'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010' review: It was 'this sexy bomb!'

Who knew the The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 would be so aesthetically complex? Sure, it was 60 minutes of cameras zooming in on the chests and crotches of slinky models dressed in clothes that would get their designers booted off Project Runway. But the show also tried to do a number of things at once: Give you a sense of what it’s like backstage; give the impression that the women in these clothes are just one big happy, happy family; and give you fantasies of both of those experiences that might move you to buy some version of these clothes for your girlfriend, wife, or, I don’t know, your best pal or your grandmother, probably. Victoria’s Secret isn’t picky.

The show had the models describing each other: Lily is “smokin’ hot!” Rosie is, by common agreement, “this sexy bomb!” Chanel is “the baby Angel.” And all concur: “We’re like a complete family.” If so, where was The Stern Dad?

Katy Perry fit right in, in a periwinkle bathing-suit-with-puffy-marshmallow-hip-wings and high-heeled sneakers. The only item out of place in this fantasy-girl’s image was the big wedding-ring from Russell Brand — the rest of the girls on this show were supposed to be suggestively available, not taken, like the recently married Perry.

The show was sweet in its attempt to swaddle this ogle-fest in educational information. A segment narrated by model, er, AngelĀ  Candice Swanepoel was shot in black and white, perhaps to remind us of great documentary footage by masters from Robert Flaherty to Frederick Wiseman. Candice described her inner process: “As my transformation begins, I start to prepare myself mentally; you can almost hear people’s hearts start beating faster.”

The whole hour was gleefully lascivious amusement, a long commercial for people who don’t get the company’s catalog in the mail. Or who keep the catalogs in hermetically sealed bags, catalogued by date.

Next week in the same time period, we get The Good Wife back. Come to think of it, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the sort of TV Chris Noth’s Peter Florrick would probably be glued to.

Did you watch?

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  • kitza

    Sorry, but Katy Perry looked pathetically plain and lame next to these impossibly gorgeous angels. WHY do Katy’s outfits look like she’s wearing a pair of diapers under her grannie panties? Nothing worse than an ill-fitting crotch. Unseemly – yeeech- just like her new hubby.

    • jessie

      Maybe because Katy is considered “fat” next to the models and that was the best they could do for Victora’s Secret outfits for plus-size gals.

      • whatevs

        Maybe Katy isn’t fat, but she is definitely out of shape. Lack of exercise more than anything.

      • Danielle

        This body snarking on Katy Perry is offensive! She is a beautiful, confident woman with an amazing body. She looked fabulous on the show–better than some of the very thin models (P.S. I watched the show last night on TV, but I was also there the live taping so saw all these ladies in person)

      • Karl dunkleberger

        Katy was far and above the sexiest, and most delish! Perhaps because she has thighs! and not just a “lift and seperate” chest?
        She didroll hereyes a couple of times , so i guess there were multiple tapeings! Still fun!
        Over played was the girls love of the “WINGS”

      • Kristen

        Katy presumably has a “Talent” other than walking around in her underwear. As for body size, the “Angels” are considerably larger than actual runway models but are more like “bunnies” in proportions than people. Did they have a “reall” versus “fake” show this year or are they all still lumped together?

    • tracy bluth

      My roommate and I came to the conclusion that Rosie looks like a man, so…I’d say Katy Perry is at least prettier than her.

    • LaurenAZ

      The crotch is insane!

  • mac

    The fact that people watch this display pretty much seals the fact that civilization is more or less on the same level as barbarians of thousands of years ago. More than the fact that it offensive to anyone with a conscience, its actually pretty stupid too.

    • whatevs

      If it helps, they are trying to appeal to women, not men.

      • mac

        That actually makes it worse. For a society that prides itself on bridging the gender gap, this is a leap in the wrong direction.

      • whatevs

        Well, I don’t find it offensive when you consider everything else that’s on TV. I find Two and a Half Men more detrimental to women, whereas the VS fashion show is just fluff.

        Difference of opinion I suppose.

    • jaysus

      don’t be ridiculous mac. barbarians didn’t underwire bras, much less the technological ability to pull off a VS fashion show.

      • jaysus

        *didn’t HAVE

    • kst

      I am a straight woman and not offended at all by this event. It is tatefully done, fun and super creative – it is a show. If you don’t like it – don’t watch it.

      • Stacey

        I agree

      • Anonymous

        I agree. People need to cam down and stop taking everything so serious. It’s fun and enntertaining.

      • Aaron

        thank you..

    • George M

      Get a life, “Mac” — or get a better sense of perspective. This runway show hardly qualified as a major contributor to the decline of civilization! “Two and a Half Men, “The Office,” and most “reality” shows are worse offenders in that regard.

    • Alex C

      I agree, as a female, I thought it was pretty stupid, you’re not selling the item at the end, they flouncing around in bras and panties? Is it suppose to make the average woman who does not have body like that feel good about themselves??

      • Anonymous

        If you have confidence already, this show will not offend you or make you feel badly about yourself. Perhaps you should stop blaming VS for your insecurities and hit a gym?

    • Aaron

      Your ignoranT never comment again.. theres no room for your nonsense on the internet.

      • Aaron

        wrong person this is for the dumbass who compared this to barbaric times

      • Katherine

        Kat, you’ve done a great job of making us look good. You’re so frdeliny, easy to work with, and always in the right place. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing the complete set of pictures.

  • beth

    i watched it, actually for the first time! I have spent so much money there i feel as if i funded the fashion show! lol! i get the books, i shop in stores and online, i will never give up my angel card!!!

  • Lauren

    I told my husband we could watch it but he wanted to watch college basketball…I would have rather watched the “fashion” show.

  • Lasha

    Seriously? You’re recapping a lingerie fashion show and ignoring the best season finale ever??!!! Why does EW cover this crap and not great TV like Sons of Anarchy??!!

    • ac

      I agree! There were some pretty great shows on last night and they cover this…ugh!

      • Lovemodeling

        Everybody has to stop complaining about models and what they do right or wrong its their passion and its their career they love doing this and i’m also in this industry it’s what we love to do that’s all !! they are beautiful women whats so bad bout showing it off and doing what they love ?
        just my oppinion … <3

      • Lee

        The photos are falbuous. Saw so many things that we did not have an opportunity to see at the wedding. Like a the beautiful wedding cake. The pictures bring back all the fun memories we have from Mark and Jody’s special Day. It was all so fun.

  • voiceofreason

    This just in… Books still exist, and unlike this display of unapologetic garbage, they can still have a positive impact on society. If people stopped shopping there and actually watching this sad excuse for entertainment, it really would go away.

  • Sharon

    Once again, this show was blacked-out. The models were so thin, they look sickly. The only black in the show was Akon. When you think that race doesn’t matter, Victoria secret let us know that it does matter. This is just white mens way of saying that his women are prettier. The other race should take offense to this. I spend at least $500.00 on bras and panties…no more shopping at Victoria secret. Let all the other race boycott their stores.

    • @Sharon

      Not all of the women are white you retard. Adriana Lima is Brazilian, for example.

      • banshee

        “Brazilian” is a race? The rules keep changing. But if the show is trying to appeal to women, as potential customers of VS, it failed. Looked,like a girly show to me, which is fine if you’re a red-blooded guy. And a two minute commercial for Lane Bryant underwear gets pulled off the air…

    • Wym

      There is more than one “other race”. But since you seem to be soooo focused on race, maybe that’s all you see.

    • JohnnyO

      Sharon, Don’t be a races dope! People that keep calling others races are probably more races then they are. There were lots of different races there. Oh if Black is what you mean. I did see a black chick there too. She did look very hot.
      Humm… I’m just thinking now. How is a black girls crotch area? Can it look smooth and nice looking with no pubic hairs showing when wearing those slim panties?

      • love2025

        mine is

    • Genie

      I do belive Selita Ebanks was in it too.

      • Genie


    • Danielle

      I think you need to watch the show again–what about Selita Ebanks? Emanuela De Paula? Chanel Iman? Lais Ribeiro? There were women of color in the show–Latina, West Indian, Asian, Brazilian etc. I daresay VS has the most diverse runway out there–relative to most.

    • Julie

      You are the one who is being racist! Why are things always about black and white? There are plenty of shows with all black people and white people don’t complain. You need to stop making things this way.

    • jaysus

      sharon, obviously the panties you bought are the “super easy to get bunched up in a wad” type. did you even watch the show? btw your grammar is atrocious you disgusting hag. what’s your race anway sharon? keep in mind, “mentally disabled” is not a race.

    • Brookie B

      UMMM . . .if you watched Akon’s performance then you should have seen that Chanel Iman (a BLACK Angel) walked first during his song wearing her “first wings”!!

    • Laila

      oh brother!! no black?? clearly you have not watched many of the shows…some of the most beautiful black female models have been and are still on that runway……

    • michelle

      oh, boo hoo. how many asians were in that show? how many hispanics were in that show? it’s not just black and white anymore. not to mention, THERE WERE BLACKS. maybe if you weren’t so focused on looking for “discimination”, you’d actually see them.

      • love2025


  • Helen

    Watched it with jealousy, wishing I was 20 years younger, 30 pounds lighter and 3 inches taller. Oh well, looks like everyone was having fun, especially the guys in the audience.

    @Ken – “Slinky models dressed in clothes that would get their designers booted off Project Runway” – I actually thought PR should do a VS rip-off epi.

  • jets

    I thought it was really fun. What’s offensive about flaunting the best of human beauty and fantasy in a celebratory way? And for a runway show about underwear, they do use ample creativity. I only wish my favorite ever model, Laetitia Casta was with the company when they did these shows.

  • casey

    I don’t mind Victoria Secret. They seem kinder to women than most fashion shows. They still have women model that have had 3 kids (KLUM) and women in there mid 30’s! Don’t know of many other fashion shows that would do that.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. For the fashion industry, they are incredibly respectful of women. Tyra Banks has said multiple times that they have never once told her to look a certain way or lose any amount of weight… and she was starting to get a little thicker (for model standards) towards the end of her career.

  • gazebo

    Does anyone really wear these sexy get-ups in Real Life? I don’t think so. It was a fun one hour fluffy show. I think my husband enjoyed it more than I did.

  • girl watcher

    You used to see more bare skin on ANY episode of NYPD Blue than one of these Victoria’s Secret shows!!! It’s absolutely masterful how the cameras cut away from EVERY bare butt (except 2 or 3 lightning-quick flashes) for an ENTIRE hour!!!

  • Laz

    I don’t know why anyone would waste their time watching an hour of “christian” porn commerical. Sexy ? Beautiful ? hardly. Glamourized crap- definitely.

    • Brandi

      Oh. stop being such a miserable person. These are some of the most beautiful women in the world going out there and having fun doing what they do. The show was amazing.

    • Laila

      awww wazup Laz? can’t wear none of that stuff???? don’t hate!

  • Howard

    I have it recorded. It’s a tour de force every year. I mean sure, the plot just goes back and forth for the most part, but the acting is phenomenal. I mean, you really BELIEVE that Adriana Lima is a gorgeous super-model.

  • Melissa

    An avid VS fan, I caught the Fashion Show for the first time. While I enjoyed the ornate angel costumes, it was hard not to notice the protruding hip bones on at least 3 models. Also noticed this detail was camouflaged on many others with added detail around their hips. ::shiver:: Jets- this is less about flaunting “human beauty” than a feminine ideal. I’ll still buy their clothes, but may probably won’t watch again unless VS does a mandatory minimum BMI for their models.

    • JCK

      “Protuding hip bones” and “mandatory minimum BMI” for Victoria’s Secret models?? Oh man, I can only imagine what you must be like in person: wretched.

    • casey

      Not all women have huge breasts and hips. I thought it was nice that they had some flat chested thin women. It is natural in some women. I think VS is trying to help every woman feel sexy

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