Ricky Gervais kinda, sorta apologizes about the Golden Globes: 'I hope no one was truly offended.'

Ricky Gervais went on Piers Morgan Tonight to say, “I don’t think I did anything wrong” during the Golden Globes, and that “you’ve got to be true to yourself.” Morgan provided Gervais with a glass of beer and promised, “We’re gonna get low-down and personal.” The result was that Gervais insisted his jokes weren’t any more offensive than “daytime TV jokes.”

Morgan failed to point out that Gervais was talking out of both sides of his mouth. On the one hand, Gervais said, “I’m not sorry for anything I said.” On the other, he said, “I hope no one was truly offended.”

The host also allowed Gervais to get away with a lot of patent hogwash. For instance: “The comedian’s job isn’t to make people laugh, it’s to make people think.” Excuse me while I gag…

It’s becoming apparent that Piers Morgan doesn’t grasp a fundamental principle of being a provocative host, which is to disagree with your guest once in a while. Instead, he was a toady with Gervais, praising him with a mock scold: “You’ve said these bad things about these pampered prima donnas in Hollywood” and referring to any celebrities who may have been offended as “delicate little flowers.” Okay, fine, but what was Gervais left to do except giggle and nod in agreement, which he did entirely too many times?

Instead, the Morgan ego emerged once again: “Until you, I was the most reviled Brit on TV in America,” he said. Oh, come on, Piers; I think Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne still spend a lot of time in America, don’t they?

Once they’d run the Globes controversy into the ground, the rest of the hour bogged down in discussions about belief and atheism, Ricky’s working-class upbringing, and how “Twitter is like evolution among bacteria.” Morgan also treated Gervais’ confirmation that he’ll appear as David Brent on the American version of The Office as a scoop rather than something that’s been reported for days.

I don’t know, Piers — I’m starting to think you’d better shape up or ship out.

What do you think of Gervais’ explanations and assertions?

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  • Lola

    “kinda sorta apologies”? Ken Tucker- don’t let your childish indignation get in the way of your editing abilities.

    • Po

      Congratulations, you’re an idiot.

      • Murat

        I pray to God to rid my country of skoopy radical fundamentalist wacko wingnut fruitbats who write things like All true science leads to God. Dear Lord, please change the mindset of these people who do not use their God-given gift of reason. Do not permit them to continue their efforts to destroy my nation’s core post-Enlightenment values. Do not let them succeed in their goal of sending my country back into the mystical mindset of the Middle Ages. At the very least, God, please let the coming year bring a decrease in their usage of exclamation points.

    • Ethan

      Well, he’s writing his opinion, but I think that opinion seems pretty valid, I wouldn’t call it all that indignant.

      • Who are “they”?

        In regards to these “apologies” and “controversy” can someone please tell me, specifically, who is in such an uproar? Aside from one of the HFP people, I haven’t heard anything from anyone other than the public forums and media. Who in Hollywood is in such an uproar?

      • @Who are “they”?

        I totally agree, what’s the big flipping deal? I don’t even know what people may or may not be offended about. Gervais is brilliant IMHO.

      • Captain Obvious

        There needed to be controversy so it was created. What Ricky did is no different than what Joel McHale does weekly on “The Soup”.
        I predict between Ricky and Piers, there’s going to be a “how dare these British guys come over here and point out our shortcomings!” backlash soon…

      • MK

        I was watching Letterman and then Ferguson last night. Diff between Gervais at the Globes and the late night chat fests? Gervais’ targets were in the room.

      • Mike

        Exactly MK. If anything he should be getting MORE props for that. Oh, the media…

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      “Hogwash”: yes that’s what I would call everything Ken Tucker writes.

      • TJ. Church

        And anything that involves Piers Morgan.

      • world sick

        exactly. ken tucker is a dinosaur and his opinions are terrible.

      • MultiPass

        KEN, you are a critic who has lost his way. This is terribly written, even later and more pathetically sycophantic for CLICKS than Morgan’s boring show. At least Gervais is hilarious. His apologies are also a joke, btw, another in a long line that you probably didn’t get. Hang it up, buddy, you’re a has-been.

      • Big Walt

        “On the one hand, Gervais said, “I’m not sorry for anything I said.” On the other, he said, “I hope no one was truly offended.”” I don’t see how that is talking out of both sides of his mouth. They’re two separate things.

      • Laudan

        This article or rant from Ken Tucker was unneccessary. Apparently, Gervais offended Tucker’s tender ego during the Golden Globes. Can it, Ken.

      • sara

        Feel free to rant on Ken’s writing, but why the personal hate? You get mad at people for being childish, yet you are name calling?

      • thin

        The offense seems to be pretty widespread throughout the EW offices (see the article in this week’s magazine for more). I really don’t get it.

    • Wickeddoll

      If some of you dislike Tucker so much, why read any of what he says? Regarding Morgan, I think the reason he was so obsequious, was that he probably *agreed* with Gervais.

      • Jerry

        We keep reading Tucker’s column waiting for him to write something that makes sense. And the wait continues…

      • Dan

        Big Walt:
        You’re absolutely right. Gervais did not contradict himself. Ken Tucker doesn’t even seem to know what or who is annoying him so much.

    • BFD

      Almost a week later and you’re STILL talking about the Golden Globes. I think Gervais did his job beyond his responsibilities. If anyone is still offended they need to get over themselves.

      I’m still more offended by Robert DeNiro’s comments than Ricky’s.

      • Big Walt

        It amazes me no one has said a word about DeNiro’s the waiters were deported comment.

      • Ellen in NYC

        Better a story about the Golden Globes than another story about Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

      • sara

        I agree with you 100%. Where is the outrage over DeNiro’s rather rascist rant?

      • Heidi

        Totally agree. His speech was so offensive.
        I wonder if the fact that Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp have not said “he’s so funny” in any kind of public statement, that they were upset?

    • Liz

      Agreed, Lola. I’ve clicked on a Ken Tucker piece for the last time.

    • M

      Yeah, why is EW caring? I like Ricky, watched the show, and saw nothing wrong. Ken Tucker, I think you’re on a whole different level of sensitivity and seriousness compared to them. It ISN’T a serious subject, so just how provocative can Piers be? Ken Tucker, this article made me gag, and this attitude is the type that Ricky was mocking. The show was hilarious, there were a few whispers of people wondering of other people were offended, and the media jumped on this b/c the Gifford’s story was losing traction. Move along.

      • Ikka

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  • Uhuh

    Oh yeah. Larry King was much more confrontational… NOT! Just come out and say it buddy, what’s really on your mind here…

    • Yeah….

      I’m starting to think that Ken Tucker just hates on Piers Morgan because he replaced Larry King…and it makes Tucker realize that old farts like him have their days numbered…

    • Donte

      Real brain power on display. Thanks for that aswner!

  • Jasmine

    I wasn’t a fan of Ricky’s GG hosting, but I definitely don’t think he deserves a crucifixion. He doesn’t need to apologize to anyone.

  • Richardo

    Kenny Baby, c’mon I know you are upset because Ricky didn’t direct a joke at you, but being bitter about it won’t help…

    • dave

      Why would he have made a joke about Ken? That’s too nonsensical to be even a tiny bit funny.

  • ranald

    Who cares. We have floods and deaths in Qld . No time for these morons.

    • Simon

      @ ranald. Then why the hell are you spending time commenting here?

      • Whatever


      • Jody


    • Kevin Kane

      Ultimately, this is true. Incompetent comedians are not the most worthwhile topics to be concerned about.

  • Molly

    I honestly don’t understand why everyone is criticizing Ricky Gervais for a current, biting and absolutely hilarious turn as host. The Golden Globes guys probably love him, considering that he actually managed to make them relevant again (unlike most of their nominations… The Tourist/Burlesque, anyone?).

    I can’t really comment on Piers’ interview style b/c I haven’t watched the show, but seriously, am I the only person in the world who thought Gervais was fantastic?

    • kelly

      I totally agree with you. These celebrities get enough butt kissing. It was refreshing for him to actually say what we were all thinking. I’ll admit I was like can he really say those things, but then everything he said, like about the tourist, was spot on. So kudos to him

    • dave

      The problem was only with a few lines. The only one I thought was really bad was the line about Tom Cruise and John Travolta being closeted homosexuals. That was a little tasteless (and unoriginal for that matter) in my mind.

      • Emjay

        But he never named names.
        And that incidentally was the funniest joke to me.

      • BB

        That was the funniest joke of the night and incredibly unexpected. I’m gay and couldn’t stop laughing at it…Truth hurts, I guess.

      • Big Walt

        It would have been funny if it were the first time I’d heard it and not the tenth time.

    • Carrie

      I’m a big fan of Ricky Gervais, and I enjoyed his stand up at the Globes. The only bits I could’ve done without were the ‘Robert Downey Jr went to rehab’ and ‘Tom Cruise and John Travolta are gay’ comments. He’s funnier than that.

      • dave

        Spot on. Just seemed lazy and obvious to me. It’s like he mined old Leno and Letterman monologues for material.

    • RyanK

      I think too many people are forgetting that Ken also really enjoyed Ricky hosting.

      • thin

        That’s probably because that sentiment does not come through even remotely in this article.

    • Destrie

      I can’t bleivee you’re not playing with me–that was so helpful.

  • jack

    i dont think Gervais owes anyone an explanation or apology. He did a stand-up act the other night. end of. and you clearly do not get the fact that he is always ironic or camera. ie. He pretends to take himself seriously as to mock people that do. That fact you fall for this just adds to the utter patheticness of this article. Terribly written article; bitter with a failure to grasp his humour. All in all 100% american.

    • B-ret

      Very clever. The British wit knows no bounds.

      • Muhammad

        Mohamed: it was really perefct(Fairy taaaaaallllllllles) What the Quran? The Bible? The Torah? Total fantasy. At least scientific theory is tries to use evidence and empirical measurment. People writing down stories to explain stuff they don’t understand is just fairy tales. Like Mohamed’s explaination of conception. Apparently he thought women ejaculated during sex and if the woman’s ejaculant was stronger the child would be a girl. If he was so knowing and perefct and full of God’s wisdom. Why did he stuff up so badly on that one?

    • @jack

      I was with you jack, until you took a cheap shot at Americans. In case you didn’t notice, most of us Americans are on Gervais’ side. If you look past that chip on your shoulder, maybe you’ll see that.

    • Lee

      Boy lose a few colonies and you’re bitter for life! Gervais is one of the best. His deadpan deliveries never fail to make me laugh. So he pokes fun of a few celebs at a silly, pointless award show, big deal. Hopefully he’ll do so again next year. BTW, we Americans know the Brits make some of the best tv shows.

  • Shotgun Samurai

    Piers Morgan is such a douche. Thank you Jeremy Clarkson for punching this prick in the face. POWER!!!

  • Allie

    I disagree with the assertion that Gervais was hypocritical by saying that he’s not sorry for anything he said, but hopes no one was truly offended. I think he’s made the distinction perfectly clear. He absolutely doesn’t think he crossed a line…..and he would be sorry if people were offended BECAUSE he didn’t think anything he said should be construed as offensive. And I agree! I think it’s hilarious that people have been calling Tom Cruise gay for YEARS on blogs, comment boards, etc…..but when Gervais says it to his face – he crossed a line. Now THAT’S hypocritical!

    • Drew

      There’s a difference between people who do not know Tom Cruise and John Travolta writing things on blogs or in the comments on EW. It’s another story when its one of your peers saying in front of all of your other peers on a award show watched by millions. It was crass.

      • Allie

        Eh…..no. Crass? How about Tom Cruise spouting his Scientology nonsense on national tv and saying Brooke Shield’s career was “over” and that she should be ashamed to use anti-depressents to fight post-partum depression. If he throws his religion around Hollywood to judge the actions of others, I think he’s fair game (and I love Tom Cruise!). There is, of course, his penchant for suing the world if anyone publishes anything about him that’s less-than-complimentary…..give me a break. You make millions of dollars to work what amounts to about 3 months a year….boo hoo someone is picking on you.

      • Svetlana

        Allie, I completely agree with everything you said. Great points! People seem to get more upset at something that a comedian said than at actual tragedies.

      • Allie

        I just get this sense that some of the outrage comes from two place – 1) Americans outraged that a BRITISH comedian had the nerve to make fun of other Americans.
        2) He ended with a stab at religion.
        It’s no secret that a vast majority of Americans (I’m looking at you tea party!) hates all things non-American and love all things God.

      • Steph

        Allie, I’m a Christian who is not affiliated with anything tea party related excpet for actually drinking tea, and I am also not offended that Gervais is an aetheist. That’s his choice. His joke did not offend me. Please stop lumping us all together as redneck sheltered morons. I live in Chicago, am educated, vote Independent, and enjoy Ricky Gervais. Nuance!

      • Big Walt

        Heck I’m more in line with Ricky’s religious views than not but the last line just wasn’t necessary or appropriate for the venue.

    • greg

      He is not sorry…why would he… He has been justifying it and qualifying it to death with double talk and “I warned them”. He accused people of being star F**kers and corrupt bribe takers. He is a hypocrite or a liar. His apology rings hollow.

      • Allie

        He didn’t apologize. It’s like when a customer service agent says, “I’m sorry you misunderstood me.” That’s not saying you’re sorry….it’s saying, “I’m sorry you’re a moron and don’t understand.” Ricky is saying, “I’m sorry that some movie stars were born with no sense of humor or have over-inflated egos.”

      • Ian

        Of course his apology rings hollow….because he didn’t apologize, and has nothing to apologize for. They knew what they were getting with him as host again, and I’m sure they’re thrilled the Globes are getting any attention at all.

      • Mike

        Wow, you realize he made the joke about bribes because some of the HFP people quit, complaining that the HFP…wait for it…took bribes. A comedian making jokes about headlines is simply unheard of. And what about this “star F**ckers”? You mean the Tom Cruise/Travolta joke? Well, that isn’t his joke. Many a media out let, blogs, etc., have specualted as to their sexual orientation, for over a decade. It’s a running joke in Hollywood. He was satirizing it’s absurdity, and Hollywood’s infatuation with their sexual orientation. It seems you weren’t able to understand that, though. Stay in school.

    • Katja

      I have to agree, Allie. He doesn’t have to feel sorry for the things he said just because he hopes no one was offended. They’re two different ideas. Ideally, no one’s offended, but he’s not sorry for what he said. I don’t see a conflict there. Now, the bit about comedians being supposed to make you think rather than laugh – that’s going too far (a comedian can make you think, but by definition must also be trying to make you laugh)…but he wasn’t “talking out of both sides of his mouth.”

      • Aly

        Exactly Katja. Learn to compartmentalize, Ken. I know you’re being contrary just to get hits and stand out from the crowd that didn’t have any problems with Gervais, but you are so transparent and your critique is nonsensical.

      • Big Walt

        Totally agree. Makes me wonder about Ken’s intelligence that he can’t see these things as different concepts.

  • newlan

    I didn’t any of Ricky’s performance at globes, but I can guess that Americans got up set coz someone was having a joke at them and Americans don’t know how to laugh at themselves and end up taking personally. Morgan not being a yank, probably didn’t think what Ricky did was wrong and thought tanks need to lighten up alittle.

    • Katja

      You know Ricky Gervais wasn’t making jokes about Americans, right? He was mocking Hollywood in general and certain important people in Hollywood in particular. It’s not about being a Yank or a British guy; you might notice that, as someone else here already pointed out, most Americans are on Gervais’ side.

  • jon

    As usual with this ‘journalist'(lololololololol),nothing to see here,move along,move along…..

    • Voncile

      AKAIK you’ve got the ansewr in one!

  • greg

    Good blog, it was almost as if I saw that crap fest… I can see Morgan and Gervais now… arrogant @#$%&* You can get away with a lot, if you are really funny, Ricky was not funny and dragged up Robert Downey Jr’s last arrest in 2001~! Sad. Downey, Hanks and Allen gave a little back to that short chubby limey. I’ve had enough of the mean nasty Brit acts.

    • Ian

      They gave a little back because they weren’t offended, and weren’t taking it seriously.

    • dave

      My biggest problem with him was he just wasn’t that funny. Most of what he said was unoriginal and obvious. The Tom Hanks Tim Allen introduction, the Robert Downey intro, the closeted Scientologists remark? Come on Ricky, who’s writing your material, Bruce Vilanch?

  • Ethan

    I’m with you on this “most reviled British TV personality” thing Morgan said. WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY??? I mean, I can answer that question, but if I was in a group of 15 of my friends, I bet I’m the only one.

    • Kat

      LOL the only reason I know who he is is that I watched America’s Got Talent for one season before I realized that it’s a terrible show, and he was “the cranky British one” because when he was cast, every show was trying to include a Simon Cowell wannabe. Dude needs to get over himself.

      • Kat

        Though I guess he could have argued that Simon was no longer on TV in America…but still. No one cares about Piers Morgan, and only a handful of people outside of the greater LA area “revile” Ricky Gervais right now.

  • Javadude54

    It could have been worse. They both could have worn dresses and stood on one leg.

    • Ethan

      Where’s the worse part? Awesome! Maybe the Piers guy would fall over. That I’d tune in for.

  • MrNiceGuy

    Gervais is a marginally talented hack whose humor requires no thinking on either side, perfect for the Hollyweird midset.

    • Ian

      Ask a comic what they think of Gervais’s talent, and you’ll find out you have no skills in judging comics.

      • Mapule

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