Bill O'Reilly attacks Keith Olbermann: 'A hateful commentator' has been 'neutralized.' Plus Colbert video and Craig Ferguson jokes

If you thought Bill O’Reilly was going to let his time-period competitor Keith Olbermann depart MSNBC without getting in a few final kicks, you underestimate how much glee there is in the halls of the Fox News Channel today.

“Some of the hate has been neutralized,” O’Reilly said on Monday night’s The O’Reilly Factor. This was accomplished, he said, by “replacing a hateful commentator.”

O’Reilly declined to mention Olbermann by name, but in a discussion with one of his regular guests, Bernard Goldberg, O’Reilly and Goldberg referred to “that anchorman over there” and — a reference to the fact that Countdown with Keith Olbermann was on most nights MSNBC’s most popular show — “the tallest midget in the room.”

O’Reilly then expanded his attack by saying that “the media is as corrupt as it’s ever been in the country” — apparently because the media covered the Olbermann departure.

Earlier in the day, Glenn Beck referred to Olbermann as “the biggest pain in the a– in the world.”

At 8 p.m. Monday night, Olbermann took to Twitter for his first post-MSNBC comments: “Citizens of the Free World, Greetings!” and “My humble thanks to all Friends of Keith for the many kind words. The reports of the death of my career are greatly exaggerated.”

UPDATE: Another Olbermann tweet: “A little birdie (or possibly a robot skeleton) advises all #FOK to watch @CraigyFerg tonight (that’s always true, but especially tonight).” Ferguson told numerous jokes about Olbermann, poking fun at MSNBC as a network “that frankly not a lot of people know about,” and that MSNBC stands for “Massive Succulent Naughty Butt Cheeks.”

UPDATE UPDATE: On Monday night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert reported on Olbermann’s departure by saying, “Well, we finally know what they were counting down to.” Then, addressing Olbermann, Colbert said he would magically “absorb your audience and your vocabulary.” Alas, the transformation did not take: “My body is rejecting [Olbermann] like a pompous kidney.”

Colbert did all this, mind you, with a sore throat. It was pretty great.

Twitter: @kentucker

For more: Keith Olbermann: Will he tweet about Glenn Beck’s taunt?

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  • reel_deal

    I do not share the views of either men, but I will give Olbermann credit for being very persistent and passionate about causes he supported, also I think it was ridiculous that he got suspended a few months ago, for he was a pundit, not a newsman, all the bst to Keith

    • Scooptress

      Way to cover half the story, Tucker, you dinosuar.
      Oh wait, EW is owned by left-leaning CNN?
      What a joke.

      • Ethan

        I’m so confused by what this is complaining about. Bias, I guess? It is an opinion column, such a thing can’t be that surprising…

      • jordan

        There’s a difference between an “opinion” column, and a column that plays off like a news column. Tucker doesn’t state his opinion, it is just made obvious by not covering the whole story. THAT is what makes it biased. And not biased as in the inevitable bias that often plagues the news, but the worst kind of bias that leaves out parts of the story.

      • Another Chris

        As far as I’m concerned, CNN generally calls it right down the middle, and without all the bluster of its competitors. Its the only one of the three cable news nets I watch regularly and, among people who closely follow politics — not just their own political viewpoint — certainly the most respected.
        Nevertheless, if you want actual substantive, concise news stories (not just soundbites), watch the NewsHour on PBS.

      • PabloLynch

        Ha Ha. Only in a right-wing wet dream is CNN left-leaning while Fox calls it straight, and MSNBC is communist… and Obama is a Muslim! Wackos!

      • BlackIrish4094

        I think it’s a joke that people such as yourself can only view things through left-wing / right-wing. Most people tend to be a mix but idiots such as yourself (and extremists on both sides of the political fence) tend to shout the loudest and get the most attention. You must lead a sad, angry life, I feel sorry for you.

      • TJ

        When there is nobody to your right, everyone is on your left.

      • JD

        O’Reilly was right when left wing shill reporters were selling Olbermann as some rating success when MSNBC is in 28th place and Fox is 4th. And also that twelve FOX shows, some airing at noon get higher ratings than Olberman. So that’s why it’s like being ‘the tallest midget in the room.’

      • Ted

        Will miss Keith on the air, but I’m sure he’ll be back in some form. Plus he has the luxury of his contract being bought out so we really shouldn’t cry for him.

        O’Reilly is a know-nothing blow hard who doesn’t even know how the tides work, sad to say.

    • John K

      Keith seemed pretty uncivil to me. He said outrageous things about people he disagreed with. The general discussion can’t help but be more civil now that he is gone. His humor, commentary, & quality of opinions were very sophomoric. I do hope that he goes back to sports.

      • Matt M

        Sophomoric humor? You must not have any sense of humor. While many pundits expressed fear and hate without any semblance of humor, K.O. tried to lighten the mood no matter how outrageous his opinions were. I applaud him for his wit infused humor.

      • hc

        But you recognize the irony in using “hateful” comments when calling someone else hateful, right? Right?

      • Jeff

        All Olbermann ever did was talk about Fox News, I quess he was trying to raise his ratings by talking about a successful news show.

        Olbermann was a piece of crap, a hater that this country does not need.


      • Kuba


        You have to be delusional if you believe that Fox News Channel is actually “news”.

    • ben pierre

      I will make that no one in my country ever watch msnbc for the way msnbc treat Keitk Olberman.keih was the voice of the poor

      • Mr. Neutron

        Well, there goes a third of MSNBC’s viewership.

      • Jeff

        What viewership?

  • LOL

    GOP still fears Olbermann.

    • Sarah O

      Hey O’Reilly and Beck — this is the pot. You’re black.

      • B


      • Earl

        hehe…well played!

      • teresa

        so true

      • Demon X

        B shut up.

    • Tday

      The biggest lying A-hole fired !!! Hooray for America !!!

      • dlauthor

        Holy crap, Limbaugh got fired too? How is that even possible? I thought the only way to get rid of him would be an exorcist who’s also an exterminator.

      • Demon X

        Tday O’Reilly’s butt licker.

    • Tex

      The GOP fears Olbermann the way a windshield fears a gnat.

      • Brandon

        Olbermann had like 7 viewers. Yeah, he’s real feared.

      • LOL

        Fox dipsticks are so easy to spot. As soon as they start with the ratings nonsense you know they’ve seen way too much O’Reilly.

      • Jeff

        Truth hurts doesn’t it LOL, thats why you stupid liberals don’t ever use the facts in your arguments.

      • UncleWalty

        here’s a fact for you Jeff: in the latest polling data available, Fox is the LEAST trusted of all the news outlets, which would be troublesome if indeed Fox was a legitimate news outlet. And your Nielsen ratings are a joke. Bill O’Reilly routinely gets creamed by Family Guy reruns and WWE “wrestling.” He’s a nut-fringe loudmouth.

      • Bert

        @UncleWalty: if you actually watched the show instead of listening to what everyone else tells you, you would see how fair Bill O’Reilly really is. Hannity and beck on the other hand are a different matter.

      • Tom

        @Bert: I agree with you on O’Reilly. I’m not a fan of Hannity or Beck, but Bill is great.

      • Kim

        My mom, who is a left-leaning democrat, used to watch O’Reilly all the time. She liked the way he called things out, the way he would rally against the decline of morals and values in our society. He was a straight-shooter, who told it like it was. Then his little sexual harassment scandal broke and she learned what a huge hyprocrite he is. He was the only one she would watch on Fox (and this was quite awhile ago now, before they really went over the top)and she was so disgusted she deleted the whole channel off her t.v. So, fair? I don’t know, don’t watch him. Hypocrite? You bet.

      • UncleWalty

        @Bert, I have watched him. And I stand by my assessment.

      • Demon X

        O’Reilly fair? lol he just like Beck and Hannity a racist.

  • Tarc

    Interesting. Olberman gets $7 million to take a 4 1/2 month vacation from TV and can then work anywhere he wants. O’Reilly is still working at the same ol’ propagandist fiction channel. Who is better off? Olbermann…. by the width of the universe.

    • anon


    • Tex

      O’Reilly must hate having 3M viewers/night compared to Olbermann’s zero. Poor Bill.

      I hope your analysis makes you feel better though!

      • Tarc

        Every scripted, fictinal TV show has better ratings than the actual news. Why are you confused?

      • Cathy

        Obviously O’Reilly didn’t like what he heard; why else would he comment? Oh, that’s right, he usually shouts over everyone because he knows better than everyone. “Listen, you might learn something.” Yes, O’Reilly, we did. You’ve shown you still don’t have any class, no matter the situation. He didn’t like Olbermann because Olbermann pointed out how mindless his arguments were. O’Reilly always has been, and continues to be, a short-tempered man.

      • Jeff

        Has stupid Cathy, O’Reilly never commented on Olbermann! That was Olbermann’s whole show every night for years. I guess he was trying to improve his ratings by mentionine O’Reilly every night.

      • DLee

        Too bad Orielly has the blood of American citizens on his hands. It’s amazing that the far right still supports this anti-American, domestic radical.

      • Roscoe

        DLee. HEY DLee, put the koolaid down.

    • Equalizer

      Fiction Channel?
      Funny how people can knock something they never view. Talk about willful ignorance.

      • Jeff

        That’s not ignorance, its stupidity.

      • drosten

        HEY DLEE hows the Kool-aid?

    • Daniela

      Universal health care doesn’t make sinaificgnce?Why not?Don’t doctors take the Hippocratic Oath(more like thew hypo critic oath)how does it go?I do earnestly swear to help those in need as long as they have excellent health indemnity?Have you heard the Chinese axiom Man has hard time paying a lot of bills, loans, notes,and indemnity´╗┐ and doesn’t get paid what he should,and has taxes raised since his gov. gave tax breaks to coorporations,so if he gets sick now and again he could use some help free of charge?

  • john koons

    If the self-righteous phonies at Fox think the voice of Keith has been “neutralized’, they are as wrong as is the Fox News motto.

    • Kathy gastro


    • Fair and Democratic

      Agreed. Fake News can keep the lot of un-newsworth. I will take Keith over them anyday.

    • Tex

      I’m sure you’re correct, john koons. I imagine that KO is, as I type this, in his living room facing a wall and railing about some imagined injustice. Or maybe it’s the Worst Person in the World. Speaking of which, what kind of meglomaniac thinks anyone cares who he thinks is the worst person in the world?

      • Tarc

        Sorry, I got confused… you were taking about Glenn Beck, right?

      • Peter L.

        Eesh. Tarc, your quips are falling a flat. Pick up your game! Some clever wordplay, a pun or two…anything.

      • Tex

        Sorry, Tarc, no way I can parry you’re “I know you are but what am I?” tactic. You’re just too smart and too witty for me.

      • Jim

        Tex? Now that is some serious funny stuff! Tex, ha ha ha ha ha! What kind of clown has a name like Tex? Ha ha ha!

    • Mr. Neutron

      Right on, John! Keith Olbermann was *never) self-righteous! ‘:-/

  • Chris

    I ain’t an O’Reilly fan by any stretch of the imagination … but Olbermann was an unstable loose cannon. His departure has nothing to do with politics or ratings and everything to do with his obvious issues with anger an interpersonal relationships.

    • Judi Powell

      Wow….and you think Olbermann was unstable…….?

      • Chris


      • Chris

        Just because O’Reilly is a wackjob doesn’t make Olbermann a saint.

      • Jeff

        Are you kidding Judi Powell stupid? He got fired from Sunday Night Football last fall and now MSNBC.

        If you ever took the time to READ, you will find out that Olbermann is a complete jerk that no one likes to work with.

        Must be because of his constant diarrhea, you know if you ever READ anything he suffers form celiac disease. Have someone READ it to you stupid Judi Powell.

      • Kim

        Wow, Jeff, you’re a real piece of work, you know that? I’ve read many comments on this site by you and they’re almost always some dumb little blurb about “stupid liberals”, or some such crap. Never anything intelligent or insightful, or God forbid, civil. Just insulting. Now you’re making fun of Olbermann for having celiac disease, a very painful condition that can have very real health implications for the people that have it? So, you not only lack the above qualities I mentioned, but compassion, too. Why does that not surprise me? Are you going to say the same thing about Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

    • John

      Agree 100%

      I used to watch and really enjoy “Countdown” before he became obsessed with Bush.
      From his past history at ESPN, FOX and MSNBC, I hate to say it but it’s pretty clear Keith has a few issues.
      A talented guy. I don’t know if it’as a psychological issue or just started to believe his own press.

      And calling a GOP Congresswoman a “A mashed up bag of Meat” would have gotten him fired anywhere else but MSNBC, where he was not only the main ratings guy but also set the political tone of the network.
      I don’t watch FOX or MSNBC, but some of the comments he made went far beyond anything I’ve heard on other media outets.

      • Matt M

        Worse than people on Faux News calling Obama Hitler?

      • Mr. Neutron

        @ Matt: I guess you don’t recall when the left was likening Bush to Hitler? Constantly.
        People really need to stop with this Hitler business.

      • Tex

        When and where, Matt M? It’s put up or shut up time.

    • Cathy

      Really? His biggest champion was Tim Russert, and his crew at Countdown haven’t been complaining about him. If he were really that bad, than we would have heard about it long ago.

      • Jim

        Really? “stupid Judy?”

  • captain obvious

    well if anyone knows hate….its Bill O’Reilly.

    • Tex

      Good God, man, rarely have I seen such a complete, coherent and to the point post as yours. You, sir, are the king of the cretins. Well done!

      • Tarc

        Well, you obviously didn;t look far. I’d suggest one of your own posts. Prime example of brainwashed cattle the conservatives so love.

      • Tex

        Tarc, stop! How clever! Did you come up with your post all on your own or did you hire professional help. Seriously, I’m just outgunned here. Let me try to respond in kind: Tarc, you’re silly.

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so edgy.

    • Iman

      The Canadian system is not all that spilnded as you say.Really, in this very show(sicko) Michael Moore takes a visit to our´╗┐ neighbors to the north and they were very satisfied with the system. And if what you say is right and Canada’s system isn’t all that spilnded than how in this area France?They are ranked number one in the Planet for their system and for the skill of staff members and health check personnel.And pretty much every additional western industrialized public, and some eastern countries.U.S was 55.

  • Suzzanna

    Wow Chris – you never knew Keith at all, or what he stood and fought for. Go back to watching Fox and see how far that gets you. O’Donnell is OK but he’s no Keith Olbermann – Put Ed in the 8:00 slot and keep some of Keith’s audience. Come back soon Keith!!! You are sadly missed.

    • Chris

      See, I just knew someone would take criticism of Olbermann the person as some sign that I’m a mind-numbed Fox robot. Hilarious, and indicative of how discussions are framed in this country nowadays.

      I’d say it’s you who “never knew Keith at all” – read into his history at ESPN and the first time he was at MSNBC. He’s a man with a lot of demons.

      • Another Chris

        I’m with you, Chris — and not just because we share a name. I’m not a fan of blowhards in general, be they from the left or the right. Apparently though, such clear-headed, reasonable, moderate thinking is frowned upon. (It’s not the politicians who keep lowering the public discourse, it’s the people who vote for them, and the TV talking heads who they seem to worship.)
        Mr. Olbermann’s prima donna behavior, anger issues, and spotty employment history are certainly no secret, and have been well-documented, in publications as mainstream (and not remotely right-leaning) as The New York Times.

      • Another Chris

        *Actually, I think that should been “_whom_ they seem to worship”…shame on me.

      • Another Chris

        And _that_ should have been, “I think that should _have_ been”…embarrassing.

      • Mel Fell

        Chris, didn’t you know that there are no shades of grey when you are talking to idiots?? LOL


      Suzzanna ~ Keith’s difficulties “getting along” with people are LEGENDARY! I love the guy but even he would admit he’s tough to please! Quit insulting people. It makes your butt look big.

    • Tex

      Suzzanna, you are correct. For those of us who enjoy talentless, self-righteous and incoherent hacks, KO will be sorely missed.

    • Amazed

      Suzan, I’m truly amazed, you must like one sided talk from a guy who sounds as if he’s reciting the highlights from the days sporting events. Tried listening to him more than once and couldn’t stand it. He should’ve tried taking a breathe once during his boring and self indulgent monolog-might not have gotten fired.

  • Haters

    Bill O’Really is so jealous of Keith. Keith is going to come back so strong it’s going to be ridiculous.

    This mean evil man he’s referring to raised millions of dollars for people who didn’t have health care so they could see a doctor; he raised a couple million for the transplant victims of Arizona’s death warrant governor. He has been a selfless, caring person.

    The right wing fears him and they should. He tells the truth about them and they can’t stand it. But be careful thinking you’re walking on someone’s grave O’Really, because one day, it may be your own.

    • susan

      You’re so right – Keith did more for charity than anyone else on TV in our lifetime. He, unlike BO the blow-hard, is a complex, bright caring person – there’s no one like him and BO is garbage by comparison.

      • Chris

        So much for toning down the rhetoric, folks. I’m so proud of all of you.

      • steve owens

        You are an idiot. Check your facts about cahrity.

      • Brandon

        LOL @ Susan. What an ignorant moron. Olbemann has done very little for charity, unless you count hookers and blow. Oh, and democratic campaigns.

      • Chris

        C’mon, Steve – don’t ruin a good rant by talking about facts!

    • Mike

      Jealous of what? He beat Olbermann in every measurable way on TV.

      • Tarc

        ‘Beat’? Sorry, in what way? O’Reilly gets to put on the makeup and do a little song and dance every night, and the ratings suck compared to other fictional shows. And on a personal level? O’Reilly couldn’t best Charles Mansion on a bad day.

      • Mr. Neutron

        Assuming you mean, Charles *Manson,* well done! You’ve cleverly eschewed the now trite Hitler comparisons, and gone with a more recent infamous vile figure, a convicted serial killer. Good for you, Tarc, you’ve lowered the bar even further! Or maybe just kept it where it is…pretty darn close to the ground. Sigh.

    • Sherry

      Nicely said “Haters” and “Susan,” I couldn’t agree with you more. I miss watching Keith so much. I will bounce to whatever venue he pops up on when he comes back to the media…and he will be stronger than ever!

      • Tex

        Yes, with luck he might even approach 25% of O’Reilly’s audience! That will show him!

    • anon


    • anon


    • SweetyPy

      “Jealous” of Keith? Are you kidding? Bill’s ratings and Fox News ratings are always on top. Every show on Fox beat out “Countdown”. EVERY SHOW on Fox beat EVERY show on msnbc. More people than Keith need to go-drain the swamp!

      • Jon

        If ratings are the measure of success, then Snooki is better than O’Reilly. I guess Ohio State is better than M.I.T. because it has more students.

  • Michelle

    Now if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. Wish someone would fire O’Reilly!

  • Aaron

    Keith was such a powerhouse commentator that, as the lead voice, he led MSNBC to a dominant 28th ranking in the 2010 cable ratings. At least his show was in the cable news top ten though. Oh wait, not close their either. MSNBC is a horribly run business that Comcast recognizes needs changed. Olbermann is just the beginning.

  • PauletteB

    There’s a parking space in Hell with Bill O’Reilly’s name on it. He can’t use it fast enough for me!

    • Judi Powell

      and it’s right next to Rush Limbaugh’s…..

      • Kimberly

        Since when can another person deem someone else to hell? Where will you be?

      • Tex

        And, I assume, everyone else with whom you disagree? And your parking space is down the block! Wow, I feel so witty, hoping someone will die and be condemned to Hell. Am I not the coolest?

    • Another Chris

      Yeah! We’re all going to Hell!

      Oh, wait, that’s bad. Awww!

      • jordan

        Anybody with a working brain knows that Bill O’Reilly is a republican/Fox tool. He is a complete joke, a very bad one. Oberman, while over the top at times, can at least tell the forest from the trees.

  • susan

    Bill has always been jealous of Olbermann – Keith handsome, Bill potato faced, Keith Ivy, Bill catholic school … Bill’s ire makes sense. KO is a class act – BO settled a sex-discrimination suit – that says it all!

    • Kimberly

      OMG… think that KO is good looking??? You are all so funny. He definitely has problems, and nobody could stand working with him.

    • steve owens


    • Tex

      And probably even more jealous of his miniscule audience of koolaid drinkers.
      Bill – Harvard grad degree, KO – cow college undergrad degree.

    • Lee Ross

      Fear not KO, the Elitist Left to the rescue…TaDahhhhh

  • Joe

    I’m not a fan of FOX or O’REILLY but it had to be humiliating to KO that O’REILLY consistently drew 4x his audience.

    • Jack

      @Joe…one reason for the disparity in viewers is simply because there are more “low information voters” out there who identify as conservative and believe the fox lie “Fair and Balanced” Another may be the cable tv programming. For instance, I have DisnNetwork and in order to watch MSNBC I have to have a certain level of programming or “package” which costs more to be able to watch programs like on MSNBC, but FOX is available on the “lower tiered” programming scale. It was the same when I subscribed to the local cable company Comcast. Most people don’t want to pay extra for a news station. I by no means like Billo and will gladly pay the extra 10 bucks for an honest look at politics albeit a liberal slant from MSNBC

      • Another Chris

        @Jack: If you want an honest look at politics sans slant, why not try elsewhere? Cable news is not the only option.

      • Tex

        Jack, I, too, tend to think of those with whom I disagree as “low information.” I also think of them as bigoted and stupid. Why, Jack, why are you such a hater?

      • Ruth

        Oh really? With right wing crazies now owning all of he stations – where can us sensible liberals go for news or anything. My question – from reading all of this dialog, is arn’t you just a little scared that with the new merger that you have no choice anymore? Without choice – where is your freedom. One of the earlier comments were – what are they so afraid of? Well – when someone is trying to pull a fast one on someone else, the only thing they are afraid of is the truth. Also… do people actually watch Bill O’Riley and Glen Beck. I mean… that is scary. Had a friend the other day – older white guy – who quoted Glen Beck – like someone to look up to. I mean I look at that guy in another light now. Guess that’s how Hitler came into power. Lots of stupid people listening to a crazy man.

      • Peter

        And there it is: a Hitler comparison! Wow, what took everyone so long?

        Congrats, Ruth, you (ahem) “sensible liberal,” you! You have officially joined the zeitgeist.

        Oh, and condolences to your friend, whom will simply call Older White Guy, who has now lost a (ahem) “friend” due to having an opinion of his own. Silly, OWG.

        Thank you for playing!

      • Tex

        I’ve got you, Ruth. People with whom you disagree are stupid. And, yes, I watch both GB and BO on occasion. Scared? Maybe you should be; we’re going to return this country to the Constitutional representative democracy it should be.

      • Tex

        And, Ruth, the fact that you had to identify your friend as an “older white guy” speaks volumes for your intolerance. Good God, I’m tired of being lectured to by these people.

      • TJ

        Obviously the majority of people that disagree with the far left agenda MUST be “low information voters”. Hard to imagine anyone who believes in seriously smaller government is informed at all, since they’re all clearly un-enlightened and not “progressive”.

      • Cherilynn

        Kewl you sholdu come up with that. Excellent!

  • Tom

    Tallest midget in the room I love it.

  • Kimberly

    I saw the O’Reilly/Goldberg segment and neither ATTACKED Olbermann. They were speaking of MSNBC’s political tone.

    • TLF

      Anyone who regularly watches FOX has some nerve speaking of hatefulness and or bias. Only a mean spirit could embrace and enjoy what comes out of FOX. The Neo-Cons don’t want to debate anyone because they know everything; all other views are to be shouted or gunned down. The Becks and O’Riellys of this world are sick and so are their followers.

      • Mr. Neutron

        “Gunned down”? Classy, TLF, real classy.

      • Tex

        No, TLF, you’re sick and you have cooties. I think, too, that you probably smell.

        Hoisted on your own petard. How does it feel to be the object of the same rapier wit to which you subject others, TLF?

      • Equalizer

        TLF…. obviously you don’t watch Fox cause what your saying is so wrong. Try watching it sometimes and you’ll see the smartest news in the country. I like debate….you obviously don’t.

      • Tex

        Oh, yeah, TLF – I forgot to say that your mother thinks you’re ugly. I love debating someone on his own level.

      • MojoJojo

        I will not be drawn into this argument but I hope for your sake you are actually a 12 year old boy. Cooties, really!

    • Hector

      exactly, no one attacked Keith Olbermann & TLF goes out of their way to post that reply to you.

      Jesus, what a troll…

      • LOL

        How do you Fox trolls even function in daily life? It’s a wonder you can dress yourselves.

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