'Two and a Half Men' review: Charlie Sheen shines in the last new episode for a while

Charlie Harper was as excited about going to Paris as Charlie Sheen might be: “They have their own Disney World and they serve wine!” he exulted on this, the last new Two and a Half Men for a while. Monday night’s episode was light on Charlie and heavy on Alan (Jon Cryer), who’s been running a ponzi scheme on those nearest and dearest to him. Like most editions of the series, this half-hour traded on antic silliness. This included Alan’s lengthy session in a confessional with a priest, which included such exchanges as “Are you even Catholic?” “No, but I’m a big fan.”

Two and a Half Men is never going to aim for wit or innovation, but it moves right along, thanks to regular director James Widdoes, and the adept timing of both Sheen and Cryer. No matter what his extracurricular activities are, Sheen can be counted on to deliver even the soggiest line with a bracing dryness, and his deadpan reactions are equal to those of his Emmy-winning colleague on another Chuck Lorre show, Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory.

If you believe Sheen, America’s most popular sitcom is going on a “forced hiatus” imposed by the production company in an effort to compel the actor to tidy up his off-camera act. Whatever the reason, Two and a Half Men wrapped up Alan’s ongoing ponzi scheme story line this evening, clearing the way for Sheen’s Charlie to take center-stage on the show whenever production resumes.

For more: Charlie Sheen: ‘We’re on forced hiatus’

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  • kim in kentucky

    Alan dressed as a girl reminded me of someone who, but can’t think who — Anyone???

    • KevinM

      Maybe Patty Duke or Sally Field as Gidget? This was a good episode for him, I think the rest of the (great) cast could pull off episodes without Charlie Sheen rather than put it on hiatus…

      • Cici217

        I totally agree. Just write that Charlie Harper has gone off to rehab and he let’s Berta move into the house and the hilarity will begin. Increase the mother’s role too. The cast could handle doing a few shows on their own.

      • John Berggren

        I agree – if only to test the concept of the show without Charlie. Perhaps Chuck Lorre can make it work with two men and a maid.

    • Juan

      Cory from Boy Meets world?

    • Bluto

      Charlie needs to have one of those “you’re going to jail for a couple of years” moments, brought to you by the Tom Sizemore Foundation.

  • iKnow

    Sorry, but the show still cracks me up..All of his antics aside..Media makes a lot of out nothing…

    • sara

      antics??? He’s a cocaine addict. For some people that is illegal. I guess in some people’s minds that is fine as long as the drug addict is a painfully over-paid actor on a painfully unfunny sitcom.

    • Natalie

      Media makes a lot out of NOTHING? He abused his ex-wife, locked a porn star in a bathroom (after a night of drinking and drugging) with his kids in a nearby hotel room, has been on several self-destructive drug benders with porn stars in the past month, and oh, yeah, is stiffing crew members on work and money by his sudden rehab stint…that ain’t nothing, honey!

      • Sweetpea

        If he would do rehab correctly, he wouldn’t have any more of these “antics”. A month of rehab here and there in the comfort of his home with his whole staff around him at his beck and call will not stick. He needs to get serious about sobriety and being there for all who depend on him, his kids, his co-stars, the crew, his fans. The severity of his issue merits at least 6-9 months of traditional rehab, not the “celebrity version” of rehab that never seems to work!

    • KC

      A nation full of idiots enjoy this show.

      • Allison

        People like you are exhausting. You’re a pretentious douchebag.

      • Dan

        This guy with a post-graduate degree and my wife with a doctorate both enjoy this show. It isn’t Shakespeare, but it has funny moments. The supporting cast is often funnier than Charlie.

      • K. Harker

        Dan, I have a PhD too, and I can tell you there are A LOT of idiots in grad school and even more with their PhD. Not that you are, just saying it’s not proof of taste or intelligence. Lots of stupid people can handle the grad school pressure and lots of intelligent people don’t want to put themselves through it.

      • Chloe

        KC – Lighten up, moron! Take that stick out of your butt and enjoy the show!! Seems like you need it! 2.5 Men has better ratings with their reruns then most first run comedies.

      • KC’s Ex

        You wouldn’t believe how awful it was living with KC for so many years. Bitter, self important commentary on everything from politics to dog food. Thank God I finally got out.

      • Jennifer TruthTeller


        You’re post grad degree is obviously in some useless subjext like philosophy and your wife is a High School guidance counsellor.
        Shove your phony crenditials up your fat butts.

      • Beau

        You bet your azz we do! Best show on tv. so just p*** off!

      • MsDeb

        I believe that I read somewhere that most heart attacks occur on a Monday. Having said that, this “idiot” and her 70 year old husband, love this show. It is our weekly appointment for laughter/humor therapy. Come on, it’s mostly slapstick humor. Ignore the Charlie Sheen character, and enjoy the antics of “Alan” the greatly talented and under-respected Jon Cryer, “Jake”, “Eldritch”, “Berta”, “Evelyn”, and “Rose”. The episode that featured the human volcano, the fart rocket, the shopping cart… was classic slapstick comedy and caused my husband to spew ice tea over the dog :) If we are idiots, we will live longer for having indulged in juvenile humor. Having said that, Charlie Sheen, this is a wake-up call, you are shredding your golden ticket. If you are “bored” now (his expressed reason for going on a bender), how will you feel jobless?

      • @ Jennifer “Truth Teller”

        1) Just because you don’t see the value in a particular subject, or its usefulness, doesn’t mean there isn’t any.
        2) What’s your problem with high school counselors?
        3) It is subject not subjext.
        4) It is counselor not counsellor.
        5) You don’t capitalize improper nouns.
        6) Immature personal attacks on people because of their opinion about a tv show makes you the imbecile.

      • KellyK

        Dan – You’re not by any chance related to Phillip on “Survivor – Redemption,” are you??

  • Jamaaliver

    How is this show still on?
    How is Charlie Sheen stilll employed?

  • trixie

    Ken…I’m ashamed of you for reviewing this man’s show. lol Isn’t there another show that deserves the attention other than this show???

    • ^..^

      Why not review a REAL show such as Southland instead of this crap?

      • Kristina

        Yes. Can someone PLEASE review SouthLAnd. Only a few episodes left in the season. I never got why Two and Half Men is the number one comedy. I’ve seen a couple of episodes and didn’t laugh once.

      • Kristina

        Just would like to add that everyone is entitled to their own opinions about the show but I’ve never seen the appeal of it in all the years it’s been on television.

      • chase


    • Mandy

      This was NOT a review!!!

      PS a thanks should be given to Ken – at least the article didn’t even mention Glee!!!

  • Huskie

    I’ve watched this show since the beginning. I usually catch at least one rerun a day. But this episode was awful; in fact it jumped the shark by so much it cleared it twice. Alan talking to a toaster, Alan in drag, dark Allan, Charlie just becoming oblivious & stupid, Rose married to a “dummy” named Manny (how clever was that). They plan on getting another year and half out of this show?

    • JS

      I’m also a big fan of this show, and I agree with you about the show going too far with the Alan storyline. It just didn’t fit with the tone of the show, and the fact it ran over several episodes almost made it seem like an exploration of mental illness.

      However, I didn’t find the Rose/Charlie storyline quite as out of line with the usual tone of the show. Charlie’s always been obvlivious to what goes on around him. In this case, too, the long string of related episodes didn’t help – Charlie being clueless about the mannequin for one or two episodes was funny. After that, however, it just became pathetic.

      • Huskie

        Rose having a pretend husband is okay in theory- but the whole thing of it be an actual mannequin just seems way too hokey for this show (this is something you’d see on a Jim Belushi sitcom) Charlie is oblivious, but at best this seemed like a “B” story line they would have used to fool Jake for one show (not a continuing story line).

        Plus the whole thing of having Charlie suddenly fall hopelessly in love with Rose just feels forced.

  • Mike

    Is it just me or did Charlie look like he’s been through the ringer?

    • kim in kentucky

      I noticed that too

    • Dan

      Noticed in last week’s episode how gaunt he was. Didn’t look healthy. Apparently the last few episodes have been “Alan heavy” because the producers and writers were worried about Charlie after their holiday break (that is when these episodes were filmed). They should do one or two episodes with Charlie out of town and watch their ratings stay the same. CBS and Warner Bros think that people watch only b/c of Charlie and that isn’t the case.

    • K. Harker

      Um, he has been.

  • Brett2

    CBS should cancel this show. It isn’t funny anymore.

    • A

      It was never funny to begin with.

  • Rammer

    Screw all of you uptight a holes posting here. Yes, Charlie parties, so what?????? He’s been great in some of the greatest movies ever made (Wall Street, Platoon), hilarious in some of the funniest movies ever made (Major League, Hot Shots) and all around great in a ton of other films as well. The show is hilarious and not for prudes like you bunch of losers….go get a life and leave Charlie and Two and A Half Men alone!!!

    • Cathy

      So what? You’re kidding, right? You go on about his films being so wonderful, but guess what? He won’t be making any more at this rate. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to see him get some help, rather than watch him die the slow death of an addict onscreen.

    • Will

      Except he hasn’t done a decent film in over a decade.
      It’s not that those that don’t like Two and a Half Men are prudes…it just isn’t funny.

    • Kimber

      You thought Major League and Hot Shots were some of the funniest movies ever made?!? Wow. Maybe you need rehab.

    • K. Harker

      Oliver Stone liked him for some reason. But he WAS NOT good in Wall Street – he was embarrassingly bad. I showed a clip using Gecko to demonstrate the successful psychopath, and I had to preface the viewing by apologizing for Sheen’s acting (after I showed the clip, people were agog at how bad he was). I think he has good comedic timing (unlike Kimber, I think Hot Shots is hilarious), but as a dramatic actor, he is about as bad as one could be.

      What I really have a problem with is the idea that if I don’t like this show, then I’m a prude/loser. I can tell you, I watch shows with much more edge, sex, and humour – in fact maybe that’s why I can’t handle 2 1/2 Men. I know what great TV really looks like, and it isn’t reheated generic sit-com bull. Considering Deadwood is my favourite TV show, you’re going to have a hard time calling me a prude.

    • char

      hey charlie – how are you doing today?

    • KC’s Ex

      You call abusing your wife or girlfriend “partying?”

  • grannytat

    I am a very senior citizen and I like to watch the show. They have worked together
    for a long time and are all seasoned actors, doing a beautiful job. The show without any one of them would not be as funny. In my area, OH we get all re-runs I have yet to see one with Jake in jr. high! I pray for Charlie to use the brain he has and realize he is going to be wheeled out of his home oneday with a body bag if he does not take this seriously. I appreciate his talent so much as I did his Father also it will be sad for his children, his parents if he continues on this path. His children are beautiful, it is just his taste in women that gets him into trouble. Shape up Charlie. Network he has made you a lot of money, so now it costs you…suck it up and get under control!

  • Sgt. Rock

    It takes at least 3 months in rehab for your system to “clean” itself of drugs and sometimes a year or so. They should just CGI Charlie’s face for episodes he’s missing from and continue on. Otherwise it’s re-hab re-runs.

  • M

    It seems silly to compare Sheldon and Charlie Harper.

    • JS

      I love both shows, and it’s not at all silly to compare the two characters. Both are portrayed at the extremes – Charlie as a self-obsessed drunken womanizer, and Sheldon as a self-obsessed socially-clueless nerd. They both are the strongest characters on their respective shows, and both would quickly become irritating if they were not surrounded by an excellent supporting cast.

      The one difference I see – Jim Parsons has kept his real life and character separate, while Charlie’s real life and character has merged. This is one of the most dangerous parts about Charlie’s situation – I just don’t see how he can turn around his real life and still continue to play his character on TV. The only alternative, writing his rehab and into the show and turning him into a normal person, just doesn’t seem funny.

    • Kamil

      Doesn’t matter where I got that jesrey, Hanks (and no, it wasn’t a yard sale). I can’t wait to see you make the number 1 look like the letter C and the number 2 look like a schwa.

  • Dan

    I’m not really looking forward to still more episodes about Charlie’s drunken one-night stands. It was funny perhaps for the first season or two of the series, but not anymore.

  • Chris

    God you people are such babies….this show remains hilarious.

  • Ruthie

    No. The show remains stupid. Just like Charlie. I want it off the air. Along with Charlie. The advertisers should find better shows and people to spend their money on. And we, the viewers, deserve much better “entertainment” than we’re being forced to watch now.

    • cattyfan

      “forced to watch”? Good Lord, Ruthie, has comeone tied you to a chair and left your TV set to CBS? How disturbing.

      Look…just because you don’t like something dooesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be on the air. Millions of people enjoy this show. I am frequently counted in that number…but this does not mean I advocate the offscreen drug use and general debauchery. However, as long as the show remains at the top in the ratings, advertisers will come. That’s called business.

      Don’t like it? There are several hundred other channels from which you can choose.

  • Sarah D

    No one is forcing you to watch Ruthie et al. It’s a free country, watch something else if you don’t like the show. The more comments an article attracts, good or bad, the more articles will be written on the subject matter in the future, so the time and effort you waste commenting on a show so beneath you, could be used to comment on the shows you actually like, and want to support.

    • K. Harker

      But the point of these sites is for people to be able to state their opinion. Those who don’t like it have as much right as those who do to comment.

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