'Celebrity Rehab' premiere: 'I smell face-lifts!' and other appalling remarks and behavior

Every season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew fills a viewer with contradictory reactions. On the one hand, we’re saddened when we see the sad wreck that, say, former kid pop star Leif Garrett has become, “not sober since age 14,” as he said last night in the season 4 premiere. We wish him better health. On the other hand, we witness the appalling behavior of Jason Davis (who? the grandson of super-wealthy mogul Marvin Davis) as he whines about the lack of rehab servants and insults co-inmate Janice Dickinson by saying “I smell face-lifts!” and we wish he’d get tossed out on his addicted ear. So it goes. Human generosity knows some limits.

The show’s voice-over informed us that this time around, the patients would be “more resistant to change than ever before.” But the show didn’t say the patients would be sadder and more puzzling than ever before. For instance, what was Eric Roberts doing among this bunch? Celebrity Rehab is usually a place where well-known-for-something burnouts go to procure a wee bit more camera time with their meds. But Roberts still pops up in big movies (small roles in The Expendables and this year’s Syfy movie Sharktopus — well, maybe his career isn’t in such good shape after all).

If the icky, spoiled-brat Jason Davis was the least likable new Rehab inmate, Roberts was the one for whom I felt the most sympathy. “I’m kind of your standard a-hole,” he said. Yet he was the kindest, most polite celebrity during the premiere, greeting most of his fellow patients with a wide smile and a “Hello, darlin.'” He seems to live in a marijuana fog of an inferiority complex, saying he’s best known as the brother of Julia Roberts and the father of Emma. Eric said, “I’m a pothead; that’s the thing I need to clean up.” His favorite term for this malady was “dosed”: There hasn’t been an adult day “in my life when I’m not dosed,” he admitted.

Dr. Drew pursed his lips and spoke soothingly to Roberts and all the other new patients, who also include Jeremy London, The Hills‘ Jason Wahler, and Rachel Uchitel during their intake interviews. Janice Dickinson provided the night’s most ridiculous quote: “My behavior is becoming un-sober-like because I’ve hit menopause.”

But let’s face it, this entire show is, once again, a sad mixture of the ridiculous and the arrogant. Don’t you kinda hope that when Dr. Drew’s back is turned, Eric Roberts decks Jason Davis the next time he issues one of his snotty insults?

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  • Elizabeth

    I always find it interesting that the actual ‘celebrities’ (meaning those who did something, like acting or singing) are usually the ones I’m most sympathetic towards and the ones who gained ‘fame’ from being a-holes (Davis, Uchitel, Wahler) are the ones who are clinging to the limelight anyway they can.

    • SLB

      That’s usually the way it is. Otherwise nobody will remember them. Partly because nobody knows who the hell they are anyway. I’ve never heard of Jason Davis.

  • Sean

    Roberts seemed least in need of treatment (seriously a joint and 1/2 a day habit?) His stay seems more like an excuse for some camera time before his next movie hits). I always worry that the people most in need of treatment (usually the people I’ve never heard of) are getting short shrift while the bigger personalities fight for screen time.

    • Julz

      An addiction is an addiction no matter how the rest of the public views the severity of it. It doesn’t matter what the drug or action of choice is but if you feel that it’s something you can’t control then who are we to say that a joint and a half a day isn’t a problem. For most people it may not be but for some that little bit may create a whole lot of life issues.

    • TQB

      Roberts has struggled with addictions his whole life. I’m a little confused as to why we’re only talking about 1/2 a joint a day on this show – it was commonly reported in the 90s that his abuse of booze and other drugs killed his career, which was once just as promising as his sister’s. I’m just saying, he may be on this show addressing his “dosing” but the issue is probably deeper than that.

      • Ana170

        It’s 1 1/2 joints a day. What he said was that he’d become so reliant on marijuana that he became a a-hole when he wasn’t “dosed.” I didn’t get the impression that he was so worried about his career so much as how his behavior has affected all of his relationships.

      • TQB

        OK, fine, NOW it’s 1.5 joints a day – the point is, this is a guy with lifelong dependence and addiction issues. I don’t know why they didn’t discuss that, but this isn’t his first time in rehab.

  • Speed Weed

    If only a joint and half a day gets you on Celebrity Rehab, then you can expect to see me on Dancing With The Stars.

    • amanda

      LMAO! If you get totally toked backstage you will still move faster than bristol palin.

      • Mara

        Good one. She moved like a 1000 ton bovine. Yuk

    • Denice

      Hands down the best comment I’ve read on these stupid sites. Great sarcasm Speedy.

      • Carloruby

        報歉吐嘈一下 -註釋[3]的內容根據《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》,第二部,”論自我的克服”:「 .唯有生命存在的地方,才有意志:不是生存之意志,而是權力意志 .」對照「星際大戰」第四集,歐比旺的台詞:”Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field ctreead by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”所以原力是來自生命。和權力意志的觀念有合。以上可是星戰迷的一次「勝利」 .或許就粉絲而言,為喜愛的作品設定公式擦屁股,創造一個可讓他們下跪膜拜的世界,也是權力意志的作用。

    • banshee

      Very funny, Speedy! :)

  • Ben

    Not an appealing crop this season. I guess this signals the last season for this show if they can’t attract the same level of celebrity they did in previous years.

  • wtfnyc

    Eric Roberts was on Wendy Williams’ show this week (shut up — I watch it at the gym! :p). He was indeed charming, but he’s clearly damaged by both the substances in which he’s indulged over the years and the typecasting he dealt with after early psycho-type roles like in “Star 80.” Going through all that while watching your little sister become the most famous movie star in the world would mess anyone up. I wish him luck.

    • meme

      I LOVE Eric Roberts. His career should have been huge. CHARLIE, THEY TOOK MY THUMB!!!

      • Matt

        Greatest quote…ever. Two great actors in their very price. Pope of Greenwich Village is still a strong piece of work.

      • Lee Ann

        Eric Roberts was/is indeed very talented-he was nominated for an Oscar for his superb portrayal of the scum of the earth who murdered Dorothy Stratten, ‘Star 80′. He is still appearing on The Young and the Restless, so he is definitely a functioning addict. I have always liked his work, and hope he can get his life together. As for that Davis character, he is just pure trash, plain and simple. I don’t care how much money his grandfather has.

      • Weed alert

        THEY TOOK MY THUMB CHARLIE!!!!! Eric Roberts RULES. I wish him well :)

  • iggy

    I have to say I actually felt sorry for Janice…Jason was really mean to her for no reason whatsoever. If anything, she deserves some props for being honest about her surgeries.

    • minerva

      As if looking at her isn’t evidence enough

  • Fatima

    The snakette Rachel looks like she came into a lot of money for face treatments..Her face looks like it is not 50..worst job that Heidi Spencer

  • Linda

    Jason Davis was on Millionaire Matchmaker. They had to send him to a spa to clean him up. He was filthy. He had dirty hands, dirty feet, etc. He is disgusting…..

    • schneile

      And the sh*t stains…don’t forget the shlt stains.

    • Chidi

      at my little buddy, 3 ntmohs already! Mr. Ryker graced our blog, once when still in mamma’s belly and right after he was born. Now look at him I tell ya, time goes way to fast. We had some pretty

  • ?????

    Eric Roberts? Really?!? As in Dark Knight Eric Roberts? BUMMER.

  • Shellibelli

    love love Eric Roberts
    he takes roles for a director, if he likes the script, if he likes the era or if he just feels like it.
    He isnt chained to the I want to be a star set.

    That he is on here, I dont think its about the money. Maybe if feels he can contribute something.

    He has a great career!

    • Ramona Duron

      I have alot of respect for the staff.

  • Jennifer

    My sister had this on as I passed through the room and it was a shock to see Eric on the show, I never watch this but I did have to tell her who he was because she didn’t recongnize him. The glasses really threw her off. I wish him the best. I only heard enough to realize he didn’t name his famous sibling but to be honest I’d rather watch him in a movie then her. He’s actually very talented on both sides of the camera. Except for Leif I had no idea who the rest were and did not stick around to find out.

  • hannah

    I actually thought Jason Davis was hilarious. He had a snarky comment for everything. While Id hate to be in rehab with him, I love watching him smack talking.

    • Jani

      I don\’t think that this is a good idea that paypal holds the funds until the cutsomer receives the item, for the simple fact the cutsomer could say that they have not gotten the item and in fact they received the item. I think that they should just leave things the way that they are.

  • Denise

    I watched last night, and usually try not to judge people, but that Davis guy was a total a–hole. I felt sorry for Rachel Uchitel because she definitely has issues…but on the show for being addicted to love? Yeah, right!

  • Stef

    Come on guys! I used to love Eric Roberts and Leif Garrett. All of them I hope get what they need. I am praying for Leif the most. As for Jason Davis, he is a pig, and it is shameful how he is treating Janice, but he too, obviously is in the right place. I don’t believe Eric Roberts is there for screen time. Everyone deserves a chance at sobriety and a healthy life.

  • aleksa

    This is always one of VH1’s most compelling shows, to me. Will have to DVR it.

    • Denice

      “VH1’s most compelling shows”??? OK assistant to the assistant to the assistant to the lunch lady who caters brunch to the show, nice try at public relations and publicity.

      • EricFoss

        She said “most compelling show on VH1.”

        In that respect, she is likely correct…

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