'Saturday Night Live' recap: No turkey whenever host Anne Hathaway was onscreen

In a shocking move, Saturday Night Live began its Anne Hathaway-hosted show this week with an opening political sketch that was actually pretty funny. Read the full post.

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  • javi

    i thought this episode was realy awesome her imitation of katie holmes was very funny the mega mart skit was hillarious the horses soundtrack was very cool the hole show was good.

  • kt

    Anne Hathaway truly shined last night- she was absolutely aces. Right now , she is the best SNL host this t.v. season. Plus, Anne was one of the best SNL host during the 2008-2009 t.v. season. I was blown away with Hathaway’s relaxed and comfortable demeanor on the SNL stage, this is a rarity with most SNL hosts. After seeing her wonderful take on Wizard of Oz, I can’t wait to see her (still- in- development ) film biopic of Judy Garland. Anne’s Kate Middleton skit was delicious , plus she acted with a flawless British accent. I’m sure Tom Cruise and his Scientologist zealots will not be happy about Anne’s impeccable interpretation of Katie Holmes- they never have a sense of humor.

    Ken, I disagree with you, Hathaway was first-rate last night.

    • greety

      “After seeing her wonderful take on Wizard of Oz, I can’t wait to see her (still- in- development ) film biopic of Judy Garland.” if this is true…..I am in great anticipation…I thought Anne was perfect as Dorothy

      • kt

        Yes, Harvey Weinstein’s company is developing a film and broadway play based on the life of Judy Garland. Anne will star in both productions.

  • Timothy Beagley

    That’s me, they ripped me off…

  • kt

    I have to give a shout out to Jay Pharoah’s stupendous delivery of Jay Z, Drake, and Biggie Smalls. He was mind- blowingly good.

    • mel

      Jay Z was spot on but Biggie was not. This sounds crazy to say but Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Biggie was better.

    • mscisluv

      His Jay Z was INCREDIBLE! Drake was fine (not so much to impersonate, really), and Biggie was actually pretty good.

  • Jobless

    Favorite sketches were the Wizard of Oz and Mega-Mart. Oz was great because of the dead on impressions of the 4 main characters and Mega-Mart was the only one that had me full on laughing out loud consistently.

    • Eric

      The Mega-Mart skit was very funny. I was surprised to find myself laughing during SNL.

  • Francis Dec

    What is this Saturday Night Live?
    A television show perhaps? I understand hundreds of people watch television on any given Saturday night.

  • gueman

    Florence and the Machine…perhaps the worst sound I ever heard from a human. and She/He (not sure because it looked like a Tranny) is going to open for U2 this summer. I know the opening act is supposed to make you want the Headliner even more…but she is going to make the 70K want to shove a lit sparkler through their ears. And here we are in 2010 2 years into the Obama administration and SNL is still making GWB Jokes! They have not done any scathing Obama skits all season. And only one that made fun of China and GWB more that Obama. What are they scared of? Why is Obama off limits?

    • Jobless

      I just wanted to concur that Florence was horrible. I couldn’t believe reading Ken’s recap and the comments that everyone loved her. Not my cup of tea at all.

      • j

        Ok thank GOD someone else noticed it. I thought maybe I was crazy – I haven’t heard anyone that flat since Ashlee Simpson.

      • Chappel

        Yeah, she’s not my cup of tea either. Not a big fan of atonal wailing. I guess I’m not hip enough to gush over singers who can’t sing in tune.

    • Jen

      Florence is the worst sound you have ever hear from a human? Pray tell, what kind of music do you like? Taylor Swift? Ke$ha? Come on, tell us! Florence is a breath of fresh air in this age of hits mentality. Her sound is different, adventurous, and flourishing. And yes, her features are a bit masculine but there is no need to be mean.

      • j

        I happen to like the songs on the radio and I think the girl has a great tone – however, anyone with any musical training or an ear at all HAS to admit that she was terribly, awfully, cringe-inducingly flat. Embarrassingly so, in fact – if it had been me on stage, I would have been pretty upset with myself afterwards. I’m not knocking the songs or even the tone of her voice – it was purely a pitch thing – she might have hit maybe 5 notes correctly the whole night. Just the way it is, sorry.

      • j

        oh, and also, i happen to think she is very attractive, albeit unconventionally. she was just plain old flat vocally.

      • LOL

        J is a Simon Cowell wannabe and Gueman is a teabagger. Lame.

      • Ron

        She stole the show at the MTV video awards and I think thats why they were booked on SNL. I’ve also heard her sound good on Ellen so not sure what happened this week.

    • greety

      Florence and the Machine seems like an over the top mature Christina Aguilara….Whoever is booking the music for SNL has blown it this season. What happened to the days when they had rock-n-roll and singers that were actually at the top, not trying to get there?
      —I think the SNL writers are afraid to actually spoof Obama and would rather take the easy (and played out) target of GWB. It is not ‘popular’ to mock Obama…although I would rather see Jay Pharaoh do an Obama impression that Fred Armison.

    • PJ

      SNL has better comedic material to work with than the last three Presidents. An out of touch old fart, cheater who couldn’t keep his fly zipped, idiot who bankrupts the country by plunging it into a useless war. Right wingers hate to hear it, but Obama is intelligent and communicates well. Same reason why Reagan was hardly touched on SNL. Plus, they haven’t worked Pharoah into doing the impression yet.

    • Amy Lee

      If you idiots were to look up some of her performances, you’d see why she was chosen to be U2’s headliner. Has it ever occurred to you hip dorks that she was having an off night, like most good singers do? I’m pretty sure some of your favorite singers have had nights where they sounded unbearably bad, suppose someone checking them out for the first time on that occasion decided that they sucked.

  • Jay b

    Hathaway did a nice job and it was nice to have a show that wasn’t dominated by Wig. Wig is never ever funny.

    • WigWam

      Even when Wiig doesn’t dominate the show, people still insult her. Real mature guys.

      This was a great episode!

      • norma jean

        Wiig blows!

      • Eric

        I just don’t understand why they continue to air her recurring skits, they’re just not funny. It sort of baffles me. Perhaps the writers don’t have enough material?

  • sue ann nivens

    “Call me Debra!” Hysterical Queen Liz. At least the episodes are (seemingly) getting better…or maybe it was just having a better host.

  • Chappel

    Pretty good episode. I thought Hathaway was great in everything she was in and especially loved the Wizard of Oz skit. She dead-on nailed a lot of Judy Garland’s physical and vocal mannerisms in that film as well as throwing in some fresh bits like her annoyance and exasperation with the Weather Vane. Her flash of anger when he said “I’m talking” cracked me up.

  • tg

    Tho’t this was one of the better SNLs of late. Anne is always terrific. LOVE her. The show moved quickly, and I actually laughed several times. And Florence ROCKS!!

  • PJ

    Her Katie Holmes impression was awesome.

  • Bosco

    Ken, it looked to me like “Toto” was a fake dog, a puppet that Anne manipulated once in a while. SNL has played that game before, especially in various cat sketches.

    I see no point in listing what I liked or didn’t like; everyone has their own opinion. But…SNL still relies on recognition humor. If you don’t care about Maddow, or Miley, or rappers, those routines fall completely flat because they aren’t joke-powered.

    Lastly, I was impressed with Anne’s ability in comedy and her singing voice. Rare when SNL gives its hosts a chance to stretch and stretch well.

    • mel

      It looked like a real dog to me.

    • LOL

      It was a real dog. Look at its face again.

      • Suhel

        It would really have been great if j2me sproupt would have been implemented for iPhone. It’s sad if the deal has been called off. Is iPhone SDK still available for mac or do we have any version or equally good alternative for Windows platfrom as well?

    • Lime

      He yawned at one point. It was a real dog.

  • Shannon

    Jay Pharoah and his impressions are my new favorite part of SNL! Vanessa Bayer’s Miley Cyrus is also dead on. I really enjoyed Anne Hathaway last night…she threw herself into every sketch and you could tell that she was having a blast.

  • gary

    The beautiful Anne Hathaway is a brilliant comic actress with a great ear for voices. The whole cast is really talented even if the show isn’t always very funny. Florence has a great act but her singing was pretty awful last night and it looked like she knew it at times. I think they should get Alison Brie to host sometime soon.

    • Erica

      Allison Brie would be hilarious but also I think Joe Mcale or any of the community people would be funny as a host

      • Maureen

        YES to Joel McHale! I hope we get to see him host soon!

      • dawnomite

        mmmmmmmmmmmmmm joel mchale. yes please.

      • Woohoo

        Yes!!! Joel McHale FTW but I wouldn’t be pissed to see Donald Glover either. He’s beyond funny and charming. Not famous enough yet though…

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