'Saturday Night Live' recap: Dana Carvey brought his old characters, some old friends, and Justin Bieber

Dana Carvey brought along some old friends, including Mike Myers and Jon Lovitz, and a new one, Justin Bieber, in returning as the host of […] Read the full post.

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  • David

    I kept thinking during the monologue that most people watching were BORN furing 1986-1993.I thought Myers was reluctant during the Wayne’s World opening like there was a hint of not really wanting to be there.I thought the show faded as the night went on losing ground along the way and relying on characters from Carvey that the current viewers didn’t know well.As for Myers at the end,I didn’t stsy for that but Myers has struggled for years since SNL and maybe he was uncomfortable.I have no idea what his relationship is with Lovitz or Carvey but it seems to me that Carvey and Lovitz are more at peace with their lives these days than Myers is.

    • ih

      Mike Myers struggled since SNL? What do you live in a cave? How about Austin Powers, and shrek? Gesh, do you homework before you post.

  • just a question

    Does anybody know why is was chosen as the host? I was just wondering if it was for a specific reason like he has a movie or a new project.

    • Cris

      I guess it was a chance to change it up a little from the usual “We have no host this week, let’s see what Alec Baldwin or Steve Martin are up to.”

    • Gee…

      Perhaps an attempt at improving the show?

    • anonymous

      Not every host is there to plug something. What happened to the art of live TV for the sake of the unknown.

  • anonymous

    I thought the show was hilarious. Dana Carvey was spot-on.

  • Pookie

    I don’t know what any of you were smoking while watching that cringe fest. The writing was horrible – and the lost chances kept piling up. The room I was sitting in – longtime, hardcore watchers – emptied by the 45 minute point. It was really BAD. One skit after another, just fell flat. And, no, the Church Lady wasn’t “spot on” – by ANY stretch of the imagination. His performance was weak, the “guests” disappointing, the jokes tired. There is SO much that they could have done with Carvey, that would have hit this out of the park.

    • Cris

      I just like the image of 25 hardcore SNL fans sitting in Pookie’s living room at 11:30 at night on a Saturday night, then one by one leaving the room in disgust.

  • julio33

    Chicken make lousy house pet.

  • Marilyn

    Dana was “Excellent!”

    Wish Lovitz could have been in some other skits – not to take away from Dana — but do one like Myers did. Ending: First thought was something was up with Myers- seemed uncomfortable, not sure why. Overall: Pretty good show – best one in a LONNNNG time!

    • Snsetblaze

      I would have liked to see a full Master Thespian sketch.

    • Sandy

      If I remember correctly, Mike Myers was fairly successful after leaving SNL but it was short-lived. When he was doing well, he acted like a real jerk and turned his back on Dana Carvey, who I believe was dealing with a severe illness at the time (heart?) and the rest of his former cast members. Success went to his head. So he was probably feeling pretty sheepish when he had to reunite with some of them — Lovitz in particular I believe. But Dana Carvey seems to be a good guy with a forgiving nature. I could be wrong but that is my vague recollection.

      • Celimene

        Your memory serves you correctly, Sandy. I have friends who have dealt with Myers before, and to put it nicely, they said he’ll never win any Mr. Congeniality contests.

  • Cris

    My first thought watching the show was, “Man … Wayne got fat.” Then I saw the monologue and saw the guy who ate Jon Lovitz.
    A decent show, I thought. Getting hosts who are either comics/improv actors is a smart move, the problem is that even a game host like Carvey can only do so much with what is written.
    And is there any bigger buzzkill of a returning favorite character than when they shamelessly whore themselves out by letting a talentless twit show up for a sketch? Yes, talking about you Bieber …

  • Sam

    What I can’t understand is the SNL writers’s insistence that every woman in the world, regardless of age, has sexual fantasies about Justin Beiber. Honestly, I have never met a woman above the age of 12 who has ever expressed the slightest bit of sexual attraction to Beiber, and yet tonight, like when he was on the show last, the sketches basically revolved around older women drooling over him.

    In the first place, it’s not funny because it’s not true. Secondly, if the roles were reversed, and it was older men drooling over a fifteen year old girl, well…

    • lefty

      I’m 23 and I’d hit it.

    • Nic

      Technically it was an older man drooling over a 15 year old boy…

    • Jennifer

      I’m with you on that one!!Completely grossed out by that! I’m thinking his hair’s never gonna change cause then nobody’s going to know who he is. I’m still trying to understand why in the hell grown women are falling all over Taylor Laurter too. Beef cake is one thing but, ewww!

    • Edith

      67, he could beat it up

  • Marc

    Since opinions on last night’s SNL seem to be all over the place, I might as well through in mine for good measure. For somebody who’s watched SNL fairly consistently since ’86 (yep, since Carvey’s start on the show), I agree with Ken that last night was hit-or-miss (what else is new?) but don’t quite disagree on what worked and what didn’t. Wayne’s World felt creaky and and uninspired to me, while Church Chat was a fun return to an old classic (though its catchphrases have indeed lost their bite); watching the Church Lady duke it out with both the hilarious SNL versions of the Kardashians and Bobby Moynihan’s divine take on Snooki was a hoot, and her brief submission to ‘Bieber Fever’ ended the sketch on a high. Hader’s spot-on Alan Alda impression was better served on the Back To The Future audition sketch from last year, and I’d have traded Armisen’s Ice-T (which wasn’t actually that bad) for his killer Gene Simmons.

    Hmm…what else? Kristen Wiig’s Kathie-Lee Gifford was a welcome sight. Paul Brittain’s James Franco was a slow burn that eventually paid off. Personally I wish Carvey had dusted off his old John McLaughlin costume (“Issue One!”), but you can’t have it all, eh? And about the closing credit goodbyes: Mike Myers didn’t strike me as being all that cold with old castmates Lovitz, but Myers has already spoken in the press about his general discomfort with most forms of physical contact, so any stand-off-ish body language was very likely attributable to his long-held issues with that.

    All in all, I’d give last night’s SNL a B.

    • Marc

      “…I might as well THROW in mine for good measure”, obviously. :-)

  • ia

    KEN TUCKER…you are so off base!!! DANA CARVEY on last nite’s SNL was the best show since the JIM CARREY hosted SNL. I laughed & laughed with everything CARVEY did and the cast was amazing. Yes, indeed, it made me think that ’86 to ’93 was one of the best eras of SNL. And finally, the final skit CARVEY did with FRED ARMESEN was hilarious!!! They really nailed the ’80’s “Flock Of Seagulls” impersonation & music. I truly believe that SNL needs to bring back former cast members to host because when these former cast members host, they tend to make the current cast shine!!! A great, nostalgic night made great by Mr. CARVEY. “Wayne’s World” skit, “Church Lady” skit, “Little Miss Pageant” skit, every skit on SNL last nite was priceless!
    Kudos to Mr. CARVEY and the current SNL castmates for a job well! And very funny! Mr. TUCKER, you don’t know jack about SNL!

  • Aaron

    The show has been very light on the Jason Sudeikis recently. Anyone know why? (Is he off filming something during the week?)

    • anonymous

      Maybe distancing himself from the show because he is busy with Scarlett !

    • pastafarian

      Hall Pass is soon to launch, maybe he’s doing some promotion-y stuff for it?

  • sam

    The show was really terrible. Dana just isn’t funny any more. Mickey Rooney, really? Proof that you really can’t go back. It was like an old rock star who has lost his voice. Nostalgia is not the same as good TV.

    • @sam

      You did notice how many people disagree with your opinion, right?
      Opinion—look it up.

      • sam

        Absolutely and I didn’t like it. That is my opinion–sorry to disagree with you, but that’s life.

      • Daisy

        i’ve never heard of this book but wow..i will probably add it to my ever grinowg list of things that I need to read it sounds really interesting!I’ve been making my way through the girl with the dragon tattoo triology..i’m almost done with the second book, its REALLY a good read, but can get violent at times. i read the hunger games trilogy before this so suffice to say..i think i need some uplifting reading after these Theresa recently posted..

  • ia

    To posters: As a long term SNL viewer…yes, I’ve been around since SNL’s incepetion (1975), I have to say that you don’t have a clue of what good sketch comedy is. True, SNL has had its ups and downs thru the years, but last nite brought back one of the funniest sketch comics who was a former member of the SNL cast. Mr. CARVEY is very funny and very original. And no, he wasn’t on to promote any project of his. He WAS ON because he USED to be on SNL. All the crap comedy shows and movies that are out today do not hold a candle to the “glory days” of SNL with Mr. CARVEY, Mr. LOVITZ, the late PHIL HARTMAN, JAN HOOKS, NORA DUNN, JOHN BELUSHI, DAN AKROYD, GILDA RADNER, JANE CURTAIN, the late CHRIS FARLEY, DAVID SPADE, CHRIS ROCK, EDDIE MURPHY, et. al. You need to do your homework when it comes to SNL. You posters are so off on your criticism including Mr. TUCKER for EW. I guess today we live in a world that wants to criticize rather than to point out the great comedy SNL delivered last night. I feel really sorry for you all who are in that group! DANA CARVEY rocked last night along with the current cast of SNL. It’s about time. More SNLs like last night is what this loyal fan needs to laugh my a** off! Thank you, SNL and keep it coming.

    • RF

      Totally agree with you 1000%. SNL was THE show to watch, and yes, I saw the first show in 1975. Terrific show anck then, and even up until early 90’s… now – not-so-much.

    • Jennifer

      Laughing my a$$ off right with you! 100% right on all that! These days with all the “reality” crap on tv there’s really nothing good and satisfying to watch that doesn’t contain blatant gross sexual humor. Sometimes good old fashion funny is best.

  • Laura

    Why are you a writer? Seriously. Also, you should no longer be allowed to watch TV. Start writing about the war or something and leave the real hard TV stuff to Gen Y please.

  • AHe.

    It brought back MANY good memories seeing Dana Carvey on SNL, when it was a show WORTH watching.

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