A review of the final 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': 'Our life is in your hands, Sarah!'

Sarah Palin’s Alaska wrapped up its first and final season with two hours of Palin-mania: Our Sarah and her family went gold-prospecting, kayaking, blueberry-picking, and moose-kissing. (You do it by putting a banana in your mouth and extending it to the moose’s mouth. No kidding.) Palin also offered her own critique of the infamous Kate Gosselin episode. Really two episodes shown back-to-back, Sarah Palin’s Alaska spent much of the first hour in Nome, “on a quest for gold,” Palin said, and in Valdez, “where the original Gold Rush began.”

She rode a four-wheeled ATV in Nome to a stretch of beach where gold might be found. Palin’s goal was to find enough for a present for her mother: “a piece of jewelry with [some] gold we found ourselves.” She and various members of her family, including husband Todd, daughter Piper, and her father Chuck, did the contemporary version of panning for gold. Later, her brother Chuck, Jr., and another diver plunged into the ocean to gather gold on the bottom of the sea. Sarah helped supply the air and hot water being pumped down to the divers, leading Chuck to exclaim, “Our life is in your hands, Sarah!”

Palin and her family found more than an ounce of gold — worth, the clan was told, “more than $1,150.” “We were blessed,” said Sarah. The gold was melted down and made into a ring for Sarah’s mom and a plaque for her dad, for their 50th anniversary — the golden anniversary, appropriately enough.

The second hour was a clip show, with scenes from the season interspersed with Palin’s straight-to-the-camera explanations and justifications. She defended her caribou-hunting episode (why bother? it’s not as though it was illegal) and said “some critics” thought the moment when we saw Palin watching two bears fighting was “faked or photo-shopped.” (Really? Not me.)

Sarah and her dad had a good retrospective laugh over the Kate Gosselin episode, chuckling over clips of Kate whining about being cold and wet on her abortive camping trip with the Palins. “It was a bit of a country mouse, city mouse kind of thing,” said Sarah. “Ya gotta give it the old college try, though.” Palin added, “I never heard the kids complain; they were innocent, sweet, curious spirits.” Her dad said, “She was out of her elemenrt, poor lady.”

So what should we take away from a season of Sarah Palin’s Alaska? That Palin has a lively family that seems, from what we saw, pretty well-rooted. (Yes, I know: It’s all in the editing. But the casual, unrehearsed remarks we heard, and a willingness to get one’s hands dirty, count for something in assessing people.) That Palin never misses an opportunity to apply some sort of populist spin to the most ordinary situations. (Seen jogging this night, she passed a woman, asked her name, and introduced herself without breaking stride. Then she added a bit further down the path, “Nobody’s better than anyone else around here.” Um, who said they were, Sarah?) Still, anyone watching the series for evidence of Palin’s fitness for, say, a future run for President would come away without much evidence pro or con.

But the woman sure can shoot a gun, fillet a fish, and finger a Blackberry — and a blueberry — with uniform dexterity.

What do you think of Palin and her Alaska?

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  • joblo

    I enjoyed the show. Regardless of politics it’s clear she loves her state and all that makes it beautiful and unique – you can’t watch the show and come away with any other conclusion. I lived in Alaska years ago and it was great seeing glimpses of the things about it that I used to love and now miss.

    • LOL

      Television for Teabaggers. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! Good riddance.

      • k

        why the crude nickname…jealous she has such a nice loving family

      • Brenda

        grow up if you do not like it change the channel, cant things just b about the world the way it should be the was?, leave the politics out of it, she did.

      • Jim

        I read a remark just the other day about Mrs Palin that disrurbed me highly someone trying to blame Sarah Palin for the Arizona incident. She had nothing to do wuith it at all. Furthermore it was revealed that the bear fight in the one show was staged ha get real people. Try facing a bear that close even a Bear against Bear fight just a few yards away could turn nasty. I hope and pray that Sarah does run in 2012 she will more than likely win. After a we have had our first and hopefully last BLACK pres. Why not a woman. Sarah made changes in Alaska that effected it econemy greatly. Run Sarah please.

      • Joe

        I think we can all agree that Mrs. Palin fails at everything she attempts… quitting as governor, causing a presidential election’s failure, and now her own tv show is canceled… wahahaha…

      • jodipo

        uhoh, Jim is showing his true (meaning racist) colors.

    • el chango

      Bin Laden didn’t fly the planes into the towers. He provided the ideology.

      Palin didn’t pull the trigger Saturday. She provided the ideology of hate against Dems who voted Health Care reform.

      This was the SECOND attack on the Representative. The first attack was when they shot at her office during the Health Care debate.

      • k

        he was a follower of socialist philosophy..sorry to ruin your kool aid thought

      • armto

        Hey, K. These creeps are the sickest of the sick. Right now you’re witnessing their gentler, more cerebral side.

      • George Dubya

        A true American hero, and hottie and MarryARichGuy was amazing

      • Brenda

        WTF? The comment page is for a television show. If you choose to comment on the national news going to site. Why not just let people express their opinion about this topic at hand?
        Replying to you isn’t even worth it I don’t know why I bothered.

      • skybar

        Right on, Dude!

      • Jason Casey

        Why shouldn’t we be allowed to talk about this woman regarding politics just because this article is about her television show? Two years ago, this woman could have been our VICE PRESIDENT for God’s sake; of course we have the right to talk about her politically.

      • DGH

        El Chango you should change your name too El Morono!

    • Ex TEA

      Sarah Palin is a seditious self-seeking political whore. I never saw one episode of her comedy of errors. I will never spend one more cent in travel to Alaska, and that includes Alaska airlines travel in the P.N.W.

      Alaska gets plenty of federal welfare as it is and has been getting for over 100 years.

      She is directly responsible for inciting murder and civil disorder, all to gather in the Malcontent Party independent vote. She is a wolf in sheep’s wool.

      She has her SarahPAC and says she will “perpetuate” her influence that she says has returned the republican party to fundamental core values. Her involvement in a political coup of libertarians, Constitutionalists and Bircher malcontents has bribed the right into thinking they can gather the conservative vote for victory. Her SaraPAC is a tax shelter and as long as she wishes to play the field as a whore, she will be an influence of violence, civil unrest and political division.

      Anyone who gives to her cause is a fool, an enabler and is equally seditious. TLC used her in a ratings stunt, but thankfully we have learned that this woman has no compass in reality or in moral fabric. That is the reality and people have died innocently due to her vocalizations and political influence.

      Sarah Palin is not welcome in the lives and homes of Christian folk who have real values, no matter how she tries to force herself onto the public in her adulterations.

      • JnuGirl

        Please don’t blame the whole state of Alaska for Sarah Palin. She is only one citizen and most of us are as unhappy with her as the rest of the country. Remember, she’s the one that quit on us!

      • Brenda

        Really homeland security should be looking at people like you it’s a television show people get over it.

      • Eddie

        uh, excuse me but Alaska Airlines is based in Seattle, Washington. Sarah and her band of Wasilla Hillbillies are pretty much despised by every employee who has had the misfortune of “serving” her and her family. Good Riddence.

      • Ex TEA

        Remember Alaskans, Palin is continuing to work for YOU. The Patriot Act clearly outlines acts of Sedition and Homeland Security has a handle on what is not allowed in the Act. Therefore if I or any other citizen of the majority of the States in the Union wish to express our displeasure at your beneficiaries, then that is the way the cards fall. You can take your three-legged economic stool, turn it upside-down and shove it.

        There are no crocodile tears down here for you being a victim of Sarah Palin. We have to deal with the violence and death and political division this woman of Spenard has promoted in your stead, on your behalf as she continues to work for your benefit. A town police chief was gunned down not far from me and you have no idea the harm it has produced. Now this happens.

        You are her self-assigned benefactors and her actions are targeting our public servants. Keep your trash in your own yard and deal with it. Hawaii does not want you either, they ran your governor out of town on a rail. When your state could have prosecuted her for her actions, you let her go free on airline therapy. The blood is on your seditious hands Alaska.

        As for Alaska Air, well I could care less if anything that has to do with Alaska prospers, even if it is based in the lower 48. If it says Alaska, then it is a target for boycott and distancing from a seditious culture. Do you think we forgot about Miller’s goon squad? He was financially and publically supported by Palin. She was and is a RINO. So is Miller.

        That boycott goes for TV and media that enablers her too. Good riddance is right. I am glad to help push your stool in for you.

      • sadnesssurrounds

        @ EX Tea you disgust me

    • Ariana

      I also thought it was great!!Nice and wholesome and pleasant to watch. Thanks for not talking politics. If we had more shows like this and less media hype maybe everyone would get along better.

    • jim

      Can’t wait for the next Presidential election. Palin and Michelle Bachman on the same ticket with campaign buttons reading “Elect Dumb and Dumber”

      • BushLiberatedMe

        At least Sarah knows how many states we have! Saying we have 57 states is more than dumb. It’s almost….Special Olympics catagory.

    • Bluto

      Did she drop dead in the finale? How about Bristol?

    • jiff the pigg

      I happily enjoyed watching my clogged toilet overflow , it kept me from watching to final episode of “POOR LITTLE PICKED ON SARAH COO-COO CLOCK FOR PRESIDENT”

    • Bluto

      Did she drop dead in the finale?

  • Dave

    I think it was a great final show. It is a shame that there will not be a second season. Now as to those that attack her for hunting, all I can say is – get your meat at the store where it is made, you are the ones who probably think Kate Gosselin is a good mother. She is the prime example of what is wrong with parents. I LOVED this show and am sorry that it is not returning.

    • Smart Acre

      It was HUNTERS who attacked her — for being very bad at hunting and showing that she didn’t know what she was talking about.

      And Kate is as bad a mother as Sarah. Both have trekked kids as accessories around the country and onto tv for their own (not the kids) advantage.

      • sadnesssurrounds

        I like how you think that you are so smart you even put it as your user name. Wow, get a clue!

    • willpen

      NO.. I don’t think that Kate Gosselin is a good mother and I also don’t think that Sarah is any more real than a wooden nickel. She is as fake as Kate is and, in my opinion, anyone that would put their personal lives out there for the world to see really need to reassess what matters in life. Both these women deserve each other…. and I am NOT sorry that it is not coming back next season. Maybe Sarah will go away as well.

    • Abby

      The problem I had was not so much with hunting, but the lack of respect for the animal. Dancing around, THEN saying they should pray over it, was a little contradictory.

    • George W. Bush

      I stick by my comment that she is in now way qualified to be president, and I do personally know about that.

    • Doubt it

      Um, they revealed that her “Hunting Trip”, to feed her family cost over $100k…SO, yeah, I’ll continue to buy my food at the store.

  • Cathy

    Your life is in our hands … please. So far, 6 dead! Go screw yourself.

    • David

      Right on.

      • Carole

        You blame the shooter who made the choice to do the shooting. You blame the person who pulled the trigger. His choice and his mistake. No one else’s.

      • Doubt it

        @ Carole- if you give a monkey a gun, and the monkey shoots someone, you don’t blame the monkey!

    • robin

      Please…you had to go there.

      • dean

        Until today Palin had Giffords in crosshairs on her website. The Palins, Tea Party, and organizations like MoveOn.org who are bent on polarizing this country share culpability in this tragedy.

      • Sarah Manson

        Manson never killed anyone… But like Palin, told a lot of soft minds what to do. Evil sick stupid bitch.

    • sadnesssurrounds

      Exactly. Some people are just fools. Of course Sarah had NOTHING to do with that shooting. NOTHING. But let the fools keep right on riding their ship.

  • Noodley

    I caught a few episodes and really enjoyed it. It really showed off the breathtaking beauty of Alaska and I would bet that tourism there is going to go through the roof. I know I would love to visit someday. And whatever you think of Palin’s politics, you can’t deny that she is someone who truly loves and takes pride in her state.

    • Sharon

      I’ve been to Alaska and LOVED it. Would have loved to see this show, but couldn’t bring myself to watch Sarah. Just sayin…

  • Michael

    The world would be a better place if this hate monger would fade away to the obscurity she deserves. Even when she campaigned with that idiot McCain she was lying and stirring up the bigots of the right. Now she has blood on her hands.

    • David

      She’s a sociopath. Sarah cares only about Sarah. She exploits her own children. Don’t expect her to take any responsibility for her outrageous “gunsight” map. The whole country is tired of this publicity hound. Whatever you do, don’t stand between her and a camera.

      • armto

        And I’ll try not to get between you and a gerbil.

      • Brenda

        @armto. …. LMAO!!!!!! Sounds appropriate! !!

    • gear-ed

      Sarah could be a great travel agent, TV anchor, or weather person. Politician????……not on the same continent.

    • JD

      The shooter’s favorite book was ‘The Communist Manifesto’, was an atheist and burned the flag. He obviously was a Democrat.

      • kayla

        You are disgusting, and every bit as ignorant and hate filled as Sarah Palin. Congratulations.

      • R

        Cheap shot and not even close! Typical knee-jerk reaction.

        If you want to see the beauty of Alaska, check out old episodes of Northern Exposure. If we ignore her, will she finally GO AWAY!?

      • ChaCha

        And you’re obviously an idiot.

      • ChaCha

        Sorry, R, I wasn’t calling you an idiot…it was meant for the obvious idiot–J.D. (Probably J.D. as in Hayworth.) Meanwhile, R, Northern Exposure was shot in the beauty of Washington state or British Columbia, I forget which one.

      • Trailboss

        Add “We The Living” and “Mein Kampf” to the list and he turns out to be leaning twice as far to the right as he is to the left.

      • Pat

        Re: ChaCha…

        I know it’s frustrating when facts disagree with your political prejudices, but everything JD said was true. The shooter also had a history of erratic outbursts and was obsessed 2012 apocalypse paranoia. He was hardly a conservative (his former classmates called him a very liberal pothead), and his animosity against Rep. Giffords began with a confrontation in 2007, before the Tea Party even existed or anyone outside Alaska had ever heard of Sarah Palin. These are all indisputable facts now in the public domain.

        But go ahead, call me an idiot if it makes you feel better about your own ignorant name-calling.

      • armto

        You mean that Tea Partiers and Palin supporters aren’t Communists? Oh yeah, that’s right, that’s what they oppose.

      • Brenda

        Again this is a television show on the learning channel not cnn go to the website & comment there.

      • Brenda

        Previous reply at also @ JD!

      • pandora

        He also liked “Mein Kampf” and Ayn Rand. His political leanings aren’t easy to labal just yet. I’m interested to hear what they get out of him at the trial.

      • Jay


      • sadnesssurrounds

        @ R. No, you are too obsessed to ignore her. But give it a try.

      • Wow

        Insulting the victim’s party. Classy!

      • Matt S

        He was a registered Republican. Palin, the teabaggers and idiots like Glenn Beck have been using the type of rhetoric that incites this kind of despicable act. Now that their actions and words have caused pain and gotten 9 year old girls killed, they should be held responsible.

      • BushLiberatedMe

        JD: Jared IS a Democrat, not WAS.

    • robin

      Excuse me Michael, who’s the hate monger, sorry big fella…

    • HB

      Don’t talk like a jackass

    • k

      please tell me one lie…you drink too kuch kool-aid. how come you never mention obamas preacher. he preached hate

  • mparis


    • Carole

      It’s rather lame to blame others instead of the actual shooter. He’s the one who chose to kill people. Just because you don’t like someone is not an excuse to blame them for someone else’s choice.

      • robs

        She encouraged that type of violence..shes a murderer!

      • sebastian

        Carole-it’s more lame to defend someone who has spent the last couple years fanning the flames of hate with outright lies, distortions, willful ignorance all while repeatedly using gun imagery & vocabulary where it had no place.
        This type of dialogue used by Palin must be end. There is just no place for it.
        The actually shooter should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Sarah Palin needs to do more than scrub her website clean – she needs to take a hard look in the mirror & own up to how her hate language & imagery played a part in this.

      • Ex TEA

        Carole: Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!

      • sadnesssurrounds

        Carole: Don’t listen to these idiots. They apparently don’t have a brain in their heads.

      • Mocha

        @Sebastian: I agree completely. Yes, the shooter was the one who pulled the trigger, but Palin, as well as certain political commentators, have been spreading hateful and violent rhetoric for quite some time. It’s an unhealthy political climate that only brings out the worst in nutjobs, and I will be angry and sad (but not surprised) if Palin refuses to acknowledge that she had any part in this tragedy.

    • sdavis

      You are truly a jerk.

  • Jeremy

    I agree with the wily Mama Bush. Sara seems very happy in Alaska and she belongs there, not Washington DC. Even though Bush Jr. was a debacle, he is ten times more preferable than Sarah the Blank (being street smart does not count for leadership qualification).

  • debby

    I loved it! My 7 year old son thought it was great too. The show was fantastic, great family values and it was a great to see how down to earth the whole famiy is, and what a beatiful state. We are planning an Alaskan vacation! Lots of great ideas on things to do and places to visit. I really enjoyed it mabe the travel network should air it!

    Cheers from Toronto!

  • Bob

    Loved the show. Don’t blame Sarah for that shooting, blame the Media for there suggestive crap. Good job Sarah on the show and hope to see another show of Alaska. Was great!

    • Mel

      Sarah Palin posted the website calling for the murder of Gabrielle Giffords. Not the media!

      • Carole

        Twisting the truth. No one told this guy to shoot anyone, he came up with the plan, left evidence of that, an he’s the one who chose to kill anyone in the way.

      • Ex TEA

        Right you are Mel, Robs

        Bob and Carole don’t seem to get the connection that the woman was repeatedly stalked and was a target as defined by Governor Sarah Palin. Why pull the hit list map if it was totally irrelevant? Palin even Tweeted about the map and clearly called the targets, Bulls-Eyes, not surveyor’s targets.

        Palin may not be guilty of a crime but there is always the civil suit and she will lose everything for her words and actions.

        Palin’s list of firearm analogies and euphemisms of political influence will be in the news as a list to review for the Can’t Understand Normal Thinking crowd.
        That is what I think of Governor Sarah Palin and her Alaska.

      • sadnesssurrounds

        If you got a connection from that. You sound as crazy as Jared Loughner.

      • Truth

        You are as deranged as that shooter was…. you are a sad individual. Not liking someone is one thing, but to say someone called for another person’s murder when obviously they did not is ridiculous.

    • robs

      Your a fool. It was her and the tea party that is to blame

      • Patp

        PLEASEEE! Give it a break. The man who shot the congresswoman has problems, neither Mrs. Plain nor the tea party have promoted shooting the political opponents.

      • gah

        robs, you are one sick person, check yourself into a clinic somewhere, before you go off the deepend.

      • Mellissa

        Rob, I always get a kick out of people who call names, yet can’t spell the word “you’re.”

    • captain obvious

      any politician who incites violence, uses gun metaphors should be called out for their idiocy. If she didnt feel she did anything wrong-why was her website changed? it was wrong to post that kind of garbage about your opponents- its not like this is the 1st time a politician has been targeted by a nutjob.

  • Splavistic

    Wow! I’m surprised she completed a full season! I thought she’d quit halfway through!

    • jado


      • anonymous

        So true!!

    • mommydawn

      Agreed – best comment yet!

    • sage levine

      you said it. i will never understand why people like this woman. she quit in the middle of her term because the alaskan dems were picking on her. what a loser!

    • Jamie

      Ha ha, love this comment!

  • Mel

    Great, So now this wretched woman can continue on her true love – putting hits out on people. EW, why are you promoting this disgusting woman.

  • Mad Man

    Domestic Terrorist!

  • Tom

    That woman has Spunk! She is a good representative for all woman that live in rural America, Run for The White House. not my vote. Takes a really devious person for that underpaid job.

    • Jerry

      Yeah, spunk in her hair.

      • captain obvious

        oops! sorry about that.

  • robs

    She needs to go to jail for what happened in Arizona..it was all her fault!

    • juli

      Oh yes, Sarah pulled the trigger! She is not responsible for the shooters choice to kill! But I’m sure you also think guns are evil and they kill people!

      • robs

        Shes just as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger….she incited violence with the crosshairs ad..Now 6 people are dead including a 9 yer old…but its Not her fault because she didn’t pull the trigger?? She’s a murderer…!!

      • Jane

        Yeah.. Manson never killed anybody either.

      • Mellissa

        Jane’s right. Manson never killed anyone, but in jail he rots.

    • Maureen

      You can’t be serious.

    • Pat

      And would you also send all the Democratic organizations to jail who had ads and websites showing shooting range targets on the districts of Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats, saying they were “targeting” them for defeat? Targeting an opponent’s district is longtime political boilerplate used by both sides. But if you want to see unparalled levels of hateful, violent vitriol aimed at people purely because of political disagreements, try reading the comments about Sarah Palin or Tea Party members on a leftwing blog. Or, for instance, here.

      Sorry, I’d like to hear the point you’re all trying to make about peace and tolerance of other viewpoints, but your screaming hypocrisy keeps drowning it out.

    • Jane

      You are an idiot!!

      • Ex TEA

        Jane, you have an acute ability to see through Pat’s BS spin.

        Rush Limbaugh said Liberals should be hunted down like the Al-qaeda. I look forward to the civil suits that will destroy and shut up these seditious jerks for good. They may have not broken a law that can be prosecuted but they did incite murderous civil disorder of elected officials and citizens.

        Freedom of speech has its limits and I think they have been abused to the harm of the public. There is a precedent for yelling fire in a crowded theater when people get hurt, and freedom of speech does not cover that. Say good bye to Palin, Rush, Beck, O’Reilly and the networks that sponsor those terrorists.

    • gah

      In your twisted little mind, wouldn’t the Daily Kos have to be called a murderer also since the DK “targeted” her too, and blasted her for not voting for Pelosi to be minority leader, and blasted her more for supporting tighter border control.

      You’re one sick person, get help.

    • Jackie

      Maybe this is Obama’s fault. Remember when he said: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Barack Obama

      • Bee

        u r ignorant as a bed bug. What a stupid comment

      • Menchy

        @Bee So when it’s against Sarah Palin it’s relevant and proves she’s a murderer, but when it’s against Obama, it makes someone “ignorant as a bed bug” First of all, WTF does that even mean, and second of all your commments prove your idiocy.

  • mark

    Palin is an idiot. If that isn’t abundantly clear to you, then you’re an idiot. The show was a documentary on narcissm.

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