cite your source; oh, you can’t.

  • Rin

    Why is everyone acting so surprised that this movie makes her look guilty? I mean she was A. Found Guilty B. The Media and Hollywood have their own opinions and they feel their opinions are just always RIGHT, in the end it doesn’t matter if some miracle evidence shows up proving Knox innocense, this movie has done the damage to the extreme, people will forever think of her as a spoiled brat who gets what she wants and is guilty.

    If this movie had been made showing just court information than this wouldn’t be such a huge deal, instead they opted to create their own Amanda Knox.

    Hollywood always elaborates characters, just to make them seem more one way than another. Hollywood has found Amanda Knox guilty and would now like to profit off of the fact that they came out with this film when both victim and accused/charged/sentenced families were against it, Hollywood did this for themselves

    • Latreese

      So true

    • kristina

      I disagree with this, only because I have apparently been living under a rock and had heard nothing of this case before watching this movie, and I still believe Knox to be innocent.

      • Vicky

        I too had never heard about this case until the movie and was surprised with the verdict. How can they convict without evidence? and regarding the Italian prosecuter, was he not convicted for conducting forseful and illegal interrogations? Was he not the one who decided that the intrusion was staged and suspected Amanda and her boyfriend from the begining? He also decided that the American media was not going to get away with bringing his indictment to light and said that he would get a conviction no matter what.
        To me, this shows that Amanda was railroaded by the prosecutor.
        Also, it is hard to believe that two straight A students with no prior reports of problems with the law or their friends and family, suddenly decide to go crazy and murder someone, for no apparent reason.
        The Italian prosecutor already had the guilty party admit to the murder. He already had him behind bars. Why did he insist on implicating the two students only on suspision and minimal evidence? Just becase he decided they were guilty does not make them so, but from what I got out of this movie, he did everything he could to make them look guilty to everyone else, especialy the Italian media who crucified them. I cannot believe the trick they played on this young girl, by telling her she was HIV possitive, just to make her give them names of her previous sex partners so they could give them to the media, in order to make her look promiscuous. This make me think of what other tricks they pulled to make their case stronger.
        I don’t know Amanda or her family and I certainly simpathize with the murdered girl’s family. I have a daughter myself and can understand what these two families are going thru, but my impression after I saw the movie and the follow-up, is that she is innocent of the murder.

        After all, when in dought, it is better to have a guilty person out of jail, then to have an inocent one in.

    • Laney

      I think you guys are giving a Lifetime movie way too much power. Of course they told the story the way they wanted to tell it. It was a movie “based on” the story. It wasn’t a documentary or a news story. Furthermore, since the end result was that she was found guilty, and in real life there were behaviors that made people question her innocence, of course in the process of making a movie they are going to highlight that stuff. It’s story telling. It’s their job.

  • Latreese

    I feel they are not guilty…. Not enough evidence. Investgators didnt do a good job at collecting evidence. Whole thing is messed up. Free Amanda

    • stormie71

      So not enough evidence automatically means not guilty. Nice world you live in. More than evidence collection goes into any investigation.

    • Max

      again…”they are not guilty” but only “Free Amanda” shows up at the end of this sentence. Forget about Raphael – he’s not an American so really a NON PERSON. Typical american sentiment

  • Emily

    She’s innocent.

    I don’t care if you kiss and make out with your bf, do cartwheels or whatever, people have different ways of dealing with crap that happens. The Italian judicial system is seriously flawed. Yes, Meridith deserves justice, but that justice is served with Rudy’s confession.

    Amanda and Raffaelle deserve to have what is left of their lives back.

    • Latreese

      Totally agree.

    • Mel

      Guilty as charged – no doubt.

      • Lois

        She was found guilty after a trial. So not just guilty as charged, but guilty as convicted.

      • Luella

        4dcrgK Glad I’ve finally found something I agree with!

    • kim

      i think she was scared and under the influence and coerced so to speak

      • Elizabeth

        i agree…good points…some things are just not that cut and dry…..

      • Tay

        i disagree. I could never imagine signing my name to a lie that would implicate myself no matter the pressure i was under. Plus, she couldn’t even get her story straight. After having been involved in a murder trial myself, yes i understand scared but it’s best if you just stick to what you know. She couldn’t and thus something was fishy.

      • JB

        @Tay, I hope to god you never end up accused of something in any country then. Because even in the good ol US they CAN and HAVE coerced innocent people into signing confessions just by confusing the heck out of someone with hours on hours of uninterrupted questions, denying water, counsel, you name it. Get your head out of the sand.

        I’ve been following this case for three years. Much of what happened in the investigation was a cluster F of incompetence. The Italian police are extremely corrupt and there was even one particular DA who was found to have even falsified evidence, but that didn’t matter, they didn’t throw the case out. The friend of theirs, a male, his DNA and fingerprints are all over the scene yet they continued to pursue Kox specifically due to her being a “white,spoiled American”. She has shown remorse on many occaisions, it’s just gotten to the point where she can’t show much of anything anymore after being in jail for three yrs. I’m fairly certain one becomes dead inside after being imprisoned on foreign soil for a few yrs.

        I personally find this film disgusting, I won’t even watch it. I don’t blame her family for trying to block it. In this day and age it seems that everything is fair game to sensationalize no matter the outcome, the hurt that it causes people. I honestly think that this society would be a better place if people like those who greenlit this project(for money obviously) spent a little time in hell. And ANYONE who makes an assumption on guilt off a LIFETIME Tv movie needs to take a look at themselves a bit more. Seriously.

      • GettingPastSmokeScreens

        JB- And what evidence exactly do you have to make such a statement as “The Italian police are extremely corrupt”? For your information, I happened to LIVE and work in Italy for various years, I speak the language and got the chance to get to know its people and how their system works. Corruption exists everywhere, INCLUDING IN OUR OWN COUNTRY (USA)!!! However, that doesn’t mean that it’s all corrupt! Just b/c we screwed up on the OJ Simpson trial, does that mean that it’s fair to claim our justice system doesn’t EVER work??????? How ignorant and self-centered do you sound!

        And for someone who has “followed the case for three years”, you certainly seem to not have read a thing about this case other than what the Knox PR people have been feeding the American media. First, there was NEVER any DA who was “found to have falsified evidence”. Second, Rudy Guede (“the friend”)- his DNA was not found “all over the place.” Rather, it was found on Meredith’s sleeve, on her purse, on the pillow underneath meredith, inside meredith, his feces in the bathroom and his footprints which went from her bedroom directly out the front door. NO DNA of his was found in any other room, INCLUDING where the “break-in” occurred. Yet, part of the defense’s argument is that he broke in the house. (???) What’s more, with such evidence, it’s obvious that he was involved, but expert testimony, INCLUDING the DEFENSE’s testified that the crime was committed by MORE THAN ONE PERSON! What’s more, on of the two knives used in the crime,where Meredith’s dna was found on the tip of the blade, did NOT have RG’s dna but did have Amanda’s on the handle. What’s more, if this knife could not possibly have meredith’s dna on it, as pro Knox folks claim, why did Raffaele Sollecito himself try to EXPLAIN AWAY such evidence claiming (in a letter to his parents) that he pricked Meredith with that knife when they were having dinner at his place (Meredith had never been to his house, and this was confirmed by Amanda herself!!!)???? Third, no one “denied water” nor interrogated Amanda “hours on hours uninterrupted”. In fact, on November 5th (the claimed ongoing interrogation day), Amanda was interviewed from 11pm-1:45am (ie 2hours, 45min), and this was out of her OWN FREE WILL- she herself claimed to be making the statements in that interview SPONTANEOUSLY- As such, no counsel was needed b/c she wasn’t a suspect at that time! So YOU need to get YOUR head out of the sand! And if you knew anything about Italian society, the LAST person on earth they’d go after would be “White Americans” and especially just for heck of it. Keep in mind that the Italian court also convicted an ITALIAN among the three, and the victim wasn’t even Italian!!!

      • @Lynn Lois


      • maggie

        Great post, GettingPastSmokeScreens! Nice when someone knows the facts.

    • stella

      I completely agree

    • jamz

      The italian judicial system proved THEMSELVES that they are corrupt by giving the prosecuter who was convicted of falsafying evidence only a suspended sentence.

    • sandra

      totally agree!!!! she is innocent.. why wouldn’t some of her dna be found around the house? she lived there… and the dna they did find on the knife wasn’t conclusive!

    • andrea

      then let her do courtwheels in jail over her grief

    • Max

      What about Amanda’s assorted confessions?

    • Carol

      Amanda and her b’fried were not “making out”. He was comforting her and they both had sad looks on their faces. I saw him kiss her lightly on the head. Everything about this case was so construed and out of context. It’s ridiculous!! Anyone who thinks she and her b’friend are guilty is either ignorant, selectively picking out the wrong “facts” about the case, or simply hasn’t viewed or read enough of the details to even judge.

  • amanda

    I don’t think she did it. There is totally not enough evidence to convict. I have been following this story for over a year and I have yet to read something that changes my mind. There is a lot of pieces missing but I don’t think Amanda was in the puzzle.
    Also, I didn’t think lifetime’s portrayal of Amanda Knox was nearly as bad as this writer makes it out to be. Hayden panatierre (spelling) did not do a terrible job, if anything I found her convincing of someone who believed she didn’t do it… however they made a point to include lots of her quirky traits as opposed to missing information and insignificant DNA results.
    Free Amanda

  • Mel

    How can Amanda Knox be guilty? Americans don’t murder people! Oh wait a minute – there are more people locked up in the USA than any other country on earth. Perhaps the Italian court made a mistake, unlike American courts that never make a mistake – oh wait, many hundreds of American prisoners recently found innocent including some that were put to death!

    • Brittany

      Wow. Judgemental, much?
      Too bad nobody has said anything about her being innocent because she’s American, idiot.

      • GettingPastSmokeScreens

        No Brittany you’re the idiot. Why can’t he be judgemental when all the Pro Knox people (most of whom are American) have been nothing BUT JUDGEMENTAL towards Italians (and anyone who thinks Knox is guilty like me-AN AMERICAN)???

      • Krista

        To GettingPastSmokeScreens, THANK YOU!!! Finally someone else who has actually read the Massei Report and facts of the case! YEA and Proud of You for speaking the truth!!!

    • Daniel

      Yo, Mel Gibson you have no room to talk. You racist womanizer.

    • tait

      Mel, you seem angry at all Americans. Hold a grudge lately?

    • Elizabeth

      oh, so there isn’t innocent people in prison in america and no ones corrupt???? Welcome to LaLa Land…..

    • SaraLee

      so it’s America on trial here…and I thought this was about a murder case…

    • Tony

      This is actually spot on. Why we as Americans have such a problem admitting we lock up by far more people than any country in the world (including Russia and China with astronomically larger populations) and that it has been proven that we lock up an astoundingly large number of innocent people is beyond me. Know I’ll get jumped on for saying it but my guess is because most of them are black. Amanda being a white girl in an entirely different country, we suddenly realize the injustice of the situation. What goes on here at home? Total blinders.

      • kross

        I’m an AMerican and I think she’s as guilty as sin so that blows your whole theory out the window.

      • Enna

        I think Amanda Knox is innocent based on the evidence – or rather, the lack of evidence they used to convict her. That said, I do think our (the American) justice system is biased against both the poor and the black – and if you’re poor AND black, fuggedaboutit. That said, I think locking up an innocent person is wrong no matter what race you are and what side of the pond you happen to be on. The bigger injustice is that the thousands of cases back home get 0.0001% of the attention that this one has…

    • jes

      i agree completely mel. there are people being released everyday for crimes they have served time for and not committed. i am an american and we need to stop being so blindly complicent to the fact that our justice system is a far cry from the founding fathers original intention. a place where innocence and guilt are defined by a fickle public opinion and the distribution of wealth. it is a proven fact that a wealthy person will not serve time for the same crime as a poor one. and that is just one of the many injustices perpetrated by the united states legal system. and this will never change as long as all you people insist on keeping your eyes closed.

      • @jes

        There are occasionally people released from jail after it’s found they were actually innocent. But it is NOT “people being released everyday” as you claim. It’s not all that common.

    • kross

      In every country around the world there are innocent people in prison. Those are the facts!

    • tracymmo

      Right on every point here, Mel!

  • summer

    Guilty! Her and her boyfriend were found at the house cleaning the morning after the murder. She has no soul – may she stay in prison and rot away.

    Of course her parents can’t see the truth they are just doing what good parents should do – defend their guilty child.

    • kjean

      If you look at the real case files and the actual story, they were not found cleaning the house the morning after. A store clerk said he saw someone who could have or could have not been Amanda buying cleaning suplies. I really hope no one decideds if they think she is gulity or not based on this movie. I have been following since this happened, and in no way shape or form are they guilty.

      • summer

        The case files say they were found outside with a mop and bucket. In every way shape and form they are guilty.

      • Enna

        Sorry, summer, but they were not found outside with a mop and bucket. That rumor started because someone bought cleaning supplies from a local store that morning – the clerk could not verify whether or not it was Knox and/or her boyfriend.

      • GettingPastSmokeScreens

        Actually Enna, they were found outside with a mop and bucket- however, no evidence was found on either item. what’s more, Amanda was identified as waiting outside the owner’s store at 7:45am, waiting for it to be opened, but was not sure that she bought bleach or not as he didn’t find any receipt to verify such purchase. He did however, place her in the store, in the back row where the cleaning supplies were at. What’s even more telling is the fact that her BF (Raffaele Sollecito) had a maid and she stated that she NEVER used bleach. Yet, in his apartment, not only did the police find a bottle of bleach, but stated that the first thing they noticed was the strong smell of it. In fact, that strong smell came from the cutlery drawer most, and that’s what drew them to search that drawer (which is where they found one of the two murder weapons).

    • Max

      As a parent – I would love my child no matter what…but I would not stand behind murder. I would tell them as I always have, there are consequences to your actions, and be careful in life of what you say or do because somethings you can never take back. Love them …yes! Back up their lies? Not a chance. I think Amanda is the way she is because she did not have “good parents”

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