How many times did O'Reilly interrupt Obama? THIS many times...with help from the Smurfs!

Some saw Bill O’Reilly’s pre-Super Bowl conversation with President Barack Obama as less of an interview than an interruption-fest. The Fox News Channel host interjected such essential comments as “Those are tough boys, the Muslim Brotherhood” and (speaking about a chunk of the American people) “They hate you,” for a total of…

The count was done by the website Wonkette. Also helpful in clarifying the tone of the interview was a Jimmy Kimmel “Kimmel Kartoon” from last night, in which the “conversation” was set to a Smurfs cartoon:

I’m waiting for the moment on The O’Reilly Factor when O’Reilly starts bypassing the president and just starts attacking Kimmel…

We’ve arrived at the golden age of a new usage: critique by edited Internet video. What do you think?

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  • FromChicago

    It was so disrespectful and disruptive watching him interview the President, I wanted to scream – Let the man talk, I want to hear what he’s saying. Is it me or is the President “too soft” because somebody should have shoved the mike down O’Reilly’s throat.

    • Jeff

      You’re an idiot! A democrat, no doubt, which means you’re uneducated, more than likely dropped out of school and are either out of work, living off the government or make $6/hr at a fast food job living in your parents basement at the age of 31.

      • Ari

        Wow Jeff….you actually sound like the idiot by assuming Democrats are what you said. You obviously is the one who is uneducated

      • whatevs

        Ari, when you accuse someone of being uneducated, it would have a better effect if your grammar was correct. Besides, Jeff isn’t entirely wrong even if he could’ve put it more eloquently.

      • DrewinKC

        Actually, a majority of the democrats I know are well educated and gainfully emplyoed. I personally have my masters degree, as do several of my democrat friends. In fact, I believe a large number of my Doctorate holding professors are also democrats…

      • WTF

        @JEFF I am a democrat who is educated and works in an office making $50,000 a year…so I really dont get your point??

      • RP

        Do Not Feed The Troll! Jeff knows what he just said was BS, he just wants a reaction.

      • john_c

        If Obama did not answer the question and keep babbling, Bill O has every right to interrupt him to get him back on track!

        Unlike those infomercials by NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN, Obama finally faced some tough questions.

        Bill A+
        Obama D-

      • The Truth

        Republicans are the personification of evil in our society

      • jmcg

        @Jeff I think you’re confused with those uneducated redneck Conservative Republicans. How else do you explain Mississippi?

      • Matty

        It has proven that the more educated someone is, the more likely they are to vote Democrat. That being said, many lower class people also vote Democrat, which is why sometimes they have the stigma of being uneducated. Very wealthy people (regardless of education) and the very religious tend to vote Republican.
        @whatevs, when you criticize someone’s grammar, you should also make sure yours is correct as well. Your comment should read “it would have a better effect if your grammar WERE correct.”

      • Matty

        *been proven

      • Jennifer

        Democrats tend to be more highly educated than Republicans. Poll a group of PhDs.

        Although Republicans are much better at reciting what they’ve been told. So in that sense, win.

      • john_c

        What do you mean by evil, the Truth?

        Washington is in gridlock because of the historic likes yours that are displayed by both sides of the aisle.

      • Colette

        troll alert!!! troll alert!!!

      • Bob

        It took the republicans 8 years to get us ikn this mess. Clinton left ofiice with a surplus. I think obama has done a good job even with the GOP holding things up.

      • To Jeff

        Wow, all of the generic cliches. I’m surprised that you aren’t intelligent enough to have more originality.

    • DGH

      You only have a certain amount of time to interview the President if you let them dictate the interview all we would have heard was talking points over and over. Plus Bill interupted Bush numerous times during their interview(even told him one of his answers was a cop-out)so at least we know he expects the same out of Dems and Repubs. Plus I think anytime someone dares to question Obama in any other way than kissing his a$$ it gets liberals all riled up.

      • Jonny_quest

        I actually think that O Reilly is one of the few talking heads out there that CAN be level headed (when he wants to be) if you watched any of the other interviews he did on other shows when he was promoting his book he did make the point that he realizes he goes over the top. fox news wants him (as well as everyone on their network) to show news in a certain way (one which they claim is fair and balanced but obviously swings right) so he gets caught up in doing what the network wants to get the ratings he needs to keep his show going. so in that respect i think he is a suck up but i really think that if he had his own platform outside of fox news he would tell a different side.

    • matterlyb

      Whether O’Reilly agrees with the President or not, this showcased his unprofessional and POOR interviewing skills. Why invited someone for an interview and then refuse to let them finish a sentence. I’ve been a journalist for almost 2 decades and wouldn’t dream of treating an interview subject this way, even if I “hated” that person, which O’Reilly clearly does. What happened to quality journalism? Seems like it does not exist.

      • Dee

        Quality journalism on Fox? Surely, you jest!

    • Shelly

      Bill O did just exactly what Oprah does when she interviews people. She interrupts ALOT!! So I think the Republican/Democrat thing doesn’t make ANY sense now. Hmmmmmmmmm!!

      • Dee

        I don’t think anyone could have managed 48 times. That was pure disrespect for the President of the United States, period.

    • Ruth

      I think part of the problem with the Democrats is that we’re highly educated and smart. The Republicans base is sheeple. They know not what they do, father, or something like that…

  • Joe the Machinist

    Ok, before everybody gets either pshycho pro-left or psycho pro-right, just remember what the reaction would have been from the other side if Olberman had interrupted Bush 43 that many times. The most shocking thing, other than O’Reilly’s attitude, was that he didn’t think Obama knew anything about football.

    • Jeff

      Not shocking, his first year Obama visited Sunday Night Baseball and said the White Sox were his favorite team, yet he could not name 1 player.

      That is exactly what I’m talking about, he refused to name one player because he was stupid and DID NOT KNOW! And instead he just started rambling on about some nonsense and would not shut up.

      • LoveBug68

        Whats more important to me as an american citizen however is that he could name a newspaper or two.

      • LB

        @lovebug68 ha! this.

      • JayT

        I got to shake the President’s hand while he was on the campaign trail as a Senator several years back in Chicago… we talked for a few minutes about the White Sox and he knew all about the them. Dunno what happened in the interview Jeff was talking about.

    • Blakester

      If KO had done that, it would have been deemed just as disrespectful. But Bush never allowed himself to be interviewed by partisans, so this is a moot point.

    • Dee

      I have plenty of issues with Obama but he showed total grace in the face of total rudeness. O’Reily was unbelievably unprofessional. On Fox, you invite the President to be a kicked around and sucker punched….not cool.

  • Jeff

    Obama never answers the questions and, instead, just starts ranting about something completely off topic. You have to stop him and bring him down to Earth.

    The reason Obama always rambles on is he is stupid and does not know what he is doing. So he tries to fool everyone with his b.s.

    It works with the stupid democrats, but not with people who have ANY brains.

    • Adam

      Jeff – You do realize that nothing you say here will be taken seriously by anyone “who has ANY brains”. This isn’t a forum for political debate and repeatedly calling someone stupid doesn’t exactly sound like intelligent criticism. Filter yourself…you will have better luck convincing people of your point of view if you don’t sound like a scorned 7th grade girl.

      • AG


      • LB

        2nd that.

      • harry

        For Shizzle!!

      • Dee

        Stamped and approved, thanks!

      • Leslie

        While the name Jeff is obviously common I assume that this is the same Jeff that historically is nothing but a condescending jerk with everything that he posts here. I shouldn’t have even posted. Feeding the troll is never good.

    • AG

      Wow… so basically, you think Democrats don’t have brains? Well if that were the case, my friend, we’d all better be on the look out for those zombie Democrats .. just in case they decide to start eating people with brains (you know, Republicans).

      The fact is, Democrat or Republican .. it is RUDE to interrupt someone, especially if that someone is someone you asked a question *and* the President. If he felt he were going off topic, he could have guided him back. But to not even allow a full sentence out before interrupting, well, that’s just poor manners.

    • Blurbank

      Didn’t the Republicans vilify Obama during the campaign because he was part of the “educational elite” and therefore out of touch with middle America? So now he’s dumb? You can’t have it both ways Jeff.

      • Shinri

        They’re the same people who before the 2008 election were all worried about his 20 year long association with “radical” Christian preacher Jeremiah Wright, yet now say that he’s always been a Muslim.

        I guess they must think he spent 20 years attending a Christian church to lean “the ways of the enemy”.

    • JayT

      LOL… Jeff’s a dillweed. Probably a knee-slappin, stick-widdlin, gun-totin, bible-quotin, no-health-insurance havin (and proud of it),immigrant hating, billy-of-the-hill, who’s destined to die a diabetic death because he eats crap to spite the government’s nutritional guidelines.

      Anyone here see the movie Idiocracy? That is our future people!!!!!!

    • Kacey

      Jeff, you missed your chill pill today. Better run & take it like a good boy & go to bed. Things will be better in the morning.

  • ML

    oh the liberal media can’t take to see their guy being asked tough questions. Where were these articles when O Reily interviewed Bush?
    This isl ike the media ringing their hands over where Oberiman will end up. Never seen a show and network with such low ratings given so much importance by the media.

    • dlauthor

      Somewhere, a dictionary and a copy of Strunk and White just burst into flames.

    • Rock Golf

      “oh the liberal media can’t take to see their guy being asked tough questions”
      Ya mean like the way Sarah Palin’ is asked tough questions? Oh, wait, she hasn’t gone on any program where there’s the remotest chance of being asked a tough question!

      • Dan

        And when she was asked tough questions she couldn’t answer them. Americans of both political parties and plenty of independents saw through her immediately. But she complains of “gotcha journalism” and the right holds her hand and tells her “we love you Sarah.” I hope she runs for President and gets slammed by her cohorts in the Republican party during the nomination process. Bill O’Reilly needs to get some class; his “no spin zone” is only for his spin, and apparently that includes interviewing the President before the Superbowl.

    • Esther Greenwood

      It’s not about “tough” questions, though I will say I believe some of them were more tacky than tough. It’s about being allowed to speak without being interrupted. That’s just common courtesy. Something I know O’Reilly is capable of (since I’ve seen him exhibit it even with those with whom he may disagree…ie Jon Stewart).

    • Jennifer

      Dude – nothing more liberal than an ENTERTAINMENT website. What are you doing here?!

    • Kristi

      Yeah, I can’t understand why Fox is given so much credence.

  • dlauthor

    This just shows how lucky we really are that McCain wasn’t elected. Imagine him on O’Reilly — it’d be like the Get Off My Lawn You Damn Kids Chorus.

  • RP

    Is there anybody that this guy won’t interrupt? He’s a troll that got his own cable news show. I don’t even know why President Obama bothers trying to go on his show. He isn’t going to be given a chance to say anything, so why bother?

  • Jack

    Oh gosh, you’re right Ken. Little people like us should never interrupt our elected officials when they speak…never question them in any way! We should just sit by and nod silently and let them do their jobs. Because, ya know, they don’t work for us or anything.

    • LB

      this comment in hilarious. when bush was president it was unpatriotic to question his authority/plan/intelligence. I guess it all depends on what aisle the president falls on.
      BTW, “interrupt” and “question” aren’t synonyms. Different definitions. No one said anything about not questioning our president and/or elected officials.

      • LB

        *is hilarious

    • Enna

      Questioning isn’t the problem, it’s the interrupting – if he wasn’t going to wait for Obama to finish his answer, why did he even ask the question? I may not agree with Obama on a lot of things, but he is the president, and I’d like to at least hear where he’s coming from.

  • Amanda

    He interrupts everyone, I don’t see the big deal.

  • Alex

    I just want to point out that a.) Sarah Palin is not the president of the United States. She has no real position, and by CONSTANTLY bringing her up, you are giving some kind of social weight that does not exist. If you hate her, stop acing like she matters.

    • Nea

      and b.)….

  • Robert

    Rest assured, if Obama is not cut off from regurgitating his talking points ad nauseum, the interviewer gets to ask exactly one question in a fifteen minute interview. Bill simply wanted to get new information out of the interview. The whole point of doing an interview is to gain information, not listen to a mini re-election speech.

    • Mallory


    • jodipo

      *insert eyeroll here* Yes, because republicans do not regurgitate talking points ad nauseam. In fact, when people like Michelle Bachmann cannot answer a direct question and instead speak in ONLY talking points that have no connection whatsoever to the questions being asked that seems totally rational. You know, this is another case of “The Lady doth protest too much, methinks”. You know, kind of like the entire republican party and homosexuality (cause we know the ones shouting the loudest are taking it in the poop chute)

  • Kyle

    my question is why is this post on the EW website in the first place? i’m tired of seeing political crap on EW.

  • Jennifer

    This video is like vintage SNL Smigel!

  • Mallory

    O’Reilly was live and had a short time to get to important issues. Why would he let the President go on and on repeating talking points? O’Reilly’s job is to get candid answers from the president. O’Reilly stopped him when he just started the same thing we’ve all already heard. I’m not an O’Reilly fan, but I appreciate when journalists stop people when they start in on the scripted answers. Like when O’Reilly interviewed John McCain before the election and he stopped McCain whenever he started with the “Maverick” crap.

    • susan morrison

      Hmm then why have an interview if you do not care about the answer and consider every answer a talking point

    • Ian

      How can it have been a live interview, yet there’s unused footage? Derp…

      • MR

        @Ian: Mmm…derp…it was live. They continued talking after, and the remaining portion was shown on the O’Reilly Factor last night.

        @susan: I do care very much about honest answers from politicians,so if you can round some up, I’d be happy to see them. I’m an independent…I am not some conservative whom bashes Obama because I have nothing better to do. I don’t have to term Obama’s answers as talking points, if you’d like, but they were the same answers he has given before. I guess I hoped that someone like O’Reilly could get a fresh answer out of him. O’Reilly has a habit of berating someone enough that they’ll give a little.

  • Leithen

    You can dislike the man, but you must defer to the office. O’Reilly didn’t.

  • Joe

    Completely disrespectful. No matter your personal opinion about the President or your politics, he is still our President and has earned our respect.

    • JayT

      I agree. As much as I didn’t like George Bush, I did not like it when the man was disrespected.

      Although, I can’t remember an interview with him that even came close to BO’Reily’s Obama chat. It wasn’t so much BO’Reily’s interruptions as much as it was his own yacking. Dude, I’m watching to hear the President, not you. Ask your question then shut-up. If you don’t like the answer then follow-up. That’s how an interview is supposed to go.

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