Anderson Cooper 'punched and kicked' by Mubarak supporters: VIDEO

Anderson Cooper told CNN he and his TV crew were “punched and kicked” by supporters of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. He said on Wednesday morning he was seeing “Molotov cocktails thrown by pro-government forces” at protesters. Reporting from Tahrir Square, Cooper said the crowd was “looking for a fight.”

Cooper’s situation demonstrates how quickly a major news event changes. Just a day before, the then-peaceful protests were being reported by TV news shows on cable and the networks scrambling to educate their audience, and themselves, about the issues involved in the Egyptian protests. The entertainment news shows were able to joke about this. Stephen Colbert spoke truth through humor by saying on The Colbert Report that we were now faced with “the terrifying phenomenon known as ‘other countries.'”

Jon Stewart inaugurated a modification of a previous rubric: “Mess O’ Slightly to the Left O’ Potamia” to analyze media coverage of Egypt. He suggested on Monday night’s Daily Show that Mubarak may have to go into televised exile with other dictators, in what he termed Big Brother: Big Brother Edition, which would find Mubarak sharing a house with four ousted dictators “and Omarosa.”

As the situation overseas unfolds, everyone, from the networks (which were still airing their entertainment programming on Wednesday morning while cable news was showing dramatic breaking-news footage live from Egypt) to cable news opinion channels — Fox News and MSNBC have been furiously busy analyzing the implications of Egypt’s unrest for America — will be continuously shifting their emphasis and tone, based on the gravity of the situation.

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  • sam

    gunfire is reported. Things are not as rosy as the networks might have us believe.

    • Lobna Salem

      This is Mubarak regime in action, killing people, he is known to be stubborn and can take the country to be even burnt but his ego will be intact. this is what we are dealing with for 30 live and in action and for the world to see

      • Will

        I wish you all the best Lobna. From this side of the world it looked like Mubarak was rather benign, having picked up the pieces after the assination of Sadat. Those forces, the ones who killed him, are still well entrenched by all accounts, very scary stuff. I hope that Egyptians are able to follow the path to democracy, you deserve as good an outcome in order to unlock the true potential of your people.

      • Dippidy doo


        anderson cooper sucks, got the beating he deserves

      • me here

        Beating up an American. Wow. Can we say he deserved it. What was he expecting?

      • Zack

        “Up next on 360…more video of my beating. Only here on 360.”

    • Brett

      Are you kidding me? What you’re insinuating is seriously not well thought out. There has been no gunfire. The people who attacked Cooper apparently are “paid” mob members of Mubarak. Yesterday, in his speech, he said he will not run again, but he will not leave. This is unacceptable. The people of Egypt want him not only out of the government, but out of the country. Mubarak told the people they could choose between stability (him) and chaos (the alternative). This is ALL Mubarak’s doing. I am praying that the people of Egypt get the government and opportunities they are protesting for.

      • BP

        Easy tiger.

      • Angelo Barovier

        Take it down a notch, fella. I’m reasonably certain Sam was commenting in the general sense (and there have been reports of gunfire — canister launchers, rubber bullets, snipers, etc.) and this specific instance.

      • Angelo Barovier

        *and NOT this specific instance.

    • Annia

      “Oh, here goes, Hell comes.” Please, please don’t hurt Anderson & his crew!!!

      • Christa

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  • Rancor

    Oh Anderson heres a headline…I hope he didn’t hurt his eyes they’re a national treasure.

    • Erik

      Yeah, I was gonna ask if Pee-Wee and Samberg were behind that sh!t……SHOTS!!!!!!

      • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

        LOL- Erik FTW.

      • Jeeyeon

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    • Rush

      Was he reporting with Kathy Griffin?

    • Angelo Barovier

      Sammmmmmberg! I can’t believe he flew to Egypt to prank Cooper. That’s dedication!

    • EL

      Yet Glenn Beck’s fat tuckus remains safe in his multi-million dollar Connecticut mansion. That’s the REAL outrage here.

      • Stop hate

        He needs a beating.Glen Beck person.
        Hope we get out of there if it’s turning violent. We are a peaceful nation.

      • Alecsa

        You are such a tease with all the gogoerus cards and LOs……..can't wait to see the full kit, it looks so pretty!

  • chad

    I dont like what is going on but we dont need to be there no one from here

    • Kelly

      Huh? We don’t need to be there? How can we report the news if we aren’t there?

  • KT

    Be safe and come home.

    • nikki

      arggggh! When I saw Anderson’s picture, I thought he had been killed. Don’t DO THAT, EW!! :P

  • Curious humuan

    Here’s a thought, let’s stop sending Americans over to be put in harms way. Can we not translate from the news they broadcast in Egypt to suit our hunger and need for international news? How many reporters have to be maimed or killed before we get a clue?

    • Brett

      No. Because NEWS needs to have FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS. If people just relayed messages, things would be in shambles. Ever heard of the game Telephone? …

      • Brett

        Also, journalists go there on there own free will because they feel that delivering accurate reports of what is going on around the world is their duty. It’s not easy for someone who is so passionate about something to not get involved, and sit at home. Journalists actually help in situations like these and I thank Cooper for telling what happened to him

    • andy

      Hopefully just Anderson Cooper.

      • randy

        Andy is a jerk.

    • kaydevo

      You’re saying our journalists should just take the word of what might be compromised sources in under-seige countries? I disagree, not when we can still get ‘em in there. Had Dan Rather and other reporters not been on the ground in the Vietnam War, the people at home would never have gotten the truth of what was really happening there. And the untruths were coming from our own government during that one. (some things never change, like “Saddam has WMDs, let’s attack!” etc).

    • The Truth

      We are not sending any Americans over there except for a small force of Marines to protect our embassy which can be evacuated on short notice. All other Americans in that country are there by their own choice. Even reporters have the free will to turn down the assignment. Again the only ones that are actually forced to be there and would face diciplinary actions for refusing are a small group of Marines. Everyone else is free to leave whenever they want to.

      • Stop hate

        He needs a beating.Glen Beck person.
        Hope we get out of there if it’s turning violent. We are a peaceful nation.
        Also journalists are the first to report, breaking news stuff, maybe win an award for pease or some recognition. At least we can trust Mr A. Coopers reporting.

  • Julie Cope

    I agree Chad. Us Americans need to stay out of it, unless we are a tool to help the people of Egypt in a positive fashion.

  • R.J. Johnson

    Rubric? Three of your readers know what rubric means!

    • eww

      Yes, the Daily Show is much funnier when described by Ken Tucker. I anxiously await the next modified rubic inauguration.

    • Gwen

      I believe more than three readers know what “rubric” means! I appreciate it when articles are not “dumbed down” for the Snooki-loving among us (of whom I am not one!).

    • Angelo Barovier

      In lieu of a diatribe, I’ll just say: if people take the time to look up words they don’t already know, it’s a good thing. If we just (continue to) pander to the lowest common denominator, it’s a sad thing.

    • anonymous

      Rubrics Cube anyone ?

  • john.hunter

    Anderson Cooper should have his ass kicked back here in America!

    • Sophie

      And why is that? because he’s a journalist and all journalists are evil?

    • Liz

      AC is going to win freaking awards for reporting this situation on the ground. I love reading journalists memoirs about their time on the ground at events that changed history! AC is risking his life to bring us some knowledge.

    • Stop hate

      Why kick Anyones anything, calm down.

  • Sheila G

    Was Anderson wearing his Plain Black T?

    • Jaime

      No he hasnt worn those this time around. I love when he wears those. He is so hot!

  • DLJ

    Anderson Cooper is the best news anchor on television. I will personally kick the butt of anyone who lays a hand on him!

    • DLJ Wuss

      I am calling your bluff. Get your ass to Egypt and beat the arses of the people who attacked him, or STFU

  • R.A.M

    I never understood how folks can disregard another race or people simply because they live or are from another country. If you believe that we are God’s children than shouldn’t we help those in need? Shouldn’t we speak up for those that can’t be heard? There a problems worldwide that exist because of the powers that be. I shake my head when people say we should stay out if it. It seems like everyone would consider turning their back and look away until if effects them directly. Where’s the LUV?

  • Ali

    “This is Mubarak regime in action”

    Pathetic, while I am not a Mubarak fan I am definitely not a fan of the protestors. Forget 1 million supporters not even 500,000 turned out. That is less than 1% of the country (I can include children seeing as the silly protestors bring their children) their are obviously Mubarak supports in that other 99%+.

    Quite frankly it is about time these protestors got a bit of a beating again. Wasn’t expecting much from the Army, need I list how many battles they have lost.

    Egypt should take the path of current Turkey.

    • Angela

      No one should have to take a beating for peacefully protesting (regardless of what % of the country agrees or disagrees with them)

      • econruth

        They are trying to take the path of Turkey. That’s why the people of Egypt are out there protesting. And to scorn because 1% (let’s split the difference between your “estimation” of 500,000 and 1,000,000) of a country of 80 million are participating – think what would happen if 1% of the US population showed up to protest – 3 million people on the mall! And try doing that when your country has closed the airport, shut down mass transit, and blocked the roads.
        The army refused to stop the protests because they didn’t want to shoot at their own people. The thugs out there now, attacking reporters and peaceful protesters are paid by Mubarak. Get your facts straight.

      • Stop hate

        Why kick Anyones anything, calm down.
        Agree Angela.

      • Hemant

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    • Roger C.

      Typical brain-dead American fascist. Too bad the American government actually doesn’t agree with your views this time!!!

  • survivor

    did they tap him on the shoulder and tell him they were pro Mubarak before or after they punched him? Does he speak Arabic, or is this his political interpretation of what happened.
    Lets get some honest answers.

    • noam

      the protesters who are anti-mubarak are generally wearing red, black, and white (the colors of the flag)or painting their faces in those colors, whereas the pro-mubarak protesters are generally wearing black and olive green, the color of the military. even if you don’t speak arabic (which cooper does), you can figure it out.

    • Angelo Barovier

      If you’d bothered to watch the report you’d know the answer instead of formulating some half-baked question.

  • the_dude

    I wonder if anderson cooper started crying when someone punched him. I’ll bet $100 he did.

    • Nikki Ragwa

      If you had $100 you wouldn’t be living in your parents’ basement passing the time between welfare cheques by making stupid comments. The dude…should be the dud!

      • sarah d

        You know they don’t hand out “welfare checks” anymore, right?

      • sarai31

        Ouch.. That was just mean.

  • Belle

    Don’t hurt Anderson :(

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