'The View' goes after O'Reilly yet again: 'He loves to pull your chain'; 'It wasn't a publicity stunt'

The View returned again to last Thursday’s argument with Bill O’Reilly that resulted in walk-offs by Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. On Monday’s show, they explained their motivations for the dramatic exits. “We talk about standing up to bigotry, so I stood up,” said Behar. “I had had enough,” said Goldberg. “I was gonna cuss him out.”

Barbara Walters said the furor arose because O’Reilly said “the Muslims attacked us on 9/11.” She tried to play the peacemaker once again. “This is a country full of rage, and we should be able to have conversations without rage … without obscenities.” She added that her co-hosts rose to O’Reilly’s bait.  “He loves to pull your chain,” she said.

The remaining panelists each had something to contribute. Sherri Shepherd said, “It was not staged […] not a publicity stunt,” alluding to the suspicion in some quarters that last Thursday’s blow-up was staged, perhaps to draw attention away from today’s premiere of a new, View-ish-sounding talk show, The Talk, whose panel includes Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert. (I’ll review The Talk after it premieres later today.)

As for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she reiterated the bizarre comment she’d alluded to last Thursday. On Monday she looked at the camera and addressed President Obama, “Can we please use the word ‘terrorist’ again, Mr. President?” She seems to think “terrorist” has been banned by the President. Okay…

Shepherd added that during the commercial break, O’Reilly had said, “This is great. This is going to make your ratings.” The panel agreed their ratings had been just fine before this.

As Goldberg said, “It’s time to move on.” Amen.

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  • jfms777

    They accuse O’Reilly of making it a publicity stunt. Yet, if they were not concerned about ratings, they did
    not have to mention it today. They could have moved on. They did not.

    • BMB20

      If they didn’t respond to it they would have been criticized by the masses for that as well. It is one of those no win situations.

      • Liberal Dan

        This is as bad as when Joy walked off when Rosie said Bush attacked us on 9/11. Way to stick up for truth Joy, your my hero.

    • Whoopster

      u yeah…if it were a publicity stunt for the view they probably would have talked about it friday instead of airing a pre-taped fashion episode. We knew they were going to talk about the situation the moment it happens this is how the show works.

      • beev

        They do not ever do live on Friday. It’s always taped

    • Marie

      wasn’t Timothy McVeigh(don’t know if i spelled his name right) a radical CHRISTIAN??
      i don’t see O’Reilly saying that the christian’s have also attacked the united states. why, because he works for Faux Noise, and they are not known for fairness or the truth.

      • Kristin

        No, he was an athiest.

      • Nathan Utt

        McVie did not bomb in the name of Christ, the terrorist on 9-11 bombed in the name of Islam. And still most Moslem leaders have not issued a statement of condemnation. Makes you think right?

      • Scotty J

        @Kristin He was a Christian and he got his plan for the bombing from a book about the start of a race war.
        @Nathan McViegh was waging war on the American government and their domestic polices. The hijackers were waging war against American foriegn policies and the financial motivations behind it. O’Reilly was correct muslims did attack us on 9/11 but that doesn’t mean that private citizens can’t open a community center on private property because their muslim. Do black people say hey you can’t build a Starbucks in Harlem because whites killed and enslaved 100 million people for hundreds of years.
        A Bigot is bigot

      • Mike N.

        @Scotty J

        The Starbucks in Harlem is a terrible analogy. Nobody has said it is illegal, just that it is in poor taste…kind of like how everyone complains about how states flying the Confederate flag, like South Carolina, are behaving inappropriately and insensitively, and they should take those flags down.

      • Cindy

        Marie…that was Whoopi’s argument, and it wasn’t a good one when she used it, either. When a heterosexual beats up a homosexual, we don’t say “Hetero extremist.” When a white person attacks someone of a different race, we don’t call it “Caucasian Extremist…”

      • Cliff Goodrich

        Yes, but Susan Smith, the woman who drowned her two children in the family car was, indeed, a Christian. So where’s the condemnation against her religion and her church? A lot it has done for her kids.

      • Mary

        Nathan, his name was Timothy McVeigh and he committed his act of terrorism against the goverment which is why he targeted a government building. He didn’t commit his act or terror in the name of Christianity. There have been acts of terror that sadly are committed in the name of religion and Christianity (like bombing of an abortion clinic.) The difference is that the Christian religion condemns the acts. The Muslim world has not fully condemned terrorist acts and groups.

      • joblo

        McVeigh was NOT a Christian. In his own words, “Science is my religion.”

      • Magoo

        Who bombed Pearl Harbor????

      • Jack

        @Scotty J In his own words he was an agnostic, which he stated in a letter to the Guardian newspaper. He didn’t really believe in anything. He was disillusioned and lost.

      • JD

        Oh Scotty. So uninformed. The 911 attacks were done in the name of their religion. Yes, they (extremists) say it’s because of foreign policy but they add that because of that foreign policy their god says they should kill all who don’t believe as they do, ie, the “infidel”. It’s that simple. They’re clear about that if you just listen to what the extremists say, instead of blaming the US.

      • TH

        @Mary, many, many, Christians do not condemn aborttion clinic bombings. In fact, many christian churches ask their parishoners to pray for the bombers, as if they are martyrs. you know, just like Christ would! The fact remains that O’Reilly did what he does best, he made an uneducated generalization about an entire race, culture and religion.

    • Jeff

      Whoopi Goldberg is the ugliest thing to walk the planet!

  • TorontoTom

    I want to turn to the camera and say, “Can we use the word IDIOT again, Ms. Hasslebeck?!?”

    • Shannon

      Even better than that Toronto Tim, Can we use the word RETARD again, Ms. Hasselbeck?!?!?! And shut up!

      • Jen

        Ah, lovely, use the word Retard to describe a woman whose views you don’t care for. I don’t like Ms. Hasselbeck but to stoop to using such a derogatory term suggests there Shannon, that you are the idiot, not Ms. Hasselbeck.

      • Greg

        I second what Jen said…

      • JC

        Shannon, you show your insensitivity. If the left wants us to always be PC and not call the islamic terrorists by just “muslim” and call them extremists instead, then practive what your preach. Don’t use the word “retard”. But,then I realize from whence it came. Nevermind.

      • Hannah

        Yes, you may. Since you are referring to yourself, it’s permitted.

      • mike

        couldn’t agree more. If you don’t like what someone has to say it doesn’t mean you need to mock the disabled by using the slur retard.

    • ~~ July ~~

      Yes we can! … Hasslebeck is an IDOIT! and the View is ‘proud’ to have her on the show. Reason I don’t watch this show … Hasslebeck the idoit!

      • tydurden

        haha july… u can’t even spell ‘idiot’ right and u are accusing someone else of being one!! sounds like the pot calling the kettle black!

      • -Navy Vet-

        Yes you can what? Screw up the country even more by voting in an inexperienced, marxist, patronizing, cocaine addict, racist that stops the national day of prayer due to “possibly offending” someone well then congrats you did it.

      • woody

        Check your spelling… apparently Hasselbeck isn’t the only IDIOT

      • Bill

        What’s an idoit? Is it anything like ship dit?

    • Swiss

      Elizabeth Hasslebeck was not wrong. The Department of Homeland Security called 9/11 a “Man-made disaster” caused by “foreign contingents”.

      • Shoosh

        Sounds like the Department of Homeland Security to me then, and not Obama who “banned” the word terrorist. And – this is really just semantics.

      • beev

        The dept of Homeland Security started under the Bush admin.
        And yes, Mrs. Hasslebeck, yes honey, terrorist is a word. Use it to your heart’s content. This is America, you may use the word terrorist. Others may choose not to. Aren’t you glad this is America??

      • Swiss

        The DHS didn’t start using those terms until AFTER Janet Napolitano was appointed by Obama. Can’t pin this one on Bush.

      • -Navy Vet-

        Swiss, No matter how many facts you state, dumba$$ liberals would rather listen to “holy obama,”…” “its Bush’s fault I suck as a leader.”

      • Barbara

        But I HAVE heard Obama use the term mulism extremists. Elisabeth has a good point. Terminology does matter. It’s just that she’s conservative, so many of you feel the need to nitpick at every tiny thing she says.

      • katie

        Technical Obama has told his staff and congress not to use the word terrorist and it matters alot that we are using the correct terminology

      • Scotty J

        @ Navy Vet actually its our fault thay Obama is unable to lead cause people are not educated enough about the issues and keep letting pollitcal groups hijack the conversation. Obama wants to cut middle classes but because the lobbyist who pay for politicians summer houses don’t want to pay a the taxes they were paying in 1998 under Clinton. You know the guy who got us out of debt and kept us out of wars. Its the tax cuts under Bush that have lead to the huge deficit and jobs lost. Tax cuts for the rich are just gonna make them richer. The’re gonna keep money and send more jobs overseas like the did in 2002.

      • Cindy

        And some would argue that it’s also just semantics that O’Reilly said “Muslims” instead of “Muslim Extremists.” He didn’t say ALL Muslims.

      • Mary

        I have heard Obama using the word, “muslim extremists” instead of terrorist. In the case of the Muslim Army official that killed civilians in Fort Hood, President Obama warned Americans not to jump to conclusion regarding this being a terrorist act. And did not condemn this as an act of terrorism. (The President however was quick to accuse the Police of wrong behavior in the incident regarding the African American Professor who was trying to get into his home and the neighbor called the police.)

      • Shoosh

        @ Cindy: No, that’s not semantics. Semantics is when you change a word or sentence a bit, but the end result is that both meanings remain the same. The example you just listed (not specifying “all”) is lying by omission and purposely deceptive. When you leave out a word like “extremist” then you are purposely generalizing an entire population. “Muslims” does not equal “some Muslims.”

    • CC

      I second that!

  • tydurden

    listening to those know-it-all hens all sqwauk at the same time give me a headache..

    • The Narrator

      haha ty, you can’t even spell “squawk” right.

      • A

        That’s it – I walking out!! lol

  • Al

    O’Reilly didn’t seem to be the one filled with rage.

    • Roma

      Nobody was filled with rage. They were all filled with their own heightened sense of self importance. He didn’t say “all” Muslims did 9/11, and they didn’t “have” to hear it that way, they chose to. The PC approach to 9/11 of not mentioning Muslims at all, even though the terrorists did their deeds in the name of their religion, is infuriating. Every last one of them, from Bill to Barbara to Joy to Whoopi is only interested in self-aggrandizement, ratings, and $$$.

      • Carm

        You know that people do not use the word all to specify that they are referring to all. The opposite is true, people usually use the word some to specify that they do no mean all. Stop playing stupid. And all Muslims did not attack us on 9/11. Some Muslims died in the attacks on 9/11. Some people are not very bright.

      • Kris

        I also agree that what O’Reilly said about the Muslims is true (regarding 911), and so what if he didn’t say “terrorist” Muslims. We all know what he meant. What about the fact that because one American (the pastor) was going to burn the Koran on 911 recently, that all we heard was that the Middle East Muslims were protesting against ALL Americans, telling tourists, our military and all Americans to watch out if this happened. They bunched all of us Americans together as Koran burning people. What about when these people are seen in the streets burning our flag?? That is supposed to be our sacred symbol. We all know that all Muslims are not bad, as they should know that all Americans are not the same. Ladies of the view, get over your trying to be a part of the so called in crowd of being politically correct!!

  • gerri

    JOy calling Bill a bigot! That is calling the kettle black. What a joke she is. And ratings-thats exactly what she is looking for. What an angry,clueless lady she is.

  • tydurden

    elisabeth is smarter and prettier than the evil joy and grotesque whoopi.. she’s also the only one providing an alternative viewpoint. it would be as one-sided as the bill maher show if she wasn’t involved

    • sls


    • TorontoTom

      I have no problem with alternate views being presented as long it is done intelligently and articulately. Elizabeth is a neither intelligent nor articulate. She is an IDIOT.

      • Lilith

        haha- Hasselbeck can’t think her way out of a paper bag without talking points from FOX or Bill.Yes, she’s an idiot. I wish that there would be a co-host that represents the GOP that can actually think and speak logically and one who doesn’t cry or pout. Basically Hasselbeck is the worst person to give the “otherside” in a political discussion with Joy.

      • Gwen

        Absolutely! If I thought she was actually thinking about the issues instead of just parroting the right-wing Republican/Fox News agenda, I wouldn’t mind her so much.

      • Brett

        Whereas Whoopi, over the past few years, has just been a font of wisdom and intelligence. The older that woman gets, the more brain cells ooze out of her skull. And Joy behar has never been either funny or insightful.

      • Chz

        But Lilith, it can’t happen. Whoopi and Joy would walk off the set then. They ONLY stay, because they think they can walk all over EH. Barbara Walters would only put on a token GOP, not one that could debate. I give kudos to EH for just being there and having to take all the cr$p that those 2 whackos throw at her. If it was intended to be a balanced show, there would be 2 right-leaning personalities. Then maybe Whoopi and Joy would not walk out.

      • JS

        Lilith, I’m curious. Why is when somebody expresses a conservative view they are considered to be “spouting FOX talking points”, but when they express a liberal point of view they must be articulating their own opinion? A good point is a good point, and the fact that you don’t like it doesn’t mean that it can’t be their own feelings.

    • Jan

      She’s younger and thinner. Definitely not smarter.

    • Chris

      Whoopi also thought that Michael Vick & Roman Polanski did nothing wrong. That’s an intelligent viewpoint?

      • BlackIrish4094

        Ouch but good point. And I agree Whoopi is off base on this one too.

      • Roma

        And don’t forget her good friend Mel Gibson.

    • Kevin

      I supose if you like skinny blonds with straw like hair, man hands, bad skin and air between her head, then yes she may be attractive to you. Oh, and not to mention she talks about all the way she avoids sex…a gal every man wants, right-LOL

      • Brett

        Well, she benefits by comparison to Goldberg and Behar. Next to the two of them, even the homeliest of women might seem attractive.

      • Chz

        Kevin, you are having too many dates with your right hand.

      • Different Kevin

        Ok, you can disagree with her politics, but you must be into dudes if you don’t think she’s hot.

    • SLB

      Please. Hasselcrack is an idiot.

      • NJ07035

        Yes – because the left and the liberal media were so supportive of President Bush – never resorting to name-calling, insults to his intelligence, and so on. We should all follow their fine, upstanding lead.


    • cmc

      Is it me? Or is Elisabeth H. very obnoxious and very hateful. Just when I think she is making a good point, she shouts out stupid sarcasm; especailly against the president. Why try talking people into dividing our country? Shouldn’t we respect the president. Afterall, he IS the president. Wish the view would find a Republican who can speak from the heart and not what a “republican” is supposed to say.

      • NJ07035

        Yes – because the left and the liberal media were so supportive of President Bush – never resorting to name-calling, insults to his intelligence, and so on. We should all follow their fine, upstanding lead.


        (sorry, reply posted to the wrong comment)

    • Zakry

      What does pretty have to do with anything?

      • Nevea

        Touchdown! That’s a really cool way of pttiung it!

    • Carm

      If you really expected people to believe you think she is smarter then saying she is prettier was not a very intelligent choice for you.

  • joblo

    Nothing O’Reilly said was wrong. The terrorists were Muslims. To try and PC-foot around that is wrong. You should not have to put in a disclaimer every time you talk about something (* “this term does not equate to every person in the set it represents”). It is not hateful to say that the 9/11 terrorists were Muslims and by saying that you are not saying or implying that all Muslims are terrorists. To get up and WALK OUT on a show called THE VIEW over that is the height of ridiculous behavior.

    • Katja

      It seems to me though that when you say “Muslims killed us on 9/11″ and are also someone who thinks the “Ground Zero mosque” is insensitive and shouldn’t happen and could breed new terrorists right near the site of their greatest attack….that’s conflating all Muslims with Muslim extremism. And that’s not acceptable.

      • HUH?

        What the heck is “conflating”?

      • MAN

        conflate = to combine two or more ideas, facts, etc., into one. (It’s in the dictionary. Really.)

    • Rock Golf

      So after the Oklahoma City bombing, I can only assume you went around saying the Christians attacked us?

      • whatevs

        Timothy McVeigh was agnostic, you idiot.

      • Nelio
      • DGH

        Do you really expect Rock Golf to know what agnostic means????

      • Ian

        Actually, I went around saying the Veterans attacked us. That’s ok to say, right? He was a veteran. Isn’t that the same as saying the Muslims attacked us? The White American Veterans attacked us. I’m sure McVeigh was an accurate generalization of every white American Vet, right? Oh, and the Catholics molested our children. How about using the KKK as representatives of Christianity?

    • Larry M.

      Whoa, there! That type of attitude is exactly the reason why we are having this arguement. Sure, the terrorists are Muslims -but when you say “Muslims, killed us!” -you are implying all Muslims are terrorists! You can’t use that general language when describing the situation without offending an entire religion and people who had nothing to do with 9/11. And although I don’t typically agree with Hasselbeck -she is right for changing to the word terrorists -but I don’t understand why she’s asking Obama for the right to use the word.

      • Al

        Nobody said all muslims are terrorists. All he said was that it was inappropriate to pull down one of the building damaged on 9/11 in the name of Islam and put a mosque there. Just as it would be inappropriate to allow militia’s to conduct exercises on the grounds of the Oklahoma City bombing and just as it was inappropriate for the NRA to go ahead with their rally in Colorado after Columbine. Of course not all gun owners were responsible for the shootings, but they should have been sensitive to the emotions of the victims’ families.

    • Gwen

      Yes, the terrorists on 9/11 were Muslims. Not all Muslims are terrorists. That’s where the problem starts…painting an entire religion with the stripes of a fringe section of that religion. Would you say that all Christians are the same as those whackos at Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas? I hope not…because there are only about 35 of them and millions of Christians who do not believe what they believe.

  • shelly

    saw a bumper sticker today,”all muslims are not terrorists, but 99% of terrorists are muslim”…

    • Rock Golf

      Yeah, I guess that’s true…
      ..if you exclude the Alex Boncayao Brigade, Aum Supreme Truth, Basque Fatherland and Liberty, Chukaku-Ha, Irish Republican Army, Japanese Red Army, Kach and Kahane Chai, The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front, Morazanist Patriotic Front, Bolivian National Liberation Army, Columbian National Liberation Army, New People’s Army of the Philippines, Khmer Rouge, Red Army Faction, Red Brigade, FARC, Shining Path, Sikh Terrorists, and Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement.
      But hey, if you saw it on a bumper sticker, it must be true.

      • sandd

        Thank you for replying with something intelligent, Rock Golf! The only thing more idiotic than that bumper sticker is the person who decided amazingly enough that it must be true and decided to put on the back of their car! The only thing they are advertising is how uninformed they are.

      • Phil

        Salaams fellow draeemr. The level of hate and venom coming out over the last year has been far worse than after 9/11. People have a real knee jerk reaction at the word Muslim or burqa or sharia etc, yet choose to be educated by the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Sharon Angle being to lazy or too stupid to do any authentic research or thought on their own. We have now become the rallying cry against pluralism and equality for the right. They want to turn back the clock because they can’t accept that things are really changing for people like themselves. Nice looking blog, Ahmed. Rock on.

    • cmc

      i guess it’s like saying… Not all white christians are KKK. But 99 percent of KKK are Christians.

  • shelly

    and the obama camp has said they are no longer using the word ‘terrorist’…

    • Kat

      This is a bizarre myth. Look up transcripts of his speeches – they’re not hard to find. The man definitely uses “terrorist” and “terrorism”.

    • Rock Golf

      Shelly is either a liar or believes other people’s lies.

      From Glenn-Beck_sucks.com:

      President Obama routinely uses the word “terror” and did so in discussing the attempted Christmas Day attack. In his weekly address only 24 hours before DeMint made his claim, Obama used the term ‘terror,’ ‘terrorism,’ or ‘terrorists’ a half dozen times.

      In response to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempt to bomb a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day, President Obama addressed the nation on the incident and repeatedly described the attack as a “terrorist attack.” From his December 28 remarks:

      OBAMA: Good morning, everybody. I wanted to take just a few minutes to update the American people on the attempted terrorist attack that occurred on Christmas Day and the steps we’re taking to ensure the safety and security of the country.

      OBAMA: A full investigation has been launched into this attempted act of terrorismM, and we will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable.

      OBAMA: I’ve ordered two important reviews, because it’s absolutely critical that we learn from this incident and take the necessary measures to prevent future acts of terrorism.

      OBAMA: The review involves our watch list system, which our government has had in place for many years to identify known and suspected terrorists so that we can prevent their entry into the United States.

      That was said on 12-28-09, of last year. Obama used the words “terrorist” and “terrorism” and suspected “terrorist” over and over, and that was in just one speech.

      Then on 12-29-09 President Obama talked about it again, and used the words terrorist and terrorism.

      OBAMA: Good morning. Yesterday I updated the American people on the immediate steps we took — the increased screening and security of air travel — to keep our country safe in the wake of the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day.

      OBAMA: There appears to be other deficiencies as well. Even without this one report there were bits of information available within the intelligence community that could have and should have been pieced together. We’ve achieved much since 9/11 in terms of collecting information that relates to terrorists and potential terrorist attacks.

      Call me crazy, but it looks to me like President Obama used the word “terrorist” at least 3 times, in just that one day on 12-29-09.

      Then on 12-31-09 President Obama used the word terrorism again.

      OBAMA: This morning, I spoke with John Brennan about preliminary assessments from the ongoing consultations I have ordered into the human and systemic failures that occurred leading up to the attempted act of terrorism on Christmas Day.

      Earth to right-wing idiots, President Obama uses the word “terrorism” all the time, so stop lying about it. He even said it again on 1-2-10 and 1-5-10. In his January 2nd weekly address, President Obama repeatedly used “terror” or some variation of the word to discuss the attempted Christmas Day attack and other terrorist actions.

      On January 5th, President Obama used some form of the word “terror” at least eight different times. In his January 5 remarks on the attempted Christmas Day attack, Obama used the words “terrorist,” “terrorism,” “counterterrorism,” or some variation of the word at least eight different times.

    • Rock Golf

      In fact, a search of whitehouse.gov, find 316 references to “terrorist” in 2009, another 261 to date this year. And an additional 736 references to “terrorism”.
      But, hey, FOX said it so it must be true.

      • Ben Jamin

        So bc some chick who cant spit out the thoughts she’s thinking in a well thought out way, you resort o saying fox told her to say that. Keep sounding like an idiot who prolly has rocks or golfballs in their head by saying stuff like that. No really it sounds juvenille.
        Dont you thik they put her pretty ass in there to give the lopsided old hag panel someone to beat up since its 4-1? Yes is your answer. She isnt the right person to represent the right’s core views, shes just a dog with no arms that the other can kick and make look supid.
        Stop hating on a different side of the story, and other hush hush stories (fox)… since the others media outlets seemed to have banned together to feed us 95% bullsh1t and prop the have’s vs the have nots.

  • tg

    Can the media just stop giving him a platform to promote his ignorance and intolerance?

  • Brent

    I don’t get what the big deal is. I’m not a huge O’Reilly fan but I get what he was saying. Do I get offended if someone says Americans were responsible for the Oklahoma City bombings? Not in the slightest. That actually happens to be true.

    • wakeforce

      Bill O’Reilly knows what he is doing. And so does Barbara Walters, The View and the EW website. By keeping things going, there are generating hits, and creating buzz. We just fall for it by debating who is dumb, pretty or needs to shut their trap. Very good,you guys, while the country is even more divided! Ha ha!

  • deedee

    they are all idiots; who is still watching this show?

    • HUH?

      Your degree in English really shines in your post.

  • bh

    It would have been nice if Joy and Whoopie came on to appologize for their actions. Instead, they were acting like the victims. I hate this show.

    • Janaya

      That’s really thinking out of the box. Tnhsak!

  • Chris

    Behar and Goldberg walking off was completely asinine. Their positions are so shaky they get hysterical if anyone challenges them. Unfortunately, Hasselbeck is rarely up to the challenge.

  • sjbm

    The show needs to go off the air. We all have enough stress in our lives.

    • wakeforce

      Dumbest comment ever. Why cancel a top rated show. I don’t agree with O’Reilly or Glen Beck, but would never say cancel a show that makes money.

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