Keith Olbermann unites conservatives and liberals: Does anyone besides MSNBC think he should be suspended?

“Hey there — anything crazy happen where you work today?” said Rachel Maddow at the start of her MSNBC show on Friday night. She was referring, of course, to the suspension of her prime-time neighbor, Keith Olbermann, for making donations to three Democratic congressional candidates.

According to NBC News policy cited by MSNBC president Phil Griffin, its employees cannot do that unless they have prior permission. Griffin put out the usual boilerplate: that “these activities jeopardize his […] standing as an impartial journalist because they may create the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

Come on: Does anyone think Keith Olbermann is an impartial journalist? His show Countdown is intended as a presentation of the day’s news as recalibrated from a liberal point of view; his “special comments” are editorials. Over on Fox News in the same time period, Bill O’Reilly is doing the same thing, but from a conservative point of view. Does the idea that a liberal or a conservative opinion-giver is also a money-giver to campaigns he or she endorses really sully your sense of journalistic integrity? We’re not talking about Brian Williams or Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric taking to the air with ringing hosannas for Michele Bachmann or Barney Frank, and writing them big checks. It’s Keith Olbermann. It’s MSNBC.

And as Rachel Maddow pointed out in the final segment of her show this night, Fox News show hosts such as Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee have donated money and appeared at fund-raisers for politicians whose politics they praise on their shows:

(Please note: Maddow is also taking an implicit shot at Jon Stewart and his “Rally To Restore Sanity” for equating MSNBC and Fox News. So did Bill Maher on Real Time with Bill Maher. I agree with both of them, and was wondering when this was going to start.)

The notion that the Olbermann suspension is ridiculous has united both liberals and conservatives. Maddow said on Friday night that she, Olbermann, and some others on MSNBC are liberals and identify themselves as such; she called for her network to restore Olbermann to his show immediately. On The Weekly Standard website, conservative William Kristol says, “MSNBC’s suspension of Keith Olbermann is ludicrous. First, he donated money to candidates he liked. He didn’t take money, or favors, in a way that influenced his reporting. Second, he’s not a reporter. It’s an opinion show. If Olbermann wants to put his money where his mouth is, more power to him.”

Bill O’Reilly was a guest on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night. Maher didn’t ask O’Reilly about the Olbermann suspension; I’ll have to assume it’s because the interview was taped earlier in the day, perhaps before the suspension was announced. But O’Reilly did make one comment to Maher that, by extension, supports his foe Olbermann: “There’s a difference between the opinion people and the hard-news people,” he told Maher. He’s correct.

Can’t wait until Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert get hold of all this on Monday.

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  • kaydevo

    It is absurd.

    • Jeff

      There IS a God! Obermann is the biggest piece of crap there is.

      Thank God they booted him off Sunday Night Footbal and now they booted this big-mouthed, little brained punk off the air.

      Great, Great Day.

      Suck on that Oberman!

      • Dee

        I can”t imagine what Keith has done to offend you so personally. I don’t like fox but I am not so angry or offended that I attack any individual with such vicious talk. If MSNBC was not warned you about language I would hate to think what you might have written. Keep in mind, not matter what you say to me I know its your issue and not mine

      • John

        Hey Jeff sounds like Your really Big on Sucking, ( Know a lot about it do You ?). Anyway put down that crack pipe,go back inside your trailer and directly to the bathroom mirror and You will see the undisputed “King of Morons” ! And stop making that sucking sound !

      • Will

        His name is OLBERMANN. At least get that part right, idiot.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        John, enough of the gay bashing.

      • !st Admendement

        I am a Teaparty Supporter, Fox Viewer. MSNBC is wrong and I signed the petition. There is no deception here. This is NBC pretending it doesn’t have a bias, that everyone knows is there. I like Fox’s policy.. don’t give in our name, be part of the system if you choose and do your job. Oddly a liberal blogger did a study where he watched Oberman and O’Reilly and found O’Reilly had more guests who disgreed with him, more women, more minorities and actually asked more questions vs pontificating like Oberman. Still suspending him is silly

      • Jeff

        Hey John you’re the liberal, YOU are the sucker, pin head!

        Hey creep, how’s that hope and change you can believe in workin out fer ya?

        Still on unemployment John and living with your boyfriend?

      • Mike

        @!stAmendment. It’s called the good-cop-bad-cop routine. If you have someone play devils advocate, you can make your point more clearly, and come across as the hero. The irony of your statement is overwhelming, as you have so easily fallen for it. Your a niave child. Go to college, get a real a job, and get an ebujacation.

    • Mark G

      What’s ridiculous is that you label Olbermann, Maddow or any of the MSNBC lineup as “News”.
      They make it abundantly clear that their shows are EDITORIALIST and NOT News.
      Fox, on the other hand, proposes that all their news shows are news shows when all they seem to do is turn their editorialists opinions into “Sources Say” news stories.

      • topoopon

        The biggest difference, fact based bias, vs. made up opinion bias. This recent trip for the President to India being a GREAT example. FOX and it’s on air staff have been touting the trip will cost over $200mil a day. This has been going on in an echo chamber on many shows on that network. Needless to say, it’s FALSE. But what’s facts when you have repetition?

      • jennfier

        there are biased news channels. everyone know if you are a republican, you watch Fox. If you happen to be a democrat, you watch MSNBC. I love Olbermann myself and think that this is bull. Yes, I am a democrat that loves her MSNBC.

      • Petunia

        @ Jennifer: excuse me but I’m a Dem and I can’t STAND MSNBC. I enjoy BBC or if I’m interested in a news story, I check several different sites to try to pick out what the truth is in everyone’s slant.

      • J.Norman

        I am a democrat and know this. Anyone outside of the far liberal left can’t stand Olbermann or Maddow. They devote more of their show to showing their jealousy of Fox than they do to actual reporting.

      • Mike

        Mark, they report FACTS, and then give their opinions, and state is as such. Fox News has been exposed several times for taking opinions, or things that don’t exist, and presenting them as facts. And then they present their opinions as fact. Youtube it, and then Youtube for videos where they apologize or explain themselves. You will find plenty of the former, and none of the latter. Or a few of the latter, but they are comical, and unintentionally so.

    • Stating the obvious

      Larry David, you’re a doosh. (Misspelled on purpose, to explain to Larry David.) You know, I don’t even care if you happen to post something I agree with; all you ever do is respond with an argument to something just to read yourself. You make me vomit.

    • nuanced

      I can watch “Al-Jazeera English” on Comcast in Maryland.

    • Michael

      Spreading antisemitism? Really? That’s just pathetic. Whiny morons like you are the reasons why actual racism, sexism and antisemitism is lost in the tidal wave of false accusations spread by people who lack the brain power to come up with a reasonable response to opposition.

    • allie

      It is ridiculous. Limbaugh and Olbermann aren’t journalists – they are biased entertainers at best. If I want real news I don’t go to either of them. There is no reason why they can’t contribute to the parties they spend hours each day talking about. We allow corporations to buy off politicians but don’t allow one man who makes a living talking about politics to donate? Ridiculous.

      • Red

        The difference is that Limbaugh does not PRETEND to be a journalist, while Olbermann and Maddow do! (Maddow, who has zero journalist credentials, calls herself one frequently, while KO actually steals Edward R. Murrow’s signoff.) Nothing against the MSNBC commentators; they make a contribution, but they are NOT journalists. And yeah, I think they should be able to contribute, but one needs to play by the rules of one’s employer.

      • GiGi

        Well, the last part seemed fair. But if you spent some time listenin to Limbaugh and some time listening to Keith, you’ll find differences of opinions, but you’ll find one using lies and the other using the truth. That’s about as big a difference as I can see there could possibly be.

        Try it on day. It won’t be long before Limbaugh will rely on a lie or just make one up. don’t believe me. Go to the fact checking websites. One party makes policies for the less fortunate. One party make policies for the well off. Which one of those parties do you think attrack empathetic understanding truthfulness? And which one of those policies will attract the most selfish of the group.

        Therefore, the fact that Limbaugh would lie is innate. it’s a given biological fact.

        Start reading about the empathetic gene and see why there is a big difference between parties and why one party is willing to lie to get to the top whlie the othe isnt.

        I’ts in your genes. Which genes are yours?

    • Raymond

      The Newshour with Jim Lehrer on PBS does a very good job delivering impartial news and presenting balanced commentary from outside contributors. It can get a little dry at times, but that is the side-effect of giving clarity and depth to a story.

    • shelly

      it’s all about the work policy…i detest oberman…so i don’t feel sorry for him if he did not read his contract…maybe fox news does not have that in their contract…we all know who he is so let him give his money to whomever he wishes…as long as he is aware of whatever consequences go with it

    • Danielle

      Larry David…you are very strange. You seem to point contradictory, negative statements to every article on Never mind, though, I’ll move on. I don’t think ANYONE watches Olbermann, Maddow, O’Reilly, or Hannity to get serious unbiased news. No, they watch these shows, most likely, for pure “political entertainment” and to hear others with their views are saying. People who watch these shows no what they’re watching. You aren’t giving the viewers enough credibility. The difference between Olbermann and PBS is quite obvious.

    • Denise Berg

      Commentary on Keith Olberman is off. Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, etc. are not as bright as Keith (he is very smart). Fox and MSNBC are not morally equivalent–this is lazy thinking and commentary. This is part of a “fairness bias” that makes the world seem saner and easier to understand than it is. Let’s all use our thinking caps and not just react.

    • CBenji

      Larry what is the matter were you not breast fed? Why are you always on this thing with such stupid comments? Can’t you get a job like a normal person? You are always like one of the early commenters. Why is that? Who has so much time?

    • Michael

      I like Keith, but the decision is justified. It’s not much different than the firing of the NPR guy. They have to right to say or do what they will but when their actions or words could potential damage their employers, those employers have the right to dismiss them. I hope not to see double standards here since so many of us liberals commended the firing of the NPR guy.

      He violated policy. End of story.

      • Red

        You are misinformed. Other NPR analysts — even news reporters, like Nina Totenberg — have made rabidly partisan comments and suffered no repercussions. Juan Williams, who was an analyst, not a straight news reporter, was punished because he also dared to offer his (liberal) opinions on Fox News.

    • Moddow?

      This suspension is really absurd. This should not have happened and Keith should be allowed back on MSNBC. My really only question is if Maddow is so upset about this why is she going after fox new? fox did not suspend Olbermann MSNBC DID! She might want to go after her bosses and not make this about her bitter attitude toward Republicans.

      • GiGi

        That’s because you obviously don’t know there is a difference between a journalist with an opinion and one with an opinion that will lie his head off to make up stories to correllate his reasons for hating the opposing side.

        MSNBC may lean liberal…but they don’t lean liars. If Fox would present it’s like of one party but would refrain from all the story making up and lies told, then you might find quite a different attitude from MSNBC’s commentators. You can be a journailist and have an opinon. You cannot be a journaist and have an opinion when you decide to throw lies in with your journailsm. Common fair for Fox.

        I’ts the lying that’s the problem–not the affiliation to one or the other. Read it a few times if you don’t get it. It should be pretty basic.

    • marg

      If you take Obermann’s name out of the equation, the issue is actually pretty simple: An employer has a policy that ALL its employees in a job catagory are
      expected to adhere to. The employee in accepting the job, agrees to adhere to those policies. The employee, for reasons of ego, or rules-don’t-apply-to-me, or whatever, choose not to adhere to those policies. When you strip away all the chatter in noise, it’s pretty simple that an employee broke his word, violated company rules, and should be disciplined.

      • indystacey

        except you left out a few facts. such as, other MSNBC employees, Hannity and Huckabee did exactly the same thing as Keith and there were NO consequences. How do you reconcile that?

    • UncleWalty

      stop feeding the troll…you’ll just encourage him

    • Jeff

      Is Rachel Maddow a boy?

      • Tarc

        Dunno. Are you a girl? Or, more importantly, do you have six brain cells cooperating? I’m guessing not.

      • Jeff


      • GiGi

        She’s someone that uses both sides of her brain more equally and therefore is apparently quicker than most.

    • Jeff

      Olbermann suffers from a mild case of celiac disease,[90] as well as restless legs syndrome.[6] In August 1980, he also suffered a head injury while “leaping” onto the NYC subway.[91] This head injury permanently upset his equilibrium, resulting in his avoidance of driving.

      • Anders

        in my opinion,if you and as it seems alot of other poeple,4 example,would like such dictatorship,try it out ,means go to those places i did mention and live your life there for lets say 10 years,if you like it fine ,if you dont like it (which i suspect),come back and fight for the liberty’s ,freedom and selfresponsibility’s this country does offer you,on the same token please do NOT try to convince me nor others that such dictatorship is best,i been there and dont like it

    • KA

      I have to admit to liking Rachel Maddow’s wit and intelligence despite siding more often with republicans than not. I used to be a loyal MSNBC watcher and was scornful of fox news because I am pragmatic and the Rebulican Party has been hijacked by people with more conservative social agendas than I subscribe to. That being said I hate cable news in general now because it is not news anymore. It is 24 hour feeding frenzy of political gossip spoonfed to us by commentators that are either way left or way right. I had a hard time listening to Maddow’s impassioned defense of Olbermann who routinely spouts off as much nonsense as Rush Limbaugh. I much prefered him as a sportscaster at ESPN and find it vile that as Americans we can’t think for ourselves anymore. We get our “news” from political junkies who make no effort to maintain a facade of unbias.

      • GiGi

        It is true that Keith is bias towards liberals. But that does not mean that he lies to put liberals in a better light than they should be. See, there’s a difference between being a proud liberal and wanting to promote them, than being a proud Republican and just making up stories to make sure point or choicee seem more real. I have very rarely heard things untrue on MSNBC and you can check that with all the fact checking groups. Fox makes it a practice to lie so much they usually are casted such liars as “pants on fire”. Big difference.

    • ellie

      What I truly feel sorry for is Larry David…because he obviously has such a sad little life that his only reason for living is to post bizarre comments everywhere on this board, in the hope that someone will pay attention to him.

    • Sam

      Apparently the appropriate amount of time to be suspended for this offence is 2 days. He’ll be back on Tuesday.

  • Tim (@rural_juror)

    This is what I’ve been saying all day. Thanks Ken.

    He knew what the rules were and broke them anyway, so I agree he should be punished for that. I just think that applying the same rules to opinion & hard news is pretty stupid.

    • kelsey

      I agree. Big time liberal here (or at least it seems that way b/c I live in Kansas), and I actually think better of MSNBC for coming to this decision. I won’t be missing Olbermann … now if only they could find a way to get Hannity kicked off Fox …

      • Lyn

        Hannity is an outspoken conservative, for sure, and I liked him much better when he was balanced by the liberal Alan Colmes. However, it’s worth noting that FNC presents him as a pundit/commentator, not a straight news anchor. FNC’s election night coverage was impressively balanced and varied, while on MSNBC, the obviously partisan Olbermann actually served as one of the anchors.

    • GiGi

      So, because their commentators are liberal, they do not represent HARD NEWS? I’m wondering how hard the news is that you actually think is HARD NEWS.

      See, all the hard news channels merely repeat all that they have heard that day. They may have seen Sarah Palin tweet about Death Panels…and so it becomes the story. Now, this is not hard news. This is publicity. Not veted, not verified publicity. If this were hared news, the story would have read “Sara Palin today falsley associated Obamas health plan with “Death Panels” of which our staff, having gone over the bill on several occassions, finds no such references to Death Pannels in the bill what so ever. That’s hard news. Now you tell me who is writing hard news these days? I would have to say some of the NSNBC commentators, because of thier trutuful stories comes as close to HARD NEWS as we can get.

      Now, think about that one truthfully before you chock it off to liberal bias. It’s a fact. Not a bias.

  • Baci’s Mama

    You said it right, Ken. Who is msnbc kidding that Keith O is a traditional unbiased journalist, on a hard news program? No one, he does an opinion show, based on the news. Big difference. Poor decision msnbc.

    • lesliemd

      And since the rules apply to everyone under the NBC umbrella, let’s see all those clearances from the top GE brass for Republican donations made by Joe Scàrborough, Pat Buchanan, and all the CNBC corporate stock shills, such as Krudlow & Cramer.

      If you’re gonna take down one, MSNBC/NBC/GE, take them all down. Hypocritical faux news company. Npow you’ve proved ypourself to be on a par with FOX. Feh!

      • mike

        Not trying to take sides, but why are the Conservatives over at fox so bitter and vindictive?
        Sure, you can be biased, but what they do routinely crosses the line and doesn’t even try to show a semblance of fairness or impartiality. It seems like all venom all the time. Talk about haters, nobody here can even hold a candle to the commentators at fox.

    • Kim from Texas

      Who are we kidding? Every human has a bias. If you think someone has no bias, you have a similar bias. The “no-bias” fairy tale was created when the 3 big networks were the only ones providing news. Now, you have a multitude of news sources (internet, cable…) and there is no need for this fairy tale any longer.

    • GiGi

      They are kidding me. Because: He makes it apparent when it’s one of his infamous “comments”. 2. The rest of the stories are all based on hard fact. and 3. When he contradicts, he does so of Fox as welll as of his own channel or party or opinion when they are incorrect. That’s what makes the difference between hard news and what Fox does.

  • Egg

    It’s simply not true that Olbermann is the liberal equivalent of O’Reilly. Keith does not disregard reality or make up facts or smear people in quite the same way.

    • Jim

      I love Olbermann, but the guy is pretty arrogant, and does try to smear people (whether they deserve it or not is a question I can’t answer). That being said, he doesn’t deserve this crap. It makes the network look really weak.

    • Jeff

      Egg, that is the size of your brain, what kind of drugs are you on? This biggest piece of crap ther is. Obermann does not smear people. Egg, YOU ARE A STUPID FOOL!

      • Linda

        Olbermann doesn’t smear people?? Did you SEE his extended rant on Hilary Clinton? Or his never-ending, smug, rabid-dog character assassinations on pretty much anyone to the slightest right of his politics? What you should have said was, “Obermann [sic] does not smear people that I LIKE AND AGREE WITH.”

      • Tarc

        There is a distinct difference in pointing out THE TRUTH and smearing someone. Faux News specializes in lying (as a propagandist organization). And, yes, Olbermann has gotten carried away on occasion. That’s not the same as wholesale fabrication a la Limbaugh and Beck (or O’Reilly).

    • LOL

      Egg is right on. Fox is where the truth goes to die.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        B-B-B-BUT F-F-F-F-FOX!!!

    • Lily

      Right on, Egg. I say bring Keith back ASAP!!!

      • Jeff

        Did you know that Olbermann has a medical condition where he has constant diarrhea (Not just from the mouth either). No wonder he’s so miserable.

        Look it up, I’m not kidding.

    • JohnB

      Have you ever seen Olbermann?
      Have you ever seen O’Rielly?

      I have a hunch they’re past your bedtime.

    • Solange

      DK the whole policy on the issue may be wrong.This is the epctroted activity list from the State of New York labor laws:For 4 or more employees; age (18 and older); national origin; disability (physical or mental); HIV/AIDS; gender; marital status; pregnancy/ childbirth; race; religion; sexual orientation; genetic testing; lawful use of any product during nonwork hours; military status; observation of Sabbath; political activities; accompanied by service dogNew York is unusual in including political activity as epctroted for purposes of employment law only about a half dozen states do. But it IS New York law, and MSNBC is headquartered at Rockefeller Plaza. The fines may even be unenforceable.

  • genius

    Please tell me “I’ve just been punked”!

  • Whatever gets him off the air

    I’ve had my fill of pundits of any stripe. They’re all out for self promotion and Keith is one of the more shameless.

    • Katja

      Agreed. I can’t stand pundits from either side…except maybe Colbert!

    • Lung

      that a fact? So where is their swastikas and jbocaokts? Your and Media Matters’ precious little Obama Regime on the other hand seem to be all about the Hammer and Sickle, you know, the Workers Paradise?Here’s a thought, get your pie-hole from around that bong, sober up and actually read something informative instead of regurgitating the same old liberal pap.Oh, and get a life.Palomar Jackpalomarjack(dot)wordpress(dor)com

  • well

    who is Keith Olverman?

  • Robert

    Rachel we love you! but everybody should stop watching msnbc until Keith Olbermann is back.

    • Jeff

      Rachel looks like a boy. She looks like a freak. She looks like something from outer space. I can’t watch this thing.

      • Christina

        We have a troll alert! Shocking.

      • donna

        not cool. Rachel is lovely and smart and funny and you’re only attacking the woman because she is openly gay. that’s BS.

      • Katja

        There’s actual legitimate criticism a person could make about Maddow, but you went with the playground taunt? Odd choice.

      • meowser

        I don’t know what YOU look like, Jeff, but you seem like a tool.

      • Jeff

        Good comeback Potsie!

    • Marilyn Campbell

      Great idea!

    • Dee

      It would be better if we had been punked. Deduct his contribution from his salary and suspend him for a short time, but don’t get rid of him

    • Linda

      Have you seen Olbermann’s and Maddow’s ratings? Nobody is watching ALREADY.

      • Tarc

        The actual news always has lower ratings. Faux News, a fictional scripted channel, should have higher ratings just like any other primetime TV show.

    • ccc

      I think those two people did say they wouldn’t watch anymore!

    • Adam

      Robert – that shouldn’t take a lot to pull off. Just call the seven people who watch MSNBC and tell them to stop watching.

    • Mhack


  • Kate

    My big question is did he try to get permission and did he get shot down? Because if he did make an attempt to get permission and they refused than I think MSNBC is being really stupid. I can see it a little because Keith also does election reporting aside from countdown which could create a conflict of interest but he also is a well known liberal and what he does with his own money should be up to him and his own business. Keith Olbermann being Keith Olbermann this does not affect his job as a journalist in any way. Give him next week off and call it good. We get the point MSNBC, you are more respected than Fox and alwaus will be.

    • well

      lol, conspiracy alert! he violated his contract. period.

  • Kathie R.

    Keith Olbermann makes MSNBC! Without him they would be gonners. Reinstate immediately!! He makes my day.

  • sam

    Keith is clear about his views and nobody could watch the show and not realize it. This is ridiculous. Bring Keith back–he and Rachel are the only reasons to watch MSNBC.

    • Mike

      Please reinstate Keith immediately. It’s always refreshing to watch both he and Rachel. They make turning the channel to MSNBC worthwhile. They do a great job researching their topics and always try to get to the bottom of the truth in a particular matter.

      • Geannina

        We could go on for a couple of hours over what tough’ might mean, but I have to agree that none of them rlaley goes deep’ one or two questions in a group and on to the next topic is pretty much what we get. Still, he covered a wide range, and he knew his ground better than most. That beats haigiography every time.

    • Ken L.

      I agree, I certainly do not watch MSNBC to see “Lockup”.

      • Sherry

        I’d only watch Lock-up if they’d put Hannity, Rush, Limbaugh & Weeper’s Beck & Boehner all together in the “big house” for one night

    • meowser

      Sam, ITA. If you watch Countdown and dont’t understand that it’s a left-leaning opinion show, then you’re not paying attention. This “suspension” move by MSNBC is just stupid and childish. He broke your rule; you made your point. Bring back Keith!

  • R Wood

    It’s a happy experience for Mr Oberman to be OFF the air. Now, if you could please get rid of MS.
    Maddow, I’ll start watching MSNBC again.

    • Dee

      Why don’t you just watch Fox and quit trying to change MSNBC

    • To R Wood

      R Wood – you don’t want to watch MSNBC, you want to see the same bull____ propaganda that they spout in Fox. Turn to fox then!

    • Tarc

      Ah, the Republa-zombies come out in force to defend their favored propaganda machine.

    • Oliver

      Maybe she is just too loud for me, especially for eevning viewing.Sorry, but in a country of 300+ million people, telling me that something must be good because 1 or 2 million people think so is not exactly proof. Hell, half of Olbermann’s viewers were pundits looking for more things to criticize him on.Maybe she is good. Lets see how popular she is in a month from now.Come on. The media is in the tank for Obama. Yet you parrot all the moonbats that Fox is the problem. Fox’s only problem is that they refuse to report Obama press releases as news.MSNBC still sucks.

  • Marilyn Campbell

    OK, Management, you made your point. NOW GIVE KEITH BACK TO YOUR VIEWERS! Enough! Keith is a rock in our insane world . . . a rock we need.

    Also, your incessant all-consuming weekend “prison” shows are sickening…why do you broadcast this dark side of humanity?

    • Dee

      I agree. Give Keith back to his viewers. You get us engaged with him and lure us into being faithful followers then you take away the very reason we enjoy watching you network.

    • Linda Hinz

      Totally agree. Surely you can come up with something a little more enlightening than those prison shows…it is sickening.

    • Willo

      Thank God someone else agrees! What is this fixation with prison? Geez. Enough already.

      • Adam

        They have all of those prision shows to make people happy to watch Keith/Rachel/Chris.

    • Josivan

      The reason he was fired was besauce his show was really bad. If it wasn’t for Fox news the guy would have nothing to talk about. I suspect that the politicial donation violation was either a way for the company to get him out of there. Or a way for him to leave with a measure of dignity without the media reporting him as a failure.As far as the donations rule, it is stupid. These partisan cable hacks at fox and MSNBC lend more support to their candidates in content then they ever could in dollars.

  • Ed H

    I don’t know what he has done wrong. But he is a big LOSER and I hope this is MSNBC staring to clean the closets out. No pun intended MR maddow. You are a bigger LOSER than keith. I hope they fire both your asses

    • Chappel

      And I hope you will continue to do well in your remedial English class.

    • donna

      well. all i had to see was the Mr. Maddow reference and i know you’re a biggoted idiot.

  • Chappel

    I agree that real news journalists should maintain a more objective stance and shouldn’t donate to political parties, but Keith Olbermann, like his Fox News counterparts, isn’t a real journalist; he’s a partisan editorialist and should be allowed to put his money where his mouth is.

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