George Bush: 'Let's talk about water-boarding!' Torture, getting drunk, making Kanye and Cheney mad: The TV book-tour begins!

The creepiest promo for Monday night’s Decision Points: A Conversation with George W. Bush was the snippet that played all last week during NBC’s entertainment programming, in which former president George W. Bush said to Matt Lauer, “Let’s talk about water-boarding” in an enthusiastic tone that suggested the subject was as fun and exciting as a trip to Disneyworld.

NBC’s promo department should be sent to the same woodshed where Keith Olbermann is being kept until Tuesday evening. It turned out that the water-boarding comment came in the context of Lauer’s careful parsing of Bush’s justification for using the technique many describe as torture, which boiled down to: “It’s legal — the lawyers told me [that].” Bush showed a flash of testiness, saying to Lauer, “I’m not gonna debate the issue, Matt.”man.” Okay, dude.

Bush was fascinating on the subject of his drinking. He was full of stories, including one about “drinking no hands at a bar, yeah.” Lauer clarified: “Reaching down with your mouth, grabbing the glass.” Yes, Bush says — got a DUI for that one, he said.¬†Claiming he quit “cold turkey,” that it was “the most important decision of his life,” and that he hasn’t had a drink since 1986, Bush also took care to say he’s not a recovering alcoholic. Lauer and Bush shared a rueful laugh over what Bush calls his “worst” behavior during his drinking days: Loaded at the dinner table at his parents’ house in Maine, Bush asked a female dinner companion, “What is sex like after 50?” Still, he notes with ill-disguised disdain, “I wasn’t a knee-walkin’ drunk.” Spoken like a white-knuckling child of privilege.

Bush’s remarks about Kanye West’s criticism of him have already been reported: “I resent it… It was a disgusting moment, pure and simple.”

Bush also had a hard time dealing with ire from someone closer to him, Vice President Dick Cheney, who, Bush said, was “angry” with him for not granting a full pardon to Cheney’s pal “Scooter” Libby, convicted of perjury in the Valerie Plame case. The former president does not seem to be the sort of fellow who takes criticism well.

Bush says these days he reads two things: “The Bible and The Wall Street Journal.” The latter on his iPad.

The Bush book tour is just getting started. Tomorrow, he’ll be on Oprah. In the next few days, he’ll do a tour of duty on the Fox News Channel, hitting The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Fox and Friends, and Greta Van Susteren’s show. On Nov. 18, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (The Daily Show? Not on Bush’s list as I write.)

If Bush’s interview with Matt Lauer on Monday night — an interview conducted by Lauer with a systematic thoroughness — is any indication, we’ll see more than Bush probably intends. Bush came across this evening as a cheerful, un-self-conscious man, speaking cautious words even as his tone and body language suggest a prickly defensiveness. “I gave it my all and I’m a content man,” he concluded flatly.

What do you think of the interview?

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  • Mike N.

    Yet another article written that criticizes someone mostly for things that you yourself are reading into, like body language and posture. Focus on the things he said, the actual words. There is already plenty to criticize there, and it actually exists and has substance.

    • chelsea

      nonverbals have plenty of substance. and what you don’t say says a lot more than what you actually do. The study of non-verbal communication is a legitimate field that is rising rapidly. And the fact that most non-verbal messages are subconscious, you find a lot more truth in body language and posture and tone of voice than you do in something as trivial as words.

      • Holly

        So, you are saying that Ken is a body language expert, who has been studying this for years. I guess he is qualified to read things into it then.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Sorry, that is pseudoscience hogwash. Reading body language is equal to palm reading. Just another fuzzy thinking fad embraced by a scientifically illiterate nation. You fail at critical thinking.

      • chelsea

        Wow, you’re totally right. My entire undergraduate and graduate education was meaningless. I’m going to go demand all my money back because you say so. Tell me, do psychologists and sociologists fail at critical thinking, too? Are their fields (and all the other social sciences) pseudoscience hogwash as well? Academe accepts the social sciences as legitimate. But Amanda Kiwinerd doesn’t so we must all be wrong.

      • Aly

        Amanda will fail at self-defense if she waits for someone to speak their intent rather than watch their body language. I’m just sayin’

    • Benny Andajets

      War criminal. He should be interviewed at the Hague. He and Cheney brought this country to its knees. His administration should be in Jail along with him, Cheney and Karl Rove.

    • thin

      Best (and so far the only worthwhile) Larry David comment ever.

    • Fireflystare221

      Ask the parents/loved one/friends of a veteran who died in Iraq or Afghanistan to sympathize with Bush. Ask them if they cried at this “heartbreaking” interview. Give me a break.

    • skinny dog

      He should be waterboarded until he confesses to personally carrying out the assassination of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln. Then show him the videotape next time he pipes up about how effective waterboarding is.

      • Ruth


      • The Truth

        So you have been waterboarded and have access to everything that went on and the results from it? I ask because that is the only way to know if it was effective or not.

      • Mary

        LoveBug68, please read the article in the dailybeast by Mark McKinnon, “The George Bush I Know.” It speaks volumnes

      • LAURIE


      • @Laurie

        Yeah, right. Great protection on 9/11. And I’ll bet our troops felt greatly protected in Iraq and Afghanistan with sub-standard to non-existent safety gear.

        “Respects our constitution”? Don’t make me laugh. No one person (except maybe Cheney) has gone further to dismantle and destroy the principles our Constitution was founded on. You need to go back to high school history class, sweetheart.

    • merle Balke

      What was heartbreaking was his 8 years in office.

    • tt

      keep dreaming. The worst president in US history. He took over a country in prosperity and turned it into huge debts and wars. He was not up for the job from the get-go. And now he wants to cash in with his book. Shame on you, W!

    • Daley

      US Casualty rates of Iraq war are about equal to Chicago homicide rates over the same period.

      Conclusion: Mayor Richard M. Daley is worst mayor of Chicago of all time. His liberal policies have endangered his citizens with unjust crime. His administration should be in jail along with other Chicago politicians, including President Obama, since they brought their city to its knees. He was not up to job from the get-go. He was just trying to finish what his daddy started – destroying Chicago through crime and corruption. The last two hundred years of liberal Chicago politics have been heartbreaking. Shame on you, Daley!

    • Mary

      There are two things that I noticed about President Bush. 1. You never hear him blaming others. He takes full responsibility for his actions. Unlike President Obama who has continued to throw the blame around. 2. You don’t hear him criticizing any other Presidents, including President Obama. President Bush was not afforded the same respect. President Clinton and Hillary were constantly putting their two cents in and when they weren’t saying anything, you could always count on Jimmy Carter. During his Presidency, Iran held American citizens hostage for over a year and he was criticizing President Bush’s policies on handling terror. I don’t agree with all of President Bush’s policies; however, he kept our country safe. I do not doubt that all his decisions were acted in good faith. I believe that history will judge him well.

    • @Mary

      He never blames others because the dimwit still does not comprehend that he did anything wrong. (Aside: Obama blamed himself and his administration for last week’s election shellacking, so there goes that argument.)

      “He kept our country safe”?? Yeah, we were really safe on 9/11.

    • SLB

      Empathize? With Bush? This man is responsible for the destruction of this country.

    • CyberPimp

      I agree with Larry David. I was very critical of Bush during his Presidency and I the media drive a hatred for him that was definitely not deserved. The guy made mistakes, no doubt about it, and should be criticized. But to paint him as diabolical was a travesty. He was a good person, that heeded the advice of the wrong people at times. But at least with Bush we knew where we stood. The American people came first and the rest of the world could kiss our @ss. So much better than having someone that hates American exceptionalism as our President now :(

    • Independent

      Being human shouldn’t excuse Bush for making mistakes since he boldy took most difficult job of handling America’s problems. Let’s not compare presidents ‘coz they dealt with different issues. I’m just mad w/ Bush for not looking after most Americans’ well-being, only his elitist clan. First, instead of focusing on getting Bin Laden (in Afghanistan), Bush as personal vendetta invaded Iraq not only to appease his dad, but to disrupt OIL’s pricing. Result? Americans paid all-time high gas prices, while Exxon enjoyed highest-ever profit pocketed by Bush Texas neighbors. What pissed me off is his TERROR/FEAR campaign thru Rove in 2004 that let us suffer 2nd chapter of his presidential failure. Funds wasted for Bush wars should have been used to create gov’t agency to oversee abuses in mortgage/credit card since Bush knew warnings about asset bubbles, but did nothing. He’s in denial that we had “goldilocks economy”. He mesmerized us with tax cuts (which benefit more his billionaire friends), and now these bailout plans came about as result of Bush “average thinking”. 8 years without Bush shouldn’t have brought back ’30s Depression era, but extend Clinton’s fiscal surplus. Clinton deregulated mortgage securities in ’99 to make homeownership affordable to middle class, but Bush in his 8 years did nothing to curb anticipated “capitalist abuses” Greenspan shouldn’t be blamed much for low interest rates, ‘coz if latter is the reason, then how come after 2 years of 0% Fed rate & all-time low mortgage rates, housing price bubble is not revived unlike after 9/11. My point here is– we just become fools for following fool leaders. We need to conquer FEAR, and be RESPONSIBLE in every way.

    • Also independent

      If you are going to blame Bush for OBL or 9/11, then you have to blame Clinton, too. He failed to take care of the matter when he had the chance.

    • Independent

      @Also Ind: My earlier post didn’t blame Bush for OBL, but criticized his post-9/11 policies. Do you have proof that Saddam Hussein (not Bin Laden) planned 9/11? Clinton had that chance to retaliate OK/warship bombings, but he was distracted by Lewinsky scandal that he wasn’t fighting Muslim extremists but those who’re impeaching him. If Bush wasn’t reelected, presidency would have focused more on domestic issues (Katrina, oil/Wall St/capitalist abuses) rather than in Iraq.

  • LoveBug68

    He was an awful president and an even worse human being.

    • Barry

      Nobama is a worse President. The 21st Century Jimmy Carter.

      • LoveBug68

        How original. Bored now.

      • DN

        Provide evidence and we’ll listen. So far, all the GOP and the Tea Partyers have complained about were started by President Bush, who took this nation from a Federal surplus to the biggest deficit in history. So, Barry, if you want to be ignorant, there’s no law against it, but right now, just just sound like an (expletive).

      • Barry

        Too bad guys like DN (does that stand for Don’t Know) don’t leave a way to reply to their innane comments. Keep drinking from the Nobama juice; I’ll enjoy my Tea.

      • LoveBug68

        You replied to his comment by saying there was no way to reply to his comment? That’s a new tactic.

      • Derek

        The Democratic congress that has held power for 4 years wasn’t at all responsible for the legislative failures of this county.. of course not. Barney Frank didn’t dismiss the Bush admin on 9/11/2003 when they tried to audit Freddie and Fannie. I will give you a guess as to Barney’s political affiliation. Oh no… it was the Lame Duck President (2005-2008) who was to blame.
        Geez, being liberal is two legs away from being pure sheep.

    • K

      He was and is a great man. It’s obvious you have NO clue. God is the only one who can truely judge. And it’s obvious your judgement is poor

      • LoveBug68

        Aren’t you judging me…OMG are you God?

      • Michael

        It’s “truly” and “judgment.”

      • Mac

        I like how Bush has to toss in how he reads the Bible everyday, just to keep the fundamentalists on his side…

      • What?

        He must have a bible with pictures. Or else the Leap Frog edition.

      • SLB

        What a surprise. A god warrior is defending Bush.

      • JS

        Mac, I know it’s a concept to understand, but Bush has no reason to care whether the fundamentalists are on his side any more. Unlike Clinton, he’s stepped out of politics now that has presidency is over. His book is about speaking his mind and clearing up what he sees as misconceptions about his presidency.

      • Sarah

        So did God judge America when he sent all those people in the planes to take down the wtc, because many can argue that that was God’s will. Anyone who defends BUsh is an absolute ignorant f* and deserves all the evil that ever happens to them

    • amber

      Whereas criticizing Bush is a completely original concept. No one else is doing that. Way to be brave and take a stand LoveBug.

      • Mike

        LOL I thought the same thing (now there’s me being unoriginal!)

      • m

        lol @ amber. i thought the same thing too.

      • Sarah

        Sort of like how people never tire of mentioning that Hitler was an evil b*****d, the jokes about Bush being the worst president never stop being funny. Because in the words of peter griffin ‘its funny cos its true.’

    • idontcare

      Obama. Worst. President. Ever.

  • Peter P

    He will live the rest of his days in denial for all of the crimes he committed against his own country and the global community.

    • D

      the “crimes he committed”??? Get over it, man, it’s time to move on. People are always trying to depict the Tea Partiers as the crazies, but it’s people who still fixate on Bush’s “crimes” that are the crazy ones.

      • LoveBug68

        Yeah…I mean if they don’t catch a murderer in six months the police department should just let it go and get over it. Sheesh!

        Somewhere Drew Peterson does a happy dance that there is a “get over it” time limit on serious crimes.

      • bgredhd

        He is truly an evil man!

      • ALM

        No, bhredhd, Cheney was evil incarnate. Bush was just his dimwitted puppet.

      • Sarah

        D, stop wining about the wtc every year, seriously man get over it. So a few thousand people died, why are all americans still wining about it years later. Wa wa wa, move on, no-one cares.
        People are always trying to depict osama bin laden as a crazy but actually its all you people fixated on his one slight crime 10 years ago that are the true crazies. Get over it man, build a nice fountain and move on.

        See how disrespectful this comment will probably sound well thats what your comment reads as fool. What you are basically saying is so what Bush just started an illegal war that has killed thousands including innocent children and has destroyed that part of the world to this day, big deal, move on, theres bigger things to worry about like when glee is next on. Id*ot

    • totally agree

      he is still an ignorant, crude, condescending, arrogant, ex drunk with an entitlement attitude who was only elected because of his daddy and the fact that he could be a stooge for the neocons who knew he was the perfect puppet, he would be so compliant thinking he was the one with the idea, he actually believes he is a compassionate, intelligent statesman who really was the decider….he is a mutant who used his daddy’s friends’ money and connections cause seriously in reality he wouldn’t be able to make it on his own. he is just so sad and delusional

      • ALM

        I totally agree, and couldn’t have said it better.

  • Keith Jenkins

    I think Bush was much better than his critics. Not perfect.. but honest, sincere and a patriot. His decision to proceed with the “surge” was brilliant and courageous. I think history will see him as a good president.

    • PJ

      Oh yeah, it was “brilliant and courageous.” Never mind the fact the war had been run horribly for 4 years, and that we shouldn’t have been there to begin with, but yeah, it was totally brilliant.

    • tori

      I completely agree with you. In time, I think people will see that he had to make some of the toughest decisions of any president and I think he handled the majority of those decisions with dignity. I truly believe that he did what he did because he thought it was best for the country and I respect him for that wholeheartedly.

      • Redhead

        History will show him as one of the worst presidents, but he would probably be very fun to have at a dinner party.

      • Benny Andajets

        Like invading Iraq to steal oil and give Halliburton 20 billion dollars in no bid contracts?

      • thin

        At best he was manipulated, at worst he was complicit. No, history is not going to look back kindly on him.

      • Hannah

        Bush and dignity don’t even belong in the same sentence.

    • wino

      the decision to surge was brilliant???? it was careless, dangerous, and pointless.

    • rick

      A patriot? All of the “religion” and “patriotism” are an act for the suckers, so the suckers won’t mind if thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis die for no reason other than the cash profits of his handlers. There has never been a more immoral president, and I hope never there never will be.

      • Jay

        This country has a deadly combination of both favoring against its own best interests and a knack for creating a rosy picture of its own past. Some of these posts are proof that this nation can never face up to the stark reality of history. I’m no fan of Nancy “plasticface” Pelosi or Harry Reid….but, no one on this planet is going to ever convince me that George Bush jr. was a “misunderstood” president. He left the office with a completely failed presidency and a weaker country in his wake. Many of you are desperately trying to positive a positive image of a president with a laundry list of error under his “tenure”. Even Vincent Bugliosi, the man who prosecuted Charles Manson(!!), felt that Bush should have been put on trial as a war criminal.

  • Kanye West

    Bush’s a hero, Obama’s a zero, and Clinton is a pimp daddy who likes interns w/thick booty. Shazam!!!

    • bgredhd

      Have you graduated from high school yet?

      • What?

        Or middle school?

  • Pinky lee

    OH STOP!!!!! He was not, is not an awful, hateful human being. I have never been more proud to say I voted for that man and I am SO TIRED of the vile that comes out of some of you peoples mouths. Enough…be done…move one.

    • LoveBug68

      He is a war criminal. He violated the The War Crimes Act of 1996. He did not protect this country when it needed him the most, he sat like a frozen kid on 9/11 for several minutes paralyzed with fear, americans died while waiting for the government to rescue them from the superdome and their roofs, the economy crumbled. But his single worst moment of his presidency was some tool calling him a racist? I think that sums up Mr. Bush’s presidency and the type of man he really is.

      • D

        He’s a War Criminal, really? LoveBug, your credibility just went to less than zero.

      • eli


      • LoveBug68

        D – fact of record: In a memo addressed to President Bush on January 25, 2002, White House counsel Alberto Gonzales told Bush to figure out a way to avoid the rules of the Geneva Conventions (as approved by a republican congress) as they relate to prisoners of war because that “substantially reduces the likelihood of prosecution under the War Crimes Act.” So even the Bush administration knew they were war criminals and then just created new laws to protect themselves.

      • Kanye Western Inn of the 6th Happiness

        Bush implemented Clinton’s 1998 plan for Iraq’s regime change. Clinton’s the mastermind behind it all. Google “Clinton Iraq 1998″ to see where the nefarious DemocRATic plot began.

      • Pinky lee

        He sat frozen on that day and did nothing….WTH??? DId you even watch the interview? He sat for seven minutes so as not to cause mass hysteria in an elementary school. What did you expect for him to do? You are so misinformed, close-minded, and bitter and it just gets old listening to YOUR KIND. Yeah, I went there.

      • LoveBug68

        Hahaha! No one is saying he needed to throw his Pet Goat book up in the air and start running around the classroom screaming “we are all going to die”. They are little kids…how about what any real leader would do…”kids, I’m the president and the country needs me right now so I’m going to let your teacher take over for a minute.” He was at that school for almost 30 minutes in full freak out mode! So before you call me close minded…open up yours to see the truth.

      • idontcare

        What a stupid comment. Just plain stupid.

      • @LoveBug68

        get over yourself. you couldn’t see the truth if it hit you in the face. obama is sucking just as much as bush right now. at least bush had some balls, and didnt blame everything during his presidency on clinton.

      • ckdexter

        I’m sorry, what exactly did W have to blame Clinton for? Was it the economy? Oh right, that was really good when he took over. Was it for getting it on with an intern? I’m not saying Clinton was perfect, but I always think it’s funny when people point out that W never blamed Clinton for the country’s problems. And for all of you that will jump up and say he could have blamed him for Bin Laden, I believe the 9/11 Commission Report showed that the W administration had the same info as the Clinton.

      • Scott in Texas

        He sat there in that classroom full of kids, because he already KNEW about it, he knew it was going to happen. I am a pilot. I know those planes would have never made it to their destination if it wasn’t planned. Try flying IFR in the national airspace system and even deviate a little off your intended course, and then not let ATC know what you are doing? A fighter jet will be at your side before you know it. It was that secure before 9/11. Give me a break.

    • ks

      you are as delusional as he is. the legal team that found water-boarding to be legal has been completely discredited, and he continues to misrepresent to the public. I just wish i could for one moment understand what could be so wrong with someone’s brain that they think supporting george w. bush is something to be proud of. IT’S NOT.

      • K

        If someone was going to kill your mother or your child what would you do to save them and find out where they were? Just a question, not a stance. I don’t agree with it but it seems people only have empathy when it suits their arguments. I say look at both sides closley. Don’t judge everything so harshly.

      • LoveBug68

        K – as long as you understand that an overwhelming majority of military and police leaders believe that torturing is ineffective and actually leads to a lot of bogus information because the torture victims just make stuff up to make it stop. So maybe someone was going to kill you mother or your child, but 1) if you have someone who knows nothing and is not guilty you have tortured them for nothing and 2) if you do have the right person you are not going to get the information you need to save them.
        Its against the Geneva Convention.

      • Fidz

        Sorry, K, but a purely speculative emotional argument does not trump a legal one.

    • bgredhd

      Then you are just as evil as he is!

    • Hannah

      He IS a hateful, insecure, spoiled brat whose daddy bought him the presidency. And no, I won’t get over it.

  • tracy bluth

    My roommate: “He sounds like an older version of Jason Stackhouse”.

    • Dusty


    • Dgently

      OK, this is hysterical, mostly because it’s really pretty accurate, if you think about it. : )

    • wino

      i want to hang out with your roommate!

    • Mike

      LOL good call. And STACKHOUSE for PREZ!

    • m


    • totally agree

      too funny…..right on the money

  • John

    His failure to grasp his massive failure regarding Hurricane Katrina still blows my mind. Can’t even show any empathy for what happened, and the fact that he was chuckling at his handling of this was downright insulting.

    • LoveBug68

      Looking back at Katrina he regrets a photo op? Hahahaha

      He positions it like he had a PR problem and not a Leadership problem.

      • Pinky lee

        Again, did you watch the interview? He admitted things he did wrong left and right but it’s the soundbites you like, huh? Take them out of context and run…just like the media. He gets it, he knows he made some mistakes. Whether you agree with his decisions or not, you cannot question his character. At least someone with an open mind.

    • ALM

      If you ever saw Barbara Bush being interviewed on the floor of the Houston Astrodome (where a lot of the Superdome victims ended up), you would understand W’s lack of empathy–he was never taught the concept in the first place from that miserable, bigoted, entitled, blue-blooded b***h. To paraphrase, “They all come up and thank us, they’re so grateful. For some of them, it’s a step up from how they were living.” She honestly thought sleeping on a cot on the floor of the Astrodome with hundreds of others was a “step up”. Great attitude from our former First Lady.

      • Also independent

        If you’d have ever ridden your high horse to the 9th Ward pre-Katrina you would know that sadly, she wasn’t entirely inaccurate. Tell me, when you visit cities, do you check out the poorest neighborhoods or stick to the “safe” tourist traps? What have you done to help the poor in your own town? You are going to condemn someone else, but have you ever served in a soup kitchen? Have you ever visited a tent city? Or are you just another entitled person yourself passing judgments on someone else?

      • ALM

        Who’s “passing judgments” here? I’m hardly entitled, sweetie, just a single mother trying to make it from paycheck to paycheck. And yes, as a matter of fact, I regularly volunteer my time (since I don’t have a lot of spare cash these days) to Meals on Wheels and a downtown soup kitchen through my church, and will teach my daughter to do the same once she’s old enough. I felt the former First Lady’s comment was thoughtless and crass, and went a long way to explaining the Bush family’s disconnect from average (and below-poverty-level) Americans. Still do.

  • Luke

    One word that kept popping up throughout his interview that I believed summed up his performance: mistake

  • Ugly Jenny

    I watched the interview and from what I saw, I believe he came across very well (it’s okay Ken Tucker). Being a US President is not an easy job. I’m an independent and voted for him in 2004 (more as a vote against Kerry) and felt that there were things he did great (9/11, keeping America safe, Iraq surge, and funding for global AIDS) and things that were mismanaged (Iraq pre-surge, “Brownie”, TARP, and Katrina). But I felt he explained the misteps very well and in a very articulate and understandable way.
    No matter what this man does, his critics will find fault in. But I appreicate him being honest and straight forward and a President who didn’t care what his poll numbers were (take a page from this Mr. Obama). I look forward to hearing what he has to say in his future interviews.

    • Teri

      Jenny, your comment was the first one I saw where it is not biased and really based on the interview tonight. I agree with you that my perception of Bush went up several notches. I appreciate his frankness and his ability stay away from trying too hard to please everyone. I would take a decisive leader than someone who is constantly worried about what people think about him any day. It is tough to be the president and it would drive one absolutely insane if you constantly change your actions based on your critics.

      • The Shag

        I love that. He did a good job on 9/11….. yeah, nothing says a good job like ignoring repeated warning by Richard Clarke about the imminent al-quida threat. Good job Bush!

        Seriously, its time to stop, Bush was an honest, patriotic guy in way over his head. His dad gave him an oil company, a baseball team, the Texas Governorship, and the presidency. His VP played him like a record. In the end, he squandered a surplus, moved the wealth even more to the rich, and sent 4745 of the best fighting force the world has ever seen to their deaths.

        I’m sorry if you voted for him. I voted Ds that year, and my conscious thanks me every day for it.

    • K

      Agreed. We have a hard enough time pleasing everyone at our own jobs, and there aren’t 300 milion people watching us with opinions about what we are doing right and wrong.

    • Scott in Texas

      Thank you Ugly Jenny for contributing to the decline of this nation, by voting for GW Bush!! Rah Rah Thank you SO MUCH!

  • HJ

    Ken Tucker can barely hide is disgust at having to do this article. Why would EW pick the most close-minded leftist on staff? I didn’t agree with everything Bush did but I think he shows class in not insulting Obama at any level, EVER, even though there is plenty to work with! You certainly can’t say the same for Obama who insults Bush on a daily basis.

    • GGG

      You are delusional. Obama does not do that and has never done that.

    • LoveBug68

      Please post a direct reference to Obama critizing Bush – actually, at least five days of consecutive bashing since he does it Daily.

    • Hannah

      Actually, let’s get a link to just ONE–should be easy, since he does this every day. Oh, wait–that was a lie? Never mind. I keep forgetting that is the rethugs’ stock-in-trade.

    • @the hardcore libs

      i really hate to have to defend bush – however, since ew wont let you post a direct link, all you have to do is google “obama blames”, and automatically “bush” is filled in. you get 880,000 results…. if that isnt enough you can go to youtube and do the same thing and hear him blame “policies of the past 8 years”, and so on and so on. you people really need to open your eyes to what politics really is.

      • Son of Sonny

        Oh yeah, because Bush never blamed Clinton. Bush tried to blame Clinton for 9/11.

      • ALM

        “Policies of the past 8 years” refers to the previous ADMINISTRATION, not Bush specifically. And since he’s having to clean up all the mess (and not fast enough to please anybody) from that ADMINISTRATION, I think he has every right to do so.

    • Danielle

      Ummm….sorry..but, the reason Obama may blame Bush is because Bush was an idiot who almost destroyed this country. Good riddance.

      • Scott in Texas

        Almost ruined? I don’t know if we have the ability to recover from the Bush legacy.

  • Dusty

    I think it’s intriguing to hear what he has to say about the difficulties he had as President. Whether you agree with his politics or not, you can learn from hearing what a former President has to honestly (seems honest & straightforward at least) say about the job he did & the decisions he was faced with, after having a few years to step back & reflect. No President has it easy IMHO.

  • Ellen

    Holy Moly, this is a biased article, dripping with disdain for Bush. Maybe he deserves it, but this read as self-righteous and childish

  • J.

    He actually said, “I’m not gonna debate that, Matt.” He did not say, “Man.”

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      Whaaaaa? You mean Ken Tucker fails at comprehension?

      • m

        never! lol.

  • Barbara

    Yep – heh heh
    Just another folksy chat with a Bush who started two wars, sent the deficit from plus to negative and spiraled USA from credible to stupid.

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