'Sarah Palin's Alaska' met the whining fury of Kate Gosselin: 'She bitched the moment she got off the plane'

Last week, Sarah Palin shot a caribou; this week, Sarah Palin might have, at the very least, used a taser gun on Kate Gosselin and I doubt that even Aaron Sorkin would lodge so much as a complaint.

The idea was a TLC match made in heaven, or hell: Put its two biggest stars, Palin and Gosselin, in one episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In theory, it made sense. Gosselin is always looking for ways to get out of the house with her eight children and her deeply bitter single-motherhood. So why not fly the brood up to Alaska, roll the cameras, and watch the fun as the two Mama Grizzlies compare media battle scars?

In practice, however, the hour was a remarkable, surprising, tedious catastrophe. The episode started out ordinarily enough. Sarah visited a gun shop to ask, “What’s the best bear gun?” She turned to the camera and explained sunnily that in Alaska, “guns are as common as bein’ in New York City and somebody with a Blackberry on their hip.” (You can untangle that grammar easily enough to figure out what she meant.) She went home and told daughter Piper that Kate Gosslin and her children were coming, informing us that “Piper is a big fan” of Kate’s.

So far, so good. Then the Gosselins arrived in Wasilla. Kate told us that she felt she had common ground with Palin, that here was someone who “can understand the scrutiny and the media” that have become Kate’s crosses to bear. Speaking of bear, Kate was immediately taken to a class in how to survive a bear attack while camping (“Learn To Return” is what the lesson was called). Kate looked apprehensive, as might any city or suburban dweller in what Palin always likes to call “the lower 48.”

Then the trouble started. Or as Sarah’s father said later of Kate, “She bitched from the moment she got off the plane.” The morning of the camp-out, it began to rain. “I’ve never camped for real,” said Kate, gazing at the damp camp site that had been chosen. “You really like this?” she asked Palin. Sarah maintained high spirits in direct proportion to Kate’s plummeting spirits. “We’ll stoke the fire and stoke some fun!” Palin crowed, bustling around with Piper, daughter Willow, and many of the Gosselin children gathering sticks and chunks of wood.

Kate, however, left her brood to the care of Sarah and Palin’s dad. (Husband Todd, wise man that he is, very noticeably went off to fish somewhere where he would not be able to hear Kate’s lamentations.) Kate jammed her hands in her poncho pockets, parked herself under a small open canopy that had been built for minimal rain protection, and started to complain.

“I’m worried about my toes; they’re freezing,” she said.

“I’ve been bitten [by bugs] about 200 times — it’s horrible,” she moaned.

“I’m miserable, but somebody‘s gotta be,” she said nonsensically.

“This is cruel and unusual punishment,” she whined.

When Palin and her daughters helped all the little Gosselins make s’mores over the camp fire, Kate declined to join them. Instead, seeing some gooey marshmallow land on a few sleeves, she went into a temper-tantrum fury.

“This is ridiculous!” she shrieked. “I just don’t get it! There are no paper towels! I’m freezing to the bone, I have 19 layers on, my hands are frigid!”

Kate issued an ultimatum: “I held it together as long as I could, and I’m done now.”

And she told the kids they were not going to camp out overnight as planned; they were heading back home. Their little faces fell. They hesitated and expressed little chirps of protest, saying they wanted to stay.

Kate was cruelly decisive: “Okay, goodbye. You’re now a Palin, not a Gosselin,” she said. Faced with a camp-out versus a loss of identity, the wee ones followed their mom onto a waiting plane to escape Alaska. Cut to an appalled-seeming Piper, who no longer looked as though she was a fan of Kate’s. Palin and her family remained, and spent the night in tents.

Palin said she regretted only that the Gosselin children missed out on the camp-out, a “good experience they never would have forgotten.”

I honestly cannot imagine what goes through Kate Gosselin’s head these days. Why does she voluntarily place herself in situations in which she knows she’ll end up in a foul mood, and then not even try, even if only for the selfish reason of improving her media image, to be minimally pleasant? Since every one of Kate’s complaints was made directly to the camera, no one can even claim that the producers of Sarah Palin’s Alaska somehow edited the footage to make Gosselin look bad.

She did that all on her own.

Did you watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska this week?

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  • Larry David

    You know Ken, I blame you and the media for giving this idiot of a person (yes she is a complete idiot and you know it) the spotlight and reporting about her all day. It makes her and the public think that she is powerful when she is not. No country, no community, NO PERSON wants this fool representing them and their views.
    Just drop her, stop reporting ANYTHING about her and she WILL go away! I hate this country every second she is in it because it makes us all look stupid in front of other countries. YES! THEY LAUGH AT US!

    • mkt

      which idiot are you talking about?

      • anti-america | kill all the rednecks

        F**k you moronic yanks and f**k you, Tucker, for being such a f@g. Could you get any gayer?

      • UGH

        Palin/Gosselin 2012

      • Diane Marshall

        Now that’s funny and witty too!

      • ROBIN

        GOOD ONE…LOL

      • dhanna

        To anti-america: Do not insult gay people in order to demean “red necks.”

        Use a Thesaurus and come up with some word that is truly an insult.

      • anti-america | kill all the rednecks

        dhanna, if you weren’t so busy stuffing your orifices with other men’s willies, you’d have noticed I was insulting both gays and americans.

      • Wottadoosh

        anti-america sounds like he’s got a hurting orifice. Probably life reminded him that he is a loser.

      • YouAreRight

        Wottadoosh hits the nail on the head.

      • Cockswaylo

        You must be a Canadian. Stupid and useless.

      • MIKE

        You should watch what you say about being anti-american and bad mouthing rednecks. They do keep you safe whether you like it or not.

      • Huh

        anti america – let me guess – you are really Piper

      • The Bishop

        Kate is nothing but a cry baby. No wonder she can’t even keep a marriage. She won’t spend one nite camping with her kids. What a loser. Good luck to her ex. He deserves better!

      • Robb111

        Palin is a Redneck, yes a big redneck, and no they don’t keep anyone safe any time. They are to buisy trying to think of a way to hang a few Blacks. Or trying to find a way to underhand the president.

      • PC

        I foresee another sequel: Dumb and Dumber III – Ladies Night Out

      • kelly

        I’m sure she was talking about our half governor, and I agree.

      • ogre12

        Gosselin is an absolute stupid b**** and why it is that anyone would spend any time at all to watch her on any tv program is way beyond me. Boycott any show with her in it and she will eventually go away. I am sorry the kids have to put up with this looney tune. As for you uneducated, liberal, pointy-headed imbeciles talking trash about rednecks go F**K youself and stop doing your momma

      • GetReal

        Come on mkt, what do you mean by which idiot. They’re both idiots, take your pick. I can’t understand how any can actually take any of these two bimbos seriously!

      • Faye

        Two peas in a pod! And to think she wants to be “President”! and Kate, what a poor example of a mother

      • markb3699

        Palin is a redneck and rednecks are stupid. She’s proud of being stupid. Please don’t refudiate that.

      • tom wizneski

        How are you going to kill all the red necks? We’re the ones with all the guns.

      • Doug

        This whole time I’ve been readying this I’ve also been trying to picture what kind of person is doing the posting, but I just realized you’re the dirty uneducated saps that are either cleaning public bathrooms or taking my drive-thru order.

      • kb

        >How are you going to kill all the red necks? We’re the ones with all the guns.

        its 2010. theres so many other ways to kill. come out of the squirrel world once in a while

      • GerdBlessMerica

        If you don’t know, it could be you!

      • jerry

        They are both idiots. I blame john mccain for putting sara palin on the public stage . she should go back into hole she came from and the other idiot kate g should go become a hooker like all the other white trash like her.

      • Hottest Wife

        Amazing family and true heroes and nursedatingsite was amazing

    • Glenn

      Interesting, Larry….I cant tell if youre talking about Sarah or Kate, but of course, it doesnt really matter, does it?

      • DJP

        Hey Glenn is your real name Richard Head? Cause it seems it would fit you better. The Palins are salt of the earth what grew this GREAT country. Without them, the farmers, pioneers you would have a country to live in our pot to well you get the point.

      • Erin


        Do you really, honestly believe that a former politician-turned reality TV star is a “salt of the earth person?”

      • @ DLP

        I’m sorry, what?

      • Kat

        Sorry, DJP, I’m with Glenn. From my perspective, Palin is hugely embarrassing to this country. I appreciate that they’re a nice enough family, and she seems like a decent woman when she’s not crying wolf about death panels or whatever, but she has no business in our national politics. I am very thankful for pioneers and farmers; Sarah Palin is neither a pioneer nor a farmer. I wish people wouldn’t turn her into some heroic symbol. It made me uncomfortable to see people do that with Obama, and it makes me uncomfortable to see other people do it with Palin.

      • Brett

        The Palins are NOT “salt of the earth.” She is an opportunistic nitwit with a nice smile and a decent rack. McCain should never have plucked her from the obscurity of Alaska to place her in the national spotlight. I find myself hoping that she, Gosselin, and perhaps the Octomom book a flight similar to the one that included Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper.

      • Pete

        @DJP Palin is a narcissistic fame whore that uses her children to further her own career just like Kate Gosselin. The only thing more annoying than hearing Kate whine about the camping trip, is hearing Palin constantly whine since losing the election in 2008!! She quit on the state of Alaska because she got a lucrative book deal and even though she has fame and fortune she still continues to whine and complain, expect of course on her own reality show where she controls the content and the message.

      • Dan

        @Erin–Perhaps he meant silt of the earth.

      • Grumpster

        We don’t care where France is…because if we do, we’ll just have to bail them out again for lack of a will to fight.

        As for Mississippi…why did they have to put the longest state name to spell in the most illiterate state? I feel for them.

        As for the flock of chickens show with Kate Gosling and the Sara Lee Chicken, those were a match made in heaven! I didn’t see it, but enjoy a good train wreck now and again.

      • mike

        I think you’re confusing “salt of the earth” with “dumb as dirt”.

      • Doug

        nail on the head Kat

      • Frankvak

        Uggggh DJP. we all know that pee is SALT!!!!!! I am sure that is what you meant about Palin.

      • Juneau

        @Kat – Very well said. Couldn’t agree more.

      • @DJP

        I don’t want to live in your pot, anyway. You damn communist.

    • Adrian

      A liberal is a person who could not possibly care less what folks in Mississippi (a state in the USA) think, but cannot look at himself in the mirror when people in France (a country most certainly not in the USA) are the slightest bit displeased with America.

      • DTO

        Wow! You really zinged us. BTW, I’m from rural NC, land of “Freedom Fries” and such, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • C.P.

        Wow, I’m impressed. Most Americans (Liberal or Republican) wouldn’t know where France was if it bit them in the ass (pssst, you’re right, it’s most certainly not in the U.S.). Come to think of it, they wouldn’t know where Mississippi was unless they hailed from Mississippi. Kudos to you for your astute observation!

      • Jana Peterson

        Probably because we are the only “special” country where 30% of our voters are stupid enough to vote for this moronic catch phrase reality TV star as leader of what used to be the most powerful country and at least reasonably intelligent country. Can you tell me without a repeat sound bite what Sarah has offered to actually DO for this country instead of shrilling about Obama? She makes Kate’s whining about John almost sound endearing.

      • Sally

        What does that mean? Of course we care about people in Mississippi, or Arizona, or even Alaska. We wanted health care for everyone remember. You don’t. Talk to us about caring again? By the way, can hardly wait to see footage of your brilliant Sarah in Haiti speaking French with the kids she got a foot away from. What? She never learned French in school? Did she know they spoke a ferin language before she went? Or did she decide that she could convert the whole country to Christianity, English, and her version of democracy in a weekend?

      • llll

        What does either Mississippi or France have to do with two airheads in Alaska?

      • Sabrina

        I’m not sure what Mississippi had to do anything, but I laughed so hard when I read that. I assure you, as a New Yorker, we are constantly dealing with the fact that rest of the country apparently doesn’t consider US real Americans. I have respect for every state in this country – I wish I could say the same for you!

      • Ry

        I had no idea France was not one of the countries located in the USA.

      • Dora

        Liberals care about everyone and wanna pass policies that will protect everyone, no matter their political views, from douchebags on Wall Street and other special interests. It’s people like you that have little to no empathy at all. Just because we’re not stupid enough to vote for Palin doesn’t mean we’re less patriotic. It’s precisely because liberals love America so much that we’d never want Palin or any other dumbass right winger to become president. @sshole

      • fooch

        A liberal is a man or a woman or a child who looks forward to a better day, a more tranquil night, and a bright, infinite future.
        Leonard Bernstein

      • argo

        There are decent Liberal types. And then there are the one’s like Dora. The pitiful, barrow minded types that can only insult. Their shame is to look in the mirror and not see what everyone else sees in them. They are to be pitied.

      • godsfault

        Adrian, what in the hell is your point? That liberals kowtow to France? If so, you obviously know nothing about American liberals. Also, your English syntax needs work.

      • Oh Well!

        Jana Peterson: Over 80% on the Stupid American Meter. The other 50% plus went on the other “moronic catch phrase”, “YES WE WANT TO GET CANNED”.

      • gil

        my dearest friend — a white woman from mississippi, and her family ALL think that palin is about as embarrassingly smart as a dish of corn pudding. they are also embarrassed knowing that people in france feel the same way — that the US is in deep yazoo when palin is running around doing her dimwit antics on a national and international scale. she and her followers are taking us all on an intelligence trip to the tallahatchie bridge. LONG LIVE THE CROOKED LETTER STATE!!

      • TLWW

        Adrian, keep trying to spread the misery that is your life. Loser…

      • Tara

        Ry, the USA only includes countries like Puerto Rico and Guam.

      • george

        Really Tara, the people of Puerto Rico and Guam pay taxes, have a say/ representation in the government, can vote in elections…

        I guess I must be part of the dumb Americans who received a bad education then

      • Betty


        Believe it or not, there are liberals who actually LIVE in Mississippi! Go figure!

      • cynthia from Georgia


        Really George the people in Puerto Rico and Guam DO vote in the U.S. presidential primaries but not the general elections. They do have a say/representation in our government.

      • Mellissa

        Sarah Palin can see France from her house. She says she can see it right next to Mississippi.

      • markb3699

        Adrian, you must be a redneck.

      • Bubba Smith

        Who cares what a a third world country (France) thinks of the US?

      • b scott

        Adrian, My eighth grade geography teacher, Ms. Gloria Vitek taught me how to read maps, I know how to find both Mississippi and France. And I care about both. Good game: using either world or US map blank: name countries / states. :)

      • Kenny

        Waitminnit…France ISN’T one of the countries located in the US? Ha! If that’s not true, smarty pants, WHERE did we get French Toast, hmmmm?

      • richard

        After reading these post it seems to me what we have are a lot of people who want to be heard. If these type of people would take care of themselves worry about what they can control and take things for what they are worth.Agree or do not most of us could really give a rats a## what palin,kate or obamha is doing. One thing for a fact it is not in our best intrest

    • Ben

      “No person wants this fool [Palin, one can presume]representing them and their views.” Um, so anyone that does want her representing their views is not even a person? Wow, that’s a bit ridiculous, no? Then again, trusting liberals to decide who is a person and who is not has certainly never been their forte. (40,000,000+ and counting.)

      • Shells

        What’s with the American use of the word “liberal” these days? Aren’t you Republicans vs Democrats, not Republicans vs Liberals. It’s a nonsensical, easy label used to generalize and group people together who don’t hold unanimous viewpoints. And you don’t have to be “liberal” – whatever that means – to not support Sarah Palin as a presidential candidate. Plenty of Republicans would prefer another candidate gets the 2012 nomination over Palin.

      • D’s Advocate

        Ben: way to go! You criticize someone for their generalization, then IMMEDIATELY launch into one of your own.

        Stones the size of Alpha Centauri, sir. Well done.

      • godsfault

        Shells, American liberals rarely vote for a Republican. Very rarely. Therefore, they are rightly associated with the Democratic Party.

        A small percentage of liberals will cast votes for minority party candidates but these numbers usually don’t affect the outcome of an election…except in the tragic 2000 American presidential race where it seems a number of votes were mistakenly cast for Ralph Nader, due to a confusing ballot, thereby causing the famous stalemate and subsequent Supreme Court appointment of George W. Bush.

      • John

        The mistaken votes were cast for Buchanan not Nader and bye the way I am a liberal and I vited for Reagan twice. He and Clinton were the only good presidents since Kennedy.

      • SERIOUSLY?

        I don’t even know why i’m writing this.. Ha Ha is this the moveon.org site. I can just imagine how ugly you all are! Ha HA!

    • Rolo Tomasia

      You tell them lover boy. I get off, when you go off like that.

      • Rolo Tomasia

        Love you Larry David!

    • llll

      I agree that she’s an idiot. But in this case, which specific idiot are you talking about?

    • ThePaganTemple

      other countries. YES! THEY LAUGH AT US!

      Wow that’s a relief. Now I don’t have to feel guilty about all the times I’ve laughed at those “other countries” and not given a damn about how they feel about mine.

      • EagleEye

        haha, my thoughts exactly

      • Niix Starkyller

        Yes, because it’s better that we estrange ourselves from other countries. That bodes well for the future of the world. Yay for isolationist, egocentric jingoism. Yee-HAW!

    • terri

      Hopefully they were talking about both Sarah Palin, and Kate Gosselin, I’ve about had enough of both their faces in the media…Palin and her very bizarre personality, and opinions which are so backward they are actually funny … so much so that to believe that she actually ran for vice president, is a true joke, and then quits her government job, just to have speculation that she might actually run for president… what a rip!!! Biggest joke of 2010… and then there is the very tiring and BORING Kate Gosselin, which shows the terrible mother she is… promises made to kids, just to be broken because she is not happy in a situation she herself put herself and kids into. I’m so tired of media making these idiots important, and that they actually get paid for their idiocy… God we should all be able to act like jerks and get PAID for it!!! Give the money to the real folks out here who really have issues, and need the money. People like Kate Gosselin who have kids just to exploit them for the money make me sick!!!!!

      • missy

        Do like I do and don’t watch or listen to anything either idiot has to say. The real crime here is that the rest of the world will judge US citizens to be what those two freaks are.

      • Not a Kate Fan

        Well said Terri

      • Joe

        You want to know what’s more of a joke? US voting in a community organizer who’s so in over his head that he needs Clinton to hold a press conference for him. Now that’s a joke!

      • easteele

        kate is the worst mother on earth at least sarah is fun to laugh at

      • ikie12pts

        I think both are “white trash”; don’t know which is less intelligent, actually. Probably Kate. Having offspring doesn’t take a lot of “smarts”….after all, slugs can do that, too.

      • neodeo

        Seems like a few pathetic HATERS up in here.

      • markb3699

        Terri, amen!

      • Kenny

        Terri – you’re right, but unfortunately it’s a vicious circle. The media keeps feeding the mouth breathers the Sarahs and Kates, and the mouth breathers demand more – to the media keeps feeding them. The fix is simple: people need to STOP WATCHING their programs. No money=no feeding the mouth breathers=they (Sarahs and Kates, NOT the mouth breathers, unfortunately) go away.

      • ricochet

        Joe, you do know you’re an idiot, right? Obama’s a pretty smart guy, knows how to delegate and believe it or not, knows what is important for this country, not just what the party line is. Unlike the part of NO.

    • bulldog

      Spain;Portugal and Israel–all poles have her popular–Do you read the internationals–sad buy no

      • ALM

        Do you mean the people from Poland? Or the North and South ones? Mama Grizzly won’t be very popular with Santa if she shoots one of his reindeer…

      • GoddessLu

        If you’re going to quote “polling” statistics (not (P)oles, lol ALM) check your facts please. I know for a fact that the Portuguese have no interest in this woman and are amazed that someone with her lack of credentials, education and intelligence could even be considered a candidate for President, vice or otherwise. Not that her supporters care about that, they only seem to care about themselves and their “kind” in their little insular world. TLC, I guess you did it for ratings but what a waste of air time that could have went to the Cake Boss or someone else more deserving.

      • Freemind

        @bulldog I live in Spain…We LOL at Palin

      • GinaBallerina

        Hey, GoddessLu, since you’ve taken it upon yourself to speak for all Portuguese people, pray tell what do you “all” think of Obama’s credentials? Did you have a problem with him running for President, what with zero experience in politics? Seems to me if your criticism of Palin is her lack of credentials, then you should have a real problem with BO, right?

    • ryan pannell

      say what you want about her, she has come around when the world lives by every dumb ass aspect of the bible but totaly ignores the ethics that it stated so go and vote for obama whose only thing to do is get retribution for a bunch of idiots. the people who matter in any race are fed up with this …ohhh tell me your sorry again and again yeah you go vote for that

      • JR

        Punctuation is your friend.

      • Diana

        Now JR. There was a comma in there somewhere.

      • Sara

        Isn’t that the sentiment about bringing back biblical values and morality the one that started the Crusades? And the Holocaust? And the pogroms? I’m just asking, because I didn’t catch the upside of your argument.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Meh, Sara, TBH (and as a lapsed Catholic with a desire to be wholly open-minded about religion) I have no problem with that Jesus dude. I really don’t think there’s much any humane person could say against the dude’s message. Now, what many inhumane people have done with a Jesus bumper sticker on their warhorse is kinda, y’know, bad.

      • Eddd

        Wow. Ryan’s gotta be high.

      • Desiree

        Here we go again. Christians DID NOT start the crusades. That was Islam. Christians were NOT responsible for the holocaust. That was Hilter – NOT a Christian. The Pogroms? Seriously? Moreover, what some Christians do, is not in line with Christ’s teachings. Atheism or a lack of religion is the real devastation. 50% of all killings throughout history were done in the last 100 years by Atheists or those who discouraged religion (AKA Nationalist China & Nazi Germany). This of course doens’t include the billions of aborted babies. Please do a bit of research before you post such lies/inaccuracies.

      • Juneau

        @Desiree – I would say the same to you. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe you should visit the Middle East.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Islam started the Crusades?! Man, who needs history when you have DESIREE?!

      • Fred Freedom

        The immediate cause of the First Crusade was the Byzantine emperor Alexios I’s appeal to Pope Urban II for mercenaries to help him resist Muslim advances into territory of the Byzantine Empire.

      • JoeFromNC

        Desiree, Hitler was a member in good standing in the Catholic Church.

        Never ex-communicated.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Really, Fred? That tract of land had been constantly attacked, sacked, conquered, and claimed by everyone from Christians to Jews, Muslims to Romans, and everyone’s Uncle Charlie. To state that the Muslims ‘started the Crusades’ is an oversimplification at best. Get your history from somewhere other than Wikipedia.

    • Tommi

      Larry David, I agree with you wholeheartedly. However I find it amusing that, even with my disdain for these idiots, I still took time to read the article!

      • fwwonder

        I have said for months that Obama was not elected as a politician, but as a celebrity. Looks like Sarah Palin is trying to work that angle too. Heaven help the USA. (And BTW….I am a Republican, but I’m not deaf, dumb & blind!!!)

    • MojoJojo

      We are not laughing at you, we are laughing with you!

    • Heidi

      I was honestly impressed with Sarah who said to her dad (*after his bxxx hin comment) ‘well yes she complained but I guess if I had her life and things she enjoys like red carpets and stuff, I’d probably complain too” She had Kate’s back the whole time even when she wanted to wring her neck. It made me like Sarah more (as a person, and a governor…but not a VP).

      • fg

        I suspect that was the point of having Kate on her show. To make her look good in comparison.

      • Annie

        Um… hello? We were all complaining of the same thing 2+ years ago on GWOP. And now, y’all are just now finding out Kate is a trip. Those poor kids, they’ll grow up bitter and need therapy.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Annie, your use of the word “all” is a bit of a stretch. No disrespect intended.

      • Kenny

        Heidi – c’mon. Sarah “has Kate’s back” because she Kate “does red carpets and stuff?” For the love of God – Palin’s the one who QUIT HER JOB to make bank selling a book. She’s also the one who had hundreds of thousands of dollars lavished on her campaign wardrobe. She’s also the one who charges thousands upon thousands of dollars to stir up the riff raff at Tea Party meetings. Trying to paint her as “just one of the ol’ ordinary, plain folk” is outright BS.

      • San Jose, California

        One thing I don’t understand about this Gosselin woman, is, when one goes to visit a place, he or she usually studies the nature of the area being visited. Wasn’t she told of Alaska’s nature? I can’t believe she is such an ignoramus!

    • stevethird

      Larry, your comments are just silly. They really have nothing to do with SP, but rather speak volumes about who YOU are. What do you actually know about Palin. Do a little homework other than watching MSNBC. Are you in your mothers basement right now? You are aren’t you?

      • Diana

        Absolutely Larry. Tune into a little Fox News to get your truly fair and balanced reporting!

      • godsfault

        stevethird, allow me to use my formidable powers to describe you sight unseen:
        1. middle age, bald or balding.
        2. Republican tending toward teabaggery
        3. Sarah makes you turgid.

      • NJ BOB

        Ya think after getting her FEE $$$ of over $ 250k, She’d have whined alittle less
        KATE doesn’t move a finger without a paychk in her hand

      • nunya

        godsfault Tue 12/14/10 3:36 AMstevethird, allow me to use my formidable powers to describe you sight unseen:
        1. middle age, bald or balding.
        2. Republican tending toward teabaggery
        3. Sarah makes you turgid.

        Ditto on the perspective but your in the lens.
        1. Bitter that you arent as special as everyone told you.
        2. Angry because your entitlement ended and forced you back to mommys.
        3. Oblamy still makes you tingle.

    • Kara

      Regardless of your feelings for Sarah Palin, she was so hospitable to the Gosselins and Kate was extremely rude. It says a lot about a person who visits someone and then complains the entire time. And as for Larry David, something tells me that if Sarah Palin were not in the picture, he would find many others things to say he hated about this country. Hollywood is so out of touch with the majority of America.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Hate to tell you but it’s not just Hollywood that can’t stand Palin, it’s any American with a half a brain. I see you are part of the under 50% set so I’ll try not to hold it against you. I didn’t use any words that were too big for you did I?

      • JackFan

        BlackIrish4094 – based on Kara’s comment I think your using the percentage symbol probably confused her.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I find Kara’s comment of “Regardless of your feelings for Sarah Palin, she was so hospitable to the Gosselins and Kate was extremely rude” completely agreeable. Why must we discredit the person and not the idea with which we disagree? That, to me, is also extremely rude.

      • nunya

        Wow, more tolerant libbies. Sorry, most Americans, you know us if fly over, love her. She may not run again, but we like her. Im sure youll have a witty bitter little response for me but remember, its not my fault your not a special and unique butterfly, its the progressives who lied to you in school (indoc).

      • Mary

        I agree with Kara. I’m not the biggest fan of Sarah Palin either and I roll my eyes at her often, but at least she was nice to the Gosselins in general. Kate is just a miserable b***h, plain and simple.

    • tt

      Thank you Larry David! You are so right. If Media would just stop reporting about her instead of reporting about her every tweet and book entries which are basically written by ghotswriters, because SP is a moron and will always be.

    • TGS

      Larry David, normally you are a troll on every message board on this site, so I cannot even believe I am typing these words right now… but you are right. You’re right, Larry! You’re absolutely right.

    • Basile Sim

      LOL, your right we Canadian are laughing are asses OFF at a country who are actually trying to put this; now becomming an actual living Cartoon , in the White House…and your wondering why you have problems LOL.

      • jack

        You Canadians have more problems than anyone. It’s only a matter of time before the US starts taking over your little government. If I had to choose sides in a war between U.S. and canada, for sure U.S. all the way. Just attack Canada on the weekend and within about 4 hours the war will be over. You can laugh at U.S. all you want because thats all you canadians CAN DO. I admit you have a military but that would just be enough people to fill one of their military bases. Please..give it a rest, Americans don’t laugh at you because it would be like picking on a retarded kid.

      • bad donut EH?

        Jack the bigot…Retarted kid?
        This comment shows the depth of your intellect. Very shallow.

        We do not need a large military
        because we do not have as many enemies.

        Typical thinking of SOME FEW BIGGOTED Americans that eat,sleep, breath, WAR?
        People like you remind me of the big bully around the corner. One day the whole nieghborhood will gang up on you to teach you a lesson.

      • RJKL

        Jack, we don’t laugh at Canadians because they have prostitutes and weed. We are jealous.
        That said, it appears you actually can speak Basile Simese… care to translate?

    • dw

      I agree and I am sorry I took the time to read the article, as it feeds into the whole spectacle. There will not be a next time for me.

    • Kebert Xela

      Must flee TV!

    • Janet

      Those two women deserve each other! Pitiful waste of time, and its unbelievable that people actually watch those shows. Yes, I can hear the rest of the world laughing…

    • David

      Well now, I wouldn’t say that Kate Gosselin is thar low.
      When I saw the ad for that episode, I laughed and told my wife “oh boy, this is going to be a full-bore meltdown. No way can some city-bred, pampered little whiner survive a day in the wilderness. She had no business out there in God’s country in the first place. The Palins, and their audience, deserved better.

    • Candace Rodriguez

      I totally agree… Kate is the whiniest adult I’ve ever seen in my life !!! Cannot stand her !! I wish Sarah would have accidently shot her with one of those bean bags !!!

      • jack

        Now that would have been worth watching. I watch that program and Kate should have been picked up and thrown in the creek. I just wish that their plane wouldn’t have started and they were stranded for the night.

    • Morris

      If the lefties critizing Sarah Palin had half the brain Sarah has they would be a half wit . If they had half her guts they still would be gutless .

      • peggym

        You didn’t think that through.

      • ar

        Worst insult ever!!

      • godsfault

        Let’s see, if 1/2 of Sarah’s guts equals zero and Sarah has a 50% half wit brain, then that explains both why she quit as Alaska’s governor and her explanation for doing so.

      • CanadaJam

        Too funny. Not witty funny, but pretty funny in it’s stupidity.

      • Niix Starkyller

        LOL @ peggym’s reply. Wonderfully succinct.

      • GinaCucina

        OMG, did you study math in school at all?? You just insulted Sarah Palin just by virtue of your arithmetic. I’ve always said, those who support her don’t have much of an education.

      • markb3699

        Morris, are you the one with guts? Or just a big gut? Are you macho? Are you better than us lowly, horrible L words?

      • darkwingduck

        yeah, and if she had a quarter of a brain then those other people would have 9/16 of a gut and if she had no brains then we wouldn’t have anything to write about dont you think that the Producers of her show knew exactly what was going to happen with this show? Of course they did. OMG it was amazing how SP said she was going to shoot a moose, then it REALLY happened!OMG That just shows you that SHE can get anything done. Mean Old Kate- Nice Old Sara. She relly is better than Kate!

    • zig16

      This is priceless, some self-loathing American is worried how we look to the rest of the world pointing out his distaste for Palin (I assume he meant her since he never specifically mentioned Palin). Here’s one for you pal…We don’t care what the world thinks. You are a disgrace to the American culture. Your only concern is for the feelings of other countries. Other countries that have pretty much flunked socialism 101, or communist scumbags like you that would love to eliminate us ‘Americans’. Why don’t you go live in a Gulag in Siberia and get the F’ out of this great country with great people who have empowered themselves. What, you not for a woman’s rights? Or is she the wrong gender woman for you?, you elitist, snob, punk.

      • V2610

        You are an idiot!

      • GinaCucina

        You don’t care what other countries think of us?? Well, that kind of attitude explains why they no longer come running to help us out.

      • symboybot

        Zig16 – calm yourself. You’re going to give yourself a coronary with all your self-righteous fuming. When you say “we” you certainly aren’t including me. I do care what other citizens of the other countries of the world think of the US and I hope they care what we think, and its about time we gave them something to respect instead of neo-fascist, supremist, egotistical, bulls*it. Have you ever heard of a book called “The Ugly American”? Apparently not even, though you totally personify it’s main character. I’m sure if you had lived in Germany during the 1930’s you would have loved Hitler too. Get a life. This world is made up of all kinds of people with all kinds of cultures, beliefs, and opinions – none of them any more or less valid than anyone else’s. It is not who you think is superior or even what you think that matters. It is how you treat other people and how you lead your life. Even though nearly all wars have been started in the name of one religion or another, they all have one common belief, most commonly called the “golden rule”. Too bad more people and their religions don’t practice that belief instead of all the other useless ranting and ego games that is also included in most religions. Hate, bigotry, greed, and envy are not the tools for saving our planent and our species from our own insensitivity. If we want to survive as a species, we need to do some serious ethical evolving. We are running out of time to save our planet and our species.

      • Desiree

        Since when have other countries EVER come running out to help us? I believe we are always the country to help others but our generousity is rarely reciprocated. Keep worrying about what they think of us, but they’ve really never liked us, and probably never will.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Oh, I don’t know … who sent aid to the disaster relief operations for Katrina? Where did the majority of airliners land on 9/11? How were the embattled troops rescued in Mogadishu? Oh, and precisely how did the US become an independent nation in the first place? Who supplied arms and munitions assistance? How’d y’all cover the huge costs associated with revolution? Yeah, you’re right. No one EVER helps the US…

    • zig16

      F–K You!

      • godsfault

        F–K Whom?

      • Freemind

        @zig16 intelligent comment…..Keep it to yourself or do your usual, share it with your sister,

    • @Larry David

      Larry – they wouldn’t keep writing this stuff if people didn’t keep reading it. Since you were the first to comment, obviously, you are part of the guilty. I typically don’t read Palin or Gosselin stories but was interested in reading how they interacted.

      The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting an article about a tv show turn into an opportunity for mean spirited, hateful bickering. Most of us are Americans and should focus on the good and what we have together rather than getting into petty and mean name calling on an anonymous comment section ABOUT A TV SHOW.

    • Ed Anger

      LOL “Waaah! I hate that people are lauginbg at us. Waaah!”

      You people weren’t born that stupid, you were taught to be that stupid.

    • janey

      oh look, another liberal hating on Sarah Palin. How quaint. *eyeroll*

      • markb3699

        Janey, there’s a reason why we “liberals” don’t like Sarah Palin. She’s a moron. You might want to think about some of the things she says, realize that most of the time she doesn’t actually make sense, and put your faith in someone who deserves it.

    • John Cail

      Larry, shut up. If you think we are getting laughed at because of Sarah Palin, think again. We went from being hated with George W Bush to a joke with Barack Obama. Sorry pal, but we are already a joke.

      Not to mention id much rather see Sarah Palin showing off what Alaska has to offer than seeing Kate get famous for having 8 kids. Big deal, she isn’t the first.

    • victory

      to the one who claims to hate this country because of what politicians or someone like kate g. goes: be glad you are in this country where you can still say such stupid things and not end up in jail!! S.Palin should have known Kate, bec, Kate is not familiar with gratitude and spits on the giver! What does that have to do with the Country itself: it is made of good people who cannot be put into the same category with kate Gosslin or Sandra Palin: who by the way, was gracious enough to take that chance with an invitiation, that those city kids could experience the true life in one of the most beautiful places on the face of this earth: alaska!!!! How many of us would have been glad to have that chance and been deeply grateful to get to see it and be there with the Palin Family…as human beings!!!! kate Gosslin does not speak for the rest of us nor should America be measured by her bad behavior!!!

      • deb

        Victory – your rambling rant here sounds like the same senseless rambling of Sarah Palin. Are you two related? Nothing Sarah says makes any sense either.

    • ellen

      Larry, I adore you and you are right on as usual. I only read these stories because I am aghast at the stupidity of the people in this country who have the right to vote for people like her! She scares the hell out of me and I can imagine what they think of her in Iran! God help us if she were elected to anything again…she needs to be hiden in a cubicle at FOX.

    • alex

      what! i didnt know they were doing a remake of dumb and dumber…lol

      • deb

        Good one, Alex! LOL

    • Uncle Ellsworthey

      I guess you mean kinda like they are laughing at Obama. Is that what you mean?

    • mark

      its the left wingnuts like you keeping this going you thought a strong lady was someone like hillary with a ivy league leftist ed. who needed her husband to give her any recognition. this country wasnt founded by weak lefties.

      • Juneau

        No it was founded by bible thumping puritans. What’s your point?

      • Finch

        @Juneau “No it was founded by bible thumping puritans. What’s your point?” You my friend, have just made my day!

    • TJ

      Why do Americans always concern themselves with how they are viewed all over the world? Do you really think the French, Germans etc care what Americans think of them? I can guarantee you they could care less.

      • jack

        Your probably not even American going around speaking like you know what is going on. You have no clue how Americans think. Why don’t you get your fat a$$ off the couch and spend some time in the real world of the United States and quit handing out idiotic self absorbed views you have no business speaking about. You are such an idiot. Without Americans this world would still be in the world of world warII. Shut up already and get a life!

      • RB

        you know that traditionally (going all the way back to our touted “founders”) roughly 40% of the republican party were LIBERAL republicans? and that roughly 40% of the democratic party were CONSERVATIVE democrats? Republican and Democrat have much more to do with political ideals around spending, social saftey nets, and the role of goverment, it has very little to do with MORAL beliefs. Today’s political parties have almost nothing to do with the traditional political ideals of the parties and almost everything to do with moral or religious differences – this does not make for a healthy system. A repbulican calling a someone a “Liberal” as an insult, or a democrat calling a republican a “Conservative” as an insult just makes you both sound stupid. and BTW, the globalization of our economy means we HAVE to start considering our relationships with other countries and how they view us… one only need look through history to see the damage issolationism, or populism (as it seems so many support now) causes.

      • Juneau

        You know there are more countries in the world that European countries, right?

    • Ninja Simms

      Ninja is from Australia, We do laugh at the Americans Whats not in theropy should be LOL LOL. You a bunch of morons.

    • BillC

      You’re right Larry! That Kate is one spoiled city woman!

      • GinaCucina

        Yeah, but listen to Sarah complain about how Kate is used to red carpets and all that stuff. Sarah is the woman who stipulates that she has to fly in private jets, that she needs three suites of hotel rooms, that she wants unopened water with a bendy straw at the podium, etc. Come on. Both of them are spoiled little brats.

    • GinaCucina

      Didn’t you love how both of them complained about how the media follows them around all the time? Wasn’t it ironic that both of them are media chasers? “Look at me!! Look at me!! Wheeee!” They do know how to get attention and then complain when it’s given to them. But then, any two-year-old can do that.

    • Freemind

      Perfectly said.

    • Zombie Jesus

      I make my kids watch anything with Sarah Palin in it.

      They have to learn at an early age that America rewards quitters and liars with book deals, movie deals and reality shows.

      All you have to do is quit, nod and wink your way to being rich.

      Because fools and their money….

      • Jennifer Beadle

        How sad! How true!

      • com on 2012

        Or perhaps educate your kids to be a community organizer,break your promises.. 2 wars still going strong,gitmo still open for business,unemployment wont go over 8% and the rich are done with tax breaks. Can any guess who I’m talking about…

    • melissa

      Just have to say..watching the U.S. from the outside..you’re so right..we are laughing nonstop. The fact that a good portion of Americans actually believe this woman is capable of running your country is hysterical. God bless you all. If this is what America has come down to…looks like us non-Americans will have more to laugh about moving forward.

      • Adam

        Melissa – Sorry I dont believe that a ‘good portion’ of Americans actually believe this wone is capable of running anything. It’s a shame that you set on your high horse “knowing” what we American’s think/feel…

    • Jim

      Larry, you are welcome to leave this country that you hate. Please do, and if you have any like minded friends, take them with. Don’t come back.

      • azmac

        Sarah’s husband Tod belongs to an outfit that wants Alaska to leave the US. What a patriot. You and yours are the once against our duly elected President and I suggest you go somewhere else.

    • utterly_confused

      The only reason this stupid person is on TV. Is because of nosy america that loves gossip, and reality shows. Nice programs and Tv shows have given way to this new trend of reality shows..

    • Scott

      Blame the media???? The truth is that if no one watches, she goes away. Since millions of people watch, she stays. Blame American tv viewers if you don’t like her. I don’t watch, so I am doing my part.

    • John

      I couldn’t agree more. I can’t stand Sarah Palin either!

    • jack

      That is the great thing about this country we have a choice to watch what we want so why not just turn the channel and watch something else.
      Must like the show or you would not be making a comment, just cant help yourself!!!!!!

    • trp

      you mean al gore?

    • Lanie

      Thank you for saying that. Idiots, one and all. The viewers and the subjects.

    • Mary DeStio

      If your worried about our Country looking stupid, get rid of President OBama. A ‘great education’ doesn’t guarantee brains.

    • tony

      I AGREE, but not to worry she has no chance of becoming president.She could not even finish her term as Governor!

    • InTheBuff

      THANK YOU LARRY DAVID! You nailed it…nuff said. I want to elope to Canada with you. ;)

    • com on 2012

      don’t worry Larry David 2012 will be here soon you don’t have to be bitter much longer. I know its been a rough couple of years but when we gotta guy in the white house that still needs the Clinton’s to hold his hand and tell him what to do you cant be to surprised. If Palin has no political career why are you libs so hell bent on trying to destroy her?

    • BA Opinion

      Completely agree with you!!!!

    • EDWARD 4 EVUHHH!!!!!

      All you people needs to stop hatin of Kate, shes just tryin to have fun and be a sexy, independant woman!!!!

    • ConnieLee

      You stated “NO PERSON” wants her representing them……YOU do not speak for “ME”

    • Puffcat

      Face it, you hate Sarah Palin because she’s a born-again Christian, and you basically work for the other side. Same reason you hated Bush. Funny how the hate you all deny you have comes out in the open when you let your guard down, isn’t it>

    • Dave C

      Yeah, our enemies are laughing at Obama while our friends supposedly laugh at Palin. What from I can see, Ms Palin is far more effective at exercising power. If she were in office, at least our enemies would fear us regardless of what our supposed friends do.

    • ramonzmania

      they laugh at us? the people of Iran, venezuela, china, russia, libya,etc? we shouldnt care less what the rest of this mediocre globe thinks of us. 2yrs of obama’s apology world tour has produced -0-.

    • Lena

      I agree with Jim, Larry David your welcome to leave my Country any day of the week no one would miss you,That I know of..As bad as you think it is here in America is there any other place you would live? WE know Sarah Palin and her family wouldn’t cry if you left .and as far as Sarah Palin she was raised to hunt to fed her family they don’t have a mickey D’s on every corner of Wasilla like we do the lower 48’s if more familys went back to hunting and camping fishing there might not be so many over weight kids..kids would have both fathers and mothers in the home and not demand everything under the son.. So TO ALL AMERICA GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU JUST AS HE HAS FOR THE LAST 200 YEAR

    • Mad Marilyn

      I live overseas and just came home for Christmas. Who the hell is Kate Gosselin? Believe me, no one has heard of her on the other side of the planet. As for Sarah Palin, shame on her for doing a stupid reality stunt. I hope SHE goes away…SHE’S the one who makes me embarrassed for my country, Larry. BTW, I love your show. Bought all 7 seasons on pirated dvds. Hope you don’t mind!

    • Chris W.

      My sentiments exactly Larry.

    • Miss B


    • Susan Meade

      Yes, you have to specify WHICH idiot you are referring to…could be either one!

    • Nico

      Larry there are plenty of reasons why other countries laugh at Americans and Sarah Palin is the least of your concerns…in fact she could be America’s saving grace…At least this lady is down to earth and certainly not afraid of being herself..(something American’s seem to struggle with)..Most other countries think American’s are the biggest loud mouthed whingers on the planet…It’s a mystery Larry where we would get that impression as you and Kate Gosselin seem to be such charming, easy going people..lol..and where else but America can you become famous just because you have a large family…as I said Sarah Palin is the least of your concerns. Am I laughing – yes – because in America you call Kate Gosselin a ‘star’..I’m sorry but that is funny!

    • Holly

      The show with Kate in Alaska tells it all about her – she is just tooooooo much for me and I would hate for her to be my mom.

    • rod

      Larry David, you embarrass ME, you don’t even identify who you are talking about, but I think I get the gist of your libetard comment. Suffice to say people like you are the real embarrassment to the USA. I laugh at YOU. (and cry also, BTW)

  • Lee

    OMG!! Kate should have dressed in gear that would have been warm and comfortable, like Sarah did. My husband and I got to the point and looked at each other and said What a Bitch! especially telling her kids if they stayed they wouldn’t be Goslin’s anymore. Kate you can talk the talk but obviouly can’t walk the walk. (Your kids missed out because of you…)

    • Jeremy

      I agree. I love the show and people will make something out of anything to just damage you. My kids couldn’t even watch Kate running her mouth and trying to get the kids to side with her or Sarah. That was poor taste in our book. Go get them Sarah. We support the show!

    • Kate

      This may be somewhat controversial but I think I would rather be a Palin than a Gosselin. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think Sarah’s tv/political personality is a construct for the public but it is significantly more appealing than Kate’s. Is she just an idiot?

      • godsfault

        Yes, Sarah Palin is “just an idiot.”

  • scorpio9094

    I hope Larry David is talking about Gosselin, because if he’s not he’s the idiot.

  • Cheryl

    Just watched the episode. The scenery was beautiful…and for the first 10 minutes, I thought it might be a good Gosselin/Palin show. I’ve never heard so much whining and complaining from a grown woman. I felt sorry for her kids who obviously were having a good time. She was overtly rude to her hosts. Obviously, she missed a manners lesson….or three.

    • Pass the Shotgun

      If there is one person in America that could make Sarah Palin loos less horrible it is Kate Gosslin. Forget the protecting from bears seminar and get one to protect every one from hurricane Kate. I was hoping Sarah would turn the shotgun on Kate and shoot her with one of those bean bag bullets in the worst way.

      • Sharon

        True, it wouldn’t be the first time a politician shot someone on a ‘hunting’ trip. What was good for Cheney might have been good for Sarah Palin!

    • Mocha

      Seriously. She didn’t seem at all like a grown mother–she sounded like a spoiled teenager (except no teenager I know would be that disrespectful and petulant on camera). I feel so bad for the kids–they have a douchey father and a bratty mother, neither of whom are good role models at all.

      • Heidi

        She did actually remind me of a teen mom from that MTV show. The worst was when her children wanted to stay and she said they were going to be Pailn children from now on. One of the little girls looked nervous and confused and said she changed her mind and would go with her mother. I would have wished she could have at least been kind enough to ask Sarah if the three or four of her kids that wanted to stay, could do so. She is a total spoiled brat. And its making her children really sad!

      • rico

        Is Gosslin a Democrat? If not she sure sounded like one. No work and everything handed to her…

      • Julie

        Ya, know I have to say, I really can not believe how nasty people can be when they dont agree with someone elses point of view…its depressing to see how polarized everyone is these days. We attack each other constantly because we dont understand one another and at this point it seems to have devolved into nasty, name-calling, immature crap. What kind of progress do we hope to make in this country with comments like most of the ones in this post? For the record, I am a democrat that does not in fact believe that in no work and hand everything to me, neither are any of the other dems I kno.

      • Dora

        @ rico, that’s funny because that’s exactly how Palin got the VP nomination in the first place, and Palin doesn’t have a job. She quit her job

      • Sara

        Mocha- I agree that those children don’t seem to have a good environment for growing up. The media circus, the public divorce, and the nastiness from all parties is hurting them the most.

        @rico- did you know that, far from being witty, comments like yours make the writer appear ignorant, uneducated, and bigoted? If you didn’t know that before, I suggest learning it now.

    • Julia

      I find it hilarious that Palin still thinks she has a political career, when the highlight of her work (the important work she had to do, that she couldn’t do as she finished out her term as Governor) is a meeting of the “minds” of reality trash TV. What’s next – a trip for the whole family to the set of Survivor? Or maybe she can hang out with The Hoff, and let him cry about his cancellation. Wait, I think Piper has some talent for Project Runway!!!

      • stevethird

        The Rebublicans came to her on bended knee, and asked her to be chairperson of the party. Is that a person who has no future. Some of you folks really need to think before you post. You, Larry, Elli. Wow! Wicked stupid!!

      • Dave

        What’s wicked stupid is the Republicans wanting someone like Palin as their chairperson! If they’re trying to ensure a second term for Obama they are certainly on the right track!

      • Eddd

        All I can say is — as a Democrat — I’d dearly love to see Palin follow Michael Steele. I’m sure Stewart and Colbert would die for it.

    • Susan

      All I can say is they must have paid Kate $$ to go to Alaksa. Hope they did not pay her. She acted ridiculous. I understand she was miserable, it did not look fun to me either, but, com on, she signed up…should have made her stay.

      • ellie

        Of course they paid her…do you think Kate does anything where dollars signs are not involved? You can say the same thing about Sarah Palin, BTW.

      • stevethird

        Ellie, she does and always has done lots of things where money is not involved. What is she doing now? Do you even know. Take the time to inform yourself fully. Don’t just think the thoughts that feed your preconceived notions.

      • @stevethird

        Ok, let’s have some examples. What has she done where money isn’t involved?

      • Eddd

        “I understand she was miserable, it did not look fun to me either, but, com on, she signed up…should have made her stay.” You’re talking about Sarah as governor, right?

    • sandy

      unbelievably selfish and rude woman…hard to blame jon for cheating on her.

      • Rush

        It was Kate who cheated first with the bodyguard.

      • jack

        If I was Jon I would have brought the babe home and screwed her right in front of Kate and kicked Kate out of the bedroom.

  • June

    Those poor kids. Kate is a hateful person.

    • LOL

      Television for Teabaggers. I wish it would just go away.

      • William

        Land of the free, home of the shut the he11 up if you don’t think like me. Preach that tolerance as long it is what your tolerant of yourself. How ignorant everyone becomes is fascinating. It would be so easy to say something like darn liberals and their president wish they would just go away, but that would also be pointless and moronic. Its a tv show, watch it or don’t no big deal and no one should be that upset over it.

      • LOL

        William, why do you hate America?

      • anti-america | kill all the rednecks

        Because you f**king yanks eat pig. F**K Jesus!!

    • Kara

      Where’s Jon when you need him. He needs to grow some balls. Kate is bad example to the kids. With her it’s me me.

      • Heidi

        I actually think Jon would have made it work and he would have stuck it out awith a good attitude. He always was the one to encourage outdoor stuff.

      • Liz

        Word, but I don’t think jon would have been in this situation in the first place. I think he would have taken his kids camping without the camera crew and TV crossover. come on jon sue for custody! Take away Kate’s meal ticket.

      • JRE

        He recently went back to court to end filming. Kate argued it’s not causing the damage Jon claims, and the judge agreed with Kate. Jon’s still under the TLC contract which means *they* have to approve his media appearances. Between the court’s gag order (and possible contempt charges) and TLC’s contract (which he could be fined for breaking), he has no voice in the public spectacle Kate and TLC are willing to let those kids endure.

      • Lisa

        Maybe he’ll be able to make a better case now that two of the kids were expelled. She always says she’s doing things for her kids. But you can see clearly that its always Kate who comes first.

      • Moira

        Where’s Jon?! Jon is busy hanging with his 23-year-old girlfriend and selling stories about his kids to the tabloid press. What a guy!

  • CJ

    Unbelievable! Those poor Gosselin children. What an awful role model. I can’t believe she made those comments toward her children. She can’t even fake it a little bit for the cameras. Kate is a very bad person.

  • CJ

    Exactly, that was a slap in the face to her host who put so much effort into the trip. I’m shocked.

    • Dominic

      You do realise this whole thing is stage managed by a fleet of staff? Palin didn’t organise anything.

      • ks

        A big PR stunt on BOTH parts

      • DJP

        Ever lived in Alaska Dominick? You’re right it is a show, but I wouldn’t act like Sarah Palin can’t pitch a tent and go camping without a crew unless you’ve lived in Alaska and know this from personal experience.

      • Elli

        He can’t comment on it unless he’s witnessed Palin camping? WTF? Or unless he’s been camping? Because, fyi, people in other states do that too

      • Adam

        @ Elli – not true – Alaska is the only “coutry” that has camping. :P

  • macker1283

    Which country laughs at us? France, who hold huge protests because the government doesn’t want to guarantee workers five weeks vacation anymore? Or England, where they protest having to actually pay for college? Or Iran, where they stone women for having affairs? Every country has their “embarrassments”…so relax.

    As for Kate, is it possible that she realizes acting this way will keep ratings up? She can’t possibly be like that in real life.

    • Jess

      An education should be free to all those who want it. However that would be too expensive so they are rising the fees. This means that several will miss out on their chance to better themselves as we don’t have the same scholarship opportunities that American universities have. Protosting is a right of democracy and we have every right to do so.

      • tlb1974

        what do you mean it should be free how are schools and teachers suppose to support themselves if they don’t get paid.

      • amers

        Truly educated people are self-educated. That can be “free” if you take advantage of opportunities, the public library, and actually listen/learn. The least “free” education is the public one. That is the sure way to get a piece of paper but remain ignorant.

      • Ana170

        You do know that public libraries are paid for with tax money? They’re not actually “free.”

      • @tib1974

        “what do you mean it should be free how are schools and teachers suppose to support themselves if they don’t get paid.”
        It’s this thing called “taxes”, or how do you think elementary, junior, and high schools are funded? And don’t bitch about not wanting taxes raised either, because higher education could have been free in this country for a long time if we didn’t blow all our money on building enough bombs to blow up the world several times over.

    • mary ellel

      A brat is a brat, no matter their age – and she has certainly had enough practice in the part (Kate, of course)

  • wakeforce

    The ONE thing Sarah Palin and I agree on; She hates Mean Kate Gossein, too!

    • stevethird

      Wake. She doesn’t hate Kate . So you really don’t even have that in common.

  • Bill Beck

    Larry David. I have lived in other countries speak 3 languages any you sir are the fool. Must be sad to be so bitter. I bet you have never been outside the U.S. Which would be a great thing for the rest of us.

    • macker1283

      Yet, you don’t know how to type. I was simply commenting on the original post who was so embarrassed to live in the United States and was making the point that no country is perfect. So obviously you can’t comprehend either. Stop focusing on learning other languages and start working on reading comprehension for English.

    • Nina

      Some of you idiots don’t even know who Larry David is. Hilarious!

    • Adam

      @ Nina Agreed Bill – do your homework before you insult – douche

  • FromChicago

    Let’s hope that Palin’s show gets as many viewers as Hasselhoff which will guarantee its death.

    • Ted C

      Its only an 8 episode show dude. Im enjoying. Maybe if you were so filled with hate you might also.

      • Dora

        Of course you’d enjoy a show like Palin’s. It’s mindless crap that you see on tv everyday. If anyone is filled with hate, it’s her not that poster

  • Annette

    Kate is really immature. Did you see the fit she threw? What a selfish and rude person.

    • Barbara

      I realized she was a selfish person way back, when she was cruel to Jon, on “Jon and Kate PLus 8″ After she moved into that huge home, I realized it was all about her and not the children. I really think she needs a mental health evaluation.

  • Jill

    Kate could have sucked it up and acted like a big girl for the sake of her children. Instead she acted like a pampered princess, who’s only interest is herself. Those poor Gosselin kids, Kate emotionally manipulated them saying they were now Palin children if they wanted to stay campaign – horrible thing for a Mom to do!! Have no respect for Kate. Have a world of respect for Sarah – love her!!!

    • sandy

      can’t believe the stupid woman would make that kind of comment (you are now palins) to her children. talk about emotional abuse. take the kids, jon, before it’s too late.

    • Dora

      Kate was stupid to do that, and Palin is disgusting for constantly exploiting her kids for political gain. Palin is worse

      • tlb1974

        She is not doing anything political so how is she exploiting her kids.

      • JIMPSU

        She is pretty political on Faux News

  • KFH

    I was amused by the ranting, whining and general negativity of the selfish blond who uses her litter of children to gain attention and fame. I would have been just as amused if a bear would have charged Kate. This amusement would have only been increased if Sarah had loaded the gun with blanks. On second thought, even the bear would have tired of her constant bitching and walked away for a more palatable treat.

    • Flora

      @KFH: Best comment yet!

  • sharon stavola

    I think it is horrible the way Kate bullied her kids into choosing between being a “Gosselin” or a “Palin”. No wonder her kids were expelled for the same behavior from school. I think she sets a horrible example for her children!!!!

    • D

      So sad that Gosselin is not even her name– its Jon’s. But she keeps it for publicity reasons obviously.

      • Butch

        Well Folk’s it’s all about the MONEY.. Call them what you want ..But the two women are going to the bank.. RICH…. Two differant worlds.. and some of the best acting on the way to the bank.. Wish I had a chance to be on TV . It would put me back to work .

      • Liz

        When you get divorced you don’t need to give up your name. My parents have been divorced for almost 30 years and my mother is still using my fathers last name.

      • Ana170

        Susan Sarandon and Demi Moore are both still using their married names. There’s no law that says you have to give the name up once you divorce.

    • Marjorie McCarthy

      This woman should dropped like a hot potato for the Gosselin/Palin remarks to her children. So cruel. Notice they barely talked, too scared of her.

      • Ana170

        If Jon ever pulled himself together, he could get his kids out of that environment but it’s like he knows the right thing to do but is unable or unwilling to do it.

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