Bill O'Reilly on 'my explosive' appearance on 'The View': 'I am often offensive, everyone knows that'

Bill O’Reilly used his “Talking Points Memo” on The O’Reilly Factor Thursday night to replay the segment on The View that led Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk off the set. On The Factor, O’Reilly referred to it as a “fiery debate.” (You can watch the “memo” here.) Later in the show, noting his condescending directive to Behar — “Listen to me because you’ll learn” — O’Reilly said, “She was yapping, so I had to get her attention…. I am often offensive, I think everyone knows that.”

Goldberg and Behar objected to O’Reilly’s blanket condemnation of “Muslims” attacking America on Sept.11, as opposed to phrasing it as “Muslim extremists.” O’Reilly’s “Memo” included this point: “No one I know wants to insult Muslims, but many are tired of the political correctness surrounding the 9/11 attack.” His example: “Did we say, in World War II, ‘We were attacked by “Japanese extremists”? […] No: we said we were attacked by ‘Japanese.'”

Laura Ingraham joined O’Reilly to go after The View. “Who gave Joy Behar the badge [of] speech police officer?” Ingraham said. She described Goldberg’s and Behar’s counterarguments as “an attempt to intimidate others.” Huh? Intimidate whom? Those poor View watchers who are so easily intimidated? Pretty condescending of Ingraham.

On her Headline News channel show this evening, host Behar explained her walk-off by saying, “I thought he was saying something that I construe as hate speech, frankly.” Her guest was former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who called O’Reilly “a spineless puke.” Ventura’s insult was rather sour-graped, however, by his admission that “the whole Fox [network] won’t have me on.” Sounds like someone has had his feelings hurt by not getting a perfumed invitation from O’Reilly or Glenn Beck…

What do you think of the controversy? And how much longer will it be drawn out?

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  • georgia Szymanski

    It is called “the view”, so why would two of the hosts block someone’s view and walk off the show. I think Barbara should let both of them go if not for today but just because I am tired of the swearing by Whoppie and Joy’s righteous attitude.

    • Krieke

      I agree with Georgia. Whoopie and joy are idiots and haters. They just do not get it!!!!! If The View got rid of them, it would be a much better show. I know alot of people who DO NOT watch because of these two idiot women!!!!

      • Justin

        I know a lot more people who DO NOT watch because of Elizabeth Hasselbeck being present!!!!

      • Bing

        lol You are so right!! She is something else. I wonder..has she ever read a book?

      • Heather

        Totally agree except I won’t watch that show on a bet because of ALL of them.

      • Shee-Ann

        Reply i believe that they represent hate as stated by crackiller, they hate all non-Muslims.

      • Josh

        I disagree. You cannot forsake the rights of a few to satisfy the desires of the many. That is one of the fundamental principles that our country was built on. We cannot forbid the building of a mosque because if we do we are degrading the very thing that makes us Americans and that is freedom. Do I want it there? Not really but they have to right to be there and we have the responsibility to protect that right. If a few Christian extremists blew up a major American Icon or monument and killed many people would we say no one could build a church within a certain radius of that site?

      • WTF!?

        Bill O’reilly is a very well-educated individual… for him to say such a thing is downright despicable. I can’t even believe he would generalize “Muslims” in such a way. It’s not like he doesnt know any better. He Does! so wtf!?

      • Maureen

        @Justin: But you’ve never seen Elisabeth walk off the set because of the arguments she gets into with the ladies.

      • Maureen

        @Justin: But at least Elisabeth has never walked off the set because of the disagreements she’s had with the ladies. ;)

      • Myliesmom

        I agree. Joy had such a nasty look on her face. She looked like she had been sucking on a lemon. She is mean spirited with anyone who doesn’t share her views

      • lealdaza

        @ Josh. I mostly agree. I think the mosque should go up because it would let everyone know that we stand by our convictions. And by everyone, I mean in the US and abroad. I’ve been living in Asia for the past six years and am alarmed at how hateful we’ve become as a nation. Just read some of the responses here. Personal attacks and petty arguments. Is this what we’ve become? Really depressing.

      • zapperz

        I can’t believe how stupid Joy B and Whoopi came off. I thought Whoopi was smarter than that, but Joy has never been known as being smart or even logical, she is just person and it most cases her opinion is factless. Just emotional outbursts like a child, but with a single diget IQ. o’Reilly is brash, but the man has the most common sense of any one I see on TV, on a consistent basis. Thats why he is the number 1 show on cable.

      • Tarc

        Actually, you might consider that it’s because the DO get it, and you’re regularly mislead.

      • Sharon

        Typical Republicans! They insult you personally to bring you down to their level then make massive broad generalizations about all people who aren’t white, christian, and won’t do as the right-wing propaganda tells them to do. O’Reilly is an instigator of fear and hate, and unfortunately does his job very well. As you can tell by the bigoted comments you see on this board. RESTORE SANITY!!

      • Chooch

        Actually if anyone needs to be removed from the show, it is the wacko Elizabeth. I quit watching the view because she is as much an idiot as Beck, Hannity and of course O”Really”….

      • Glenn

        Nice Sharon. Condeming some one who makes broad generalizations by making broad generalizations. Get out of lock step with the liberals and think for your self. Maybe a few specifics would help make your point. btw, the discussion is not about the legality of the mosque. Its about the appropriateness of hte mosque. There will be two sides, so get over it

      • JIM

        Screw you Justing…I hate you and I don’t even know you

      • Mary

        Sharon, Republicans are not the ones who, “insult you personally.” Watch the exchange between Bill O’Reilly and Joy Behar (who is one of the nastiest people on TV.) He is citing a poll and she’s screaming at him. Her response to the whole debacle is to call him an “idiot.” (She gave an interview to She doesn’t address the poll he cited. She doesn’t address the fact that he did clarify his statement and apologized. She didn’t get her way so she stormed off the set and called him a name.

      • Larry

        Both had every right to walk off. No problem debating, but when someone is so dumb and just yells at people, and doesn’t LISTEN, why stay? Bill O’Reilly doesn’t let anyone else talk

      • Haon

        I agree with O’Reilly.Behar should listen so she will learn.Right on your face Behar.

      • PGV

        If you watch the Entire interview from the beginning, O’Reilly came out trying to agitate. He immediately jumped on Whoopi for the way she was sitting. He was going for the reaction he got from the ladies. However, they should Not of walked off… stay there and piss Him off more!

        Whoopi had O’Reilly dead to rights when she said that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian and a terrorist who blew up the building in Oklahoma City… are we not going to allow Christians to build churchs in some places because of him?!? Bill was too busy talking Over her… not listening so HE could learn… which is your typical FOX move when they don’t want to hear Facts. It’s their way of sticking their fingers in their ears and saying, “La La La La La, I can’t Hear you, La La La La La” like a five year old.

      • erik

        @ sharon, restore sanity? Are you kidding me? Really looks like the obama adm. Is really doing that. Wow. How about we go back to the REAGAN CONSERVATIVE DAYS

      • YBM

        PGV like most liberals you seem to discount numbers/statistics. Liberals keep leaving out the detail that Christianity seems to have evolved and actually has committed very few acts of terror in recent centuries, comparitively. Whereas the Muslims seem to be a bit behind the times. You have to go back how many centuries to find a massive terrorist action committed by christians? And how many days do you need to go back to find a Muslim terrorist action? And you are comparing the actions of one idiot to the actions committed by a larger population.

      • Jolie

        O’Rielly has a conservative base that he needs to appeal to. His rhetoric is misleading, provocative, insensitive and divisive. I applaud the women walking of the show. O’Rielly is a self-serving, hypocritical jerk.

      • Zayrina

        I don’t watch the show because none of them ever SHUT UP. They talk over and around each other and the guests, 5 minutes into it I have a headache. It has come to the point that I can’t stand any of them.

      • Rob

        I agree think even though the show is called the View. Everyone has a right too her or his View. Yes the polite thing todo would have listen too his view, then slam him with Whoppi and Joy’s View . But i have to say, it shows they have morals, values , high standards. Nothing wrong with that. I would have asked O’Reilly to leave be for i would have walked off my show. So high 5’s for the ladys of the view. For standing up for what you believe

      • PGV

        Unfortunately for you YBM, I am not liberal. I am someone who Reads (other than Blogs) and only watches the Opinion Shows (they are Not news) on FOX, CNN and MSNBC, to get a flavor for what the left and right are saying about each other. Each of the networks has their Idiosyncrasies that are for the most part, entertaining but also worrisome, because many of you do not understand they are providing you just that… Opinion, not Fact.

        And the number of attacks of terror has nothing to do with This argument. Even Bill O’Reilly knows that! lol

      • J.

        I agree with Justin. I also agree with almost everything Joy says.

      • Steve

        O’Reilly stating that “muslims” attacked the world trade center isn’t despicable. It is a fact. These “muslims” may not have been representative of islam’s ideaologies, but they were “muslims” nonetheless. O’Reilly makes a very valid point: when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, everybody knew that we were attacked by the “Japanese.” Plain and simple fact. Why is it that people take offense to facts? Its funny that Behar and WHOOPIE were the ones to walkoff. I mean, this is the same Whoopie who claimed that Polanski’s act of statutory rape wasn’t really “rape rape.” Come on people. Quit watching trash TV.

      • shelia ives

        REALLY SMH

      • gabriel

        who the hell are they idiots??? what the hell do they not get they explained their point of view perfectly. so tell me what the hell are you referring to about them not getting it???

      • Phil

        @Krieke, you and georgia Szymanski are the actual idiots here, not Whoopie and Joy! They didn’t walk off because of O’reilly’s view, he was using hate speach to express his point of view! They felt it was incredibly offensive and they were not having it. They returned immediately after he apologized for his offensive remarks. Please learn the facts before you comment, that way you won’t look like idiots! It’s better to walk away if you’re offended rather than behave they way Elisabeth Hasselbeck does, she acts like an immature brat and fights with everyone that doesn’t share her view!

      • Annia

        Naaaaaaaaaaaaah, I DO NOT watch the show because ELIZABETH HASSELBECK is on. She is more stupid than the word stupid itself. Whoopi is sometimes annoying, but she does not follow blindly. Elizabeth, on the other hand, I’m sure would gladly swallow a pile of sh** if anyone from the GOP asks her to do so. I like Joy most of all. She is smart, funny & fair. Bill O’ Rielly…I never waste my time watching him after seeing him throwing his tantrum on the documentary piece called GOD SPOKE. I rest my case.

      • Patty Hanson

        Bill O’Reilly is my HERO!! He got Joy Behar AND Whoopi Goldberg to shut up!! Go Bill!! I’m so tired of their incessant yapping.

      • kevin

        why do you think there was so much clapping when those two walked off stage?

      • Chris

        @Steve – when were attacked by the Japanese, it was the Japanese _government_. 9/11 was an act of _individuals_.

      • John O

        I personally dont watch it because it sucks

      • MA

        Unless you live in NYC and experienced 9/11 (like I did-working down on Wall St.), then your life was not in any way affected. Many New Yorkers will always be deeply emotionally connected to that dark day, and the months that followed.

    • Ellie

      Ditto Georgia, ditto.

      • Sue

        If someone has had his feelings hurt by not getting a perfumed invitation from O’Reilly or Glenn Beck… What do you think of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

      • Jeff

        Whoopi Goldberg must be the ugliest thing walking this planet.

      • Tarc

        I’m sure someone out there would say the same of you, Jeff. Do you have a point? Or are you just commenting to be pointlessly nasty?

      • Bill

        Hey Tarc, I think Jeff’s point is that Whoopi Goldberg must be the ugliest thing walking the planet.

      • @Bill

        now that was funny

      • reasonable132

        Bill O’Rielly, You Twinkie, we say that ‘Japan’ attacked us in World War II because the COUNTRY of JAPAN attacked us. The GOVERNMENT of JAPAN attacked us. Not some random group of people who happen to live in Japan. Muslim is a religion not a country. If you are going to have an intelligent comeback…try putting some intelligence in it. I hate to say it but John Stewart is right. Why is it that the person who shouts the loudest (Bill!) gets heard. Bill you do not represent the feelings and thoughts of most American’s. As for Joy and Whoopi, I didn’t see it because I work for living and have better things to do with my time but if you don’t like what someone’s saying, walk away. Which is what they did.

      • Jessica

        Thank you reasonable, that was EXACTLY what I thought when I read that ridiculous argument about Japan attacking us. HUGE difference between the two situations…

      • Cheri

        Thanks, my thoughts exactly about the Japan analogy.

      • Tim Obama

        Lol Jeff, there was a gag in the Simpsons regarding nude photos of Whoopi being thrown into a bottomless pit which then regurgitated the box of photos back up. And mind you this was at least 15 years ago, time has only made things worse.

      • @reasonable 132

        Uhm, Muslim is a religion not a county… Islam is a religion, Muslims are believers or followers of the ISLAMIC Religion. I’m glad you are getting your news from Jon Stewart who you seem to have time to watch but not the view. Get a clue. I guess for liberals, Ignorance is Bliss.

      • dcenac

        When Irish Catholics kill Protestants in Ireland, they are not referred to as Catholic extremists. It has be historically referred to in the media as a Catholic/Protestant war. Not a war of Catholic and Protestant extremist war. I’m Catholic….my mom’s Protestant neither one of us think that the other is out to get each other. Every organization/religious order has extremism…..Muslims killed the the people who died on 9/11. That is a fact. Are all Muslims exactly like those people. No. Does it have to be pointed out every time that the people who killed 2,000 people were EXTREMIST…not so much. WE ALL GET THAT!

      • Mary

        Reasonable132, if you had watched the exchange, you would have seen Whoopi swearing and screaming and Joy screaming, putting bunny ears behind Bill O’Reilly’s head and storming off stage for attention. I wish that they all could have voiced their opinions respectfully; however, the View is becoming more famous for these types of horrible fights. The hosts continually talk over one another and their guests. I think it is really sad that they can’t set an example.

      • Bradford

        Jessica and Reasonable:
        You say that there is a HUGE difference between saying that the “Japanese” attacked us (due to Japan as a Country doing so)and saying that the “Muslims” attacked us (due to AlQueda doing so in the name of their faith). I fail to see the difference at all. Are you saying that ALL Japanese citizens agreed with the attack by their political leaders? I seriously doubt it. Same with Mr. O’Reilly’s point. While ALL Muslims presumably did not agree with the attack by AlQueda, ALL AlQueda were Muslim (and attacked us in the name of their faith). So, your argument that there is a HUGE difference rings hollow to me. For example, do we say that “Christian extremists” murdered people during the Crusades? NO! It is always called the “Christian Crusades.” You both are just trying to be “politically correct” (just like “The View”) instead of just plain “Correct.”

      • Steve

        Tarc, let me help you understand Jeff’s comments. What he meant to say is that no man (or woman if thats your thing) would ever touch that disgusting and nasty trash. If you need me to further clarify, please let me know. I have a whole list of colorful metaphors to assist your understand of Jeff’s comments.

      • Steve

        Reasonable… so… it wasn’t muslims who attacked the WTC? What should we call them? Angry guys who like to burn in hell? Come on reasonable… They were muslims… extremist muslims yes… nonetheless MUSLIMS. No matter how you slice it, its a fact. Why everybody is taking such a PC stance makes me chuckle. Did O’Reilly say anything terrible? Well, in the eyes of everyone who is at odds with him, sure. But how about leaving your prejustices at the door and just listening to the facts for a change. All of you morons need to take a chill pill.

      • BLT

        Who said go back to the Reagan years. Are you out of your mind. Part of the reason we are in this financial mess is Ronny’s fault.


      • Rose

        Why has no one pointed out that this “jihad” is over 4000 years old? It goes back to Isaac and Ishmael and the fact that Ishmael was not the chosen one. The “extreme”Muslims from the Islamic religion feel they deserve this honor, which should have been passed down through Muhammad. Did you hear about the clerics in Pakistan who told Muslims during services in the mosques to take action against two christian brothers accused of making derogitory remarks about Muhammad. They shot the brothers who were innocent-found to be wrongly accused. Where are all of the Muslim’ voices of those whose religion is being used as an excuse to kill?

      • hannah

        you people are so dumb. True, the Japanese government attacked us and so we can say Japan attacked us. Muslims attacked us on 9/11. Last time I checked, “Muslims” wasn’t a country or a government. You people are making a**es out of yourselves.

      • Falz

        Bill, nope…The ugliest thing on the planet is called Michelle Obama.

      • KC

        @ hannah Now you’re making an a** of yourself. Islam is not just a religion, it’s a POLITICAL ideology.

      • Danielle

        DO NOT TALK ABOUT OTHER RELIGIONS!!!! how would you like somebody talking about Christians in a bad way… I am Muslim and all people are equal, nobody’s better than anybody wether he is Muslim or Christian or anything else… so respect others if you want others to respect you

    • Ellie

      I agree Georgia.

      • Nancy B.

        The only people who can’t think for themselves and hate everyone who is sitting in the world who are muslims to be a funny man, who talks to an audience that will laugh at anything you say, that’s okay with me, no problem.

      • Underwhelmed

        @reasonable (non-sequitur at best). Hey, cupcake, O’Reilly didn’t say we were attacked by “Japan” he said we were attacked by “Japanese”, which is what everybody says. Only the most anal of politically correct people would draw such a distinction. The fact is that “Muslims” attacked us on 9/11 and “Muslims” are plotting endless terrorist acts until they rid the planet of us “infidels”. It’s a sad state of the world. Guess we’re finally getting our asses kicked because of the Crusades. There are no winners in religious wars.

      • jack

        christians did not “murder” during the crusades. the crusades were a brutal war between european christians and the turks who had conquered the holy land and seized it from the byzantine empire (which was the successor to the roman empire which had ruled the region for centuries). not that this has anything to do with the fact that fanatical terrorists are blowing people up and murdering today in the name of their religion. but let’s get past this nonsense of comparing these murdering terrorists with christians of today or of times gone by.

      • Dartan

        That’s right Jack, lets just sweep the past under the rug and start over again. Spoken by a true Christian.

      • Steve

        Underwhelmed: I totally agree with you. The problem with the PC crowd is that they believe with every word and action, there is an alterior motive or meaning. Perhaps instead of reading into everything that people say, the PC crowd should just listen to the words and stop spinning the subject matter in favor of bashing those who clearly speak the truth.

      • @Jack

        Christians didn’t murder during the crusades? You are either a liar or a fool. You’ve done a little bit of research but seem to have ignored anything you didn’t like. There are historic reports of Christians in the crusades killing women and children and wiping out entire cities. There are also reports of those Christian knights raping Islamic woman (not to mention the attacks on young boys by catholic priests). So if we can say that Muslims, in general, attacked the WTC on 9/11, then we can also say that Christians are murders, rapists and child molesters, in general.

        Speaking in general terms is never a fair representation.

    • ANN

      does anybody on this board who agree with O’Reilly even have Muslim friends? Or are y’all so close minded that you refuse to have a Muslim as a friend? Muslims did not attack the WTO. The 9/11 crew might have done it in the name of Islam but moderate Muslims do not suscribe to that school of thought. If you had a Muslim friend you would not be preaching this us Vs. them speech. Preaching fear only promotes unwarranted hate. O’reilly is just interested in generating ratings for his show and selling his book. So there goes the hate speech

      • Bridget

        I meant Georgia was right, not Ann.

      • Doug76

        In fact, it was Muslims, just not all Muslims, who attacked us on 9/11. You can carry PC too far, and I notice liberals do in order to stifle debate.
        As Bill pointed out, we didn’t say Japanese militarists attacked Pear Harbor on 12/7, we said the Japanese did. That’s because they were Japanese. and so it was Muslims who attacked us on 9/11.
        And you may recall most all the Muslim world was dancing in the streets because of the attack.
        Maybe they didn’t all attack us, but they all sure seemed to support it.
        Get your head out of your backside, and see the truth for what it is.

      • Terry

        Well, that goes both ways, the way a lot of liberals will say some of my best friends are black when in reality their real friends look more like, well, FRIENDS.

      • Jigg

        @Doug76 … where do you get “most all the Muslim world was dancing in the streets” … you saw some broadcasts of people dancing in the streets… Total all those people and how many do you get?? … 1000? … 10,000? … I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt… lets say 1,000,000 in the streets dancing…. thats less than 1% of the population?? come on man… i don’t mean disrespect… but reiterating stuff like what you said is what Joy and Whoopi are pissed about… all these generalizations… come on man…

      • ryan

        Doug…what the heck is a “militarist”? Do you mean militant? It’s amazing how conservatives hate those that don’t speak English, yet garble the language themselves.

      • pa

        Ann,”Bravo”, to you!!!!

      • ryan

        Also, were the same Muslims that were dancing in the street when Saddam’s statue came down anti-American? I’m pretty sure they were once their loved ones were innocently killed at roadblocks. Personally I consider children, even though Muslim, innocent.

      • @Doug76

        O’Reilly was being either ignorant or disingenuous. We say “the Japanese” attached us during WWII because Japan, as a NATION, declared war on the US. The Muslim terrorists who caused 9/11 were acting only on behalf of a specific Muslim terrorist organization, Al Quaida. Would you like it if we started saying that “white men in their 20s kill Americans” based on Timothy McVeigh’s actions in Oklahoma City?

      • cws

        @Doug76, it was the Japanese government that ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

      • MICHELE

        bravo to doug76

      • LINDA

        love him or hate him – you have an ounce of introspection, you may want to be EVERYONE’S view.

      • @Doug76

        No one is denying the people that attacked us were muslim. But saying “muslims attacked us” and “the people that attacked us are muslim” have two different meanings. It is true that the people who use the book of mormon are christians. Saying christians use the book of mormon is not true because of the obvious exceptions(all other christians). To be accurate you have to say it is the LDS that uses it. Japan attacked us as a nation. There leaders spoke for them. There was no joint effort by all muslims or their leaders. The extremist were the ones who organized and attacked us.

      • deeannek

        The analogy with WWII does not work-totally different scenario. Japan DECLARED war on us. Those terrorist were not state sponsered. It was an act of cowardice by Al-Queda an extreme Muslim group who will attack at will and hide in caves.
        Funny how no one ever mentions Timothy McVeigh and his act of terrorism and mentions Christianity in the same breath and if they did how would you feel as a Christian?

      • Heather

        True the terrorists of 9/11 held extreme views, however I think a better question is how many moderate Muslims speak out against terrorism? How many moderate Muslims believe in Israel’s right to exist? It’s easy to say that not all Muslims are terrorists, that’s true. But the bigger question is whether or not the Islamic culture,as it is in our modern world, is one in which terrorism is tolerated and in some country’s encouraged? The answer is an unequivacable YES! Hate speech is not acceptable, but neither is ignoring facts as they are simply because no one wants to have hurt feelings or be labeled a racist.

      • Garth

        I think the thing that is troubling is the political correctness aspect. First and foremost, the hijackers were Muslim. Second, i have not seen a large outcry by “non-extremists” muslims against the extremist. having read the koran and realizing the difference between the first and second half, i think the non-extremist need to repudiate the second half of the Koran. They are coming to America which is a Judeo-Christian company. Started this way and is still this way. I do not got the middle east and demand they change for me. In fact, many of them would kill me as a Christian. So how about the “non-extremists” renouncing the second half of the koran. I think American Muslims have a lot of proving. Being silent about other muslims does not mean they do not support the extremist, it is just they are waiting to see which way they have to go over the long-run. Every other ethnic group over the long-run has assimilated. The Muslims in America are not assimilating and continue to demand special treatment. We are idiots to appease any of these groups until they prove they are Americans by assimilating and denouncing that part of their religion that requires the wiping out of Muslim.
        They have the burden to prove they can live here peacefully and we do not have to accept them until they prove themself like any other group. Do not give up your heritage and culture just to be politically correct.

      • Anna

        “however I think a better question is how many moderate Muslims speak out against terrorism?”

        It’s funny because just the other day my classmate who is a muslim condemned the attacks. A lot of you have no access to muslim so you see them through a narrow point of view. Those of us who don’t live in the middle of nowhere have seen muslim in different lights which is why we do not stereotype all of them. I doubt you will say Dave Chappelle or Shaquille O’neal and other moderate muslims like them support terror.

      • Concerned

        Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all the terrorists seem to be Muslims. Food for thought.

      • @Concerned

        Timothy McVeigh was a christian. Bill Ayers (as you conservatives emphasized in 2008 was a domestic terrorist) is not muslim. The columbine kids set out to terrorize their school mates along with all other school killers. NOT muslims too. Try not to choke on your food for thoughts as you puke it up.

      • Lucius Moseley

        Just to comment on the whole Japanese point that was made. Let’s keep in mind that it wasn’t a rogue group of Japanese that attacked the US it was Japan itself that attacked the US. Which country’s military started a war by attacking the WTC? That’s the ultimate difference, well that and the fact that Islam isn’t a country, there’s a country founded on Islamic ideologies. People really need to get their facts straight instead of misconstruing the facts to support hate fueled comments. I am totally against extremists of any religion, they’re usually the ones that find reasons to kill in the name of their God.

      • Erik

        I don’t care who says what, who is right or wrong,…during war all germans were nazi’s, All Japanese were charlie…Does the Muslim religion promote violence? I have never read the Koran, and probably never will, do they hate us ?? yes they do, do the moderate muslims take advantage of this great country? yes they do, and did the terrorists that were muslom live in california for a while ? yes they did….Is Bush an idiot and hand puppet for Cheney? Yes he was. and as it goes, the problem with our great country is everybody has an excuse, an excuse for being stupid, an excuse for this an excuse for that, but there is no excuse for two women, stubborn no nothing women to walk off a set for not getting their way…let you guest speak , give his opinon, you right is not to agree, but don’t be a B because you got told what reality is…Barbara walters should fire them both.

      • Linda

        Ok Ann, shorten it, put it on a sign and I’ll carry it! Anybody else?

      • Todd

        I have never read such an uneducated thread about world politics.

      • Rick

        Muslims represent a religion.
        Japan is a country/government represented by Japanese. The comparison is irrelevant.

      • Tokolak

        Yes Bill O’Rilley is right we said Japanese during WW2. But does that make it right? During WW2 patriotic Americans with Japanese heritage were killed, beaten and rejected by their fellow country men. We even put these Americans in Internment Camps. If anything O’Reilly’s comment proves that he is wrong to generalize. This brings me back to a haunting quote: “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

      • kattykat246

        @ Garth- the best comment on this board. If everyone would just take a moment and forget whether they are conservative or liberal- you can see the truth shining through in what he has said. This country is falling apart…. instead of arguing amongst ourselves, we all need to stand up in support for one another and protect what it means to be an American.

      • Addy

        Ryan, “militarist: 2. a person skilled in the conduct of war and military affairs.”

      • Larry

        OK, I get it, they were Muslims. They were also all, apparently, heterosexual. I propose that we start using the “heterosexual” label to define them, after all, they’re all alike. Maybe we can broaden this – every time someone commits a crime or says or does something stupid, we announce their sexual orientation, and then broadbrush label all of the like-oriented members of their cabal as guilty of the same crime or stupidity.

      • I h8 woopy

        @ Ann. Your Muslim friends hate you too.

      • Vince from NYC

        Just an FYI to all.. There is a Japenese Community center aprox. 10 minutes away from Pearl Harbor. Actually there are lot’s of Japense shops, tourists and residents on the Island. Where’s the outrage? Also, I live two blocks from the WTC, I can see the site from my window. There are Churches and other places of worship all along “Church St.”, which is the name of the street the WTC is on. In that area, are hundreds of street vendors, bankers and bodega owners, many of whom at 2pm every day, take off their shows, lay out a mat and pray, outside, closer in vacinity to the Trade Center then they plan to build the community center. These muslims are peacful, tax paying contributers who work hard serving American people every day.

      • Roma

        The Muslim men who attacked America on 9/11 did so in the name of their religion. They weren’t Muslims acting as Saudis, or as heterosexual men, or as anything other than Muslims. They believe their religion wanted them to attack America in that way, and that they in fact would be rewarded in Heaven for doing so. No amount of PC double talk will change that fact. Do I have Muslim friends? What difference would that possibly make? If I do or I don’t, the above statement remains true. As long as we rewrite history and try to dilute truth because we are afraid someone will be “offended” we will continue to open ourselves up to further attacks as we render ourselves unable to protect against those who wish to destroy us.

      • @Roma

        How about those Christian extremists who bomb abortion clinics in the name of “their lord.” OBVIOUSLY that speaks on behalf of every Christian in this country, right? We should just stop worrying about people being offended and protest Christianity in the street already! All Christians are murderers! Down with Christianity!

      • Ben Dover

        Would Bill O the clown want to damage the muslim center had it not been damaged when the Trade towers were attacked. That’s like saying no schools can be built near Catholic churches because all priest are child molesters. Like saying no Christian centers near federal buildings because McVie was a Christian so they must all be murderous animals. Like saying restraunts should be able to ban military because the tip bad. You can generalize all you want. Would you not accept a blood transfusion if the blood came from a Muslim and it would save your life. Each person in this world is an individual. We should give every single person the benefit of doubt just like our Constitution guarantees. There are crazy people doing bad stuff. If we could agree on basic principles and let people live their own lives the way they want then this would be a much better planet. Unfortunately if there is one segment of our society that is a true black mark on this world it is the Anglo Saxon male. Somewhere along their genetic journey the just lost the chromosome that deals with reason. They have lost their minds. Bill O talks out both sides of his ass when he tris to have it both ways. He says they have a right to build mosque where it is, but that they shouldn’t. If it were his decision he would take away their rights of free worship. Does he believe that we should remove the muslim worship center in the Pentagon? He is all for corporations being able to ship jobs to Muslim nations, but here at home they should all be monitored. This same great mind helped push us to war with IRAQ by parroting whatever the White House wanted . I believe Bill O has been known for a few bad moments behind the camera. He repulses so badly that I have nearly puked from his very prescence. If it not obvious that Faux news is the media arm of the GOP the there is no hope of having a reasonable discussion. If you believe that our nation did better under the belly of the GOP then we are doomed as a nation. If you believe the President is a muslim you are an idiot. If you attend Teabagger functions, you are an idiot. If you think Sarah Palin is a viable candidate for President of anything you are an idiot. If you think Mexico is our only border, that only mexicans come here to get a piece of our hot economy you might be an idiot. The liberals didn’t spend a trillion dollars fighting a war based on lies. IRAQ. They did the whole thing with money they borrowed from CHINA and didn’t put it on the books. WE got attacked on 9/11 by 19 SAUDI ARABIANS. Today as a result our debt is beyond control. 4 US banks hold more than 50 % of all mortgages and are giving out a record in bonuses! All W. We saved an auto industry from collapse, changes in healthcare will SAVE lives and cap the percentage of money that can be spent outside of using it to provide care. My Childs diabetes can’t be used as a pre existing disease when she is on her own insurance. If these are bad things then I’m guilty of liking them. I don’t want my social security cut to help pay executives squeeze more profit out of the middle class. I’m liberal and proud of it.

      • @Roma

        The westboro baptist church members that say hateful things to service members’ families do so based on their intepretation of the bible. By your insane logic all christians are somehow responsible because some other christians interpret things a certain way. It is relevant to have muslim friend to see how not all muslim think the same way and many are patriotic americans that deserve that distinction.

      • Greg

        I’ve got plenty of muslim friends, have lived in the middle east multiple times, and even speak some Arabic, but I agree with O’Reilly. We were attacked by fanatics in the name of Islam. Whether or not they represented all muslims, which they clearly don’t, they still attacked in the name of their religion, and that is a problem for Muslims. Christians, like myself, need to take responsibility for the crazy things done in our religion’s name (segregation, slavery, the crusades). It’s not a fun cross to bear, but it’s the reality of life. America was attacked by Muslims on 9/11.

      • Annie

        Greg, you are 100% right, but the problem is semantics. When someone like Bill O’Reilly – who has a huge following – says something like “Muslims attacked us on 9/11,” he’s technically right, but the ignorant masses who listen to him will completely misinterpret it and take it out on the rest of the peace-loving Muslims who live in this country. It’s his responsibility to be clearer with his words so as not to inspire hate from the uneducated. Unfortunately, while you can say “which they clearly don’t,” millions of other Americans don’t seem to get that. O’Reilly’s words were irresponsible and misleading.

      • Emotional Liberals

        Liberals say they base their arguments off of fact, yet when ever anybody argues with them they lose their tempers. What’s wrong with you people? Chill out.

      • Emotional Conservatives

        Seriously? “Hi pot, I’m kettle. You’re black.”

      • matt philly

        I don’t agree with O’Reilly but I agree with everyone else that the Whoopi and Joy need to respect other’s views and not condemn and assume you’re view is right. As an independent, I have felt urges to vote R for the past year b/c no one on the left will actually have a debate. They just claim ‘misinformation’ or something and go back to their left-wing news program.

      • lise

        Yes, I have a few Muslim friends, and most are “embarrassed” by what was done in the name of Islam. However, a couple think that on some level the U.S. provoked the attack by extremists by “flaunting” our “decadent” lifestyle. But yes, the people who attacked us were in fact Muslim. Until I hear the Islamic leaders publicly decry what the Muslim attackers did on 9/11, I will assume they approve on some level.

      • dcenac

        So your argument is that if you don’t act within the tenants of your faith that you should not be referred to as a member of that faith. That’s good to know because the next story about children molested in the Catholic Church should not read “another Catholic priest has been accused of pedophilia”…because we really don’t teach that in our religious ed classes. Or maybe we should say Deviant Sexual Predator Catholic Priests when referring to them because we don’t want to paint all priest with the same brush. There are some good ones out there. The fact is muslims who kill 2,000 people are extremists…by their actions. Same goes for predator priest. Do we really have to PC talk everything to death.

      • Mary

        Ann, I have friends who are Muslims. You are correct, they are wonderful people! I feel very fortunate to count them as my friends; however, the 19 hijackers were all Muslim. They were extremists, but they were Muslim. The point that O’Reilly is trying to make is that this is why some people do not feel it is appropriate to put a Mosque so close to the 911 site. It is so important that we don’t discriminate. We do have to be honest.

      • Mary

        I think Ben Dover has bent over too much!

      • Anna

        “So your argument is that if you don’t act within the tenants of your faith that you should not be referred to as a member of that faith.”
        This is stupid. Way to misrepresent the opposing arguement. Let’s look a non-controversial analogy. The book of mormon is used by some Christians. Not all christians. I am methodist. That aspect of christianity has nothing to do with me. My boyfriend collected the book from one of those door-to-door guys and I threw it away. It has nothing to do with me. However, the mormons are still christians like me even though we have different beliefs. Some muslims think it is okay to kill others do not and the ones who don’t should not be punished for the actions of others.
        Also, a catholic priest is singular. Refering to one member and not the entire group. Saying catholic priest rape children is incorrect as it hateful. There are catholic priest who have molested children, however I would never blame all catholics or demand all catholic priest be banned from going near children or ban having catholic churches near schools.

      • Kevin

        I had a Muslim friend once. He blew himself up.

      • Bradford

        Come on now. You claim that Shaq is a Muslim? Where do you get this information? At least try “google” before you type. I did. Here is what I got. “Although Shaq himself isn’t a Muslim, his name Shaquille Rashaun is Arabic for ‘Little Warrior’. O’Neal’s mother Lucille is a Baptist, while his stepfather Phil is a Muslim. Shaq plans to one day make a pilgrimmage to Mecca with his stepfather, and holds Muslims such as Hidayet Turkoglu of the Sacramento Kings, who he greeted with a hug during the Sacramento-LA series in 2001-02, in the highest esteem possible.

      • Ann

        Ok this is what I have to say to some of the assertions on this thread:
        1) Being PC or liberal. It’s not about being PC or liberal its about protecting the constitution. It’s about treating minorities in this country with dignity. The moderate Muslims in this country did not participate in 9/11.
        2)the best friend is black analogy. I don’t understand this argument. My intention was pointing out that you are coming from a perspective of ignorance if you don’t know somebody who is Muslim. Your only images of Islam and Muslims is probably thru the filter of bigots and opportunists like O’reilly. You should really expand your horizon and live in a culturally diverse environment before you preach hate speech like that.
        3) Moderate muslims should speak up. While I do agree with this statement I probably don’t blame them if they don’t considering the hate that’s posted on this thread.
        4)The people who attacked were Muslims. Yeah…did you also know that they were also Saudis. I don’t see y’all saying that we should boycott their gasoline and remove the Saudi embassy from this country. Where’s all the outrage over that?

        Linda wanted me to shorten it…Here’s my tag line:
        Chill people and relate..not hate!!!

      • geo

        Islam is less a religion than a way of life – a government without a country – that includes a religion that is dedicated to destroying infidels and any government or country that does not agree with its premise. So, in my opinion, that makes every Muslim that believes in the Koran an enemy of democracy and the USA.

      • Steve

        ANN: first of all, I agree with you that O’Reilly is trying to get ratings and exposure for himself. ROFL. Since when is the media not self-serving?

        On your comments, it is irrelevant if I have muslim friends. Does it make me part of your PC crowd if I do have a muslim friend? The simple fact of the matter was that a group of MUSLIMS, extremist at that, attacked the WTC. OMG. Put down the crack pipe. Please. Get over this whole PC nonsense.

      • Ann

        Steve…how eloquent you are…crack pipe huh? Don’t start massaging the message. If he had said Muslim extremist in the first place it would have been a non issue. Why stop there Steve…what about boycotting Saudi oil…are you gonna take up that cause? or are you gonna be PC or a “liberal” on that issue.

      • Steve

        Thank you Ann. Yes, I try being as eloquent as possible. He said “muslims” attacked the WTC. If you choose to think that he referred to all “muslims”, then I would say… “put down the crack pipe Ann”

        But that would be too eloquent wouldn’t it?

        Muslims indeed attacked the WTC. I don’t think there was a non-muslim in the group… so, “Muslims” sounds correct to me.

      • Ann

        steve.. maybe you need to stick that crack pipe somewhere on your person. WOW! To paint a broad brush of any religion,race, class is unconscionable. If you ever do become a minority in any situation..just hope the people in the majority treat you better than how you treat Muslims. Remember Karma’s a bitch and it can bite you in the behind.

      • Ann

        Furthermore, to think that saying Muslims were responsible for 9/11 does not have a negative connotation for “all Muslims” is disingenuous at best and irresponsible and bigoted at worst.

      • Roma

        My logic is not “insane”. First, I didn’t say all Muslims are terrorists. You have to pay attention. Second, most Christians (and other religions as well) and most Christian leaders have stood up and said that the Westboro sect is not espousing Christian values and these religious leaders have condemned their twisted teachings. Just because “someone” from a specific religion does something or reads something in their religion that the mainstream does not doesn’t paint the entire religion with that brush. Let’s be real here. Read the Q’uran and see what’s going on around the world in the Islamic world and in England and France and Denmark and come back to me and tell me how all religions are the same. Christianity is not a religion attached to a political ideology; Islam is.

      • Ann

        So Roma…i didn’t say you logic was was somebody else. but since I’m getting dragged into this Here just some of the muslim orgs/people who have condemned 9/11:

        The Organization of the
        Islamic Conference

        “We condemn these savage and criminal acts which are anathema to all human conventions and values and the monotheist religions, led by Islam,” OIC secretary general Abdel Wahad Belkaziz said.

        Scholars of Islam
        “We are grief-stricken at these horrifying events,” wrote professors from major American colleges and universities. “The murder of innocents can never be justified and must not be tolerated.”

        Shari’a Scholars Association of North America

        “Certainly, there is no justification for these acts from either an Islamic perspective or, in truth, from the perspective of any other moral and freedom-loving people,” the Shari’a Scholars Association of North America wrote in a statement. “These acts diminish the freedom of all Americans, including American Muslims. Our condolences go out to all of the victims of these inhumane acts.”

        Muslim Religious Leaders
        “The killing of men, women and children is a horrible and brutal action, which cannot be approved by the monotheist religions nor by sane men,” said Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, the grand imam of al-Alzhar University of Cairo, the most prestigious of the Muslim world.

        Council on American-Islamic Relations
        “We condemn in the strongest terms possible what are apparently vicious and cowardly acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. We join with all Americans in calling for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. No cause could ever be assisted by such immoral acts.”

        Worldwide Scholars of Islam
        Almost every single head of state in the Muslim world has expressed grief and outrage over this tragedy, fully expressing sympathy with the Americans who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. We believe that it is important that these images, these words, also receive national attention.

        BBC Report
        “It’s not courage in any way to kill an innocent person, or to kill thousands of people, including men and women and children,” said Sheik Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, Syria’s most senior Islamic leader.

        Muslims AGAINST Terrorism
        “We are tired of extremists dictating the public face of Islam. We are committed to mobilizing the silent majority of Muslims, a majority which is in favor of peace, tolerance, and mutual respect.”

        W.D. Mohammed
        “There’s no justification for any Muslim to kill innocent people to get at the guilty ones.”

      • Marsha Hare

        I cannot believe all the pro-enemy talk! This is hog-wash, brainwashing done to us over many years, and now we are suffering from it.Fact #l:The Koran says we are infedels, or devils, and we need to be killed. We and Jews. I believe “we” mean Iseralites. Twelve Tribes of Iseral. It Kind of started with Abraham and his two sons. Ishmal and Iseral. Ishmal hated Iseral because Abraham and Sarah, his wife had Iseral and Sarah’s friend-maid had Abraham’s son Ishmal. Ishmal became jealous and there was friction between these two sons. Now, it is the same. Ishmal’s descendents hate Iseral’s descends,and continues,because the perception is that Iseral was the chosen son. It is very sad. Read the Bible of Iseralites, and you can understand. However,Muslems did bomb the towers, and no trying to change history will change it. Why would anyone, Muslems or anyone try to change the truth is real strange. There are people who have been born here in US, who have no respect for this wonderful country, and, if do not overtly,want it destroyed. do sound like it. And by sounding and acting like those two on the View, sure shows, either they are against their own country, or are just “plain dumb” or caught up in really dangerous thinking. However it goes,not all Muslems are bad, nor or all Christains are like those that picket when Vets are being buried. Wake up and smell the coffee. This isn’t 7th grade, but it sure appears some people are still acting like it. It would be funny if it were not so scary.

      • Regina

        I live close to Dearborn, MI. Dearborn has the largest population of Muslims and those from the Middle East, outside of the Middle East. Did you see on TV, the cheering in the streets after the attack on 9/11? These are MUSLIMS..not extremists, that were cheering, happy, and even shooting guns into the air, after the attacks. Those are the same ones that go to public schools, work most average jobs. These are normal, everyday MUSLIMS, that aren’t linked to extremism. You say there is a difference? In my opinion, and what I see regularly, there isn’t much of a difference, just in the means, motive and opporunity in which Muslims are actually going to commit the act of terrorism!! If there ever is a war between Muslims and Christians, believe me, those that live here and claim to “love America”, and may be a friend, will turn on us in a dime!!! Muslims’ beliefs are very deep, and supercede anything else in their lives, no matter what!!! There will come a time when all Muslims will have to choose between their faith and their loyalty to America, I know what the majority will choose. I hope Whoopie and Joy are the first to go so they will see the reality!!

    • Bridget

      OMG you are so right?

      • Omar

        On The Factor, O’Reilly referred to it as a “fiery debate.” Later in the show, THEY wanted the argument to happen then WE would all chat about it and the Republicans and the Pearl Harbor while a fringe group of extremists attacked the Towers.

      • elaine12qw

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      • noway

        Why would they remove anyone? they got the response they were looking for people talking about the show. My only question is would any man watch these twits and barbara walters used to be a respected journalist now shes a sideshow freak

    • LST

      I agree!!! 100 percent!

      • Sarge

        I was a military member and have been so condescending to Behar. These people did nothing wrong anf the mere fact that Muslims killed Americans on 9/11.

    • kristin

      I agree with the fact that whoopi and joy should be off the show! They are obnoxious left wing idiots.

      • OPEN EYES

        He is a completely different matter than a small group of terrorists.
        I’m not sure why that makes them trash.
        I mean, they invited Bill on the air.

      • Anna

        Oh wow you have such a GREAT reason to kick someone off a show………. Elizabeth is a RIGHT WING EXTREMIST, so therefore, I would awesome you would agree she should be kicked out of the show?

      • Observer

        So says a right wing idiot, Kristin. If Joy and Whoopi are off The View, then let’s boot O’Reilly from TV altogether. And while we’re at it, let’s topple Rush and that freak of nature Ann Coulter. What a wonderful world it would be if they ceased to get airtime.

      • Joe

        Observer if you love the left so much you are in the wrong country, you should move to Venezuela or Cuba so the state can own your A..
        It is wrong to say that all Muslims are terrorists but you can’t loose site that the terrorists were… all muslims.
        As per the comparison on how about if Christian extremists had been responsible for 911 would a church be prohibited is nothing but hypothetical, Christians have not commited any acts of terror.

      • Tarc

        Right-wing nutjob much?

      • Mike

        @Kristin – you’re right Whoopi & Joy should be off the air. They are unprofessional for walking off the air.
        @Anna – kicking someone off the air for being unprofessional is not the same as doing for their viewpoint.
        @Observer – you deserve to get spoon-fed your liberal cereal every morning. You haven’t a clue.
        @Joe – You have obviously never read a bit of history. Christians were, for many centuries, terrorists.

      • Vince from NYC

        Joe- Timothy McVey was a terrorist and a Christian. Have you ever heard of teh IRA, they are mostly christains. The Catholic church has been committing atrocities for centuries. I would bet, if we were able to count, through history millions were slaughted in the name of God, not just the Muslim one. Stop being so single minded.

      • Annie

        @Joe Hahahahahaha “Christians have not committed any acts of terror.” Seriously? That’s a good one. I’d be laughing harder if it wasn’t so horrifying that you (and, apparently, millions of other Americans) actually believe that.

      • matt philly

        well put, Mike.

      • YBM

        Mike, mostly right, except most keep leaving out the detail that Christianity seems to have evolved and actually has committed very few acts of terror in recent centuries, comparitively. Whereas the Muslims seem to be a bit behind the times. You have to go back how many centuries to find a massive terrorist action committed by christians? And how many days do you need to go back to find a Muslim terrorist action?

      • PGV

        YBM, you make this too easy. Here are simple examples, one of which is from This Year:

        – 2010, Detroit, Michigan – Nine members of a Christian terrorist militant group were arraigned and charged by a grand jury with conspiring to attack and kill police officers including those attending a funeral in an attempt to expand their war against the group’s enemy, the United States.

        – Christian terrorist groups such as the ‘Army of God’ executed attacks against abortion clinics and Doctors across the US, killing Americans.

        – A group called ‘Concerned Christians’ were deported from Israel on suspicion of planning to attack holy sites in Jerusalem at the end of 1999, believing that their deaths would “lead them to heaven.” Hmmm… sound familiar?

        – The most infamous is the Ku Klux Klan who were Christian terrorists engaged in arson, beatings, cross burning, lynching, murder, and rape against Blacks, Jews, Catholics and other social or ethnic minorities.

        What some are missing is that we are talking about Sects of these religions, not the entire religious community of Christians or Muslims. Not all Christians want to bomb Federal buildings, abortion clinics or kill blacks or police officers. Therefore, we should not prohibit all Christian Sects from building a church wherever they want. Likewise, not all Muslim Sects are extremist or terrorist who want to kill Americans. Therefore, we should not prohibit all Muslims Sects from building a mosque where they want.

      • S Warren

        The show would be better if those two were gone. They don’t like being put in there place!(Joy & whoopie)

      • abncmom

        Oh so because they have opinons, and its not what you want them to think they should be off the show. If you want to judge a someone by the group that they are in, how about just saying all republicans are gay and just hide behind being a rep. and christian. At least with democrat they most likely will tellyou if they are gay. you have got your mark foley, ted haggard, larry craig, bob allen, the list goes on and on. i’m not a democrat, im independent b/c i prefer to look into each person before i vote, but more and more i am finding the gop to be shady. everyone has faults, the gop just refuses to admit that they do and prefer to judge everyone else instead. if they are christians why do they judge so much? a true christian knows there is only one who is the ultimate judge.

    • Jenny

      I totally agree with you Georgia. If this mosque is built, it will show defeat… Those who say that this should be built will be eating their words when the extremists build another mosquer where they have again defeated us!

      • Jigg

        @Jenny The extremists aren’t building it… Muslims are… remember… that’s what this whole conversation is about… separate the two…

      • Paula

        Jenny, it all comes down to this: tolerance and freedom of religion. If we deny Muslims their RIGHT to practice their religion wherever they please, we’d be undermining our men in the Middle East. Terrorists have come out and said that this Ground Zero issue was helping them RECRUIT MORE terrorists and extremists. Let alone the fact that we wouldn’t be doing this to people of ANY OTHER RELIGION. We can’t blame all believers of horrible things a FEW have done! We don’t blame Christians/Catholics for Hitler! Why should we blame Muslims for Al Qaeda?

      • Vina

        It’s just a mosque. Maybe if there were more if them around, those extremists wouldn’t have gotten the stupid idea that Americans are intolerant, hmmm?

      • Voodoo

        @ Paula Did Hitler kill in the name of Christianity? He wasn’t even a religious man. So that comparison doesn’t make sense.

      • porsha

        Jenny if you will take your head out the clouds and actually do your research honey… Muslims and Extremist are two different category of people, if your going to be closed minded bigot thats your preference but keep your low educated biased comments to yourself

      • Annie

        @Voodoo Hitler is a bad example, but there are plenty of “Christians” who have killed in the name of Christianity. Go read a history book!

      • @Jigg

        @Jigg: Do some research to the Imam behind the mosque and you will no longer be able to make that claim.

        @porsha: See my comment to Jigg you uneducated moron. You cannot call someone uneducated if you have no valid information to refute their claim. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is VERY extreme. Book up before spewing uneducated bull sh!t.

      • East Tenn

        Check your facts. You say The extremists aren’t building it… Muslims are… remember… that’s what this whole conversation is about… separate the two…”

        The point is we don’t know WHO is funding this. We know the cleric who is leading it, but now where his money is coming from. Funny to me, if it is not from “radical” or “extreme” Muslims, then come out with the names. Then the American public cna judge for themselves, but no, that would be too easy or not so contriversial.

        The Imam is a radical, those who support him are radical, therefore one must “assume” that those behind the mosque are radicals…

      • Really!

        I don’t watch either show, all of them are idiots pining for ratings. Hell Bill won’t even admit that his boss is paying for the mosque.

      • Marsha Hare

        I believe some are missing the point!!!Noone is saying the Muslims cannot build the Mosque. They are saying “by building it, these people are being cruel to the people who have family members that were killed by the Muslem who were terrorists”. People who love God should have love understanding and want peace. It is not necessary for the Mosque to be built, and if done, it is showing that the people building it is showing desrespect to others, and no love of God. Lets call it like it is. If the shoe was on the other foot, Please, do not tell me they would fold their hands, and peacefully say “we love you, understand you and may Allah be blessed by you building a Great Christain church by our place you bombed, and killed many of our Muslem family and friends. Come on, now, lets get real! You either are using common sense, or you just want to cause trouble. These people are using the United State’s rules to further their agenda, and cause trouble. Furthermore, I have no trouble with any Muslims, if they are really peace-loving. Nor any religion, if their peace-loving. (My beloved Doctor is a Muslin). However, lets use common sense, like orur Father God put in our brains. It is no religion that is responsible for anything. It is WE, ourselves, who are responsible. We want to believe what we want to. We are responsible for what we do. People want to blame this or that. They want to build a Mosque,in the name of Muslim religion, and give Christains, Muslims and all people a beautiful Mosque etc to bring us together, when They and everyone else knows it is to put a thorn in the side of people in the US who are not Muslims. If you do not know this, you are, who knows, drugged///what else.?If people just tried to be honest, and really wanted peace, what would people really do???? People get on a bandwagon, and then people get on it with them because it looks fun or whatever. PEOPLE, (NOT RELIGIONS), WAKE UP!!!!Do we really want to be like little sheep, being led by bullys and evil people. Personally, I am tired of being a little lamb being bullied by bullys.I want to be my own person, a peace-loving person. A person who loves God, and have HIM be my leader. Did Mohamad(spelling wrong.I am extremely sorry for this) tell People to hate, be mean and cause others to be unhappy? Did Jesus tell people to be mean and cause others to be mean and unhappy? Did the other religions leaders to the same? If they do, if their books tell them to do bad things, I think people should use their heads, and stop it. OR, do the most logical thing, and do the mean and evil thing to themselvees, and leave the rest of us alone. Let them cut their own heads off. Stone themselves, etc. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. This is in your minds, but then what happened to that mindset? It is so crazy! Who is leading the lambs. Yes, you guessed it. What spirit is in control of this world. We, not religion, should fight for the right. So, the right is: No Mosque at the 9-ll sight because it would hurt so many people. not because you cannot do it, but because it is the right thing to do. If you do not see that, I guess there is no hope for you nor the rest of us, and I think all of us, as normal human beings know right from wrong, don’t we? God help us,please!

    • Mark

      I said that liberals think people who DO NOT watch because of these two politically correct harridans running away.
      But you would certainly object if someone said Christians exterminated Jews during world war II.
      He loves to provoke, like the class bully.
      The Pearl Harbor because Japan is 96% Buddhist?
      By that logic, Bill O’Reilly was correct.flyover country where people flew the flag on the Fourth of July and went bowling and ate at Red Lobster.
      You cannot say that Muslim as a immature, snarly, unhappy woman as she is, it’s her show and he should have given her a bit more respect. Karl Rove would make a deal with Osama bin Laden to attack the United States again” in order to “end Obama’s presidency.” Here’s the relevant excerpt from program from four minutes into the Constitution was the freedom to speak our minds, you can do whatever you want.

    • Keith

      I never heard the phrase “Japanese attacked us” I have heard “Japan attacked us”. The ladder specifies the specific entity responsible…To say muslims attacked us is like saying Christians are responsible for slavery or white people are responsible for slavery. Its not all Christians or all white people that were resonsible for slavery just as muslims as a whole arent responsible for 911. Peace ya’ll

      • Anonymous

        Japanese attacked would be acceptable because the country of Japan attacked. There is no country of Muslims (there are Muslim countries but that is different) so O’Reilly’s comparison does not work!

      • beemer

        …and I suppose you’re conveniently forgetting all about the internment camps then, where we rounded up all the Japanese in the nation because Japan was sneaking in spies to live among us? Who is to say these extremists aren’t doing, or will do, the same thing? For crying out loud, all of the extremists that attacked us on 9/11 lived right here among us, as muslims.

      • Z

        @beemer. Are you implying that the Japanese internment was a good thing. That is probably one of the biggest injustices in United States history along with slavery and the treatment of Native Americans. You do realize many innocent people were rounded up and the U.S. later formally apologized for it.

      • hubert

        We were attacked by Muslims on 9/11. They might have been more extreme than some other Muslims but they have been raised in the Muslim culture. The less extreme Muslims have allowed the extremes to exist and grow. Without the quiet support of “regular” Muslims the muslim extremists could not exist. besides that the Muslims do not make any destinction in which Americans they kill. They group us all together and make no destinction between peace loving Americans and American extremists.
        Name one country that has become more peaceful because of the Muslim infiltration and/or take over.

      • Wes

        Hubert you could say the Japanese attacked us and that would be correct but you wouldn’t say that *Shintos and Buddhism* attacked us at Pearl Harbor because thats a religion in Japan. If you want to be correct on who attacked us on 9/11 you would say, Arabs attacked us on 9/11 not Muslims because Muslim is a religion, get it? Think about it for a moment.Did Shinotos and or Buddist attack Pearl harbor? No is the answer because it was the japs. And same with 9/ was Arabs extremeists.

    • KAT

      It seems to me that the “VIEW” only wants one point of view..thiers! The tantrums they throw are common and I don’t know why people find them news-worthy.
      Whether it’s O’Reilly or any other moderate or conservative, they will surely throw thier hands in the air in a falsetto exasperation and storm off. I gave up this program long ago. After nine children, I don’t need nor desire tantrums and thumb sucking!

      • HUH?

        Tie your tubes, idiot.

    • Mr. Mom

      I think O’Reilly is a fact.

      • Faru

        You republicans have control of the government for 8 years, what did you do?

      • Tarc

        O’Reilly is a pathological liar that often espouses things that he does not believe because he is paid to.

    • Antwon

      Um, they lost their tempers….it happens. It was unprofessional and they both should have acknowledged that but they walked off the set for a whole 3 minutes. Let’s tar and feather them!

    • Franky

      Just because he didn’t say “some Muslims” hardly makes what he said, but they were always throwing around the world they live in the White House…that it just cracks me up!


      I totally agree with georgia!!!!!!!!

    • tati


    • Sharon

      I agree!

    • Eric Leonard

      It’s called “The View” Georgia. Because only their view is welcome. Not because they welcome others’ views. haha

    • CHRIS


    • View

      Elisabeth is SO pukey annoying, which is why a LOT of ppl (not just u) don’t watch the View.

      As for O’Reilly, what an idiot thing to say.

      Sure, the 9/11 terrorists may have been Muslim, but at the end of the day and from the beginning of their plans, they committed their acts of terrorism under Osama bin Laden — NOT Islam.

      • dave

        You people need to realize that once they get enough muslims over here that they are going to follow the extremists or whatever you call them and they will turn on all of you just like they do over in their country. American liberals don’t use their heads so when the muslims take over they will lose them. Yes it can happen here.

      • Vina

        @Dave, you are *hysterical.* These are the same arguments people made fifty years ago about Catholics.

      • JRE

        And before that, the Baptists in VA. And before that …

        People should have switched channels earlier this week and watched the tremendous program about the history of religion i America. The more things change the more things stay the same. We are constantly scapegoating someone else’s religion while claiming religious freedom for ourselves.

    • Glenn

      Yeah Georgia, Joy will often say something intelligent. Maybe once a month. I can’t believe there is a audience for the view with the members they have.

    • BFD

      You don’t actually watch the view if you think Joy or Whoopi yell at people. It’s usually the skinny blonde chick who’s shouting down everyone. In this case they did what they felt appropriate and walked off.

      As a point of order, the Japanese GOVERNMENT was behind the attack on Pearl Harbor. Islam as a faith, does not have a supreme leader or body of leaders that openly declare war. The only faith to have a supreme leader is the Catholics and Popes throughout history have declared war and actually lead battles (remember the crusades and the wars against the ottoman empire).

      The calling of an empty building that no one has cared about for 9 years so hallowed that a house of worship can’t be built upon it is hypocritical.

      And O’Reilly was being confrontational on purpose.

      • Jeremy Pike

        …I’m sorry, which battle in the Crusades did the Pope fight in?

      • Voodoo

        @ Jeremy Pike Hahaha, I can already imagine Benedict going of to fight the Turks.

      • Kevin

        A palestinian woman turns to her husband, and says, “does this bomb belt make me look fat”?

    • Rawhide

      Whoopie acts like a pig. Her daily language is vile and she constantly talks about her gas, horniness, vagina, “poo” – whatever. She thinks it’s funny but it is NOT . . . it’s low-rent. I see her as ZERO asset to the show. Joy is witty, bright and funny but she acts like a spoiled child if someone doesn’t agree with her. She was required to apologize to someone on-air (forget who) and the apology was absolutely not heart-felt. She behaved liked a petulant child.

      PLEASE ABC – get rid of Whoopie.

      • Berns Feuerbacher

        Whoopie & Joy acted like petulant kids!! Act mature and professional.These
        left-wing nuts need to remember that its called The View!!!I think Joy has Rosie channeling thru her.I used to think that Joy was the comic relief on the show but she seems to be in a mean-spirited mood all the time!!!I DON’T watch her on HLN.

    • ginger

      Spot on Georgia. Everyone knows who O’Reilly is. Joy Behar is just as a big blowhard only matched by the heinosity that is Whoopi Goldberg. Kudos for Barbara Walters for calling them out on their idiocy.

    • Claudia

      O Rilley was right when he told Joy to listen and she would learn. She talks over everyone and that is why she is so annoying. Joy can’t stand it when someone dosen’t agree with her.

      • abncmom

        Claudia, exactly what did he say that anyone could learn from. he is like every other “right wing nut” the mouth is running, spewing hate on anyone that isnt nodding and agreeing, but there are no solutions. its like the teabaggers, they like to run everyone down, but they have not once said this or that is what we need to do to make our country better. honestly, its disgusting. my children act more mature.

    • alicesingleton

      I agree they acted bad an Barber let them.I have lost my respect for the view.It is time for the view to go.I will no longer watch it.

    • Tarc

      Two of the hosts leaving did not block O’reily’s view (besides he has his own show). If someone is knowingly lying to your face, I wouldn’t sit their either, and nor should anyone else that isn’t a memeber of the press corps.

    • DC

      I agree that hosts should not walk out on their guests when they don’t agree with them. O’Reilly was really talking down at Joy and constantly interrupted

    • Robert burrell

      Something is ROTTEN on the view!!!
      I SMELL THE view

    • Angeleen

      “Did we say, in World War II, ‘We were attacked by “Japanese extremists”? […] No: we said we were attacked by ‘Japanese.’”

      He’s so right… And then we locked those Japanese that were living in American internment camps, regardless of their lack of involvement in the attack.

      Hmmmmmmm… O’Reilly makes a point FOR political correctness here. Does he read?

      Political correctness isn’t about just using words for words sake, it’s but trying to foster knowledge. Of course it is failing miserably.

      • DTisme

        We don’t say we were attacked by Japanese extremists in WWII because we WEREN’T attacked by Japanese extremists, we were attacked by Japan. Their armed forces were not “extremists,” they were under the direction of Hirohito, the emperor. It would be like Iraq saying they were attacked by American extremists, to which clearly O’Reilly would take offense. Now WWI, THAT was started by extremists/terrorists, not representatives of a government.

    • Jethro

      My personal view was the outfits they wore. I thought both walked off the set because they looked ridiculous. Secondly, if Barbara does not suspend them for a week, she is as ridiculous as their clothes. Joy has been on the show since day one, I guess she thinks she can do what she wants on the View.

      However, would she have walked off her own show, I doubt it. Whoppi is far too cynical, opinionated and a racist!

    • Tiffanie

      They are the typical far far far left extreemist that thinks we need to be sensitive to every single person’s feelings and whims..

      Ever heard the phrase you can’t please everyone? Apparently they haven’t. While I despise Bill O’reilly, they invited him knowing FULL WELL his stance and attitude. They should have been more respectful of their guest and participated in a much needed conversation with him.. walking out was very childish.

    • Ann

      I agree. At the least, they should have apologized for their behavior. Both of them are given privileges.

    • Ann

      I agree. They owe him an apology. All of us are entitled to our opinion, which is basically what the show is about. Walking away was the wrong thing to do.

    • Silvia

      I am so Happy for Elizabeth. For years she has stood her ground like it or not while the rest of them ganged up on her. The point is if you can dish it out you should be able to take it. Elizabeth has for years. Evidently Joy and Whoopie couldn’t. What happened to We The People… Take a vote thats why we are called a Democracy. Thank goodness Barbara was there that day. Her words of wisdom were perfect. They knew O’Riley was going to say something they didn’t like. Get over it. I knew he didn’t mean all Muslims and deep down so did they.

    • Middleodroad

      The worst part of them walking off the set was having to see some scary butts as they stomped outta there……….

    • Tim Obama

      Those two are ridiculous, I saw the show and sometimes hear there chicken clucking when they are made fun of on Howard Stern and it is ridiculous. No one can say a word because 5 morons start yelling on top of each other. No wonder Oreilly had to be loud and brash, not like its hard for him to do so.

    • Michael

      When you feel like much of the liberal elite that those who you disagree with are fools than you get this situation. Is he wrong? A huge majority of American’s DO NOT want it their. That is fact. Second yes a group of Muslims killed 3,000 American’s on Sept 11. Another fact. I was there going to Pace University. My cousin was killed in tower 1. I do not want it there. What did he say that was wrong. And it is another example of how independent American’s that voted for Obama are starting to see and think that he does not represent how they feel.

    • Mary

      Josh, just because they have the right to build the Mosque near the site of 911 doesn’t mean they should. Whatever happened do doing what is right? This would hurt the families of the victims. How about we respect their feelings?

    • Melissa Weaver

      I agree totally. Whoopi and Joy Behar are condescending witches who can’t stand someone who actually knows what they are talking about and can put them in their place. Bill O’Reilly probably just gave The View the best ratings they have ever had and these 2 moronic women walk off the set!! They know when they ask a guest like that to come on that they are not going to agree, so why walk off. Love Bill, keep doing what you do Bill and Fox News!!

      • XanderLJ

        ^ Moron

    • Rhonda

      No, Elizabeth has never walked off but she has sat there and pouted like a two year old when she doesn’t agree with or like the guest (Kathy Griffin). At least Joy, Whoopi and Barbara are all educated and well read on the current topics of the news. Bill O’Reilly’s comparison to the Pearl Harbor attack is exactly why america is still in the predicament its in. Instead of learning and growing and being tolerant of others’ opinions and religions, you all just decide that because someone is different they need to go or die. By saying that Muslims were behind the attack just continues the hate mongering and doesn’t achieve anything. I have a hard time watching The View anymore exactly because of these types of outbursts. They usually have some very valid points and opinions but who can hear them when everyone is trying to outshout the other? Barbara really needs to put her foot down here and get them all to wait their turn to voice their comments. Its really extremely annoying and counter-productive to what they are trying to achieve.

    • Mary

      I agree with Georgia.

    • Flores Guevarra

      I, agree Barbara Walter should Fired Both Joy and Whoopie. May be I will Watch the View. Barbara is an INTELIGENT Woman She don’t need them.

    • GGM

      Joy is a self-righteousness snob, and whoopie should keep it to comedy, can’t stand them on this show. They are SO predictable!

    • Greg

      I agree. I don’t always agree with Mr. Reilly & he may have used the incorrect “words” but Whoopie & Joy are bleeding hearts.

    • AP

      Totally disagree with your comment.. even if its the view, it shouldn’t be used to spread racist propaganda across the air waves. Americans are already dumb enough, they don’t need some moron that they worship to preach hate.

    • Crystal

      I love Joy and Whoopi!! They had a right to walk off. Bill is racist and Elisabeth hates Obama. If he was talking about white folks or republicans, you guys would be speaking a different language.

    • Randy

      According to a Rand study and also a State Department study (2006) of global terrorist incidents, about 25% -30% of all terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims. While about 70% – 75% are committed by people who are not Muslims.
      Facts are stubborn, but so are commentators like O’Reilly who insist that most or all terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims. (Multiple times on the O’Reilly Factor)

    • rae aronica

      Are Muslims not hearing the American people? Don’t they have any sense of compassion or sympathy? They are just showing that they don’t care by having this mosque so near to the 9-11 site. Yes, they do have the right to build there but where is their sense of humanity to the American people!

    • Nan

      1377+ comments?!?!?! WHOA. That was intense though. . .

    • Vee

      Watch something else!

    • Denise

      I agree. They seem to have strong opinions about everything and they want to be respected for their opinions, but they don’t want to respect others for their opinions. Furthermore, I couldn’t stand how Joy Behar was saying that she is an American and wouldn’t mind the mosque being built in NY. I am completely neutral on the subject, but I couldn’t stand how she was making it seem like just because she wouldn’t mind it there, all other Americans must agree with her. I also found her ignorance on the 70% poll O-Reilly mentioned dumbfounding since she really should’ve known about it. Anyhow, I love O’Reilly because he is blunt and isn’t given into a lot of the political correctness that others are. It was easy for him bring out that the attackers on the World Trade Center were Muslim because it is a fact that the reason they attacked was based on their faith in Islam. They were extremist, but on the spot which term is one likely to use? ‘Muslim’ or ‘Muslim extremist’? People should give the guy a break. If they would’ve stopped yapping for a second (something that I hate about my fellow ladies when they get emotional) and debating about words, then they would’ve saw that he made a lot of sense.

    • jac

      Let me tell you something. Please, learn about ISLAM and MUSLIMS and then start talking.

    • Paul Stewart

      Bill O’Reilly is an idiot and a self aggrandizing one at that. It is not appropriate to equate Muslims with the Japanese and their Army in the second world war. That is flat out stupid. This was a terrorist attack. There are idiots in America who are terrorists. Just look at Timothy Mcveigh (?sp). Look at the militiamen in Michigan. If they did something really stupid, should all Americans be tarred with the same brush? No. O’Reilly is not being offensive, he is being abusive. And he is using freedom of speech to have a “view” that is in fact fomenting hate and intolerance. America needs to kiss *sses like him good bye. This is a view not worth listening to because it is based on fantasy and politics. Not on reality. I applaud the walk off by Whoopi and Behar. They were expressing their view in response to O’Reilly’s misbegotten “view”. Why is it that in these difficult and trying times, Americans listen to this kind of “cr*p”. Get a real life and move forward within the global community like the rest of us. No one wants a 911 but you can’t go around bashing an entire segment of the human race for the works of a bunch of idiots within that segment.

    • True American

      Bill O’Reilly is more dangerous than the September 11th attackers and China put together. He hates America, he hates freedom, he hates the constitution (except the 2nd amendment), he hates being wrong (which is tough … since he is wrong every time he opens his mouth). He is a dangerous man, and anyone who listens to his drivel is dumber for it.

    • bones

      Christians killed Montezuma ,We were attacked by the Japanese, The germans slaughtered the Jews during world war 2, The Brits were our friends, Muslims attacked us on 911…. I dont see anything wrong with these statements.

    • Jack2211

      Give me a break.

    • robin

      I find Joy to be funny, as she feels oreilly is spewing hate, yet who is the one who appeared to be so hateful. I agree Joy should not be there. She thinks she knows everything , yet if anybody has an opinion different than hers, she gets mad,thats why I cant stand her show.

    • Joe

      It will really help the rating on that show. That is the reason I do not watch the View, because they do not treat everyone the same. If you are like them it is sugar and spice, if you oppose them they go for blood.
      That is my story and I am sticking to it.

    • chef

      Elizabeth H. is the only one who is doable on the show. All the others are old fat cows.

    • abncmom

      so immature. so all of you think you are any better by sitting behind your little screen and calling names like you are still in middle school? if you dont like the show, dont watch. i love the show minus elisabeth, and that is not even b/c of her views, its b/c she wants to argue facts that are not true. they need a conservative on the panel that knows what they are talking about.

  • darrin

    love him or hate him – you have to admit that his comparison on how we refer to the japanese attacked pearl harbor not japanese extremists makes sense. To be so offensive so often in other areas i’m getting a little sick of everyone having to be so “politically correct” all the time. geez get over it.

    • Jay

      But you would certainly object if someone said Christians exterminated Jews during world war II. In that case you and O’Reilly would insist on calling them Nazis. Similarly I don’t hear anyone saying Christians were responsible for Oklahoma bombing.

      • pet

        Jay, you are the most ignorant, stupid person on the planet. You are right about no one saying that Christians were responsible for the Oklahoma city bombings because they weren’t stupid. Mcveigh said,”Science is my religion” if you bother to do your research you idiot. Stop spreading lies. Mcveigh was an agnostic

      • jay

        You moron. Mcveigh was an agnostic. This is a fact. He was raised a Christian but stopped practicing after high school.

      • jay

        Jay and Pet:
        I would like to ask you what “agnostic” means. Do you mean “atheist”? Then why not say atheist? You, like many others, seem to think the two are interchangeable. They are not. An agnostic is someone who claims that the existence of god is neither provable or disprovable. Atheists profess flat out disbelief.

      • Shellie

        Maybe McVeigh was an agnostic. But it certainly is Christians terrorizing abortion clinics.

      • Matt

        Wow, Pet and Jay are idiots. TO call someone stupid/& a moron because he didn’t “know” somone was agnostic? That’s not just ridiculous it misses the point. There are dozens of Christian/Jewish/etc. serial killers, their religion does not support that. The govt of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, so they were the enemy (but not all Asians). Al qaeda attacked on 9/11 not the billion Muslims.

      • Jamie

        Hitler was hardly a Christian, Jay. Jesus never once taught or encouraged people to commit acts of violence, much less hate anyone. Mohammed, on the other hand, taught that infidels should be destroyed.

      • Doug76

        They were Nazi’s. Doubtful anyone in the SS was a Christian, and for sure Adolf was no such thing.

      • Mock

        No but it was Nazi extremists and I qualify that by saying the average German citizen and soldier was not aware of how fare things were going yet you do condemn Nazism. Well I condemn Islam in the same way, no the average Muslim may not be evil but the peoples of the Islamic nations are purposely turning blind eyes to the wack jobs that lead them and operate around them. If the average Joe in Islamiania don’t stand up and get a grip with the modern world things are going to end badly, mark my words on this history tends to be like this.

      • DOG

        Mcveigh was an attack sanctioned by Japan and their military – that is quite a leap in logic.
        Some people would call that being anti-American.

      • Anna

        Timothy McVeigh requested a catholic priest at his execution. He was a christian in his own light. The same way he does not live up to you view of what a christian to be, muslims have different views in what it means to be a muslim.

      • Observer

        Whatever McVeigh’s religious beliefs, he was an American who attacked Americans. If we use O’Reilly’s twisted logic about Muslims, then we must assume that based on one nutbag asshole’s actions in Oklahoma City in 1995 that all Americans are terrorists. So…which one of you O’Reilly supporters is going to stand up and execute yourself first?

      • Paul Stewart

        Jay you are hitting the nail on the head.

        Bill O’Reilly is an idiot and a self aggrandizing one at that. It is not appropriate to equate Muslims with the Japanese and their Army in the second world war. That is flat out stupid. This was a terrorist attack. There are idiots in America who are terrorists. Just look at Timothy Mcveigh (?sp). Look at the militiamen in Michigan. If they did something really stupid, should all Americans be tarred with the same brush? No. O’Reilly is not being offensive, he is being abusive. And he is using freedom of speech to have a “view” that is in fact fomenting hate and intolerance. America needs to kiss *sses like him good bye. This is a view not worth listening to because it is based on fantasy and politics. Not on reality. I applaud the walk off by Whoopi and Behar. They were expressing their view in response to O’Reilly’s misbegotten “view”. Why is it that in these difficult and trying times, Americans listen to this kind of “cr*p”. Get a real life and move forward within the global community like the rest of us. No one wants a 911 but you can’t go around bashing an entire segment of the human race for the works of a bunch of idiots within that segment.

    • Denise

      Japanese is a nationality and Muslim is a religion. According to his argument we should be saying that Saudi Arabians attacked us. Although, I think Whoopi and Joy were rude.

      • wino

        exactly, nobody brings up the Saudis in mainstream conversation bout 9/11. goes to show how much the media controls the way many think and see facts.

      • Denise

        I disagree with your comment. Japanese (the country) attacked us at Pearl Harbor and Islam attacked us on 911. No nation such as Saudi Arabia attacked us, although some of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. So, in your view, Buddhists attacked us in Pearl Harbor because Japan is 96% Buddhist?

      • Mike

        Not relevant, but Japan’s mostly Shinto…not Buddhist.

      • Kate

        Denise – I think you’re missing the difference. Islam the religion did NOT attack us; fringe extremists of Islam did. Did Christianity itself detonate the Oklahoma bombs? Or maybe just a wackadoo claiming to be Christian?

      • jordan

        the reason people use “japanese” referring to pearl harbor is because we were attacked in the name of japan. the reason people use “muslim” referring to 9/11 is because we were attacked in the name of islam. plain and simple. not saying i wouldn’t use the term “muslim extremists” personally, but the political correctness crap is no reason to walk of the show. ridiculous and completely unprofessional..

      • Jamesb3

        You obviously know little of Shinto…

      • TexasOrganics

        Muslim is not a religion, Islam is a supposed religion. A religion that calls for infidels to be killed if they do not convert to Islam, in my opinion – is not a religion, it’s a political movement. Read Brigette Gabriels’s books “Why They Hate” and “They Must Be Stopped.”

      • LEILA

        The Japanese governing body made the decision to attack the United States again!

      • Mock

        Islam counts it’s self as both a religion and governing ideology much as the Japanese Emperor was seen as infallible and divine, so the comparison is legitimate

      • Annie

        @TexasOrganics Christianity says that anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior is destined for an afterlife in hell. A religion that calls for nonbelievers to be tortured for eternity is, in my opinion, not a religion, it’s an extremist movement. Read…well, read something. Anything. Educate yourself.

      • bw

        When someone can produce evidence that the 9/11 attackers called out for their country, or that Tim McVey quoted scripture when he blew up the Murrah building, then these comparisons will have a shred of intelligence. When a group knowingly commit murder, and cry a prayer to their god while doing it, then the RELIGION IS CONNECTED!!! It is the actor who invokes the religion, and his belief, intentions, and motiviations that matter, not your liberal, whiny hand wringing. The terrorist labeling themselves muslim.

      • Craig

        Annie, get over yourself, whether God destines bad people to burn in eternity, this does not imply that Christians should do so here. Illuminate your logic, and EDUCATE YOURSELF!

    • mary q contrary

      Correction: it was the Japanese military who bombed us, not so-called ‘Japanese extremists’. By that logic, Bill O’Reilly is insinuating that the militaries of almost 50 Muslim majority countries attacked us that day. It’s a ridiculous way to try and excuse what he said.

      • PLAIN JANE

        He doesn’t just betray the country, he betrays what this country is concerned, you know, this was flyover country where people flew the flag on the show.
        The Pearl Harbor attack was not orchestrated by any government, but a fringe group of terrorists.

    • Sarah

      Darrin – I understand your point. However, it’s also true that during WWII our country ended up corralling upwards of 100,000 of “The Japanese” into war relocation camps. These innocent American citizens were forced to leave their homes, jobs, and lives, in no small part because of our generalizations about their culture. In 1988, Reagan publicly apologized for the act. So you can see why these types of generalizations have very real, very damaging consequences.

      • NO DEBATE

        # But you would certainly object if someone said Christians exterminated Jews during world war II.
        Similarly I don’t think you are.
        Although, I think everyone knows that.” “I am often offensive, I think it’s tacky of the swearing by Whoppie and Joy’s righteous attitude.

      • Mock

        Yet we won that war decisively, we have stopped winning against evil because we no longer take the had steps to do so. Evil hides among the innocent, evil follows no Geneva Convention, and evil will use our own misgivings about being unfair or pc against us.

    • Tommy

      Muslims are scattered around the world they live in most of the world’s countries. They have countries of their own…. In short they are not from just one coutry like Japan,,, it is also not a nationality it is a faith.. You can become a muslim today if you choose and I don’t think you had a hand in 9/11…. and you don’t want 1.5 billion in the world who are muslims to be your enemy anyway,.,.. bill is wrong on this one,

      • Desmo

        Which would make sense if the majority of the terrorists who hijacked those planes didn’t come from Saudi Arabia.

      • HAPPY

        Like he’s never lost his temper on the planet.
        And the mosque being built at Ground Zero is definitley a sensitive issue.
        I mean, they invited Bill on the Fourth of July and went bowling and ate at Red Lobster.
        Its ALL BS!!!

    • American

      The Japanese governing body made the decision to attack the USA. It was a military attack not guerrilla warfare.


      • aj

        Bill O’Reilly would call you a pinhead for that comment. I’d call you what you are – 100% correct.

      • Doug76

        An Islamic body at self proclaimed war with us, in the name of a guiding principal, in this case Islam, attacked us. I see little difference.

      • Not really

        No. All religious extremists claim to get their justifications from the mainstream religious texts. The KKK often used the bible to justify their acts.

        Japan is a nation with an official governing body. They organized an attack on us like in any other actual war.

        There is on “King of Muslims” who order an attack. LOL. You had some fringe group using the Koran to justify their crazy, and that kind of thing happens all the time in lots of religions.

        If you want to hate muslims hate muslims, but stop trying to make it seem logical. Its not.


        Pretty condescending of Ingraham.
        I’m not saying that Saudi Arabians Attacked us.
        No: we said we were attacked by ‘Japanese.’” Laura Ingraham joined O’Reilly to go back to the japanese attacked pearl harbor not japanese extremists makes sense.

      • Mock

        you are correct in that it was not one nation acting in unison but thousands of US citizens were killed and it is the governments responsibility to act against threats to the United States. I say, and it’s kind of what happened, declare war on all extremist Islamic groups if a country harbors them, supports them, or simply does nothing to control them it becomes our enemy simple as that.

      • @Doug76

        Westboro baptist church is a christian group that harrassed the family of dead soldiers. Their intepretation of the christian bible led them to believe that God was punishing the families. By your logic, christians protested american soldier’s family.

    • Paul

      O’Reilly’s comparison makes no sense at all. The Japanese government attacked Pearl Harbor while a fringe group of extremists attacked the Towers. This country provides complete freedom of religion- period. Not just when it it easy but when it it may be hard. To think differently is to be against one of the most basic and most important foundations of this country. Some people would call that being anti-American.

    • Kate

      Pearl Harbour was an attack sanctioned by Japan and their military – that is a completely different matter than a small group of terrorists. What baloney. Can people really not tell the difference? Cause that’s scary.

      • Doug76

        No, what is scary is that you don’t understand who funds them and offers them shelter.

      • Not really

        @Doug – Yeah, that would be rich Saudi Arabians mostly and the Afghanistan Taliban. So we went to war with one and don’t touch the other with a 10 foot pole. Still not all Muslims though. Saudi Arabia is not even the biggest Muslim nation.

      • Ap

        @Not really…

        Exactly! Weren’t all but one or two of the hijackers Saudis? But the Saudis are our friends…and they also own a part of Fox News.

    • Dave

      When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, it was the decision of their leaders…elected or not, their leaders nonetheless. The vast majority of Muslims do not consider the terrorists who carried out the attacks their leaders in any sense. Totally different attack, totally different war. It has nothing to do with political correctness; he’s comparing apples to oranges. Besides, if we label all Muslims the same way we labeled all Japanese during World War II, I guess we’d have to inter thousands of innocent citizens.

      • Doug76

        The interring done by a liberal Democrat. Need to point that out.

      • MARKY

        So, in your view, Buddhists attacked us on 9/11.
        They just do not tell the difference?

    • Kate

      His analogy to Japan doesn’t make sense. Japan as a nation declared war on us and attacked us. It was a decision by leaders to attack Pearl Harbor, not a few random members of a fringe group.

      • Lanche

        What do you consider a small group. There are radical Muslims all over the world. That would like to see our demise. What you fail to realize is the enormity of the situation and how it will affect us for generations to come. Short sighted and opinionated the usual left pipe dream.

      • Not really

        What? That’s not even what we are arguing here. You are changing the subject.

        Even if there are multiple fringe groups they are not all Muslims. You could add all the fringe groups together and get a number that would still be less than 1% of all Muslims in the world.

        We are not at war with “Muslims”. We are at war with extremists.

    • kristin

      very true. This country is forgetting that we are free because we have wars. The crew of 9/11 who attacked our country hate us because of our freedom and unfortunately liberals want to give our freedom to the birds.

    • Not really

      Not really We say the Japanese because it was an official attack by THE NATION OF JAPAN. We went to war with Japan. We were not attacked by some official entity representing all Muslims. Do we say the miltary bombed to Oklahoma Federal Building? That’s stupid.

    • Teresa Mount

      O’Reilly was not correct when he said the Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor it was the country and the leader of that country that did. It is like here in America when the leadership decides to take on a war in America it doesn’t mean that all Americans agree with it. I have never blamed all Japanese for the attacking of Pearl Harbor I put that on the heads of the people in political power. So no O’Reilly is wrong to use that as an example. This insanity has got to stop before there is nothing left of America but hate and fear like in other countries Is this what we want?

    • Angeleen

      Why can’t you get over people being politically correct? Or are you the only one allowed to be offended?

    • Denise

      I know what you mean, Darrin. If it’s a spade, just call it a spade.

  • Barb

    I don’t know how you stood listening to O’Reilly’s his crap as long as you did. Like he’s never lost his temper on the air. He loves to provoke, like the class bully.

    • b mcgee

      barb, you dnt like it?? move,all of u move out of the usa,if u cant defend it. bye!!!!

      • SANDRA

        that is quite a leap in logic. wow!

      • Joanna Sue

        Bill O’Reilly is a jerk cut from the same cloth as the jerks on Fox News which is owned by an Aussy Jerk trying to influence Americans. Perhaps some of these weak minded people in this country should do their homework. Perhaps they wish to go back to the days of Slavery and forget all the Civil Rights except for the ones they wish to have for themselves.

      • Jay

        Yeah said like a true moron. Love it or leave it. Why not…LOVE IT AND MAKE IT BETTER! I think O’Reilly is an idiot who caters to people who can’t think for themselves and hate everyone who is not like themselves. If someone has to leave it is such garbage like O Reilly and his nutcase Nazi followers who should be thrown out.

      • Kate

        Ah, there’s the American spirit! “Think the same as I do, or get out!” You know, it didn’t used to be, but more and more that’s the general rhetoric we hear. Complete garbage. The US is supposed to be a country where anyone can believe what they want. O’Reilly can believe he is an informed, rational member of society, and I can believe he’s a tool.

      • Tarc

        Defend against what? The best things to do with liars is to walk away, and let them hoist themselves on their own pitard.

    • LOL

      Bill-O the Clown is as uninformed as his audience.

    • S Warren

      Very smart bully .He knows what he talking about!

  • Ben

    Um, it is irrefutably true that “Muslims” attacked us on 9/11. Just because he didn’t say “some Muslims” hardly makes what he said incorrect, or deserving of the spectacle of these two politically correct harridans running away.

    • Jay

      But you would certainly object if someone said Christians exterminated Jews during world war II. In that case you and O’Reilly would insist on calling them Nazis. Similarly I don’t hear anyone saying Christians were responsible for Oklahoma bombing. Isn’t it hypocritical to paint all Muslims with the same brush while distinguishing between Christians and the extremist Christians.

      • Brandon

        Jay, I’d like to critique what you have stated. Yes, I’m sure that some of the Nazis that killed Jews proclaimed to be Christians, and yes you could even make the argument that Hitler was a Christian himself. (That’s definitely debatable though) But Hitler didn’t kill the Jews because he was Christian, nor did the Oklahoma bombers. Their motivations had nothing to do with their faith or lack of. The Muslim extremists on the other hand commit terrorist attacks in the name of Allah. Their whole crusade of terrorism is a religious crusade. Extremists believe in killing the “infidel”–which is anyone who is not Muslim. Now do all Muslims share the same beliefs? Goodness no, I’m not saying that. Simply put, Muslim terrorists commit and carry out their acts in the name of and for their religion. Hitler did not. The Oklahoma bombers did not.

        Was Bill offensive? That’s for you to decide.

      • Kate

        Thank you Jay. Great analogy. Christians never get painted with a broad stroke, regardless of what happens (child sexual abuse scandal, anyone? Residential schools? Killing abortion doctors? The Crusades? – OK, that last one isn’t fair, I know, just kidding). But we love to do it to other groups to excuse our own prejudice and hate.

      • JB

        Muslim Jay, did you not see news coverage THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE WORLD, and EVEN here in the US of muslims CLAPPING, CHEERING, PRAISING THEIR god when the second tower went down??? HUH? In the muslim religion there is NO distinction between Jew, Budist, Christian, or any other religion or person. If you aren’t muslim…you are an infidel and must be destroyed! PERIOD! THAT is what they think! PERIOD! What don’t you or any other of you bleeding heart people get about that?? There is NO distinction between an “EXTREEMIST” muslim or a muslim, their doctrine is their doctrine, PERIOD!

      • Tee

        Jay, Saying something over and over again doesn’t make it true. I personally question how many of the Nazis were devout Christians, but even if they were, the Nazis did not persecute anyone *in the name of* Christianity. The 9/11 attackers, on the other hand, killed innocent people *in the name of* Islam. Those attackers were Muslims. That’s just a fact, like it or not. It is debatable whether they were extremists, although certainly it is true that not all Muslims hold those views. Now, McVeigh wasn’t even a Christian. Are you confusing white people and Christians? None of the attacks you are talking about were caused by extremist Christians! Your argument makes no sense.

      • Weasel

        That would be because Nazis wanted to exterminate the Christian church as well.

        Permission to learn history is granted.

      • Matt

        Impressive JB, I think you hit the heigh of racism out of all the respondants. Actually in hundreds of hours watching, I saw a tiny handful of people in the entire world supporting 9/11 and they were despised by billions of Muslims and others. Living as a White man and rereading speeches of the 60s, the Blacks had much more justification for these feelings that there were only extremist Whites (based on whole racist states rather than a few thousand in billions of Muslims) but they showed restraint!

      • Jake

        um, im pretty sure the nazis were nihilist athiests. might makes right, remember…

      • Brenda

        Actually, the German population was heavily Catholic at that time, and steeped in a lifetime of Us versus Them mentality between the Catholics and Jews. Hitler alone didn’t make the Holocaust happen. He lit a match that was already there, because of religion.

        Us versus Them is a problem for any society, and America has that problem in a big way right now.

      • Voodoo

        @ Brenda “Actually, the German population was heavily Catholic at that time”
        That actually only goes for the south of Germany (like Bavaria), the north was heavily protestant (just watch the Oscar-nominated The White Band). Your argument is void. Hitler despised religion. And the Holocaust didn’t happen because of religion but because of the economic collapse caused by war reparations following WWI. Spout your anti-religious crap somewhere else. And this is coming from an atheist.

      • Andy

        The German Nazis were not all Christians, there is the difference.

    • Tricia

      VERY well said Brandon!!

  • b mcgee

    the view?? it’s should be our view,they should be deported.

    • American

      If you can’t accept that the first thing our founding fathers put into the Constitution was the freedom to speak our minds, you can go ahead and GTFO.

      • Joanna Sue

        By that logic perhaps you should just attend church with Fred Phelps. You might be more at home there.

      • chris b

        ha! you idiot. america is going down the tubes because of idiots like you. You don’t know anything about the constitution. Welcome to the recession buddy. it’s permanent.

      • Brandon

        Actually freedom of speech and expression is nowhere to be found in the Constitution. It’s in the Bill of Rights. But even so, us Americans don’t have total freedom of speech and expression. If we do or say something that is potentially harmful to another person or the government, there can be consequences. However nobody was crossing the line here at all (in terms of free speech) so arguing about that is pointless. But I really don’t get why people see the need to put comments like “they should be deported”; all that does is get people angry and offended. It’s unnecessary.

      • Jake

        yes, but the reason we have the right is because the founders believed in free markets, including the market place of ideas. that’s y we are free to judge and try to educate people with ridiculous ideas. i.e. bill oreilly

      • Jake

        oh, and its not the first thing they put into the constitution. the first thing they put in was the preamble. in fact, all three articles of the constitution were put in before any part of the bill of rights (including the 1st amendment), which was not even drafted until well after the constition was ratified (which is why they are “amendments”).

    • Bluediva

      Just like you right? Because I know for damn sure you are not native to this country either…unless you happen to be Native America…if you are, for that I apologize. Bill O’ Jerk is a clown and everyone knows it. I live in NYC and I could care less if they build that mosque because guess what, whether these Muslim extremists are next door or 3,000 miles away…they’re going to be a threat either way…

  • Mandie

    Well Darrin the comparison of the Japanese and the Pearl Harbor attack do not make sense if you really think about it. The Pearl Harbor attack was orchestrated by the Japanese government as an act of war. The 9-11 attack was not orchestrated by any government, but a fringe group of radicalist with a twarted view of Islam. thus, you cannot say that Muslim as a collective group attacked us on 9-11.

    • marvin gardens

      “fringe group” sure about that? Seems to be a lot of them. What about Taliban they were in charge of Afghanistan and Iran, and all the other terrorist acts, not exactly a fringe group. It’s a world wide network …. see why I am bewilder at your comment?
      Of course it could all be lies.

      • Annie

        Are you actually serious? Wow…I am totally “bewilder” at your comment.

    • jonfan

      Actually most Muslims who live abroad have that thwarted view of Islam. Have you ever read the Quran? Do you know what it is says to do to you as a kuffar (non believer)? The moderate Muslims are the non practicing westerners.

    • the girl

      @ Mandie… Bingo!

  • J.P.

    Wow that was certainley a “heated debate”. And the mosque being built at Ground Zero is definitley a sensitive issue. But Joy and Whoopie’s reaction was really over the top and theatrical. I mean, they invited Bill on the show. And the second they felt he made a politically incorrect statement, they just walk of the stage? It wasn’t like he made a full-out hate-filled rant. He simply stated the fact that Muslims killed Americans on 9/11. Come on Joy and Whoopie, if you disagree with him then have a calm debate instead of storming of like spoiled children.

    • dg

      Factually, Bill O’Reilly was correct. The terrorists who attacked our country on 9/11 were muslim. He did not say all muslims. I have noticed when guests appear on the show that have a differing opinion from Joy Behar, her facial expressions clearly depict her feelings with regard to he guest and she tends to be more rude than usual. However,to walk off during a live taping with Bill O’Reilly, who was invited on the show for at least the second time was totally unprofessional and childish. The view hosts are by their own admission are very aware of Mr. O’Reilly’s stand on issues to be shocked or insulted by anything that he may say!!!

    • Kate

      I completely agree with you, except I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bill O’Reilly have a calm debate. It’s hypocritical of him to criticize their behaviour; when he has someone on he disagrees with, he just yells over them and ignores their points. So he’s hardly a beacon of courtesy. But they did act like children (maybe knowing they were dealing with one?).

      • Tarc

        The best way to deal with a pathological liar is to walk away.

      • TJ

        He’s had perfectly calm and polite debates every time he’s been on The Daily Show, even though Jon Stewart’s ideologies couldn’t be more opposed to his own.

      • @Tarc

        And what’s the best way to deal with someone who posts the same thing over and over?

  • Tom

    Whoopie and Joy acted unprofessionally today on “The View”. For them to get up and walk out on a guest must have Barbara’s blood boiling. They should learn from her, who is the consummate journalist.

    • Doug76

      They are not journalists, just typical liberal hacks.

      • Jake

        yes and you are not a commentor; just a close minded nitwit.

      • Observer

        Yea, liberal “hacks” sitting next to a tight-assed republican bimbo with no brain and even less class

      • Tarc

        Strange… is it because they are successful women that you have a problem, or that they are liberal? Since both are successful (Whoopi has an Emmy, a Tony, a Grammy, AND an Oscar for instance) I’m guessing that your need to silence people comes from their gender.

  • Dan

    What gets me is they ASKED him on the show, THEY wanted the argument to happen then WE would all chat about it and the media would have a frenzy over it. Everybody got what they wanted here.

  • MTK

    “I am often offensive, I think everyone knows that.” So then it’s okay, right? Then it must be okay to say:

    “I am often racist, I think everyone knows that.”

    “I am often homophobic, I think everyone knows that.”

    “I’m a radical Muslim and I hate America, I think everyone knows that.”

    “I haven’t paid my taxes ever, I think everyone knows that.”

    “I am for the upper class instead of starving babies, I think everyone knows that.”

    Hey folks as long as you admit it’s okay.

    • curses

      This comment just got dumber and dumber the more I read it.

      • Sixline

        I know I feel dumber after reading them.

  • simon

    I love Bill O’Reilly, hate Behar and Goldberg. Having said that, Bill should not have been so condescending to Behar. As much as a immature, snarly, unhappy woman as she is, it’s her show and he should have given her a bit more respect. Agree with O’Reilly on everything else though.

  • Melinda

    The View is suppose to be EVERYONE’S view. I’m not watching anymore, because there is a pattern, if you don’t agree with Joy’s (usually) rude view or Whoopi’s view, then you are not right. They have no respect not only for Bill O’Reilly, but anyone that doesn’t agree with their view, then they are wrong, which is immature. Last time I checked, Muslims were the pilots of those aircraft that CRASHED into the towers, and even today, they are still finding bone fragments, and they should not build there, every time Muslims “win” a battle, they build a mosque, and yes their own died there, so inappropriate building place either way

    • annibanani

      Hey, guess what — Christians built churches every time they “won” a battle too…. let’s all grow up, stop being so sensitive, and start accepting…

      • JB

        muslim annibanani…this GREAT country was founded on the Christian faith, thats a fact, so your saying “start accepting”? Accepting what? Are you saying accept a sybol of an enemies moral victory?

      • Vina

        @JB Not really. Separation of church and state was *explicitly* put in the Constitution to ensure tolerance. There is no state religion here like there is in other places, like the UK.

  • Terry

    He was incorrect in what he said, but they were retarded to walk off just because they didn’t agree. I think it’s tacky of the muslims to want to build a mosque by Ground Zero. They are just rubbing it in our faces.

    • Bing

      i believe that they owned the land prior to 9-11. It may be considered ‘tacky’ to some but this is America and our constitution which our country was built on allows it. Rubbing what in whose faces? These people did nothing wrong anf the mere fact that they have the money /support to do so speaks volumes. That dollar you turn away today may not come back. Careful what you ask for. Look at the ENTIRE Picture.

    • Brianne

      There have been mosques in that area before 9/11. I don’t see why this one (which isn’t even a mosque per se) is such a big deal.

      • Lala

        Because people have to realize that this is a provocation. These mosques are funded by extremists, the same extremists that funded the 9-11 attacks. This thing has been happening all over Western Europe. And now it’s happening in the US. Believe me, I speak out of experience (I live in Europe).

    • Joanna Sue

      First off, it is not at “ground Zero” it is two blocks away. That is two city blocks. Second off they said it is not a Mosque, cut a community center. Third, as has been said already they owned the building prior to September 11, 2001. Those who seem to think freedom of religion only applies to their religion is destined to sooner or later find their religion might be condemned sometime in the future. It either works for all or none. That simple. This is being used as a “wedge issue” by the Right Wing Ultra Conservatives. I doubt their best intentions are for the bulk of us who live in this country, but an attempt to gain control so they can get richer at the cost of the average person.

      • Kathie

        I’m so glad someone pointed out the facts here. This “story” should not even be an issue. The building (“church”) is an existing high-rise that is located two city blocks away. One floor of the building is used by muslims for prayer and has been for some time now (two years?) The owner of the building wants to renovate the building into a community center patterned after a Jewish community center that he enjoyed, complete with a gym, etc. for every community member, exclusive of their religious beliefs. As I said, muslims have been using part of the building for daily prayer for some time already.

      • naz

        I think simply it is wrong fomr Bill O. to say “muslims” are responsible for 9/11. You cannot condem an entire religon for acts done by people who have no relgion. Those people were NOT muslims. It is forbidden to take life in Islam.

  • Trevor

    Many Muslims do not consider those that orchestrated the 9-11 attacks as actual “Muslims”, just like many Christians don’t belive David Koresh was really a true Christian. I would walk out on Bill O’Reilley too, he’s a moron and those mindless sheep that listen to his drivel are no better. They call themselves Christians, but their heart is filled with loathing.

    • Tee

      I wouldn’t be able to say it better myself.
      FINALLY someone who gets it.
      They’re all mindless and ignorant. How unfortunate.

    • naz

      Exactly Trevor. I agree 100

    • Lalala

      Love your comment, couldnt have said it better. i thought the Christian teachings was to promote LOVE? and TOLERANCE? and JUST? why condemn an entire group of over a billion believers when only a small extreme group were wrong? reminds me of how our teacher would punish the whole class because Ugly Jack Layman decided to play a prank. Generalization is the language of EXTREME fools.

  • Bing

    I applaud Joy and Whoppie for standing up and leaving! The muslims have just as any right to build anywhere. ITS IN OUR CONSTITUTION. If heard enough, one begins to BELIEVE what they have heard as fact. Its ALL BS!!! The only people who watch OReilly are ones who are ignorant. I would love to know WHO the 70% are who believe that the MUSLIMS did 911 cause most people you speak with in NY don’t believe that. BELIEVE it or not …ISLAM is a religion of PEACE.

    • peggy

      Religion of Peace? You have got to be kidding, right? Amercians aren’y buying that, never did never will. Shame on you!

      • annibanani

        OK, there have been wars — Christians vs. Muslims — in Europe for hundreds of years — so don’t think that either side has the moral high ground… BOTH are wrong! Let’s stop focusing on who’s better, or right, and focus on common ground, things get a lot easier.. relax, everybody!!!

      • Tee

        If you studied the religion then you would know that already.
        Then okay, if Islam isn’t a religion of Peace, then Christianity and Judaism aren’t either, it’s not like they aren’t all inter-related or what not. ’cause they are.

      • Bing

        FYI!!! ISLAM is the fastest growing religion on the world today. If it is so bad why is it growing so rapidly.

      • Lalala

        Shame on you piggy peggy. i am an American and i believe that.because unlike you, i tend to use my brain and my just heart.if you think that all Muslims are evil, then i believe that your ancestors are the people who believed that blacks are animals. it is people like you who brings suffering to this world with your wretched racism. Damn you!

      • Observer

        Wow, Pegster…better whip out your spellcheck, you illiterate hypochristian

      • Vina

        You ever crack open a Koran, Peggy?

    • Brandon

      There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that states that people have the right to build anywhere they want. There is a right to property, but that’s not the same thing. Why do people always whip out the Constitution and say “it’s in there somewhere!!!” like it’s some get out of jail free card? I don’t understand that. In reality the Constitution is very vague and unspecific. If it wasn’t then there wouldn’t be such a hard time trying to deem what is ‘constitutional’ and what is not. The reason so many things are deemed ‘constitutional’ or not is because of implied powers. These are the powers given to the government and the people that are not directly addressed in the Constitution itself. Want to know who interprets the implied powers? The courts. So no, your statement about building anywhere somebody wants is completely false.
      Oh and by the way, the terrorists of 9-11 were all Muslim. You can deny it all you want, it’s your right, but the fact is, they were.
      And your statement saying that people who live in NY don’t believe that the terrorists were Muslim is complete BS.
      But yes I agree with you, the Islamic religion is a religion that teaches peace. It’s just that some of its followers aren’t so peaceful.

      • Bing

        I am not a muslim, but a highly educated individual who teaches as well as advises professionals in NYC. And “No” it’s not BS… as a matter of fact I met someone who was dating (now follow along)a girl whose mother’s sister was dating one of the terrorists who (supposedly) flew the plane into the WTC. The girl’s aunt said that the picture with her boyfriend’s name did not match up. It wasn’t him. Shortly after 9-11. The aunt disappeared and hasn’t been heard from since. The family believes she has met up with him since and that this is a conspiracy. At the University, again I am talking highly educated individuals they believe this also. Again, the local businesses right by the WTC Memorial believe this. So please don’t tell me this is BS. Most people want to believe what they are told and are afraid to express themselves and have a different “VIEW.”

      • Jake

        Yes Brandon but your understanding of american jurisprudence is as glaringly elementary as those who believe that there is a right to property in the constitution (there is in actuality only a right to due process and just compensation for the deprivation of property for public use). the fact of the matter is that supreme court decisions cannot be justified by appeals to logic or heuristical textual interpretation of an anachronistic document; the bottom line is that all legal decision making is purely political. might makes right, remember…

      • jmcg

        @Brandon & Jake, you two have very limited interpretations of the Constitution, property rights, and caselaw.

      • cliffyworld

        Hey Bing, when are you joining up?

      • Brandon

        @Bing Now that I’ve read your comments I really don’t think you’re serious. You’re just trying to post this just to get a reaction. Please tell the girl’s sister’s mother’s aunt half removed to stop with the conspiracies.

        @Jake I’m actually well aware that in reality the legal decision making is very political. What I’m trying to say is that the Constitution is broad and vague and it’s up to the courts to determine specifics. Yes, I understand and agree that politics is what shapes the decisions, but I’m just talking about the fundamentals of how the process is ideally supposed to happen. Key word: Ideally. And I’m aware that it’s the right to due process of law which protects property. But yes, I agree with you and your argument.

        @jmcg I’m glad that you can grasp our whole interpretation of the Constitution in one paragraph. Screw paragraphs, I’m sure you could determine our interpretation in three words!!!

      • Lalala


        you said “But yes I agree with you, the Islamic religion is a religion that teaches peace. It’s just that SOME of its followers aren’t so peaceful.” Exactly sweetie, the word “Some” pretty much sums it up. do not condemn those who had nothing to do with the acts of a minority of extremists.

      • Brandon

        @Lalala Did I in any way condemn anybody? Nope. Sweetie, stop condemning me for something I didn’t say. ;)

    • Abc def

      Peace!?!! LMAO!!! Tell it to the noseless, earless girl on Time magazine. Islam is no different than any other religion. It was spread through conquest and intimidation. Get a grip.

      • Lalala

        @ABC def
        should anyone be held responsible for the crimes of their co-believers or co workers? Should they hold themselves responsible? ?

        Rachel L. Holt, a 34-year-old science teacher at Claymont Elementary School, has been charged for 28 counts of raping minors. shall we condemn all the teachers as sex maniacs?

        you are such a fool. and to say that Islam was spread through violence is false and foolish. look at Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia is a country that has the maximum number of Muslims in the world. The majority of people in Malaysia are Muslims. May one ask, “Which Muslim army went to Indonesia and Malaysia?”.Muslims ruled Spain for about 800 years. The Muslims in Spain never used the sword to force the people to convert. Later the Christian Crusaders came to Spain and wiped out the Muslims. There was not a single Muslim in Spain who could openly give the adhan, that is the call for prayers.14 million Arabs are Coptic Christians. Muslims were the lords of Arabia for 1400 years. For a few years the British ruled, and for a few years the French ruled. Overall, the Muslims ruled Arabia for 1400 years. Yet today, there are 14 million Arabs who are Coptic Christians i.e. Christians since generations. If the Muslims had used the sword there would not have been a single Arab who would have remained a Christian.More than 80% non-Muslims in India. The Muslims ruled India for about a thousand years. If they wanted, they had the power of converting each and every non-Muslim of India to Islam. Today more than 80% of the population of India are non-Muslims. All these non-Muslim Indians are bearing witness today that Islam was not spread by the sword.Islam is the fastest growing religion in America and Europe. Today the fastest growing religion in America is Islam. The fastest growing religion in Europe is Islam. Which sword is forcing people in the West to accept Islam in such large numbers? the Qur’an says in the following verse: “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error” [Al-Qur’an 2:256]

      • Rick

        Tell that to the mfany folks killed and tortured by the Spanish Catholics during the Inquisition.
        Was it not also the Church and the European crowns which thru death and fear “conquered” the peaceful residents of the Americas?

      • Angie

        That’s cultural, not religious you buffoon.

      • truth

        @Lalala – I am from India and please do not say Muslims do not convert by sword. Have you read about the Aurangazeb? Luckily the British invaded at the right time otherwise India would have been a Muslim nation as well.

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