Whoopi Goldberg cites her own past drug addiction discussing Charlie Sheen as an 'alcoholic, drug user' on 'The View'

Whoopi Goldberg talked about her own past struggles with drugs during a discussion of Charlie Sheen’s woes on Wednesday morning’s The View. The discussion centered on a report that Sheen has decided to continue to film episodes of Two and a Half Men rather than go into rehab, the hosts said.

There was some back-and-forth about whether or not this was a good idea. Goldberg, becoming exasperated, had to explain to her colleagues what a high-functioning addict was.

“He is an alcoholic, he is a drug user,” Goldberg said of Sheen. “He knows he has a lot of people he’s responsible for” on the Two and a Half Men production company.

“Having been a drug addict, I feel I can say this… I was a functioning drug addict, I showed up for work because I knew a lot of people would be out of work and I wouldn’t get a check that I needed to buy my drugs.

“I ended up sitting on a bed for three or four days scared there was something under the bed.

“I wet the bed, I pooped the bed… I was so scared. I hit bottom. I did that a long time ago,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg said that Sheen could do both — that is, rehab and work — but “this isn’t the producers’ decision [to make]. Until Charlie makes the decision that he’s ready and willing to stop doing what he’s doing … he’s not there yet.”

Goldberg added that she is now “as straight as an arrow.”

It was a striking moment of spontaneous honesty and heartfelt advice to witness.

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  • Cloudy Knight

    Uh, gross.

    The part about the bed, I mean.

  • Tom Hunter

    I hope Charlie can pull off both rehab and the show.

    It is true that a lot of people depend on him for their living. Absolutely.

    However, he needs to put his own needs first, in terms of health.

    Can he handle both responsibilities at once?? I hope so.

    Best of luck, to him!

    • Larry David

      Once again, Whoopi defending her celebrity buddies – just like Mel Gibson, Roman Polanski, Ted Danson and Michael Vick. What a pathetic loser.

      • Just Someone

        I didn’t think she was defending him-just expalining what it’s like to be a drug addict

      • SaraD

        I agree Just Someone.
        Also, what is wrong with her defending Mel Gibson? They have tape of him being angry and screaming. How many people have their worst moments taped and publicized?? Doesn’t mean he’s not a good person with a good heart.

      • hmmm

        SaraD you must have missed the racist, homophobic, antisemitic and mysoginistic comments he made throughout that tirade. Did you even hear the tapes?

      • ShoresLady

        Let’s see, Whoopi has won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, and a Grammy, and the Mark Twain prize for American humor, and you say she’s a pathetic loser. Post your resume, please, we will all be so impressed by your accomplishments. You can be a role model for the obtuse.

  • whatevs

    Lowercase i? That’s actually the first time I’ve seen that error on this site.

    • Sheila

      Whoopi’s talking past tense? I don’t think so. All the days off, all the missing cues on the View, all the “move on” reminders whispered in her ear. “High Functioning Addict” my ass. Whoopi needs rehab now, today. Get a two for one with Charlie Sheen. Get straight, get clean.

      • Alfredo

        Sheila, your brilliant insight into Whoopi proves you too are an addict and should go into rehab with Charlie and Whoopi. How does it feel to be falsely accused by somebody that has no idea what they are talking about?

      • Wendy

        Obviously, you don’t understand addiction and even Whoopi can miss cues without being an addict. I am sure other actresses have missed cues without being a recovering addict. Be careful throwing rocks at glass houses, one day it could be your own.

    • Jeff Sheaffer

      Since when is being a movie star make somebody important or worse yet intelligent? The only peopel who watch the VIEW or that watched OPRAH were unemployed people or stoners!

  • MaryJane

    I pray that Charlie will come to his senses, and realize what a mess he’s made of his life. I hate to see a person continue to sink into oblivion, it is such a terrible thing to watch this man destroy his life like this. People need to have some compassion and stop all of the hate I’ve seen posted about him, and the network needs to stop enabling him.

  • jfms777

    Once in awhile Whoopi makes you realize why she is the best talk show
    host around. Today was a good example.

    • MCS

      And then she makes the “it wasnt rape rape” comment again.

  • mickey

    I didn’t need to know that Whoopi Goldberg poops her own bed.

    • R

      Ha! Totally bud!

  • Erin

    I think Whoopi’s argument is ridiculous. Normal people aren’t allowed to do drugs and go to work. They get FIRED.

    • MW

      Only if it interferes with their work. I worked with a woman who was a hard-core alcoholic. She would drink on her lunch break and come back smelling like booze. But the clients loved her and she secured a lot of money for the company, so excuses were made for her. And we’re not talking even a FRACTION of the money Charlie Sheen is responsible for.

      • Juneau

        At a normal company (read not greedy) she would’ve been fired. I don’t know any job that allowes you to get sloshed and go back to work. And when you’re talking about illegal drugs, it’s even worse. He’s lucky he’s not in jail.

      • Just Someone

        What normal company isn’t greedy these days?

    • Nick T

      They are in show business.

    • Matt

      Sorry, Erin. The applicable word is “functioning”, as in “functioning” alcoholic or “functioning” drug user. Most times you will not know that they are high. They can go for years with no one knowing.

      • rowan729

        Matt, I agree, with one addition-functioning addicts almost always turn into non-functining ones at some point or another. I’ve seen it happen with good friends who always said they were in control, and a few years into the daily habit they’re passing out behind the wheel and their work is offering to send them to rehab and hold their job until they return. Unfortunately, once they cross that line, the functioning drug user doesn’t realize they’re not functioning anymore, really. They adjust their world view to accomodate the frequent slip-ups and still claim control over their actions. Usually takes something drastic to make them see they are out of control…..

    • actually

      Actually there are plenty of drug addicts and alcoholics at secured jobs that cant get fired for fear of discrimination suit. Just go away from rehab and come back. Ive seen it first hand.

    • Clean today

      Erin, you obviously don’t have a clue about addiction, drug abuse, or drug use for that matter. I myself spent 17 years using and abusing drugs and alchohol. So much so that the the only time people thought I had a problem was when I wasn’t on something. I was a functioning addict! I never lost a job because of my drug use. Today I have been clean and sober for over 21 years, and I can still mess things ups and get sidetracked in the middle of a conversation. So pull your head out and listen for the “pop” so that you will know its out!

    • Daisy

      Erin, “Normal” people, by definition, are not addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Having said that, addiction to alcohol and other drugs is an exceedingly (and tragically) common phenomena. And the workplace is filled to over-brimming w/people w/addictive disorder. It’s worth informing yourself about this disease, given that it’s – by far – the most widespread disease in the Western world.

  • Brett.A

    I love Whoppi Goldberg and Charlie Sheen. Both people have brought a whole lot of smiles and laughter to people through the work they do. I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Sheen and I absolutely LOVE Two and 1/2 Men.

  • BeachGal

    A lot of employers, even large Fortune 500 firms, will tolerate a lot of absenses and tardiness from those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It is at their supervisor’s discretion. Hollywood will also tolerate a lot of this behavior. A lot of the rationale is money. You’re kidding yourself if you think that people automatically get fired. Both extremes – hanging on to a formerly great employee or firing right away — are true.

  • Cassie

    “this isn’t the producers’ decision [to make]. Until Charlie makes the decision that he’s ready and willing to stop doing what he’s doing … he’s not there yet.”

    That is true of anyone facing addiction. Until they are ready and willing to see the problem and the need get help, rehab and addiction treatment won’t do a thing. They have to want it for themselves, not have it forced upon them.


    • Dee

      I respectfully disagree. The producers are greedy and continue to enable this addict. They could be of great help to Mr. Sheen if they fired him…causing some consequences and allowing him to hit bottom. They don’t care about him..only about profits. Sometimes an addict is enabled to death.

      • Mukesh

        Elisabeth works my last nerve. i don’t see how Whoopie and Joy put up with her. They need to get rid of Elisabeth, in my opinion. They need a caevnrvotise person who can actually listen and think and reason, someone that people could have a conversation and debate the issues with who is actually interested in exchanging ideas Gwyneth

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    Wait, Whoopie wants Sheen to wet the bed and poop the bed?

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Sorry. Whoopi not Whoopie.

      She gave up E.

      • K


    • Brian Valentine

      What Poopi said was she wanted Sheen to poop on her chest

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    Whoopi’s bed = whoopi cushion?

  • sue ann nivens

    Thank you Matt and BeachGal. You are absolutely right and understand the point Whoopi was trying to make. “Highly Functioning Addicts” are usually high, and have learned to hide, alter, adjust, and justify their behavior to the point where one would be more likely to notice a difference if (and occasionally when) they aren’t high. And if you’re making good money for a company, they don’t care if your private life is in tatters, especially if they aren’t aware of the situation, or it’s not affecting your job performance.

  • CrackedBlackPepper

    She’s honest. You have to give her that much.

    • Ruby

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  • Preston

    Even though I don’t like Charlie Sheen’s recent exploits, I commend Whoopi Goldberg for talking about her past drug addiction and how difficult it was to face the next day.

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