'Fringe' recap: Meet the beetles, plus: Cry baby cry

Fringe spent this week in the Other Universe, in various ways trying to achieve, as the episode title had it, “Immortality.” It was a non-stop Fauxlivia-fest, and not one for anyone suffering from entomophobia.  The hour confirmed — or perhaps I should say seemed to confirm — a few things many of you readers have been commenting upon. One thing’s for sure: Those Twin Peaks references you’ve been picking up on were certainly validated this week.

For the purposes of this recap, I’m going to refer to the Other Universe Olivia not as Faux-, Bo- or Alt- but just “Olivia,” since that what she is in this episode’s world. Her boyfriend’s back, she greeted him, home from Texas, at the Empire Docking Station. Pretty soon, the two of them, plus Lincoln Lee (put in charge because of the “missing” [we know “dead”] Broyles) and Charlie Francis, were plunged into a case involving corpses from which swarms of beetles had emerged. Yet another in the long line of Fringe‘s many dedicated but doomed scientists, this one Dr. Anton Silva (Alon Aboutboul) turned innocent citizens into hosts that would provide samples of the beetles he needed to complete an experiment that would bring him the glory he sought. Too bad that the human hosts died dreadful deaths (“spontaneous bug eruptions,” as Lincoln put it). Fringe Division had to figure out what was going on, as Charlie pulled a nice juicy beetle from the nostril of a corpse.

The creepy case was inter-cut with Walternate scenes. He and Brandonate have been experimenting with the Cortexiphan synthesized from our-world Olivia’s brain, injecting it into others. We saw one such subject demonstrate telekinetic ability, but he died soon afterward. Brandonate thinks the key is that the younger the patients are, the more powers they demonstrate, so he proposes using children. No, Walternate thunders. “No children — that is not an option!” A bit later we saw Walternate with his mistress, played by none other than Twin Peaks‘ Joan Chen. The Secretary of Defense said, “There are lines I simply cannot cross — does that make me weak?” No, it makes him a better man than our Walter, according to one reading of Fringe morality, since Walter’s sin and suffering derives from having first experimented on children (including Olivia) and “crossing a line” by taking Peter back to his/our world.

I liked the way, with each refinement of Dr. Silva’s research, the beetles got bigger, and thus grosser. So did the man’s ego; he compared himself to Jonas Salk and Louis Pasteur. And to be fair, he did have a noble intention, an avian-flu cure for which he had a grant, but the beetles and their ideal hosts — sheep — had died out a decade ago: “The world robbed me of my legacy,” he moaned. So he was driven to experiment, even if it meant the deaths of people like a guy who just wanted a piece o’ cheery pie. (Yes: another Twin Peaks-alert.)

Silva was trying to bring the “skelter beetle” back from extinction. Their scientific name was “Mansohnium Boogliosus” — all this a black-humored Beatles joke: “Helter Skelter” was a song Charles Manson played during the Tate-Labianca murders; Vincent Bugliosi wrote a best-seller (Helter Skelter) about the case. (Tip: For a better book on that subject, read Ed Sanders’ The Family — a book title that would also fit nicely into Fringe mythology.)

What am I forgetting: Oh yeah — Frank proposed to Olivia, Olivia accepted, Olivia thought she was infected by Silva, but it turned out to be morning sickness: she’s pregnant. (Didn’t you guess this from one of the earliest scenes, in which Olivia offered Frank wine while she drank water?) Frank did the math and knows the baby’s not his. Pause while we remember the Observer’s remark to Peter about how difficult it is to be a father.

I know: I left the big stuff for last. Joshua Jackson asserts in the terrific interview he gave Jeff Jensen that this is essentially an Olivia-centric season. While Peter is the human element that completes the “doomsday device,” it’s Olivia in her two versions and now one with a bun in the oven who’s going to, in Brandonate’s words, provide Walternate with “another way to bring Peter back from the other universe.” Personally, I think Jackson is selling Peter’s role in this season short — Jackson’s performance and Peter’s importance is very much on a par with Anna Torv’s and Olivia’s performance and importance, respectively. (And John Noble — that guy is operating on a brilliant level all his own.)

Fringe benefit:

• How about “Bug girl” Foster and her crush on Charlie? Very amusing the way Fringe parodied the kind of lab rat/techno-wiz characters, those strenuously eccentric women, who pop up on lesser shows such as Criminal Minds. Mona Foster (sly Julie McNiven), with her black leather, her cat-eye frames, her caterpillar-y headband, and her lusty remembrance of treating Charlie for his “arachnid infestation” (“I got spiders in my blood,” croaked Charlie), may deserve another appearance, don’t you think?

Beyond that, what did you think of this week’s Fringe and the new developments? Just putting these questions out there: Are you 100% sure the baby is Peter’s? If so, what odds do you give the child for coming to term? And when/if the baby is born, what sort of imbalance does that theoretically happy event impose upon the two universes?

For more: Joshua Jackson answers your burning questions about The First People, fatherhood, and the show’s future

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  • tracy bluth

    I loved the Twin Peaks references! I would love to see Fringe have a sort of Twin Peaks homage episode.
    Poor Frank. He really would’ve been better off with our Olivia.

    • Jennifer TruthTeller

      Frank the Tank! Frank the Tank!

      • Grumpster

        YOUVE you are a retard.

      • Chadwick

        Cancel the show now please (twice). It is bad enough that it has turned into a soap opera in this universe… now we have a banal-o’drama in the ‘fun’ universe. At least Bolivia isn’t the drama queen that our Olivia has become. Bolive had the guts to get the heck out of the hospital and go back to her half empty apartment – bad news! – creepy adulterer Bishop immediately cornered her on the off chance the baby was related – so it can operate the doomsday weapon without having to feed it Cortexiphan helper in its’ baby bottle. Season 3 finale needs to equal SERIES FINALE before this sci-fi bastardization gets any worse.

      • Chris

        If you don’t like it, stop watching. I don’t see why you care if it ends or not. Just stop watching.

    • tipsy

      Speaking of Frank, wasn`t he hitting on Other Astrid or what? And she was so adorably taken by him.

    • Angela

      Anyone else catch that the 2nd bugged-out dude’s car had a number plate that said “APT 6B”? Reference to the next episode, titles “6B”? Anyone got any theories? I’m starting to think this is one of the easter eggs…

      • Johnification

        Theory! An interview I read and the preview for next week seem to indicate that events are going to be “bleeding through” and affecting both universes. So I bet something happens in Our Bugged-Out Dude’s Over Here apartment. And? I think Our Olivia might have a bun in the oven, too. Ewww. What if your boyfriend cheated on you and YOU carried the baby?

      • Heidi

        John…we’ve talked about Olivia and Fauxlivia being both sides of the same coin so I suppose it could be possible for both to be pregnant (refresh – did Olivia ever sleep with Peter before they were separated and Fauxlivia crossed over?) I would hope it would work out that way so they’d both be pregnant with Peter’s child. I would be crushed for Olivia if its as you suggest. How utterly painful. She deserves better!

      • JBL

        Anyone catch the wank version of “I want you to want me” by Cheap Trick playing while Faux-livia and her boyfriend were getting to know each other again

    • Gandalf47

      When you all see that the ratings dropped this week, don’t freak out! All ratings were down, across the board last night due to EGYPT!! If the ratings are down next week, maybe we can start to freak out.

  • Kimmy

    I really thought this episode made Fauxlivia more “human”. I felt for and her conflicting emotions. I like her better in her own universe. Also, please everyone trust the writers and give them a chance to tell their story! I want to see seasons 4,5….

    • tracy bluth

      I’m not the character’s biggest fan, but I agree that she seemed more “human” in this episode. It’s interesting, especially since in last week’s episode someone noted that our Olivia was acting a bit more like Fauxlivia. Hmmm…..
      And yes, they need to renew Fringe!!!!

      • Gavin

        “Our” Olivia was implanted with the memories and skills of Fauxlivia. She has displayed her great marksmanship a since then and I theorize that she should be able to “recover” those memories with Walters help if she only told him about them.

    • Sayne

      She was always “human” – just not a very sympathetic one. This episode simply made her seem more sympathetic, reminding us that deep down, she is the same person as our Olivia, just with different life experiences.

      • tipsy

        She is sympathetic and cool in her universe where she interacts with people she cares for and who care for her back. When she isn`t deceiving anyone. But from our universe POV, she`s a bloody Holivia and I`m so pissed that they took the baby route because Olvivia`s suffering won`t end. Enough with bad stuff happening to good people, lets see the bad people get it bad for a change. Besides, baby plots always suck. I don`t know why they are bothering with this soap cliche.

      • Mel

        Yeah I really feel for our Olivia. :(

      • Johnification

        tipsy – they’re raising the stakes. Basically trying to create a solid, compelling, forward-moving reason for Peter to struggle in his universe choice (kill the world he grew up in or kill his own child?) It’s provocative stuff, and not simply baby-daddy drama. Also, I strongly doubt the baby will survive the season.

      • yummycupcake

        i still prefer fauxlivia to the overly morose Olivia.

      • Jessica

        See, I just don’t think she is as good a person as our Olivia is. I think if it had been our Olivia, she would have managed not to sleep with Peter because she had a guy back home and a sense of morality. I think Faulivia is machiavellian and deceitful.

      • Jessica

        Yummycupcake: my husband does, too. He calls her Coolivia.

    • majamababe

      I liked this episode also, because it showed us more of the conflict alt Walter and Olivia are going through. I wonder how alt Boyles death will affect them all when they find out. Like seeing the differences between the universes. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Peter creates a third universe out of ours and the alt one.

    • ac

      I think they tried to accent all the differences between faux and real Olivia. She was friendly, flirty, smiley, vibrant… all in contrast to the real Olivia. By the looks of the feedback on this post and by the ratings staying steady, we should be in for season 4 and beyond.

    • PK

      They seem to be trying to make Faulivia more likable, but it’s hard for me to be on her side when we’ve seen her kill people in our world. Especially when she helped that shapeshifter kill that women in the restroom, that was coldblooded!

      In fact, I don’t understand how she could be so willfully evil while her Fringe partners seem like the nicest guys in the world. It’s weird!

      • Jessica

        Exactly. Our Olivia would NEVER kill an innocent person as a means of escape.

      • JC

        PK, although it is natural and easy to think that Fauxlivia (or Walternate for that matter) is the “evil” version, that is simply not the case and I think you do yourself a disservice by assuming she is evil and limiting your viewpoint on her character and of the show in general. I don’t think they are any more “evil” than our versions – they have been simply driven to extremes that our version hasn’t. Jessica, you may be right that our Olivia would never kill an innocent person, but our Olivia’s world is not the one being ripped apart. Who’s to say what our Olivia would do if she was on a desperate mission that could help save our world from destruction, but a civilian had to die in order for her to complete it? I think you are missing much of the dynamic of the show by simply categorizing the “over there” versions as evil and ours as “good.”

    • Andru

      It’s a whole calendar of Observers! was my first thohgut before the mindscrew that was their closing lines. I haven’t really had enough time to put thohguts together outside of OMG TIME TRAVEL!!! but I’m really just curious as to how Peter disappearing works. Is it like Doctor Who where a person is completely erased from memory so their actions still happened, it’s just no one will remember them? Or is he actually completely erased from existence in every sense of the word because then there would be a lot of explaining to do since Peter is such an integral part to the fight between the universes. I can’t wait for series 4. Thank you Mark for doing the liveblogs and reviews. It’s a lot of fun.

  • Bridget

    Yes, I’m not 100% sure the baby is Peter’s. Is this wishful thinking on my part, maybe. Not Our Olivia seemed to be holding so much back after she found out.

    • Nic.

      I’m thinking the baby might be Lincoln’s. Anyone else notice how he freaked out when Frank told him he was going to propose? And how he raced right over to Olivia to tell her and demanded to know if she was going to say yes?

      • Melissa

        I agree. This theory explains his reaction to Frank’s proposal and her acceptance. “Are you happy?” “Yes.” “Then I’m happy.” Seems like a very strange exchange between co-workers. Also, I remember early in the season, before she came over here, there being implications of a previous relationship. I can’t remember specifics.

      • tipsy

        Something is definitely going on between Holivia (yes, she`s a ho) and Linc. They have the thing. I think it was mentioned they had a fling in the past but he isn`t over it, obviously.

        However, as much as I hope it isn`t Peter`s baby, September said to Peter “It is difficult to be a father” so it is Peter`s.

        But come to think of it, wasn`t the pregnancy part of the plan? Walternate knew right away that it was Peter`s baby so I guess the baby wasn`t an accident.

      • allie

        The fetus is 6 weeks old. She was in our Universe back then so there’s no way that is Lincoln’s. They kissed before she started dating Frank and he still carries a torch for her. On another note, they must have far more sophisticated medical equipment over there b/c that was a large & active fetus for 6 weeks, lol.

      • Snark

        Actually, we’re taking it on Olivia’s word that the baby was six weeks along. Their reunion was awkward — maybe this is the most pragmatic way to send him down the road. Hey, and how about that pink/blue stick for testing the bug serum … funny!

      • Heidi

        Oh I hope you are right

    • Kate

      I’m more interested in the glyph at the end of the episode that showed the apple with TWO embryos … dual pregnancies makes more sense than twins, hmmmm

      • LALA

        That would make sense on Fringe. Olivia’s sister was pregnant on both sides…one died one lived.
        Unfortunately for this to happen, Peter is going to sleep with our Olivia out of guilt or whatever, but not for the right reasons.
        (Our poor Olivia has been solo since John Scott..Fauxlivia gotten plenty of action)

      • Johnification

        See my above comment, but I think our O might end up with a passenger with no extra effort from Peter needed.

      • fg

        Maybe our Olivia is also pregnant but it’s by Lincoln. Perhaps when our Olivia still had Fauxlivia’s memories and thought she was Fauxlivia, she slept with Lincoln. That would also explain Lincoln’s protective behavior.

      • Heidi

        I think Johnification might be right but I would feel so bad for Olivia if that were the case. I’m hoping he sleeps with her soon OR the baby turns out to be Lincoln. I could picture her as the cheating type.

      • Kate2

        I noticed the 2 embryos in the apple back in the first season. They’ve been there all along.

      • rustycd

        The glyphs have always been there in between commercials and its a code that spells out a different word that has to do with the theme of each episode. This episode’s word was ROMAD. Its a slang term describing a group of USAF airmen that were tricked into a job no one else wanted to do…

      • Lee

        about all the holes and soft spots leading there, which, what the hell does that mean, but ok. The sbigegt question about that is, if they’re not all meshed, then how are they going to get back to their respective worlds to fix things so I’m hoping that the worlds are meshed because, how awesome would it be to have Fauxlivia/Olivia and Walternate/Walter interaction every episode!!!!The sbigegt problem is obviously Peter being erased from existence Can’t deal without Joshua Jackson on this show. I’m really hoping that somehow Olivia will still remember him despite everything like she did when they were brainwashing her to be Fauxlivia. The sbigegt issue I have with this is what happens to Fauxlivia’s baby? Does he seize to exist since Peter wasn’t there to make him?? Are they going to think that Link is the father and allow Link/Fauxlivia’s relationship to develop? Oh it’s just too much This is worse than any Lost or Alias finale

  • Steve

    Bug Girl not only needs to come back, she needs a alternate version in this universe. Perhaps Astrid needs an intern?

    • ajmalzx

      can i get an amen?

      • Nic.

        Amen to that! LOVED her :)

      • Melissa


      • Kate

        and a hallelujah

    • Iggy

      Yup.She’s definitely sexy in that librarian male fantasy kinda way!

    • tipsy

      Love the bug girl. They better continue her and Charlie`s little courtship.

    • Brian

      Agreed! She was adorable.

    • Luna

      I would like to see a Lincoln in our universe too.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I like him but I have a hard time forgiving him for the events which ended with Nick Lane’s girlfriend going all Firestarter on the Fringe Div team. It’s one of my favourite Fringe moments.

    • Amy

      I second that.

    • Anita

      I was shocked to see her legs!!! I lost it when I saw she was ierawng a skirt I turned to my friend, who doesn’t really follow the show, and told him how I was freaking out because our Olivia only wears pant suits, he didn’t get what a big difference it was, but it was nice to see the change in her she was smiling more and overall she just seemed much more comfortable with herself and content with her life. It was yet another character that Ana Torv had to play in which she succeeded immensely. I still can’t believe how good she’s gotten considering that I thought she was pretty bad when the show began, can they give her an Emmy already?

    • Sai

      That should be fine. Newborns are rticky..you have to find what works. Our son loved to sleep in his car seat and his swing when he was an infant.

  • Stefan

    Didn’t Alt-Livia say in ‘Over There’ that she doesn’t drink?

    • Ralph

      She also referred to her Show-Me as an “ID”.

      Seems like the Olivias are starting to merge. :x

      • Ralph

        ^ Haha didn’t meant that to be an angry face, was looking for more of a puzzled emoticon.

      • Dicazi

        Think it was her Fringe ID badge, not her Show Me/Drivers Liscence.

    • Cailean

      Bang on. Faux-livia says in the season 2 final that “she can’t stand the taste” of alcohol.

    • fringfile

      YEs- Fauxlivia does not drink, she mentioned in a previous epi, that she does not like the taste- a definite difference since “our” olivis likes a good stiff drink

    • Aryulita

      I will try and keep this short. Im an aspiring phtpograoher from AL. I started pursuing my dream last summer but ive been behind a camera for as long as I can remember. I have my local favorits but you are my over-all inspiration! I have two kids of my own and i must say yours are breath taking! I know you are the first to see it but i cant get enough of the pictures! also, thank you for blogging your business since. its all still so overwhelming and i want it all and I want to know it all RIGHT NOW! Just thought I would say thank you and Im an avid follower! keep up the awesome work and inspiration!

  • TV Junkie

    I love how demanding the alternate universe story is on the actors. While only Anna Torv, John Noble and Jasika Nicole (Astrid) have characters with a separate existence in each world, they are each playing the differences between their alternates and originals with great subtlety. I don’t like the other universe Olivia and this whole pregnancy story line feels manipulative. Are we supposed to be rooting for Peter to choose Faux-livia now that she’s pregnant? Or even better, Peter chooses Olivia, Faux-livia has the baby and then jumps to our universe with it and then the three of them have to work out custody. Ok. My mind is about to explode with the complications of it all.

    • Johnification

      No, the idea is that we don’t know WHO to root for…it’s called a good conflict. Especially if your sympathy was swayed that far towards “baby”.

    • Sarai13

      I don’t find this story line complicated or imaginative. This is turning into a long Star Trek Episode minus the cheezy costumes.

      The Alternative Universe is the enemy. Pure and simple. Good Olivia. Bad Olivia. Not Good but I wish she wasn’t so uptight Olivia. Not Bad but I think she’s cool Alternate Olivia. I think the writers should keep the characters distinct and true to form Let the passions of each Universe be the driving force in making their case. This pregnancy thing is cheap and easy. Is this Jerry Springer or what?

      I think

      • Vera

        Let me speak of a side subject that’s not ribretly urgent! One of my favorite things about this episode is that it neatly got rid of the idea of the First People as some prescient ancient-supercivilization and I am so grateful for that. It brings the motor of the story back to our characters rather than some mysterious Rambaldi with no discernible motivations, and that’s a really good thing. On the other hand, it does make the saga of the Weiss family a little sad. They’ve spent generations digging up artifacts that Walter, Astrid, and Ella sent through a wormhole? Hee. Anyway, I hope that the show continues to stick with its preference for character and story over myth for its own sake. Oh man, it’s going to be ages until September. (Speaking of which there were exactly twelve Observers on Liberty Island at the end, no? Yikes.)

      • Anshul

        Gilda – Beautiful pictures, they are truly resrepentative of the wonderful time we had at the wedding. Everything was spectacular and the pictures show it. The bride is beautiful and groom handsome-what else can you say they make a beautiful couple. Good luck to the happy couple.Thanks for the pictures.

    • Daniel

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  • Jennifer TruthTeller

    I liked this show better when it was called X-files.

    • Ralph

      You’ve obviously never seen an episode of Fringe if you think it’s anything like the X-Files. I was a huge fan of X-Files but this show has gone above and beyond what that show ever did.

      • Mary

        Listen to Ralph.

      • Jena

        No, it hasn’t

      • Russ

        This show has filled the void in my life that has there since the X-Files began falling off creatively but Fringe’s best episodes still can’t touch the X-Files at its best.

      • Niix Starkyller

        LOL. Fringe is a different animal. Same family, different species. If ya can’t tell the difference, then so be it. Ain’t my problem. Have a nice time clinging to the repetition of a marginally clever (and ultimately inaccurate) phrase.

    • frank smith

      They are almost not as inept as Mulder and Scully were .

    • darthwilson

      Do you even watch the show? Far better than x-files. Be a little more original

    • Boston

      I’m so glad I found my solution onlnie.

  • Sharon

    I cannot bring myself to believe that Bolivia is actually pregnant. Maybe Walternate implanted sperm into her as a part of his scheme to bring Peter back to the alternate universe…haha. Just a theory. Also:

    1. I love banter between Lincoln and Charlie (and Olivia)!
    2. Was anyone else surprised that Lincoln put a gun to the scientist’s head? It was a definitely a side of him I hadn’t expected.
    3. Walternate has a mistress?! daayyuum.

    • tipsy

      Why it is weird that Walternate has a mistress? He`s like walter in that regards, ha,ha, Walter cheated like crazy though he says it was all unintentional, something about getting so high that when he sobbered up he realized he spent a week with a woman who wasn`t his wife.

      I also think that pregancy was planned ahead by Walternate and Holivia .

      • mass18th

        I think we will find out the mistress is a creature that is pulling all the strings – perhaps one of the “first people”…

      • jophan

        I think the pregnancy was planned ahead by Walternate and EvilBrandon. Fauxlivia was probably ignorant.

        I’m glad they didn’t retcon the Cortexiphan. Sorry about the dead test subjects, but I’d hate to see a live one. I wonder if EvilBrandon will accept his orders or work around them?

      • DJ

        I commented last week that I thought the pregnancy was planned. Olivia was obviously using birth control of some sort with Frank.

    • samara

      Sometimes I think this show goes completely over its intended audience’s head. Walternate has a mistress because his marriage to Elizabeth is obviously a hollow shell – think of all the pain between them because Elizabeth was present when Walter came over and stole Peter under her nose. She didn’t see it wasn’t really her husband. How do you think Walternate felt about that? Very hurt and angry. No wonder he’s now in the arms of another woman.

      THINK, people, use your brains in your head. I hate seeing a smart show wasted on dumb audiences.

      • mu-shoo

        You tell us, jerkwad.

      • Niix Starkyller

        A good show operates on multiple levels of appeal designed to connect with various degrees of interest and insight. Just because others can’t ‘see’ what you do does not make them of lesser intelligence. To assume otherwise is either asinine or arrogant.

        (Which is pretty much the verbose version of what mu-shoo said.)

      • Sarai13

        Lighten up Sam!

    • KK

      Wasn’t surprised by Lincoln’s reaction to the scientist, it supports the idea that he has very strong feelings for their Olivia. Love the idea that Walternate’s mistress has a bigger role to play. The pregnancy makes me hate their Olivia even more now. She has everything our Olivia wants and deserves. And having the ability to get pregnant does not somehow redeem the character.

      • JJ

        DITTO!!! Plus I can’t get over the fact that Fauxlivia showed no sympathy towards the people on this side, she had no problem killing innocent people to protect her cover and to accomplish her mission…Our Olivia, during and after being tortured, still showed some compassion towards the people “over there”, she still took her job seriously even after the fact, and still tried her best to serve and PROTECT the people down there. I feel bad for Olivia

      • JJ

        …but I like their Charlie and Linc.

      • Kate

        Well the main difference I think is that Fauxlivia was taught that it was a war on both sides, whereas our Olivia wasn’t. She had a completely different mindset going into it. She believed it was a war so she was going to do anything to protect her side. Besides she did say sorry to that deaf guy before she shot him.

      • JC

        thank you, kate. i’ve been trying to get people to understand your point for a while now. the “over there” versions of olivia and walter, etc. are NOT “evil” versions. they are the same as ours, only driven to extremes due to the fact that their world is being ripped apart and they believe that a war with our world is the only way to save it. Fauxlivia is capable of doing some things our Olivia isn’t, but at her core she is still, I believe, a good person. Who’s to say what our Olivia would do in similar circumstances?

  • Kilmer

    I didn’t see Fauxlivia’s neck tat (which had been removed when she crossed into our world) when she pulled her hair up while getting dressed. I thought perhaps Frank might have noticed and questioned her … but I guess not :)

    • NYTeach

      I was wondering about that, too.

  • Harmonic Convergence

    I think the reason Walternate was with another woman was because he and Elizabeth split up over Peter’s abduction.

    Some of this seemed to be implied in Season Two’s “Over There” when she was talking to Peter. She first referred to Walternate as Walter and then referred to him as “your father” when speaking to Peter. You also never saw Walternate at the house where Elizabeth was living.

    As for Fauxlivia being pregnant, will it force Peter to choose to be with her instead of Olivia? He has to really make a choice now according to what Sam Weiss told Nina Sharp.

    If he chooses neither, then Peter would break Olivia’s heart on this side and be a deadbeat dad to Fauxlivia’s child on the other side.

    • Kilmer

      I don’t think Walternate’s grandchild will be wanting for anything.

    • jen

      I agree with the idea that Walternate and Elizabeth probably split over Peter’s abduction. In real world scenarios, most couples who have a child abducted eventually seperate because of the stress caused by such a situation (guilt, blame, depression, etc).

  • Sophie

    Could care less about the Twin Peaks references. Love the new plot twist. I hope they figure out the Lincoln Lee character soon. As is, he is a contradiction

    • Melissa

      How is Lincoln Lee a contradiction?

    • Sophie

      Would the new leader of the Fringe division run to Fauxlivia like a “Mean Girl” and tell her she going to be proposed to by her boyfriend? I just found that to be a jarring piece of script writing. It jet seems so out of character with everything we have seen from Lincoln Lee in the past.

      • Melissa

        If he and Fauxlivia have more than a professional relationship, if he is somehow affected by her answer because of it, then yeah. I can see him doing running to her. Plus, he isn’t Broyles and has never had that kind of professional relationship with Olivia or Charlie. And, we know very little about their interpersonal interactions – we have never seen the three of them outside of the work environment. Add to that the fact that we have spent less time with him because of his injury earlier in the season and don’t have nearly as clear a picture of what his whole personality is…to call him a contradiction is harsh.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I side with Melissa on this one. Cuz, y’know, my opinion is of vital importance to you both. “I’m kind of a big deal.”

  • Casey

    Fauxlivia is pregnant. I can’t even…ugh. Really Fringe? I hate this storyline so much. But I love the show, and I’m sticking with it no matter what. It definitely needs to be renewed so they can redeem themselves with a fantastic and non-predictable season 4. But if that baby is a super special savior of the universes, I’m done.

    • tipsy

      Fringe is awesome but pregnant Holivia is Cringe.

    • Kristin

      It reminds me of Cordelia’s pregnancy in Angel. It didn’t work then, and I’m nervous about it working now.

      • Habibulloh

        , I like complexity, but I want there to be a point to all of this in sosean 4. Please. I really enjoyed the episode as it went on. I figured that the universes would merge, but not that Peter would do it deliberately (and then blip out of existence). I do like that twist, though. It gives us a chance to see how the Walters and Olivias get along without Peter mediating or being the center of attention. It’s no longer which universe Peter chooses, but what the other main characters do. Lots of fun character development time! I also can’t wait to see what they do with the new element of time travel. There’s one other thing I wanted to mention. Olivia was killed in the future, but it was by Walternate, not the man in her picture. So that plot line is still lurking, in spite of the big undo we got for Olivia in the finale. So! Season 4 seems to have a lot in store. I just have no idea what is going to happen!

      • Chelsie

        Michelle’s point is valid. However, even critics of the most nvsaiive data sifting programs have to admit that if such technology was not developed by the U.S., it would be developed by others (perhaps to be deployed for industrial spying). The questions facing the Obama administration are how (or whether) to deploy such technologies in light of our Western ideals and the evolving notions of personal privacy.

    • angeler

      yeah, I was really hoping that she wasn’t going to be pregnant like a lot of fans were guessing. When they revealed that I yelled at the TV “noooooo!” Ugh. Hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a super stupid plot twist. Cringe indeed!!

  • jordan

    I didn’t think this was a great episode. All i kept hearing was that this was an amazing episode. To me if wasn’t. And the ending was not shocking to me at all. Didn’t we all know that she was pregnant with Peter’s baby? I love this show but the last two episodes weren’t as great.

    • justin

      You couldn’t be more wrong.

    • Connie

      I agree, the whole pregnancy thing is a disappointment, but I’ll keep watching because I’ve loved the show so far.

    • Kristin

      I was very disappointed by this episode in particular. The recent ones from Over Here have had so much emotional depth. This one seemed shallow.

  • Mikayalh

    Why do they keep trying to get me to like Bolivia!? Ugh. I get it that not any one side is “better” than the other, but I am sticking by our Olivia. I’m not exactly sure where they are going to go with this storyline, but since it is Fringe I am not too worried about them screwing it up. :)

    • Jane

      I don’t think anyone is trying to force you to like fauxlivia. & no one is forcing us to hate Olivia either. You are finding those conflicting emotions within yourself…which is exactly what the writers want. For example- I can’t stand fauxlivia but I have to say she kind of grew on me this last episode (even though part of me was saying “that’s what you get” when she was alone in the hospital after frank left her) also I really like our Olivia but have been getting a little bit annoyed with her lately (but still desperately want her to find happiness). The writers aren’t forcing this on me they are writing an interesting story that will hopefully bring out conflicting emotions in the viewers. Sometimes peoples comments on here really make me shake my head in wonder.

  • Margaret

    The whole scene with Walternate and his mistress/girlfriend creeped me out.

    • allie

      she was odd. a little too enthusiastic in her encouragement. not sure if it is clue about her character or over-acting.

      • Anotherfringefan

        Over-acting. Joan Chen is a pretty terrible actress. Please don’t bring her back.

    • jules

      @Margaret…ugh. me too. She kept caressing his ear and his face. yuck.

    • Didier

      If I have any criticism wadorts the finale, it’s that the cliffhanger doesn’t make any sense on its own I mean, the past two seasons ended on cliffhangers too, but you could understand why they were such huge critical moments: Olivia finally meeting William Bell (and it’s LEONARD NIMOY Y’ALL) and Fauxlivia infiltrating “our” side. But here, something happens that well, I don’t know. There’s no real explanation within the context of the season to explain Peter’s fate. I’m sure the writers already have an answer in mind, but I guess I would’ve preferred an ending that genuinely left me on edge rather than just stumped

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