The banned Craig Ferguson 'Doctor Who' cold open: See it here

When The Late Late Show did its recent Doctor Who salute-show, Craig Ferguson was mightily cheesed off that the big production number he’d taped for the start of the hour was cut at the last minute because someone didn’t get the rights to use the music. Well, it was just a matter of time before it leaked:

This is funny indeed, but you should check out the entire Craig interview with Matt Smith as well.

For more: Craig Ferguson and ‘Doctor Who': A marriage made in TARDIS

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  • What


    • Roger Sterling

      Why does CBS and Craig think anyone in the US gives a crap about Dr Who. It’s for uber-nerds in England only.

      • DW

        You’re wrong, Roger Sterling, we American uber-nerds also love Doctor Who.

      • Emilee

        We, Canadian uber-nerds, love Doctor Who!

      • Bekkah

        You’re SO very wrong… we ubernerds in the US LOVE Doctor Who!

      • el chango

        this Mexican likes Doctor Who. I just discovered it on BBC American when I was looking for Top Gear.

      • Brooke

        It’s cute how wrong you are.

      • jeannette

        Dr. Who is AMAZING and we love it here in the USA!

      • legally_bored

        You are so wrong Mr Troll, because this Chilean uber nerd loves doctor who!

      • Biff

        300+ million people in the U.S. and Roger is in all our heads! NOOO!!!

      • Anei

        International Uber-Nerds, Unite.
        Doctor Who is fantastic, and this? One word only: Fabulous.

      • suzyq

        Uber-nerd in the US. Been watching Who since it was on PBS in the 1980’s (after the kids programs…wrong time slot for it, but it got me hooked.)

      • Denice

        I’m not even an uber nerd. I just LOVE Doctor Who. So there.

      • Chris

        Intellect and Romance triumphs over Brute Force, Cynicism and Trolls.

      • International Ubernerd

        There’s a lot more Dr. Who fans in America than Roger Sterling fans. Go find something else you don’t understand to ruin! This just happens to be awesome.

      • KRibbons

        Indie college kids love it too.

      • Tim Priest

        who did you get to type the big words for you Roger?

      • kurt Bergeron

        Yeah no kidding, I live in Boston and I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was 4 years old.

      • Grace Burke

        hahahahahahaha man you just got proved so wrong, i can only imagine your shame…

  • Alegna

    It’s two of my favorite things coming together in a hodge podge of goodness…Doctor Who and Craig Ferguson. And people don’t believe in Santa Claus!

  • MN

    That’s Orbital’s song, not the BBC theme of Doctor Who. What was the big deal?

    • Dave-O

      um.. maybe it was Orbital that didnt let them?

    • Niko

      I imagine the Orbital tune was the substitute.

      • Beru

        Who’s Orbital? Sounded a lot like the right theme song to me, and I’m old enough and English enough to have watched Dr. Who since the first episode on British TV!
        Now I’m a Canadian uber-nerd and great granny who still watches the Dr in his umpteenth incarnation, and he still rocks. Mind you, so does Craig! :-)

    • caliban821

      Actually that is the Doctor Who Theme just somewhat rearranged

      • Adam

        Which… is what Orbital did to the song…

    • hmsljj

      Orbital primary career was from 1989 until 2004.

      The Doctor Who theme song, which is adapted by Ferguson, was written in 1963 by Ron Grainer:

  • Meli

    Wow, the best performed production number they’ve ever done, too! And we had to wait for it to be leaked!

    • esquirrel

      no, it isn’t. I prefer the blonde wigged Mbop version. Classic.

  • Slimjimmy

    F’in GREAT. It’s even funnier if you’ve ever seen a few Dr Who eps. I urge people to give Dr Who a chance. Go to your Netflix queue and add a few shows and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

    • meb2also2

      or just watch on PBS weekly (or BBCA, in the proper season)….

      • MK

        Not on PBS here. Only BBCA. It used to be great whey Syfy aired it and I could see them, but I missed S4 & 5 because I don’t get BBCA and don’t have Netflix.

      • Kristen

        Write or call your PBS station. Here in mid-IL we are just getting Mtt Smith. I am up to date thanks to BBCA but Doctor Who should be watched late at night on PBS.It is disruptive to see Katy Perry zit ads in the middle of the Doctor.

      • Red

        At last they have got the overall prooortipns of the Police Box correct. The lintel above the door is still not authentic though. My only reservations are that the Tardis looks new, like a toy just taken out of its box. It needs a bit of weathering. Also, like the Tardis in the last 4 series, they draw attention to the wood grain. Why? Police Boxes were concrete, with teak doors. The Tardis prop was always made out of wood or, later on, fibre glass. But we were never meant to know that. The original Tardis prop was painted with a special coating to make it look more like concrete. But I am pleased to see this design reverting (with some minor differences) to the original.The Hartnell Tardis and Peter Cushing Tardis were similar, true, but the Cushing one had a taller roof and the doors opened outwards, like real police boxes. Both had the St John Abulance badge, as did most of the Metropolitan police boxes.

  • Meggy

    doctor who yay

    • Jessica

      Well I hope those who wrote him off before even senieg a frame of his portrayal have enjoyed eating their words. Yummy, bad words, mmmm!Matt is a very enjoyable Doctor, I’d go so far as to say that he has screen presence: you miss him when the camera isn’t on him. His odd, unpredictable and quite alien but British!Relax: The show is not dead, the cast are not rubbish, the Tardis looks fine inside and out, the writing is as good as you’d expect from Mr Moffat, the costume evolves as the show goes on and his hair is nice and bohemien like Tom Baker’s or Mr Downey jr’s Sherlock Holmes. In fact, Smith plays him like Downey Jr’s Holmes: a bit barking but you utterly trust him. He’ll be great and many people will grow up with him as their Doctor just as they should.

  • Geoffrey Petersen

    Craig is hands down the best late show…in your pants!

  • Mike

    Craig sucks, but Doctor Who rocks.

    • MN

      Half right. Half wrong.

    • Gretchen

      Incorrect. Craig kicks butt, Doctor Who also kicks butt.

  • Molly

    CRAIG FTW. best late-night show out there.

  • Amber

    I always thought you didn’t need the rights to do a spoof, which is essentially what I thought that was. Great job, as always though, Craig.

  • bri

    The Craig Ferguson show is a nightly miracle of funny. Last night: Salman Rushdie dancing to the arrival of 2 guys in a horse suit. Joy.

  • Allan

    Thanks, Ken – I’ve wanted to see this. The way Craig opened the show after he learned the production number couldn’t go on was also awesome.

  • wg

    I was there for the taping – Craig really was seriously annoyed they couldn’t do this live for the show – I think this was the rehearsal version. They showed it to us at the taping and we thought it was great. Surprised it took this long to “leak”. LOL

    • Dreggor Gade

      Why do you say it was the rehearsal version? Is the music a different version (somehow)?

  • Lucy

    So happy this finally leaked! That whole episode was hilarious. Love Doctor Who.

    • Daniele

      It’s worth watching the next two dunevtares, the first one involving a future iconic monster and then the first (two part) adventure when the first batch of budget had clearly run out. This trio of dunevtares do end up with the dynamic slowly changing and the start of the first proper Team Tardis. It is the last time we see the Doctor quite so openly prepared to commit murder to get rid of an inconvenient caveman. However it is interesting to see the Doctor so distrusted by his companions, as they’re clearly terrified that he’ll dump them in the stone age so that they won’t be able to tell anybody about the Tardis. A subtle moment, but when they note that the Tardis hasn’t changed to blend in with its surroundings, the Doctor is clearly very disturbed indeed. Something has broken and he obviously isn’t sure if he can fix it. Susan is rather tragic here. Her teachers notice her because she doesn’t fit in at all whilst Susan is begging to stay because she’s never felt so much as though she’s belonged somewhere with friends. The outsider who doesn’t even realise how much of an outsider she actually is.

  • dee123

    Only a few weeks till the Xmas special!

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