'The Good Wife' recap: Satirizing 'The Social Network,' getting serious about Alicia, Will, Kalinda, and Blake

CBS kept promoting this week’s The Good Wife as the episode in which Alicia and Will would bare their souls — at the very least — after that cell-phone message miscommunication so long ago. What we got was both a little less than that and a lot more.

The legal case was the show’s twisty take on Mark Zuckerberg’s spin-control publicity during The Social Network‘s release. Here, the Zuckerberg stand-in was a 25-year-old computer whiz (Jack Carpenter) who wanted to punish the movie studio for presenting him as a lonely jerk — but only because his mom‘s feelings were hurt: The Good Wife‘s Zuckerberg, called Patrick Edelstein, was a sweetie pie. Zuckerbergian arrogance was transferred to the movie studio’s smug “lead studio lawyer” Hannah Vetters (a very fine Anne L. Nathan) and, to a lesser degree, guest star F. Murray Abraham as the attorney representing the studio in this defamation case. Abraham was clearly too much of a catch for episodic TV to make him just another shark, so he became a smart, almost friendly shark. (The show also got a residual frisson of TV self-referentiality with Josh Charles’ Will questioning the film’s screenwriter, a callow version of The Social Network‘s screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin … who of course created a show in which Charles costarred, SportsNight.)

In a rare instance of The Good Wife squandering a guest star, Rita Wilson was consigned to a couple of brief scenes as an old friend of Diane’s — a lawyer letting Lockhart Gardner in on her case for a week and subsequently accusing Diane of trying to steal the case away from her permanently. Wilson was so bristlingly precise, I would have sacrificed a few things in this hour — such as the reappearance of the Mr. Mom investigator Andrew Wiley, much as I enjoy Tim Guinee — to see more of Wilson in action.

Where was Alicia in all this? In a comically bad hat, driving with her brother through Oregon. Dallas Roberts is always a welcome sight as brother Owen (although every time I see him, my heart aches all over again over the cancellation of Rubicon). He was there to tease his sister, blow pot smoke at her, and advise her to talk frankly to Will. In other words, he was a stand-in for us, the audience.

The Will-Alicia chat, teased frequently in the past, actually occurred this evening, and it was the thoroughly exciting letdown that had to occur. The only weak spot in The Good Wife‘s concept as it proceeds is that it’s pretty clear that Alicia can never leave or betray Chris Noth’s Peter unless he does something naughty again — the show has gone too far down the road to bringing them back together. Thus the will-Will-and-Alicia-do-it tension is dissipated, and thus it was inevitable that Will would say that the message he left Alicia was that she’d “made the right decision” in standing by her man. (That was Will thinking fast on his feet, switching up his story to suit what he thinks is best for their relationship now.)

It turned out, however, that this episode titled “Net Worth” reserved its steamiest scenes for Kalinda. First, her FBI gal pal Lana Delaney (Jill Flint) tried to play footsie with her and get the investigator-in-boots to “come work for me.” (Question: Would you quit your job to go work for someone who wanted you primarily for sex? Agent Delaney seemed a tad overly touchy-feely to be an agent this country could trust, and should have known Kalinda doesn’t go for the hard sell.)

Then there was the soft-core version of the “May I have a moment of your time?” moment Alicia had with Will — I’m talking about Blake’s “we’re adults” discussion/interrogation/seduction of Kalinda just as she was emerging from the hotel room, having left Agent Delaney all hot and bothered. Scott Porter’s Blake and Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda got a room in every sense, somehow managing to make their pre-discussion pat-down look like an outtake from Last Tango in Paris (Netflix it, kids).

Blake and Kalinda have both been under investigation for the beating of Dr. Booth some weeks ago. Now Blake wants the two of them to share information to keep the jackals at bay, but it’s a pretty one-sided info-dump. Kalinda said she didn’t hack into Blake’s computer to plant an incriminating e-mail about the drug lord Bishop, while Blake spilled that he’s not just a PI but “a fixer” for Derrick Bond, and that he is also working for Will because he used to do some unsavory stuff for Will at the latter’s previous law firm. What set off Kalinda, however, was when Blake called her by her real name, Lela.

Kalinda stopped all the heaving and touching that had been going on while they stood thisclose to each other. She fetched her bat from Blake’s bag and hit a hard right-field single into his rib cage. Gasping for breath, he croaked out, “I found your husband.” Kalinda looked as close as she ever comes to shock.

And in turn, The Good Wife came as close as it ever comes to going over the top — without quite doing so.

What’s your verdict: Hot, or a bit much? The faux-Zuckerberg case: Did you buy it? Me, I liked the movie case as satire, and almost don’t want to know about Kalinda’s past, but that’s the way it goes with first-rate episodic TV — it pulls you in directions you don’t think you want to go, and then shows you how foolish you were to resist the ride.

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  • coco

    There should be a better man.I imagine it could be George Clooney. I don’t like peter or will. I don’t like this episode either.

    • Lindsay

      Clooney must make a guest appearance eventually. Either as a rival lawyer or maybe a judge, but I would love to see the two of them together again on screen.

      • Rachel

        ooo maybe an fbi agent!

      • minister

        If Clooney was really cool, he’d play a homeless person with a big bushy beard, but I don’t think he’s Franco enough to try.

      • peeje

        It would be funny if they made a sort of joke of it, Clooney could be a client, they could do a double-take, say something like, have we met before, you seem so familiar – along those lines -

    • LillyCB

      I have to respectfully disagree… I LOVE Will, I like Peter, but he screwed (literally) things up for me, last night’s episode was filled with what I like to call hot-headed passion, lol!! The scene with kalinda and Blake was freaking AWESOME!! Alicia and Will’s last scene was downright mean (for me) because he turned her down again, and then gives me that face, like, OMG! I SHOULD’VE TOLD HER!! or whatever it is that it meant, but something, it meant… Oh Lord… ONE THING I THINK WE CAN AL AGREE ONIS THAT I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHOW!! AND I ONLY STARTED WATCHING IT THIS SEASON!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED SUCH GRET TELEVISION FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR… ANYWAYS, HAPPY DAY/NIGHT… :)

    • Maggie


  • Scott P

    That scene with Kalinda and the FBI agent was one of the greatest in television history… Wow.

    • lisa

      Totally agree, the whole time I kept wondering what is her foot doing!!!

    • Gabby

      That is EXACTLY what I said/thought too!! Incredible

    • David

      Totally agree!! That was HHHHOOOOTTTT!!

    • AltDave

      And it had the best line of the night: “You’ll need your foot back for that.”

    • kfan

      Kalinda and the FBI agent are really hot together. I think they need more scenes. I want to know their history with each other.

      • J

        I can’t stand that FBI agent. She acts like a complete idiot. Nothing hot about that. I love the way Kalinda uses her, though.

      • minister

        The gal who plays her is insanely gorgeous, but the character is kinda pathetic. You can see why Kalinda would rather (almost) have a go with QB1’s PI.

    • ajmalzx

      The whole time I was like, DAAAYUUUUMMM!!!

      Nice to see Jill switching to the “other” side once in a while.

      • fan

        I like this fbi agent from S1.

  • Kate

    Dallas Roberts – every time I see him, my heart aches all over again over the to soon passing of John Ritter…Roberts brings him to mind everytime he’s on screen.

    • Deanna

      Yep, Dallas Roberts is John Ritter’s doppelganger. Makes me wonder if Tex Ritter ever paid a visit to Dallas Roberts’ mom. And, I loved him “3:10 to Yuma” as well as Rubicon.

      • abigail

        I agree with you. He reminds me of John Ritter.

    • DW

      I too thought immediately of John Ritter.

    • amble

      Ken may think of Rubicon when he sees Dallas Roberts but I think ‘when are they going to do a John Ritter biopic starring Dallas Roberts?’

  • craig

    Good episode although I am bummed the Will/Alicia story line was sliced off. I am looking forward to finding out about Kalinda’s past and how the power struggle at the law firm plays out. 8/10

    • doug

      Yeah. 8/10 is just about right for this episode. I thought a better play would be have Will and Alicia get together, all with the backdrop of Peter’s upcoming election. But hey, thats just me. On another note, I never got into Blake’s character this season. Every time I see Scott Porter on screen, I think Kyle Chandler is gonna pop out and give him a speech on character. Ah, FNL. Lastly, MORE ELI!! Alan Cumming is brilliant on this show.

      • Sheila

        I’m torn. I’d like to see Alicia hook up with Will, but that would change the narrative of the show. To paraphrase her brother, she can’t go there even if she really wants to do but that goes against her moral code. Would she still be the Good Wife if she cheated on Peter? The writer’s probably played it right. Now it’s Will’s turn to wonder what could have been.

      • minister

        Kalinda & Eli would make an interesting couple 8)

    • PixxieTrixxie

      I think that Alicia’s revelation to Will is going to eat at him now until he makes another move toward her – probably after the election is my bet. There are bound to be some late nights in the office that can be used. Just knowing that he can make the next move will take this forward. IMHO.

      • Lara

        Agreed. It seems like they’re planning on dragging this storyline out for as long as possible. After last night’s episode, I’m now thinking there won’t be any substantial moves forward until the season finale.

  • A Concerned Mom

    Kids, do not netflix Last Tango in Paris.

    • concerned blog reader

      I’d be mroe concerned if kids were watching the show. I’m pretty sure the comment was not actually directed at children–more like “folks” or “readers.”

      • yup

        The David Letterman meaning of the word “kids”.

    • Mole

      Don’t worry, Concerned Mom, the obvious hordes of preteens that slavishly follow Ken Tucker probably won’t want to watch an old movie anyway.

    • Tia

      I just looked up LTiP and it is rated NC-17, I don’t remember it being that risque. But then again, I am under 30 and only saw it a couple of years ago.

    • Rimdiq

      hahahahahahahahaha, CUTE=D

    • Steph

      Yes, it would be a horrible idea for children to actually have some knowledge about sex before actually having it…

  • coco

    My understanding may be wrong, and I have a feeling that write’s writing forces weakened. I’m not interested in the kalinda’s past, I hate Will’s girlfriend also . These story line isn’t the slightest highlights.

    • dylan

      Come again?

    • Heidi

      I still don’t get what happened with Christine Baranski – wasn’t she hateful towards Will and leaving? How are they suddenly friendly allies? I can understand if they realized they were getting played and they cooled the situation down but to go from hate to friendly was alot to ask of us the audience. And why no discussion and plotting between them of how to proceed…I just find that frustrating.

      And really…why would the PI bring the bat to the hotel – does he just carry it around? Is he also so dumb to not find her asking about her bat a little alarming? Why give it to her during that scene? Ridiculous. Will would never keep him around if he is truly that dumb.

      • Dana

        Regarding Will & Diane, you must have missed a couple of episodes. They’ve had several conversations, and the audience hasn’t been left out as to why they are friendly again.

      • penny

        girl you need to watch the last 3 episodes again and fast forward to all of will/diane scenes.
        they are plotting and scheming and their chemistry can rival will/alicia will/tammy

      • Sarah O

        I am assuming that the bat had DNA or other forensic evidence on it of Kalinda’s that could tie her to illegal activity, like smashing Blake’s car up. I think she wanted it back so he couldn’t hold that over her head, and he brought it as a peace offering to her. I guess because of how they were, ahem, “getting along” at that point, he thought it would be safe to give it back to her then.

      • minister

        “Why give it to her during that scene?”

        1. He wants something in return.

        2. Kalinda is hot enough to seduce a signed copy of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” off a gay dude.

      • peeje

        I agree with minister. Kalinda would be hard to resist if she’s even half trying. Also, Blake was bringing it to trade. He thought he had the upper hand with her for a long time, but the e-mail planted on his computer quickly convinced him he’d underestimated Kalinda & that he’d better call a truce. The bat had Kalinda’s prints on it & Blake used it to beat up someone in a previous episode, he also planted the glass at that scene, and was keeping the bat to hold over her head (figuratively). He traded it to her now in a cease-fire attempt

  • Lila

    It’s disappointing to see a show like TGW resort to “ripped from the headlines,” which to me is a creative cop-out. Come on, guys, you’re better than that. Also, I don’t get why Kalinda slammed Blake with a baseball bat. It couldn’t be the fact that he called her Lela. He’d done that repeatedly in earlier episodes. She always looked irritated about it, but never murderous. Or was this her first opportunity to express her true feelings? The part about finding her husband is intriguing. We have something to look forward to–perhaps the reappearance of an abuser that she changed her identity to escape from?

    • Meredith

      No offense but the entire premise of The Good Wife was ripped from the headlines and it certainly did not turn out to be a “creative cop-out.”

    • Maisie

      My take is that Kalinda assumed that Blake set her up for the beating of Dr. Booth by planting that glass with her fingerprints on it (remember, the glass came from Lockhart Gardner–so it was implied–which, of course, Blake could easily have taken). For that I’d have whacked him in the solar plexus with a bat, too! (BTW, I, too, thought Blake said “phoned your husband–after playing it back several times.)

      • seattleellen

        I was sorry that Kalinda whacked him, but you knew he was pushing his luck by calling her Lela. I also replayed the tape & wasn’t sure if it was found or phoned your husband.Please remind me who Dr.Booth is? I’ve watched all the episodes,but I’m not remembering him. It is so wild seeing Blake – what a switch for this fine actor who played such a different part on Fri. Night Lights. And I agree with others, Dallas Roberts could play John Ritter very well & easily!BTW I Find Tim Guinee’s Mr. Mom incredibly annoying.

      • Virginia

        According to the “closed caption”, Blake said “I called your husband.”

      • Gwen

        My closed caption said, “I phoned your husband.” That struck me as an odd turn of phrase…Blake would have said, “I called your husband” which is a much more common phrasing.

    • avidfan

      I thought I heard her say, “Keep calling me that” after she hit him with the bat, so I assumed the blow was directly related to his continued use of Lela, which I’m assuming is her previous identity.

      • Lila

        Meredith, you’re so right about the entire premise being ripped from the headlines. In this episode, though, the movie based on the computer geek followed Social Network lines too closely for my taste, down to the screenwriter’s drug addiction (as with Aaron Sorkin).
        Thanks to everybody on this thread for your insights on the Kalinda-Blake scene. I, too, had problems following the audio, which is the main reason I was confused. Maisie, your summary makes perfect sense.

    • Tia

      I kinda want her husband to be a gay guy and they had an arranged marriage to suit their parents.

    • Jen

      They have got to let Kalinda grow as a character … this mysterious schtick is getting pretty one note.

      • peeje

        Are you serious? She is the best thing on the show. Her mystery is not just about her past, its about who she is at the core, even if you knew her background you wouldn’t know HER. The way she is so self-contained, guarded, human & even caring at times, yet so “take no prisoners” at other times – she’s an awesome, strong, intensely private, deeply complex character. When the FBI agent asked didn’t Kalinda want intimacy & she said No, it was perfect. In some ways she is like a beautiful, exotic, sexy, Indian version of the Lisbeth Salander character, minus the hacker punk/geek traits. Don’t mess with Kalinda!

    • peeje

      I love ripped from the headlines plots, I don’t think they are a creative cop out at all, all writers get many ideas from real things that have happened, either to themselves or other people, ideas do not just present themselves in a total vaccuum. Beyond that, I think Kalinda may have planned to slug Blake with the bat as soon as she got her hands on it, to teach him a lesson not to mess with her. Then again it may be that she just reacted to his calling her Lela again – after all the talk of calling a truce, she may have taken it as a sign he would continue to threaten her & wanted to send strong message about that!

  • David D

    Did anyone else have problems hearing some of the dialogue in the Blake/Kalinda scene? I thought I heard the word “husband” but didn’t catch the whole sentence until I read this. (Incidentally, Ken, you should change that line “beating Dr. Blake” — unless he has a Ph.D. and you were referring to Kalinda and her bat tonight!)

    • Ken Tucker

      Sorry, fixed: Dr. BOOTH. Thank you.

    • Zzzzz

      I,too, could not hear what Blake said about Kalinda’s husband. I even replayed it..twice..and never understood the word “found”. Read the recap specifically for that info.

      • megan

        I had a lot of trouble hearing. Truthfully, I thought Blake said “I PHONED your husband,” especially since “phoned” seemed to be the word of the day during this episode. I don’t get why Kalinda slammed him with the bat, either. It seemed kind of ruthless on her part and made me wonder what she is capable of. Perhaps her husband beat her and that’s why she ran and is now very emotionally detached and afraid of intimacy? If Blake did say “found,” maybe he’s referencing Lela’s husband’s body. Was the whole scene just a ruse on her part to get Blake to spill? Or would she have really gone “all the way” with him had he not called her Lela. Also, how did he know what the FBI agent said to her about liking sex with men? I found the scene very hard to follow.

      • dylan

        I heard “phoned” too. Regardless, I’m interested in the Kalinda story. Didn’t appreciate investigator-dad quite as much in this episode as I did in the last one.

      • Drew

        It was the same for me…couldn’t hear/understand a lot of what was being said. The dialogue was whispered and mumbled.

      • marjowil

        we had trouble hearing, too. We heard that Blake (another f-word)’ed her husband — KNEW that couldn’t be right! And what was the reference to “the blond”? Did I hear that right? The whole scene in fact was hard to hear.

    • wtfnyc

      I had some trouble hearing it (BAD sound mixers!), but I also thought Blake said “phoned.”

      • Allan Oliver

        I’m so relieved to read that many people ahd troubling hearing/understanding the Kalinda-Maria-Blake scenes. I always have troubling hearing Kalinda, but this was ridiculous. That several crucial plot elements should be inaudible is inexcusable. If it weren’t for the recap, I’d be completely lost.

      • oscar

        Yes yes and yes! I was sooooo mad last night, there were at least 3 separate instances during the show where I could not, for the life of me, understand what was being said. I rewound Blake “husband” line at least 5 times and still could not understand what he said, other than the word “husband”. Come on TGW, fix yer audio!!!!

      • GS

        Blake didn’t say anything about the FBI agent’s comments about men. He said Donna said you like women better than men. Donna is the woman who showed up at a party with Blake. She’s the one who seems to still carry a torch for Kalinda. She’s not the FBI agent.

      • diane

        glad someone else had trouble hearing that scene too. Between her trying to do an American accent and the mumbled speech, I didn’t hear too much but i’m pretty sure he said “phoned” your husband. As if to say “i have more dirt on you…” Maybe this husband is the key. Also, phoned seems to be THE word of the show and if they had said call, we wouldn’t be trying to figure out if it was found or phoned!

    • Kate

      Blake said he “Phoned” her husband. I always close caption Kalinda’s scenes.

      • seattleellen

        Kate, Thank you for that. I replayed my tape of it over & over and couldn’t tell if it was found or phoned.
        Can you remind me who dr. bishop was? I’m drawing a blank-even tho I’ve seen all the episodes.

    • kbw

      Love the show but the dialog esp with Kalinda is hard to follow — too soft and muted. If you can’t hear the dialog and have to replay it, show runners need to fix that.

    • AJJ

      I completely had troubles hearing that scence, in fact, I had to rewind it a couple of times to try and figure out what Blake said to her…after a few times all I got was the word husband.

      • susanne

        I’m so glad that I’m not the only one having trouble understanding the blake/kalinda-scene. Up until now I thought it had something to do with me being no native English-speaker :)

    • redeye

      closed captions read “PHONED” your husband….

      • peeje

        I never really have any trouble hearing or understanding what Kalinda says. I thought Blake said he “found” her husband, phoned doesn’t sound like something an American would say, and even if closed captioning shows that, its not always right, I’ve seen some real LOL doozies on closed captioning -

  • mae

    I’m a little over the Kalinda backstory.I loved the will/alicia storyline this week but so couldve done without the “lets take our clothes off so we can pretend to be sexy and get info out of one another” scene. it rang false or maybe i just don’t find either of them that attractive.

    • Deanna

      I found the scene a surrogate for what the fans really want, Alicia and Will. I kept thinking, that’s not who I want to see removing their clothing.

      • Ashley

        Great comment, Deanna. My thoughts exactly!

      • peeje

        I don’t want Alicia to be with Will unless she first ends her marriage with Peter for a very good reason not involving Will, like Peter cheats on her again, or he does something otherwise immoral or unethical in his campaign, etc. The name of the show is the Good Wife, sort of ties them to her being a Wife, and being Good, which means not committing adultery. If she had broken up with Peter after he cheated, it would be a different matter. But since she made the decision to stay & try to work things out, changing her mind because of an attraction to a co-worker/boss/old flame would make her no better than Peter was when he did it to her. Alicia’s character is presented as a good person, it would be much harder to sell that image if she breaks her marriage vows. Trying to justify it that, well he did it first, doesn’t work. Kind of like, if someone assaults you & 2 years later you hit them back, you can’t call it self defense!

      • Kathy

        This fan doesn’t want Will and Alicia together…she has more chemistry with Peter. Good way to explain, peeje.

    • fg

      I love Kalinda but really don’t get her relationship with Blake who I find more slimy than sexy. I know it’s all a kind of sexual one upmanship but I think Kalinda should have better sense.

    • Drew

      Interesting. It rang false for me, too. I do think Kalinda is attractive and know that she uses her sexuality to get things, but this scene left me baffled.

      • kate

        I agree Blake is slimy and I’m not sure I get this thing between him and Kalinda.
        I also thought she had better chemistry with the cop last season. Wonder where he went…

    • Ava

      Ditto, Mae.

    • AltDave

      I thought from the first that Kalinda was just gaming Blake. Blake seems to think of himself as an irresistable chick magnet and I felt that Kalinda was deliberately sucking him in to the situation. I never felt that she had the slightest romantic interest in him; just another example of Kalinda doing whatever it takes to achieve an end.

  • May

    I like the roles Owen and FBI agent.

    • fan

      I love them both.

  • Anna

    I think it is time to end will / alicia story line. But definitely give Will another girlfriend, please.

    • Betty

      I don’t think it’s time to end the Will/Alicia story at all! That’s the heart of it for me. I do agree with all who want to get rid of his current girlfriend, though. Will’s better than that. Was she cast just to annoy us? If so, good job.

      • penny

        i think she was casted to show a lighter more playful side of will.
        but we’re getting that with will/diane now

    • Anonymous

      I feel tired for the storyline between Alicia and Will. It was the only motivation let me to watch tgw, now it maybe the only reason let me to reject tgw. I’m tired, the roles of the story are also tired. The end of it.

    • fan

      If there is no Will and Alicia’s story line, tgw lost its soul. However, I am now confused, who is the protagonist? W? A?

  • lisa

    Love the Blake and Kalinda scene, and the FBI agent totally sells her role, has a powerful woman trying to lure in a female conquest.

  • Suzanne

    I’ve wanted to hit Blake with a baseball bat for months. Thanks, K.

    My favorite part was Will and Dianne, working together like nothing had happened to disturb their rhythm. Dianne’s snide asides about the “artistic” selling of product placement was especially good. I found the law interesting, and I haven’t done that for a while on TGW.

    The will-they-won’t-they triangle was tired. Don’t care that it is gone, though I think it went out with such a whimper that I wonder why they bothered in the first place. If you want people to prefer Will, though, you should not hire Chris Noth to play Peter!

    • Sally

      While I agree Chris Noth is wonderful… I don’t care how sexy and great looking an actor is if his character slept with hookers and sucked their toes, it sort of takes the glow off of the romance. I love Josh Charles/Will. I never found him sexy before, but he has convinced me in this role. I’m a believer.

      • Jiji

        Agree with you 110%

      • Maggie

        LOL,see so many fans want to eat Tammy, I’m very happy , you’re so cute, I love you all!

    • Lyn2

      I’m sure I’m not the only woman who watches this show who prefers Will to Peter. Chris Noth has never done a thing for me.

      • EVELYN


      • Anonymous

        I’m with you.

      • Jiji

        No I prefer Will too…I should also say as much as I like the show, the best part for me is having hope in Alicia & Will but if it won’t happen, I won’t be as faithful. I must say I’m kinda tired of waiting. Alicia&Will can have a secret romance since Alicia feels like the “good wife” and mother but after cheating with hookers, that draws the line. I also like Peter but Will would be better for her!!!

      • Sue

        I am not sure I get what Alicia sees in Will. Will is emotilonless, and morally questionable.

    • DP

      So, Evelyn, you prefer a guy who sleeps with hookers because, in your opinion, he’s good looking? There’s more to appealing than being tall.

  • bethany

    I also felt cheated by the Will/Alicia moment. I did; however, love when Alicia made fun of Will’s lady’s voice. I am not a fan of that actress at all.

    Finally, I thought Blake said “I called your husband.” not found. I could be wrong though. That scene was hot!!

    • Deanna

      My closed captioning for Blake’s line was, “I called your husband”. I agree with you.

      • Sarah

        Well if there’s one thing I’ve figured out from watching this show, it’s that nobody ever says “called,” they only say “phoned.” If that helps…

    • megan

      That’s what I thought–he said “I phoned your husband”–see my above comment. I loved Alicia making fun of Tammy’s voice, too. I don’t think Owen just blew pot smoke in her face–I think she hit the pipe a few times herself.

      • ChrisB

        That’s the same thing I thought, too.

    • arg

      alicia drunk was great!

  • Mark

    Like most others, the previews had me anticipating the Will /Alicia moment all week. But surprisingly, after the Blake / Kalinda confrontation/smackdown/husband revelation, I found myself not caring much about Will and Alicia any more.
    Just curious, did anyone else have the same reaction as me: at the mention of “Kalinda’s husband”, my first guess was that he will turn out to be an established character we already know (Glen Childs [no, he just got divorced]? Eli Gold? Oh my God, she’s actually married to Will!).

    • megan

      Noo…I definitely think Kalinda’s hubby is/was an abuser and that is why she looked so shocked and why she is so scared of intimacy and so emotionally detached and sexually ambigious. She probably lost control to the man and now refuses to ever be put in a position to lose control again.

    • arg

      and possibly why she took someone else’s identity. i’m kinda over her though. she used to be this though character and now they are trying to put too many things on her. she’s bi, she’s married, she stole someone’s identity, she is bffs with cary. its a little overboard for one character.

      • Dana

        I agree. I like Kalinda being mysterious. It’s more interesting that way. I don’t really want to know her background at all.

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