'Sarah Palin's Alaska' premiere review: 'Mama Grizzly' fishes, climbs mountains, protects her young

Tune in to Sarah Palin’s Alaska to behold the beauty and the wonder, the harshness barely concealed beneath the glacial calm, the wildness that coexists with glowing serenity.

And the show itself is interesting, too.

Certainly this docu-series from the channel that gave us the Gosselins and the Duggars was family-friendly with cheerful aggressiveness. The debut episode, entitled “Mama Grizzly,” framed the former governor of Alaska the way it frames most of TLC’s clan narratives, with careful editing for the maximum positive representation, and with its subject issuing proclamations that are unassailably true¬† (“I love this state like I love my family”).

The idea behind this series is to show the Palin family in its natural habitat, at home and taking road trips across the state, engaging with nature. Thus in the premiere, we saw Palin and family head into “bear country for some salmon fishing,” thereby capturing two or three species for the price of one adventure. There was some wonderful footage of the bears and their cubs (give the show credit: it’s the one time the term “mama grizzly” is used), and I am a sucker for fishing on (or outside of) TV — doesn’t matter who’s behind the reel, I’ll watch ‘em cast and pull in a few of our finny friends.

There was a subplot that’s a subtext to Sarah Palin’s Alaska, however: That darned ol’ media and its inescapability. The hour spent more time that I’d have though it would with shots of, and Palin’s comments on, the house that author Joe McGinniss has commandeered to keep close tabs on the Palins while writing an unauthorized book about them.

The subject is initially brought up casually, without mention of McGinniss’ name, as though the entire TLC viewership knows all about the mini-controversy. Palin refers to their “new neighbor”; husband Todd describes the author as “writing a hit piece on my wife.” Todd has erected a fence to block McGinniss’ view, and then Palin cannot resist a political spin on the effort: “This is what we need to do to protect our nation’s borders.”

“Is he takin’ picture?” Sarah asks Todd and her family, peering over at the house at that “dude out to git-cha!” (McGinniss’ face is hidden from our view.) “It’s none of his flippin’ business!” she yips. At this point, she’s starting to seem a tad obsessed… and remember, this is on a show designed to make her look good, to look like an ordinary wife and mother. She decides to use the presence of McGinniss as a teaching moment: “He’s stuck inside writin’ an ugly book,” she tells her children, while the Palins, by contrast, are out exploring the wonders of Alaska. That is, whenever she’s not in her home TV studio, connecting with Fox News in New York and trading talking points with Bill O’Reilly. (We see Todd manning the camera.)

Granted, most of us could not afford the huge bus or private planes the Palins take to sally forth on their adventures, but it is fun and impressive to see Sarah and Todd go rock climbing. She struggles mightily against a side of rock that would leave me quailing and ready to give up, but Palin persists and succeeds. This is Sarah at her most winning. There are also moments when we see glimpses of her parenting, as when she prevents a male friend of daughter Willow’s to follow the girl up to her bedroom, that are briskly efficient. (This, despite the fact that the boy sneaks a run upstairs anyway before Palin calls them downstairs.)

Just as the early, pre-scandal days of Jon + Kate Plus 8 had an agenda (in that case, it was “large families are super-great!”), so does Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which turns out to be, “large families are super-great, so why are we persecuted?” There’s a needless air of embattled pride here that mars the otherwise-lovely surroundings.

Did you watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska?

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  • bob

    Even though Alaska is a gorgeous state, I have no intention of watching this. More pro-right BS.

    • Sharlin

      I topped watching TLC the minute this show was announced. It makes me sick. The only good thing is that every thing Palin says here will be used against her if she ever runs for ANY office.

      • joblo

        It’s funny, comments like this. If you actually watched the show you’d be surprised – and you wouldn’t find anything that can be “used against her” either. I really enjoyed it. I used to live in Alaska years ago and loved seeing the beautiful scenery and majestic mountains that I miss. It’s great to be able to catch a glimpse of the wild again.

      • Justagirl

        There is something really disturbing about a Vice-Presidential candidate doing a reality show.

      • jmshaw

        Your hate looks ugly on you, kid. Sarah is one of the most influential people on the planet, and has done nothing to hurt you. I notice libs use hate as a tool of attack, but your hate doen’t hurt her a bit–but it may one day destroy you.

      • Hub

        So what jmshaw, you fightin’ hate with hate? Good plan. Efective.

      • Liz

        @Justagirl, she’s no longer a VP candidate. She is free to do as she pleases. I don’t get all of the Sarah Palin hate. I find her charming. She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she has her wits about her. It’s not like she’s forcing herself upon you. The funny thing about the world today is it’s very easy to tune someone out if you don’t want to hear about them. Stop reading the stories, change the news channel when she’s on. You can do it, I have faith.

      • Lily

        Agree 100% Sharlin. I stopped watching TLC the minute this show was announced. I’m passionate about the welfare of animals; I don’t eat or wear them and support every cause I can that that protects them. I could never watch a TV show featuring a woman who shoots animals from helicopters.

      • Barb

        TLC has lost a viewer. This is nothing but a political add. By the way, are you paying for Jon and Kate’s kids therapy??? You should be ashamed of your “programming”.

      • K. Harker

        Liz, she IS trying to force herself on me. In fact, she wants to be my president. If not, I couldn’t care less about her. But when fools get delusions of grandeur, it’s scary.

      • mike

        @John: This show isn’t aboutAlaska. Alaska is being exploited by Pallin and her selfish ambitions. Stop lying to yourself and see things for what they are. There is a very good reason why people are reacting this way, and it has nothing to do with how majestic Alaska is.

      • mike

        @jmshaw: Pallin’s influence is negative, not positive. Forget about her political views, take agood look at her actions since she abandoned the Governorship of Alaska. Clearlly, the woman is driven. Greed, ambition, and fame are her main objectives. It’s called common sense, not hatred.

      • Wow Weak Minds

        You have been soo trained by your leaders you stop doing what you like because someone you really don’t know gets a show. Ever read any Orwell or Huxley… I recommend it before you get an invite for Carousel on your 30th birthday.

      • Justagirl

        @Liz where did I ever use the word hate in my post? I just happen to think what she is doing is tacky and unbecoming of someone who may run for President and who has run for Vice-President. I would still think it was tacky if it were the Bushes Texas or the Clintons.

      • Nan

        @Justagirl: I do think the behavior of politicians is becoming less and less dignified. I have to say that as much as I don’t care for Sarah Palin, I find the fact that former President Clinton will be appearing in The Hangover 2 MUCH more disturbing than this.

      • And?

        How do you feel about a sitting President doing comedy shows and a former president doing cameos in ruanchy R rated commedies as Bill Clinton appears to be doing with the Hangover II

      • Person Who Talks

        @jmshaw: Are you by any chance Jim Shaw, the former mayor of Rapid City, SD? If so, stop with the hate speech and for God’s sake don’t f*cking use the word “libs”, it gives all us sane republicans a bad name…that is all…

      • planet Earth

        @jmshaw: the planet is WAY bigger than the US. She is NOT one of the most influential people in the planet.

      • Person Who Talks

        And I completely agree with Nan. As much as I’m not a Palin fan (I have no intention to watch this show, and in my opinion, Palin can even give Bill Maher a run for his money when it comes to poisonous speech) I am much more annoyed by how our current President is wasting his valuable time sitting in on celebrity talk shows or comedy bits and I find the fact that Pres. Clinton is going to be in The Hangover to be rather appaling.

      • Monty @ Lisa

        I love animals too, especially delicious ones ;)

      • John

        You “topped” watching? And what grade are you in?

      • Ripley

        That’s because your a petty bitch and such a left wing liberal youv’e forgotten that you’re a person not your political agenda. But thanks for giving us normal people a chance to laugh at what a douch you are !!!

    • LOL

      Who would watch this other than Teabaggers?

      • Tim Powers

        You are an idiot.

      • Barry

        That’s true. Kinda like who would watch Nobama, “Joy” Blowhard, Whoopi Goldberg & their ilk except Socialists.

      • Bristol

        I love my mother. She is working so hard just to let me win Dancing With the Stars. I say I’m friends with Brandy and Jennifer but they suck. I hate them and I don’t really care if Brandy goes cause she’s black so is Kyle. Yeah mom!!! Thank you and I love you. :)

      • EdS

        Thank you..all keep posting. Most people in America are nice and like other people. So the more you post hate against Palin and her family and use profane names for millions of voters the more most people don’t want to be like you and start to feel empathy for her. Keep up the good work of making liberalism look really ugly. GOP couldn’t do more to make people sick of the left.

      • Person Who Talks

        @Barry: Please, please, if you have any sanity and/or decency stop with the childish nicknames and slogans! I’ve spent quite a while trying to prove that not all republicans are Glenn Beck clones and there you go and completely counter my arguement. Please, this country will be made better by reasonable discussion and compromise on behalf of the right and the left, not childish rallying-crys like “Nobama”, “It’s Bush’s Fault”, “Socialist” “Tea-Bagging Moron” or my favorite, “The other side is just full of brainwashed crazies”! C’mon people, Bush was not behind the 9-11 attacks, Obama was very much born in this country, people on the are not all simply “racist b*stards”, and people on the left are not all simply “socialists”. And while were talking about problems this country is facing, will someone please tell me what the f*ck the Kardashians did to be famous?!!!!!!

      • Tim CONROY

        The good people of CANADA love Ms. Palin and see her as a real slice of Canadian BACON, served with attitude and a side of HOCKEY. I love my Healthcare.

      • anonymous

        You are so right. The same conservative that are voting for Bristol. It proves republicans have to taste. ;)

      • John

        15 million “Tea Baggers” and growing. Woot!

      • SJ

        What poliitical affiliation do you have to have to watch Fringe? I LOVE Fringe.

      • Leontyne Hines

        Republicians do not have taste. They are voting for Palin because they are all sick loud country haters. They know and yoiu know that Sarah Palin has issues, she is upset because she lost in the election with mccain. And that is not the worse thing yet-let her try to run for president. There is not a snow ball chance in hell that her unlearned,(dumb) self would win not even with her sick teabaggers.

      • btgoss

        The problem is that roughly 25% of America loves this woman. Those are basically the same people who call themselves “Tea Party” members.
        The sad things is that these people really feel she is going to make a good President. No amount of evidence can change their minds. Most of them still think the President wasn’t really born here!
        Reason is poison to them, and they won’t allow it into their minds.
        And I too have stopped watching TLC and most Discovery programming. I am voting with my dollars.
        I really hope that someday soon Sarah Palin and her family will be an early round pop culture question on some stupid game show.

      • Ripley

        lol! Tea baggers!!! I heard ou like to lick the doogasweat off of the actual teabags when their tea bagging you. I’m not saying this is fact, i’m just saying it’s what is being said about you. It’s funny because even it’s not the truth people believe it and don’t think you can hide behind your LOL.

    • Lori

      Watching your new show right now. LOVE IT! GREAT SHOW OF NATURE & BEAUTY. GOD BLESS YOU

      • Lori’s Therapist

        Lori? Who are you talking to dear? Remember what we said about advertising our stupidity?

      • bill

        Ah,So are you a wealthy reality show psuedo wannabe politician that owns a plane yourself?

      • tori

        And I could see Russia from her house!

      • Kathy

        Oh damn…I recognize that nutcase Lori from DWTS comments where she lives up Bristol’s backside while she’s not pressing her lips against Sarah’s. Wish you’d go to Alaska and get eaten by a grizzly.

      • Ripley

        Lori you rock. Um, therapist I thought that we made it perfectly clear to you in group therapy not to steal the real therapists computer and post douchy responses. that’s what got you here in the first place. Now go take your meds.

    • Lilly

      I am so tired of Sarah Palin and her brood. Why were there no other
      people on the show such as neighbors?

      • bill

        they took off to avoid all the commotion or became dinner to a big mamma and her little grizzly bears

      • Jim

        Neighbors? It’s Alaska… it’s one of the bottom five states in population. There are suburban COUNTIES with more people in them.

      • morgan

        amen..only teabaggers get into her..If she is the one they are hoping to put in the election then i can breathe easier.. some comments one of her brood made..pretty racist..they crack me up on dwts calling her a teen activist..wtf

      • John

        Lilly must have been hit by one of those ugly sticks.

    • Muffy

      I don’t even watch shows like that, but I watched hers, and it was pretty good!

      • John

        I think jt is jealous.

    • jtstewart

      NO. No one should watch this crap. She is about as environmentally friendly as an oil spill. Why would anyone want to watch this nobody?!?!?

      • Zak

        Because she’s a former candidate for vice-president of the United States, a former governor, and currently one of the most influential people in the Republican Party. Love her or hate her, she is definitely not a nobody.

      • Kathy

        I wanna see when they film and show her hunting and shooting moose from her helicopter like she did during her VP run. I blame this whole thing on Mc Cain…wtf was he thinking? Bet he’s kicking himself in his saggin ole butt now.

      • Lily

        @Kathy ~ Agree with you 100%.

      • John

        lmao… 4.96 million watched last night. Thats more than the Democrat party got in votes on Nov 2nd.

      • Shannon

        Duh, because she’s hot and has a cutesy voice!

      • Ripley

        Well, I don’t know why your responding, no one cares what you say becuase your a bigger nobody than she is and as far as your concerned about what a nobody she is your really a nobody.

    • SLB

      I refuse to waste one minute of my life on this idiot and her fame wh*re family.

      • Bristol

        SLB – You just did!

      • John

        Hate, hate and more hate… Just have to be Democrats. What a waste of space.

      • lack thereof

        No politics were mentioned in SLB’s comment – just a dislike of Palin. You can’t be a republican and dislike her?

      • Ripley

        Yea, douche! you just did! WTF point are you trying to make. I mean we are all laughing at you now, so that’s cool. I guess I should thank you for the laugh.

    • Well…

      Just the sound of this woman’s voice makes me want to turn the TV off. She’s so fake, so condescending… she rails against the “elite” so often and yet is that through and through.

      I don’t think it’s possible for her to win against Obama or even really to win the GOP nomination. Too extreme.

      She’s a Mama Grizzly not because she’s “tough,” she’s just flat out dangerous. If she’s the future of this country, we have no future.

      • John

        Ah “Well”… Let me guess, its better for the Govt. to take us from cradle to grave. Its better to have the Govt. take care of you rather than you try to rely on you own capabilities. Have you ever thought of moving to china?

      • Mike

        Dangerous? How is Sarah Palin dangerous? It is Obama, Pelosi and Reid that want to take over and have taken over America’s private industries and health care system you fool. Dangerous people use the government to get control over people’s lives and their money, hence their freedom. Everything Sarah Palin stands for is getting the government out of our lives and getting America energy independant. How is that dangerous? You people who are paranoid of Sarah Palin and equally as hateful are fools. Wake up please. You believe it when someone knocks on your door and says, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Your willingness to hand over control of your life to the Federal government is dangerous!!

    • daphne


    • John

      Hey bob… China is looking for you

    • Liz

      Sarah Palin is a wonderful mother and I’m glad that she’s highlighting the beauty of Alaska. But she is a horrible leader, already investigated for budget issues, and someone I do not want in a political office– a politician should never submit to a reality show.

    • DL

      However I am sure that pro-left BS would be fine?

    • Pete

      “Throw Mama Grizzly from the Train!” Now that’s a reality show I would definitely watch!!

      • Ripley

        Pete, that’s funny. So Pete that’s short for Peter right? Isn’t that also the same name that guys nickname their, “Peters” LOL! get it just your name alone means your a d**k.

      • Javier

        On the same day that the Republicans were forced to dtimaracally cut back their convention activities, the Palin Meltdown unfolded with extraordinary speed. It’s worth pondering the totality of what happened today, in a mere half day * The news that Palin once backed the Bridge to Nowhere .* It emerged that Palin ? to the bizarro Alaska Independence Party, which harbors the goal of seceding from the union that McCain and Palin seek to lead.* The news broke that as governor, Palin she now opposes. Taken along with the Bridge to Nowhere stuff, this threatens to undercut her reformist image, something that was key to her selection as McCain’s Veep candidate.* The that Palin’s 17-year-old daughter became pregnant out of wedlock at a time when the conservative base had finally started rallying behind McCain’s candidacy.* Barely moments after McCain advisers put out word that McCain had known of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, the Anchorage Daily News that Palin’s own spokesperson hadn’t known about it only two days ago.* A senior McCain adviser at the Republican convention was forced into the rather embarrassing position of that McCain had known about the pregnancy last week without saying what day last week he knew about it.* It out that Republican lawyers are up in Alaska vetting Palin now, more than 72 hours after it was announced that she’d been picked.* Palin in relation to the trooper-gate probe in Alaska a move that ensures far more serious attention to the story from the major news orgs.What else will come out today? After all, there are still six hours left until September 2nd St Johnny of Hanoi says he vetted her?Right, this from some clown who can’t remember how many houses he has ..

  • marie

    Love the show! addicted

    • Amber

      I agree!

    • jj

      One person posting under different names. Palin is an idiot and followed by like people.

      • RJ

        I am not a Palin fan or hater and I have no intention of watching her show. but it cracks me up at the ignorance. The woman is highly intelligent even though she has a hard time sounding like it. I love how liberals try very hard to make themselves sound liberal (read above quotes). Lorne Michaels, who is one of the most liberal supporting celebrties said it is “scary. how good she actually is.” So it seams the people who truly know her are not afraid to support her. I for one, thinks she would hurt the U.S. foreign affairs because she does come across as an idiot. So, I hope she does not run for President because I am already sick and tired of hearing stupid wannabes trash her. For the conservatives out there, you are also crazy if you think she would ever beat a liberal in the general election.

      • sara

        LMAO – RJ, if you think that Palin is in any way “intelligent” then you are every bit the raging moron she is. This really is pitiful. It’s like the idiots have found their queen.

      • Rob14or15

        Your 2nd sentence nails it!!!!

      • Dawn

        Sarah Palin is not an actress. She is not so good that she could pretend to be so ignorant on many issues. Yes, she is good with her folksie style and talking points…but let’s get real. She won’t talk to anyone but Fox News because she knows her ignorance will show.

      • Tcat

        RJ- You’re right. There’s no way she could match Obama’s status as a world leader. I mean, he just came back from a world wind 10 day trip through Asia and arrived home with….NOTHING…..AGAIN!

        I’m not thrilled at a Palin presidency, but good lord, she can’t be worse than Obama. It is sad that these two are what we have to chose from. Hopefully, someone else will step up to the plate in 2012 because we are headed down the toilet fast.

      • Barry

        Hey Sara..kinda like the idiots have found their Messiah/King…Nobama. At least until 2012 when he receives his walking papers from the American people.

      • Rich

        @Teat… For a party who keeps talking about “job creation,” it’s funny how you think adding 50,0000+ jobs to the U.S. economy is “NOTHING… AGAIN.”

        If you want to see a president worse than Obama, all you have to do is catch one of the many many interviews W. is doing with FOX News, Today, FOX News, and FOX News. From a budget surplus to a $2 trillion deficit. Two wars which failed to capture bin Laden and only strengthened the terrorists. Your civil liberties eroded at the expense of the ‘Patriot Act.’ And economic policies which led to the worst recession since the Great Depression.

        Oh yeah, and the bailout that the Tea Partiers kept blaming on Democrats? Bush’s watch too. And 90% of the jobs that Obama “lost” were already lost barely 2 months into his term.

        It’s like the right-wingers stood idly by while Bush and his cronies took a beautiful mansion, trashed it for 8 years, and set fire to it before they left. And now they’re horrified that the black president hasn’t been able to restore it in 2 years. Guess what? If you think Karl Rove and John Boehner are gonna get this country back on track, you’re dumber than Palin.

      • jtstewart

        So true!

      • EdS

        Any one here notice under Obama the Us standings have hit an all time low? Egypt, Pakistan and other areas he has tried to appeal to have just turned on his weakness. How on earth could she make it worse. The number of people here who know nothing about the world then attack Palin is sad. The Internet at your access and all you can do is repeat what others tell you. No one knows about Palins history of cleaning up corruption in Alaska, of forcing Oil Companies to share more profis with the citizens of Alaska and of making a NG pipeline happen that many didn’t think would happen. I am guess most of you get you opinions from SNL and the Late Show.. which are both comedy shows. I keep seeing people quote Tina Fey as if it were Palin.. because you are too ill informed to know the difference.

      • John

        lol…. Trashing Sarah will not excuse the fools that voted for dumbama. And let me guess, he is the best President that ever walked this planet. His ideas are perfect for America. His economic abilities have proved to be genius.
        And we all should be crazy not to want a one world Govt…. Ya, right. You all sound like communists.

      • Ripley

        JJ-yea, that was really a stupid comment. I mean really. It’s people like JJ who don’t think it’s OK for people to have opinions. So please send me a postcard from Red China. Have a nice trip communist :)

    • Arthur

      To be sure, Mr. Huckabee does have over 11 years experience as Governor and is rletaincy qualified for the job. I further admire Mr. Huckabee’s Pro-Life position and I have no regrets supporting him in the 2008 primary. However, I am quite disappointed in some elements in the Huckabee camp that feel the need to trash Mrs. Palin. It is down right insulting to say that Mrs. Palin’s only qualification is that she did not have an Abortion. I hope you are not making fun of her for having the courage to choose Life. She may be a Governor of a small state, but she is nevertheless the best Governor in our country (maybe the Hemisphere) and a true Conservative. I further find it distasteful that people feel the need to dismiss her community as just 6000. Just because I live in a city that is bigger Mrs. Palin’s does not make me a better person or more qualified for anything. Mrs. Palin was among those who served her country and Conservatism during the campaign and she is worthy of our respect. I for one suspect she won’t end up running in 2012, but regardless, she is worthy of our respect, not our trashing.I am not going to debate the fact that people like Mr. Huckabee have more experience than Mrs. Palin. However, experience is not everything. In Sunday’s Gospel, GOD had just as much respect for the person with two talents than the person with five talents, we need to respect Mrs. Palin for doubling her two talents, not trash her.Since we lost the election, we have given up the right to choose the best candidate. I for one will chose the candidate that is most likely to beat Mr. Obama in 2012 regardless of his or her policies. If the most viable candidate is Mr. Huckabee, fine, if it happens to be Mr. Romney fine, it is happens to be somebody else fine. However, by trashing Mrs. Palin, the Huckabee camp is off to a poor start.Peter, I frankly the find it interesting that you make fun of Mr. Pawlenty’s environmentalism, (which is fine) but you fail to mention that Mrs. Palin’s is a great promoter of Energy Independence. The game of trying to play both ends against the middle is not going unnoticed.OHIO JOE

  • john

    I’m sure she is a decent person, but please….enough already. I can’t even browse the internet any given day without seeing a headline about her. And about her possible presidential candidacy for 2012: If she gets elected, I will be moving to Canada. Enough said.

    • Eric

      Moving to Canada … so you can be closer to “Palin’s Alaska?”

      • SLB

        Know much about geography do you?

    • bill

      john TKO epic statement bro!!

    • JAU

      Good Bye~

    • Ed C

      John, a bit saddened by your comment,it seems that it’s the “progressive” attitude of Yahoo and the nerd squad commentary of these chat frat’s that puts a negative spin on any threat from the right. sounds like you’re getting a bit nervous that obumma is going to reinstate the draft or you’re to tight to take care of your own health care costs… no fear , I still think you’re a nice guy, you just fell into the trap of liberalism 101 in school.

      • Rich

        If the guy who started TWO wars under false pretenses won’t reinstate the draft, pretty sure Obama won’t either.

        I’m more nervous that the “Party Of No” is gonna repeal health care so millionaires don’t have to pay an extra 4.6% in taxes. Yep, Republicans HATE big government… except when it comes to wars, tax cuts, and denying civil rights to people they don’t like.

      • Kevin

        Rich you don’t know what you’re talking about? Republicans hate big government except for tax cuts? How does that even make sense? Less taxes = less government intrusion. Why don’t you go listen to Rachel Madcow again because I think you got it wrong when you tried spewing her talking points.

      • SLB

        The only thing the Republicans give a crap about are rich people.

      • Missed 911? Did you

        I guess you were sleeping in in 9/11. That was the pretense for Afganistan. So if you think that war was under false pretense you pretty much would roll over an let any one kill Americans any time right. Iraq is open to debate.. but Even Obama said Afganistan was a needed war.

      • @SLB

        Yes, that’s why Republicans give more to charities than Democrats. Of course, why should Dems give to charities? That’s obviously the government’s responsibility.

      • John

        SLB…. What are you smoking? I think your brain cells are on vacation.

      • John

        Hold on Shannie….. After he is fired in 2012, he is going to need some place to live. I was thinking about maybe the Yukon.

    • shannie

      We in Canada don’t want you. Sara is liked her, you guys can keep your savior “obama”

      • Leontyne Hines

        Shannie, don’t hate.What has Obama done to you? I detect a little prejudice or jealousy in your tone. Don’t hate, Obama freightens you because he is a smart black man and watch his smoke-He will be relected in 2012 and there is nothing you and your teabaggers and prejudice republicians can dok about it.

  • bdog

    I must wonder what Marie is addicted to to love this show…

    • bill

      @bdog NICE ONE!!!LMEFFINAO!!!

    • bill

      Looks like peer pressure affected AMBER as well lol

  • Amber

    Love her! The show was great and I think she seems so genuine – right or left, it is nice to watch a person who seems true to themselves.

    • Donuts

      She is so true to herself she has a nicely packaged show and is against anyone talking about her… true she is not

      • @Amber

        “Genuine”? “True to herself”? What are you on?

      • lisa

        Watch it again. The state of Alaska is the entertaining part she and her husband are as dull as can be. He doesn’t say anything and she sounds like a cackling busybody.

    • sara

      feel free to come out from under your rock any time dear.

    • Arctos

      Sarah Palin is about as genuine as fool’s gold. She boasts about being a “Mama Grizzly” and loving Alaska, but when she was governor, she introduced a bill to permit shooting grizzly bears from airplanes. Thank goodness it failed in our Legislature.

      Her wildlife policies have made it possible to kill grizzlies AND their cubs in some places by shooting them over bait or trapping them in snares–all as part of what she called “abundance management” and everybody else calls “predator control.” That’s just one example of the rampant hypocrisy of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

      I’ve lived here for more than four decades, and I assure you, she is scorned by most Alaskans now. That should tell you something about what we think of her “genuine” nature.

      This is a carefully sculpted and scripted show that has nothing to do with reality in Alaska and everything to do with earning Sarah Palin giant paychecks for exploiting the rest of us.

      It’s sickening.

      • daphne

        Thank you for your highly intelligent and well-informed comment. What she has done for wildlife in Alaska is appallingly tragic. This show is ironic!!!

    • John

      Indeed Amber. Thats what has all the libs in a roar. They have no idea what being true to yourself means. If they cant tell you how to live your life, what to eat, how to and what to drive along with a host of other intrusive activities they are just not happy.

      • Katie

        So you’re against telling me who I can and cannot marry, is that right? How about what I do with my uterus?

  • lee

    you are blind if you dont leave this show liking sarah…who wouldnt want a wife like that!!! even todd looked like the ultimate mans man i dont care if she becomes president thats politics this was a great commercial for a great state and a beautiful family!!!

    • bob

      oh my god…

    • john


    • no yelling

      Sorry, her excruciating voice, smug manner and complete insincerity is a no deal for me.

      • Annie

        LOL — okay, her voice does get on one’s nerves. But despite that, I actually enjoyed the show! From TLC’s reputation of breaking up families (i.e. Gosselins, Matt and Amy Roloff rumored divorce, etc.) I am leery of watching another family show. Already did not like the daughter of Sarah, Willow, have her teen angst aired on TV for all to see. That was weird. And the part where Sarah was oblivious to the teen’s boy friend going upstairs after Sarah said not to. Staged? Just kind of tawdry behavior for TLC to be airing. I did love the nature views and the bears were amazing! I liked seeing Sarah freak out while trying to climb — made her seem more real, kwim? (But the cameras should not be filming the kids, tho’.)

      • Jonquil

        If I was blind Lee,her awful voice would make me change the channel.

    • Greg

      Oh, puhleeeeeez! The woman is a dolt! In her promos she says she’d rather be “free” in Alaska than stuck in “some old stuffy political office.” Let’s hope to God the American people are smart enough to give her her wish and keep as far away from the White House as possible. Refuse to watch this eight-week-long political commercial. Will turn to quality programming on NatGeo instead!

      • daphne

        Right on!!!

      • John

        lol Greg…. I love watching you libs puke all over yourselves.

  • Cleetus

    Don’t kid yourselves. This show is about Sarah Palin, not Alaska. If you want to see a real documentary on Alaska, check out the work Sir David Attenborough has done on the BBC. Don’t waste your time with this PR campaign for Palin’s 2012 landslide presidential defeat.

    • daphne

      Thank goodness the majority sees through the hype!

    • John

      Cleetus, have you seen Gomer around?

      • David

        Rodger,1.) It would make a big difference.2.) I’m pnorotimg working within the GOP to support candidates who are good on immigration. I voted against George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. I voted against John McCain in 2008.OTOH, I voted for Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby, Martha Roby, and Robert Bentley in Alabama. I opposed Meg Whitman in California and Lindsey Graham in South Carolina.3.) What is objectionable about supporting candidates who are solid on immigration? Should we oppose candidates simply because they are Republicans? Should we oppose Brewer, Tancredo, Barletta, and Deal? That’s retarded.4.) Are you seriously willing to make the argument that Israel and Iran are more important than immigration? I would love to have that argument with you.5.) I haven’t seen anything about your posts that suggests you are a traditional right conservative. Pat Buchanan clearly agrees with me that immigration is the most important issue facing White America. There is no way he opposes Republican candidates who are solidly opposed to amnesty and even support ending birthright citizenship and cutting legal immigration.6.) Happy trails. One less rhetorical radical in the comments. One less voice warding off people who are realistic and practical and capable of influencing their peers.

  • lila

    dont care to watch the show, i just have a hard time thinking that this lady might be candidate for presidency in 2012. on her resume? a failed vp run and a reality show. not very in touch with her ideas or politics (not really into politics at all) but do we really want a president (any at all) that has a television show documenting their life?

    • John

      At least you know more about her, her lifestyle, and her beliefs than you will ever know about that pompous lying sack of air currently in the white house.

  • kathy60

    Wouldn’t watch this show IF YOU PAID ME TO!! Can’t stand to even hear this woman talk – the high pitch sends shivers down my spine; and some of the dumb stuff that comes out of her mouth is soooo unbelieveable.

    • E67

      You are correct, sounds much like Obama. But she will not ruin our country.

      • nicole

        @e67: Forget about politiccs. This isn’t really about politics. Forget about all this nonsesense talk about Liberals and Conservatvies. Do you realize how stupid you sound when you go around labeling yourself as Liberal or Conservatives? Take a good look at Sarah Pallin since she’s been in the public eye, What do you really think about her and her intentions, based on her actions and what he says. If she didn’t align herself with your political party, you’d think she was a joke. But none of that rally matters because people think she’s charming and “influential” so they overlook her glaring shortcomings. At least they’re smart enough to ralize that she’s not someone they would want running the country.

    • John

      Kathy… Are you one of those members of “NOW”. Such hate, let me guess, your a lonely uptight woman that hasn’t had a date in 10 years.

  • the vicster

    sarah palin is a good representation of what is wrong with america, and a bad representation of intelligent american women.

    • Amber

      She is normal – not high minded and trying to be some plastic public figure. Obviously she is aware of having a positive image, but she doesn’t hold back too much from being her actual self – I find her relatable.

      • Olive

        I’m not a fan of sarah but i find it SO IGNORANT that people hate on her and her show just because of what her personal opinions are and why mccain chose her as vp. seriously people get over it, she has a right to her opinions and has made something out of herself. if you have a problem with it do something about it! don’t just b*tch about it!

      • Mellissa

        Olive, I’m curious: people dislike Sarah Palin because of her personal opinion, of which she insists on putting in the public form (books, tv shows, etc.) for the past two years. What should one base thier dislike for her than those opinions, that would be more suitable to your sense of right and wrong?

    • John

      lol vicster. Your 300 pound wife made you say that.

  • Lucretia Y Paquin

    Lay off Palin here in her own country, guys ‘n gals. These pix aren’t half bad, and they may be all that’s left of Alaska’s icons, the polar bear and the grizz and the polagriz before the decade is out. Myself, I miss the California grizzly. And the friendlier neighbors, the CA Brown and the CA Black bears.

    • no yelling

      Puzzled over the comment “lay off Palin in her own country”. Is Alaska its own country? Is that you Sarah?

      • Chappel

        Can’t be Sarah. She thinks Alaska is a continent.

      • John

        I think by all the negative comments by woman here we have found were all those missing ugly sticks landed. Just because Sarah is gorgeous, you physically challenged liberal socialists, uptight, over weight, unhappy women out there need to chill. Dont take your problems out on her, she didnt vote for Obama.

  • no yelling

    Alaska is indeed enchanting, and, if you can please visit. However, this show and/or Palin are not the reasons to do so.

  • Jonquil

    I didn’t watch it but Darren’s Bingo card had me in stitches.

  • gigi

    Great show!

    • jmshaw

      I enjoyed it a lot too! Have you noticed the only people who take her seriously as a presidential candidate are the Libs? They know star quality when they see it! I hope she doesn’t run–I like her doing exactly what she’s doing–living large, making millions, and having every word she utters on the front pages every day. Go, Sarah!

      • Rich

        Haha… I think Snooki is entertaining too but I’d be terrified if people voted for politicians she liked, or paid money to hear her speak at rallies, or protested basic health cares bills based on lies posted on her Facebook page.

        Although if I was her, I wouldn’t run either. Much easier to talk about how the other guy is screwing things up, rather than trying to actually DO SOMETHING to fix our problems.

      • Kevin

        Rich, I bet you did vote for politicians Snookie likes. She seems like the same type of sheep that mistakenly got BHO elected.

      • Liz

        “They know star quality when they see it.” Truer words have never been written.

  • pattycupcake

    this is really funny because i was planning to watch this show but i only got into a few words, not even one sentence, and just couldn’t do it. lol

    • John

      Have another box of cupcakes patty. You will fell better.

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