'Fringe' refuses to accept death on Fridays: New video here

It looks as though the folks over at Fringe are preparing to deal with their Jan. 21 move to Fridays with anything but denial, anger, bargaining, depression, or acceptance. Well, maybe acceptance, but it’s of a uniquely aggressive sort:

The wit laced with just a pinch of bitterness; the reveling in a challenge that only seems hopeless… why, it’s like hoping John Noble would get a Golden Globe nomination!

Contrasting clips of Fringe‘s boundless invention with quotes from mostly fan sites bemoaning the Friday move underscores what is at stake: nothing less than two warring philosophies. Energetic attack versus resigned whining. These two worlds must collide, and the energetic attack — that is, Fringe survival — must prevail! I call upon you to throw off your chains of pessimism and prepare for the coming war!

What do you think of this Fringe ad?

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  • Ally

    Blue Bloods seems to be doing pretty well on Friday nights, so I think if the show is well done (which I think Fringe is), the viewers will be there.

    • Big Walt

      I have never heard of Blue Bloods. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched Fringe live so I don’t personally care when it’s on but I could see this killing it.

      • Erick

        Smallville 10th season Friday nights. Enough said

      • Ryan

        Oh you’ve gotta watch Blue Bloods! Great show! Tom Selleck is the NYC police commissioner. He has a son killed in line, one who’s a detective (Donnie Wahlberg), and one who is a rookie. His daughter is an A.D.A. It shows how the whole family has a hand in helping keep NYC safe. One of the best shows out there.

      • Big Walt

        Wow I remember hearing about that a while back but I feel like I’ve not seen a thing for it since it premiered. I’m surprised it’s still on.

      • JAM

        Supernatural has been on Fridays for 6 seasons I beleive and it’s still on, so… Freaky + Friday = Fringe

      • Mo

        I also DVR the show, and I have never watched it live. With so many DVRs nowadays, and with Thursdays being so crowded with popular shows, I wonder if the move would actually help Fringe. I remember when I couldn’t watch Community because it was up against Bones and FlashForward, and I wonder how many people were missing out on Fringe because there was only so much their DVR could handle on Thursdays. But on the other hand, I can’t help being very nervous… There are so many stories left to tell in the Fringe universe still! Oh, and yes, the ad is awesome.

      • DenverDave

        And yet, you’re reading this post.

      • Stef

        No Supernatural just moved to Fridays this year.

      • JimC

        I read somewhere that cable companies monitor and relay info on what shows are watched on DVRs. I know I use it exclusively as Im sure a lot of other people do as well.

      • Jeff M

        thank you stef

      • psb1962

        big walt you sir are an idiot..FRINGE is one of the best series in the history of tv..so when crawl out from under the rock you live..watch it!!!!

      • Big Walt

        Did you guys criticizing me read what I wrote? I’ve watched every episode of Fringe, it’s one of my favorite shows. I’ve never watched it live. I DVR it. My point was I don’t care when it’s aired. Jeez.

      • Big Walt

        and my other post was about Blue Bloods, just saying they do a crappy job promoting it.

      • Old Man

        Agree with you Walt – I have not watched a single one of my shows live in four years because of my DVR. I never miss Fringe and so this won’t change anything for me. I like Blue Bloods and it has done well on Friday, so I see no reason Fringe can’t also if we start talking it up.

      • Hottest Wife

        Bring back Nemoy and FiremenDating was Great

      • And?

        Before DVRs the problem with Fridays would be that is when SyFy programs its lead shows.
        It has for a long time been where good Sci Fi was.. Stargate was Friday on ShowTime I think.
        This is hype. That said.. I tried Fringe when it started and sorry it opened poorly for me. I didn’t buy the mad scientist who just happen to have been working on every project that went rouge premis. I felt manipulated

    • yummycupcake

      wasn’t xfiles on friday nights as well?

      • Jeneva

        Nope, that was on Sunday nights. I know we used to do X-file parties in highschool on Sunday nights.

      • JimC

        X-Files was on Friday nights early on then was moved to Sunday nights.

      • CW

        Yes, X-files was on Friday night before moving to Sunday.

      • TuneDelicious

        And that killed it.

      • Peter

        @Tune, what? X-Files was huge on Friday, then it moved to Sunday halfway through its fourth season, and it did even better. Ratings started to drop two seasons later, but I think we know that had nothing to do with the time slot.

      • Niix Starkyller

        X-Files was the last great Stay At Home Friday Night TV. It’s well-documented.

    • Jethro

      Dallas, Falcon Crest, Numbers, Beauty and the Beast, 20/20, TGIF ABC comedy block, Make Room for Daddy, various decades, all hits in their eras, it can be done. Good Luck Fringe, your fans will follow!

    • Nikki

      Blue Bloods is really good.

      I think this Fringe ad is genius. Are they going to be airing on TV during the hiatus? I’m guessing that’s what this is, but it doesn’t come out and say that.

      • Sharon

        Yes, I believe there are re-runs on Saturday nights at 11pm!

    • Jaded

      I agree–Blue Bloods is a really great show that seems to do well on Fridays. Fringe will survive! And John Noble not being nominated for a Golden Globe is criminal and completely asinine! He is one of, if not THE best on TV!

      • Melody


    • Brian

      Millennium ran for 3 seasons in the mid 90s on Friday nights. Ask Lost’s Terry O’Quinn!! Similar stylisations, almost a forerunner of Fringe.

    • Roch

      Yah, shnwiog up in Pats gear the week after that 38-30 loss might not be wise in Buffalo.In a similar vein, I won’t be wearing my Leafs cap. But then, I’ll also be long gone by the time the football game starts.Hey, it’s my birthday! That’s really the only reason I commented.

  • Lisa

    I loved the clip. Fox should put as much energy into promoting this show as they do with AI! It is by far the best show FOX has on its current schedule.

    • Elizabeth

      They should, I totally agree Lisa. (Unless you can guarantee a slug crawling out of Seacrest’s ear at some point this season… oohh! cross promotion!)

      • AC

        I may watch AI then…no, not even a freaky Fringe incident on AI could get me to watch.

      • Wilson

        Apparently in its first season, Fringe had the Observer all over tv on FOX (during football games he was in the audience, during American Idol he was in the audience, etc.)

      • Melody

        I didn’t know that Wilson. That is so cool, what happened to great promoting like that?!?!?

      • Lisa London

        He was also spotted at a Nascar race. You can YouTube him, it’s quite cool but a lot of non-Fringe fans must wonder who the heck is that bald guy!!!

  • Shotgun Samurai

    Thursday was just far too crowded for Fringe. I liked it better when it was on Tuesdays, but Friday will be a good night for it to stand out.

    • MK

      I agree. But I have no problem with Friday. The ad is great. But is 8pm central opposite Supernatural??? If so “Pffffffft!” to Fox. Don’t split the SciFi/Horror genre audience!

  • Canadian Jay

    Love it! I am prepared for battle and will not give up on Fringe. It is by far my favorite TV show and I will be following it whatever day it’s on.

  • Kate

    I hope Fringe survives! Please watch Fringe people! And while I enjoy Ken’s quick recaps, how bout a full recap like the other (crappier) shows get EW?! It is by far the best show on television. The lack of any nominations, especially for John Noble, is close to criminal. The Golden Globes should be ashamed of themselves. Some people might think I’m being overly dramatic, but Fringe inspires the drama!

    • Tiffany

      You are not being overly dramatic. I agree with you. it shows how much the fans are invested in this show.

    • LoveBug68

      bring on the drama then because it is a crime that John Noble again goes unrecognized. Seriously – the golden globe nominations were a joke.

    • JimC

      Im with you, Kate. Best show on TV. Im mildly worried but keep in mind that both Smallville and Supernatural are doing very well since they made the same exact move.

      • Melody

        Unfortunately it makes it a crowded night, but heck with Dual DVR’s, it’s all good. For those without a DVR – watch online and make sure to watch both Supernatural and Fringe!!

    • MK

      I wish Doc J were doing the Fringe recaps like he used to do with LOST.

      • Melody

        I have not issues with Ken’s recaps, I just with they were fuller like Sandra’s for Supernatural or Darren’s for Bones. I know that Doc would have a lot of fun with Fringe especially since The Event has been such a disappointment for him and the rest of the viewers.

    • Casey

      Oh, you’re definitely not being too dramatic. John Noble is brilliant, and the rest of the cast too. Is it completely criminal that the show is so ignored.

      • Casey

        Whoops meant *It is.

  • Kris

    Unfortunately for those of us who follow Supernatural and Fringe, the two are back to head to head (like Thursdays in previous seasons). Fringe comes back a week earlier – will it make a difference? I will DVR both and watch SPN live – wonder what the rest of the fans of both will do. It’ll be interesting to see what ratings look like. I am a SPN fan first, Fringe fan 2nd, but it would be nice if I could have both for another season.

    • Bazinga!

      That fabulous clip alone should make people want to watch Fringe regardless of what night it’s on. I agree with Kris the head-to-head with Supernatural will be problematic for some, but with those with a DVR, not so much.

      • Owen

        Even though Supernatural has gotten better over the years, Fringe has evolved into the best genre TV show on the air. Easily the best. I wish it well and I’ll have my fingers crossed.

    • Melody

      Kris, I am a fan of both and although Supernatural is number one, followed closely by Fringe, with DVR’s and online episodes, no one has any excuse not to enjoy these shows.

      • Lisa

        I’m doing the exact opposite and going Fringe and DVRing SN. Haven’t been able to get into SN season 6 after the great finale they had in season 5. Glad to have something new to watch on Fridays and not have to juggle with the other series on Thrusdays

  • Brett

    That’s a great ad. One of the problems about Friday nights is that people go out, and either don’t bother to set TiVo’s, DVR’s, or VCR’s, or forget to set them. In my case, I tape “Smallville”.

    • Geronimo Jackson

      Tape, like VHS? That is awesome. I was not aware that anyone still recorded that way. I’m not sure I could even figure out how to set a VHS recording anymore — not that it was ever a simple process.

      • Brian

        At least with VCRs you could always add a few minutes on very easily when recording in the first place. DVRs aren’t as simply straightforward.

      • Melody

        Brian, each timer on your DVR should have an options panel that allows you to adjust whether or not to record a few minutes before and/or after an episode. I have Dish, I just go into my list of timers, pick the show and then go into the options.

    • Sarah

      I think Fridays are good for Fringe; it’s not as competitive as super-competitive Thursdays, and Fringe has seemed to be made of a more devoted, but small-ish fanbase. It’s like when Smallville was moved to Fridays: that was good. But, never underestimate the power of the Death Slot. This doesn’t seem to be a way for FOX to be shoveling FRINGE off into the discard pile, but rather giving it a fighting chance. So, everybody, keep watching the darn show!
      The ad’s awesome; it really plays off the morbid humour of FRINGE…and John Noble; that man can do no wrong!

      • Polgara

        I have a small child at home – so I am usually home Friday & any other night. But I do not have control of my TV until she goes to bed – after 9. So I have to DVR anything if I want to watch it. And forget staying up past 10…

  • Nick

    I’d watch Fringe even if it was on at 3am Sunday morning! Friday night is NOT it’s death knell!

    • Anne

      I second that! Clever series = clever commercial. Wouldn’t expect anything less.

  • Gwen

    I think Friday is a much better night for “Fringe” and I love this ad! Very clever…

  • Sarah

    Well…the X-Files used to be on Friday nights (until it was moved to Sunday)…

  • Uncle Festivus

    I just got into watching Supernatural…now it competes with Fringe? Tough choice there for someone without a DVR.

    • BigBoo

      Supernatural is running out of steam; Fringe is just getting rolling. Much better to go tete a tete with it and the other Friday offerings than to compete with Grey’s, CSI, and The Office.

    • Melody

      Uncle, Fox and the CW put full episodes online. You’ll be fine.
      Big Boo, Supernatural is not even close to running out of steam. This season has been fantastic!! And now that Sam has his soul back, well it’s just going to keep getting better.
      I love both shows, lots of humor, suspense and drama – bring ‘em both on. YAY!!

      • Carrie

        I agree. “Supernatural” is still terrific.

  • jipi

    It’s totally appropriate for Fringe not to accept death, since the whole show is about Walter not accepting Peter’s death anyway. Walter had to cross over to the other side to save Peter. All YOU have to do to save Fringe is cross over to Fridays.

    • AC

      That’s the best way to put it. In a way, Peter is the “boy that lived.” Fringe can be the show that lived.

  • Garry

    I’m sure current fans of Fringe (like me) will follow it to Friday nights, but I don’t know if it will pick up new fans. Good point about “The X-Files” though.

    • Mrs. Reynolds

      That is always Fox’s reasoning. It worked for X-files. Umm… how long ago was that? I don’t think anybody had a DVR then.

  • martisco

    There are fans organizing to promote the show on Fridays. But they are not just intent on saving the show from cancellation… they are saying they want to make it an enduring sci-fi property whether it is still on TV or not.

    • Anitamargarita

      “an enduring sci-fi property” Now that you say that. Even if it is cancelled the Scy-Fy channel would be freaking NUTS not to pick it up. Then the creators could even turn up the creep factor.

      • Big Walt

        Can they do that? I’ve seen some of their movies I wouldn’t think they’d have the budget to support a show. Is Warehouse 13 a Sifi show?

      • martisco

        I feel that if this show is untimely cancelled it could become (over time) a cult fandom like Star Trek did after it got cancelled (ironically also after moving to Friday nights)

      • Outshined

        After last week’s episode, I’m not sure how much the creep factor can actually be turned up!

      • MK

        Big Walt…yes, SyFy has WH 13 and the newer (but far less exciting) Haven.

      • Dicazi

        The way SciFi screwed Farscape, I wouldn’t trust them with Fringe.

  • João Paulo – Brasil

    Looks great clip and Fringe deserves more :D

    • Geeks Areus

      I love paceey and GeekDatingSites was amazing

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