'The View': Joy Behar tells Sharron Angle to 'go to hell, bitch'

Joy Behar condemned a political ad by Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle as fomenting racial divisiveness. The View aired Angle’s latest TV ad on the talk show on Tuesday morning. Looking at the camera, Behar addressed Angle, calling her a “bitch” and concluding that Angle is “going to hell, this bitch.”

Behar described the ad as “a Hitler youth commercial,” said Angle is “a moron on top of being evil” and also dared Angle to “do this ad in the South Bronx,” implying that New Yorkers wouldn’t stand for it.

Angle has come in for criticism of the ad, called “The Wave,” which some have characterized as vilifying Latinos. On Tuesday’s View, Sherri Shepherd said that while many call for racial harmony, ads such as this cast people with “brown or black skin” as threats to whites, and “makes Hispanics the bogeyman” out to “pounce on whites.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck also said she felt the ad is “wrong.” See? Everyone can get along, given a common target to attack.

As she did during the recent Bill O’Reilly rumble, host Barbara Walters tried to calm down the panel in a plea for civility.

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  • TCinNJ

    Good for Joy. Sharon is a nut and she needs to accept the fact that white people will be a minority soon.

    • Marin

      I don’t agree with the ad or its politics, but Joy Behar is totally unprofessional. Wouldn’t her arguments carry more weight if she carried herself with more dignity?

      • Mike

        She isn’t a journalist or politician. She is a comedian on an entertainment talk show.

      • Templar

        To quote Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, “Bitches be crazy”

      • GeorgeA

        She isn’t a journalist, politician or comedian. She is a shrew without any ability to argue her point in any coherent fashion.

      • JustAGuy

        It’s reasonable to conclude Joy Behar isn’t a lady either. Perhaps Ms Behar was projecting when she called Angle that name.

      • manbearpig

        Democrats ran the James Byrd lynching ad accusing GWB of be complicit in that crime.

        Democrats ran the “another black church burns ad when you vote republican” ad.

        Did we get all we weed up about race baiting then Joy.

        Typical uninformed liberal hypocrite.

      • will

        Joy Behar is moving to NPR, she will fit nicely.

      • Maverick

        she’s not a very good comedienne. That’s why she is on this show with the other has-beens. Joy “fatpig” Behar is as worthless as teats on a bull.

      • Rancid

        She is neither funny nor entertaining.

      • Zakry

        Joy is apparently passionate about the issue. And, typically, instead of talking about the issue, some of you decide to attack JOY!

        Whether you like her or not, doesn’t her argument have merit? Don’t you see the irony of this?

      • Brenda

        If they will fire someone from the NPR for his beliefs whether right or wrong, I would hope the network would dismiss Joy.

      • hannah86

        So what? Who cares!?

      • Dan Carruthers

        Joy is as ugly on the inside as on the outside, and that’s saying somthing! Yikes!!!

      • peaches1


      • Dee2010

        I wonder what Behar’s mom was thinking when she named her Joy. Surely she couldn’t have imagined the strident and joy-less shrew her daughter would become. Behar really should find a different line of work before she succumbs to her own toxicity.

      • Mike

        Typical liberal – always resort to name calling and general nastiness when they disagree with someone. It isn’t about being racist its about the respect of law. if you are going to come here and reap the benefits of living in America, then you have to respect its laws and pay your taxes. if you can’t abide by that, you have no business being here whether you be white, brown, orange, black or pink. This is what the whole issue is concerning illegal immigration – it isn’t that they are mexican or a different color. its that they are here ILLEGALLY and draining our economies in the southwest.

      • Marty

        I live 14 blocks from the border. I guess I should, but I really don’t see anything wrong with the ad. Come live down here and see how long it takes for you to think the same way. Joy Behar need to go back to being a bad comedian. Her opinion is no better or worse than mine, she just has a tv show to promote her arrogance.

      • Lisa

        Brenda – Beliefs are neither right nor wrong, that’s whay their BELIEFS and not LAWS…
        Mike – Typical Conservative, supporting laws that punish individuals who are not white men.

        The bigger, main issue is the ad, not Joy’s reaction. Whether you believe Arizona’s alienting law is just or not, this ad paints Latinos as monsters. THAT is ABSURD and wrong on so many levels!

      • Eric in Mesa

        I watched the ad and didn’t see hear or see one incorrect thing mentioned. Why all the fuss?

      • georgiaguy

        Dignity? Behar? You jest.

      • brad

        Yep she’s a loud mouth comedienne but her heart’s in the right place.

        Sharon Angle nothing but a hatemonger. A dumb one too.

      • Always Independent

        I’ve seen single celled animals display more intelligence than behar.

      • Ted

        The border is broke, fix it. A country without borders is no longer a country. Behar is just pathetic and can only call people names because she can’t intelligently make her point.

      • Funny

        She said “witch”, not “bitch”.

      • Bill0

        Can’t put dignity on a PIG

      • william darwin

        “White people will be a minority Soon” – Talk about bigotry, racism, xenophobia.

        This is delusional and stoke the fire you must. I hear that all Americans are bigots yet they are themselves typically are withing 2 generations of being a legal (operative word) immigrant. As we are finding laws only apply to non-browns -just using your label.
        When the private sector refuses or no longer will work to pay for public subsidized children or when the brown people take responsibility for themselves you will reach ZPG like the rest of us and it will come out in the wash. The fact of the matter is MS-13 is prevalent, there is no civil recourse for persons here illegally who inflict financial or physical damage on legal citizens. The US is a soverign republic who has the right to enforce its immigration laws and the govt. is legally bound to do so. If that makes me a bigot – so be it. If we continue to allow illegals into the country at will and impose that will upon us, I GET IT – It fulfills your dream.
        If Mexico, muslims or Liberals want to change the border, declare war and we’ll solve it the way nations have already agreed. Oops, you already declared war on America, the Constitution and the private sector – that is what we haven’t accepted that, yet.

        If you cannot police your own Joy – then one bad apple spoils the pie, right? or does that only apply to non-liberal whites?

      • bill deering

        Lisa: did you miss the part of the ad where it specifies Illegal Aliens? I don’t believe the word Latino was used even once. the existing and proposed immigration laws apply to all immigrants, not just those that aren’t white men. saying “…laws that punish individuals who are not white men.” is a racist and sexist statement.

        shame on you.

      • levelheaded

        I agree Marin. I am horrified by the ad, yet Joy’s verbal abuse and expletives do no favors to having an intelligent debate about the ad. And calling someone a bitch and then say they’re ‘going to hell’ is something a teenager does when they’re angry, not a grown intelligent woman.

      • Wickeddoll

        @Dee2010 – her name is not actually Joy; it’s “Josephina” – she named herself Joy, and “Behar” is her ex-husband’s name; hers was Josephina Victoria Occhiuto. Just FYI

      • Sammy

        She’s a comedian on an entertainment talk show? Then I guess we should laugh at her.

      • Melinda

        This woman is everything I never want to become. I don’t agree with anything she says, but she does not display dignity at all and is an embarrassment to good women everywhere. She is not helping her own cause by acting like this. Which is pretty cool, since it shows the idiot liberals to be exactly what they are.

      • Jeff

        Comedian? Arent they supposed to be funny? Bearhar is a screachy old nag that needs to be put out to pasture.

      • Julissa

        The ad is completely absurd because it villifies people with dark skin. Not all Latinos are undocumented, nor are all undocumenteds Latino. This ad is very one-sided and they only depicted one racial group without showing all the other groups who are here illegally. There are over 2 million undocumented Asians, yet you don’t see them being attacked or villified.

      • Pat

        Marin: NO ONE on the view has or ever has had any dignity.

      • JJMO

        Lisa, in this case and this forum it isn’t about the ad…it’s the sheer unprofessionalism and horridness of that woman. And she’s still on TV when other people are getting fired? Egads

      • Riley

        It amazes me that teabaggers are such MORONS. I’m surprised they even know how to use a computer. Don’t you idiots realize you’re going to tear this country apart?

      • mark

        The bottom line is that Harry Reid, as well as most liberal elitists, will sellout if it means securing votes. How pathetic is it, as an elected official, to completely ignore the overwhelming will of the people time and again to push your own agenda down our throats? For all of you liberals out there that think your representatives really care about the poor, the indigent, and the less fortunate…think again. This is all about trying to paint the Right as uncaring and color themselves as the heroes, when in reality, it is a shameless display of buying votes. Keep wasting your time blubbering about us vs. them. Meanwhile, we are all being set-up. Joy Behar is simply a “symptom” of a much larger issue. I don’t want to give her the time of day to validate her whiny, unprofessional, ill-informed rants. Really getting tired of way overpaid so-called entertainers that use their platform to spew their hate and/or the judgment of others. Isn’t it funny how everyone is OK if you agree with the libs, but if you have your own opinion and it differs from their, they unleash the wrath from hell. frankly, I am fed-up with these self-righteous, pretentious idiots that have no idea what it means to be part of the real world.

      • Dante

        Behar is a clueless, talentless hag. No class and no self-respect. The only reason she has a job is thst her network has no standards.

      • Ricky Blitt

        Joy Behar has a pink b*tthole.

      • David T

        Her words may not be be what anyone deem as civil discourse, but really, is calling people fascists, socialists, communists any nicer? The problem is we threw civil out the window in the mid90s, and now if you try to be dignified, you get punched in the face.

      • Guin Chapman

        They cuss when they don’t have anything intellegent to say and being on this show, you wouldn’t have anything intellegent to say. The women on this show do not make sure brain is in gear before they ingage mouth. What role model’s! LMAC

      • Tami

        I totally agree. At one time Joy was my fav on the view but now she’s the reason i don’t watch it.

      • Susan Schwartz

        Amy I find it so difficult that a woman talks of abortion the way you do. That is a precious human life at the time of conception. I have had two beautiful children and that is one sore subject with me. In this day and age use birth control there is no reason for abortion except in the case of rape , incest etc. It makes me sick to think how anyone can take the life of an innocent baby. I have had two babies in my stomach and no one can tell me abortion is ok and it is a womans right. I dont believe in murdering abortion doctors or bombing clinics either. Someday those of you who do these things will answer to our creator. I dont judge you but your creator will. I cant stand that it seems the politicians are saying whatever gets them the votes. I dont go around telling people what to do but if I am asked how I believe be ready to hear it. It really saddens me to read your comments It is so hard as a Mother to understand how you could think it is right to get pregnant and just decide you dont want the baby and then to murder it. I feel all women should see an abortion on film also before they are allowed to have one. Insurance doesnt cover birth control and you want me to pay for Murder…. Never will understand your kind

      • @Zakry

        That’s the point. Joy (talk about ironic) is not making an “argument”, she’s throwing a tantrum. If she was capable of making an articulate, intellegent, well thought out argument, rational people would listen. The tantrums and storm-outs are childish and ineffective if she’s trying to persuade people.

      • Tarc

        LOL! She’s a commentator – like Glen Back. If she follow the Fox News model, she can say anything and invent anything she likes with complete. I’m just shocked that the republa!zombies aren’t eating it up like all the rest…

      • Elli

        The hate and racism in this ad deserves no dignity in response. It’s just plain wrong and I can’t understand how that is not completely obvious to everyone.

      • danzam

        I agreee with this comment. She is the first to attck anyone with a conssrvative agenda. Yet, promotes her “opinion” as liberal as it comes and says “in my opinion”. Whlie some think Sharon is out of control, can not the same be said about Ms Behar? No professionalism, and certainly no integrity for her or her shows. Time has come to stop watching her and her “unprofessionalism”! good luck with hell Ms Behar!

      • Zaphod

        Why is there always such a sweeping generalization by both sides?

        You know, there are some liberals out there who don’t act like this and label every conservative a racist, just like there are conservatives who are willing to listen to both sides before making an informed decision.

        The only way we’re ever going to solve the drama going on in this country is to work together, seriously. Not against each other.

      • JAM

        That ad is, AWESOME. I don’t think it paint Latinos in a bad light but it does showcase the immigration issue which Libs like Behar still believe doesn’t exist. GO ANGLE!

      • Trinity

        Joy doesn’t need to be “professional” she’s not a politician – she is a Comedian on a talk show…it is her “View” GO Joy!!!!

      • Kathy Miller

        Joy:I can’t believe you and how you can be so negative. Just want to let you know I just contributed to Sharon Engels campaign.

      • Mary

        George is 100% right! I don’t agree with the ad. But, to call Sharon Angle a “bitch” and tell her to, “go to hell” is just as hateful as the ad!

      • Lisa

        Bill Deering: You’re right. My apologies. In the heat of the moment I made a racist/sexist comment. Let me clarify… I do believe this country has an illegal immigration problem. Our borders DO need to be policed better and something needs to be done about those who are living here illegally right now. However, profiling is not the way to do it, which is how I understand the law in Arizona… police have the right to question anyone who looks like they may be from another country… in Arizona the illegal immigration problem is mostly with Mexicans because of the borders. So anyone who looks Mexican is subject to questioning and searches etc… Is that fair? Is that right? I think not!

        Regarding the ad – Pictures speak louder than words… No the ad does not SAY ‘Latinos’ but I only SEE Latinos in the ad. And not only that, they are all dressed like thugs. I understand the ad is for a targeted audience dealing with illegal immigration from a certain region (i.e., Mexico) however, like the law, the ad racially profiles those who are not white and therefore implies that they not welcome here. Illegal immigration problems include immigrants from all countries and American citizens do not all look the same… in fact, there are American citizens who even look like ‘immigrants’ even if they were born here. So, why then in the ad are the immigrants Latinos and the American citizens, whose lives are so terribly affected by illegal immigrants, all white? I don’t care much for what the verbal message says right now… it’s the images that I’m disturbed by. People don’t always remember what they hear, but they remember what they see… therefore, viewers will remember the ad implying that Americans are only white and illegal immigrants are Latino criminals.

        There are fewer Americans who have Native American blood lines, than those who trace their lineage to Africa/Europe/Asia/Latin America/… so to stand in a position that so wrongfully judges people based on their looks is so unbelievably hypocritical when most of us come from families that started outside of this country.

        The point I was trying to make in my original post is that ads like this only villain-ize those individuals who do enter this country illegally by stereotyping their images the way this ad does. Yes illegal immigration is a problem and yes immigrants come from all corners of the world, but this ad does not say that, verbally or visually. Instead, it says Latinos will be the downfall of white America.

      • punkin

        Joy Behar as a so called commedian falls short of being funny at anything. She embarrasses decent women, she is more like a very unhappy shrew with a confidence problem, who thinks they need to lash out at other women belittling them in order to make her feel good about herself. How sad! Joy better be careful, her own actions and words may get her the same place that she has accused Angel of going to hell.

      • sandra

        Joy is so unprofessional and foul mouthed. She has no place on a program that has so many great people visit and share their views that we enjoy hearing. But, I must insist that she be removed from your show or I will stop watching along with many people I know who are fed up with her. She has a right to her view but, she has crossed a line more than once and it is time for Barbara to do something about it. Also, Joy and Whoopi were both walking that line when they walked out on a guest. Very insulting to the guest and your viewers. Please do something about this situation with Joy and let her go.

      • tj

        Thats the problem people are tired of all the negativity and biogrty and soon as someone says enough is enough and shows how displeased they are u have people saying they are unprofessional. Unprofessional my %ss the tea party and all the hatred the put out is crazy do you realize that if they have their way anyone that wasnt born in the U.S. and all the blacks and latinos will be picking cotton and anwsering to a slave master. Stop being a wimp Im glad she spoke out. I wish she could have said it to her face.

      • Quartus

        Lisa- Remember that Angle is trying to become the voice of the people of NV. That means she needs to address the issues of NV. I don’t know that they are seeing large quantities of illegal whites or asians at this time in NV, so her ads probably won’t address those points. The issue in the state is with the Mexican population that is there illegally, and the problems they are seeing from them. I have many mexican friends and I love them as I do my own brothers. Heck, I have two moms that helped raise me, my white birth mother and the woman i affectionately call my latin mother, who is from El Salvador. She is a legal citizen of this country. She did what she had to, to be here legally. She taught her children to be good citizens and obey the laws and she pays her taxes. These are not the people Angel is talking about. She is not attacking ALL Latinos. She is referring to the ones that are here illegally, who are contributing to the ever growing gang problem, and who reap all the benefits that tax paying, red blooded americans pay for, whether they be black, white, pink purple and brown, it doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t have to pay for them to be here. I shouldn’t have to pay for them to sit in our prisons because of crimes they commit ($50K a year each in prison). I shouldn’t have to foot the bills for the kids they have here illegally. I shouldn’t have to change my primary language because they refuse to speak what we speak. If you want to come here, great, come here. We welcome you here. We want good new citizens. But do it legally, obey the laws, pay your taxes, teach your children to be upstanding citizens in word and deed and learn the language. Should we expect less?

      • Lee Hill

        It’s time for Angry Behar to go. I renamed her because she is no Joy. She is disgusting.

      • THank God for Joy

        I am so glad that Joy called this woman out. That ad is disgusting — the way that Sharon Angle is trafficking in racial fear-mongering is morally repugnant.

      • Jay

        Lisa – I would like to point out a misconception you may have. The AZ law is based on and is, in fact, an 80% copy of the Federal illegal immigration law. One of the differences is that the Federal law allows for any kind of profiling without restriction. A Federal Agent can stop anyone based on a hunch or the color of their skin. The AZ law specifically forbids this kind of profiling and immigration status can only be questioned if the officer has a reason to believe the individual may be illegal.

      • Sandra Gibson

        I like Joy,she tells it like it is. Sharon Angles in office is stupid. Thank god for our vets that she wants to take there VA away fr them and fought so she could keep being stupid. Joy was so right. A mother of a Vet.

      • STLDan

        Umm manbear the conservatives had plenty to say about that ad, much more than one person saying one thing on one TV show. Let me ask you this? You agree with that ad I take it? I will just get straight to the point, if you do you are a racist, plain and simple. Angle is a racist and her attempts to hide it by saying the people in the ad are asian doesn’t even hide her racism it just changes her target from one group of people without white skin to another. Waht a joke.

      • Ann

        I used Joy’s rant as a teachable moment for my teenage daughters. They will use cuss words sometimes when they are with their friends. I point out how unladylike this is, it shows ignorance and really just like you are screaming for attention. I was able to replay to them what Joy did and they were shocked it happened on day time TV.

        Joy has no respect for herself or anyone else that has a different opinion. The ad may be not be the most appropriate, but to stoop to a bully-fighting mentality to make yourself look bigger and better is very sad for a woman who obviously has had a successful career. Joy is usually uninformed and in order to “cover” up her lack of knowledge she is the first to open her mouth and stick her foot in it.

        Barbara, you are a first class act! You created a show many years ago that many of us loved to tune in to daily (even with our little ones playing in the kitchen). Unfortunately, it has gone so far south. Take a stand and clean up your house. You were saddened that Whoopi and Joy walked out of their own house, but I encourage you to do some cleaning up of your show. I bet your ratings sore!

        Good Luck!

      • Lisa

        We are all going to have to politely agree to disagree.

        As I have stated in my posts, I agree that there is an illegal immigration problem in this country and I don’t expect any hard-working American citizen to pay for those who are living here illegally, in any way. Nor do I believe that English should cease to be our official language – that’s absurd! Listen, I am a native New Yorker. Living in NYC all my life, I have been surrounded by immigrants both legal and illegal. I hear more accents and non-English languages on a daily basis than most of you all. I expect those who come here to live to learn English and to become citizens through all the right channels. We make it too easy for them to fall below the radar.

        I have also stated that I understand that the ad is for a targeted audience dealing with illegal Mexican immigration. Thus I understand why Latinos are the focus of the ad.

        However, it still does not make the message of the ad any better or clearer that all Latinos are not illegal immigrants and/or thugs, that the illegal immigration problem extends beyond Mexico and that not all immigrants are illegal.

        It is a horrible, racist ad and if you all really read what I have been saying you would see that that’s the point I have been trying to make. But since conservatives are so narrow-minded by nature, you all will never see past your own noses and understand that ads like this are the reason why Americans are looked down upon by so many in the world as arrogant chauvinists.

        JJMO – you are correct… this is about Joy’s behavior, which I do not condone.

        I am no longer going to check this forum.

      • justme

        I agree, Behar is a rather unfunny comedian and I really hate it when northeasterners feel the need to weigh in on southwestern politics regarding illegial immigration. They haven’t a clue.

      • mike markham

        behar is EVIL personified!she has no business on any media outlet.behar will lead a large parade to hell!

      • Jackie Boo

        she is so unprofessional and loud mouth stupity she needs to go, PLEASE FIRE HER.

      • joe

        God help us.

      • MotherBeepbeep

        Joy Behar is on TV and you are not.

      • D

        She cannot be dignified that is impossible for a total moron

    • lawber

      Wow, you are a racist bigot!

      • RHO1953

        How is it racist if you simply don’t want to have your pockets picked by illegals? You are ignorant. We need to fix our border. People are going bankrupt providing for illegals who steal our tax dollars.

      • Lovekraft

        Leave the juvenile name-calling for some other website.

        The issue is: does this ad promote racism, or does it state a serious national issue?

      • Rick

        You say those words as though someone who would ascribe to them would be ashamed of them. Sorry, that dog doesn’t hunt any more. Dumb A#@!

      • Tarc

        I’d suggest looking at religious leaders, Republican leaders and bank CEOS if you really want to see who is picking your pockets…

      • Mary

        I’m tired of people using the “racist” label to anyone who doesn’t approve of unacceptable behavior. First, we are a country of laws. We welcome immigrants; however, there is a legal process in which you can enter the country. This process is being ignored and Mexicans are entering the country illegally. While some are entering looking for an escape and a better life, there are a majority that are coming here and committing crimes against Americans. Our leaders have got to get this situation under control! Unfortunately, people like Joy Behar just contribute to the problem. She doesn’t use facts to argue. She screams and calls people names who don’t agree with her. We need both sides to come together to address this problem.

    • ken

      Wow, what a racist you are. Are you watching her show while waiting for your welfare check?

      • Ben

        Speaking as someone who used to work for the government, you’d be amazed to know how many non-minorities are living off the government teat.

      • Knowledge

        Reminds me of joke. An new Immigrant to American ask another immigrant at 10:00 am were are all the legal American. The reply AT WORK.

      • joy

        well ben you DO realize that the majority of americans are white, so if 55% of americans are white and “only” 30% of welfare recipients are white, then that’s a smaller % than their overall representation in the population.

      • yeago

        First of all why is it that when someone talks about tough topics the word racist is thrown around?
        I am a first generation native born American, and I can tell you that when my Grandparents and Parents came to this country they WORKED HARD and were given NOTHING. They lived in an apartment in New Jersey and lived with 3 other families in a 2 bedroom apartment (14 people) to make a living and they made a good life for themselves and their family. They also instilled that in me. There are NO HAND outs. If someone from another country wants to come into this country then do it through the legal channels. Just because a group of people live close to another country does not give them the right to come in illegally. I don’t care how bad it is in the other countries. Now let the name calling commence. By the way I fought for my right to voice my opinion.

      • Ken

        We all should pity a person Like Joy behar she has no moral compass and is very stupid in all her remarks , If she thinks she is better than other she should run for public office and t lets she how she would do ,p.s.. Not one vote so she should learn the keep mouth shut.

      • Bradford

        Sounds like your parents/grandparents are LEGAL immigrants. They sound like exactly the type of LEGAL immigrants we want in America – – people who pull their weight, contribute to society and do not live off the system. Don’t take offense when the discussion is of ILLEGAL immigration. If I am wrong and your family members came here illegally, I would have to say that statistically they are in the minority. I suggest you do independant research and see how the ILLEGAL immigration problem in America is harming our schools, tax base (they don’t pay it), healthcare (they use “free” hospitals for routine care as they do not have to pay – leaving the hosptial to pass the buck to the rest of us), welfare (researh the amount of illegals recieving governemnt assistance – WTF?) and crime (look at the stats of our prison system and the % that are illegal immigrants – holy crap!). The information is all there on the web for all to see if you look.

    • shane

      What is it that is causing white people to become the minority?

      • David Doyle

        You better hope white people don’t become a minority, this country will be in a worse fix than it is in now.

      • Ben

        Pretty hard to believe that considering that the current majority has managed so easily to pretty much destroy this country in the last 30 years.

      • Jekyll Isle

        Could it be the large number that died in the Civil War, the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam & Iraq?

      • robert

        Whites are becoming a minority because some of our women find it fashionable to get repeatedly pregnant and then get repeated abortions. more than 40 million americans have been murdered by the ‘choice’ of their mothers. What a great country. Nad before you get all defensive, go do your homework, yes more americans die at the hand of an abortionist than by any other cause of death. Go to the CDC’s website. They have been keeping tabs on this since the late 60’s.

      • sueinmi

        How about low birth numbers amongst whites, open borders allowing non-citizens to remain in the country and eventually become citizens, chain migration, babies born here are automatically citizens of the US which because of chain migration allows the entire family entry, people of other countries do not use birth control and typically have large families and abortion.

      • Ratt

        Because the Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims are breeding like rabbits on Welfare. In other words, they are out-breeding the whites 3 – 1, so the whites will be in the minority by 2050 or give or take a few years.

        That answer your question ?

        Joy is not affected by the reality’s of Illegal Immigration in such a far away place as Arizona.

      • brad

        obsession with skin color. If you don’t worry about the color of your skin it won’t matter

      • be peace

        duh-non white babies

      • Amy

        Robert, I am trying to argue with you civilly but your argument is a superficial comment on an extremely complex social issue. I mean, do you really thinkg all of us white people should start popping out kids left and right just so that we can out-number the other ethnic groups. Are you really serious? I am so sick of men trying to tell women what to do with our bodies. If men could get pregnant, no one would for a second try to deem abortion illegal. Also, despite the “studies” (aka propoganda) you have read, most women don’t repeatedly get pregnant and have abortions. Obama said it best abortion should be legal and RARE. Most people that support abortion don’t think women should use it as a form of birth control, but it should be safely available as an alternative in cases of rape, incest, and unwanted pregnancy. If abortion isn’t available, if women don’t have the right to legally choose what happens to their body you have people running around doing it themselves and dying due to complications OR you have women carrying children that they don’t want while continuing to use drugs or engage in other risky behavior. You then have a child born and given over to the state and the child spends it’s life being bounced around in the system because it has emotional issues stemming from fas, drug addiction, etc. and no one wants it. There are a lot of facets to consider that you are completely ignoring and none of them have to do with illegal immigration. What a joke.

      • James

        I am a father of 2 beautiful children, and never once did I call them a fetus. They were always my babies. They are human beings just in miniature. If its not ok to kill a human, than why is it ok to kill a baby. I have known a few girls in college that had many abortions, just because they didn’t want to deal with the kids that they didn’t have the time or still had things they wanted to do. The real question is; At what point is a “fetus” a human being, at what point is this little life worth saving, because at that point it is called murder. The baby inside the mother is the same baby that comes out, so if its not ok to kill the baby 1 second after it is out of the mothers body than why would it be ok 1 second before.

      • bill deering


        the ad that started all of this merely mentioned Illegal Alien. no mention of race at all, or skin color. If we don’t worry about skin color (the same way that the ad doesn’t) then all we have left to worry about is *Illegal* immigration. or is the law now something that we should ignore?

      • Lovekraft

        Feminism, combined with Marxism.

        Think Che Guevarra combined with Joy Behar.

      • buddy

        Then you can go to work instead me, and I can sit at home watching the View drinking 40′s, living off you.

      • bill deering

        Amy: murder is murder, no matter who the child is inside of. actually, when people oppose abortion is telling women what *NOT* to do with another human being’s body. If abortion was restricted to just rape, incest etc, the number would indeed be vastly reduced. However, that has been argued and effectively turned down by those that support abortion as “a woman’s right to choose”.

        I believe the point being made about birth rates is related to the fact that if a culture has too low a birth rate, that culture begins to decline and disappear. I think that is what some posters are trying to get across.

      • @bill deering

        In the same vein as “a picture tells a thousand words”, the ad didn’t NEED to mention skin colour verbally. Just look at the images and the underlying tone of the message. It doesn’t take a genious to infer that they are pointing fingers at the southern border, and by definition that’s usually referring to Latinos.
        I think the bigger issue here is that this politician is more interested in mud-slinging than actually presenting a platform that she believes in, stating her specific steps. Not a good way to demonstrate your ability to lead…..

      • Paul

        As a “white person” I see changes coming that offend my better reasoning bull meter. America reached it’s peak in/around 1965 and has been going down hill ever since. There is a cancer of the reasoning mindset in California which is spreading nation wide. Godless socialism is the religion of preference among most Californians and it has spread to many parts of the country like cancer spreads in the body. If godless socialism is not stopped, America will regress like all other nations that have and are going that path. No Jesus, no peace.

      • Tarc

        Simple: not having children. It’s exacerbated by the fact that Amercians are incredibly spoiled, and they import non-whites from second and third world countries (predominantly non-white) to do all their dirty, low-paying work.

      • Tarc

        Considering that we’ve already exceeded our planet’s ability to support humans by 50%, we should be sterilizing EVERYONE after two children. The church’s idiotic ‘breed like animals’ philosophy could easily doom our species.

      • Meso Soup

        Bill – I think Abortion is a choice. Not your personal choice but the choice of the individual going through the situation. You have no idea what a person is going through… so back off and deal with your own issues not others.

      • Quartus

        To Amy- You quoted Obama about how abortions should be “legal but rare”. Does 40 Million abortions sound rare to you? Let’s put this into perspective: i added up the toll of the US casualties of the major wars in the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century…came up around 638,000. These are in major combat arenas, and not even 1 million killed in over 110 years. In only 50 years, more than 40 Million abortions…and against a combatant that can’t even fight back. That is as one-sided of a battle as they come. I can understand in cases of rape and incest as that was usually forced on them and they could not make the choice. But you talk about choice with what you do with your body. You are right, you have that choice. Many women had that choice when they decided to not use protection or when they were careless with their sexual ventures. There are consequences to the choices you make with regards to your body, and now you have created another life that has just as much right to be alive as you do. Doesn’t that life have the right to an opportunity to live? You made your choice, and like my folks say “you made your bed, now you are going to have to sleep in it”.

      • Bradford

        So you agree that Obama and the left should have no problem supporting a bill that will at least make abortion illegal except for instances of rape or where the life of the mother is at risk? If so, this “complex social issue” is not so complex at all. Let’s start off there. That will reduce a great number of the mothers who kill their children every year. The problem is that Obama and the lefties reject such a bill. You want to know why? Because they dont REALLY beleive what you say. If they did, why have they not crammed such a bill through with their super majority instead of stuff the majority of Americans don’t want like healthcare reform…Oh, by the way, healthcare reform provides for funding of abortions!! Research it.
        By the way, we already have people running around doing abortions themselves so your theory that we will have this terrible environment without legal abortions is not rationale.Further, we already hae mothers carrying children while doing drugs. You fail to realize that this segment of society in which you mention are addicts. Statistically, addicts are not breaking down the doors to abortion clinics. They are having their crack babies to get welfare . . .to get MORE DRUGS. That is a different issue than legalized abortion. As for mother who do not want their kids . . .that is what adoption is for. I have an adopted child myself and waited over 2 years to get her. So, don’t tell me there isn’t a demand. “Wards of the state” only occur after the mother decides she WANTS the kid but is found unfit. You show ignorance of the system.

      • Val

        Amy……..Birth control is where a woman has a choice, pregnancy is putting a whole new person into the mix. If a woman is raped it should NEVER GO UNREPORTED and the hospital will therefore do what should be done to prevent pregnancy and then the victim should be very closely monitored to make sure that she isn’t. But most of us know that abortion is used for birth control. I know some women who have had MULTIPLE abortions. Do not hand me that “it’s my body crap” If you are so protective of your body then your should be more vigilant about seeing to being more responsible when it comes to PREVENTION. That is what CHOICE represents to me. Because when it comes to choice it shouldn’t come down to reducing your fetus to a parasite. To a lot of other people it is a baby who is also deserving of rights such as the RIGHT TO LIFE. The Roe vs. Wade law should be struck down because we all know now that the woman involved LIED about being gang raped and is now pro life. This law was based on a LIE. The best way to sum it up in my opinion is this: one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

    • Mick Russom

      Minority or not we will not take YOUR GOD DAMNED COMMUNIST BULL!.

      Youll have to kill us because we arent accepting your god damned communist progressive nightmare police state America.

      • nyangel22

        do you even know what Communism is? just wondering since most people that accuse others of being communist don’t know what the word means.

      • John

        Mick – Have we missed our afternoon meds????

      • JBD

        I and thousands of others agree with you 100%, Mick…These commies in camou will never take over this country completely without killing every single one of us, and we will always be stronger than they are.

      • JBD

        John, shouldn’t you be watching Couric and touching yourself instead of insulting those who just happen to not be Obamabots like you?

      • evil tazewell

        You tell them Mark!!! I’m just as patriotic as the forefathers, I will defend the US from the enemies within.

      • MaryJane

        Gee, guys, what a bunch of psychos you are, you want to be killed because you don’t like the politics? Obviously you are in the wrong country then, there’s a nice country called Iran which will embrace you with open arms.

      • Barry soetoro

        Good for you ! !!!

        The truth hurts !!!

      • Barry Soetoro

        Go Mick!!!!

        We will speak the truth and wake the sheeples

      • Ben

        Mick, Joe McCarthy called and said you should ease back on the Communist rhetoric a bit, dude.

      • Barry soetoro


        The Fall of the Republic

      • Kevin

        I agree also 100 %, I am an independent living in S. Florida and I am already a minority, kick all the a-holes out, vote for real change not the rope a dope BS Obama and his idiot Marxist/communist are pushing. Stand up America and take your country back. F-the political correctness, Obama is bad for America !

      • anamarie


        Omg, your a NUTJOB Mick!! No wonder this country is becoming Nazi Germany. Freaks like you

      • HansJurgen

        We’re tired of “turning the other cheek” – we ready to “take them out” through whatever means are necessary to bring America back!!!!!

      • RHO1953

        Fed up, we are. Don’t want to be Marxists, won’t go willingly. If you think you can make us, give it your best shot.

      • Ratt

        Tue 10/26/10 2:15 PMGee, guys, what a bunch of psychos you are, you want to be killed because you don’t like the politics?
        Uhhhh, MaryJane, I don’t think you get it. They are not advocating killing themselves over your Politics, they are advocating killing you over forcing your politics on them thru legislative trickery, voter fraud and class-warfare which is being pushed to the limit by your Messiah. Besides that; please be sure to note that your side(the liberals) are anti-gun, anti-military, anti-God and pro-abortion. Just these 4 factors alone guarantees us victory. Oh yea, come Nov. 3rd, you can go out to suicidewatch.com and register. I hear they are using a phonebank over in the Gaza Strip, and those Hezbollah guys are really interested in suicidal white American girls who can drive a stick-shift. Cheers !

      • Melinda

        Amy, have you ever questioned why someone would encourage a mother to kill her own child and call that a CHOICE? The law assumes that it will be as easy for mothers to kill thier own children as is has always been for men to abandon them. And why in this day and age that facing up to the consequences of having sex is so hard? I assume you are young, in your 20’s. Believe it or not, there was a time when everyone was not a “victim” of something or other and strung out on one kind of pill or another. A world where having sex meant taking the chance of getting pregnant, and some thought about what you would do. Abortions weren’t free and you were expected to support yourself. A world you will no doubt see for yourself as our entire country crumbles and the Chinese start assigning us jobs and handing out pretty red uniforms! They will also decide when and how many children we will all have. Abortions will be mandatory, Amy. I hope this never comes to pass. But I’m afraid it will.

      • MayfaireOquinn

        Ratt – it is you and the rest of your ilk that has driven me from the Republican party for good. I have seen the hate that emanates from all you and I want no part of it. All one has to do is follow a Drudge link to see the murderous, hateful rage that most of you are filled with and it is only a matter of time before ya’ll start rounding up people to put into death camps. I will move out of here before it happens, and I’ll mourn our once great country from afar.

      • Tarc

        *snickers* Another idiot that doesn’t even know what communism is – or rather was. Nor, I’m sure has a problem collecting their (socialist) social security check, or eating the food brought in by a HEAVILY federally subsidized (socialist) trucking industry on highways that are a 100% socialist program. There’s a clue phone ringing somewhere…

    • gary

      we don’t need many whites to whip a bunch of greasers. check your history beaner we’ve always have been the minority

      • Solidad

        Remember the Alamo…

      • MaryJane

        I guess this thread should have been called “Racists R-US”. So many of you nutcases have come out of the woodwork to express your racist views. I guess someone forgot to tell you this is an Entertainemt website, or maybe you just can’t read.

      • Ben

        You mean the Alamo, where guys like Davy Crockett were on their knees begging for their lives?

      • Becker

        Hey Ben, were you there? Progressives, liberals, marxists, socialists, and hippies all stink!

      • anamarie

        Hey Becker, Republicans, Nazis, neochristians, and hillbilliy morons all stink

      • EROB

        Anamarie.The Nazi’s were the National SOCIALIST Party. Normally libs are well educated and you are proving this wrong!!!

      • Ted

        EROB, although you are “technically” correct that the Nazi party’s full name had the word “Socialist” in it (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party to be exact), your overall statement is misleading. Once Hitler rose to power, he quickly created a totalitarian/fascist regime, which is the exact opposite political environment from socialism. I equally dislike fascism and socialism, but to suggest that the Nazi party actually practiced socialism is ignorance personified.

      • Ted

        Illegal immigrants are just that ILLEGAL as in illegally in the country. They broke the law they should be sent back to Mexico or wherever they came from. Working people tax dollars can’t support the entire world, especially the cultures and religions that breed like rabbits.

      • Tarc

        Yeah, Ted, it’s just that simple. *rollseyes* Agribusiness IMPORTS these folks because America wouldn’t EAT without extremely poorly paid labor. IN fact, many American businesses pull all kinds of people in to do they jobs that Americans WILL not do. I’ve lived in areas where parents would NEVER let their kids do a menial job like work fast food or mow a lawn. If, somehow, all the illegas in the nation would instantly teleport ‘home’, then the economy would crash within days. Get a clue.

      • CCC

        I love how people criticize Joy for calling Angle a witch, but it is this type of individuals who are doing the bad mouthing.
        I’m sorry I have to stoop down to your level and offend you by calling you TRASH, but that is what you are if you will use any type of derogatory connotation in your comment.
        Seriously, open your mind. If you’re proud of “whites” always killing the minorities (if that is what you are referring to), then you really need to get something else going in your life in order to stop spreading the hate around.
        Ever thought of having a hobby?

    • Budwize

      Good call TCinNJ. I bet you are BLACK

    • Melvin

      If this is the case, then please tell me why Detroit is an urban slum still after how many years of minority leadership? Detroit, Columbus, Mn.St.Paul. Yep, real impressive leadership.

      • Johnny

        You forgot New Orleans, Houston, LA, Chicago and Cleveland.

      • Deanna

        Gee, somebody better tell Atlanta then.

      • Lulu

        are you implying that white people are better leaders than minorities? not accusing, just asking.

      • SAM

        blacks dont build…..they destroy

      • Anoniva

        Deanna, have you been in downtown Atlanta lately?

      • Uaskedforit

        I cannot wait for this election. I hope all who want to regain the integrity, the honor, the respect we once had, then vote Conservative. Welfare can only last so long without the working class.

      • Texas Mom 2012

        All cities run by the democrats. You would think they would learn that those policies hurt their communities, and maybe rethink their vote. Never happens. Those of you on this site calling those of us who want the border closed and our laws enforced ‘racists’ are the intolerant people.

        Down here in Texas, we are overrun everywhere. Hospitals and schools are hemorrhaging expenses. Part of the problem with education in Texas is the vast amounts of illegal alien children we are forced to educate with our tax dollars. Ditto health care. Ditto free lunches and breakfasts etc.

        All the while our taxes go up and you smug people who don’t have to deal with the consequences of the flood of illegals call us ‘racists’.

        We tried amnesty in 1986. And we were promised that the border would be secured. Bull. No amnesty or path to citizenship until border is secure and all criminal aliens are deported, including those driving without car insurance.

        I am tired of illegals demanding things from the American taxpayer. We should demand they follow our laws, period.

      • Tarc

        The same reason out federal government is nearly completely ineffective (no matter the party in power): modern politicians are in it for the cash, most are utterly unqualified morons, and many are outright crooks. Detroit was destroyed by bigotry, which opened the door to corruption, which then went uncorrected. Most of our federal government isn’t any better.

      • Tarc

        LOL! Texas Mom 2012 – Detroit continues to fail because they continue to elect people like you – dumb as dirt and proud of it.

    • Yeah Right

      its going to be a very long wait,maybe you should try Mexico,unless you don’t want to see what progressive policy will result in.

    • tourisy

      And you have to sit in the back of the bus, who is in control?

    • PJ

      So went whites are the minority will we get all of the entitlements that the current minorities get? I can’t for MY free ride. Bring on the minority status and let the other groups do all the work for once.

      • Zambo

        I have no problem with that. I’ll move into the nice, expensive neighborhood and you can come clean my home, care for my children, tend my lawn, work for minimum wage without insurance, live in less than acceptable conditions, I can be your landlord and not fix the place.. but if you want, we can go further back.. you can be my slave and we can bring this country back to it’s former “glory” except I’ll be your master and you can be my slave… pig.

      • Gretchen

        Hey Zambo – Guess what – not all white people live in mansions just like not all black people live in the ghetto, etc. Good lord, people. Stereotypes and generalizations about an entire group of people are exhausting…

      • hannah

        wow. i had no idea we white folks lived so glamorously. tell me which fancy neighborhood i can live in, who i can get to clean my house and tend to my lawn? right. because all of us have that luxery.. idiot.

    • kenny b

      To TCinNJ its a shame some folks cannot believe what MLK said about not judging a person by the color of thier skin. as much as i hate to say it, it seems more people of color are doing the judging. I say if you don`t want to be an AMERICAN first. GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY and that goes for people who were born here too. You don`t need to stay go where you think its better. maybe Iran

      • Mellissa

        Um, if someone was born in this country, doesn’t that make them American?

      • MP

        Umm…If you are born in South America are you an American.
        The term American as used in the US means more than just a birthright. I am from Argentina but have embraced the USA for the opportunity and freedoms afforded to me and my family. We have never beign on the dole or in my case never even collected unemployment. We came here and did what it took to become citizens and we did it legally. “American” is a an honor bestowed to me by a Constitution and the forefathers of this great country who set the conditions that allowed me and my family to prosper in freedon and without repercussions for our views. The freedoms that have been enjoyed in this country are slowly being eroded by people that think like Behar. As an immigrant I realize that the “American Way” is the way to prosperity. This country used to be a diverse melting pot; today we are fast becoming a divisive diversity because of the likes of these leftists who would rather destroy our way of life than to lose power.

      • john

        MP I am proud to call you an American and you did it the right way!! So many people in this country take for granted the rights we are afforded. Behar is a symbol for all that is wrong with our country – CNN will never be a real network until they rid themselves of people like her. What a joke this Behar is – maybe when someone puts their foot in their mouth we could call it a “behar”.

      • MP


        Thank You

    • craig

      Behar is too onesided,she can’t handle any opinion but her own. She is not even funny anymore!

      • SAM

        behar is your typical JEW MOUTH…WITH 3 TOP QUALITIES…..STUPID,NO INTEGRITY..
        AND STINKY

      • G-A

        What were people saying about this not being about racism?

      • RyRyNYC

        Sam, Joy Behar isn’t Jewish. You are a prime example of the American nightmare: ignorant, filled with hatred and easily gullible to misleading stereotypes.

      • stephanie

        Sam, Joy is italian. She got her last name from her husband. Maybe you should check your facts before spewing your neonazi comments

      • KingTard

        Someone married that ugly fat ho?
        Jeez I feel real sorry for that man. Unless he is blind, deaf and dumb.

      • john

        She never was funny – she only tries to be funny at the expense of others. She needs not to dress up for the up comming holiday – well maybe the black pointy hat.

      • candacetx

        I am not an Angle fan… but Joy… that’s crazy uncool. Use your big girl words.

    • Joe P

      Another genius, people like you keep the left in power!

      Thank God I am a law abiding citizen because the thought of you on a jury of my Peers scares the hell out of me.

    • Matt

      This has nothing to do with race, but obeying the law. If MILLIONS of undocumented Irish or French were coming here starting gangs and killing our citizens to intimidate, that would also fall under the rubric of illegal immigration. Go Arizona!

    • Dave

      So what you’re saying is other colors are going to breed like rats and overcome an 80% to 20% gap in the US population?

      Good luck widdat braddah, oh, and more than 20% of you need to be able to READ to make a diff. Keep pluggin!

    • Pete

      I love it when I hear that white people will be a minority soon. Minority to whom? In 2050, White people will be 49% of the population, latinos 20%, blacks 15% and 16% misc. If 49% is a minority then let me have some of that minority aid. Yippeeee!!!!!!

    • conrad miller

      Ya and the the tooth fary is alive, its amazing when the left get showed up for who they are and then act like panty wastes.Let me get this right everyone but joy is a bigot…..she cant even have a debate on facts w/o name calling and acting like a 2 year old I guess she learned it from the best of them the man child in cheese

    • Greg

      Must suck for you to be such a racist.

      • Mike W

        Must suck for you to be such an idiot.

      • Ian

        Much better to be an idiot than a racist, since racists, by definition, are also idiots.

    • dan

      who cares. the only thing that could be possibly more insignificant than this persons opinion would be the opinion of anyone who would listen to her

      • Yesenia


      • Gary P

        This whole argument started over what? Political movement or Political gains of the weak minded people that our goverment has made of us, they tell us every day that we are not intelligent enough to make our own decisions for what is better for us that they have to make them, lets get back to illegal immagration majical word illegal…if anyone in this country that does anything illegal we are tried by our peers, but our own goverment wishes to ignore the crimes committed in this country by illegals…and why do i say this it is because we the tax payers are the ones doing time and held hostage to illegals that we must support them,insurance,educations welfare is there any more the illegals want from us all you have to do is start yelling prejudice and it will all be yours thanks to UNCLE SAM……..

    • Dan

      Just watched the add, was anything it said a lie? No, so whats the problem, the problem is that clown Harry, where he get all that money, Reid is going down. Sorry Joy.

    • joe republic

      you attack this lady and give harry ried a free pass? seriously dude, get out of your mom’s basement and put the pipe down. harry ried is jimmy carter on steroid’s!

    • NUNYA

      I disapprove of all negative ads in political campaigns, but I didn’t see anything in the ad that wasn’t fact.
      And where does behar get off w/ that mormon comment. Whoopi should have stormed out like she did when oreilly made his muslim comment.

    • sean patriot

      You havent seen pissed off white people yet beaner

    • Ted Peters

      I wonder if Joy thinks Robert Rodrigues is racist?

    • Harry Downs

      Over my white ass,you racist son of a bitch

    • F. Meglin

      WhO the hell is joy behar anyway? Never heard of that little loud mouthed bitch before. Can’t wait ’til she has to eat her own crap!

      • Republican for the sane

        I find it disgusting that u use the ignorant word B#tch so freely. Just because mokey see’s doesn’t mean monkey do. get an education Meglin…your redneck is showing…..

    • WeMadeAmistake

      I wonder if Joy liked Obama’s quip of people who don’t agree with his views and policies to ‘get in the back of the bus”. Ya think that might be racist, Joy?! Commie Reid is going down and we are going to indict him for corruption and crimes against the American People.

      • RyRyNYC

        Reid has committed no crime. I love how the ignorance of the Tea Party is expanding further and further… most tea baggers love to talk about how Democrats are betraying out country. AND YET, everyone forgets about the 8 years of Republican treason committed against the American nation – baseless wars, sacrificing American lives, sacrificing American economy for the profit of the VERY FEW rich… it seems Tea Baggers find stupidity so convenient.

      • Ric

        Anyone that believes the wars were baseless is a delusional fool. Anything else, fool? The biggest offense of the repubs was the insane spending on social programs. The two wars was a master stroke of brilliance, really. They finished off a tyrant who was still ready to build nukes, and effectively kept terrorism battles out oftbe US. And BTW, this is a free country. I am free to be a bigot, hate blacks, gays, jews, sports commentators, traitors, beef liver, religion. Any fuggin thing I want. It’s called LIBERTY.

    • Joyce

      Bayhar and all those view idoits are the biggest bunch of bitches I ever seen. Behar, you should just kill yourself you ugly bitch

    • dixiedog

      Nice comment racist.

      • Ric

        Hey, it’s a free country. What if someone is a racist? BTW, thus us the easiest way to tell when someone is a stupid fool. Just call someone racist.

    • pat

      you are a IDIOT

      • RT

        That would be “You’re AN idiot.” If you are going to insult someone, use proper grammar at least.

    • Ed H

      Who cares about skin color? I swear the liberals are obsessed with it as if it matters. Stop projecting your biases on everybody else.

      Would you rather live in Mexico or the U.S.? Even a large fraction of the Mexicans don’t want to live in that failing country. So should we worry about America becoming more like Mexico if we do not educate the children of the immigrants such that they become Americans and not stuck on the ideas from their failed homeland?

      Mexico is a failed state where corruption, bribery, and murder are too pervasive. How illogical do you have to be to not be worried about millions of immigrants from a failed state flooding into your country? There is a reason Mexico is a failed state and it has to do with what the people tolerate and accept, which will not change when they cross a border.

      If we were being flooded by illegal immigrants from a predominantly white nation, then I guess the liberals could get on board with the simple common notion that a nation will go down hill if too many people from failed nations bring with them their customs and practices and are not assimilated into the culture that they by their actions even believe is superior.

    • john stearnes

      I’m sick of this so called racist crap, you liberals will the first ones to take it in he rump when Haddji decides to bugger you and your family

      • Ric

        No doubt! The weak minded ones always resort to the racist label in response to logic.

      • Coco

        Right, and expect the military to come save them!

    • Jannyfayray

      I thought last week Joy said she stood up to HATE and bigotry. If that’s not hate on her part, I don’t know what is.

    • Pissed off Sue

      Oh yeah? Gee.. I cant wait for that.. our Government run by the mexicans.. We can mirror Mexico and have thousands killed every month in the name of the drug lords… Why do you people Tought that? Are you out of your mind? I thought we were be infiltrated to get away from that yet now you brag…. NO wonder I get more and more pissed off at the beaner mentality!

      • Gretchen

        You get pissed off at the “beaner” mentality” yet cannot for a coherent comment…interesting…

      • Obscurium

        You should probably proofread your own comment because it really makes no sense.

    • mad girl

      geesh! talk about racism!!! I guess you are right since white people reproduce at a much slower rate since we actually have to pay for our own!

      • Ian

        Again, a moronic statement that presumes there are no white people living off of social services. I’m glad I don’t have to live in tiny white, middle class bubbles 24/7 like some of you people.

    • Mike S

      70% of the american people want immigration laws enforced and border security finally acheived. The people in Arizona can judge Angle for themselves. I’m sure they couldn’t care less what Joy Behar the clown thinks.

      • Lorraine Maust

        Why do the other people on the panel of the view want Joy on the show at all???? she has a fowl mouth, totally uninformed about anything, makes a fool of everyone on the view and Barbara Walters is making herself look foolish just sitting on the same show with her. Boot her off.

      • Mariann Pepitone

        They are all clowns on the View. I like Angle and its her choice what she wans to say in her Ad. I remember when other races could not live in our neighborhoods and we did not have millions of them living in this country. That was the mistake Kennedy made by having Johnson change the bill that was passed by Eisenhower. Thank God he is gone for good. Minorities are always complaining about something. Never satisfield. We need to deport all of them not just the illegal immigrants.

      • Ian

        And 25% of the state she is running in are Latino voters who are LEGAL citizens. Shows you what kind of brain she’s storing in that mostly hollow, soccer mom head.

      • Ian

        @ Mariann — You are a seriously fu**ed up person. I thank God that I don’t have people like YOU in my neighborhood. Pining for days when people of a different race weren’t ALLOWED to live in your neighborhood simply because they are minorities? What the hell is wrong with you? Why were they not allowed to live there? Who decided that? Who exactly made them YOUR neighborhoods? When were they declared WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS? We should deport ALL minorities, even if they’re natural citizens? How can you even function through a day being this dimwitted? If you can remember a time when there weren’t millions of minorities in this country, then happy 200th birthday, ya old hag. To top off all of your moronic comments you thank God that Kennedy is dead? I bet you make hate-filled comments all over the net, and then post on your Facebook page about them not showing up, since someone, somewhere, would have the brains to delete them immediately. I’ll bet you love Sarah Palin, huh? I’ll bet you were glued to Dancing With the Has-Beens rooting for Bristol Palin too, weren’t ya? Thinking she’s a great role model for any girl out there who wants to be a knocked-up teen mom with a douchebag for a baby daddy. Such fine morals you have Grandma! Minorities are always complaining about something? Usually I only hear them complaining about dumb, ignorant, racist, elitist, do-nothing nutjobs like yourself. Also, I noticed a few complaints from you in your idiotic post, so pot, meet kettle. You sound an awful lot like Hitler. He fondly remembered the times when there were no minorities in his neighborhood too, and I can be fairly sure he wanted the legal ones out of his country. Maybe you can follow his lead and kill yourself in the bunker you had built to protect yourself from the coming minority invasion. I’m ashamed to be from the same country as you, and ashamed to be the same race, though proud to be cut from a vastly different cloth. I believe in freedom, unlike you. I believe in the words “All men are created equal.”, unlike you. I’m also proud to live in a country where most people are intelligent enough to embrace diversity and culture, unlike you. Since you fall in the Dumb Minority, then maybe you can deport yourself. Or maybe accidentally lynch yourself, as I’m sure you miss the days of lynch mobs too. You are worthless to this society. You don’t even bother to talk about the issue of illegal immigration. YOu just skip to the part where you lump all people of a different race from you as evil, and make no attempt to disguise your lack of knowledge. Do us all a favor and move to Alaska, and join Palin’s husband’s cause of removing the state from this country. Your TYPE is not welcomed, wanted, needed, or tolerated here in 2010. We move forward in this country, not backwards. If you want to live in the days of slavery, then get your own fuc*ing country and get out of this one. Better yet, go and swallow a bullet, and raise the national IQ a few points by dropping dead. You’re a gap in humanity, and a stain on what this country stands for. I seriously hope you have a daughter, and I pray that your daughter gets knocked up by a black man. THEN, I hope he turns out to be a great person, and a great father to a great kid. Then either you’ll kill yourself, or you’ll realize just how destructive, wrong, immoral, and antiquated your way of thinking is. But most likely, you’re just not intelligent enough to have that type of self-realization, and you’ll continue to be a bigger blight on society and this country, than any of the phantom, stereotypical minorities you’ve created in your twisted imagination. I deal with different minorities all over the economic scale every damn day, and none of them have shown themselves to be lesser people than you have, and all I’ve seen from you is one paragraph of garbage on a magazine’s comment board. And to quote Joy Behar (whom I really don’t like much at all, ironically) “Go to hell, bitch.”

    • STP

      No…behar is a wish she were a comedian. I saw her once in NYC and we walked out. She is unfunny opinionated shrill voiced nut job. She should be fired for her comments, oh but then again she wasn’t on fox so she has a pass

    • wah

      Tell that to the people of Zimbabwe who used to be part of the strongest economy in africa. Now they are drinking out of mud puddles.

    • Michael

      TCinNJ – it’s comments like that that will reawaken whites..and force them to re-think what they have..wtih good intentions.. given away in the last few decades.

    • OnMainStrett

      TCinNJ Are you a white people Hater? Like ‘Joy’ Behar, you’re a Hater aren’t you? Why do you Hate so much??

    • Omeca

      You old people and your idea of race. THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Racism will end when all of you old people are dead.

    • T

      Maybe when white people are the minority we can snivel and cry and get special benefits and consideration like all the other minorities do!

    • thatguy

      Whites will soon be outbred? How is that a victory? You’re pathetic.

    • Tina Ferrer

      No TCinNJ, not in yours or my lifetime. Population for Black American’s is 12.9% with the Latin population of which I am a part pegged at 13.6%. Asian population is at 4.3% with the White population having the balance.

    • Foodiejen

      One finger points Joy- three right back at ya!

    • Jersey Dave

      Yeah when Mexicans have a war zone in their country, and have gangs that are killing Americans at the border and flooding the US with drugs and with crooks, how dare someone mention that straight up instead of papering it over? How politically incorrect! Much better to do nothing while American citizens are killed and innocent Mexicans are also being butchered by drug gangs!

      (rolls eyes)

    • ROS

      What’s so wrong with this ad. ITS THE TRUTH. Joy, why don’t you cross the border south and get the hell out of this great country. Apprarently you were born in the wrong country. What a has been. It’s too bad you were not fired after you walked off stage during O’Reilly visit. Typical liberal response.

      • TM

        Please do not call Joy a has-been, as she is more of a never-was. She is supposed to be a comedian. I saw her one time on TV, and know why she does “The View” – her act isn’t funny. She is another New York know-it-all Lib who is just dumb as a box of rocks, ala Rosie O’Donnell. Who cares what these people think, they’re morons.

    • Mr Johnson

      If “White Folks” become the minority…Who is going to feed and house you?

    • Colonelc

      So, the truth is out. White people are being warned. This will certainly do a lot for race relations.

    • Ricardo

      But there never will be a shortage of stupid people, will there TCinNJ?

    • Chukkalady

      Not in my lifetime!

    • Steve H

      AWESOME! as a middle aged white male I can’t wait to be the minority. Then I can get a job without being qualified, have everyone feel sorry for me and be able to look at myself in the mirror and have someone else to blame for my failures, because as a minority nothing is my fault it is all going to be blamed on blackie. WOOT! No more personal responsibility!

    • NJ Taxpayer

      Drinking Liberal-Progressive Kool- aid at TCNJ. Not much of an education if you can not understand the harm that ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is
      doing to the country. It is not about skin color it is about the rule of law.

    • Tommcgtx

      Yeah, and that isn’t a RACIST statement at all, right?

    • Mike – Murrieta

      Wait, whats wrong with the ad? it merely states the facts that Harry Reid voted repeatedly for expanded rights for people that are here ILLEGALLY! The ad neither disparages latinos or those that are here legally, but it does show that some politicians like Harry Reid are no longer on the side of America, their on the their own side to get more votes by catering to the illegal immigrant population.

      • Angeleen

        Illegal immigrants can’t vote.

      • Val

        they can now. all they need is a fake i.d. since AZ will not ask for proof of citizenship!!!!!

    • Hugh

      Behar is the Bitch here.

      Rude, vulgar, obnoxious, and ugly.

    • Holden

      Lisa – Mike made a very valid point that you took the typical liberal viewpoint on….it doesn’t matter where you are from or what color you are, if you aren’t a legal citizen and paying your taxes here then get in jail and deported or leave on your own. White, Black, Purple, Orange, Brown or Green, pay taxes and live by our laws and get a proper green card or you have no right to be here.

      Try to go to 90% of all countries in the world and you will get tossed or imprisoned but we accept it here. Many peoples parents, grand parents, great grand parents waiting in line for their green cards and follow the processes why shouldn’t people now a days?

    • chris

      um hate to tell you but whites will still make up the largest single group. the projections which will not happen if it does until 2050 just states the country will not have one single group exceed 50%. also your forgetting latino is a linguistic category not a racial one, some latinos are white lol

    • HB

      Joy is a windbag!
      Say or do anything against the established left and she flips out.

      Angle could be crazy…I’d still vote for her over the Ignornat Reid.

    • Joy

      So, if you don’t like somebody, you can basically call them whatever you want, right?
      If I called Obama a nigger you’d be OK with that right?

    • Jack Stacks

      Whites will never be where you are at chump.

    • Vorant

      If thats so, then a culling is in order….

    • New Mexico

      Yes we will be – but, you can bet we won’t whine about it as much as you do!

    • david armour

      It’s time for women to start voting with their TV’s and stop watching the View. As long as this classless clown continue to run her mouth american will stop watching this loser. Talk about stupidity, when I hear women in stores talking about not watching any more I know it’ is just a matter of time before this TV show loses it Joy!

      • Dindy

        David, You are right. The best way to get rid of a show is “don’t watch it.” Life is short so why should we spend time, even 1 hour watching, liberal no-talent, loud mouthed, walk off the set people who have no idea that being politically savy is more than cocktail parties with other stupid liberal people.

    • william darwin

      The fact is that I don’t accept your premise. Basing your behavior on a unknown certainty is an illusion.
      The sad part is that when I here a spanish person I wonder if 1. here illegally (I know it just a silly law) All Americans are bigots yet they are themselves with 2 generations of being a legal (operative word) immigrant. Laws only apply to non-browns -just using your label.
      When the private sector refuse to pay for public subsidized children or when the brown people take responsibility for themselves you will reach ZPG like the rest of us and it will come out in the wash. Maybe you never heard this from your mother but one bad apple spoils the pie. If you cannot police your own – you are who you hang with. The fact of the matter is MS-13 is prevalent, there is no civil recourse for persons here illegally who inflict financial or physical damage on legal citizens. The US is a soverign republic who has the right to enforce its immigration laws and the govt. is legally bound to do so. If that makes me a bigot – so be it. If we continue to allow illegals into the country at will and impose that will upon us, I GET IT – It fulfills your dream. Didn’t America steal everything? What a JOKE.
      If Mexico, muslims or Liberals want to change the border, declare war and we’ll solve it the way nations have already agreed. Oops, you already declared war on America, the Constitution and the private sector – that is what we haven’t accepted that yet.

    • Steve

      What the heck does being a minority have to do with this? As one of the other posts said, this is about being in this country illegally. Everyone can stay, but they have to do it by the book and pay something in to something out of the system. Naturalizing illegals without the system only builds the libs’ voter base.

      • Val

        Steve, people will INSIST on making this a racial issue because it steers the focus into another direction. You are 100% correct. I do not want the majority of the voters in this country doing ONLY what is best for the poor in this country. For those of you who don’t like that comment, it isn’t the poor in this country who pay the taxes, it’s the poor who benefit. Simply put, it will be the tail wagging the dog. And believe me, that situation will not last long when the well runs dry. If you think the economy is bad now, just you wait.

    • White Person

      You are right. We white people will be in the minority soon. If not already. Then who will you blame?

    • Texas Conservative

      Great! Then we ‘whities’ can live off of social services that are funded by the new ‘majority’!

      • Ian

        You don’t think there are white people living off of social services? You can’t truly be that dumb and naive, can you? Try going outside or reading something substantial once in awhile.

    • KP

      You are so full of boloney just like Joy Behar!
      When did this country fall so far that telling the truth is considered wrong?
      When did the educational system fall so far as to enable persons like you to not be able to rationally think??

    • John

      Regardless of the race we should not be giving tuition help to people in the country illegally, YOU need to accept that

      • buddy


        Then you can go to work instead me, and I can sit at home watching the View drinking 40’s, living off you.



    • IAmWinstonSmith

      Do you really want “white people” to be a “minority”? You’ll lose the liberals’ favorite tactic: the race card.

    • SpfldJimbo

      Then we can form our own minority causus, form the NAAWP, sleep all day and collect welfare, whine and seek reparation, and milk the whole situation for decades.

    • shooter

      Wow…that’s a bit of a racist comment, don’t you think?

    • TomW

      Dream on Douchebag. Behar is a dumbass Bitch.

    • Ted

      Everything stated in the ad was the truth, and the truth hurts doesn’t it?

      • Dan

        No it’s not. It’s scary that you even think that.

    • dennis milam

      Is this a qulte from an experienced burger flipper?

    • ED

      Yes – Whites should accept that they will be a minority soon, because all of the wonderfully diverse people who broke our laws to get here. Instead of having the sense to try and save their corrupt failing country, they have come here (with the consent of our political traitors) to turn this country into the same failure to which they just left.

      • yy

        cannot be better said

    • doug

      And your point is. Maybe when the white people become the minority we can run our Country as well as the African Countries. Or maybe the South American ones. We know how those Countries lead the world in almost every area. You are a moron! Behar is a hypocritical pig

    • Not TC in jersey

      White people be prepared. people like TC in jersey will be the type of person that will attack and slaughter whites in the near future. he is well trained in the Mugabe school of intimidation. Well TC your more than welcome to come after me, I relish the day that it happens. I may die , but I will die proud and it will take more than one of you all to take me down

    • ron hollomon

      If white folks are ever the minority in this country, God help us. We’ll go backward as a modern society and turn into the hell hole the illegals and other culture left in their own country. It all started with the “Great Society” BS from Dem. Lyndon Johnson in the 60’s. Oh well, we’ll regroup somewhere.

    • watchem

      we turned off our network tv in 08. Joy who? I see ole Harry has his named premarked on recent ballots. Doesn t he know no one likes him? Cant he just fade away?

    • Monarch

      What is your drug of choice?

    • Mariann Pepitone

      I don’t watch the view. They are all bubbleheads as far as I sm concerned. You comment on whites, let me go on record to say I am white and like being white. Its the other races that are always complaining. Get the hell out of this country if you don’t like our rules.

    • TJ

      DNC has a new name the Drugged Narcisisstic Communists along with ACORN – Active Communists Organizing Racist Neoliberals along with La Raza, Muslim Brother Hood, Black Panthers, the hyjacked Nation of Islam, the old KKK Dems arounf Clinton. We all know who the racists are Democrats have become th eparty of Socialist Felons!

    • Connie

      I agree. Joy Behar is a media monger. She is just trying to get attentioned. She is pathetic! Her rant against O’Reilly was ridiculous. She only cares for herself.

    • Mark

      As a liberal, I would hope you believe your parties ideology where race is irrelevant, diversity and tolerance is the core value.
      But I suspect, these are values you pull out when it furthers your agenda based on your us vs them tone in your comment.

    • phil

      Yes, whites may be a minority and God help the world. Really, Haiti, New Orleans, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, the ENTIRE continent of Africa, Mexico, etc. have all been so successful, haven’t they? If you put whites in Haiti, it becomes prosperous overnight. If you leave 10,000 white men alone, they put a man on the man. Dummy up.

    • Uncle Sam

      Hey TCinNJ, I guess when whites are a minority, you can go out and work so we can suck off your liberal teet!

    • SLimbo

      I live in a “sanctuary city” with whites being the minority. Until someone lives among illegals they will never know how true that commercial is. Gangs, drugs, racism, 10-15 people per house paid for by the city, 12 years olds with kids……..live among them and you will understand.

    • SLimbo

      Gangs, drugs, racism, 10-15 people per house paid for by the city, 12 years olds with kids……..live among them and you will understand.

    • GFR

      Umm.. Hispanics ARE “White people”.. Duuh!

    • gary

      Not if we start sticking together today..

    • Kyle

      Hey TCinNJ, it’s quality not quantity that decides the merit of any particular race. The undertone of your post smells of racism. Joy needs to keep her mouth shut. The woman hardly understands what those Americans living on the border face everyday. Perhaps I’m wrong though, maybe there is no human trafficing, child sex slaves, kidnappings, murders, or drug trafficing occuring at our border. It must be a figment of my imagination.

    • Dante

      Behar is a total hack. How can anyone watch her without gagging? So ignorant on the issues as well.
      Ugly inside and out.

    • Patriot

      What I hate is a obvious racist who know nothing about what they are talking about. Joy Behar is the B*@tch in my opinion, she has condemned christians because they believe in prayer and conservative americans because we show our patriotism on air on the view. She should be fired but I know that will never happen so instead I am sure she will be the one who burns and rots in hell where all good marxists belong.

    • Someone’s Mom

      Kyle I agree with you. I live on the border and it is a real threat. To those like Joy who thinks they know everything, well YOU KNOW NOTHING! Come live where I live and then YOU can talk your crap!!! As for TCinNJ, who cares if white’s will be a minority. Does that mean anything? NO! It is your thinking that makes racism REAL! I don’t care what color of race anyone is, I just care about living safe! Gangs and drugs are a fact of life near the border, hell I am sure it is like that many places but worst here where I live. Others might say well move, well my answer to that is I WOULD IF I COULD! Noone is giving me a handout!

    • jeff1234

      So what if whites become a minority – is that some kind of threat? Are you demanding equality and civil rights only until you have the majority, then plan to dispense with those lofty goals and become what you claim to despise?

      Whatever the minority and majority, I find it interesting that your claims to the moral highroad don’t seem to matter to you guys any longer. What happened to the left’s proclamation about everyone’s right to express their opinion? No more – want to muzzle those who don’t fall in line with you?

      Behar says all this stuff on national TV in front of pre-kindergarten kids, and the network lets her get away with it. And you …pathetically support it.

      So, I sent Angle some contribution for her campaign. Why? Because Harry Reid betrayed Americans. Our laws exist for our own well being. America does not belong to anyone except Americans. No, he did not betray illegal aliens, and his loyalty is clearly to foreigners over Americans.

      Those who won’t respect our border and our laws will be dealt with. It is not about race. It is about our nation.


    • Paul

      That is a comment worth inciting more disrespect and fear. You are not helping.

    • tlk

      Joy has called Christians, Catholics and Jews unrepeatable names, adding that Christians should be crucified, among other things…it’s amazing to me that a person can spew the hate she does on public television and NOTHING happens to her, but let someone (a black man no less) express his opinion and a calm non-threatening manner and he gets fired! I guess only the leftist radical democrats are entitled to call themselves American and deserve to die and go to hell…

    • D.C. Irving

      Joy Behar is a comedian, strong in in opinions, can’t be scripted and has little to offer other than manic behavior.


    • Valerie

      Joyless Baahhhhaaa needs to be fired. What do you expect from a liberal bish.

    • Carl LeBlanc

      If that is your attitude then you are part of the RACE problem. Morgan Freeman says he has no trouble with RACE- he chooses not to talk about it- he says you quit calling me black and I will stop calling you white…BUT you in your ignorance continue the issue by your misguided talk. What say you about that hunh!!??

    • patrick

      US Law 101: definition of Minority, anyone who is not white.

      Unless we change our rasist laws against whites, whites will never be minorites, even though the majority of this country is already Latino.

      Yet the majority of legal Latinos support immigration law. Because this isn’t about race, it’s about law.

      People can’t handle the fact that a large violent criminal element enters this country illegally, and because of the corruption of the Mexican and American governments they use race as a smokescreen to continue the corruption.

    • G

      A lot of the “Holy-er Than Thou” going on here, it seems that all of you that defend Behar, do so always out of emotion and never with facts, that ad states facts, look them up, ya it’s a tastelessly done ad but so what, Behar should take a look in a mirror, if she could find one that won’t crack,she’s pretty tasteless herself!! The liberal mind set is one of messiah-ism they are obsessed and have a messiah complex, well that’s been done already according to Christ, so no thanks liberals, ya better worry about saving your own and leave the rest of us alone,
      Harry Reid and every politician that has been in Washington more than 4 years sucking on the teat of our tax money and milking the cow dry needs to go, Dem. or Rep. or Indp.
      Take a Chill pill, will ya!!!

    • siaska

      joy have respect for people,you can’t cursing like that,my 12 yrs daugther watching the view,you nut you are a low class white trash.and you the one is the B.

    • Sam

      Your kidding the nut is JOY, she is a dispicable human that should welcome anyone after her in hell, soon very very soon

    • Bob in Baltimore

      You know what you didn’t see? Did you see when Harry Reid stated that any Hispanic who voted Republican was a moron? Nope, didn’t see that, and could that be because his son is running for Governor against an Hispanic Republican? No, Democrats can be as racist as they wish, since their motives are pure, right?

    • Ste823

      Joy’s opinion isn’t worth the time of day anyway. And the View is a blatent waste of valuable FCC bandwidth. And yes, with all the baby factories from south of the border we will be outnumbered soon. Too bad they get citizenship for free

    • edd

      Another liberal Drone!

    • cwshaffer

      i think the ad is great…and that comment is very scary…white people will soon be a minority in this country…it is almost impossible for an average white student from a middle class home to get a college scholarship…all the scholarships are going to all the other races! NOT FAIR!!! i am totally for TOUGHER immigration laws! giving them benefits while i am paying for it by working my butt off is WRONG!! i DO NOT want MY tax dollars going to fund anything for NON-AMERICANS any more! i am sick of it! press 1 for english…please dont make me sick! i shouldnt HAVE to press 1 for english! this a AMERICAN…our language is ENGLISH…LEARN IT or go home! i REFUSE to learn spanish…if they come here, they need to learn MY LANGUAGE to communicate with me in MY COUNTRY!

      • Ian

        This is America, not American, moron. And please, do tell….which Native American language do you speak? There’s a reason it’s called English, and not Americanese. And if white people want scholarships, than they either need to improve their grades or be more athletically talented. I’m basically white, and I got a full ride. Quit whining…

    • CSABI

      Are you for real? You support the filth that Joy continues to spew?? No matter waht your politics a re you surely can’t support this kind of language and behavior !!!

    • crushwrestling.com

      I love how people lump every non white person together and say they count as one group. The day black people or even latino’s out number whiles will be a long time coming.

    • Patricia

      Most people are ashamed of Joy Behar. I do not watch the show because of her and most people share my sentiment. Is she trying to get out of her contract? She only is hurting the shows credibility. The angry Joy is need of serious mental help. I suppose since ratings are not popular and are sinking, could also be the cause of her rage. When I see these clips of Joy, makes me wonder if The View is changing to a Jerry Springer format.

      • lovesamerica

        I totally agree with you Patricia. she is certifiable. Talk about tolerance from the left? Please don’t wish her to leave the View, it’s great comedy when I get to see it and if she leaves, that ahole in the White House will probably make her a Czar!

    • lovesamerica

      You’ve got to be kidding? Joy is a lunatic who has no clue about anything. This from the woman who though Black Friday was racist. If anyone should go to hell it’s that biatch. Does she even have any viewers for that show of hers?

    • lovesamerica

      You’ve got to be kidding? Joy is a lunatic who has no clue about anything. This from the woman who though Black Friday was racist. If anyone should go to hell it’s that biatch. Does she even have any viewers for that show of hers?

    • Diana

      Nothing wrong with that ad. Joy is bitch herself and that show is a stupid piece of crap that only a moron would watch!!!!!!!

    • Jimmy Sinadinos

      Joy Behar is crazy and the ad is spot on. How is it that whites will become the minority, are hispanics going to have babies at a faster pace or are there going to be more illegals still coming into the USA?

    • barry

      go to the boarder and welcome all the iegales with a blow job take them home and adopt them also send reid a happy card for what he pelose and muslium ob is you home job taxes safe for you and family let us know when it goes bad dumbass do you have a ob race card?

    • Frances

      Joy Behar appears to be too young to be going through the change or perhaps she’s having a nervous breakdown. Her behavior lately is very suspicious. She should be fired from The View and her show..

    • M.D.

      The “liberal” View is a joke…why does it take 4 liberals to match wits with 1 conservative??? Joy can’t even give her opinion without spewing “hate”…very unprofessional and “white trash” like!!!!

    • Cheetah Girl

      Joy Behar needs to be FIRED from the View…SHE is insane. She thinks making hand signals behind someones head is cute, funny, calls on the audience to laugh more..That is so infantile..Yes she isvery JEALOUS of anyone who is good, honest, likeable person, prettier than she is, she knows she’s so nauseating looking. I refuse to watch the View any longer and want others to stop helping them to get any kind of ratings. Lets all stop watching everyday for two weeks and watch what happens on the news….Who will be crying. COme on girls lets do it.

    • Behar is ugly

      Totally agree with GeorgeA. Behar is an ugly, gross, untalented, not funny pig. And a white pig.


      Joy Behar is the one who is a bitch. Who is she to call anyone that name.

    • THank God for Joy

      I am very glad that Joy called this woman out. That ad is disgusting — the way that Sharon Angle is trafficking in racial fear-mongering is morally repugnant.

    • Anna Michael

      You must be black or hispanic. In case you haven’t noticed…with a black as president…the country has gone to hell. WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY ONES KEEPING THIS COUNTRY TOGETHER.

    • sarah

      Joy should be ashamed of yourself. My daughter was home ill from school and she heard your potty mouth. Act like a decent human. You make women look really bad.

    • Stevester

      I’m sure Rick Sanchez, ex CNN is wondering how it is that he got fired by the same company that Joy Behar also works for.
      Perhaps his lawyer is wondering also.

    • Peter Hartrich

      When white folks become a minority and get outvoted at the polls, then they should stop creating wealth and by default no longer paying the majority of income taxes that finance all the welfare programs including the earned income tax credit. Let a majority government of made up of minority candidates have to explain to their voter base why welfare programs have to be cut because the white minority refuses to finance them anymore.
      A better solution is to equip the current minorities to succeed economically and give them the economic incentive to vote conservative.Democrats will lose elections when they run out of economic losers to vote for them.

    • bingo

      cant wait for whites to be the minority. we will have the white entertainment channel, the white college fund, we will get jobs based on the color of our skin…. it going to be great!!

      • Mike Oxmaul

        That’d Be Racis to have WET

    • Bradford

      I am organizing a walk-out . . .isn’t that what Joy and Whoopi did when Bill O’Reilly made “offensive” comments that they objected to? At least his comments were professional and not hate speach like Joy’s. I guess Joy would know what being a B… is all about. She sees one in the mirror every morning.

    • Darren

      Disgusting staement: “Good for Joy. Sharon is a nut and she needs to accept the fact that white people will be a minority soon.”
      That is a racially charged statement that is inciteful, divisive and wrong. That’s what causes the problem. People who say things like that. White people are already the minority anyway. This country has been too soft on immigration laws period!

    • Torie

      The visuals of the ad are the incendary element. What is being said is the truth.

    • Torie

      But, who will pay the bills when this country is a third-world toilet?

    • white wasp preppy

      when will you unhappy with yourselves people stop being jealous and accept your skin color.

    • T-minus

      Whites are the minority. All other races (the majority) are compared, for some reason to whites.

    • suzanne

      The think the NUT is Joey Behar. She needs to be fired from the View.

    • Sammy

      She must know something about the hitler youth as her family supported Mussolini back then, but I digress. TV has given us all these crackpots who think we owe them a debt of gratitude to listen to their spew. More and more the uprising will come and the socialists will retreat

    • Retnan

      You and Joy need to except the fact that most Americans oppose illegal immigration and that Harry Reid will soon be a former Senator.

    • A. Wyatt Mann

      I know, right? White people should just roll over and die.

    • matt

      oh real nice. First condemn her for the so-called racist ad, then make a racist comment yourself? ..typical pathetic leftist. can’t see your own hypocrosy. Whaat do numbers matter when well over half your minority population are uneducated, gang-banging thugs? Open your mouth when you have both the numbers and the smarts to run a successful & organized society that plans more than one step ahead and who teaches their own that its better to raise 3 good, moral productive kids, then 8 poor, un-educated, un-nurtured, non-raised (just born & fed) kids. (AKA: when you can not SCREW UP THIS COUNTRY like you so clearly screwed up mexico .. ) ..

    • al

      Oh how I wish minoritities would take a long hard look at themselves and the world they choose to live in, because it is easier to do nothing to help your own people than it is to help your own people succeed. But do not worry the white majority will keep providing for you until you figure it out.

    • neil

      Oooh, I wonder will Behar now be fired from The View for her hateful and unprofessional behavior? Nah- She’s Jewish. Jews can’t be racist anymore than Blacks can.

    • MotherBeepbeep

      Joy tells it like it is. No sugar coating. Raw, uncensored, American.

    • Bob

      Joy got part of it right, one of the two is a bitch she is just confuses as to which one it is…

    • Scott

      Sharon Angle’s ad is right. We’re all getting sick and tired of the trash flooding in from Mexico. Flooded hospital emergency rooms handing out free health care, while our medical bills skyrocket, home invasions (I’ve been robbed twice), murders, gang violence. You name it.

    • vetmed_doc

      Whites will NEVER be the minority and YOU need to accept THAT fact. Angle is RIGHT on the mark and all of us laud her candor. Latinos have made this country a third world dumping ground and we will NEVER live like the filth that lives off the dole while the educated and working populace pays for these no good losers and scammers. All the latino men do is bang the women, have children out of wedlock, go on welfare and section 8 and perpetuate crime. The ones that don’t live like that are in the minority and the exception to the rule. If YOU cannot deal with these home truths, then get the hell out of our country. If you’re a subversive, again, get the hell out of our country. And spare me the crutch of racism. It’s used to manipulate and intimidate whites but Angle had the courage to stand up to the guilt minorities try to lay on whites. And Scott (11/20/10) is RIGHT. Thank you both for your refreshing candor and your bravery for telling it like it is.

    • Jim

      Yup….nothing to worry about from you is there…lol

  • Generation Gossip

    Good for Joy!! These Tea party members are reinforcing hate and that should not be tolerated!!

    Check Out GenerationGossip.com

    • D

      Yes we should always meet hate with the same vile and corrosive hate.

      • Ana170

        I can’t get the video to play so I may be saying this without the proper context but it’s sometimes okay to counter vile and corrosive hate with righteous anger.

      • DazzRat

        @Ana170 — there is nothing “righteous” about the seething, frothing-at-the-mouth bigot Behar.

        As for “corrosive hate,” that would be the stock-in-trade of the race-baiting ultra-divisive leftists — and their “useful idiot” shills and their servile propagandists in the liberal media — who continuously bear false witness and spew sanctimony and hypocrisy as they pander to the most gullible in our society, all to garner more power for THEMSELVES.

        And getting back to Behar — she seems to have a conniption once a day, every day.

      • Solidad

        @Dazz – well put.

      • Mark

        @Ana170 You have hit on the core issue with most elitist liberals an ends justifies the means approach to problem solving. History has shown that central planning to gain some type of utopia combined with “the end justifies the means” approach always leads to tyranny.

    • notbraindead

      It’s so wonderful when the class, tolerance and understanding of the liberals is displayed so openly on TV. If Joy was to find half a brain…that’s what she would have…half a brain…right now she has none.

      • UncleWalty

        there are 3 too many letters at the beginning of your screen name

      • J Ruben Kincaid

        Stick to growing hemp unclewalty, that spelling looks perfect to me

      • Mike

        Its amazing how people don’t like to hear the basic truth…Then they have to call you a name because they know you are right,but yet they don’t want to admit it…. Right Walty??

      • SLB

        Maybe because we’re sick of intolerant conservative bigots.

      • UncleWalty

        maybe because we’re also sick of the small-minded Beck/Palin/Hannity/Limbaugh revolution that trades on misinformation, distortions, and outright lies.

      • pat

        I think the country should part ways.
        Liberal/Socialist on one end and Conservatives on the other ala Atlas Shrugged. The L/S side would dissolve when they find out that you don’t get something for nothing

      • ben

        What about Olbermann and Maddow and Colmes and Matthews Uncle walty? Everything you said can be applied to them also.

      • Mark

        Hey Walty, your part of the problem, you seem to buy into the crap shoveled from the left that it’s all the other sides fault. Which is so funny since it is the liberals who preach diversity as a core value. All Muslim’s aren’t terrorists but for certain all republicans are

        Until you face the contributions by the left to our problems honestly, then you are part of the problem.

    • Jan

      Joy should be fired and every sponsor of the view should be boycotted. I am going to start asap! Joy is a cow.

      • Republican for the sane

        I bet your a cow too! Jan is a cow!

    • JustAGuy

      Why is it those who accuse Tea Party members of hate, make that accusation in the most hateful ways?

      • MaryJane

        Because when you hold up signs at a Tea Party rally showing President Obama in a racist picture or call him a Nazi, that kind of gives you the hint what that group represents.

      • Melissa Powell

        The truth is not hate. People get more bent out of shape when the truth is told as oppposed to a lie. Obama wants to be a dictater, like Hitler. Where is the falsehood in that? See, can’t argue the facts.

      • G-A

        There’s a really big difference between hating someone for what they look like and hating someone because they are awful to other human beings.

      • Another Guy

        They do it to show how tolerant they are of those who disagree with them. Calling someone a bi*** is the epitome of communal love, in the eyes of Marxists. This is also known as Celebrating Diversity.

      • JustAGuy

        MaryJane, you diverted with leftist fables and yarn. Given that, it appears you have no excuse for the Joy Behars of the world.

      • bill deering


        didn’t Behar refer to Angle’s ad as “a Hitler youth commercial,”
        I guess that puts her in the same camp.

      • Puleeze

        Simple, it’s fear. They know the tea-party types closely resemble the founders of this country & libs hate it when they realize they’re on the wrong side.

      • Aly

        Current political rhetoric confuses me. A lot of the same people who liken Obama to Hitler also hate Jewish people…so I’m guessing those particular acts of Hitler’s were okay? How about we just stick liberal and conservative stickers so people know whether to hold open doors or stick out their feet accordingly.

      • shalteredstateofmind

        Mary Jane….the only clowns that hold up Obama as Hitler signs are not Teapartiers you ignorant Git. They are far left wingers called La Rouche Democrats..Get a clue you liberal lunatic

      • mouse

        MaryJane and Aly, it is untruthful to claim that conservatives are anti-semitic, as they are in full support of Israel. It’s folks on the left that are more supportive of Palestine, and while I’m not saying this makes someone an anti-semite, it does make em look kinda foolish, cause as things stand Israel is about the only real political ally we have left and all those countries surrounding Israel and that are run by fundamentalists Islamic regimes (such as Palestine) want to wipe Israel off the map and shove nukes down OUR throats given even half the chance. As for the political signs equating Obama with Hitler… those were NOT condoned by the Tea Party proper if you will. Now you want to talk about radical fringe elements… look up the One Nation Working Together rally, which was held as kind of a liberal counter-rally to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor event. There were representatives of the American Communist Party running around, handing out literature, and I mean OPENLY. They were not called out, even when organizers of the rally were questioned about it. But why? Cause they were listed as SPONSORS! Communism represent the polar opposite of the principles our country was founded upon and apparently the left is cool with that, cause they’re kicking it at the same rallies, celebrating the diversity of dangerous political ideas which have led to nothing but insanely high body counts in the name of the greater good! Just ask Stalin or Mao, I’m sure they’d tell you how that went down. America truly IS the greatest country, it’s the freedoms that we’re ensured by the Constitution which give us the ability to run around screaming about fascism and bigotry and all the crap we’re fed by talking heads like Ms. Behar… but if you want to start using those ideas to undermine the Constitution, well I won’t TOLERATE it, and I’ll tell you right where you can stick your DIVERSITY.

    • Hurricane

      Reinforcing the law, not hate, especially illegal immigration. Why is this so hard for you lefties to comprehend?? You fight logic with labels, that’s the only thing you have to bring to the table.

      • Gary P

        Andrew jackson shot and killed a man on the front lawn for treason lets buy more bullits for some of these comedians as well

      • Aly

        “you lefties” is not a label?

        Conservatives and liberals may not agree on politics, but your reasoning skills are virtually identical…in that you have none. The defining characteristic of current American culture is hate, we’re passing it down to our children and suicides are on the rise. I’m so sick of the hate and the fighting. People can’t debate politics reasonably. Most conservatives and liberals generalize and call names and spew the same nonsense rhetoric that becomes further and further removed from reality the more that it’s repeated. News stations profit on dividing the nation and fueling the hate that drives our children to violence against self and others. People are up in arms about some poor unfortunate news reporter getting fired and landing a 2 million dollar contract while the service people, fireman, policemen and medical professionals that actually risk their lives and/or save and protect ours make 1/20th of his salary. What the hell is wrong with people? Would you be less grateful to found the person who holds the door open to you if you found out they were from a different party or religion? Or let me guess “A person from (insert opposing viewpoint here) doesn’t hold open doors, only a person from (insert same viewpoint here) does.”

        Seriously, the news networks are laughing their butts off getting richer and richer while you people bicker amongst yourselves not for once questioning why these people make the money they do. Or maybe furthering a particular viewpoint is more important that putting out a house fire or blocking a bullet or saving a life.

        This is from someone who thinks that Joy and that former NPR dude are both idiots, and who is tired of ALL the people who profit from creating strife and turmoil, whether they reflect my views or not.

    • Mick Russom

      You are a god damned hateful TRAITOR.

      I stand with liberty and FREEDOM. You stand for marxism and bondage.


      • Stephen Phillip

        I am with you Mick, they will sell themselves into slavery because they are to stupid to learn the truth! Marxism is there religion that why they defend it against all facts that run against their beliefs! They don’t understand this simple phrase- Live free or die!! By the way I am an American with a background from the Caribbean and Africa!

      • Ben

        Then I guess you stand with your elected President Obama over the racist, illegal laws enacted by the State of Arizona? You do support America over a seditious state, don’t you?

      • muybzg

        Ben, I think you have it bass-ackwards! The sedition lies in a Federal government that will not enforce the law that AZ law mirrors. Try reading instead of spouting liberal talking points, you may learn something!

    • jeff

      Tell me what was untrue in the ad?
      The problem with you libs is that the truth is called bigotry. Pointing out how Harry Reid voted is not racist and supporting legal immigration not illegal immigration is not racist. The racist people are leftists who think most minorities cannot do for themselves.

      • nyangel22

        what was bigoted about that ad was the way Angle depicted ALL HISPANICS as being dangerous. That is some generalization, especially since people illegally come to this country from more than just Mexico. If you look at that ad, you’ll notice that every time illegals are mentioned, there is a picture of a “gangsta” Hispanic. If it wasn’t so sickening, it would be hilarious.

        While on the subject of sickening, I’m going to address Joy’s reaction to the ad. It does not help matters for her to be publicly telling people that Sharron Angle is going to Hell. She’s being just as judgmental and biased as Angle’s ad. There are ways to address opposing points of view, and none of them include calling people names–at least none of the effective ways.

      • RED ERIC

        Welfare is the functional equivalent of SLAVERY. Progressives are total racists. There was no separation of races in the military until Woodrow Wilson. Examples go on and on. I didn’t start college until I was 25. I had to do the military thing to get money. Nobody, who is healthy, needs a handout Being against welfare is not racist. It has been pointed out above that most people on welfare are white.

      • bill deering

        there was no actual mention of hispanic, latino or any other race in the ad. the only reference was to illegal immigration. how does that get convoluted to include all hispanics?

        perhaps hispanics are shown in the gang shots because a) its a safe bet that nearly all of the illegal immigration problem in that state is from across the mexican border, and b) How many non-hispanic gangs are operating in Arizona that fit the description of “…forcing families to live in fear?”

    • Juan Torres

      You are Stupid Communist.

      • Texas Conservative

        Your inability to string together a coherant sentence just highlights your ignorance.

    • Jew

      You’re right… conservatives should be rounded up and gassed because they think differently from you. You’re a heavy thinker.

    • boogeyMan

      Why the hell not?

    • rochelle

      Hey Gen Gossip. You are truly an idiot. Regardless whether you are liberal or conservative, there is little class in or around Behar, a bad show, repugnant policy stances, and as uninformed a talk show host as ever. Good for Joy and Tea Party hate? You belong with her – in the uniformed and clueless pigsty.

    • SickOfLibs

      Whoa… wait… I thought you progressives, liberals, and anti-teaparty folks were all about tolerance.

      I guess your vaunted tolerance only extends to viewpoints you agree with.

      • jmcg

        We “libs” just don’t tolerate intolerance which is what Angle represents. Angle is indeed a moron!

      • G-A

        Tolerating hatred kind of defeats the purpose of being tolerant. Fighting for the rights of all people requires fighting against people who would hurt the rights of some.

      • Virginia Slim

        Like so many other Liberals, jmcg is intolerant of intolerance. I suppose jmcg judges those who judge, too. I wonder, is that simply a confusing state of mind, or does one eventually get used to subconscious self-loathing?

      • jmcg

        @GA & Virginia Slim, your arguments are stupid and immoral. This is not about the different sides of political arguments. This is clearly about someone promoting hatred against a group of individuals with racist speech. The kind of a person who tolerates hatred in others is the same kind of person who looked the other way when the Nazis were using the gas chambers. We all have our prejudices, but when those prejudices infringe on the rights of others and paints a single group, unfairly, with a broad brush then it must be denounced. Why on earth should we be tolerant of that kind of garbage?

      • G-A

        JMCG I’m not sure why you’re telling me I’m immoral when I agreed with you? I just said that people shouldn’t tolerate hatred.

      • Ian

        @ Woman’s Cigarette (aka Virginia Slim). Yes, liberals are intolerant of intolerance. And yes they judge those who judge. They don’t take that as an insult, nor do they buy your assessment that they are self-loathing because of it. They fight for tolerance of diversity, but not for tolerance of stupidity and bigotry. They don’t judge people based on their nationality, sexual orientation, race, sex, but they do judge people based on their level of stupidity and ignorance. None of them claim to tolerate everything, and none of them claim to never judge anyone. So your argument is weak, just as your brain probably is. You could be a gay Mexican trying to marry a gay black man, and I would tolerate your right to be gay and marry, and would not judge your sexual orientation or race. But I would not tolerate your ignorance, and I would still judge you on your level of of intelligence.

      • Virginia Slim

        jmcg and Ian, I have to agree with you. The Angle ad implies that all illegal aliens are violent gang members, which is unfair. Only some are violent gang members. The vast majority are peacefully breaking American immigration law.

      • Mark

        JMCG, you illustrate the myth of multiculturalism perfectly and it is who wins when world views collide? As you so simply put, it’s your way of course and everyone else be d@mned

    • JBD

      This woman is 100 times more bigoted and hateful than all members of the Tea Party combined. And you know it. And it scares the daylights out of you.

      • SICK OF THIS

        JMCG, you say “We “libs” just don’t tolerate intolerance …” but I’ve heard nothing BUT intolerance from libs about this whole incident. Your way is always correct (right?) and the rest of us who don’t agree with you and your view are “racist”, “bigoted”, “hatefull”, “morons”, “stupid” (put your word choice here) …

    • shalteredstateofmind

      You are so delusional. Joy is one of the most hateful, evil bitches on TV

      • Ted

        She is like a little child. If everyone doesn’t agree with her or give her what she wants, she pitches a hissy fit and starts calling them names. An intelligent person would discuss it logically, and she is definitely NOT INTELLIGENT.

      • Dan

        No, she isn’t. Watch this ad again and just THINK for a minute. Sharron Angle is a dark, hateful person that is playing on peoples fears. Joy and the other women responded very logically.

    • Sumerod

      the stupity never ends with you people I guess sheep will always be sheep

    • Melissa Powell

      Patriots know where they stand and can defend their positions. Liberals on the other hand, cannot argue substance so the result to name calling and personal smears. Tea Bag Patriots rock.

      • G-A

        …because there is so much substance in this ad hominem attack.

    • Teabagger195

      Yes tolerance should be reserved for those we agree with. To hell with getting along we should persecute those who do not agree with our views.

      • Ian

        Says a guy whose name means, “One Who Drops His Balls In Another’s Mouth While Squatting Over Their Face”.

      • bill deering

        spoken like a true progressive.
        finally, some honesty.

      • SICK OF THIS

        Oh man, if Ian’s comment doesn’t illustrate the difference between responding with facts and substantiated arguments versus responding with name-calling and invective, I don’t know what does. Go ahead Ian, call me racist (or whatever) because I think you’re an idiot.

    • Jackson

      Look at Harry Reid if you think Sharron is a nut.

    • suzanne

      I have friends who are involved with the Tea Party, and beleive me, they are NORMAL everyday fold.
      Have attended their rallies. Good, decent people wanting the best for you and I.

    • Scott

      Sharon Angle’s ad is right. We’re all getting sick and tired of the trash flooding in from Mexico. Joy Behar has never experienced what we are experiencing here in Texas. Flooded hospital emergency rooms handing out free health care, while our medical bills skyrocket, home invasions (I’ve been robbed twice), murders, gang violence. You name it.

  • DN

    Aren’t political ads obligated to provide the source of any information provided? They’re usually found in small text beneath the claims. There are none in this commercial. Using her criteria, Harry Reid could claim that Angle used to be a child molesting man! Without a source backing up claims, anything can be said about an opponent.

    • Audrey

      Not anymore. They’re only required to tell who funds them — usually “Citizens for…” groups that are privately funded. The new Supreme Court rulings on corporate campaign donations ensure that these groups get anonymous donations to run ads claiming all sorts of twisted things. It’s ridiculous. You can’t trust a thing any political ad claims. Unfortunately, the ads are what most people who vote remember when they’re in the booth.

      • Randy

        Yeah … we should go back to the days when only unions could give their tens of millions of coerced dollars to influence elections. It’s outrageous that the Supreme Court would protect the so-called “freedom of speech” rights of others.

      • G-A

        Randy, the Supreme Court didn’t protect anyone’s freedom of speech. It gave corporations the right to donate huge amounts of money to political candidates, thereby pretty much guaranteeing that elected officials will always do what corporations want and not what voters want. We need massive election reform in this country before anything else happens: only individual voters should have the right to finance campaigns.

      • mbzguy

        So you’re saying it was OK for libs to do what the unions want and not what voters want, and now you’re mad that the Supremes let the game be open to others! Sorry that the nice DEM deal they had for so long is finally falling apart. More will fall soon, the tidal wave is coming.

    • S

      I guess you don’t keep up with whats going on in that state. The comments are unfortunately true.

    • Airborne

      It would be nice, but it isn’t really necessary when voting records are “common knowledge” and can be looked up by anyone.
      The content in this ad isn’t false, it’s just in bad taste.

    • ricky

      you shouldnt have to use sources on how a politician votes, its public record. if the information was wrong they would have to worry about a lawsuit. political ads have been bending the truth on both sides. i just hope people vote on their morals and what they think is right for the country instead of what kind of handout or personal gain they might receive on nov 2

    • Harry Reid’s voting record

      Here’s why there are no citations: because that was his voting record in senate, public information!! What is so frustrating about libs like these (and behar more so then any other) is they criticize AZ, and people who support AZ, for enforcing illegal immigration laws, yet they never mention why AZ is enforcing the laws… Educate yourself: 1. Phoenix is the #2 kidnapping capital in the world… a US city! 2. Try getting car insurance in AZ; it’s the highest in the US because illegals steal the cars run them across the border and chop them… When people don’t understand the issues they spread more misinformation. Letting states defend themselves, that’s what Reid’s voting records are about, not racism!

    • Mark

      I am all for “SINGLE PAYER” campaign finance reform. Lets make every election tied to a public fund with a fixed budget for each candidate. If any candidate is caught spending money on his/her campaign from outside the fund and is guilty, minimum 6 years in the slammer.

  • Sue

    “Bitch” seems accurate to me. This is a racist ad. As a Canadian I would say that we have our share of negative campaigning but based on the stuff I see from the New York stations we get, there is a lot of bashing going on. I don’t hear much about what candidates stand for, just what the opposing ones are supposedly doing wrong.

    • Hurricane

      I would love to hear your great Canadian logic supporting why this ad is racist.

    • CaptainObvious

      As a Canadian no one cares what you would say.

    • jeff

      Again I ask, what was racist or untrue about the ad? Just saying something is racist does not make it true. Not just spanish illegal immigrants join gangs. Eastern block immigrants join them to who is the racist now? Us who want a good legal path to immigration or you who think illegal and only think hispanics.

    • Aaron

      Stay in Canada we dont want you, your healthcare, or your opinions!

    • Joe P

      Go Figure, a socialist Canadian that disagrees with a conservative. Now i have seen everything.

      Seems to me anybody associated with the left in the US is trying anything at this point. How quickly we forget!

    • U must be from Quebec

      As a Canadian please stay that way ….and even if you would try YOU would not be able to run across these borders like they do and suck the living death out of us by spawning all their kids that WE have to pay for. I would have no problem if they came thru the states and up to Canada and then let’s hear what crap runs out of your mouth.

    • Clunky

      Not one American cares what a Canadian thinks

  • Kelly

    Honestly, when did the View become a politcal show? What happened to their mindless fashion shows and silly banter? Yes, yes, the ad is inappropriate and i get that, but seriously, there is enough coverage on the politcal side, we do not need to hear from a very bitter comedian.

    • paul

      The View started talking about politics thanks to Rosie O’Donnell. When she was on the show, she hated that they were talking about irrelevant topics such as the latest studies on relationships and fall fashions when the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina fiascos were current events. I for one am thankful Rosie started the discussion and that The View still discusses politics.

      • jmcg

        @Kelly, the View is not a political show–they discuss a variety of different topics. Politics has been a regular topic since the beginning–I think the discussions just became more heated when Rosie was there. It also seems like other media sites (like this one) only repeat the discussions when its about politics.

      • graeme

        Thanks to Rosie, The View is way more relevant on the pop culture radar. No one was talking about the show prior to Rosie showing up, including EW.

      • Melissa Powell

        The VIEW doesn’t dicuss politics. It is an opinionated forum for leftist opinion. There is no debate, there is not differing opinions. It is there merely to indoctrinate stay at home moms an college aged kids cutting class.

  • Jim

    Harry Reid and his left-wingers can’t take the truth. Foul mouthed Behar is a bigot herself. Great Angle ad!!

    • mew55

      you have no concept of what this country stands for and should have your citizenship stripped and be deported – wouldn’t that be ironic? (I’m sure you are too stupid to know what that word means – LOOK IT UP!)

      • william

        spoken like a true liberal. people who disagree with you should be punished.
        The ad was accurate-
        Two types of liberals,
        the duped and
        the duper
        which are you?

      • DaveP.

        THERE’s the tolerance and patriotism we’ve all come to expect form the Left!

      • Jim

        Wow!!! And all this time, I thought Tea Partiers were mean, hateful, and intolerant…

      • Anoniva

        The US does not take away a natural born citizen’s citizenship involuntarily per the decision in Afroyim v. Rusk. LOOK IT UP!

      • brettghampton

        And actually, it wouldn’t be ironic. Look ut up.

      • Biggy

        Since when does illegally breaking into ones country become what this country is founded on. You need to read the laws of the US Americas borders before spouting off such nonsense! Left wing nut again doesn’t even understand the argument…

    • Jim (a different one)

      Great ad?! Are you kidding me? Why do people support such hatred? Angle is wrong and Behar is wrong too.

      • Michael

        If they’re both wrong, then who is right??

      • Jim (a different one)

        What I meant is that they are wrong for different reasons. Angle is wrong for vilifying illegal immigrants. Behar is wrong for attempting to criticize her, but making the story about HERSELF by going over-the-top.

      • Silv

        Politicians have made their careers bad-mouthing each other and subject us to the most annoying ads every election year. I’d rather hear them use their 60 seconds to tell us what their response to our problems would be and why we should vote for them. As for being racist, I’m Mexican-born, now a U.S. citizen. I came here with my mother in 1963 as a baby, applying for legal resident status. I came here the “right way”, through all the proper legal channels. That being said, the commercial is designed to strike fear in Americans, so yes, it is offensive, but so are those illegals demanding equal rights of a country whose immigration laws they willingly violated. Joy isn’t doing anyone any favors by calling Angle names, and Angle is manipulating fear for votes. Dirty all around.

      • william

        where was the hatred?
        The ad was accurate. There is an illegal immigration problem and a crime problem associated with it.
        Playing ostrich doesn’t help.

      • Mike

        Jim pick a side you wishy washy metrosexual!!! You are the reason this country is the way it is! MAN UP COWARD!!

      • Dee

        Silv, I couldn’t have said it better! Well done!

      • Harley

        “Angle is wrong for vilifying illegal immigrants?” Are you out of your mind, ‘Jim (a different one)’? What part of the word “illegal” is so difficult to grasp here? When a person immigrates here ILLEGALLY, in other words BREAKS THE LAW, they are committing a CRIME! When I say that a rapist (rape is ILLEGAL, too, by the way) is bad, am I “vilifying” rapists? Come back to reality. When you knowingly commit a crime you are “vilifying” yourself. Look at the crime rate among ILLEGAL immigrants. But gee, why would someone who has a demonstrated lack of respect for our laws commit another crime once they got here?

        I’m all for LEGAL immigration, which allows immigrants to become productive members of society. But ILLEGAL immigration is a drain on our society. I’m curious how many ILLEGAL immigrants pay income taxes? Or pay into social security? Or property taxes? I’m willing to bet very few. So I should think it’s OK to grant them social security and other benefits, funded by our tax dollars?

        Angle’s ad is harsh, but it’s right. But since I don’t have a socialist mentality and a bleeding heart, I should have my citizenship stripped and be deported, right mew55? I hate to say it, but socialist attitudes like yours are exactly what’s wrong with America now.

      • Ben

        Huh. Then you support that people who fork over a certain amount of money can buy their way into American citizenship? It’s ok if rich foreigners want to come over here and buy up their chunk of America but heaven forbid somebody poor wants to come here and work to earn their keep? That’s why our immigration system is broken. I know so-called anchor babies who are currently fighting for their citizenship in places like Iraq and Afghanistan…meanwhile, your kids woke up in their cushy college dorms as American citizens. What did they do to deserve that privilege?

      • Mike

        @ Harley. Well said and totally accurate. I guarantee you not a single ILLEGAL immigrant is paying into social security, property taxes, income taxes or reinvestment into the local economy (i.e. majority of money goes back to home nation). But every single one of them is going to the ER and forcing hospitals to rack up unsurmountable debt and subsequently closing. They have no qualms about reaping the benefits but heaven forbid they pay the price for them.

        @ Ben, I agree with you that our immigration system is broken and it must be fixed. Also, i am fine with someone coming here to earn their keep but along with that comes respect for law and paying taxes – which is not being done by illegal immigrants because they are BREAKING THE LAW and they are UNDOCUMENTED. However, just because one has never served in the military means that you don’t deserve citizenship? Since when did this become Italy or any other foreign country that mandates military service? Have you ever served in the military? if so thank you brother – your service is always GREATLY appreciated. if not, then please head to the nearest INS building or government establishment and publicy revoke your citizenship because, according to your standards, you don’t deserve it either. Your argument is childish and plain silly. So called “anchor babies” are not the only ones fight over seas either. There are also plenty of people who had cushy college dorms that are fighting and dying in hell holes.

      • Harley

        Yeah, Ben, I read that article too the other day. Unfortunately, “buying” citizenship by investing large sums in the U.S. is still LEGAL. Also, those rich people who “buy” citizenship aren’t draining our economy by getting free health care and other free benefits, they are actually stimulating our economy by spending their own money. And you know what else citizens do that most ILLEGALs don’t? Pay federal and state income taxes, taxes which cover all these great benefits that you want to give to the criminals who spit on our laws.
        Yeah, I know those so-called anchor babies too, and fought along side them. But I’m not talking about them, they obviously can’t help where they were born. I’m talking about their parents who broke the law, and who used their children to exploit our broken system. It’s not the anchor babies’ fault, you’re right. But nothing is preventing these people from becoming U.S. citizens LEGALLY. Why do they choose to come here ILLEGALLY? I think it’s out of disrespect for our laws and way of life. What does it cost to apply for citizenship? Last I read it was around $1,410, plus a few fees I’m guessing. But a sheriffs deputy investigating human trafficking here in Texas told me that the Coyotes charge, on average, to smuggle someone here ILLEGALLY upwards to $3,000 per person! Why would you choose to pay MORE to come here ILLEGALLY? Maybe because you have no respect for our laws and you know that you can get all the benefits for free anyway? My wife is a RN at a hospital that is not allowed to turn people away. They get loads of ILLEGAL immigrants every day who do not speak English and do not have insurance, and who rack up massive hospital bills. The hospital has to eat the cost of those bills. Which means the rest of us eat the cost.
        Look, my only point is this: ILLEGAL immigration is an abuse of a broken system. And one of the things that should be done to fix it is to make sure ILLEGAL immigrants don’t get any of the benefits that they can and do get now. If we take away the incentives to break the law, we’ll probably have a lot less people doing it.

      • Harley

        This should settle things:

      • Jim (a different one)

        @Mike: I’m on the side of being reasonable. The debate isn’t illegal immigration vs. Joy Behar. They are two separate issues. Immigration reform is needed (which can be done without making illegal immigrants seem like monsters) and Joy Behar needs to watch what she says. If you’re suggesting that I need to “man up” and choose one side or the other without thinking, then it’s you who has an issue.

      • Aly

        Mike, I’m going to steal your rhetoric (which you stole from all those ladies who see fit to indirectly insult women in order to directly insult men) and tell you to grow a pair, stop being a sheep and think outside of the box. The wishy washing thing to do is sacrifice certain values to “pick a side” if neither side is a good fit? It’s a lot easier to hide behind a political party than to speak as an individual at the risk of offending both sides without the support of one or the other.

    • Rich

      Are you kidding me? That ad is absolutely accurate. When did it become OK to enter ANY country (outside of the US, I guess), illegally? Try entering or staying in Mexico illegally and see where it gets you. You say you’re upset because when people say “illegal aliens” they mean “Mexicans.” Well, you’re wrong. “Illegal” means illegal. There’s nothing wrong and everything terrific about coming to America legally. We need people here who want to immigrate to America LEGALLY to be PART of America. Not to come and take a job and send money out of our country, rather than recycling that money INTO our economy. We need people who immigrate to America LEGALLY because they want to enjoy our freedoms as Americans, NOT get free health care, welfare and other benefits because the Democrats want their (illegal) votes in our elections. We need people who want to immigrate to America LEGALLY so we know who they are and where they are (at least to the same degree as any other citizen, born or naturalized), and not provide cover to any kind of terrorist who can hide among large groups to cross our borders ILLEGALLY. You think its racist to want people to follow our laws and come here in a legal, responsible manner? What kind of [expletive deleted] idiot are you? Oh, you’re the kind of idiot who’s gotten us into this mess. Isn’t it IRONIC, mew55, that you say someone should be stripped of their citizenship and deported for speaking their opinion… something that’s legal under our Constitution?

      • sd_dreamer

        You are a moron.

      • Tim

        Actually, the funny thing about these debates is the incorrect use of the word “illegal.” A person can NEVER be illegal. Their actions, yes.

      • ihatescreennames

        Rich–100% behind you! Great, valid points!!!

      • Merry Bear

        You are arguing two different things. Let’s just say I agree with you, and for the sake of the argument you’re right. Given that, it is still wrong to depict every person with pigment as an illegal. White is not necessarily right. Folks have been living here for many, many generations legally, and still have dark skin. These ads race bait, and I think you can acknowledge that, and still have your argument in tact. That said, please refrain from calling people idiots when they have differing opinions. It doesn’t elevate the discussion, even if the other kid started it first. Use those Kindergarten manners, folks.

      • ginger m

        Finally someone posted the very thing I’ve been thinking about myself. The U.S. is already in debt, yet illegals keep pouring in. They take jobs, pay no taxes and are elligle for all kinds of aid! This is one big reason we are in the shape we’re in. Oh, and also Obama needs those votes. that’s another reason nothing is being done about our borders.

      • me here

        people forget that american was settled by illegal aliens… and almost everyone has a distant relative who was probably one.

      • enazster

        you Nazis are out in force

      • Frank

        @Me Here – No, this country was not settled by illegal aliens. There were no immigration laws as the country did not yet exist. Geez some people are so stupid.

      • notbraindead

        Hey..Me Here…You are an idiot. When America was settled there were no immigration laws to make anyone illegal. But when countries begin they establish laws. One of those being immigration. Check it out. It’s been going on all over the world for years. If you want to get really steamed just look into what Mexico’s immigration laws are. They make the U.S. laws look like a free pass.

      • Lyric

        Whats even more ironic about your statement Rich if I may choose to pick out one point in the many you attempted to make – you say illegal immigrants come here, make money and send it back to their home country. What about the corporate fat cats that send American jobs to other countries, pay them next to nothing, pay the lowest taxes EVER in America and then secretly give that money to politicians who will back their tax cuts, and outsourcing of American jobs! Conservative ideology is so warped to me. How can you argue against immigrants taking jobs when its the very corportations you fight for that are shipping those jobs overseas! And then reaping tax benefits on top of that!! And then brainwashing the tea party to arguing for their side. And THEN said politician like Angle, vote against stopping corporations from shipping our jobs overseas!! There is something seriously wrong here.

      • nyangel22

        Rich, I agree that nobody should be allowed to stay in this country if they came here illegally, but that ad depicted all Hispanics as evil and threatening to innocent white Americans. That is not true. First, not every person with dark skin is illegal. Second, even if someone is an illegal alien, it doesn’t mean that they’re evil. Chances are they’re hoping that by coming to the US they could have a better life than they had in their own country. I find it hard to believe that when someone crosses the border from Mexico that they’re doing it simply to terrorize gringos. That is an absolutely ridiculous notion with no evidence to support it.

        BTW, most western, industrialized countries (save for the US) will offer free health care to anyone the enters the country–whether you’re visiting from another country or whether you are immigrating there. Would I give illegal immigrants in the US free healthcare? No. Why? Because Americans still have to pay for it. Would I give them healthcare if we had “real” universal healthcare (whatever you think of The Affordable Care Act it is in no way universal)? Yes.

      • UncleWalty

        ok, there’s no ‘s’ in the word “freedom.” The word is freedom…period. God I hate that…

        Rich, if you’re so worried about the illegals, why don’t you start a movement to punish the American business owners who hire them in violation of state, local, and federal law? THEY’RE the ones who got us in this mess. Start putting the people who hire them in jail, and watch the job market for immigrant labor disappear. But you won’t support that, will you, because that would be punishing the Great American Small-Business Owner, and we can’t have that, no matter how responsible they might be for the problem.

      • Ian

        I agree…..with dreamer…that you are a moron. The ad doesn’t give any kind of real depiction of illegal immigrants. Do you see any Lationos in that ad who look like they’re trying to make a better life for their family? No, you see a bunch of stereotypical thugs, who look like gangsters. The weak minded will fall in line with her thinking that every immigrant is destined to be a drug dealing member of the Latin Kings. I suppose that’s how most American’s ancestors came here, right? Were yous great grandparents thugs and criminals who just wanted to come here and destroy white people? Or did they come here looking for opportunity and prosperity, because their native land had none to offer? Personally, half of mine were already here, and had their land stolen by a bunch of thuggish white people who just assumed they had the right to take what they wanted. But even I can’t tell someone they’re not allowed here, because they’re brown. Where are the ads that show bad WHITE immigrants? Are we to assume that no one has ever come here from Ireland or and taken a job that an American would have taken, or broken a law? I know three white immigrants who took jobs and broke laws just within the 3 blocks around my office. Where are the ads about them? They’ve cost me more worry than any Mexicans have. It’s funny that racists always get pissed when you call them a racist…

      • Frank

        According to the U.S. government http://www.ice,gov,
        U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) places a high priority on combating illegal immigration, including targeting illegal aliens with criminal records who pose a threat to public safety.

        The Criminal Alien Program identifies, processes and removes criminal aliens incarcerated in federal, state and local prisons and jails throughout the U.S. It was created to prevent criminal aliens from being released into the general public. The program secures a final removal order, prior to the termination of criminal aliens’ sentences, whenever possible

      • nyangel22

        @Frank and @Notbraindead, it is true that there were no immigration laws when the first Europeans showed up in North America, but if you think about how they stole the land from the Native Americans (Peter Minuet “bought” Manhattan for $24 in trinkets) then they’re the embodiment of everything conservatives are afraid of. They came in, gave the Native Americans Small Pox blankets, took the land, and pushed them onto small pockets of land that the government “generously” gave to them, only to take it back a few years later.

      • SickOfLibs

        @Lyric –

        Sweetie, you’re so ignorant. Let me educate you.

        Corporate “fat cats” have a job to do – making a profit for their shareholders. It’s called capitalism. If a CEO can create more profit for his shareholders by firing do-nothing overpriced American labor union members and replacing them with third-world laborers who cost half as much, then he is doing his job.

        THAT is what business is all about – providing a service to consumers and making a profit for doing so.

        If you don’t like how the system works, then so be it – say you don’t like capitalism the system, as opposed to Conservatives. All we Conservatives are doing is playing by (and attempting to preserve) the current set of rules.

        What YOU people are doing is trying to change the rules, and I accept that you have a right to make that attempt. The problem we Conservatives have with you Socialists is that the only way you can realize your Utopian society is by obfuscation. You focus on one small aspect of the “system”, invoke fairness and political correctness to villify that one small aspect, and then use that one small villified aspect to villify the entire system.

        To wit: shipping jobs overseas is “unfair”. It’s “wrong”. It’s bad for America.

        Well, the fact of the matter is that if the government didn’t make it so hard to do business in America, and if the labor unions didn’t demand $30 an hour for $15 an hour work, then there would be no need to ship the jobs overseas in the first place.

        And therein lies the fundamental difference between you (Socialists, communists, anti-capitalists, progressives, liberals, whatever you choose to brand yourself as) and Conservatives.

        YOU want to FORCE businesses to keep THEIR jobs here in America, where they are more expensive and result in reduced profit. YOU want to use the threat of governmental intervention to get your way.

        WE want to change the policies and regulations to make it more attractive for the companies to return the jobs to America on their own.

        See the difference? You people want to use force. We want to make it more attractive for the companies to do it themselves.

        In fact, just about every policy you people endorse results in governmental THREAT OF FORCE to get your way.

        Your next argument – “Secretly” giving that money to politicians? Check the donations of any large corporation in America and see which party gets the vast majority of those “big business” dollars… here’s a hint – it’s not the Republicans.

        For example: Google only paid 2.4% of its revenue in taxes. 75% of donations coming from Google went to Democrats.

        Of course, don’t even get me started on the fact that companies DON’T PAY TAXES. Yes, technically speaking, they do a tax return and send a check to the government. However, taxes are an expense on their corporate books. The “cost” of taxes is figured into the price you pay for a product. If you pay $3.00 for a loaf of bread, and the company has to pay 25 cents to the government in taxes for that bread, you can bet your life that that 25 cents is built into the price of the bread in the first place. YOU pay that 25 cents when you buy the bread, the company collects it and forwards it on to the government.

        If there were no corporate taxes, you’d be paying $2.75 for the bread.

        So sure, Google only paid 2.4% taxes. Their CEO did a great job of taking care of his shareholders, which was his job in the first place. You should be jumping for joy that a liberal company like Google got to keep so much of their profit so they could forward it on to your liberal politicians, but you’re complaining about it.

        You’re complaining about it because you accept the sound bites, the bumper-sticker slogans, and the mainstream media talking heads that tell you that the Republicans are the “party of the rich”. You don’t do your own investigation to find out what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes. You accept at face value what you are told about the political parties without doing your own critical thinking and investigation.

        Of course, I cannot blame you – the liberals have done a great job dumbing down our education system, so you were likely never taught critical thinking skills.

        You say that Conservative ideology is so warped to you. That honestly doesn’t surprise me, since you have no concept of what Conservative ideology really is.

      • TheLNB

        The people who are outraged by the ad are completely ignoring the fact that we have an illegal immigration problem in the US and the majority of those immigrants are coming here from south of the border whether it be Mexico or any other country in Latin America. Giving illegal immigrants social security benefits is moronic and so is allowing them to vote in our elections. Instead of looking at the problem, you are trying to portray this commercial as being racist. I have ran a business for ten years and have had 3 SS numbers shot back as fake. All three belonged to latin Americans and all of them had darker skin and spoke English as a second language. Sorry if it’s racist for pointing out the obvious. The best way to destroy a civilization is to make it lose its identity. Look at what’s happened to CA. It will happen elsewhere if they don’t contain the illegal immigrant problem. I like most of the Mexican Americans that I know and in no way am talking about them when I make these statements. Is it racist to say that Mexicans are hard working because I’m stereotyping them?

      • Ian

        @ Sick of Libs — Capitalism is getting tax incentives to move your operations overseas (as provided by a Republican president)? Capitalism is replacing overpriced American workers with cheap third world labor? If that’s the case, why would you care if immigrants come here and take jobs? You’re deranged, and obviously anti-American. American workers are “overpriced do-nothings”, according to you. If you don’t want the rules changed why did you let George Bush give incentives to companies for moving out of the US? He didn’t make them able to do it, all he did was give them a HUGE reason to do it. You don’t see the irony of your own ignorant post. To you capitalism is ok for corporations, but not for anyone else in this country. They can take advantage of 3rd world labor, move operations, use tax loopholes, and whatever means are available to make money for their shareholders, and it’s capitalism. But if workers organize, take advantage of laws that allow them to form unions, and demand better wages, in order to make more money for their families, you call them “over-priced do-nothings”? I call it capitalism on the part of the workers too. But I guess when one is ignorant is you, you fail to see both sides of the coin. Why don’t you go back to whatever country your immigrant parents came from?

      • Ian

        @ TheLNB — The ad doesn’t send any of the message you’re talking about. It just portrays them as being drug dealing gangsters. Where in the ad does it show an immigrant going to vote, or receiving social security checks??? It doesn’t. And since she’s pandering to ignorance, I think it’s safe to say she’s counting on the visuals having more impact than any dialogue in the ad.

      • taksi

        @ SickOfLibs

        The point you either missed or deemed irrelevant is that companies move overseas because the people over there have much lower standards of living, and thus, lower wages. Denouncing unions is really a diversion. Not to say unions don’t get in the way but for a lot of Americans they’ve helped create strong workers’ rights and raised the standards for non-members and members alike. Even without unions ( btw how much of the American workforce is still unionized), it’s still debatable about whether it’s cost-effective for companies to hire in the U.S.

        And, as to your self-righteous distinction between liberal force and laissez-faire capitalism…well, first of all, what’s your example of a company being ‘forced’ to hire in the US. But, secondly, the goal is to create jobs in the US, what’s the most efficient way to do so? Increased profits doesn’t mean more jobs or even better wages, nowadays. So what’s all the capitalist efficiency going towards? It makes the stockholders and upper-management richer. And, maybe they’ll invest in new technology that’ll revolutionize the world or maybe they’ll buy a brand new yacht. Whatever it is can be done with $10 million as it can be 20 mil. What people can’t do without are homes, food, and health care, and that’s what the average worker is struggling to deal with. Spreading it around a little through taxes. And, yes you do need to ‘force’ people, because a lot of people, not all but many, would rather keep money for themselves- that’s just common sense. Spreading it around a little isn’t going to hurt the companies or capitalism.

      • Lyric

        Thank you Ian and Taksi for defending my point and taking @sickoflibs to task, since my mediocre American education couldn’t afford me the critical thinking skills to defend it myself. I guess as adults, we still feel the need to resort to name calling to defend our points. Nevertheless, I stand by my post and will even agree with @sickoflibs, that some democrats are also the problem. I do however believe that since our difference of ideology can’t be debated in a civil manner on a board, how then can we expect that our elected officials would hold themselves to a higher standard. Which explains the nasty ad that began this discussion.

      • badsteed

        sd_dreamer, you are an idiot. Sick of Libs is an even bigger idiot. He wants every US citizen making a living off of McDonalds-sized wages. Just about every benefit people take for granted was fought for by unions, violently at times. You know, the same violence that earned us our country from England? Taksi, you sound intelligent, like you have studied the issues. BTW, The ad is not an attack on Hispanics, but if people try to divert the issue (illegal immigration) to one of racism, the problem stays and the people, the legal citizens, suffer.

    • finnyd

      Hey @jim- are you from NV. If not stay the hell out of our politics. Screw the tea baggers I’m tired of the carpet baggers who are running ads in my state and can’t even vote here. Angle raised $14 mil. recently. 85% came from out of state and so did the funds for that commercial.

      • notbraindead

        Yeah Finnyd….and Reid raises ALL his money in Nevada. Sure he did. He’s so low he can walk under a rattlesnake without ducking.

      • william

        The US Senate effects all of us, not just those in Nevada.
        Look where Harry’s money comes from – out of state and the unions.

      • mohuska

        Wait…do you even know what you are talking about? Almost ALL of Harry Reid’s money came from out of state.

      • Mike

        @finnyd he makes decisions for me and my state…..Kiss my *ss hippy!!!

      • rochelle

        oh you are so cute and moronic finnyd. For a little historical perspective, every single evil ill in political history is whooly akin to the far left that we have attempting an anti american takeover – communist, socialist, nazi, fascist, marxist, stupidist, blowhardist, lying criminals who lie to get a vote and then crap on America. Tired of it – yes. Tired of uninformed idiots who share your mindset that allowed for this unqualified fraud of a President and his poopbag cronies to submarine what was once, and will be again, a great America. One that enjoys less government, less federal intrusion, and less of the hyper-political BS owned and operated by the left. Good riddance you useless twit.

      • Ted

        IMHO what Behar thinks or (doesnt think) or says is irrelevant. The add addresses serious issues for all of us. The substance of the add if true should be discussed and addressed by Reid. Simply using the race card accusation to cut off discusson of Reid’s positions and why his positions are in the best interest of those he was elected to represent is a relevant issue. If the substance in the add is true and Reid is proud of his positions and votes he should respond to it and if his electorate agrees he can get more votes…if not then he should be voted out.

    • S

      Home Run!

    • DwayneL

      Great comment and I thought the ad was perfect and accurate! Enough of letting these illegal criminals come into our country, SEAL THE BORDER!!!

      • MaryJane

        Well, I guess your ancestors shouldn’t have been let into this country then. The only ones in this country who are not immigrants are Native Americans, they should be the ones telling everybody to get out.

      • SICK OF THIS

        Oh MaryJane, GIVE IT A REST already about everyone being an immigrant. I got news for you. Native Americans didn’t develop from bacteria in America either. Their ancestors came here from elsewhere, so I guess you can either apply your “everyone’s an immigrant” argument to them too or you can grow up and realize that it doesn’t matter where you or your ancestor’s came from and when. The issue is coming here ILEGALLY, and YES, most, if not all, other countries have immigration laws and control (VERY tightly, MUCH more strictly the the U.S.) who can go there and stay. As has been mentioned here, Mexico’s immigration laws and handling of persons who are there ilegally is AT LEAST a quantum leap more strict and punishing to people than our’s. Ever made friends with the local police in a Mexican town, or the State Police (God forbid)? You’ll not forget the experience. You Libs should get out and have a little exposure to the way things work in the rest of the world. It might affect your view of how things are done, or not done, here in America. No, I don’t think things are generally hunky-dorey here in America but most of our problem’s in the recent past can be traced to the loosening of morals in the 1960s, the ANYTHING GOES! mentality, the (societal mandated) tolerance of ALL THINGS that anybody else might care to do (heaven forbid that we might have a reason that say, felon’s shouldn’t be able to have guns, child molestor’s open day care centers, drive drunk, etc.), POLITICAL CORRECTNESS(!), the inability to tolerate someone else’s opinions and views without resorting to name-calling, hate speach, or even violence. If you can’t tolerate someone else’s opinion or view on something and you resort to name-calling and hate speach you’re just demonstrating that you are unable to come up with a reasonable argument to support YOUR views. You’re left with name-calling (RACIST!, HOMO-PHOBE!) and trying to obscure the issue by whatever means, except facts. Sound familiar to anybody?

  • josh

    What was it that John Stewart said? “Although I disagree with you I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler” This just shows Joy as a low class un-educated person . You can get your point across without lowering yourself by using profanity and Hitler comparisons.

    • Anne


    • Karl

      The Hitler comparisons are the knee-jerk responses… “Are you a Republican? You must be a Nazi.” You don’t agree with our president’s policies? You must be a racist.”

      • B

        And if you do agree with the President, apparently you’re a Socialist? Give me a break. Your comment makes it sound like Dems are the only ones with inflated comparisons. I believe Republicans have compared Obama to Hitler a time or two.

      • D

        B, seriously no one is saying that Republican’s aren’t throwing mud. But I see a constant Democrat’s can do no wrong attitude on this and many other websites. There is certainly a double standard here. Hate to draw comparisons here but Juan Williams was fired for making similar unprofessional remarks like Joy did.

      • Skylar

        Actually, isn’t it the Republicans and Tea Partiers that hold up posters with pictures of Obama wearing a Hitler moustache? Guess knee-jerkiness runs rampant on both sides of the aisle, huh?

      • ben

        Yes Sklyar it does run rampant on both sides. That’s why so many people are disgusted with both parties and government in general.

      • Brian

        Calling Obama a Socialist is not throwing mud. “Socialist” means different things to different people. When people are calling Obama a socialist it’s because, by their definition of the word, he is a socialist.

        According to the Wikipedia article on Socialism, Socialism is defined as:

        Socialism is an economic and political theory advocating public or common ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources

        When Obama advocates policies that transfer wealth from one group of citizens to another, that seems to fit the definition of socalism as defined by Wikipedia.

        Hitler was more than just a National Socialist, however. Hitler was a mass murderer. The Nazi party was more than just the National Socialist party of Germany in the 30s and 40s. The Nazi party was responsible for genocide. The implication, when someone is called a Nazi, is that the person is in support of genocide… not that they are in favor of merging nationalist and socialist positions.

        Behar calling anyone a Nazi is not comparable to someone calling Obama a Socialist. Calling Obama a Socialist might be inaccurate, but not hyperbole. Calling someone a Nazi, unless they are in favor of genocide, is hyperbole and is intentionally inflammatory.

        Behar should be fired.

      • VulpesRex


        Where were you for the latter 5 years of the Bush administration? Libtards were out in full force with pictures of Dubya as Hitler.

    • jordan

      THANK you

  • GS

    Joy’s an idiot! Those women spend so much time trying to prove they are so liberal compared to Elizabeth that they don’t really think anymore. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay here and most definitely should not get benefits that American citizens work to pay for. I’ve never understood how everyone can jump to the defense of someone referred to as illegal. I wish more states would be as tough as Arizona. I can guarantee you that no other country is as easy on immigrants as we are. If you come here, work, and become a citizen, I don’t have a problem. But don’t come over here, take everything for free, and send the money home to another country while living 40 to an apartment.

    • Yes!

      Could not agree with you more. ALL the women of The View are idiots, including BW. I’m not radical at all and we should open our doors to those who want to work and pay their share. Unfortunately, it has gotten way out of control. There’s nothing wrong with that ad…it’s all true and real.

      • KC

        Finally someone who is direct and to the point. I also see nothing wrong with the ad. She isn’t lying so what’s the problem

    • Karl

      Yes, but she has a TV show, so she must know what she’s talking about, right?

      • Jon

        OMG SANITY..finally!!

    • Mrzntejas

      Illegals spend $80 billion dollars a year in the US. They work jobs you wouldn’t and they are not all getting a free ride. just look at who is living in Govt. assisted homes. 63% white!!!

      • D

        Oh the whole they work jobs that you wouldn’t thing. That is just so inherently racist. This kinda work isn’t for white people! Let those dirty illegals do it.

      • REASON

        I love this!

      • Laura

        D, you might find it “inherently racist,” but it has a basis in the truth. It has nothing to do with illegals being “dirty.” The fact is that many are so anxious to come to the US that they are more willing to do the grunt work or menial labor jobs pay crap and that most people feel are “beneath” them.

      • Karen

        Then why not become US citizens if they are so anxious to live in the US?

      • Lyric

        Because they can’t!!!!!!!!! What part don’t you understand Karen. Don’t you think if they COULD they WOULD!!!

      • Tommcgtx

        Mexico is counting on migrants coming here so they don’t have to take care of them. What they REALLY need to do is take back their own country from the cartels, corruptocrats and crooked military!

      • Tarc

        Karen, you obviously don’t understand much about the situation. The government is extraordinarily and fundmentally broken in this area. In many cases, people that were brought here to work are NOT ALLOWED to become citizens. For instance, a PhD from Canada (or a sports star) *might* be allowed to immigrate, but anything less than that, and you get put in a LOTTERY – 60 people a year. Sixty people. It’s bizarre.

    • waya

      My cousin went to his DMV yesterday for a license renewal and complained up a storm last night about the idiots and bureauocracy – wanting birth certificates and all sorts of proof of who he was. Of course, he is the world’s biggest complainer about illegals too. I told him that DMV is doing all they can to enforce immigration rules to prevent illegals from getting a license and that is why they wanted proof of citizenship. He wanted it, he got it, now he is complaining. Hey, its either a society where we “Show ze papers!” or we accept everyone. Which will it be Tea Party fans? You can’t have it both ways!

      • Tarc

        Yup. The cattle reiterate all of the catchphrases, but they have no actual understanding of what they are saying (or asking for). None.

    • ali

      do you know how expensive and unattainable becoming a US Citizen us? There’s a reason immigrants are not pursuing citizenship, and it has nothing to do with them not wanting to be in this counrty.

      • ben

        Anything worthwhile isn’t easy.

      • Jenn

        Ben, there’s something in between “easy” and “frakking impossible.” Our immigration policies/process needs to be overhauled BIG time.

      • Pete Schweddy

        It’s about $700 to apply for citizenship.

        One must pass an English exam and a civics test.

        Man, you’re right…that’s wayyy out of hand.

        Give me a break.

      • pinky

        What a weak argument. Yes, it’s SO expensive that NO ONE has ever become a US Citizen as part of their immigration to the US. Members of my family have done it. It is NOT unattainable.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        At least we let our legal immigrants become citizens! It is FAR FAR easier here than any European country, or Arab nation…

      • B-

        You see, it doesn’t help your argument when there are 7 million immigrants currently who are eligible to take the test, but have not done so yet. How do we provide a path to citizenship for 11 million new people when there are 7 million people already laying in the path and not moving? I am for The Dream act because a lot of children are here through no fault of their own and if they graduate college they SHOULD have a chance to become citizens. But a lot of undocumented people want a path to citizenship or just total amnesty and it doesn’t help the cause. If every Immigrant Rights Organization actually worked together to have a cohesive unified message that shows that undocumented workers want to work at being Americans and not have anything given to them for free, then strides will be made. But sitting in countless meetings, I see all of these organizations who claim to be “Helping” immigrants are in it for selfish gain and credit whoring. That’s why since those April 10th Rallies a few years ago, the debate is STILL stuck in the same place. I can guarantee that 3-4 years from now, the debate will STILL be in the same place. No one on either side has the guts to work together to bring about comprehensive reform that will benefit the US. The left is too liberal and wants to appeal to their base and the right is too conservative. This is why we need people who are able to objectively view issues and cooperate/collaborate. If not the spiral downward will continue.

      • GFM2010

        Dream Act is nothing more than amnesty by deceit, a practice that liberals excel in. They say the kids are here through no fault of their own, which is true. But why on earth does that make ME responsible to pay for their upbringing and education? It’s sure as hell not MY fault they’re here – I’d round up every last one of them and send them on their with a ticket to Tijuana.

      • B-

        GFM2010, you are paying for them already in your taxes. The Dream Act is for College Students who are paying their tuition on their own. If you have the determination to go to college for 4 years and pass, you should be allowed to take the citizenship exam to become a citizen. Most of these students KNOW their degree won’t count because they aren’t citizens but go to school anyway. That isn’t amnesty by the default. College is not easy.

      • B-

        And when I said “you are paying for them already in your taxes” I was speaking about public elementary and HS.

      • OConnie

        People don’t seem to understand how amazingly difficult it is to immigrate to this country legally. My husband came here on a work visa, was deported once and almost didn’t make it back in from vacation once. It took him 7 years, two lawyers,several thousand dollars, and two congressman to get his green card. He has been employed (after having to prove that there was not a similarly qualified American from whom he was “taking” a job) the entire time he has resided here. He has paid taxes, social security, and donated copious amounts of money to charities here. And yet, he received his green card less than two weeks before his visa expired… should we have expected him to leave his job, the home he owned, and his relationship with me, if his green card hadn’t arrived in time? I can’t even tell you how tirelessly he worked and the amount of bureaucratic red tape he had to wade through… if we are going to crack down on illegal immigrants, we need to fix the system so that they CAN come here legally. American citizens also need to wake up and look at what our government and our foreign policy have done to other countries to make their citizens flee here with nothing. I am NOT in favor of excusing any illegal behavior from people who reside in this country or not but we need to fix a badly broken system before we can decide how to penalize people for going outside the system. I do think that that ad portrayed Latino men as the enemy and was clearly aimed at instilling fear in the less educated voters among us. I wish that Joy Behar was able to articulate what she clearly is passionate about…

      • Tarc

        Actually, Pete, it’s nearly impossible to QUALIFY to even apply. If you have a special skill (PhD or big sports star), or if you are from a very select few countries, or are in a very special situation, you can do it. Otherwise, it’s nearly impossible – they have literal lotteries for the slots (eg – there are a mere 60 a year from Canada). And contrary to what someone else said, there are many nations (Canada and Germany, for example) that are VASTLY easier to immigrate to.

      • SICK OF THIS

        Connie, you said “… should we have expected him to leave his job…” Answer: Yes! If he’s not here legally then he should go back where he came from. Canada and Germany WANT people to go there, primarily to grow and increase the size of their economy, etc. I know that sounds harsh, but should we bend to every sad sob story every illegal immigrant has? Grow up and face life the way it is, not the way you want it to be!

    • Riz

      GS, I completely agree with you. Illegal is Illegal. We need to protect or borders. End of story.

  • Tan

    Gossiping bitches is all they are! Can’t stand any of them!!

    • Republican for the sane

      Tan…u make me sick. I hope u dont kiss your mother with that mouth…

  • Hank Chase

    And the Tea Party LOVES Angle ….. God help us…

    • william

      Do you have a problem with the Constitution Hank?
      Tea Party loves people who will protect the constitution and get the GOV off our back.

      • Lyric

        Then they should learn what the constitution says first. Christine O’donnell didn’t even know what they amendments were. I’m really scared for our country.

      • Melissa Powell

        O”Donnell knew, it was Coons who did not. In fact, it Was Coons who stands to personally benefit from cap-and-trade. Coons is a smug asshole. Go back and read the transcript…do not parrot what you heard. Do your own due diligence and then go back and read the Amendment in question.

      • Sarah

        Lyric, not familiar with the Constitution are you? There is no mention of seperation of church and state. It wasn’t O’Donnell who was unfamiliar with the amendments. Go ahead, look it up.

      • Tarc

        Nah, he has a problem with unAmerican and batsh_t crazy.

  • Hank Chase


    You forgot that they take care of Lou Dobbs horses and the would-be gov’s house, too ;-)

  • Ann

    Joy crawl back under the rock from which you came. Your one-sided opinions are as racist as any I have heard. Maybe Sharon is a nut, but if someone is not from NY or believes or has political affliations other than yours, look out!!! Curb your hate!!!

  • Tonic

    VOTE! While the Dem’s aren’t the best, this tea-party Repug thing is just evil and hate-filled.

    • Dan

      Calling a person a bitch and saying that they are going to hell isn’t hate filled? please.

      • Kay

        Alright then,why don’t you go to hell,you bastard!

      • Tarc

        If anyone on Earth deserves it, Sharon Angle is on the list. What a vile, evil, nasty piece of work.

      • annie

        Barbara needs to take charge of that show and if Joy can’t be decent and respectful get rid of her, she is a piece trash for acting the way she does about everthing or anybody that don’t agree with her on any subject.

    • william

      Tea Party =
      Follow the constitution
      Lower Taxes
      Less Government Debt
      Protect our borders…
      That is what you call evil and hate filled?
      stop reading bumper stickers and educate yourself. Unless you are just trying to protect your welfare check with lies.

      • Ben

        Tea Party=Angry White Sheep
        Hate who they are told to hate
        Fortify corporate greed
        Export jobs overseas to increase profit margins for big business
        Feed into the trade imbalance with China by paying them to violate their citizens human rights as a slave labor workforce
        Protect the majority against minorities who don’t “know their place” or act uppity.
        Stop listening to bigots telling you what to think or believe and start using your tiny brain to think for yourself and do what is right as a human being and as a Christian. Jesus spoke to all people and didn’t preach hate. Unless you just hate people who aren’t white.

      • Tarc

        Tea Party – angry white sheep brainwashed by their religious and corporate owners to promote changes to make the fleecing easier.

      • anne


  • Harry Reid

    Oh sure, blame me for opening the border to let illegals into the country. I guess Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama are blameless for our borders being so opened but a little old senator from Searchlight could have stopped this. This is race-baiting 101.

    • D

      Reid you’re white, you don’t get to talk about race-baiting.

    • Ron

      Dear Mr. Reid as a long time Republican, I agree that no president has done anything worth anything about illegals entering the country and the Tea Party started as a racist knee jerk reaction to Obama’s election, but the anger comes from shoving legislation down our throats just because you could.

      • Informed and outraged

        You sir are an idiot. You spew your venom based on incorrect information. The Tea Party was here long before Obama was elected. Check your facts or continue to look like a dumbass.

      • Foodiejen

        Ron- Check your facts! The Tea Party started because of out of control government! You are being baited by people who want to control you. Wake up!

      • Ron

        Dear Informed and Outraged & Foodiejen (whatever that is). While the tea party may have been around longer, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that heard of them before Obama. As far as being a idiot, venom spewing, dumbass or being baited and needing to wake up, you people sound as bad as Joy. Can’t you have a conversation without calling people names. As for me I’m 53 and a Republican, voted for Reagan, Bush, Dole, Bush and McCain. But some of you Tea Partiers are a bit over-the-top. I don’t care for Obama or the way that the last Bush was portrayed as president by the media or the loyal opposition, but try to be civil or be like Joy.

      • Tarc

        You do realize that described the ENTIRE Bush administration, right?

    • Meso Soup

      So America is the land of racists and bullshitters?
      Now if there was NO religion the world would be a much better place…….

      • melanie

        It’s people that cause problems, not religion. People will use any excuse to hurt others, if not religion, then they’ll just find other reasons.

  • Mic

    Why is this foul-mouth hypocrite still on tv?

    • softsynth

      Well, she’ll be hopefully denied a Senate seat and we won’t have to hear from her again after eight more days…

      • william

        only if the dems still it -love the fraud going on in NV today.

      • GFM2010

        What? Joy Behar is going to be denied a Senate seat? If you’re talking about Angle – we’ve already seen the preliminary reports of how the Democrats are stealing the election… This is why Pelosi is so confident about retaining the House majority: she knows the fix is in, big time.

      • kelly

        I really hope the fix is in, that the Democrats win every race in the country. I applaud anyone who stands up to the stench that comes out of every Republican mouth. I hate that party and all the people that agree with their dogma. A horrible, murdering, gun loving, ignorant Democrat would be a much more desireable politician than a dedicated Republican. I hope everyone who says that they are Republican burns in the special hell set aside for them and Lee Atwater.

      • Tarc

        After GWB literally stole his first term, I’d be happy to see the shoe on the other foot.

    • jersey dan

      In answer to MIC- This foul mouth POS is still on because her mouth serves a dual purpose. (You have to read between the lines).

      • Peggy

        I can’t believe what I am reading here..Kelly wishing that all republicans burn in hell and that she hates all republicans. We as Americans should all stand together and protect our country, whether you be repub. or demo. and quit with the name calling and grow up. America should come first not what party you back!!

    • Ethel

      Joy is making your show look cheap. You can have discussions without calling other people names. You need to change the name of your show. Beginning to think it is the Joy View Show. She is making Barbara look smaller and smaller on the show. Watch out Barbara, she is trying to take over.

      • Frannie

        Dear Barbara,

        I’m done. Sick and tired of yelling over each other. Check tapes Barbara, everytime you talk Joy rolls her eyes, very disrespectful. Joy has a foul mouth and very rude. Ladies, I changed the channel and found a very enjoyable game show. I also sent a donation to Sharron today and I’m a democrat. You lost me because of Joy Behar. Look out Barbara, she is costing you big time.

      • Sandy

        If this loud-mouthed, crude Behar stays on the show, they will have to re=name it “EEEEEEWWWWWWW”!

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