Bill O'Reilly interviews President Obama before the Super Bowl: 'Does it disturb you that so many people hate you?'

The Fox network used its broadcast of the Super Bowl to bring in Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to interview President Barack Obama. O’Reilly pressed Obama on Egypt and health care in particular.

Regarding Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his planned departure, Obama said, “Only he knows what he’s going to do… The Egyptian people want freedom, and free and fair elections, Bill.”

O’Reilly said he was going to ask Obama the same question he asked his predecessor, George Bush: “Does it disturb you that so many people hate you?”

“The people who dislike you,” said the President, “they don’t know you–they hate whatever fun-house mirror image of you that’s out there.”

Obama said he thought “the judge in Florida” who declared the President’s health care bill unconstitutional “was wrong.” The President added that he knew what O’Reilly was driving at when he brought up the health care issue:

“I listen to you,” Obama said, referring to O’Reilly’s TV and radio work, “and what I hear you saying is, ‘Don’t make me pay for [other people’s] health care’… People shouldn’t have to go into debt [for their health care].” He said he denied “the notion that that’s a radical opinion.”

“Do you deny that you’re a man who wants to redistribute wealth?” O’Reilly asked. Obama chuckled and said no, he does not accept that interpretation. Regarding his health care plan, he said, “There’s nothing socialist about that.”

O’Reilly ended on a light note, asking who the President was rooting for in the Super Bowl. Obama demurred. “Once my Bears lost, I don’t pick sides.”

In conclusion, O’Reilly said to the President, “I hope you think I’m fair to you.”

Did you watch this pre-game event? What did you think of Obama and O’Reilly?

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  • Francis

    It sounds like O’Reilly hot OWNED by Obama.
    In your face FAUX news.
    On a side note, how come FOX news never asked Palin why so many people hate her?
    More people HATE/DISLIKE Palin than they do Obama.
    Bunch of hypocrites.

    • Cameron

      Hahaha I completely agree. Biggest BS network out there.

      • leon

        your a fat girl aren’t you

      • Rick Hunter

        Yeah, f**k those stupid repblicans! I don’t even know why we let them breathe air. Obama rules!!!

      • sean

        i see libs. make spelling errors too. you let us breath air do you . band for all you a holes out there , rep.cons. freed slaves and fought for sevial rights not libs.or dims. look it up

      • Matt

        Breathe – verb
        Breath – noun

        Given, your punctuation and spelling, sean, it’s obvious you shouldn’t be grading papers.

      • teacher

        Leon: “your” (or you’re) an idiot, aren’t you

    • FromChicago

      O’reilly came off very badly, he overtalked the president and interrupted his answers. Did he do the same with Pres.Bush?

      As for Health care — we, the working class are already paying for those who don’t have health care whether we like it or not. We’re paying Medicare & Medicaid taxes and I would prefer that people have the means to buy their own insurance.
      Everytime someone goes into the emergency room w/o health insurance, the taxpayer pays for that visit. That’s why hospitals are going out of business or merging with other hospitals. They can’t continue to carry the cost of those who have no insurance. And it’s because people cannot afford it or they had a pre-existing and can’t be covered.
      We pay either way.

      • tb

        I greatly appreciate this comment…

      • Mike

        OMG, logic and reason based in reality, and not hypothetical talking points/ideological theories. You can’t be human. Thank you FromChicago.

      • Alicia

        Actually, FromChicago, we taxpayers do not pay every time someone is taken into an emergency room without insurance. Most hospitals will only stabilize patients and will not provide treatment if they have no means to pay. Only safety-net hospitals will provide treatment for these patients. Hospitals chose to have this designation and, if they are private, taxpayers do not pay for their treatment. If these hospitals happen to be connected to state universities, tax money may pay a slight amount indirectly, but it is not substantial nor common for this to occur. The reason hospitals are not making money or folding into other hospitals is much more to do with how services are priced via the insurance companies. Often, a hospital will get paid less for what they charge for a service from insurance companies which results in a double blow for those folks who are paying out of pocket for treatment.

        Hopefully this helps to clarify.

      • Not Moby

        Alicia, you’re right that the tax payers don’t pay EVERY time, but we pay A LOT of the time. My job is directly linked to indigent folks who are psychiatrically hospitalized. In my county alone (of about 400,000 people), we pay well over 2 million dollars (perhaps even over 3 million) a year to pay for the hospitalization of indigent citizens–that does not include people with Medicaid remember. People with Medicaid make up the vast majority psychiatric hospitalizions in our county, and, of course, we, the taxpayers, pay for Medicaid. One of the two psychiatric hospitals in our county eats about 3 million dollars a year on idigent hospitalizations as the county has run out of funds to pay. Because of a law called EMTALA, the hospitals cannot turn away indigent people for psychiatric inpatient care (which is considered emergency and costs roughly $800-$1000/day) due to inability to pay. So I think the lack of a comprehensive national health care program which leaves a large portion of citizens uninsured probably does play into why some hospitals cannot remain financially solvent. Ok, that’s my soapbox for the day.

      • AllieBoBallie

        It’s pretty much true, FromChicago. But I’d rather have a system in which friends and neighbors (and complete strangers) don’t have to choose between cancer treatments and financial solvency. Healthcare should not bankrupt a family, and I’ve seen it happen to several well-to-do families with whom I am acquainted. The government can take an extra $10 from me each year to solve this problem. I give it happily.

    • Jeff

      Obama really does look like a monkey.

      • Mike

        Did you know that monkeys have higher test scores in math and science than the average American?

      • topoopon

        you are a racist.

      • andy

        late for your white-sheets meeting?

      • drgrosboll

        Seriously topoopon? Why is it that everyone who disagrees with or doesn’t like Obama is a racist? Can’t we just disagree with him on principle rather than the color of his skin?

      • DN

        Hey Jeff (Sun 02/06/11 7:52 PM)
        Did you take off your white hood so you could see the words you typed? Hate and bigotry. Thank you for proving the accusations are correct!

      • Don

        To drgrosboll–

        Sure you can disagree with Obama and not be a racist. But if you compare a black man to a monkey, most educated people would call you a racist. What part of that escapes you?

      • Shannon

        Jeff, You are the reason that EW needs a report or block button here. What a bland, deluded life you must lead. Wow,am I glad I don’t think like you!

      • Judy_

        So did George Burns!

      • Nerdista

        Um, why is this comment still up here, EW?

      • Greg

        Wow Jeff you really whipped out a zinger there! go Jeff, you da man. So original and witty. How do you think up this stuff? Man I envy your insight and creativity. Are there more like you? Oh yes there are…. You betcha’

      • Jim C

        You may be able to comment that President Obama looks like a monkey only if you also point out that O’Reilly looks like a ferret.

      • sean

        if he really does look like a monkey most educated pepole call that truth not racisim dumb ass , and good point about george burns, he looks like a monkey too but no one will cal you a racisest becouse he was white

      • sean


      • Jymmymack

        “Eney.” That’s where I stop reading comments for the day.

    • RW

      I thought the interview was refreshing. It was nice for a change to to have a real interview with the President, not just some thinly disguised fawning. I also like how O’Reilly would keep the President on topic every time he tried to reply with his canned spin in place of an answer.
      There is a reason O’Reilly has more viewers than the other news networks combined – when he says no spin, it’s not just a slogan.
      There is a lot of hyperbole from both sides of the spectrum, but anyone who is being honest can see that the President is a good, decent man. But as a president, he is easily the worst ever to hold the office. He was never anywhere near qualified, and now we are all suffering.

      • Natalie

        Oh, RW, Fox News must be your haven! You thought that O’Reilly interrupting him and raising his voice every time he got an answer he didn’t like was a “real interview”? When Bill said, “I hope you think I’m fair to you” I started laughing out loud! Wow, Obama has restraint to not respond to that!

      • RW

        Oh, call me silly, Natalie, but I actually like to have politicians answer the questions they are asked, and not just spin off in another direction. It’s the interviewer that is supposed to control the subject, not the other way around. And I don’t know about haven, but FNC is definitely an oasis

      • b-ri

        The funny thing is, he was trying to answer his questions in full yet kept getting cut off. And the remarks he made were ridiculous, the moron tries to turn everything into a fight. When asked about who he wanted to win in the superbowl, and he made the comment about not taking sides, he says “oh so you’re saying you don’t care.” Seriously, where did that come from? He’s just hoping for a good game and then O’Reilly tried to turn it into a confrontation. He didn’t let him fully answer a question. Obama gives background information than follows up with the answer, he didn’t give him a bloody chance. He’s rude, and a very poor excuse for an interviewer. The fact that Americans watch his show regularly and agree with him frightens me. If you people could only step outside of your country for just 10 minutes, you’d see how you’re all wrongly hypnotized. He’s a good president and he is trying so hard. He walked into a near impossible situation. It takes time, you’d all rather be reassured that everything is going great, when in reality, with time it’ll be great. George Bush dazzled you for years saying everything was fine and being handled and now look at your economy. The truth didn’t come to light until truth teller came into the mix, yet you blame him. You can’t undo years of damage within a couple years. Give the guy some credit and give him time, and realize he isn’t the enemy that put you in this situation. It was your almighty Republicans, and Obama’s trying to clean up the pieces.

      • JC

        RW, it was your man GW Jr., that started 2 wars while cutting taxes, took the Clinton surplus and flushed it down the toilet. As far as the Individual Mandate for Healthcare…that’s a Republican Idea championed by the Heritage Foundation, Bob Dole, Mitt Romney and yes John McCain waaaay back in 2008! It was the alternative to the Clinton Administration Health Reform. As long as the Health Insurance Racket bankrolls both parties, Medicare For All is a no-starter so the only to way to spread the cost is the Mandate that Your Party first thought of- when they actually had ideas!!

      • Jessica

        Worst to ever hold Presidential office? That is such an ignorant statement. I bet you define the best as Reagan. Go back to oh, say, Polk and work your way up. I think you’ll have some different opinions.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        Worst? You may want to read up on Buchanan.

      • Rachel

        @ b-ri
        Gaah…so torn!! On the one hand I agree with your statements about Obama, but on the other hand you just seem like such a preachy d**kweed. Couldn’t you have made the same point without talking down to an entire country?

      • Greg

        Explain his cutting him off repeatedly again?

      • UncleWalty

        real government policies, just like real solutions, are nuanced. Serious questions about them can’t be answered in two or three sentences. To think otherwise is foolish.

      • UncleWalty

        RW, to people on the right and to those who worship at the altar of Fox News, any answer to any question that contradicts their pre-conceived notion of reality is classified as “spin.”

      • Janet

        Reply to b-ri: Very well said. The economy is showing clear signs of improvement, but to some people Obama cannot be seen positively at all. Fox out and out lies about what is in the health care reform act. I agree with several other posters to who understand what the real health care problems are. Thank goodness for you guys.

    • todd

      Wow that just proves how pithy liberals are O’reilly is a libertarian, you dunder head also he promotes no spin which means he don’t stray away from the truth, unlike barack husain obama which is nothing more than a speach boy for the far left democrats, that want to lead us downa rocky road of socialism.In the words of O’reilly you really need to wise up. loons really don’t have a clue=)

      • joe

        i agree. and someone needs to interupt the obama more often and keep him inline before he makes more blundering mistakes for what the people do not want. i say go big O and ask the pres to come on the show for a longer interview.

      • Not Moby

        Todd, I don’t agree with you, but I think your argument would hold a lot more weight if you corrected the blatant grammatical and spelling errors in your rant. Otherwise, you’re just proving the other side’s point.

      • Reason

        You DO realize that paying taxes is NOT socialism? Every country in the free world does it. With the United States (especially the upper 2%) paying some of the lowest tax rates of ANY civilized country.

      • Cameron1inm

        Taxes are not Socialism? No Government owned Economy’s are. Government forced health care is. No one is saying Taxes are socialism.If the Government can say “You must buy Health Insurance” .. Then they could say “you must buy a gun and a bible”.. it would make the country safer…. how would you feel about that if the government forced you to own a gun

    • Tinysview

      Who is Palin? I have never seen her given the opportunity to be interviewed by anyone before such an audience. Personally, I like both the “O” guys, Obama and O’Reilly. They are both upright guys!

    • Mary

      Obama does rule!

    • anne

      that is sooooo not true,,they hate obama more.

      • Seda

        its a 4L30E tsrosmisainn you will either get a re-man or rebuilt or junkyard but most rebuilts/ re-mans are in the 2000 dollar range junkyard will be around half that depending on mileage and warranty they give you

    • Joan Arbil

      I may be old fashioned but I do think that our president deserved more respect than this bozo gave him. He interrupted him repeatedly and made a jackass out of himself.

  • Poker Face

    I thought the President responded well to O’Reilly’s barrage of confrontational questions. The pre-Super Bowl interview usually is lighter fare.

  • Kana

    Obama kept it classy and presidential. Bill was Bill.

    • Sandra


      • Sweetpea

        Absolutely. This was really an useless stunt. Obama has a lot of class to even agree to sit down with him after the way Bill and his network have cruelly attacked him.

    • MN

      I actually felt Bill O was toned down a little. If it was not on Super Bowl pre-game he might have been tougher.

    • Michael O

      I think O`Reilly is a rue,arrogant,obnoxious bully,and I wish people would stop watching him.

  • Pammia

    Why was Bill O’Reilly so rude to the President? If it had been on T. V. you would have thought it was two old college buddies debating at the corner bar — one that cut the other off everytime he opened his mouth and refused to listen (O’Reilly). Thank God President Obama (not ‘guy’) has the dignity and respect of so many. You can dislike a person’s decision without “hating them.” What kind of question was that? I respect and admire our President who sacrifices so much for the good of our country and I’m sure many more Americans share that view of President Obama than the word “hate”. What a bummer of an interview? Thank God we don’t live in a totalitarian society – O’Reilly would have been marched off the air and God only knows what would have happened to him – maybe SIBERIA:).

    • sara

      Bill O’Reilly is a filthy bigot. He knows all about hate, that is all he sees and feels.

      • Rex Zeitgeit

        Yea, Obama needs more sychopahantic suck asses kissing his behind, god forbid someone dare ask the Mesiah a question other then, ‘What is like to be cool?’….What a sick animal you are.

      • Mike

        Rex, there is a difference between complex adult questions about policy and our future, and mindless gossip, talking points and dribble that O’Reilly oh so enjoys. Try watching the dozens of legitimate journalistic interviews, from ABC, CBS, Time, etc. By no means do the so called “leftist” (i.e. the rational news outlets, and everyone other than Fox News) media pander to this president, or any president. They have journalistic integrity. What they do is not let their emotions or bias jeopardize they’re professionalism, or try to sensationalize and feed off of others ignorance for the sake of ratings. Please, quit projecting and get back on your Abilify.

        On a side note, you do realize Fox News is 30% owned by a prince of Saudi Arabia, the only country with institutionalized Sharia Law, hat has huge stakes in American provided security and oil consumption? Perhaps you should attend school, and learn more about the world, history and politics? And again, stay on that Abilify.

      • sean

        sara your a moran

      • sara

        sean – you may want to learn how to spell before you call anyone else a moron. Now, go clean your gun. And take the idiot Rex with you.

      • sean

        sara i dont own a gun but i dont have that right in your oppinion do i ?

      • Reason

        @Sean… As per the 2nd Amendment, you are allowed to own a wide choice of 18th century muskets.

        High-powered assault rifles, on the other hand….

      • Cameron1inm

        Hey Mike … Why don’y you name this arab sheek that you know owns 30% of fox… Because the MSNBC propaganda mchine told you and you don’t actaully have a clue

  • Lauren

    I watched it. Aside from politics, it was just bad interview questions. Rather than question Obama with substantial arguments, O’Reilly asked baiting questions like the one in this article’s title and then “paraphrased” Obama’s answers in a way that suited O’Reilly’s conservative agenda- whether it was true or not. I don’t care if he asked Bush the same question- it’s still a bad question because there was no information to be gained from it. I was reminded why I don’t watch The O’Reilly Factor.

    • deedee

      ITA; I am so confused as to why O’Reilly has this reputation as a great interviewer. He is snarky and simplistic. Obama caught him on a few fuzzy areas that O’Reilly proclaims as absolutes

  • curly951

    Bill came off like a jerk (will he ever let anyone answer before he cuts them off?), the president was classy, charming and well-spoken. Advantage: Obama by a mile

  • Sharlin

    I love Barack Obama.

    • Nerdista

      Me too!

    • joe

      what do you love about him and what has he really done for our country

      • kahuna

        He saved our country from going into a great depression, brought about by bushco and his republican cohorts in congress. He kept the financial structure of our country, banks and Wall St., from total collapse. Maybe YOU don’t appreciate that, but I sure do.

      • sheona

        he is trying to repair the damage and American reputation Bush destroyed around the world

      • Alyssa

        The real question is what hasn’t he done to save our country. Bush drilled it into the ground as far as he could and said ” see ya”. THAT is the worst President in History. Ffft-what a douchebag. Dubya- ” Mission Accomplished”

  • Sherry D

    OReilly absolutely RUINED a great opportunity…he was rude & ruthless to Pres. Obama. Pres. Obama stepped forward to “Republican territory ” & instead of embracing the moment he mowed the Pres. down! I am an Independent & LATELY give our Pres. A for effort & after this interview, Oreilly gets a F AND SHOULD BE FIRED!!!

    • Rex Zeitgeit

      Can you tue your shoes on your own? What a fool you are, O’Reilly took it eway on Hussein, he should have the president why he runs the most corrupt adminstraiton in American History.

      • merrydan


      • Cloudy Knight

        Look who’s talking! You can’t spell, you can’t write a coherent sentence even your name is mispelled! No wonder you’re a conservative, you’re an uneducated moron.

      • Nicotine

        All conservatives say is “Obama is corrupt” or “Obama is a socialist” but no one ever offers any examples. Anyone else ever notice that?

        Tell me how is he corrupt? What does he do that makes him a socialist?

      • Shannon

        Wow, Rex, way to rep Republicans with your incoherent and misspelled rebuttal!

      • Sarai13

        Can I get a what, what???

      • Alyssa

        Yeah…I notice that Nicotine. But they have Tourette syndrome I think. They just randomly shout things and it sounds like it came out there ass.

    • Alyssa

      You missed your white sheets and sacrifice meeting tonight there Rex. You dont make fun of someones name. Back when President Obama was born Sadam Hussein wasnt a threat. What if my fathers name was Adolph because we come from German decent? YOUR A BIGOT. And BUSH ran this country into the ground. WE had a surplus WE now Dont have a surplus. 8 is bigger than 2, can you do math?

      • shelly

        i’ll give you an example of socialist…having all taxpayers pay for healthcare…i pay for my own, so should you…the government should be out of the business of supporting everyone…that is socialist…free enterprise is the american way

      • Alyssa

        I do…or at least my parents do because thanks to you greedy FAT CATS. I cant move out. My parents are working class citizens. WE are middle class people. And THEY DO pay taxes it doesnt help. I dont see your point. Quit drinking the kool-aid.

      • Nicotine

        So trying to help everyone as opposed to only yourself is being a socialist? If that’s so, then sign me up for socialism because I actually care about the health and well-being of all my fellow Americans. I’m not selfish.

      • rasco20

        Nicotine your stupidity on the matter of socialism is appalling. People should not talk or write about matters they do not understand or know about. You need to look up socialism read it and then look up the word democracy, understand it and get back to us, because it’s against the american laws for the goverment to force anyone person to purchase any type a product for any reason what so ever.

      • Zombie Jesus

        @shelly: explain to me how I pay for medicare and social security for everyone when there is a chance I may not use it myself. Oh that’s right, Obama didn’t create it.

        FYI: By Republican definition; Jesus was a socialist. Guess Republicans now hate Jesus?

      • JasonInDFW

        rasco20 – Socialism is an economic system, while democracy is a form of government. The two are not mutually exclusive. The opposite of socialism is capitalism and the opposite of democracy is fascism. Communism is a socialist economic system with a fascist government.

      • Nicotine

        rasco20, your stupidity on the matter of sarcasm is appalling. I understand what socialism is. I was being facetious in my above post. People, namely you, should talk or write about matters that are beyond their grasp of knowledge. You need to look up the definition of sarcasm, understand it and get back to us, because it’s annoying when idiotic people like you can’t use context clues to understand the tone of someone’s comment.

      • Janet

        Great points by Nicotine and Zombie Jesus!

      • Safiyya

        helmet220 说道:@TheFirstDiadact be stpeotd in the community or you could just keep checking there channel, there twitter, there facebook its probably hard as hell to get in but if its what you want try

  • Holly

    President Obama gave new meaning to the concept of turning the other cheek. Shame on you, Bill O’Reilly…but oh, that’s right, you have no shame.

    • Ladyhelix

      BINGO. Thank you for that

    • rita

      Obama is a joke

      • fancypants

        you’re a joke.

      • sarai31

        No. OBama is the President. Rita is a joke!

    • todd

      holly you really eed to open up your squinted eyes and realize what the hell is really going on let me guess you are a far left social bum thats leaches off of the working class tax payers

      • sara

        wow, you are one sad sad piece of ignorance and hate, aren’t you?

      • vant

        sara, so let me get this straight. when todd makes a blanket assumption calling liberals social leeches he’s a “sad piece of ignorance and hate”. but it’s fine for you to characterize conservatives as gun wielding idiots?

      • Alyssa

        I like being social. Its better than counting money and having a stick up your butt, and nose in the air.

  • Gary

    All I see are a bunch of lemmings posting on here. So Obama lies about redistribution of wealth, and all you guys can do is spew typical hate spin at Bill? And there you have the brilliance of liberals.

    • curly951

      Funny thing, Gary – my definition of a lemming is anyone who swallows whole the Fox News line as spewed by O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck et al. So, if the shoe fits…

      • Kana

        Wall Street salaries had the most profitable year ever in 2010. Obama is the worst Socialist President ever.

      • topoopon

        I get you Kana, your saying that as socialists go, Obama needs to go back to solcialism school.

      • Devin

        Those guys, O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, etc., do more investigating and research into the issues than any other so called media does.They understand what the president is trying to do and most Americans don’t.

      • Dean

        Your right Devin, they do research the Onion far more than any other news outlet.

      • Bob

        I can’t tell if Devin is joking or not. It would be kind of scary if he wasn’t…

      • Cameron1inm

        KANA !!! How can that possible be an argument.. I doubt its true … what that say when he inherits the bigest High way robery job.. wallstreet getting rich off over selling of pappers that don’t belong to them… Putting on the presapiece of disaster…. And now… 2 years later.. Not one crimainal charge has been citred and !! and!@!!! and you say they made more money this year under oboma then ever !!! How does that make oboma the great Changer??? or even a great guy?

  • Lovely

    O’slimey got owned. Dumb interview couldn’t ask a worthy question. Stupid FAUX NEWS.

  • CallieM

    Everyone knows that Billy O’Reilly is a RUDE, ARROGANT, MORON, so I was not all surprised by the way he interviewed the President. He said he was doing the interview because he knew that it would be viewed by millions. I guess he felt that being disrespectful to the President would give him more viewers. He may hate Obama, but that doesn’t mean that he’s hated by all. What gives him the right to speak for everyone? As always President Obama handled himself with class and walked away from that interview with his head held high! So the idiot is Bill O’Reilly!

    • Nicotine

      The only thing I comprehended from that entire interview is just how disrespectful Bill O’Reilly is towards the leader of this nation.

      As an independent-thinking American (not an Independent), I was not fond of George Bush or Bill Clinton, but there was no way I would speak to any of them that way.

      You could tell by the way O’Reilly was sitting that he intended to be on the attack the entire interview. But Obama’s demeanor is so calm that he couldn’t trip him up like he does to all the guests on his show.
      That interview was a win for Obama. I look forward to seeing just how O’Reilly and all the other broadcasters on FoxNews spin this in their favor.

      • Michael Olson

        I agree with you 100%. O`Reilly was his usual rude,arrogant,self,but I for one thinks that the President of the United States [whoever he is] deseves more respect than that. Plese people,stop watching O`Reilly so that he will just go away!

  • Baxie

    Ha-ha! You don’t know a real interview when you hear one–you’re so used to the soft handling questions Obama gets as if he were the “second coming” from the slobbering MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, & NBC. You’re all so sadly, misinformed, & out of touch… Oh, how’s that “hopey-changey” thing working out for you?

    • curly951

      So, just to be clear, if someone disagrees with you, that automatically means they are misinformed and out of touch? How open minded of you! By the way, the “hopey-changey” thing is working out just fine for me, thanks for asking!

      • Rachel

        LOL. Yeah, I’m pretty happy with the hopey-changey so far. I have health insurance again.

      • tommy

        cause your loser

      • Cloudy Knight

        Yeah right, Rachel’s the loser. Of course,she can spell and punctuate, which aren’t your strong points.

    • Rachel

      It’s working well for me; my smart, well-liked cousin can now be allowed to talk about his significant other in the military, because he’s gay. Hope and Change is exactly what Obama is bringing us, one step at a time.

      • Danny

        Same here. I got teaching work with autistic kids thanks to Obama’s Race to the Top stimulus funded education grants. A 5 year grant. Hopey Changey all the way!

      • sean

        rachel your ins. is of your own doing.obama care does not take effect until 2013, he hade nothing to do with you geting your ins. unless he pulled the money out of his own pocket & paid your premium. verry unlikely.

      • joe

        you have to repent to change

      • Cameron1inm

        Look people we spend 30% more of our national GDP on education yet were rank next to last on the list of Western Civ. Funding doesn’t help … Getting tree hugging Idealist, who like to bang the kids more then teach them… out of the class rooms… and get some parents with real morals rasing our kids, is the only way education is going to improve in this country. Government ran education has prooven to be a failure

    • NWMommy

      I will say I think the hope thing is working out well so far. We have a shot at helping the healthcare crisis, he overturned DADT, provided healthcare for the 9/11 responders, managed credit card reform, etc… Too long to list here. To top it off he just SCHOOLED Bill O’Reilly.

      As an independent there are additional things I want to see move forward, but I’m keeping hope alive.

      • sean

        WOW nwmommy & if he makes legal, again partial birth abortions he will be the perfect portrait of libarelism. oh and gay marriage

      • joe

        you should start having hope in Jesus no obama

      • Alyssa

        Nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian boys- you homophobes on top of being bigots now too? And – You Republicans use the name of God out of vain, and that is a sin. Jesus was a poor carpenter himself. He loved and helped everyone. Every GOOD catholic knows that. Yes I am a Democrat and Roman Catholic. And Sean, wanting a woman to have the right to make choices for her own body is perfectly fine. You dont want government control-well I dont want religion control.

      • Nicotine

        Alyssa: “You dont want government control-well I dont want religion control.”
        I love that line. And I agree with you 100%. I don’t want either government or religious control.
        Republicans claim to be trying to conserve the capitalism of America, but they don’t care about the democracy. They don’t want to be told what you can and cannot do with your money, but when it comes to issues like abortion or gay marriage, they’re fine with the government or the church control.
        I believe that’s called hypocrisy…

      • The Major

        Thanks, NWmommy. People like you give me hope. Like Alyssa and Nicotine and Shannon, salute! Anyone notice that the Repubs want to redefine “rape” so that the one-tenth of one penny spent on necessary abortions in this country will no longer be allowed. Brought to you by the people who claim they want “no government interference and small government” unless it involves your personal life, medicines, religious beliefs and health care/dictated by your doctor’s orders, bed in which there is sex and the myriad of thousands of other issues in which the Far-Right wish to intrude. Check out Comedy Central, The Daily Show report on it. All true, all scary. It’s Shivo all over again. And none of their business again. Where are all the new jobs these guys promised us?! And funny the Tea Partiers correctly decided that the Patriot Act circumvented our Constitutional Rights: has been for a decade now. Quel dommage!!!

      • Yakeline

        Azakamak2401 说道:I wish I could get mchtaes like this one. Usually, whenever I am in a match with noobs, I get stuck with the noobs and put against a team of really good players. That or the noobs run into everyone but me. Maybe that’s why I’ve been playing more Rainbow Six Vegas 2 instead of Halo recently.

    • Alyssa

      Working out better than that ” retreaty and reloady” thing there. I know have disability benefits for a pre-existing condition THAT I CANT HELP. It(my illness) has been a set back and even in my state where we are pretty good as far as finances. Health care is a BEEP. To stay ONE NIGHT at a hospital cost me almost 4,000. Plus my medication without insurance is 200-300 dollars. I can actually stand to watch the news sometimes. President Obama gives me hope for my future and my kids…etc. I dont really care if he is purple. This is America all races are welcome as are all religions.

    • Shannon

      I’m actually loving it! My non-profit is getting more funding again and helping even more people, my clients have more access to health care as do I, we’re getting out of Iraq and the economy is finally starting to recover from the Bush era. So, uh, what was your point again?

      • sean

        shannon we are getting out of iraq, becouse of an agreement sighned between bush & the iraq gov. in 2008 that stated trop withdraw would take start in 2010, alittle FYI for you

      • sean

        shannon we are getting out of iraq, but becouse of an agrement sigened in 2008 between bush & the iraq gov. a little fyi

      • Nicotine

        What’s up with the conservatives and their spelling errors on this board? Maybe it’s all that abstinence-only education leading to dumb teenagers giving birth to even dumber kids…

      • Charles

        Sean- Bush signed the agreement because he wanted to be the one who did it, not because he instigated it. He had 4 years to do it after declaring victory, but rather did it months before leaving office.

      • sean

        maybe but obama had nothing to do with trop withdraw did he

      • Cameron1inm

        Oh those libeals, and how they love to change history. They blame bush fro all our woes, but never rember the enrons or the california black outs… or how about the dot com buble bursting as ol GW jr came into office. Just like Oberman (thank goodness he’s gone) Left wing Democrats would rather make fun of people … ergo .. “Whats with all the conservative spelling” then discuss issues…. now I understand “sean” is a moron and a racsist… but it seams far to easy for left wing Democrats to try and label us all Ignortant rasist cuz of one.. Why Can’t REpublicans Call all Muslims Radicals becuase of 9/11 … But Democrats can call all Republicans Racists becuase of a couple of Rednecks that wern’t invited?

    • Janet

      The “hopey-changey” thing is working out great, thank you very much, which you might have a clue about if you could tear yourself away from the truth-twisting and out and out lies of your guys on Fox. The economy is showing improvement, dedicated and brave gay soldiers can openly serve in our military (do you want to go in their place??), and people can have insurance even if they have the misfortune to have a serious, expensive disease or accident. For those and a host of other reasons, I say Obama is delivering on “hopey-changey” IN SPITE OF the huge efforts to stop him. I’m still totally proud of my vote and my president.

      • The Major

        Nice, you and Sarai31! Prez interupted 74 times and never got to complete one sentence and this is supposed to be “hard-hitting journalism”–wrong on so many counts. Kimmel was right when Obama should have countered right away with “So, what’s it like for YOU, Bill, being hated by so many people;” but then that would have been stooping to his under-the-rock level. Hope his ratings implode a la Beck’s. (Even Regis thought Bill did a great job and brought it up on his show when Michelle came on. Talk about rude!)

  • tg

    I think Bill is a d*ck.

    • Jeff

      So suck it!

    • sarai31

      I disagree. At least a d*ck has it’s uses.

      • Kat


      • Janet

        Hilarious! Good one,sarai31

  • Rachel

    Seems like the President handled himself really well – that’s really good. You have to be able to go up against that kind of arrogant prattle if you want to win another election.

    • sarai31

      OBama is an intellect. He does not give in to his emotions unlike O’Reilly who can be quite unstable.

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