Whoopi Goldberg apologizes to The New York Times for calling its reporting 'shoddy'

On Wednesday morning’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg apologized for her lengthy criticisms on Monday’s show of a New York Times piece about black Oscar winners.

“I’m going to apologize to The New York Times for calling their reporting ‘shoddy,'” said Goldberg.

“I personally found the article really confusing, and I also was quite hurt that Cuba Gooding Jr., Louis Gossett Jr., and myself were not included in this expose about black Hollywood,” she said. “But for saying it was shoddy reporting, I apologize, New York Times.”

For more: Whoopi Goldberg criticizes ‘New York Times’ for not mentioning her Oscar

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  • ^..^

    That was big of her.
    Now maybe she’ll apologize to everyone else for her own shoddy opinions she gives on that horrible show.

    • Raimundo

      I heard that. Whoopi’s ego is too easily bruised for someone who can dish it out to others.

    • Elyza

      How could any of this be btteer stated? It couldn’t.

  • ^..^

    Also, I wonder if Hasselb!tch renewed her subscription?

    • ^..^

      Wow. I like how Tucker edited out my original comment that had nothing offensive written, yet lets me call Hasselback a b!tch.
      Go figure.

      • ^..^

        ..and now it’s back again.

      • Wayne Campbell

        Garth, take your ritalin

      • Zack

        b!tch indeed!

    • Francois

      This just goes to show you how ridiculous and idiotic these ‘View’ gals are, with the exception of Barbra. I mean, Whoopi couldn’t even understand such a simply article, then goes on a rant about how they excluded her. Read it carefully, you goof.
      And she’s on a show that often presents real world news, how embarrassing.

      • Chris

        Actually, I believe it was Barbara who originally brought it up – so she didn’t read it carefully either.

      • ben

        *a simply article? YOU GOOF

      • SS

        Barbara has completely lost it. She asks the worst questions, so abruptly — like some publicist fed them to her and she has no sense of human code. She needs to retire. It’s horrible to see her speak.

      • Barb

        I thought her comments about the article were amazingly egotistical and completely rediculous. She’s an actor for craps sake. If she’d singlehandedly saved children from a burning orphanage or found the cure for cancer, than maybe I’d understand her outrage at not being recognized. But she’s an actor, and noone really cares how many movies she’s been in or how many awards she been nominated for. Rediculous! (and that has nothing to do with race. anyone who made such outlandish remarks about their socalled accomplishments would get the same opinion from me.)

      • Dan

        She’s an idiot & a jerk – always has been…bad combination.

      • samsara

        Did anyone see the Oprah special where they had The View gals on and showed a behind-the-scenes-clip? These woman show up for the taping and that’s it. They do not interact with the producers at all. They are given the material during make-up, go on the air and then go home. They’re obviously so unprepared and uninvolved. Makes me hate the show even more.

      • Terry

        And as I pointed out on a previous talkback, Barbara may have brought it up, but it was obviously planned unless Whoopi is always carrying around her oscar.

      • deedee

        Babs is senile

      • Shawn

        Whoopi should just be thankful that the article didn’t mention that after she won her Oscar, she went on to star in Theodore Rex.

    • B. Hussein

      Wow. I knew it. Another George Bush conspiracy. Why isn’t life fair?

    • ^..^ is dumb

      Why do you care if your post is here or not, you obviously have no life to be posting all over this site, do you think we honestly care about your stupid opinions?

      • Cuba

        Let’s hear what Cuba Goodings Jr. thinks! Probably “Um… don’t drag me into this, I can read and comprehend newspaper articles just fine. Okay?”

      • Rebecca Rolph

        Whoopi,you’re a great actress, but “Damn it, get your facts straight.” You misread the article and unjustly accused the NY Times of doing what you did — misrepresenting the facts. You should apologize all the way.

    • Rob

      She just needed any excuse to cancel since it’s considered a more liberal newspaper. That way she can shout it from The View rooftop and claim another ring in her quest to become a conservative hero.

    • jim faulkner

      You are a putz

    • Marilyn


    • Marilyn

      Laughing at the renewing of Hass’s subscription… sorry if it got into the wrong reply. Perhaps I’ll blame the NY Times.

      • Yanca

        edbassmaster1fan on October 31, 2011 I alatucly love the way you do your giveaways I think you should do more. Forget thos ppl hating..

    • Brenda

      Marilyn, I was wondering the same thing!

  • Bella

    She was actually kind of right, though. As there are so few black actors out there with wins, they could have named them all.

    • David

      Exactly! It wouldn’t have been hard for TNYT to write an article about all black actors who have won because theres not very many.

      • The Truth

        Read it again, the article was not about every black actor who won. It was about black actors who won in a specified time frame. It even states the number of black actors who won before the time frame the article was about. This is a case of an actor’s ego getting in the way of reading and comprehension skills.

      • TorontoTom

        Whoopi has MAJOR issue about the fact that she is a has-been. She was once a huge star, around the time of Ghost & Sister Act and the comedy thing with Crystal and Williams. But she’s NOT anymore and I’ve noticed a number of times on the show that she gives off this “I’m not getting my due” or “I am an icon, people!” vibe and seems bitter that she’s not on the top of the heap anymore – just a chick on The View. This episode with the NY Times proved this to be true. She is looking for big time respect and just ain’t getting it.

      • hc

        Let it be known that heretofore whenever the issue of African-Americans and Academy Awards come up in the same discussion, be it on television, casual conversation, or print, every African-American winner must be incorporated into said discussion OR, if it cannot be done so seamlessly, appended to the end of the conversation as a listing of names. If said discussion exceeds 2 hours, all nominees must then be incorporated as well. So decree Bella and David.

    • The Truth

      No, she was 100 percent wrong. The article was very easy to read and understand. She is using the hard to read or confusing as an excuse not to admit she was wrong. Stating because there are so few they ashould name all of them is pure crap and a cop out for stupid people who don’t want to spend time actually learning and retaining facts. If they have to name every actor because the list is so small then they should name: Every pitcher who pitched a perfect game, every man who stepped on the moon, etc. Were does the stupidity stop? You bring yourself up to society’s level of intelligence, society does not have to dumb itself down for you.

      • G Max

        I have no idea what Whoppie did or didn’t say; however, the article stated that “statuettes [had been given]to a total of seven black actors in the previous 73 years.” Simply put, that is an incorrect statement since Ms. Goldberg was not included in the list of 7 actors that were named.

      • Levente

        @G Max You are not correct. They didn’t list the entire 7 that received Oscars before 2002, they just mentioned a couple. Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension skills as well.

      • Raquel

        Interesting comment, The Truth, about bringing yourself up to society’s level of intelligence. I hope Sarah Palin readys this.

      • Lincoln

        OK, maybe she was kind of wrong but not 100% wrong. If you are going to write an article about African American Oscar winners in a piece where you talk about the lack of Black faces in cinema and/or industry awards, you name them ALL. Period. No matter what your point is. The article isn’t without its flaws and quite frankly, the writers did a very shoddy job. If it’s enough to confuse just one reader, you’ve got to re-write re-write re-write. I don’t believe this is newsworthy anyway but I still think Whoopi had a POINT.

      • Simon Jester

        Perhaps if that had been the point of the article you might be right… but since the article was about the lack of black nominees SINCE THE WATERSHED 1992 MOMENT WHEN BLACKS TOOK BOTH LEADING ACTOR STATUETTES, listing winners prior to 1992 is not terribly relevant. Those who think it’s “shoddy” merely demonstrate their inability to grasp this rather basic premise.

      • Ana170

        It’s not important who the all black Oscar winners are. What is important (as far as the writers are concerned) is that the step forward that seemed to have been taken when Halle and Denzel won, appears to have been something of an illusion. Blacks were very underrepresented at the movies this past year and therefore have no presence in the current Oscar race. It seems to me the problem is that too many lack the ability to read and comprehend at the level the New York Times is written. That’s not the writers’ fault.

      • @Simon Jester

        Simon Jester, in 1992, Al Pacino and Emma Thompson took the leading acting statuettes. What a watershed moment for black nominees!

      • Simon Jester

        Yup, I typed 1992 instead of 2002. Sorry to have left you (apparently) so baffled.

    • Dan

      She is an egotistical moron.

  • Marcy Runkle

    But she didn’t apologize for totally misreading the article? Nice.

  • Mayr

    She either did not read the article, or has very poor reading comprehension. Either way, it was a very ugly display of egomania run amok.

    • Brenda Barrett

      Exactly. She was too dumb to understand the article; then she made a fool of herself with this idiotic, erroneous rant. She and EH are the reason I never watch this crapfest.

      • Lincoln

        No, “Brenda Barrett”, the reason why you never catch The View isn’t because of Whoopi or EH. It’s becasue you can’t stand someone expressing their point of view and you don’t like it when YOUR point of view isn’t being expressed. Whoopi has a right to boast about having an Academy Award. Excuse me, but that’s HUGE. For a black person to be an Academy Award winner, that’s a rarity and although I am not a fan of The View at all, I think this was one disagreement worth talking about. Go Whoopi for banging that Oscar on that desk for the world to see.

  • Jethro

    Hey Whoopi,

    We all know you won the Oscar for BSA for Ghost in 1990/televised in 91. You will always have that trademark title before or after your name, so the article really shouldn’t have meant anything to you.

    But like you always do, you speak before you think and in the end, you apologized for something so meaningless!

    • Jethro

      Dear Whoopi,
      The following A.A. actors won Oscars throughout its history, in no specific order: Hattie McDaniel, Sidney Poitier, Cuba Gooding, Jr, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Hudson, Louis Gossett Jr, Forrest Whitaker, Halle Berry, and MoNigue.

      Did I leave anyone out?

      • Nnamdi

        jamie foxx

      • Oscar Historian

        Morgan Freeman and Jamie Foxx.

      • Michelle

        Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman

  • Flyer

    Isn’t it nice that Whoopi finally sat down and actually READ the NYT story? I thought it was an excellent piece that made a lot of salient points. Considering Whoopi’s Oscar seemed sort of like the African-American version of Marisa Tomei’s win for “My Cousin Vinny,” I wasn’t too surprised or disappointed that she wasn’t mentioned in the article.

    • JT

      I hear what you are saying. But her performance in The Color Purple was so much stronger, that I think they gave the Oscar for Ghost to make up for that.

      • Jethro

        Or maybe her competitor, the Great Geraldine Page, who had 7 previous nominations, had the role in “The Trip to Bountiful,” that would not have denied her that Oscar in 1985.

      • Flyer

        I agree. I truly wish she HAD won for “The Color Purple.” THAT was a role that had “excellence” written all over it!

  • cici217

    idiots. used to love WG, but she’s made a few too many of these unjustified comments and lost credibility
    Hasselb!tch still should be kicked off this show

  • Michael

    awards show are overrated anyways

  • UGH

    When will Whoopi, Julia, and Sandra all give back their undeserved trophies?

    • Becky


    • mark

      Whoopi was actually great in Ghost and the color purple, her problem is her stand up, hard to believe she is a comedian.

  • Franco

    She did apologize but she still attempted to place the blame on the article itself, expressing that it was “confusing.” I read it and it made sense to me. I think she should have acknowledged that she overreacted and can at times take herself too seriously.

    • Gracelyn

      This could not possibly have been more hlpeful!

  • Mark

    I think it was shoddy reading on Whoopi’s part. You read the article, and it’s nothing about African-American winners overall but since 2002.

  • TQB

    Wow, this was the one time I actually thought she was in the right… Can we get an apology for the whole “not rape-rape” thing now?

    • RobNJ

      But Polanski is an ‘artiste’ so that trumps being with a 13 y.o.

  • Lisa

    She was included, just not specifically named. grrr

    • Giggles

      Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thanks for hngnaig out here.

  • Todd Bridges

    Hey Whoopi, good job on reinforcing the negative stereotypes that African-Americans are illiterate and complain about things without basis. Maybe just keep your pie hole shut next time. After all, it wasn’t “rape-rape.”

    • kenny

      since all the women host on the show irrespective of their race: white or black…. agreed with her you should broaden and say that all women are stupid if that is what you are saying because it wasn’t only a black woman that agreed it was also white women ( barbara and haselbeck)…. if you only choose to criticize whoopi that is just racist..

      • Deez Nutz

        Good job in missing the whole point of the comment. You & Whoopi should both take a reading comprehension course together.

      • Galip

        Hello???? Try heart disease, heart atatck, atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, just to name a few. Your mother needs to get her **** to the ER tonight. Lumps in the Breast will not cause shortness of breath, but everything that I mentioned will along with the chest pain. Women don’t show heart atatck symptoms the same way men do. Sometimes all we get is jaw pain or a stomach ache. Lung cancer also won’t show up as chest pain, but will present as a cough. Her problems sound heart related to me, but she needs to see a doctor who can examine her and she really should see one now, not later on in the week. Time wasted is tissue killed.

    • Lely

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