'Fringe' recap: 'Entrada' and exits, lives saved and lost

With its first-time-ever blue- and red-tinged opening credits, we knew from the start that this week’s Fringe, titled “Entrada,” was going to be the universe-melding adventure we’d been awaiting. The question was, how were the two Olivias going to get switched back to their rightful universes? The bigger questions — for the season, for the series, for us — were, Who can people trust, and how can people maintain hope in the face of seemingly inevitable disaster? (And I’m not talking about Fringe‘s imminent move to Friday nights.)

The hour picked up right where last week’s ended, with a replay of the scene of Peter in bed with Altivia, receiving a phone call from the souvenir-shop woman saying she had a message from Olivia, that she’s trapped in the other universe. The look on Josh Jackson’s face told you a lot, instantly: that Peter’s worst suspicions have been confirmed, that he has to fake it now with Altivia, that he has to do something quickly to help Olivia.

As a final, confirming test, Peter speaks the Greek phrase meaning “Be a better man than your father,” and Altivia asks, “What does that mean?” We know it’s the phrase Olivia spoke to Peter when she burst back to consciousness upon returning from the alt-world at the start of season 2. Altivia, no dope, pulls a gun on Peter and says, “I failed the test, didn’t I?” The lovers have instantly become enemies. She had Peter inject himself with a paralytic drug, and headed off to the Bronx typewriter shop to commune with the other side. (Lame Typewriter Guy — I admit to only noticing for the first time this week — labors in a red-colored corner of his shop surrounded by the metal-blue hues of his typewriters and metal shelves.) (Also, I call him “lame” only because he uses crutches, not because he’s a lame-o, which he’s not.)

After the red-blue opening credits, Broyles is being brought up to speed, startled to learn that Peter has been making the beast with two backs with Altivia, and ruing the fact that she’s been here for “eight weeks, and none of us suspected.” (Hell, Lame Typewriter Guy’s been here for seven years, waiting for some workable legs.)

The episode switches to the Other Side (by my count, “Entrada” had six scenes set in our world and four over there), where Walternate is saying he wants to bring his Olivia back, and the ice-in-his-veins Brandonish simply asks whether he wants our Olivia sent back dead or alive, because he’d much rather kill her to extract her brain for research — all Walternate needs is a comparable body-mass to make the switch, right?

Flip over to our side: Peter and Astrid are watching Altivia being debriefed by her superiors. (Altivia has been incredibly sloppy about not putting stickers on her Apple laptop, which means it looks just like Peter’s, he’s taken hers, and thus now has a valuable source of info on her.) Walter is wandering around jabbering nervously, trying to figure out how Altivia will get back and how Olivia can be brought back, but even meditation and a “two-gram dose of Brown Betty” have not clarified his thinking.

Walter goes on a funny tear about how deceitful Altivia has been, what with her “carnal manipulations,” and how his son couldn’t help but “fall right into her vagenda.” (Who knew Walter was a fan of Moldy Peaches’ Kimya Dawson?)

Always sensible, however, it’s Astrid who notes that Altivia’s pastries for Walter come from a bakery in the Bronx, and soon our team is off to the outer borough, hitting pay dirt in the typewriter shop, where Altivia — good heavens, this girl would lose her head if it weren’t attached to her neck — has left Peter’s laptop. Grilling Lame Typewriter Guy (“They promised me new legs!”), they discover what I think Walter termed a “quantum-entangled telegraph” (I know “quantum entanglement” is a concept that would apply here). At any rate, Walter knows it’s used to communicate with the Other Side.

Speaking of which, it’s back to Colonel Broyles visiting Olivia in her locked room, her face dotted with the areas Brandonish is planning to buzz-saw open to extract whatever gray matter interests him most. Broyles thanks Olivia for not betraying him last week. What follows are the pivotal moments for Colonel Broyles. He argues with Olivia over what he’s been led to believe is a coming war with the Other Side, and then, at home, tells his wife that he needs to prepare for such a battle. Both women tell him, in their separate ways, that there’s more hope than he imagines for the future. This will come back as tragic irony later.

Olivia is next seen strapped down on an operating table, pre-op helpless at the hands and saw of Brandonish. Colonel Broyles comes to her rescue, and they blast their way out, escaping Liberty Island, but not before Olivia grabs some plastic bags filled with what she assumes is Cortexiphan. “It could help your people cross over to my side,” she tells the colonel. They repair to the Other Side version of Walternate’s old lab, Olivia banking on the fact that there’ll be a Way-Back Machine tank that’ll get her home. She fills up the empty tank and climbs in, complete with an Olivia’s-face-upside-down-in-water shot that echoes Fringe‘s first-season ad campaign.

Back over here, Peter, Walter, and our Broyles head to Penn Station to track down Altivia. She’s met with a shape-shifter there (eight identities in the past five years, this guys says he’s endured) to help with her universe transport scheduled for 4 p.m. Lesson here: Don’t try sci-fi in a train-station bathroom. A citizen walks in, sees the strange scene (it must have looked to her as though the shifter were about to shoot Altivia in her comely lower back). Broyles, Peter, and an FBI team swarm Penn Station, Altivia comes out holding the woman as a hostage, but Peter does a head count, realizes bearded guy is missing, figures it out, and takes both a chance and a shot: He kills the woman right in front of her screaming daughter. Except it isn’t her mother — the shifter had inhabited her. (Not that Mom isn’t still dead, back inside the washroom, with doubtless three prong-holes in her upper palate.) Altivia is apprehended, led to a police van.

Over at Walter’s old lab, Astrid is the only one around when she hears some noise in the deprivation tank, and Olivia emerges, wet and shaken. Cut to Altivia in the police van, her hands glowing, and Walter discovers some of those little “harmonic rods” that aid interuniverse travel as a clock with red LED numbers ticking closer to 4 p.m. Blam! Like a magician’s trick, when Peter opens the police-van door, Altivia has vanished, and in her place is the displaced, charred corpse of Colonel Broyles. This stuns our Broyles, of course — a great moment for Lance Reddick, when he closes the eyelids of his dead alt-double.

A quick scene on the Other Side shows Altivia back to being her swaggering old self, exchanging repartee with Lincoln Lee. Then we are Back Here, as a man in a red sweater visits Lame Typewriter Guy, gives him an injection that enables Typewriter to walk, in exchange for a box — the box left by Altivia, containing another piece of the doomsday machine Walternate is trying to reconstruct (I think that makes 18 pieces accounted for, right?).

In the final scene, Olivia awakens in a hospital, Peter at her bedside. She tells him, “You were the only thing that got me through … you saved my life.” Peter kisses her forehead.

“Entrada,” written by the series’ key producers, Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman, closed a Fringe chapter in bringing Olivia back, while opening up all sorts of fresh new possibilities for the future. Both Olivias are changed women with new amounts of information about their opposing universes, and thus will be able to influence their Walters in how to proceed henceforth. The series can resume plot threads that have been given scant attention in recent weeks, such as Walter’s takeover of Massive Dynamic, and what I’m hoping will be an increased presence by Nina Sharp, whose role in the interuniverse machinations is ripe for exploration.

As for Peter, I think his commitment to loving an Olivia he now knows was the “wrong” one will not lead him to shut down emotionally, as he has in the past in dealing, for example, with Walter and his betrayal. This is a character who’s grown as the series has proceeded. It seems right to me that Peter can recognize, at this point in his life, that that part of him that was born “over there” is also the part that allowed him to love the “wrong” Olivia, even as he can now be grateful to have the Olivia he truly fell in love with back. Romantic realism, I’d call it.

Beyond this, it’s important to note another element that distinguishes Fringe from so much recent sci-fi/fantasy television: It is, at its center, an optimistic, positive, we-can-change-the-world(s) show. Whereas everything from The X-Files to Battlestar Galactica was essentially doom-struck, a constant battle against conspiracy or malevolent fate, some Fringe characters have arrived at the idea that there is “another way,” that this doesn’t need to end up with one world destroying the other. “We need to restore hope,” said Colonel Broyles’ wife. “If you don’t trust me, there is no hope,” said Olivia to Colonel Broyles. That’s not to say that Fringe isn’t going to leave a few more dead bodies in its wake as it proceeds — that Broyles was one, for sure — but rather that Fringe‘s heart is pure, unironic, unabashedly inspirational in its core belief in the power, goodness, and decency of intellect and imagination.

Fringe benefits:

• Lincoln Lee’s face is just about entirely healed. I’ve found this character a tad frustrating only because it’s so clear Fringe could probably build an entirely different show around Seth Gabel’s Lincoln and his gang — they’re that charismatic — and Fringe simply hasn’t had the time to flesh him out, as it were. This is at once the mark of a great show (a deep bench of rich characters) that’s also one under fire (the producers have to keep moving, keep the focus primarily on the stars, to keep attracting more viewers and driving the stories forward).

• Comic highlight: Broyles hands Peter a gun. Walter to Broyles: “No gun for me.” Broyles, drily: “Good idea.”

What did you think of “Entrada”?

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  • JC

    Great episode! Worth the 2 week weight! Still some questions to be answered like why Broyles was all messed up when he crossed and how that all went down, but I’m glad the story is finally dying down and they can begin a new one for the 2nd half of the season!

    • JC

      Oops meant “wait”

      • Dave-O

        they had to exchange equal mass, Alt-broyles weighed more than Fauxlivia, so some mass had to go.

      • Diva

        But that doesn’t explain our Olivia coming back. You would think that our Olivia would be the same mass as their Olivia making a perfect exchange, but I think you have to be in the same proximity for that to happen. So if Altivia was in exchange for Alt-Broyles, then who was the exchange for our Olivia?

      • jeannie

        Diva – Our Olivia has the ability to transfer between universes due to the drug trials she experienced as a child. No exchange is necessary for her to travel between universes, that’s why Walternate wanted to study her brain.

      • Noelbelle

        Dave-O is totally right. Plus, I think the way they mutilated him sent the Fringe team a message.

      • Zan

        Travelling between universes can occur via several methods. Using Walternate’s method equal masses must be exchanged. However, the Cortexiphan user is special and does not need to exchange mass. Remember the earlier times Olivia crossed over (in the elevator, and with the other Cortexiphan kiddies), well no mass had to be exchanged then.

      • Leithen

        @Zan That’s interesting given the idea of conservation of mass. That must mean that the two universes are no longer closed, discrete systems.

      • Diva

        Thanks people. I get it now.

      • Shaun

        I’m still confused about how they trade off equal amounts of mass. Altlivia was in New Jersey (Springsteen Station in the alt-verse, cute) and Alt-Broyles was in Massachusetts, right? How did that excahnge work?

      • Ne Oublie

        @Shaun: First, Alt-Broyles was in the Alt-World outside the tank our Olivia was in. Fauxlivia was in our world in the back of the paddy wagon. In the episode, In The Man from the Other Side, our Brandon/Massive Dynamics stated that harmonic vibrations were used to transport shape-shifter soldier embryos via vibrations/radio waves discharged by solar flares (trigonometrically). This occurs when two separate waves from the two differing universes sync up. The computer is used to predict the time of the exchange (in this episode it was 4:00). Walter later expanded on this. He explained that you have to set up 3 harmonic rods as an equilateral triangle in the exact same areas in each world, and the vibration occurs in sync to activate the rods. The subjects within, will be exchanged. Walternate, however scaled down the procedure to smaller harmonic pins or rods. We saw Fauxlivia being injected in the bathroom. I am assuming Alt-Broyle’s subcutaneous tracker might have actually been miniature harmonic pins/rods, hence the exchange. Walternate’s trickery!

      • Brandon IS Superman

        My favorite part was when Peter the marksmen nailed the duplicate mother in her head when he screamed what your daughter’s name. But the cruel way they tore up Broyles sent chills down my spine

      • anonymous

        Ne Oublie … Like a ” Tuning Fork,” just like Walter used in the station.

    • Deanna

      Broyles weighed more then olivia they had to “remove” some mass. To do the exchange they have to replace the object with equal mass.

  • PRbabe

    I wonder why the writers keep screwing up Josh’s character. I just watched the preview and next week will be the episode where EVERYONE will hate Peter. Wonderful. Thanks writers.

    • allie08

      not to discuss too much about the spoilers since I am sure there are those that prefer not to watch them at the end of the show – but I don’t think “everyone” will hate Peter. We already know he made a very understandable mistake and Olivia is bound to react so why hate him now?

      • chiquitanikkicita

        Peter is doing the right thing. Sure, it’s going to break Olivia’s heart, but she needs to know the truth. It’s better for him to tell her the truth now than to have her find out later (ie, the whole “I’m not YOUR son” incident).

    • yummycupcake

      Ummm…I will never hate Peter. Yum.

    • Dicazi

      I could NEVER hate Peter!! In fact, I cried at the look on his face when he realized what had happeneded.

      • PMD

        I had tears streaming down my face when he was looking at Olivia and she was telling him how he was the only thing that kept her alive and how he had saved her. OMG his face!!!

        Seriously such great acting!!! Such a brilliant show. I love Peter and I hope Olivia realises how much Peter loves her even though he made a mistake!

        I think what is going to happen is that Olivia will be pissed at him. But she will forgive him and take him back as a friend. And they are going to go back to being mates. Which I had always preferred. But they do make a great couple!

    • Dicazi

      I could NEVER hate Peter!! In fact, I cried at the look on his face when he realized what had happened. And at the thought of his sitting there paralyzed for hours, just thinking.

  • Dave-O

    What an episode! Alt Broyles must not die in vain! So he killed alt-Brandon and usually when a character crosses that line, they don’t make it. Missed Charlie this episode (a little). So I take it that Fauxlivia really did care about Peter because she was carrying the photos with her (or did Peter pull those from his pocket?). She definitely gave him a nod of credit for figuring out the shapeshifter. Loved, Loooved the way the Greek phrase was re-introduced.

    Is that specific component of the machine superspecial or just a part of tonights plot? I did have a couple of minor nits to pick though. First, Alt-Broyles wife using the phrase “our world” when talking in the park. If you are a civilian unaware of the concept of two universes, wouldn’t you be saying Earth or “the planet”? I dunno, it just smacked of perfect show talk, but unnatural conversation. My second nit was that they didn’t change the door combos in the Alt Dept of Defense.

    • Mek

      I think people in the alt universe are aware of the two universes. So much has happened in that world that the government probably had to come up with an explanation for it. And why not the truth?

      • Kelly

        Over There doesn’t know about Over Here, except for select people in the alt-Fringe Division. Walternate wrote a book that presented a cover story — that the problems were all due to the natural decay of their world. He informed Lincoln, Charlie, and Olivia that it was a lie and that the real reason was that Walter crossed over to take Peter, and in doing so broke their world.

      • darkviewproductions

        Plus did you notice that on the newscasts on the otherside it was 20 years ago that day that the vortex opened up in the East River.

    • Gator

      But I don’t think Alt-Broyles killed Brandonish. It looked more like a tranq dart. And I don’t know if the whole universe is aware of the 2 universes, but it would make sense that his wife would know. I felt like they had the kind of relationship where he would have told her that.

    • Ryan O’Brien

      Actually I think he tranked Al-Brandon. Thought it looked more like a trank dart with a feather then a blood stain

    • Jamie

      I don’t think alt-Brandon is dead. When the camera scanned back over him, it looked like a dart in his chest.

      • Ne Oublie

        Yes it was a dart. I am sure Brandon will be okay. Strange. In the scene where the assistant comes back, I swear there’s a totally different guy on the floor. (lol) No protective glasses, dart is moved… I mean, I don’t really care. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • kc

      Her conversation with him didn’t bother me so much as the fact that he didn’t have the Ring on his upper ear like he did in every other scene, for a brief moment I thought it was our Broyles not Alt-Broyles.

      • fojoy

        I think they only use that ring when they are working…its a bluetooth-like device.

      • Ames

        that ring is a phone. Maybe it works like a tracker (ala communicators on Star Trek). Then he would’ve taken the phone off before sneaking into to see Olivia.

      • Dicazi

        I did a double-take when our Broyles used a blue-tooth phone when driving to Penn Station.

    • jophan

      I don’t think alt-Broyles killed Brandonate. It looked like the frilled dart they use for tranquilizers rather than a bullet hole.

    • thorswitch

      I didn’t find it that unusual at all. I hear a lot of people, especially when they’re trying to rally others to what they consider a vital cause, talk about the place where we all live as “Our World” – not to distinguish it from some other world that might be out there (parallel universes, alternate realities, non-Earth planets, etc.,) but as way to personalize it, to help people remember that we’re a part of it, dependent on it and that it’s what unites humanity as a whole.
      It’s the difference between thinking of this as *our* world, with the emphasis on ownership, and thinking of it as our *world*, with the emphasis on our being a part of it. Kind of a “the world belongs to us” vs a “we belong to the world” concept.

      That’s the context in which I hears Mrs. Broyles to be speaking. She was, basically, re-personalizing the world, reminding him that it’s more than an abstract construct, that it’s something they all share. She wanted him to know that whatever decision she had to make, she trusted him to make the right choice for their *world* and all that it encompasses.

  • Wil

    What an outstanding episode. Seeing Alt-Broyles ripped down to the “exact Mass” of Altlivia was just awful. Especially for the great things he did for our Olivia.

    • allie08

      LOVED this epi but I too was sad to see Alt-Broyles in the van. I suspected it would be him after all the death spoilers but I hoped they would keep his character around to serve as a “good guy” on the other side. He really played both characters well – very impressive to make us care for them both!

    • Anotherfringefan

      I’m also very sad about alt-Broyls. I knew he wasn’t going to make it, but was hoping beyond hope that I would be wrong:( Show producers and cast all said that it would be a great achievement if we fans can see the alt-side’s point of view and root for them too. I for one definitely am rooting for alt-Broyls, Lincoln and Charlie.

  • David

    Just an outstanding episode. I fell off the couch when Walter said that Peter had fallen under Fauxlivia’s “vagenda.” This show just gets better and better, and i agree that the alt-world Fringe guys deserve some attention. I worry about Fox putting this show in the Friday death slot, and can only hope that the fans follow.

    • allie08

      I also loved it when he told Broyles about how in the 1970’s he lived with another woman for 3 days but she didn’t look anything like his wife. LOL!

    • Ames

      The look on Astrid’s face when she repeated “vagenda.” Priceless. I can’t believe we’ve lived without this word for so long.

      • Trill

        “I can’t believe we’ve lived without this word for so long.”

        Totally! An instant meme!!!

    • darkviewproductions

      I loved the look Astrid gave Walter when she said Vagenda?

  • Kate

    Amazing episode. Really cemented Fringe as one of the best dramas on television right now. The show is superbly cast, especially Anna Torv and John Noble. I can’t wait for next week!

    • PRbabe

      Right! its ALWAYS those two. Never Josh. God, Josh, QUIT this show. They are ruining you!

      • martisco

        Oh for God’s sake Glee Bee, we’re onto your vagenda. Stop adopting fake screen names.

      • Josh

        Vagenda! You are amazing martisco!

      • Buchan

        Perhaps because those are the people they’re impressed with. Perhaps they expect it from Josh.

        Oh, why am I even trying? You’re probably attending PaceyCon next year.

        Josh wouldn’t get angry. Why do you?

      • Ne Oublie

        I thought Peter was great in this episode. Bravo Peter! You shot the shapeshifter.

      • tipsy

        Guys, Joshua jackson fans have a point. he was a major draw for the show, not Torv and Noble who were unknown. yet he has the least to do on the show and I can imagine that it turns off people who started to watch for him. perhaps ratings would stabilize or improve if they turn it into Peter show instead of Olivia and/or Walter one. I mean, only core fans warmed up to those characters but since viewership isn`t expending, quite the contrary, perhaps better writing for the biggest name on the show is a solution.

      • Gilly

        Tipsy, the narrative of Fringe doesn’t support turning it into “the Peter Show.” Olivia was always meant to be the primary protagonist. And Walter is simply a scene stealer with good writers and a fantastic actor to back him up. To me, Jackson’s character has always felt necessary at best and superfluous at worst.

      • jules

        I disagree Tipsy. I think he’s a major player on this show…especially this season. Yes the focal point is Olivia but anyone who watched the first episode of the first season had to know that. The story of what happened to Peter has been the backdrop for the end of last season and this entire season so far.

      • Amy

        I’m really confused with everyone saying that Peter is not a pivotal part of the show. He’s always a major part of every episode. Besides, like someone mentioned Olivia has and always will be the main character of the show, and Peter/Walter came up as supporting characters for her story.
        Josh is beyond amazing on this show (as is Anna and John) and I think his talent always shows brightly on each episode.

      • dawn marie

        Okay we all get it you love Josh!!! Everyone on this cast does an amazing job. i love the character of Peter and how he has to deal with so much.

      • PRbabe

        Yeah, Olivia is the main character…the main reason why people hate Peter now and according to next week’s preview, the hate will be X50. ALL BECAUSE OF OLIVIA!

      • DC

        I just don’t think Peter gets the scene stealers all that much. I think the 3 of them are all equal major parts of the show. But when Josh does get the chance to shine, he really does.

      • Ne Oublie

        PRbabe: Seriously, Peter is a very important part of Fringe. But I appreciate all of the actors. I wish you could too. Although, I understand that Peter is your favorite. A lot of the story lines revolve around Peter: Peter and his relationship with his father, Walter, Peter and his internal struggles, Peter and his relationship with Olivia, as well as Peter and the Observer and the Doomsday device. We all acknowledge that he is great. Can’t you see that we appreciate him? Joshua Jackson is performing wonderfully with what the writers are giving him. If it is any consolation to you, I read a recent interview with him in TV Guide where he said that he is happy and content with his character’s evolution. And wasn’t that a sweet moment when they showed Walter’s comforting hand atop Peter’s after he came out of the temporary paralysis?

      • Gandalf47

        Ummmm….. in case you haven’t noticed, the ONLY PERSON in both universes that can control the “doomsday machine” is PETER! If Fox doesn’t kill this show by moving it to Friday night (why do they keep doing this to sci fi shows with great promise? Oh, yeah, American Idol can make more money, and more money trumps creativity and excellent story writing), the focus of the story may move to him, instead of Olivia, or, better still, they may have equivalent roles in the fate of the universe(s). Chill out – this is an ensemble case that is coming into its own in BOTH universes. I don’t remember any other show in which this has ever happened as a central theme of the show (I expect that someone will prove me wrong). This is the best show on network TV right now, and is up there with Dexter as the best show on TV, period.

      • PRbabe

        Ne Oublie, if all the storylines revolve around Peter, then why the hell is Walter and Olivia GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION! Why is John and Anna ALWAYS the ones who get the praise while Josh is being ignored? You would think that if a storyline revolve around Peter, WE WOULD BE HAVING IT THROUGH PETER’S PERSPECTIVE and not walter and olivia all the time!

      • 4815162342

        Joshua Jackson’s acting and mannerisms remind me of a young George Clooney. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    • Aimee

      Everyone did a great job. and I give Josh props, b/c people do seem to discount him so much. He conveyed Peter’s emotions so well. Hurt, numb, angry, confused, relieved, etc. Jackson does it all with his facial expressions.

      Poor Peter; I bet 2 hours of paralysis while being awake and aware of how he was fooled for 2 months really sucked. Stuck and not able to do anything about it.

      • jipi

        Olivia was NEVER meant to be the central character. I don’t know where anyone would get that idea. The show is about her, Walter and Peter.

  • TMZ

    When I first saw alt-Boyles body, I too wondered why his leg and arm were missing. Then I remembered the thing about the mass needing to be the same and then it made since. At least they killed him before they chopped up his body (as evidenced by the bullet wound in his head). It will be interesting to see how Peter and Olivia’s relationship is changed by these events.

    • darkviewproductions

      I think it was probably Fauxevilia that took off his arm and leg… Hence the wry look on her face when they said he was missing.

      • Jenna

        Uh, Fauxlivia was still in our universe when AU Broyles was dismembered. She was sent back in return for him being sent here. She looked like that b/c she knew he was killed to save her.

      • Ne Oublie

        That made me laugh. Your pulling my leg, right?

  • Anjali

    Solid acting by Anna!!!!

  • jenna

    Loved the ‘vagenda’ comment!

  • Brigid

    Man I love this show. I knew that no good deed would be left unpunished, and that Alt Broyles would be killed, but it was still a pretty amazing scene.
    Vagenda. VAGENDA. How hasn’t this word already existed?! I love this show, and I really wish more people were watching it.
    By the way, Ken, this is one of the best recaps of the show to date, and I’ve read them all. You had good material to work with, though :)

    • darkviewproductions

      I have never heard of this word until now. Perhaps we are living IN an alternate universe???

  • O

    I don’t care if they move this show to Friday or Saturday or Sunday…I’ll follow it anywhere. THIS is a show that deserves Emmy’s!!!!

    • jules

      Totally agree. This show trumps anything that’s up against it for me.

    • Gil_Cdn

      Same here. I am already watching it every Thursday and every Saturday (11pm re-runs) now. This is such an awesome show – intelligent, funny, great acting, and full of twists and unimaginable things….. I am following it whatever time slot it goes. Hope that the Friday slot will make it as successful as the X-Files.

    • Kelly

      I am crazy in love with this show. I want to marry it and have its babies. I still can’t stop thinking about the episode they just had on.

  • Mark

    I wish Anna Torv would have a chance at an Emmy nomination. But Fringe being Sci-fi… this won’t happen. But her scene with Broyles in the detention center was heartwrenching.

    Superbly written episode. It covered so much ground, while being constantly thrilling and emotional. God this show is good.

    • jules

      I disagree…I don’t think the show being sci-fi eliminates her from the running. Look at Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn. I think what hurts her more is that it’s a FOX show.

      • lalala

        It is entirely possible – see Gillian Anderson – X-Files, a sci-fi show on FOX.

  • Leah

    Anna Torv and John Noble were at the top of their games tonight. But serious kudos to Josh Jackson for the last scene at Olivia’s bedside. His face just about broke me. So much love and guilt and fear and worry without any words spoken. Beautifully done. Really great close to a fantastic arc of television. Fingers crossed that it’s survives it’s month long hiatus and move to Fridays.

    • Cass

      Jackson was definitely brilliant in this ep. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Ashlie

      @Leah. Josh was really great in this ep. The whole episode was worth waiting for and I felt so bad for Alt broyles.

    • chiquitanikkicita

      Absolutely! He looked like he was about to burst into tears. Totally broke my heart, and then it broke again with next weeks preview… Poor Olivia…

    • Trill

      What got me about Josh J’s performance was how he looked at Altlivia right after getting the call. That look of venom underneath the fake smile. All of them are able to pull of such complex emotions .. bravo!

  • Megan

    Amazing episode! Although I feel that Olivia and Broyles got out of the DOD way to easily! Its a shame we had to lose Alt-Broyles and the way he died was awful. Josh did an amazing job on this episode, the look on his face when that woman called was priceless. I love Fringe!

    • Megan

      I also wanted to add that I loved the switching to red/blue during the credits. Thought that was very cool…I had such a geek girl moment:)

      • Ellie

        Only the credits? The whole ep was shot in a blue and red code!

  • martisco

    I agree Josh Jackson shines in scenes where he does not have much dialog to work with.

    • Ne Oublie


    • PRbabe

      and what the hell is that supposed to mean?

      • jipi

        Meaning, he does good in scenes without dialogue? (Nobody is saying he doesn’t do dialogue well?)

      • lalala

        jipi, ignore PRbabe. She is a troll who attacks anyone who doesn’t think Joshua Jackson is god and picks a fight with even supporters of Joshua Jackson…

      • anonymous

        Take a chill pill PRb

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