'Fringe' recap: Peter gets 'weaponized'

This week’s Fringe, an episode titled “Reciprocity,” was about breaking codes and breaking down defenses. Read the full post.

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  • clarkson_fan

    First of all, love the name! That made me crack up.

    And i while i’m worried and scared about Peter, i do understand why he did what he did…and i love Josh Jackson and his acting.

    • Bette

      I am having a deja vu moment.

    • Berny

      Did the guy from White Tulip return?

  • samara

    “Peter had left the notes he’d cribbed from Fauxlivia’s file right on his bedroom desk…” Of course he did. He loves and trusts Walter – it shows how much his con-man reflexes have been dulled by living with and taking care of his father. So, I don’t agree with your notion that Peter isn’t a believable con man.

  • rene

    Did anyone else scream when peter chopped off that guys fingers??? He sure does a good job playing an assassin. Walter sniffing that chimp stuff was too funny. And it was nice to nina again. I missed her. All in all a pretty good episode. Hopefully their ratings will stay up there so we can enjoy season 4

  • Brynn

    OMG! I was laughing so much when Walter bared his teeth, it was such a hilarious image.

  • justin

    Another very good episode. I totally agree with Peter being proactive. These freaking shapeshifters are everywhere and always one step ahead, so something drastic had to be done to attempt to level the playing field. I loved how the machine (heck, the whole room) reacted to Peter! It was creepy but interesting at the same time. However, I’m worried that Walter may be right that Peter touching the machine “weaponized” him. This could be the first step of connecting him to it. Those first people books were intriguing too, including the fact that William Bell started the search for them years ago. I also loved that scientist pointing out that these first people could have eliminated bigger civilizations before the dinosaurs (WOW!!!). Man, I love this show!

    • tipsy

      Peter isn`t weaponized. he`s walternate`s son. And Walter`s. neither man was a good man to begin with so it`s all in genes.

      That said, badass Peter is awesome so more power to him.

  • av

    I can’t remember why people were calling Fauxlivia, Bolivia. Someone please refresh my memory. Thanks.

    • Casey

      I believe they called her that because she was the Olivia from the “B” universe. That or because she’s bad Olivia. I forget.

    • JC

      It was for bad Olivia.

    • Dicazi

      The writers came up with Bolivia and she was referred to that way in the scripts and on closed captioning. Newton even called her that.
      I still don’t like Fauxlivia, but it’s infinitely preferable to Bolivia. Everytime I see it, I think we’re going to South America.

  • ThePearl

    the electromagnetism, the moving metal objects, the nosebleeds…I miss Lost!

    • Marcy

      Same here.

      • jen

        That’s why I started watching Fringe…because I miss LOST!!!!

      • tracy bluth

        I’m not going to lie, after the episode yesterday I started to get a little teary eyed because I miss Lost so much. And I’m with jen- I started watching Fringe because I missed Lost and The X Files (still).

    • JSJS

      I thought he was time traveling, then I remembered this is Fringe, not LOST. I AM NOT MOVING ON

    • Angela

      :) So much.

  • Jim

    Was I not paying attention during the show or was it not explained how Peter found out the identities of the 5 shapeshifters?

    He did not read Fauxlivia’s journal, but even if he did, he would not know the secret code she used. So how did he find out who the shapeshifters were?

    • Bette

      Peter read Fauxlivia’s files as well. They were on his desk in the bedroom. He broke the code.

      • Flash

        brent May 13, 2010 I say, drop No.1, you will always see your otcifemafes, like everyday. So,magsasawa ka din sa mukha nila. You might get lost though on the chika with them when they get back to work but hey, it should be worth it considering you’ll see Mimay again.

    • Dicazi

      Peter has a super-genius IQ.

  • frank smith

    It ‘ s the way the parts are written .

  • fauxboy

    Something I noticed, was that in that first scene, Nina seemed to have both her hands ungloved – I’m wondering if this was a mistake or the possibility that OtherNina is in play.

    • Bette

      Nina had a black glove on.

      • fauxboy

        Though the fingers of her right hand were visible.

  • JFWilder

    Nobody else catch the “F” in Folivia comparison to F in “FLOCKE”?

    Seems they borrowed this from Lost.

    • Bette

      I think that it is a wink to the viewers. First, we called her Bolivia, others called her Fauxlivia. The cast have now addressed her with both names.

  • jophan

    BOlivia was the name in the scripts and early publicity. Fauxlivia became so popular with fans that it has become canon.

    Olivia’s expectation that they could get answers from the shapeshifters reminds me of Peter’s expectation that they could get answers from the Observer. Similary phrasing, equally bad luck? I presume Peter must also know how to translate the shapeshifters’ memory stores, which is an impressive feat on its own.

    • Leithen

      Fauxlivia is actually more in keeping with Walter’s precedent of “Walternate”. Playing on words is fun.

      • Dicazi

        Altivia is more in keeping with Walternate’s precedent. Alternate Olivia Walter Alternate.

      • Leithen

        Walternate makes sense because the word ‘Walter’ merges into the world ‘alternate’, just as the sound of the word ‘faux’ merges into the first syllable of Olivia. It’s about the sound, not just the definition.

      • Leithen

        Altivia makes me think of sewage treatment http://www.altivia.com/

      • Dicazi

        Almost anything is better than Bolivia.

      • Jeff

        Alter (as in alternate Walter) is better than Alternate.

      • Jeff

        Oops – Walternate

  • Rebecca

    Did anyone else notice “Wilson, James” on Fauxlivia’s lists of names? Were any of the other names nods to other Fox shows?

  • Sophie

    This episode was a little to neat and tidy for me. It “weaponized” Peter??? Come on! Olivia turned a corner after reading the diary because she connected with Fauxlivia. I love Fringe because it isn’t neat and tidy. It leaves us a step behind with unanswered questions. It tried to answer too many in this episode with easy plot contrivances.

  • Brie

    Peter was out late and lying about it before he ever came in contact with the machine. I don’t think the machine “weaponized” him.

    • samara

      No, that’s not so. The very first scene of the episode was him coming in contact with the machine. Only after the credits did we see him coming in from a late night out. So some time passed between the teaser scene and the post-credits scene.

      • Irishgirl

        I think very little time passed between Peter seeing the machine and his late night attack on Baird. When he’s making the peanut butter sandwich, Walter asks him if he’s had anymore nosebleeds. So I think they saw the machine that evening, and then Peter was out killing Baird in the early hours. But, that’s another continuity issue I found. When they are walking to see the machine, Broyles says that the password to Fauxlivia’s files was cracked “a few of days ago.” When he sees Astrid, he says that they’ve been working “the past two days” on trying to figure out Fauxlivia’s data. Then when he’s with Olivia after finding Baird, he says they’ve been working on it for 36 hours. So the timing is off, but if you believe that they’ve been looking over the data for two days, let’s say, then I think Peter discovered the code and the shape shifters prior to seeing the machine. Which could mean he had already decided to go after them prior to coming in contact with the machine. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he share with everyone that he’d cracked the code?

      • samara

        I think Peter probably cracked the code earlier than everyone else, and was thinking about going after the shapeshifters himself – but then his contact with the Machine made him much more aggressive. So, I don’t have any continuity problem with that.

      • Brie

        You’re right. I got mixed up. For some reason I thought the kitchen scene came first, but I just re-watched it, thanks.

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