George Bush really does not 'appreciate' Kanye West's Katrina criticism: 'The worst moment of my presidency'

President George W. Bush says that when he heard Kanye West say, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” “it was one of the most disgusting moments in my presidency.”

Bush has taped an interview with Matt Lauer that will air on a special prime-time Matt Lauer Reports on NBC Nov. 8. It’s to promote his forthcoming book, Decision Points. The subjects of the interview are wide-ranging, but the former president is very passionate on the subject of West’s criticism of the way Bush handled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. NBC has released some quotations from the interview.

“He called me a racist,” Bush tells Lauer. “And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true.”

Lauer quotes from Bush’s new book: “Five years later I can barely write those words without feeling disgust.” Lauer adds, “You go on: ‘I faced a lot of criticism as president. I didn’t like hearing people claim that I lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction or cut taxes to benefit the rich. But the suggestion that I was racist because of the response to Katrina represented an all-time low.’

President Bush responds: “Yeah. I still feel that way as you read those words. I felt ‘em when I heard ‘em, felt ‘em when I wrote ‘em, and I felt ‘em when I’m listening to ‘em.

Lauer: “You say you told Laura at the time it was the worst moment of your presidency?”

Bush: “Yes. My record was strong, I felt, when it came to race relations and giving people a chance. And it was a disgusting moment.”

Lauer: “I wonder if some people are going to read that, now that you’ve written it, and they might give you some heat for that. And the reason is this — “

Bush [interrupting]: “Don’t care.”

Lauer: “Well, here’s the reason. You’re not saying that the worst moment in your presidency was watching the misery in Louisiana. You’re saying it was when someone insulted you because of that.”

Bush: “No, and I also make it clear that the misery in Louisiana affected me deeply as well. There’s a lot of tough moments in the book. And it was a disgusting moment, pure and simple.”

The full interview will air on the Matt Lauer Reports special on Nov. 8 at 8 p.m., the day before the former president’s book is published.

What do you think of the remarks?

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  • TBH

    He has a right to be upset about it.
    I thought it was out of order when I first heard it too. I am not a Bush supporter, and I do not agree with his policies, but to say he is racist is wrong…. He did a lot wrong, he mad many bad decisions and deserves to be called out on many things, but being racist is not one of them..

    • joe

      No Bush isn’t a racist but, a lot of black people thought what Kanye West said. It was inappropriate but, why does a president and leader of pretty much the whole freaking world gives a crap about a rapper.

      • Casey

        I don’t think he “gives a crap about a rapper” rather, he seems to care about the notion of people thinking he didn’t provide aid in a timely fashion because he is a “racist.”

      • ew-bot

        Bush is such an ass. And on this, Kanye was spot on.

      • Mac

        I think Kanye was accurate – I don’t think the Bush cared for black people at that time, just his image – which is why Lauer asked him why his worst moment wasn’t “watching the misery in Louisiana”. Bush was a terrible President and will go down in history as one of, if not The Worst, presidents in US history.

      • Pinky lee

        @ew-bot & Mac…Really? He is an ass and he didn’t care about black people! Unbelievable! I understand not agreeing with an administration but going after someone’s character is so uncalled for. He did nothing to be called those things. He was moral, ethical, and he called things the best way he knew how. How you all choose to have such little respect and such disdain for a man that served our country makes me sick. I DO NOT agree with the current administration but he is a good man who I believe is trying his best. I am so tired of the sweeping statements made about our Presidents. They deserve our respect.

      • Paul

        So Louisana is 100% black? Or the aid the government sent only went to white people? prove that, before you call someone a racist. The true racist is Kanye.

      • TJ

        Paul is right. The truth is, George Bush doesn’t care about poor people.

      • @ Paul

        Are you suffering from memory loss? Or you just didn’t care to pay attention to the news back then? The first part of your comment just show ignorance, plain and simple. “So Louisana is 100% black?” What a stupid question to ask. The levees broke in New Orleans and the majority of people who didn’t get out before Katrina hit were black. “Or the aid the government sent only went to white people?” The problem was they did not send any help to to the people at the superdome and across the city for days. And while I don’t think Bush was motivated by race, his response was pathetic. After WMD debacle and the war in Iraq, I will always remember Bush for saying “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job” while American citizens died in the street because of delayed actions. He had time to eat cake with John Mccain and now he is acting all hurt. Our soldiers died because of his decisions, good and bad and he is complaining about some loudmouth rapper. I guess Bush is still an idiot.

      • Allie

        I actually thought the most telling part of the interview excerpts above was the part when President Bush says he has a good record on race relations and has always given people a chance. I think that’s the most insulting part. Like….if you’re a different race, he had the option to NOT give you a chance and took the high road. My God, he was the PRESIDENT! What an idiot….he needs a teleprompter.

      • Scotty J

        @Casey He does care or he wouldn’t have put it in his book. The most disgusting part of his presidency should have 9/11 and not catching Bin Laden or the 100,000 civilians that were killed in the first years of the two wars he started, the failure of FEMA and emergency aid during Katrina, the lack of full funding for NO Child Left Behind, the lack of postwar medical and mental health care for soldiers after their deployment. There were so many things that he could have been disgusted with and he picks Kanye. Really?

      • Tony

        Eh. I wasn’t a fan for it. I more could have seen he didn’t care for poor American people period. (Those from other countries it’s another story.) That I could go with. Personally I wouldn’t have thrown the racial aspect in there, precisely because I would figure he could and would come back like this. I’m not sure how many elected politicians care even about middle class people. But I don’t think that many of the elite that inherit money and fail upwards to the upper reaches of power really understand or care about what poor people are going through or even for them.

      • Sam

        It has nothing to do with being black. George Bush doesn’t care about poor people.

      • Bobbie

        Sam, you’re only partially right. The problem with Dubya has always been that he cares deeply about America, but only HIS version of it, which is largely reminiscent of “Pleasantville”, only without the color. Kanye tried to bring the color; of course nothing would disgust him more.

      • well said

        Good for George. That’s good he’s sticking up for himself. Hopefully Kanye will start to control his mouth, especially after that “Taylor Swift and Ray Charles getting too much Grammy attention-conversation incident”.

      • LOL

        Who would of thought….the person that actually speaks up and fights back with Kanye is an ex President. I love that :)!!!

      • rerun

        And here I was dumb and thought 9-11 would be the worst part of his presidency. My bad.

      • lesliemd

        Once again, The Shrub gets it wrong. Let’s be very clear – Kanye did NOT accuse him of being a racist. A racist has hatred in his/her heart. What Kanye said was Bush didn’t care anout black people. He just didn’t care. Didn’t care and doesn’t care – only loves his rich, white, corporate-whore oil-executive buddies.

        And he also obviously cares who calls him out. That’s his mother’s nasty influence. So glad his team lost the World Series.

      • Rock Golf

        Ask yourself this question: if the town underwater was Stanford, CT instead of New Orleans, and people were in the same dire situations, do you honestly think it would have taken Bush as long to push to get anything done?

      • anthony

        West is a racist and an idiot!!!
        (didn’t vote for Bush either time)

      • Mary

        ew-bot, it is people like you that are contributing to the great divide in this country. What happened in New Orleans was terrible. It was a combination of a lot of bad judgment calls and responses. The President and all involved should have been held accountable. It doesn’t make him an, “ass!” Kanye West has continued to behave in an unacceptable way whether he is interrupting Taylor Switf or calling our President names. He should have said that the response was unacceptable and we need to work together to make sure this never happens again. Instead he choose to resort to the name calling. ew-bot, you have done the same thing. We need to learn how to respectfully disagree. We need to work together to solve the problems of our country. This will never be achieved if we just call each other names.

      • anon


        apparently you missed the news story about how Bono gave Bush props for making african aid a priority during his presidency (

      • minister

        You folks are mistaken. George Bush is NO racist. Rather, he is a Republican, a Big-C Conservative, i.e. he doesn’t give a crap about anyone he *doesn’t know.*

        Believe me, he likes Condi just fine. It’s those random black (& brown & yellow & pink) people he doesn’t give a fuck about.

      • Richard

        Seriously, being insulted by Kanye was the worst moment of his presidency?! Not 9/11, Iraq or Katrina itself. Btw, imo Nagin & Blanco deserve more blame for Katrina than Bush. However, the Iraq debacle was entirely his fault.

      • michael

        I just wish people would stop calling the US President of the free world! He is the leader of the USA not the rest of us

      • Karl

        @ Rock Golf – That’s a very tired, over-played and unfounded claim. What do you have to back it up, besides your opinion?

      • Karl

        @ Nancy. I disagree. Some might say Jimmy Carter was the worst president ever. And not such a great ex-president either; implying that people disagree with Pres. Obama’s policies solely because of race is a very irresponsible thing for someone in his position to say.

      • Asniah

        You know, on second thhguot I see where Dubya is coming from. If one of the absolute dumbest people out there realize you’re a total tool, you gotta wonder how far off the rest of the world catching up is. That is a pretty low, low for him. Personally though, I would’ve thhguot it was the pretzel choking thing.

      • William

        Kanye is typical Racist, Not George Bush…any excuse to blame a White Man instead of the people of New Orleans (mostly black) that were warned to get out of there because of the hurricaine coming, yet, they continue to blame Whitey for THEIR Lack of personal RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!

    • vighorois

      What’s worse than calling someone a racist is letting people die when you have the power to do something about it. To me, the latter is disgusting indeed.

      • bryan

        aye-aye. no further comments folks, the man right here said it.

    • tori

      All through his presidency I felt bad for Bush. Heck I still do. The man did not have that much power people! Has anyone here ever taken a government class? As for his policies and ideas, he can pitch them to Congress. Without Congress nothing is passed, so everything that came to be during his presidency wasn’t entirely his fault. I know he shouldn’t have proposed half the stuff he did, like invading Iraq and Afghanistan, but he didn’t get this passed alone.

      • tori

        And at least he acted like a president instead of a celebrity like our current president.

      • viddingwithkyle

        That is very true Tori. I don’t need my President on Ryan Seacrest. How does it look when our President is on more entertainment magazines than political articles? I wish Obama would just act like our President instead of trying to be Brad Pitt.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        Yes, because sitting like a deer caught in headlights on 9/11 wondering what to do while the Secret Service agents are telling him planes are being flown into the WTC, that’s presidential.

      • Rich

        Yes, I believe Obama was called a “celebrity” by that media-shunning-person-without-a-reality-show Sarah Palin.

      • Jen88

        Well played, Rich, well played.

      • whatevs

        Sarah Palin can be on any show she wants, she’s not the president.

      • James

        @whatevs – you completely missed the point.

      • lori

        UM REALLY TORI? You believe it’s as simple as taking a government class? I really think MOST Americans realize how government is run. BUSH AND CHENEY hijacked the government and had MANY bills passed during recesses in congress. TWO CRIMINALS WHO NOT ONLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPEACHED BUT SHOULD have been brought up on crimes against humanity!!

      • tori

        I think you need to calm down a little bit Lori. This IS Entertainment Weekly after all. I’m stating my opinion just like everyone on here and just because you capitalize most of your sentences doesn’t mean I’m going to change my mind.

      • J IN CA

        With all that is said & done-I am just amazed that the public is once again voting more of Bush back into Office i.e. Republican’s. I am amazed at what he accomplised in 8 years-troubled banks-wallstreet-2 wars. Oh & don’t forget he made enemies of almost every foreign nation. Oh yes – we voted for change and thought it would happen overnight & for no charge. Now we voted for change back. What a joke!

      • LL

        Totally agree, Tori!!

      • liz

        @ tori and viddingwithkyle – what you call “acting like a celebrity” was our president trying to reach out and get the attention of the young generation, the 18-24 year olds that are so woefully apathetic about taking part in politics and voting these days. he made extreme efforts to engage young voters in the last days before the midterm elections, going on Jon Stewart, Ryan Seacrest, etc. In my opinion, I would MUCH rather have a president that is willing to connect with the people on mediums other than the traditional media outlets and press conferences, than a president who is unreachable and disconnected from his base. at least you know that this president cares.

    • viddingwithkyle

      I agree. I was never a fan of Bush’s but pulling out the race card is just low. But who are we kidding? Kanye lives in low. All he does is make baseless statements without merit to cause controvery. Was Beyonce’s video really the best of all time? Nope, but she was black and she lost to a white girl so Kanye took it personally.

      • bryan

        You sir, have just made a baseless statement without merit to cause “controvery”. And i’m not stating that you being a hypocrite means you have no say, but I’d just think you’d ought to understand what it means to play and think on both sides. Since you just did it. Then adjust your initial comment based on it, because Kanye is simply defending what he thought, saying what nobody else had the courage to say. Focus on the real issue at hand, the fact that a United States president is calling the lowest point of his apparently shabby presidency, a comment by an outspoken musician. A musician speaking and acting on behalf of HIS people. Bush should have done that. He wasn’t calling him racist in any way. There are so many failures to grasp reality by Bush that seeking out blood for what Kanye said or did is another failure to grasp reality in itself.

    • kb

      At what point to local and state government take some of the blame of the situation of that happened. Why is what happened only Bush’s fault? You should be mad at everyone involved at the State and Local level also because there were no plans in place for a major hurricane or do you all expect the federal government to plan everything for you also. If you expect the federal government to be responsible for everything then why even have local and state governments. The whole thing was a mess from the top down and I’m not sure how only blaming Bush is an accurate assessment of the situation.

      • Aaron

        Agree 100%

      • Allie

        Well, I think the local and state government could have done more to evacuate and prepare in advance. But once the flooding started, Bush declared a State of Emergency and FEMA & the National Guard come in and take control. Being from a hurricane state myself, I know that at that point, the decision-making is out of the hands of state and local government agencies.

      • Former Louisiana Resident

        Thank you. Most of the people who like to throw the Katrina blame on Bush, conveniently overlook the roles that Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco played in the fiasco. First, the federal government won’t send in troops or anything else until they get a call from the governor. Blanco delayed making the call. Despite numerous studies that projected what the impact a direct hit would have on the city in terms of fatalities, including one done at LSU in the months prior to Katrina, no significant moves were made to evacuate people or request assistance for evacuation of those who had no means to leave on their own. I have never been so heartbroken or disgusted as I was when watching the coverage in the days following the storm. But was I surprised by what I saw? No. The level of devastation and flooding were something that we all knew was a possiblity at some point. Just like people living in California know that devastating earthquakes are a possibility. What is unforgivable is that the people who had a responsibility to protect the citizens of their city and state had no plan to do so and failed to ask for federal help in time for it to make a difference. As a result, people died.

      • Johnnyvegas

        Bush make mistakes, no question; but it is amazing that the governor and mayor get a free pass. The president CAN’T send in the national guard without approval from the governor. He called her to offer help and she refused for days. While some trapped in the city were unable to leave, the majority still there CHOSE to stay, even with a mandatory evacuation.

        The shame to me is how much more work is needed there and we have plenty of construction workers looking for jobs. I was against the 2nd stimulus package but would have been all for funding the rebuilding of New Orleans.

      • Tony

        I don’t think Ray Nagin cares for people, period. I wouldn’t exempt him. But I don’t think that Bush, who ran on being a “compassionate” conservative (he repeated the compassionate part non-stop) really demonstrated the proper level of compassion or concern for a disaster of that level. I would have said the same thing if it had been an absolutely record-shattering tornado that ripped through rural Kansas and the same minimal amount was done to address the problem.

      • Deb

        If Bush showed a genuine concern for his constituency (even those withount money), then I would feel differently about his comments. Yes, local government bears responsibility – but callousness at the highest level of government (let alone any level of government) is galling, and should not be tolerated. What happened to the notion of serving the PEOPLE! This is where the phrase “PUBLIC SERVICE” originated.

      • jules

        The hurricane hit on a Monday morning. On the Friday before, the Bush administration recommended that the State of Louisiana declare a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. Both the Mayor and the Governor of LA did not declare that state of emergency until SUNDAY morning – 48 hours later. One concern being what it would do to tourism revenue if the hurricane missed the city. Maybe they should have listened and a lot of those people could have been out of harm’s way to begin with.

      • Carrie

        I’m not a fan of Bush, never voted for him, and I think the handling of Katrina was appalling in some cases (for example the Superdrome). HOWEVER, I also think people must take responsibility for themselves. I used to live on the beach in Florida. We evacuated EVERY TIME a hurricane was forecasted to hit our area. EVERY TIME.

      • Karl

        @ Former Lousiana Resident:

        Excellent points, and those important points are often overlooked by too many people who are too eager to pile on, as opposed to having an informed opinion.

      • Karina

        I agree. I think Kanye was right in his statement. If you think about it, how does Beyonce win Video of the Year but not Best Female Video. That makes no sense. I’m not even a Beyonce fan hnlostey and I know the Single Ladies video was a phenomenon. YouTube remakes can attest to that. It should have won.The way Kanye went about it was just wrong. Wrong venue, wrong time.

    • l boogie

      “grab hold of the people and whip them and control them”
      is that a Freudain slip?

    • Jane

      Time has proved that Kanye West is an idiot loud mouth.

    • lesliemd

      Hey, Larry – All of America didn’t vote for the corporate nitwit! Some of us actually DID vote for the “other guy.”. Twice. I hate when people say AMERICA voted for the Shrub. Some of America voted for him, some did not.

    • DC

      Larry David -Your comments always make me laugh! Fudge (I used that word, because I wanted to see if they would asterisk it) yeah – I love irony – and you my friend are rolling in it!

    • Christian

      The really sad thing here is that the Bush presidency was extremely popular for the continent of Africa as Bush did more for the Africans than any other President had (even Bono thought so!) … but no one here cares.

      • Robbyrob

        Your right…Bush did amazing things for Africa. Where do we start? Instead of teaching people safe sex and giving out condoms, Bush and his religious zealots decided on the abstinence message….which worked out really well….NOT! This is the reason why Bristol Palin is a teen activist people. Also, I think Bush opened the doors for the christian lunatics to minister their gay hate to many of the continents countries like Uganda. I love it when you guys try and defend Bush by saying what he did for Africa and not for our own country…unless you were white, rich and spiritually pure.

        What a load of crapola.

      • Christian

        You doubt Bono and Bob Geldof? Did it ever occur to you to actually think criticially before responding? For the rest of the undeducated:,8599,1717934,00.html

      • Christian

        Yes, I misspelled ‘uneducated’.

    • kc

      Was Bush a great president, no. But to blame him for Katrina is another thing entirely. The Hurricane didn’t magically form over New Orleans out of the blue. People had days to leave their homes, but the stubbornly didn’t. Some believed it wouldn’t be bad. But why does no one blame the residents for not leaving. And more importantly why is it Bush’s fault and not the state’s and local governments for not providing an immediate response. Not to mention that when Katrina is mentioned people only bring up New Orleans, is it because it is a city and more people chose to be ignorant and stay behind. But nobody ever mentions Mississippi or other towns in LA that were devastated by Katrina. People need to stop blaming Bush and take some responsibility for themselves. When a large hurricane comes, and you don’t have a lot of means then take the buses that were provided by the city prior and get out of town. Don’t whine after the fact that your trapped. It is your OWN FAULT.

      • James

        I agree there is plenty of blame to go around and there is some blame on people who took no responsibility for themselves. But, to be fair, there really were not enough resources offered for those who couldn’t get out on their own. Not to mention the difficulties for the chronically ill that were not addressed. I’m not in any way a Bush supporter and I agree that there were plenty of failures on the local and state levels. I also know that some people stubbornly stayed. But there were plenty of people who wanted to leave and couldn’t. Furthermore, they were told they had a safe place to go to where they would be taken care of and that turned out to be an even bigger h*ll. Once a federal disaster was claimed, it was up to FEMA and they failed spectacularly. They should have been closer to NO and all the other places and ready to go. It was no surprise that there were going to be major issues so the question is, why did they act like deer in the headlights?

    • Alex F

      Kanye was dead on. Bush didn’t care about black people and he still doesn’t. He’s not upset that he sent thousands of black people to die after Katrina, he’s mad that a black man called him out on it. What a dipsh*t.

      • ree

        i think you are a dipsh*t. the real racist in this situation is kanye.

      • CC

        Again I say why did Laura and George Bush address the problems in Africa, i.e. women’s issues and aids. Because no one cares about Africa. So that dispels the notion of only caring about his image during Katrina. Bush sent millions of US $ in aid to Africa for Aids.

      • Karl

        Wow. What a completely ignorant claim, “he sent thousands of people to die…”. Absolute garbage.

    • kross

      Actually, instead of insinuating that Bush is completely at fault for Katrina how about putting some of the blame on Governor Blanco and that idiot mayor Ray Nagen. They had nothing in place to help the people. When we had hurricane IKE in Houston our STATE got involved immediately and took control of the situation. Louisiana is a corrupt state with corrupt politician who are the one’s to blame for the initial NON reaction to the problem.

    • Really?

      Actually…the “other guy” won the popular vote in 2004. So yeah, most of America DID vote for the “other guy”.

    • JEB BUSH IN 2012

      When President-Elect Jeb Bush takes office in January of 2013, all will be restored to order in America.

      • footballmom

        scariest post ever!!!!

    • naomi

      How is what Kanye said worse than having shoes hurled at you lol

      • footballmom

        best post ever!!! LMAO!

      • CC

        Obviously Bush knew that West had a voice with not only black people but young people.

    • Nancy

      Bush was the worst president ever. In the Katrina and Iraq incidents. Lood at his reaction of 9/11 as he read a book to kids. Dumbfounded. As with most presidents he listened to his advisors and took their word instead of using his head. He is and always will be a puppet and an idiot.

    • lori

      HE WASN’T ELECTED THE FIRST TIME! His cronies, handed him the presidency. Not only is he a racist, he’s a war criminal. He was always on the take by the Saudis…the VERY people responsible for 9/11. WORST FAKE PRESIDENT EVER!!!

    • Nancy

      ya, right all of american was behind him. I doubt it very much. It was fixed man get over it. If all of america was behind him you people better get your heads together and vote for a honest man not a puppet. And why is it that as soon as a man is elected president he becomes God. He’s just a man and the same man that was running, he hasn’t changed. Wouldn’t it be nice to see an honest man in the presidency. One that tells the truth and makes promises he can keep instead of lying all the way through the campaign just to get elected. We should expect and get more.

    • Dummyface

      Again with the American in the wrong place Larry David. Honestly, you just want to get a rise out of us.

    • Steve

      A white president can do and say anything and some black person can turn into something racist. It’s always a race issue with “you people”

    • Nathan

      Sorry Bush, but Kanye was pretty much right on the money there.

      • Nathan

        PS, congrats to your coke head Texas Rangers, they got handled pretty well in the series this year.

    • Sarah O

      I do not think he knows what the word “disgusting” means.

    • Lisa

      Mac, the insinuation that Bush was racist & didn’t care about black people is silly. He gave more money for AIDS in Africa than any other POTUS in history. He appointed Condi Rice to his cabinet as well as Colin Powell. He most certainly was not racist.

    • CBenji

      It was kind of sad, but the look on Mike Myers face was so funny I could have cried. Honestly he looked like he wanted to go into the floor. He wanted to be anywhere, but there at that moment.

    • Vince from NYC

      HA.. So many responses to Larry David.. I don’t even bother addressing what he says anymore.. I think he is 12 and going through that defiant stage teenage boys go through..Day in and Day out, in every article he has some hateful or controversial thing to say about anything.

    • Lawrence Lane

      Bush clearly made some huge mistakes in his presidency; they were mistakes which were not so obvious at the time of the decisions. Those who have used hindsight to lambast him are hypocrites. Kanye West is simply a jerk and he was way out of line when he called Bush a racist. West should profusely apologize as he did when the public condemned him for grabbing the microphone and usurping the stage in his rant for Beyonce. He is so immature and his humility is fake. Who is the real racist? Its Kanye West, a big fat spoiled baby.

    • Kelly

      Yeah, but the worst moment of his presidency? Worse than oh, say, the terrorist attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon? Worse than the actual natural disaster of Katrina? Worse than having to make the decision to send servicemen to war, and certain death?

      Really? A rapper calling him a racist was the WORST part of his presidency?

      Pray W never finds comments threads on the internet, in this or any other forum. I don’t think his fragile ego would last more than a few minutes.

    • DebraD

      Wow, even years later, it saddens me to see all the anger toward Bush. I actually liked him. He wasn’t perfect, and I will not pretend to understand the whole Katrina situation, but I do believe he is a decent man who was doing the best he could at the time. To call him names and accuse him of not caring about the poor? those are attacks on his character and simply uncalled for. He’s mentioning the whole Kanye comment because it obviously hit a nerve. It was so opposite of how he felt he was. I just can’t believe the amount of disrespect being shown a former president!

    • Americanist

      George W was not a good president, he wasn’t our worst as some have suggested, and I don’t think he had any sort of elaborate scheme or agenda.

      I honestly think he was just a guy who really, really wanted to be president, like his daddy, and who, unlike his daddy, was able to get re-elected.

      George W does have good race relations records, his aid to Africa campaign was much larger than most Presidents, he speaks spanish better than he can speak english from closely working with hispanics for the majority of his life, whether on an oil rig, with a major league baseball team, or as Governor of Texas.

      As a black man, I thought Kanye was out of line, as usual.

      I couldn’t vote in 2000, in 2004 I voted Kerry, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend Bush isn’t a charismatic person and actually a fairly decent person. I’ll criticize him for his actual failings, not over vitriolic fabrications meant to diminish a person’s image without any analysis of the veracity of the claim.

      As said before, Mayor Nagin (A black man, no less) was a greater hindrance to adequate aid delivery than the President.

    • CC


      • Free Thinker

        Perhaps Obama has not allocated aid to Africa is because we are in a domestic recession. What would his critics say if he gave money to Africa while we are in need here in the US?

    • Jenna


      actually, it was 2000. before you want to sound off, know the facts.


      Shouldn’t the real issue be that Bush cares more about what Kanye said than the actual hurricane? Hello people, we all know Bush was (and this proves, still is) an idiot, but I feel like him saying this was the lowest point in his presidency is ridiculous.

      Anyone remember 9/11?

      I am in the military and find it beyond words offensive that he is more devastated by the words of a rapper than the thousands of lives we lost for a war that occurred because of and under his administration.

    • bwegh

      He’s not a racist, he cares for his people. Just like Gadaffi…

  • TBH

    *** made

  • trinity

    Not a Bush supporter either, but being called a racist was wrong, incompetent yes, but not racist.. Besides, we all know Kanye is an idiot who opens his mouth with out thinking first anyway

    • Raheem

      Yeah, Kanye was way off. Lauer’s observation that W. was more consumed with a personal attack than the misery in Louisiana indicates how myopic our former president was.

      In hindsight, Kanye should have just said: “George Bush does not care about people.”

      • ger

        Raheem, you are the man.

      • jmcg

        You just wrote exactly what I thought. Kanye should have just dropped the “black” and kept the rest. What’s disgusting is that Bush still doesn’t recognize the fact that his actions/inactions had a direct affect on people’s lives. He’s still not a deep thinker.

      • 4rocket

        If Kanye had any brains AND class, he would not only not erroneously accuse Bush of racism, but he would’ve chosen the appropriate time and forum to state his opinions. Making a random unscripted comment like that on live TV for what is supposed to be a fundraiser just looks selfish and stupid, like he will stoop to any low for publicity, even the face of tragic events.

      • Allie

        I’d say it also speaks to Bush’s notion of “with him or against him.” He never seemed to understand that in a civilized society people can speak out against you and even say unpopular things and as a President you should support the discourse. People say what they will about Clinton, but I always felt like he was up for discussing the issues….he didn’t just expect everyone to agree with him because “he said so.”

      • The Cynical Optimist

        Exactly. Sociopaths are not racists, they can’t be bothered, just as they cannot be bothered to have empathy for anybody at all. Bush just doesn’t care about people. He only cares about himself, the one and only Incurious George the Murder Monkey.

      • Art

        And I think that is clarified when Bush cut off Lauer’s follow-up with a “Don’t Care.” Or, “I said what I prepared, now don’t ask me any of your ‘gotcha’ follow-up questions that might make me think off script.

    • Scotty J

      @ Trinity Thats exactly the point Kanye has a Ph.D in Douchebaggery so the president of the free world shouldn’t give a flying flick what he thinks let alone be disgusted.

    • Free Thinker

      I’m not a fan but P.S people- Kanye NEVER called him a racist! The comment insinuates that the black community was not a priority to Bush. He didn’t visit any predominately black communities during his re-election campaign. Guess he knew where his voter base was and he stuck to it. Hiring black people in key positions doesn’t give you a pass for that- he picked two of the most conservative black people in the country. Bush wasn’t completely inept. BTW- since when did Bono become the “go to” person for social issues?

  • Chuck

    President Bush shouldn’t care what a nobody like Kanye West has to say. Who the hell is he? A rapper, not a singer and a spoiled brat at that. He couldn’t even handle Taylor Swift beating Beyonce for an award, not to mention his own loss two years early when he went on a boo hoo hoo rampage upon losing. Of course, the Academy made up for the oversight (?) the next year and gave him some crumbs. He also says he’s going to be bigger than Elvis. Really? I think that takes talent, something he’s low on.

    • jmcg

      Wow, either Kanye has mad power to affect a former Prez so deeply; or Bush’s ego and self-esteem is so fragile that he can’t take criticism from a rapper. Or, 3rd there is a kernel of truth in Kanye’s statement and Bush doth protest too much.

      • 4rocket

        I think you’re spot-on. Kanye was far from being the only celebrity to criticize him, his comments weren’t even the worst. Yet Bush takes them far more personally than anyone should. I mean for Christ’s sake, you don’t see Taylor Swift yapping on about getting interrupted by Kanye in every interview, so why can’t Bush have some maturity and move the hell on?

      • Karl

        Would it bother you to be accused of being a racist, even when the accuser knew nothing of your beliefs? There’s more than a matter of maturity there. That was a somewhat well-publicized moment in his presidency. W would have have been criticized for avoiding the issue in his book if he didn’t mention it. And apparently he’ll take some heat for mentioning it anyway.

        You can’t please everyone…

      • Well, obviously…

        Only Truth hurts, Mr President. In fact, you and your people didn’t care enough about Katrina victims, even the foreign media called America out about the issue.
        I’m the ultimate Kanye fan but how come some random thoughts made by an artist (even if it was live TV) can become the worst moment of Bush’s presidency? Worst than 9/11? Really?
        Kanye will always speak his mind or his thoughts will choke him, that’s how it is. People – especially if they are US Presidents – should not give him too much credit. He said it himself: “No one man should have all that power” . Come on, now.

      • Rita

        So true; I can not believe Bush is Simple Simon enough to say Kanye’s out of line comment hurt him so deeply and was the ‘lowest point of his presidency.’ I knew when he and McCain delayed after Katrina, which by the way, the storm had stopped, the hurricane was OVER, when the LEVEE’S broke.. That was an infrastructure catastrophe not Hurricane Katrina that killed all those people.. Bush,Cheney,McCain and the rich cats continued with the B’day party and waited long enough to clear out the population. Yep, thinned out the poor folk, mostly black. Shame on America for forgetting that. How can you vote Republican when they are the ones that are against the poor, the unemployed,against the disabled and anyone in need of help. Never forget,without the poor, there is no one to do the jobs of the low income, no janitors, housekeepers,hospital workers, fast food workers,etc. and no one to buy the stale food, cheap clothes&shoes and live in the rundown housing and crime infested neighborhoods. The economy would REALLY fall without poor people. The rich live ON OUR BACKS.

  • Regina

    HEY LOOSER KANYE, WHY DON’T YOU “SPEAK NOW” ABOUT IT?!? Get it? “SPEAK NOW?!?!” Taylor’s new album title! LOLLLLLL! :)

    • Little Lady

      Wacka Wacka Wacka

    • Josh

      Wow. That comment was about as mature and coherent as Taylor’s lyrics. Both sound like they were written by someone lacking maturity and talent.

      • Kristyn

        Lol Josh I think I’m in love with you after that comment!

      • Billy McGluffingtonbergsantingtonston

        Oh come on! She’s only 20 and she wrote all of her songs on her new album. Her lyrics aren’t genius, but you try writing s whole album by yourself. Give her some credit.

      • Regina Spektor

        I wrote all of my five albums all by myself. And my songs are way better than Taylor’s.

      • Ian

        @ Billy McGluffingtonbergsantingtonston — To quote Bill Hicks…”What’s her next song called? ‘Mom, Why Am I Bleeding’?”

      • Bob Dylan

        By the time I was 21 I had already written “Blowin’ In The Wind.” Suck it, Taylor.

      • Stefani “Lady Gaga” Germannotta

        Hey, I write all my own songs, too! Poker Face became a #1 hit by the time I was 23… true story.

    • T

      At least spell “loser” right. I guess your spelling skills are on par with your sense of humor.

  • Chris

    W. is not a racist, he was just too incompetent to properly handle a crisis.

    • alan of montreal

      or handle anything, really.

      • lol people makes me laugh

        The canadian guy speaks abbout the US ex president lol. Shut up guy, you lost your priviledge to talk about the us when u wussy out and decide not to fight the redcoats during the revolutionary war with US thirteen colonies you dumb ****

        And rita, lol you really want poor people in the US??? Look at the world, there are plenty of poor people, why need more. To say bush f*** over poor, if it wasn’t for bush you poor people would die off the US soil a along time ago

      • @lol people makes me laugh

        It’s called globalization, sweetheart. Your country is not isolated from the rest of the world. Your incompetent ex-president’s actions (or inactions) reflect everywhere in the world. Have you ever heard the saying “with great power comes great responsibility”? The world DOES have an opinion on your government, every country is invested in it, because a butterfly flapping its wings there can cause a tornado elsewhere. You were lucky (yes, lucky) enough to have been born in the most powerful nation in the world, congrats to you. However, it’s not just a priviledge, it’s also a responsibility. Cue: some ignorant fool asking me why they should care about the rest of the world. Besides, “the Canadian guy” has as much right to his opinion on any issue as you or I do.

    • Dave


      • Poomprat

        The accident of fnnidig this post has brightened my day

  • joe

    Good point Matt Lauer. Thank God this guy isn’t in office anymore. Seriously, a Kanye West diss was his lowest moment. Why should he give a shit what a rapper thinks? Seriously?

    • Jen

      umm, Matt Lauer is a jerk! Clearly we know Bush didn’t mean that Kayne’s diss was worse than the actual disaster, but the jerk somehow spins it into something much worse. I hate Bush, but Lauer is just evil.

      • Really, Jen?

        Really? Did you read the rest of the interview…5 YEARS LATER! He’s still fixated on someone taking a stab at him personally- Not looking back and seeing mistakes or what he could have done better, or feeling any sort of remorse for his actions or lack thereof….but an insult. Bush is a narcassistic sociopath-which is why he reacted the way he did to the REAL low and disgusting moments. The entire interview listed was about the mean thing someone said and hurt feelings during a catastrophic event- not the event itself. Bush is far too self centered and Matt Lauer was dead on.

      • Jen

        LOL – I guess you are right. Bush is horrible. That being said, I have seen many Matt Lauer interviews and he has acted very rudely towards many of them. I guess since we hate bush we are willing to excuse Lauer’s comment, but if he said something like that to Obama, I think we would think about it in a different way.

    • whatevs

      It’s not about Kanye at all. It’s about his character being attacked by a total stranger.

  • jason

    whether or not you agreed with bush, you have to agree that kanye’s comment was ignorant and without basis. but then again it’s kanye west so i’m not surprised.

  • hello!

    He shouldn’t give Kanye that much credit. I agree, why should he let what Kanye says get to him? I have so many things i could say, but i will hold back. But to give Kanye this, well.. Kanye’s lovin it!! Not regretting the response to Katrina, not the misery of those ravaged by the hurricane, but Kanye’s mouth! Really??? that’s the worst moment? wow

  • Detroit

    I said it then, and I’ll say it now. It’s not that George Bush doesn’t care about black people. It’s more like he doesn’t care about poor people. He gets that from his mama. I’m sure he cares about rich black people.

    And GW was the first president to actually work against affirmative action. So maybe Kanye’s not as dumb as you all like to imply he is.

    • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

      Thank you. Replace “black” with “poor” and it’s 100% correct.

      • Dani C

        This! I think what Kanye said was out of anger, and who knows, maybe he was drunk too. But for W to say the worst moment of his presidency was Kanye calling him out, then my response is: REALLY?! Out of all the crap that went on during your 2 terms, that was the worst? REALLY?! Lets just say they’re both idiots, and be done with it!

      • jmcg

        I know! How about going to war on a false premise?! I think that at least should have been number one on his list.

      • Allie

        I’m thinking maybe having two skyscrapers collapse and thousands of people killed in a terrorist attack that could have been avoided if reports hadn’t been ignored….that should have probably ranked as a real low point.

      • Lelu

        Dani is right – do you remember the context of Kanye’s comment? It was during the telethon, and there was so much raw emotion from days and days of watching Americans die in the streets of this country, as the President took his time leaving his vacation to deal with it, and then congratulated his crony on the great job he was doing AS PEOPLE WERE DYING IN THE STREETS.
        Was what Kanye said inelegant? Yes? Were there other people to blame, including some who were black? Sure. But that’s what he was feeling, and he said it, and it just came out.
        And he’s not the only one who felt that way. He’s an idiot sometimes, but that came from a very real place.

  • Maricarmen

    Surprised at how Lauer tried to spin the issue. Again, NOT a Bush supporter but he’s talking about his feelings towards a specific situation. Of course, ANY American felt and still feels a great amount of sadness over what happened to Louisiana, but Bush is giving a recollection of some of the things that affected his personally, as in his personality, during his Presidency

    • Melissa

      Matt Lauer trying to spin a situation isn’t surprising at all. And that’s exactly what he did here.

  • West may not be far off . . .

    The most disgusting moment of his presidency. For the record I never thought he lied. I don’t believe he made the case for weapons of mass destruction when he knew for a fact they weren’t there. But I do believe he *wanted* them to be there. So much so that he ignored any evidence to the contrary and only listened to the things that told him what he wanted to hear. He was set invade the country for his own reasons (whatever they might have been) and was just hunting for justification.

    • I’d Hardly call Kanye . . .

      Sorry wrong Heading.

  • Jay

    He said Bush doesn’t care about Black people. There is no evidence to contradict the assertion.

    • yea

      Genius you are.

    • DanielPDX

      There is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Two consecutive black Secretarys of State. Billions of dollars in aid to Africa which has been praised by Bono and Bob Geldof. And the largest amount of spending on social welfare programs since the 1960’s Great Society programs. Don’t comment if you yourself can’t back it up.

    • Karl

      Where is your evidence to back up that assertion?

      • Angel

        Fuch Bush and anyone who think like his racist azz. The only reason he is responding now because his dumb azz trying to promote his dumb azz book!!!!!!!!!!

  • April

    Still one of the funniest moments on tv. Glad I saw it live.

    Also the other poster is right – replace Black with poor and that’s what Kanye meant to say. Barbara Bush’s comments about those in the stadium confirms this.

    • totally agree

      saw it live too, shrub was only voted in cause daddy was president and the rich repub backers knew he was a mutant who would follow anything they told him to do in the name of his lord and savior, and also saw bar bus’s comments in the stadium live where she basically reiterated what kanye meant, they just don’t care about poor people, so quit your bitchin poor people and too bad for you you didnt inherit trust funds like my husband and sons!

  • MM

    OMG! Doesn’t matter whether Kanye West was right or wrong–how about all the bad moments, the people lost on 9/11, in Iraq, during Hurricane Katrina? How petty and self-centered to say that an entertainer insulting him was the worst moment of his disastrous presidency!!

    • Fireflystare221

      AGREE. I mean I honestly cannot believe that someone insulting him was worse than 9/11 or 2 wars. He has to be one of the most unintelligent people I have ever seen.

      • scyren

        Please don’t make me defend that man. But, you guys are taking it to far. He called it his most disgusting moment. Maybe he uses another adjective for 9/11 etc. I sincerely doubt that he means that the way Kanye made him feel is bigger than 9/11. They were discussing and excerpt from his book. He says there are alot of bad moments in the book but that moment he felt was disgusting.

      • Fireflystare221

        scyren- I am going by what President Bush told Laura (according to Matt Lauer’s interview). He told her it was the worst moment of his presidency. Then he backtracked and said it was a disgusting moment. I don’t actually believe he thinks that it was bigger than 9/11, but it just shows this extent of this man’s ego. It’s been 5 years and he is still complaining about what a rapper said about him. Bush doesn’t think before he speaks and it was a real problem for us as a country and for his image. I swear he says the dumbest things I have ever heard. It makes me laugh and want to cry at the same time. Sadly, he was elected twice.

    • Jane

      Yep, how was 9/11 not the worst moment in his presidency??? Hurricane Katrina, too.

      Bush did not handle Hurricane Katrina properly at all and let’s be honest – if it was Greenwich, Connecticut under water he would have reacted a lot faster. To see dead bodies and hear about the horrible things going on in New Orleans at the time, I’m sure it was hard not to feel angry at the President. Kanye said something a lot of America was feeling. Whether it was right or wrong, it was a tough time in America.

    • Karl

      Read the book before you make that assertion. Otherwise your opinion is about as valid as Kanye’s

      • Vince from NYC

        No problem Mr. Rove..

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